OSTI :: Volume #7 过去未来

#730: Six the big monster plants

Too heaven again presently in society! 太皇天重新现于世间! After demon star day turbulence, perhaps Xu Liao has originally intended also to have the battle, has not actually thought...... Tiger Panther Yi has been missing unexpectedly, Yang Shuhua has wielded easily the demon star day. 魔星天动荡之后,许了本拟也许还有争斗,却没有想到……虎豹乙居然失踪了,杨书华轻易就执掌了魔星天。 Jade Dingtian, Tai Qing day, big monster day still original appearance, the stance of original at daggers drawn, since too fluid Dragon King breaks through Heavenly Demon, Yang Shuhua has wielded the demon star day later, various conflicts extinguish do not see, the atmosphere tends to be the peace. 玉鼎天,太清天,大妖天仍旧原来模样,本来剑拔弩张的姿态,自从太液龙王突破天妖,杨书华执掌了魔星天之后,各种冲突都消弭不见,气氛渐趋和平。 The Demon Dedicated subway was built in six big days, too the heaven and demon star day can pass unimpeded, so long as with Demon Membership Card or day ID Card bright buying a ticket from all walks of life, can go to six day any place. 就连妖怪专用的地铁在六大界天都被修筑起来,就连太皇天和魔星天都可以通行无阻,只要用妖籍卡又或者各界天的身份证明买票,就能去往六界天任何一处地方。 Under tacitly consenting to of Xu Liao, the eastern heaven had still used big monster day promulgation Demon Membership Card, the differentiating grade originally also one and receives, obtains the means Demon Membership Card authority except for the eastern heaven, almost does not have any change. 许了的默许下,东皇天仍旧使用了大妖天颁发的妖籍卡,原本的等级划分也一并接收,除了东皇天也获得办法妖籍卡的权力,几乎没有任何变化。 Six big day these come from Demon and Human Practitioner of Earth, to the feeling of modern society, wildly is better, therefore six big days, fall behind except for the demon star day and jade Dingtian slightly, too the heaven comparison restores the old, the eastern heaven and Tai Qing day, the big monster day have almost copied that set on Earth, lives one such as the modern society, moreover black technological progress, is more vigorous, compared with needs to cover up on Earth, seeped all life. 六大界天这些来自地球的妖怪人类修行者,对现代社会的感觉,比蛮荒更好,所以六大界天,除了魔星天和玉鼎天稍微落后,太皇天比较复古,东皇天和太清天,大妖天几乎都照搬了地球上的那一套,生活一如现代社会,而且黑科技发展,也越加蓬勃,比在地球上需要遮遮掩掩,更加渗透到了一切生活当中。 Even Xu Liao, side was unconscious, presented many Demon Clan science and technology, his Celestial Emperor's Court, presented one batch pioneer, for example started to use the artificial spirit knowledge array, issued some small videos in the eastern heaven. 甚至就连许了自己,身边都不知不觉,出现了很多妖族科技,就连他手下的天帝苑,都出现了一批“创业者”,比如开始利用人工灵识阵列,在东皇天内发布一些小视频。 Although these small accessories are very interesting, but Xu Liao after discovering this gadget, will endure suffering will have completely prohibited, and has forced out these people, the jurisdiction of use artificial spirit knowledge array. 虽然这些小饰品还挺有趣的,但许了在发现了这玩意之后,还是忍痛将之禁绝了,并且封杀了这些人,使用人工灵识阵列的权限。 Now Xu Liao eastern heaven, almost all resources centralized to Celestial Emperor's Court, not only there is emperor uncle hear Zhong to assume personal command, the magic netherworld lamp and storm two monster gods, have his police matter unit originally, now the headquarters of police matter unit migrated the ash fire mountain, instead ash fire mountain resident originally, starts to other Void World and Heavenly Cave spreads. 如今许了的东皇天,几乎所有的资源都集中到了天帝苑,不但有皇伯闻仲坐镇,还有神灯和暴风两头妖神,更有他原本的警事部,现在警事部的总部已经迁移到了余烬山,反而余烬山原本的居民,开始向其他虚界洞天扩散。 Connection toward other day subway main terminal, Celestial Emperor's Court that also constructs, even in ash fire mountain. 就连通往其余界天的地铁总站,也都建造的天帝苑,甚至就在余烬山。 Ash fire mountain as the transportation Revolved center of eastern heaven, already busily to eastern heaven first, even is also six big days first, on the mountain up and down, various personal high-end houses, the shopping mall, various entertainment facilities emerge one after another incessantly, many places have surpassed the Crossed six big day first business districts, big monster day Luoyang Street! 余烬山作为东皇天的交通运转中枢,已经繁忙至东皇天第一,甚至也是六大界天第一,山上上下,各种私人高端住宅,大型商场,各种娱乐设施层出不穷,很多地方已经超过了六大界天第一商业区,大妖天的洛阳街 Now says that six big day liveliest business districts, Luoyang Street and ash fire mountain compound! 如今说起来,六大界天最热闹的商业区,都是把洛阳街和余烬山并列! Especially, ash fire mountain are general, was the area was only bigger than Luoyang Street tens of thousands times, although was also inferior to the Luoyang Street history atmosphere to be thick, but the potential was huge, might in instead surpass very much in the future. 尤其是,余烬山毕竟广大,光是面积就比洛阳街大了几万倍,虽然还不及洛阳街历史氛围浓厚,但是潜力巨大,很有可能在日后反超。 Now seven big pure blood aristocratic families, Eighteen Immortal Faction, Million Demon Association, even jade Dingtian has the business program to begin in the ash fire mountain, the products of six big day and antique great antiquity, in this place circulation, gather unceasingly, each region sending out, the daily port freight volume, is simply inconceivable, on the harbor without any Earth can compare. 如今七大纯血世家,十八仙派,万妖会,甚至就连玉鼎天都有商业项目在余烬山开建,六大界天和太古洪荒的物产,在此地流转,不断汇聚过来,又发往各地,每日的货物吞吐量,简直不可思议,没有任何一个地球上的港口能够比拟。 As if returned to all normal, as if not have any conflict again...... 就在一切似乎都恢复到了平静,似乎不会再有什么争端…… The big monster day announced suddenly, shocks six days of matters sufficiently. 大妖天忽然宣告了一件,足以震惊六天的事情。 The big monster day announced Open the Blood Pulse modulation plan, and announced six Demon Blood Pulse in the first batch: The golden monster plants, the silver monster plants, the day feather monster plants, the alloy monster plants, the wooden god monster plants and ten thousand monsters plants! 大妖天宣布开启血脉调制计划,并且在第一批公布了六种妖怪血脉:黄金妖种,白银妖种,天羽妖种,合金妖种,木神妖种和万化妖种! The golden monster plants completely is too the reprint of heaven gold race, is only thinner and smaller, but actually with for terse, divulges a valiant and fierce imposing manner. 黄金妖种完全是太皇天黄金人种的翻版,只是更为瘦小,但却跟为精悍,透漏出来一股彪悍和凶猛的气势。 Saw that the golden monster plants, Xu Liao Heart on a response, must say that too the heaven and big monster day do not have ** transaction, he compels not to be willing to believe certainly, stems from the same technology obviously, even the development staff possibly come from one batch, is only the direction of research is different. 看到黄金妖种,许了心底就一个反应,要说太皇天和大妖天没有**交易,他是绝逼不肯信的,明显是出自同一技术,甚至开发人员都可能是来自一批,只是研究的方向不同罢了。 Too the golden race of heaven, is one life of new establishment, the big monster day golden monster plants from the ordinary Demon modulation, must say the popularity, definitely is the big monster day golden monster plants. 太皇天的黄金人种,是新创立的一种生灵,大妖天的黄金妖种是从普通妖怪调制,要说受欢迎程度,肯定是大妖天的黄金妖种。 The golden race is perfect, has not related with other ordinary Demon anything eventually, but if admired that the golden monster plants, so long as promotes the rank of Demon Membership Card, achieves the rank of gold card, can apply to participate in the modulation. 黄金人种再完美,终究也跟其他普通妖怪没什么关系,但若是艳羡黄金妖种,只要提升妖籍卡的等级,达到金卡的级别,就能申请参加调制。 To these Blood Pulse frail Demon, simply is the unsurpassed gospel! 对那些血脉孱弱的妖怪来说,简直是无上福音! The silver monster planted is easier to be accepted, the golden monster planted to modulate the successful probability to be extremely low, once did not have the means to complete the modulation, own intelligence talent was insufficient, can take advantage of opportunity the modulation that applied for the silver monster to plant, the silver monster planted the modulation success ratio is more than 150 times that the golden monster planted...... The success ratio is about 30%. 白银妖种就更容易被接受了,黄金妖种调制成功的概率极低,一旦没有办法完成调制,自身的资质天赋不足,就可以顺势申请白银妖种的调制,白银妖种调制成功率是黄金妖种的150多倍……成功率大约是30。 Plants as for the remaining four big monsters, say nothing, although does not have the golden monster to plant and silver monster plants that comprehensively, but actually aimed at certain special Blood Pulse to carry on the optimization, for example the day feather monster planted, in view of Demon of birds class, the success ratio planted compared with the silver monster high, has almost also achieved 50%. 至于剩下的四大妖种,就更不用说了,虽然没有黄金妖种和白银妖种那么全面,但却针对了某些特殊血脉进行了优化,比如天羽妖种,就是针对禽鸟类的妖怪,成功率比白银妖种还高,几乎达到了50。 The alloy monster plants is different matter, implants special Battle Beast, naturally most people's viewpoint, should be called the fight bacteria in secret, the fight cell, but should not be called Battle Beast, because is extremely tiny. 合金妖种又是另外一回事儿,就是植入一种特殊的战斗兽,当然暗中大多数人的观点,应该叫做战斗细菌,战斗细胞,而不该叫做战斗兽,因为太过细小。 Once these Battle Beast implant, will make Demon the distortion diamond same drop exists...... 一旦这些战斗兽植入,就会让妖怪们成为变形金刚一样滴存在…… Xu Liao saw alloy monster plants time, has not thought anything, after all he also once experienced excessively shocking marquis inscription on stone tablet and bronze class Demon, when he sees in the introduction, one Yuan alloy changes, a binary alloy changes, the ternary alloy changes...... The highest 16 Yuan alloy changes, each change, can changeable one machinery equipment time, really cannot repress the impulsion of heart, has chosen a group of subordinates, intelligence quite bad Demon, went to the big monster day to accept to transform. 许了看到合金妖种的时候,还没觉得什么,毕竟他还曾见识过震天侯这种金石类的妖怪,但是当他看到介绍中,有一元合金变,二元合金变,三元合金变……最高16元合金变,每一种变化,都能多变一种机器设备的时候,实在按耐不住心头的冲动,挑选了一批手下,资质颇差的妖怪,去大妖天接受改造了。 Although said that Xu Liao becomes Demon, had in 4000 quickly, this must be counted four coastal territory charts that in 3000, but the youth time, driving reaches as high as, mechanical police, outer space fortress...... Dream, in this little while, recovered. 虽然说许了成为妖怪,已经快有4000年了,这要算上四海疆图那3000年,但是少年时候,驾驶高达,机械警察,太空堡垒……的梦想,在这会儿,还是复苏了。 Thinks that under beautiful appearance female Demon, turned into the supporting-heaven pillar, oneself sit the cockpit, starts, a foot accelerator steps on mew mew...... Also can ask that which spot this place you are the original? Special stirring up crisp! 一想到手下美貌的女妖怪,变成了擎天柱,自己坐进去驾驶舱,开动起来,一脚油门踩咪咪……还能问,这个地方你是原来的哪个部位啊?就有一种特别的激爽! Plants as for the wooden god monster, modulation success ratio strange tall, has an advantage, is the long working life! 至于木神妖种,调制成功率奇高,只有一个好处,就是寿命长! It looks like looks like specially to be specially waste, does not have any enterprise, has the monster of Demon development special fears death to plant. 看起来就像是专门为了特别废,又没什么进取心,有特怕死的妖怪开发的妖种。 Plants as for last ten thousand monsters, the success ratio almost approaches 100%, the result of but modulating, each Demon is different, perhaps after is the modulation, Demonic Qi grew several points, can make the ear lengthen, perhaps will modulate the new type, even also has the possibility to change including the sex...... In any case looks like specially evil. 至于最后一种万化妖种,成功率几乎接近100,但调制的结果,每一头妖怪都不一样,也许就是调制之后,妖气增长了几个点数,能让耳朵变长,也许会调制出来新鲜种类,甚至还有可能连性别都变化……反正看起来特别邪恶。
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