OSTI :: Volume #7 过去未来

#728: On drum show

Zhou threw the Xu Liao subordinate wickedly again, quick grasped an army. 纣无道重投许了手下,很快就掌握了一支大军。 Xu Liao even instigated yellow turbans to fight the city to him, had the yellow turbans to fight the city, he can repair own attrition, can promote strength, modulated the new yellow turbans person of great strength, the advantage was infinite. 许了甚至调拨了一艘黄巾战城给他,有了黄巾战城,他就能修复自身的磨损,也能提升手下的实力,调制新的黄巾力士,好处无穷。 Xu Liao initially modulated Zhou to be wicked, in the perfect template modulation according to own mind, naturally knows that his non- is the disposition of being an underling for a long time, Although he has the innumerable means that spoke this yellow turbans person of great strength to suppress, but finally has not actually done, but made Zhou go to the free display wickedly. 许了当初调制纣无道,就是按照自己心目中的完美模板调制,自然知道他非是久居人下的性格,尽管他有无数办法,讲这头黄巾力士压制,但是却最终没有那么做,而是放手让纣无道去自由发挥。 Zhou somewhat hesitated wickedly, but quick understands that Xu Liao this is rewards him in an demon star day several hundred years of painstaking effort, the freedom is the biggest reward. 纣无道本来还有些犹豫,但很快就明白,许了这是酬谢他在魔星天数百年的苦功,自由就是最大的酬劳。 Zhou Qing side him, face glowing with health, euphonious laughter, lingering on faintly. 周箐在他身边,容光焕发,银铃般的笑声,不绝于耳。 She thinks that she must pass away in the demon star day jungle, cannot go back the civilized world again, but has not actually thought that the rebellious army also has one day of turning over, although the Huge Majority rebellious army, was returned to the eastern heaven by Xu Liao, one group of people go to Tai Qing, the big monster, the jade cauldron and other days, seeks for the place of ancestor, but still many people, voluntarily remained, follows the Zhou wicked same place. 她本来以为,自己要老死在魔星天的丛林之中,再也回不去文明世界,但却没有想到,反抗军还有翻身的一天,虽然绝大多数反抗军,都被许了送回了东皇天,也有一批人去往太清,大妖,玉鼎等三座界天,寻找祖先之地,但仍旧有许多人,自愿留下来,跟随纣无道一起。 Zhou the dignity in rebellious army, nobody may wickedly, even some people after the eastern heaven, looked that Crossed in society was lively, has satisfied the wish, duplicate returned to the demon star day, invested Zhou's wicked subordinates. 纣无道在反抗军中的威严,无人可及,甚至有些人在去往东皇天之后,看过了世间繁华,满足了心愿,又复回返魔星天,重新投入了纣无道的麾下。 Xu Liao even fights the city including the yellow turbans of appropriation, has not supposed to ban that now the Zhou wicked subordinate, 90% are the yellow turbans people of great strength, part is gradually old former subordinate , the part is the corrupt Mu yellow turbans person of great strength can not need to practice, so long as is fearless in battle, saves modulation to promote the rank and strength, the part of original manuscripts are the captives, was forced to transform by Zhou wickedly, became the slave soldier. 许了甚至连调拨的黄巾战城,都没有设下禁制,如今纣无道手下,九成都是黄巾力士,其中一部分是垂垂老矣的老部下,也有一部分是贪慕黄巾力士可以不用修炼,只要奋勇作战,积攒调制点就能提升等级和实力,更有一部分原本是俘虏,被纣无道强迫转化,成为了奴隶兵。 Zhou from the rebellious army leader, becomes the invading army front line governor wickedly, the change of status is not anything, resources that gives financial aid continuously, is the true earth-shaking change. 纣无道从反抗军领袖,一跃成为了侵略军前敌总督,身份的变化并不算什么,源源不断接济来的资源,才是真正的翻天覆地变化。 Zhou Qing was the stewardess time, vainly hoped for that can have the opportunity, makes money to buy one own house, afterward the wandering about destitute demon star day, vainly hoped for that will turn will soon go home, small room that even if rented, warm warm. 周箐原本做空姐的时候,梦想就是能够有机会,赚钱买一套属于自己的房子,后来流落魔星天,梦想就变成了早日回家,就算自己租的小屋子,也温馨暖和。 Until now, she finally beforehand all dreams, even vainly hopes for above unique, she fights the jurisdiction of city in the yellow turbans, is next to Zhou is wicked, has an authority in entire city, endures compared with the dignity of queen, indeed makes her mood more and more comfortable. 直到现在,她才终于事先了所有的梦想,甚至超脱梦想之上,她在黄巾战城的权限,仅次于纣无道,拥有一整座城市的权威,堪比女王的威严,的确让她心情越来越舒爽。 As for fight that soon must carry on, Zhou Qing does not fear, in the demon star day innumerable year of fights, already made her regard as the commonplace the fight, this type such as the daily small matter, will not place on her heart simply. 至于即将要进行的战斗,周箐并不惧怕,在魔星天无数年的战斗,早就让她把战斗视作等闲,这种简直如日常的小事儿,根本不会放在她心上。 Zhou looks into the distance wickedly, suddenly will put out a hand to grasp a next week's thin bamboo small hand, said in a low voice: „Since, you have been enduring hardship with me.” 纣无道眺望远方,忽然伸手握了一下周箐的小手,低声说道:“一直以来,你跟我都在吃苦。” Zhou Qing gentle smiles, said: Such life, I will think also to stimulate, is good to yearn, but has not thought will experience. Now experienced Crossed, the dream also awakes! Also can resume the original life, even was better, is very good. Especially, you can also accompany side me.” 周箐温婉的一笑,说道:“这样的生活,我原来也会觉得好刺激,好向往,但从没想过会真的去经历。如今已经经历过了,梦也醒了!还能恢复原来的生活,甚至比原来还有更好,已经是非常好了。尤其是,你还能一直陪伴在我身边。” Zhou smiles wickedly, he initially was not intentional, but is the Xu Liao wicked interest, making him provoke casually this beautiful appearance stewardess, but the final result, do not say him unable to think that Xu Liao this instigator cannot think. 纣无道轻轻一笑,他当初也不是有意为之,而是许了的恶趣味,让他随便就撩拨了一下这个美貌的空姐,但最后的结果,不要说他想不到,就连许了这个始作俑者都想不到。 The yellow turbans fight the city across the sky, puts on the Crossed void road, intruded another Void World. 黄巾战城横空,穿过了虚空甬道,闯入了另外一处虚界 Here is the goal that Zhou goes on an expedition wickedly, here is also on drums 108 monster commanders-in-chief the domain of show. 这里就是纣无道征战的目标,这里也是108头妖帅之一鼓上骚的地盘。 On the drum show primary form it is said was also antiquity Stone Yao, but rare was not the beastly nature, but was the strange monster insect, moreover associated Shigu, so long as in Shigu, he can emit the wicked taste, most can collapse ten thousand li (0.5km). 鼓上骚原形据说也是一头上古石妖,只是罕见的不是兽性,而是奇异的怪虫,而且伴生有一面石鼓,只要在石鼓上,他就能放出恶味,最远能崩出万里。 Therefore had such a nickname! 故而才有了这么一个诨号! This monster graceful intelligence is insufficient, was extremely difficult to break through the monster god, but also is the peak complete big monster is graceful, even if Zhou also breaks through the monster to be graceful wickedly, the Rune core is the law celestial phenomenon this and other big magical powers, still does not dare to belittle. 这头妖帅资质不足,已经极难突破妖神,但毕竟也是巅峰圆满的大妖帅,就算纣无道也突破妖帅,符文核心更是法天象地这等大神通,仍旧不敢小觑。 He fights the city to decide in void the yellow turbans, completes the appearance of protection void road, analyzes a strange monster taste, rogue heading on. 他才把黄巾战城定在虚空,做好守护虚空甬道的模样,就分析出来一股奇异的怪味,凶恶之极的扑面而来。 Fortunately the yellow turbans people of great strength are not life, is only a Talisman kind of Talisman person, this Mancheng is well! 亏得黄巾力士都不是生灵,只是法宝一类的法宝人,这才满城皆无恙! The bonus is so, part has not transformed as the rebellious army soldier of yellow turbans person of great strength, shouted loud miserably, sealed up the five senses vigorously, still sad swaying back and forth everywhere. 饶是如此,一部分还未没有转化为黄巾力士的反抗军战士,也高声惨呼,大力封闭五官,仍旧难过的满地打滚。 These rebellious army soldiers, have fought many battles, even if were added the body by the cutting tool, can happy not fear, goes on as if nothing had happened, unexpectedly cannot receive this wicked taste, obviously fierce of this big monster. 这些反抗军战士,都是身经百战,就算被刀具加身,也能怡然不惧,谈笑自若,居然受不住这股恶味,可见这头大妖的厉害。 Zhou has no way wickedly, can only let body of these life subordinate, hurries to hide into the yellow turbans to fight in the city the close room, then displays the supernatural power, has extracted the air, and temporarily has made dozens air-cleaning facilities, this has settled these people. 纣无道也是没法,只能让这些还是生灵之躯的手下,赶紧躲入黄巾战城中封闭的房间,然后施展法力,抽取了空气,并且临时建造了几十个空气净化装置,这才算是把这些人安顿了下来。 This confused hurry, passed on the 78 th, if there is enemy to attack at this time, even if Zhou wickedly under is the yellow turbans person of great strength, must be thrown into confusion, the army that if Demon or Human Race compose, feared already army completely black ink at this time. 这一场忙乱,足足过去了78日,若是此时有敌人攻打,纵然纣无道手下都是黄巾力士,也要手忙脚乱一阵,若是妖怪或者人类组成的军队,此时怕已经全军尽墨了。 Zhou wicked Secretly calls out in alarm one, this big monster is fierce, this also makes up for Void World Demonic Force, non- in view of their attacking methods, made him make dirty, this was called on the drum the big monster of show, truly not with mediocre. 纣无道暗暗惊呼一声,这头大妖厉害,这还只是弥补虚界妖力,非是针对他们的攻伐手段,就让他弄了一个灰头土脸,这个叫做鼓上骚的大妖,确实非同凡俗。 On the drum the show is stationed here, is because, his inborn Demonic Force so wicked taste, other colleagues are not willing to communicate with him, therefore is short with the outside really exchanges, he has not even known that the demon star day had the big accident, every day in still amusement. After all Void World plays to him casually, was suppressed for hundreds of thousands of years compared with the past years, wants the day more comfortable. 鼓上骚驻扎这里,也是因为,他天生妖力就如此恶味,其他同僚都不愿意跟他来往,所以甚少跟外界交流,他甚至还不知道,魔星天已经有大变故,每日里仍旧玩乐。毕竟有一处虚界给他随便玩耍,比当年被镇压数十万年,要日子舒爽许多。 On the drum the show has not expected, unexpectedly some people will attack the fascinated star day, but also schemes his territory. 鼓上骚也未曾料到,居然会有人攻入魔星天,还图谋他的领地。 Because this big monster the body has such special characteristics, therefore the subordinates are also some special types, the monster of inscription on stone tablet and bronze is in the majority , some Artifacts to become Yao, are some inborn lacks the smell sensation again Demon, for example certain monster insects are. 这头大妖因为身具如此特质,故而麾下也都是一些特别的种类,金石之妖居多,也有一些器物成妖,再就是一些天生缺少气味感知的妖怪,比如某些怪虫之属。 Also under only then these Demon, can inborn Demonic Force of show on the drum cover, but can also live getting down, Although also live is not very good. 也只有这些妖怪,才能在鼓上骚的天生妖力覆盖下,还能活的下来,尽管也都活的不是很好。 Zhou settled these wickedly is not the subordinate of yellow turbans person of great strength, immediately leads under the big monster, has composed a small team of attacking, big show day in -line on the show named by the drum Void World most central. 纣无道安顿好了那些不是黄巾力士的部下,立刻就率领手下大妖,组成了一支突击的小队伍,直插这处被鼓上骚名为“大骚天”的虚界最中央。 He did not go to think that now under any schemes and tricks, only want to fight, hurried to solve this big monster, the Although yellow turbans person of great strength was unconsciously wicked the taste, but under this Demonic Force covered, extremely intense corrosion Demonic Force, when long, only feared that his under strength weak slightly yellow turbans people of great strength must discard. 他现在已经不去想什么阴谋诡计了,只想一战之下,赶紧解决了这头大妖,尽管黄巾力士不觉恶味,但这股妖力覆盖之下,还有极强烈的腐蚀妖力,待得久了,只怕他手下实力稍弱的黄巾力士都要报废。
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