NH :: Volume #3

#221: Killer empress

After troubled noise in fish pond, Gu He returned to the Itada apartment to cross for night. 经过在鱼塘的纷扰喧闹,顾禾回到板田公寓过了一夜。 Next morning, he arrived at the Beautiful Color club two buildings, Miss Ayane living room. 第二天清早,他来到了丽彩俱乐部二楼,彩音小姐的起居室。 Miss Ayane, I remembers I just arrived in the fish pond time, you said that to Old Fan anything is anxious, I possibly am team last puzzle anything, that what's the matter.” 彩音小姐,我记得我刚到鱼塘的时候,你跟老范说有什么事情急,我可能是团队最后一块拼图什么的,那是怎么回事呀。” Gu He and other Sakai young ladies, a little matter wants to chat with Miss Ayane. 顾禾既是在等酒井小姐,也有点事想跟彩音小姐谈谈。 That is the Yakuza work, transports the data, afterward had/left these situations, the work did not have early.” “那本来是雅库扎的活儿,也是运送数据的,后来出了那些情况,活儿早没了。” A Ayane Kumiko dye printing kimono, said with a smile: In Flowing Light City, a lot cannot catch up changes quickly, therefore everyone will rarely have that long-term plan, that is listening dreadfully.” 彩音久美子一身印花和服,笑道:“在流光城,很多事情都赶不上变化快,所以大家都很少会有那种长远的打算,那听着就让人害怕呢。” Heard the work not to have, Gu He now 1 : 00 is not strange. 听到活儿没了,顾禾现在一点不奇怪。 Except for the recent change, the fish pond is not the mysterious organization, one crowd of street dog gather together. 除了最近的变化,鱼塘本来就不是什么神秘组织,一群街狗聚在一起而已。 Little He, these months, you brought to the fish pond. Is I leads you to come back from small strong there has not thought that you matter that does for the fish pond, is the Yakuza vertical merit, has arrived at me to save you.” 小禾,这几个月来,你给鱼塘带来了很多。是我从小壮那里带你回来的时候也没有想到的,你为鱼塘做的事,为雅库扎立的功,已经抵过我救你了。” Ayane Kumiko visits him, the mature charming facial features are very earnest, „ starting today, you they are like A'Sai and Shukichi, can move freely, where likes treating treats where. 彩音久美子看着他,成熟妩媚的面容很认真,“从今天起,你跟阿赛修吉他们一样,可以自由活动了,喜欢待在哪里就待在哪里。 You now also some reputations, if you also imagine cookie such dwelling to get up, I will not interfere with you. “你现在也有些名头了,如果你还想像小甜饼那样宅起来,我也不会干涉你。 Naturally, I hope you can become Night King, like you to I have promised.” “当然,我还是希望你能成为夜王,像你向我许诺过的那样。” Gu He is startled slightly, and a heart loosen. 顾禾微微一怔,而又心头一松。 I, can retire, can the dwelling get up...... 我都还了吗,可以引退,可以宅起来了么…… Now, Luo Zhou affirmed that went to not necessarily is well, the dwelling in the Itada apartment? 只是现在,罗洲肯定去不了,去了也不一定平安无事,宅在板田公寓里吗? I will consider......” Gu He hesitates, even the dwelling, Ayane Kumiko, the light swallow, was his eldest child. “我会好好考虑的……”顾禾沉吟,就算宅了,彩音久美子,轻燕,还是他老大。 This is he in Yakuza and in street the rank, will not change. 这是他在雅库扎、在街头的辈分,是不会变的。 Relations of he and fish pond Beautiful Color, will not separate, this is his status part. 他和鱼塘丽彩的关系,也不会断开,这是他的身份一部分。 It is said Miss Ayane strongest time is four programmer primary, sixth gear, if her strength can come back, regarding fish pond Beautiful Color is a good deed, is many safeguard. 据说彩音小姐最强的时候是四程序者初级,六速档,如果她的实力能回来,对于鱼塘丽彩怎么也是一件好事,是多一份保障吧。 Miss Ayane, I must tell you a secret, I have not told others, Rona, Elizabeth they do not know. Before I felt this secret, only then know that was quite good.” 彩音小姐,我要告诉你个秘密,我还没有告诉过别人,洛娜、伊丽莎白她们都不知道。之前我觉得这个秘密只有自己知道比较好。” Gu He sets firm resolve, connects empathy to get up with Miss Ayane, said the secret in the brain: 顾禾下定了决心,与彩音小姐连接共感起来,才在脑中说出秘密: „The life energy of my procedure/program builds the nerve that the liquor can restore others to be damaged temporarily, I had no intention to govern Elizabeth subordinate Judy Dickinson before, they also think that is Old Fan the effect of entering tonic.” “我那程序的生命能量搭着酒可以暂时地恢复别人受损的神经,我之前无意治过伊丽莎白的下属朱蒂-迪金森,她们还以为全是老范的进补酒的奇效。” He does not plan to be the middle man, now such does is not meaningful, the red rain develops is bigger, he is safer. 他已经不打算做中间商了,现在那样做没什么意义,红雨发展越大,他才越安全。 Moreover he now clearer Elizabeth will, as well as her difficulty, does not want to make that money. 而且他现在更清楚伊丽莎白的意志,以及她的困难,不想赚那钱了。 Gu He sees only Miss Ayane the fan pupil to stare, jumps empathy to her heart fiercely, surprised, has vacant. 顾禾只见彩音小姐迷瞳微瞪,共感到她心脏猛地一跳,惊讶,有着一丝茫然。 „, This procedure/program can also rise, perhaps later can permanently the cure.” “呃,这程序还能升,说不定以后能永久性地治愈。” He does not have to say completely has considered, the also not clear permanent cure must, consume how much holy water in what way, first came to restore temporarily, how having a look at Miss Ayane to say. 他没有一下全部说出是考虑过的,自己都还不清楚永久治愈是要通过什么方式、消耗多少圣水呢,先来个暂时恢复,看看彩音小姐是怎么说的。 Little He, you keep secret is right, must complete the security.” 小禾,你保密是对的,一定要做好保密。” The Ayane Kumiko mood returns to normal fast, and does not have any excitedly, but has some feelings. 彩音久美子的心情快速地平复,并没有什么兴奋,而是有着一些感慨。 Cure and restoration, sixth gear and third gear, these are actually unimportant to me. I the ultra frequency was so ruthless at that time, is wants the light swallow to have a result, the light swallow had passed, now only has Ayane Kumiko.” “治愈、恢复,六速档三速档,这些对我其实都不重要。我那时候超频那么狠,就是想要轻燕有个结局,轻燕已经过去了,现在只有彩音久美子。” But...... Gu He starts to speak but hesitates, safe consideration. 可是……顾禾欲言又止,安全的考虑呢。 sixth gear, not only will bring to go back me, words that this situation disclosed that here had the danger.” 六速档不只是会把我带回去,这种情况走漏的话,我们这里才有危险。” Miss Ayane the mood is actually free and easy, I usually continue am a disabled person am safest. If really has that necessity, you drink that bar to me. My nerve I was clear how to govern again, the A level procedure/program did not have, but I can display three programmer the words of strength, I will not be your burdens.” 彩音小姐心情倒是洒脱,“我平时继续是个废人最安全。如果真有那种必要,你就给我喝那种酒吧。我的神经我清楚,再怎么治,A级程序也没了,但我能发挥出三程序者的实力的话,我就不会是你们的负累了。” Burdens? Gu He wants to smile, Old Fan can be the burdens, light swallow can hit 100. 负累?顾禾都不由想笑,老范会是负累,轻燕一个能打一百个。 He had used the clear water and beer to experiment last night, needs the Old Fan unusual food original liquor to detain the holy water energy, ordinary food will only drain quickly dissipates, subsequently restores ordinarily. 他昨晚已经用清水、啤酒试验过了,还是需要老范的超凡之食原酒才能留住圣水能量,普通食物只会很快流失消逝,继而恢复平常。 Even if must sell the liquor, still really needs from Old Fan there inventory, to buy one bottle like last night in the name of red rain. 所以就算要卖酒,也真的需要从老范那里进货,像昨晚那样以红雨名义买了一瓶。 Old Fan this The East chef, is a little skill. 老范这个东土制食师,还是有点本事的。 Miss Ayane, you takes this pot bar, along bringing, needed time uses.” 彩音小姐,你拿着这壶酒吧,随身带着,需要的时候就用上。” Gu He gives Miss Ayane an exquisite fine silver wine pot along, inside packed to specially make the tonic. 顾禾把一个小巧精致的银色随身酒壶交给彩音小姐,里面装满了特制进补酒。 Good, this most suitable.” Ayane Kumiko received the silver wine pot, in hand, toward the waist and chest front gesture, where looks to hang, from now on will start, I was such a drunkard image.” “好,这样最适合。”彩音久美子接过银酒壶,拿在手中,又往腰间与胸前比划,看要挂在哪里,“从今开始,我就是这样一个酒鬼形象了。” She is saying the chuckle, mood both relaxed and gratified, fishes Little He from small strong that you, is I passes through the biggest good luck.” 她说着轻笑,心情既轻松又欣慰,“从小壮那捞到小禾你,是我走过最大的好运。” Gu He this mood is also happy because of Miss Ayane, the heart has a big stone to fall finally. 顾禾也因为彩音小姐这份心情而开心,心头有一块大石终于落下。 First this, the permanent treatment truly not suitable current situation, Miss Ayane also needs to hide. 就先这样吧,永久性的治疗确实不适合目前的情况,彩音小姐也需要隐藏。 Finished talking this matter, Miss Ayane a few words make his another heart big stone appear: 谈完了这件事,彩音小姐一句话又让他另一块心头大石浮现: Vivian has raised with me, that Miss Gesborn needs to process, closes her is not very suitable, if she has no change, could not find any good control method, that do not force.” “薇薇安跟我提过,那个盖斯博因大小姐需要处理了,把她关回来也不是很适合,如果她还是没什么改变,也找不到什么好的控制办法,那就不要勉强吧。” Miss Ayane does not plan to manage, before not multibarreled, this matter gives him. 彩音小姐是不打算管,之前就没有多管,这事是交给他的。 Gu He had asked last night on the quiet, Old Fan truly not agrees makes Sophia return to the fish pond dungeon, now stared at the eye of fish pond to be possible ; Lin Sai said: Does not close my matter, gave you early.” Sakai Shukichi said happily: If here who has what sentiment with her, was Little He you, we not so- said.” 顾禾昨晚就悄悄地问过,老范确实不肯让索菲娅回归鱼塘地牢,现在盯着鱼塘的眼睛可多了;林赛则说:“不关我的事,早交给你了。”酒井修吉乐说:“如果说这里谁跟她有什么感情,就是小禾你了,我们没所谓的。” Sentiment? He is really helpless, that did not call the sentiment. 感情?他真是无奈,那不叫感情。 Compares does not think the ingredient that Sophia dies, has not thought Elizabeth for this reason and sad ingredient are many. 相比不想索菲娅死的成分,还没有不想伊丽莎白为此而难过的成分多。 Sophia, how can make you stay in this rotten world, Pan God, Uncle Pan, Pan Zi cannot think...... 索菲娅,怎么能让你留在这个烂世界,潘神、潘叔、潘子都想不到啊…… Little He, yourself play, well come on, I must give the fish pond to develop the rookie oh.” 小禾,你自己玩吧,好好加油,我也要给鱼塘发展新人了。” The Ayane Kumiko smile said, patted his arm, leaves this living room. 彩音久美子微笑地说罢,拍了拍他手臂,就离开这个起居室。 He can move freely, is willing not to have in the words dwelling of what important matter one month not to have the issue. 他可以自由活动了,愿意又没出什么大事的话宅上一个月也没问题。 Gu He sits on the sofa continues and other Sakai young ladies, is thinking the concern, sighs. 顾禾坐在沙发上继续等酒井小姐,想着心事,却是叹了一口气。 When were not many, Sakai Hanao arrived in a hurry, He-san, that today must ask much!” 等了不多时,酒井花青匆匆地到来了,“禾桑,那今天也要多多拜托啦!” She is people who have ten times of effort special characteristics, but the practice rises to change the procedure/program is not the dwelling is exercising the line, the actor needs the opponent and audience, she must practice empress pattern to make a connection with troop to need a troop. 她是个有着十倍努力特质的人,而练习升变程序不是自己一个人宅着练就行,演员需要对手与观众,她要练习皇后模式“打通大群”更需要一个大群。 In the past few days, they have done the experiment in the Yakuza headquarters, made a connection silently, really can be good. 前些天,他们在雅库扎总部已做过实验,默默打通,真能行。 Today actually must go to town, is in front of many audience to perform, actor this can progress is quicker. 今天却是要出街的,当着众多观众的面去演出,演员这样才能进步更快。 Because the activities are big, for the operation, Sakai Hanao the careful net helmet enters the mind network in Ayane Miss's bedroom, first met with approximately good Chiba young lady, then moves to the soul to enter to the Gu He brain territory in together. 因为活动范围大,为了方便操作,酒井花青彩音小姐的卧室里戴上心网头盔进入心灵网络,先与约好的千叶小姐碰面,再一起移魂进入到顾禾脑域里。 Before they making a connection with a group of secrets also told Chiba. 之前他们把打通大群的秘密也告诉千叶了。 Chiba is reliable, can the hush-hush partner, how can also study to use to rise together to change the procedure/program, if simultaneously the recovery meets that side the tribe to happen really needs to make a connection with a group of situations, they have to take care of the adjustment well. 千叶是个可靠的、能守秘的伙伴,又能一起研究怎么用好升变程序,同时如果复苏会部落那边发生很需要打通大群的情况,他们也好有个照应变通。 Quick, when Gu He within the body has three personalities, capacity 35, two actor jokes the preparation must perform. 很快,当顾禾体内有三个人格,容量35,两位演员笑谈着准备要进行演出。 The main personality switch over is Sakai Hanao, she rises to become the empress, although did not have the mature empress mask, actually can still make a connection with the troop. 主人格切换为酒井花青,她升变为皇后,尽管还没有成熟的皇后面具,却仍然能打通大群。 The boundary between personalities becomes fuzzy, how does not need to switch over, Gu He can also control this body. 人格之间的界限变得模糊,不需要怎么切换,顾禾也能控制这个身体。 Before he arrives at the trial clothes mirror looks, today wears one set of neutral black formal dress specially. 他走到试衣镜前看着,今天专门穿了一套中性的黑色正装。 Suddenly, his appearance changed, the figure also becomes different. 忽然间,他的模样就变了,身形也变得不同。 Is Chiba young lady puts forth the mask, her mask and rising of Miss Sakai changes also operates, capacity 45, Chiba young lady has large number of complete masks, previous second of Chiba Gibson, the latter second became Sakai Hanao. 是千叶小姐使出面具,她的面具和酒井小姐的升变同时运行,容量45,千叶小姐有着大量完整的面具,前一秒还是千叶-吉布森,后一秒又成了酒井花青 Her right hand jumped out several flesh tentacles suddenly, the chalice procedure/program joined the operation, capacity 55. 她的右手忽然窜出了几根血肉触手,圣杯程序加入运行,容量55。 Again all of a sudden, turns into a young man face, restored the Gu He appearance. 再一下子,又变成一张年轻男性的面孔,恢复回了顾禾的模样。 Walks, takes to the streets to stroll.” Chiba puts on sunglasses toward the face, killer empress came.” “走,上街逛逛。”千叶往脸庞戴上一副墨镜,“杀手皇后来了。” Sakai Hanao somewhat is immediately anxious, this why she needs to practice. 酒井花青顿时有些紧张,这就是为什么她需要多加练习。 She is main personality, but Gu He is controlling the troop, walks from the second floors, across a club building lively hall, all night the happy guests and cowherd boys with waiting in cannot see what unusual form. 她是主人格,但顾禾控制着大群,从二楼走下去,穿过俱乐部一楼热闹的大厅,通宵欢乐的客人们、牛郎们与侍应们都看不出什么异状。 Ayane Kumiko shot a look at one, actually smiles understandingly. 彩音久美子瞥了一眼,却会意地一笑。 The big man of that black clothes sunglasses, is a puppet, is the ever changing two actors. 那个黑衣墨镜的高大男人,是玩偶,也是千变万化的两位演员。 Gu He goes out of the Beautiful Color club from the main entrance, arrives at outside noise the street, looks up to hanging in the advertisement screen of Beautiful Color high place, that inside glitters to fluctuate is dazzling to lead the beautiful cowherd boys. 顾禾从正门走出丽彩俱乐部,来到外面喧嚣的街道,抬头望向挂在丽彩高处的广告屏幕,那里面闪烁变幻着炫帅妖艳的牛郎们。 On that day, he is standing, stupidly is looking. 那一天,他就这么站着,傻傻地望着。 However now looks like, in this city, the cowherd boy truly is a young people good outlet. 不过现在看来,在这座城市,牛郎确实是年轻人一条不错的出路。 Gu He smile however turns around to walk with a smile, sees in that side crowded street, a Jane/simple of simple hempen garments is yelling the low-tech idea: Rejection information overloads, too many hash are killing us!” 顾禾哂然笑着转身走去,看到那边人来人往的街头上,一身朴素麻衣的简在叫喊着低科理念:“拒绝信息过载,太多的无用信息正在杀害我们!” He walked, early, Jane/simple.” 他走了过去,“早啊,简。” Waiter, morning.” Jane/simple stops, looks at to passing through Gu He, but has not seen clearly, his appearance changed, figure also small, turns into one to be good-looking, the makings lovable young girl. “伙计,早。”简停了停,望向走过的顾禾,但还没看清楚,他的样子就变了,身形也小了一圈,变成一个长得漂亮、气质可爱的少女。 Jane/simple Leng gawked, realized that was an actor, that person has walked away, information confused......” Jane/simple Yaotou said. 简愣了愣,才意识到那是个演员,那人已经走远了,“信息错乱……”简摇头道。 If only exposes the mask procedure/program, uses casually, actor supernaturalist and a group of ordinary functions. 如果只暴露面具程序的话,随便用,演员超凡者、大群的普通功能而已。 Gu He takes a walk in Kotobuki Street at will, which acquaintance bumps into to pull several, boxer is singing in the street, Hirata mister they rides the violent to walk the motorcycle to roll by slowly, he borrowed one red comes, Chiba will open. 顾禾就这么随意地在寿惠街走动,碰到哪个熟人就扯上几句,拳佬在街边唱着歌,平田先生他们骑着暴走摩托车缓缓驶过,他借了一辆红色的来开,千叶会开。 In «Overspeed Chasing down», X opens violent to walk the motorcycle, very eye-catching. 在《超速追杀》里面,X就开着一辆暴走摩托车,十分拉风。 Chiba is driving the motorcycle to Red Rain House, they see a piece of new look, because Elizabeth now some funds are more, side more warehouses were rented, more street children are profiting. 千叶开着摩托车到了红雨之家,他们看到一片新气象,因为伊丽莎白现在有的资金更多,旁边更多仓库被租用了,更多的街童正在受益。 Not only in Kotobuki Street, has the Red Rain House new pilot in the Ren clear street and autumn leaf street. 而且不只是在寿惠街,在仁清街、秋叶街都有红雨之家的新试点。 Gu He also knows, Elizabeth through the same oath induction of pledge procedure/program, made the adjustment optimization in personnel to the red rain cell, especially lets the important security position with the oath acting. 顾禾还知道,伊丽莎白通过誓约程序的同誓者感应,对红雨团做了人员方面的调整优化,尤其把重要的安保位置让同誓者担当。 No matter toward the street, is toward the bank, this is a sharp weapon that looks for the friend. 不管是往街头,还是往银行内部,这都是一个找朋友的利器。 But she also records sincerely do not act foolishly, does not reject other possibilities. 但她也谨记不要刻舟求剑,不拒绝其它的可能。 Angel Senior Brother!” At this time, Elizabeth saw him, walked quickly from the group child lively master depot. “天使师兄!”这时候,伊丽莎白见到了他,就从群童热闹的主仓库边快步走来。 I am a group of oh.” Gu He said immediately, for fear that she does not know spoke irresponsibly the secret. “我是个大群。”顾禾马上说,生怕她不知道而乱说秘密。 Oh.” Elizabeth sized up his several eyes, really cannot look.” “噢。”伊丽莎白打量了他几眼,“真看不出来。” All of a sudden, the Gu He appearance turned into Sakai Hanao, I have a look everywhere, did not disturb you to be busy.” 一下子,顾禾的模样变成了酒井花青,“我就是到处看看,不打扰你忙了。” He starts the motorcycle to depart, Elizabeth looks at him to drive far on the road, smiles to turn around to continue to work. 他开动摩托车离去,伊丽莎白望着他在路上驶远,笑了笑就转身回去继续做事。 Leaves Red Rain House, turns circle toward Wrestling Gang outside, Gu He made Chiba trade a direction to drive, moved to another head of Kotobuki Street, went to the Kitano butcher shop to eat the hot meat patty. 离开红雨之家,又往摔角帮外面转了圈,顾禾让千叶换了个方向驶回去,驶向寿惠街的另一头,前往北野肉铺吃了顿热腾腾的肉饼。 A money, three people taste, really gained. 一份钱,三个人品尝,真是赚到了。 Always thought that your boy has the strangeness today.” Old Man Kitano pulls a muscle slightly, does not know that looks. “总觉得你小子今天有古怪。”北野老头微微地扯动面肌,不知道有没有看出来。 In the afternoon, the troop went to the singing girl lair bar. 这天下午,大群又去了歌姬巢穴酒吧。 Chiba turns into with the mask is an excellent likeness Vivian and Nimiao mixes a charming young girl, brings in one to make Gu He absolutely terrified, let Chiba and a Sakai Hanao laughing heartily man hope look. 千叶用面具变成一个神似薇薇安与妮妙混合起来般的妩媚少女,引来一通让顾禾毛骨悚然、让千叶和酒井花青一顿欢笑的男人渴望眼神。 When the troop is the Gu He appearance, no matter in Kotobuki Street where, if some people recognize, has warm yelling. 当大群是顾禾模样的时候,不管在寿惠街哪里,如果有人认出,都有热烈的叫喊。 Little He, now you are the big star.” Chiba said. 小禾,现在你才是大明星呢。”千叶说道。 Yes, He-san, Chiba young ladies do not have your such popularity!” Sakai Hanao is very proud. “是啊,禾桑,千叶小姐都没你这样的人气!”酒井花青很是自豪。 Why does not know, Gu He strolls on the street is strolling, wants to go to Game Gang to take a look. 不知道为什么,顾禾在街上逛着逛着,很想去游戏帮瞧瞧。 But he does not want to annoy Brother Zhuang and these muscle male exaggerating welcome, made Miss Sakai change a mask of ordinary woman, enters game room that confusion of voices and various types of mechanical games kept ringing. 但他不想惹来壮哥和那些肌肉男夸张的欢迎,就让酒井小姐换了一副普通女人的面具,走进那个人声嘈杂、各种游戏机响个不停的游戏厅。 Except for the game players, is these muscle male is patrolling, sinister aspect who once for a while frightens the person. 除了游戏玩家们,就是那些肌肉男在巡来巡去,时不时一副吓唬人的凶相。 Doesn't repay a debt wants to run?” Brother Zhuang is catching one group of young people, where can run up to goes, your these people......” “不还债就想跑?”壮哥正抓到一帮青少年,“能跑到哪里去,你们这些人……” What's wrong?” Suddenly, the ordinary woman changes the Gu He appearance, moves toward this by the game room corner that the muscle male surround, he felt that Brother Zhuang that words a little were a moment ago ripe, Brother Zhuang, did you do the wild dog?” “怎么了?”突然,普通女人变回顾禾的样子,走向这个被肌肉男们围堵起来的游戏厅角落,他感觉刚才壮哥那话有点熟,“壮哥,你又搞野狗了?” Sees him, the Brother Zhuang complexion changes immediately, Sir Gu He!” 一见到他,壮哥的面色顿时大变,“顾禾大人!” Misunderstanding, misunderstanding!” Brother Zhuang quickly is clutching a somewhat panic-stricken thin boy walks, these boys' area street mice on, came to play every day, owes many, I think that they worked to repay a debt.” “误会,误会!”壮哥急忙揪着其中一个有些惊恐的瘦小子走来,“这些小子就附近一带的街鼠,每天过来玩,欠很多了,我想他们打工还债而已。” Gu He examined carefully, indeed some probably bodgies, the hair dyes colorfully. 顾禾细看了下,的确像是些不良少年,头发染得五颜六色的。 You are Gu He!? Mahatma Gu He? Eldest child! Can introduce that we go in Yakuza!” “你是顾禾!?大圣顾禾?老大!能不能介绍我们进去雅库扎啊!” These bodgies shouted immediately excitedly, strove to excel to recognize him for the eldest child, must give loyalty to him. 这几个不良少年顿时都激动地叫嚷起来,就要强认他为老大,要给他效忠。 Brother Zhuang, you are casual.” Gu He turns around to leave, extremely, six generation do not say must love mutually.” 壮哥,你随便吧。”顾禾转身走人,“别太过了,六代目说了要互爱互相的。” „Is is!” On the strange face of Brother Zhuang full is the smile, really happy, said to these bodgies loudly: Today you are in luck, such a legendary character passed by, lets off you!” “是是是!”壮哥的怪脸上满是笑容,是真的高兴,对这些不良少年大声道:“今天你们走运,这么一个传奇人物路过,放过你们了!” Chiba and as if remembers anything Sakai Hanao empathy to Gu He, as soon as he passes sobs funnily with. 千叶、酒井花青共感顾禾似乎想起什么,他一通唏嘘与好笑。 He-san, how?” 禾桑,怎么了?” I also became the legendary character, funny, was funny.” “我也成传奇人物了,好笑,就是好笑。” Returns to outside street, the troop to continue to take a walk aimless, practices to rise to change the empress pattern, Gu He but actually refreshed, but Chiba young lady also has the matter to need to go back that side the wilderness busily, today was similar. 回到外面街道,大群继续漫无目的地逛街,练习着升变皇后模式,顾禾倒还是精神满满的,但千叶小姐在荒野那边还有事忙需要回去,今天差不多了。 He-san, where do you then go to?” Before Sakai Hanao moves to the soul to go back, asked. 禾桑,你接着去哪里啊?”酒井花青移魂回去前问道。 Strolls again casually, today I think that stroll.” “再随便逛吧,今天我想自己一个人逛逛。” After they move the soul goes back, the troop also dismissed, Gu He stands in the street, actually worries immediately, this thinks of an issue, oneself will not drive the motorcycle! 她们移魂回去后,大群也就解散了,顾禾站在街边,却顿时犯了难,这才想到一个问题,自己不会开摩托车啊! This car(riage) may outmoded start randomly, he is supernaturalist cannot plunge to death, hitting the person is not good. 这车可不兴乱开,他是超凡者摔不死,撞着人就不行了。 Just, Gu He flexure a while head, actually saw that the vigorous form stride of tight-fitting skin clothing walks together, Rona. 只不过,顾禾挠了一会儿头,却看到一道紧身皮衣裤的矫健身影大步走来,洛娜。 Rona, is so skillful......” “洛娜,这么巧啊……” Skillful what skillful, I am looking.” Rona is ill-humored, really makes me easy one look.” “巧什么巧,我是找着过来的。”洛娜没好气,“真是让我好一顿找。” She one noticed that red violent walks the motorcycle, turned over/stood up to sit, both hands are grasping the direction, the physique bent down the graceful curve, walked, I led you to go to a place.” 她一过来看到那辆红色暴走摩托车,就翻身坐了上去,双手握着方向把,身姿伏出了曼妙的曲线,“走,我带你去一个地方。” „.” Gu He also takes a seat to the back seat on, hugs Rona's waist to depend on her, goes?” “呃。”顾禾也就坐到车后座上,搂着洛娜的腰身靠着她,“去哪?” Goes to the seashore to have a look.” Rona starts to drive the motive car(riage), the exhaust pipe emits the smog, immediately drives on the acceleration. “去海边看看。”洛娜开始驶动机车,排气管冒出烟雾,顿时就加速驶去。 Seashore? That did not have Kabukichou, security not?” “海边?那不是出了歌舞伎町吗,安全不?” Bank must kill you, you will have the trouble in Kabukichou, does not kill you, you go to Citadel Mountain to stroll do not have the issue.” “银行要杀你,你在歌舞伎町也会有麻烦,不杀你,你去卫城山逛也没问题。” Rona has not cared about his worry, is driving the motorcycle from Kotobuki Street to the Ren clear street, goes toward Harbor District, at this time the weather transferred at nightfall gradually, the street two sides neon signs send out the brilliant light. 洛娜没在乎他这个担心,开着机车从寿惠街一路到了仁清街,又往港湾区去,这时候天色渐渐转为入夜,街道两边的霓虹招牌散发出绚烂的灯光。 Gu He goes that side for the first time Harbor District, but Rona do not go toward the urban district. 顾禾还是第一次前去港湾区那边,但洛娜并不是要往市区而去。 The violent walked the motorcycle to reach directly near a road to beach, Rona also buys the admission ticket to depend such nearly, she stopped the motorcycle toward the roadside, two people can look at that side sea. 暴走摩托车一直驶到海滩边的一处公路,洛娜还掏了钱买了门票才能靠得这么近,她往路边停下摩托车,两人可以望到那边的大海。 Today is very in luck, without so many people.” Rona said that in my impression, here is filled with the person momentarily.” “今天挺走运,没有那么多人。”洛娜说道,“我印象中,这里随时挤满人的。” On the beach truly has many tourists of coming and going, moreover looks at the clothing, should be in a city produces. 海滩上确实有着来来往往的很多游客,而且看衣装,很多应该是城里的中产。 Gu He is looking at that side seascape, full sea is drifting actually not the trash, thinks so also very pleasant, but some pollution cannot look by the naked eye, it is said the lifeform in sea has exterminated many. 顾禾望着那边的海景,倒不是满海飘浮着垃圾,这么看着还挺怡人的,只是有些污染以肉眼看不出来,据说海洋里的生物已经灭绝很多了。 Luo continent, Luo Zhou in legend, in that side of sea...... 罗洲,传说中的罗洲,就在海的那边…… The sea breeze is moving Rona's black short hair, seems more disorderly, can see quickly.” She said. 海风吹动着洛娜的黑短发,显得更为凌乱,“快可以看到了吧。”她说。 What?” Gu He question. “什么?”顾禾疑问。 Time marvelous sight.” Rona's speech sound puts lightly, „the name origin of this city, you think that because of the whole city neon light, my parents had told me in me in childhood, is not, because of the thing of flowing light bay......” “流光奇景。”洛娜的话声放轻,“这座城市的名字由来,你以为是因为满城霓虹灯吗,我爸妈在我小时候告诉过我,不是,是因为流光湾的这个玩意……” Gu He has really not known, she also said: „From November to January of every year, can see at night. I had looked in childhood.” 顾禾还真不知道,她又说:“每年11月到1月份,夜晚能看到。我小时候看过。” Quick, as the dim light of night is even more jet black, the people on beach were many, the sea level actually became deathly stillness darkness. 很快,随着夜色越发漆黑,海滩上的人们多了些,海面却成了一片死寂的黑暗。 However suddenly, he saw, the sea level appeared seemed like the aurora brilliant brilliance, one interwove piece by piece, like waving, probably raised from the seabed, seemed like sways from the nighttime sky, shone in the sea level. 但是突然间,他看到了,海面出现了一些像是极光般的绚烂光彩,一片片地交织,如同在舞动,像是从海底升起,又像是从夜空挥洒下来,映照在海面上。 „......” Gu He sighed, really beautiful.” “哇……”顾禾不禁感叹,“真美。” Yes.” Rona also implored the one breath, remembers exactly the same in me.” “是啊。”洛娜亦是吁了一口气,“跟我记忆里的一模一样。” She supine face upwards Lvmou, is looking at some distant nighttime sky indistinct star and sea level flowing light, said in a soft voice: I listened to Kumiko saying that you wanted to retire, but I must start the rescue tomorrow, I must go to Voodoo Gang, went to Eastern Street, many places.” 她仰了仰绿眸,望着远方夜空隐约有的星星、海面的流光,轻声道:“我听久美子说你想要引退,可明天我要开始营救行动了,我要去巫毒帮,去东土街,很多地方。” Rona, I wants to retire......, but, this wants to get rich a truth with many people, does not represent anything.” “洛娜,我是想引退……不过,这就跟很多人想要发财一个道理,不代表什么。” Gu He turns the head to look to her, does not need to speak so many, you also owe me money, I cannot put you not to manage.” 顾禾转头看向她,“不用讲那么多,你还欠我钱呢,我可不能放着你不管。” Rona's corners of the mouth smiled, in the eye pupil had a different kind god light/only, I really anticipated that you can meet with that bastard.” 洛娜的嘴角微笑了,眼眸里有了点别样的神光,“我真期待你和那个混蛋能见面。” I felt that he will like me very much.” Gu He said, I may have to rescue his.” “我感觉他会很喜欢我。”顾禾笑说,“我可有份救他的啊。” That must look how I introduced you.” Rona smiles to make noise. “那就得看我怎么介绍你了。”洛娜笑出了声来。 Two people are welcoming the night sea breeze, is the neon sparkle city, is looking at the sea of shining, is anticipating the future. 两人迎着夜间海风,身后是霓虹闪耀的城市,望着流光溢彩的大海,期待着未来。
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