NH :: Volume #3

#217: Heroic pledge

„Does Sophia, you believe the good is rewarded with good, evil will be requited with evil? I do not believe that but I like the evil person having the evil person grinding.” “索菲娅,你信不信善有善报,恶有恶报?我不信,但我喜欢恶人自有恶人磨。” From the beginning was arranged shift time, before Sophia also thinks is Pan, such that said that changes a more spacious clean dwelling to her, some televisions look at and have the air conditioning to blow and have the nice bed. 一开始被安排“转移”的时候,索菲娅还以为是潘之前说的那样,给她换个更宽敞干净的住处,有电视看、有空调吹、有像样的床铺。 When she by the electronics corona in the past, later was first waked up again, the surrounding space was big, was gloomier layer on layer/heavily. 然而当她先是被电晕过去,之后再度醒来,周围的空间是大了,却更为阴森重重。 Here radically is an underground torture chamber, everywhere is various types of torture instruments, has the obsolete stained bloodstain. 这里根本就是一个地下刑房,到处是各种刑具,很多还带着陈旧的斑斑血迹。 On wall, but also is hanging some flesh specimens, some probably variation, some obviously are the person. 在墙壁上,还挂着一些血肉标本,有些像是异种的,有些则明显是人的。 But she tied on the fetters handcuff, is stranded in a big iron cage, the head wears that to shield the unusual ability the triangle wonderful thing helmet, the neck place is also fastened tightly, but will not fall. 而她被系上了脚镣手铐,困在一个大铁笼里,头上戴着那个能屏蔽超凡能力的三角形奇物头盔,脖子处还被扣紧了而不会掉落开去。 Even that broken bed did not have, must sleep can only roll up in iron of basket. 连那张破床都没了,要睡觉只能蜷缩在笼子的铁枝上。 Her situation, not only has not improved, but becomes the worse hundred times. 她的处境,不但没有变好,只是变得更加糟糕百倍。 At first, the Sophia almost mood collapses yells to see Pan, but to the present, already very silent. 最初,索菲娅几乎情绪崩溃地叫喊着要见潘,而到了现在,已经十分沉默。 The insane woman who that wears the white one-piece dress, has not made anything to her temporarily, but beheading blade hangs in the head. 那个穿白色连衣裙的疯女人,暂时还没对她做什么,但一把断头刀就悬在头上。 At present, the insane woman sits on an iron cage wooden chair is speaking. 眼下,疯女人就坐在铁笼边的一张木椅上说着话。 Understanding is so long, I have not introduced oneself, I called Nimiao.” “认识这么久,我还没自我介绍呢,我叫妮妙。” That woman takes off the network cowboy mask that has worn suddenly, reveals one compared with she also young young girl smile. 那个女人忽然摘下了一直戴的网络牛仔面具,露出一张比她还年轻的少女笑脸。 The Sophia heart sinks fiercely, without the least bit because of seeing the opposite party true colors chuckled, she does not want to see. 索菲娅心头猛沉下去,没有半点因为看到了对方真面目而窃喜,她不想看到。 In this case, this will only aggravate her dangerous situation. 这种情况下,这只会加重她的险境。 Has eats eats, has rests rests, to oneself good.” “有得吃就吃,有得睡就睡,对自己好点。” Asked the Nimiao young girl really saying that „, because your time of death is not far. Sophia, you did not have the use value, now is only a trouble, was a time bomb.” 妮妙的少女果然这么说,“因为你的死期不远了。索菲娅,你没有利用价值了,现在就只是个麻烦,是个定时炸弹。” No, no!” Sophia said hastily, I am blood sucker, I can supply the bank information......” “不,不!”索菲娅连忙说道,“我是食血者,我能提供银行内部的信息……” Useless. Outside situation changed, did your group of people to do single big, must therefore shift you. Your Pan can/but power and prestige, has not died, mixing was better, had/left the given name.” “没用了呀。外面情况变了,搞了你的那帮人又搞了一单大的,所以才要转移你嘛。你那个潘可威风了,没死,混更好了,出大名了。” Nimiao chuckle, „the street dog girls in entire city want to rest him.” 妮妙轻笑一声,“全城的街狗姑娘都想睡他呢。” Pan, he......” Sophia heart taste difficult word, I to see one side him? Asked you to help me say to him.” “潘,他……”索菲娅心头滋味难言,“我能见他一面吗?拜托您帮我给他说说。” Nimiao did not fear that anything exposes the information, hidden appearance to increase the opposite party pressure. 妮妙不怕什么暴露信息,一直隐藏面目只是为了加大对方心理压力而已。 Does Sophia from everyone at that moment, has exposed too many, the key cannot make her run. 从大伙儿去搞索菲娅那一刻,就已经暴露太多,关键是不能让她跑了。 If she ran, finding the fish pond was not difficult, too many similarities, the operator, the puppet, had the relations with Old Man Kitano. Intermediate each family investigations Kabukichou, can always to. Lin Sai added own name. 如果她跑了,找到鱼塘是不难的,太多相同点了,操纵师,玩偶,跟北野老头有关系。把歌舞伎町的中间人一家家排查,总能对上。林赛还说自己的名字。 Your Pan may be busy now, a lot, many women, must be busy dealing with. oh was right, he is also very good with Elizabeth Sterlin, is your old friend who you said that they mix the same place.” “你那个潘现在可忙了,很多事情,很多女人,都得忙着应付。对了,他跟伊丽莎白-斯特林也很好,就是你说的你那个老朋友,他们混一起啦。” Nimiao shrugs slightly, therefore , does not need you to supply these obsolete bank information.” 妮妙微微地耸肩,“所以说,不需要你提供那些过时的银行信息。” Sophia by the helmet is covering a complexion great change, Elizabeth with Pan is mixed up? 索菲娅被头盔遮挡着的面色一下巨变,伊丽莎白跟潘混在一起? How can...... this fellow named what Nimiao talk nonsense...... 怎么会……这个叫什么妮妙的家伙是在胡扯吧…… But Elizabeth at the street activities, in walled city, their two groups of people also really has also been able to mix the same place on that day. 可是伊丽莎白一直在街头活动,那天也是在城寨的,他们两伙人还真能混到一起。 Her Pan God, her overdrive transmission...... 她的潘神,她的超速档…… „Are you thinking the walled city matter? Has not related with that said that they did a big list, red hair Lizzie had the share, Mifuji and police department doing. You cannot take to the streets to take a look, very pitifully.” “你在想城寨的事吧?跟那个没关系,都说他们又搞了一大单,红发莉兹有份,把三藤和警视厅给干了。你上不了街去瞧瞧,挺可惜的。” Nimiao another smiles, retribution and destiny anything pulled, but I discovered an interesting situation.” 妮妙又一笑,“报应、命运什么的太扯了,不过我发现了个有趣的情况。” She took up fat books to shake shaking, that was a name dictionary of various culture. 她拿起一本大部头书籍晃了晃,那是一本诸文化的名字辞典。 People said that the name in Flowing Light City is a rare thing. I have listened to too many nicknames from infancy to maturity, I can think frequently where these people come, where also went, how they have such nickname, what they called, what story do they have?” “人们说名字在流光城是个稀罕玩意。我从小到大听过太多外号了,我经常会想,这些人都从哪里来的,又都哪去了,他们怎么就有那样的外号,他们本来叫什么,他们有什么故事?” She is thinking, on probably eyeball gatherer, he is, he names, I really want to know.” 她思索着,“就好像‘眼球收集者’,他是谁呢,他叫什么名字,我真想知道。” „......” Sophia racks one's brains immediately, the brain does not have the relevant information, does not understand these street legends. “……”索菲娅马上苦思起来,脑子却没有相关信息,根本不了解这些街头传说。 I have being crazy to the name.” Nimiao also said,name has the strength, person who if no name, not to have the story to one executes, no matter how will come is not enthusiastic, with opening a cloth doll will have no distinction. “我对名字有一种着迷。”妮妙又说,“名字是有力量的,如果对一个没有名字、没有故事的人行刑,不管怎么来都不会来劲,跟拆个布娃娃也没什么分别。 But the opposite party has the name, that interesting came, the opposite party is a living person.” “但是对方有着名字,那有意思的就来了,对方是个活生生的人呢。” The Sophia calm aura, feels in one's heart anxious, actually does not know that she circled such a to say anything...... 索菲娅沉着气息,心感不安,却不知道她绕这么一圈是想说什么…… However your name.” Nimiao turned the dictionary in hand, „ SophiaA fan k. “而你的名字。”妮妙翻起了手中的辞典,“SophiaA迷k。 This above said, A fan k was the evolution of Emme day h, Emme day h is king, aristocrat and homeland, room comprised, that was the meaning of imperial palace ; Sophia, intelligent meaning. “这上面说,A迷k是Emme日h的演变,Emme日h是由‘国王,贵族’和‘家园,屋子’组成,那就是皇宫的意思了;Sophia呢,智慧的意思。 Sophia Amick, the wise man in imperial palace.” “索菲娅-阿米克,皇宫里的智者。” Nimiao cannot help but tittered to laugh in spite of trying not, looked at the surrounding this dungeon torture chamber, „wasn't here an imperial palace?” 妮妙不由得噗嗤失笑,看了看周围这个地牢刑房,“这里不是皇宫吧?” The Sophia climate results in the whole body to tremble slightly, she is since birth noble, the itself/Ben is the intelligent princess in imperial palace, now...... 索菲娅顿时气得浑身微微发颤,她生来高贵,本就是皇宫里的智慧公主,如今…… Since you called the wisdom, should very intelligent?” “既然你叫智慧,应该挺聪明的喽?” Nimiao closed the dictionary, stood up the body, „ hurries to think that to oneself means that the change is also good, anything is also good, leaves your time is not really many. Why we must keep you, how can also keep you? To the means. 妮妙合上了辞典,站起了身,“赶紧给自己想个办法吧,改变也好,什么也好,留给你的时间真不多了。我们为什么还要留着你呢,又可以怎么留着你呢?给个办法。 If you cannot give the means that even if Pan thinks helps you, could not help, I had play.” “如果你给不出办法,就算潘想帮你,也帮不了啊,那我就有得玩了。” Nimiao was saying walks toward the dungeon staircase, I also checked the meaning of Elizabeth am the pledge, probably compared with your building.” 妮妙说着往地牢楼梯走去,“我也查了伊丽莎白的意思是誓约,好像比你的搭。” Sophia is clenching teeth, was not sent out to neigh by oneself, this group of street dog, Pan, Elizabeth...... 索菲娅咬着牙,不让自己发出嘶叫,这帮街狗,潘,伊丽莎白…… They did anything, recently crossed very interestingly...... 他们又搞了些什么事啊,最近过得很有意思吧…… I cannot die, I do not want dead, cannot this. 我不能死,我不想死,不能就这样。 The means that have certainly the means. 办法,一定有办法的。 Sophia looks at the gloomy deathly stillness the surroundings, actually more is more confused, she every day has been thinking, cannot think of the escaping means that cannot think that to means that oneself tie the chains, now sees unable to see Pan. 索菲娅看着阴暗死寂的周围,却越想越迷茫,她早已每一天都在想,既想不到逃跑办法,也想不到给自己系上锁链的办法,现在见都见不着潘。 Enables her to feel silent clearly how oneself is in thin, senile and rotten. 寂静让她可以清楚地感到,自己是怎么在消瘦、衰老、腐烂。 Imperial palace princess? Dungeon convict. 皇宫公主?地牢囚徒罢了。 The darkness invades to bite her unceasingly, making this think oneself are the dark person, has the pain. 黑暗不断侵噬着她,让她这个以为自己属于黑暗的人,有着痛苦。 Various state of mind entanglements, various sound surges: 各种心绪纠缠,各种声音翻腾: I must go on living, I must revenge, I must kill these street dog, I must cross am better than...... I to belong to the imperial palace Elizabeth, I do not belong to the dungeon...... Pan, overdrive transmission Pan...... I must work as blood sucker, the benefit is supreme, the maximum benefit, I must think means that can go on living, I must win their trusts...... 我要活下去,我要报仇,我要杀了这些街狗,我要过得比伊丽莎白好……我属于皇宫,我不属于地牢……潘,超速档的潘……我要当好食血者,利益至上,最大利益,我要想到能活下去的办法,我要取得他们的信任…… Sophia both hands closely covered by the helmet is covering the head, can only according to the helmet, according to not on to the end the golden hair. 索菲娅双手紧紧捂住了被头盔罩着的脑袋,只能按着头盔,按不到头上金发。 Good is rewarded with good, evil will be requited with evil? She does not believe. 善有善报,恶有恶报?她也不信。 The so-called morals is a frail thing, is the issue of time, the person will change, what pledge will change. 所谓道德是一种脆弱的东西,是个时间的问题,人都会变的,什么誓约都会变。 She does not believe Elizabeth is not such, Elizabeth at age 20 has not changed, 30 years old, 40 years old. 她不信伊丽莎白就不是那样,伊丽莎白20岁的时候没变,三十岁呢,四十岁呢。 Experiences many, becomes quicker! 经历得越多,变得越快! In this chaotic state of mind, Sophia the vacant thoughts flashes through: 只是在这种混乱的心绪中,索菲娅又有一个茫然的念头闪过: If oneself observed the pledge of childhood initially, chose hero department, what difference now can have? 如果自己当初遵守儿时的誓约,选择了英雄系,现在会不会有什么不同? ...... …… The golden procedure/program can change many, actually therefore brought the danger. 黄金程序可以改变很多,却因此带来了危险。 Although Sakai Hanao had not risen to change the procedure/program to frighten insanely, but was really ignorant, Gu He thought that this matter is significant, cannot speak irresponsibly, even Sakai Shukichi has not told, first told Miss Ayane. 酒井花青虽然没有被升变程序吓疯,但真的懵了,顾禾觉得这事儿重大,不能乱说,连酒井修吉都没告诉,先告诉了彩音小姐。 Ayane Kumiko also surprised, this is the procedure/program of outstandingly able person rank. 彩音久美子也大为惊奇,这已经是奇人级别的程序了。 Rises to change four of procedure/program to act the pattern is not fatal, but makes a connection with troop this function to keep secret. 升变程序的四种扮演模式还不致命,但“打通大群”这一功能必须保密。 Cannot leak out absolutely, otherwise is sets at Hanao in the deathtrap.” “绝对不能泄露出去,否则就是置花青于死地。” No matter Sakai Hanao does have the installment to rise to change the procedure/program, if known with the procedure/program that her personality raw material translates, others will not go to the manages source code, to add the things of many other procedures, Sakai Hanao is valuable. 不管酒井花青有没有安装升变程序,如果被人知道是用她的人格原料编译出的程序,人家也不会去管源代码、加了多少其它程序的事情,酒井花青值钱。 Gu He agreed that also according to Miss Ayane said first did not tell that side the recovery meeting. 顾禾对此同意,也按彩音小姐说的先不告诉复苏会那边。 Also first does not share, if the recovery meets one group of new two programmer actors to install this, that will draw on the calamity of being drowned. 也先不分享,如果复苏会一堆新的二程序者演员装上这个,那会招来灭顶之祸。 Moreover the wilderness most needs does not strengthen the troop, the wilderness and freight transportation area and variation fight goes straight there and comes straight back, comes up to hit, hits and runs, in such battlefield, often three bodies compares a troop to be effective. 而且荒野最需要的不是加强大群,荒野与货运区、异种的战斗都是直来直去,上去就打,打了就跑,在那样的战场,往往三个躯壳比一个大群还管用。 Also a little, must revolve to rise changes, not only needs the actor, needs the puppet vessel forcefully. 还有一点,要运转好升变,不只是需要演员,也需要强力的玩偶容器。 Because a group of all procedures revolve by the body nerve of vessel, when several people move to soul empathy occupied to be very large capacity, if must revolve simultaneously several procedures, his overdrive transmission puppet does not know that runs cannot move. 因为大群的一切程序都是以容器的躯壳神经去运转,几个人移魂共感时本就占掉很大容量,如果还要同时运转几个程序,他这个超速档玩偶都不知道跑不跑得动。 The software had, hardware also perfect. 软件有了,硬件也得过硬啊。 Rising to change the procedure/program is a big breakthrough, but is not suitable for all situations. 升变程序是一个大突破,但不是适用所有情况。 The Gu He preparation brushes the cowherd boy value to trade the source code again well much, asks Chiba young lady to make the actor department new procedure/program, again the help of feedback recovery meeting. 顾禾准备再好好地刷一刷牛郎值多换源代码,找千叶小姐做个演员系新程序,再回馈复苏会的帮助。 As for rising to change the procedure/program, when is suitable shares again, he and Miss Sakai first touched had a look ripe what's the matter. 至于升变程序,等到适合的时候再分享,他和酒井小姐先摸熟了看看怎么回事吧。 But the laurel crown procedure/program needs flesh and blood combustion this character trait, „is flesh and blood refers in particular to the flesh and blood man to wait for studying, but the spirit of wild animal no one could install, this perhaps less person can install, must first have a look. 而桂冠程序需要“骨血燃烧”这种人格特质,“骨血”是不是特指骨血佬有待研究,但野兽之灵就没人装得上了,这个恐怕更少人能装,也要先看看。 Finally knows that rises to change the procedure/program inside story, were many Sakai Shukichi, Lin Sai, Rona and Elizabeth. 最后知道升变程序内幕的,就只是多了酒井修吉林赛、洛娜和伊丽莎白 Hanao, my younger sister......” Sakai Shukichi looks at Gu He startled, Little He, you were drunk in a big way, my younger sister?” Over and over after the determination, Sakai Shukichi cheers: Does not need to help her save the dowry, who is marrying her who gets rich, or was finished, asks for money also uselessly! My money can be used to buy the liquor completely.” 花青,我的妹啊……”酒井修吉愕然地看着顾禾,“小禾,你醉大了吧,我这个妹妹?”再三确定后,酒井修吉欢呼雀跃:“不用帮她存嫁妆啦,谁娶着她谁发财,或者都完蛋,要钱也没用!我的钱可以全部用来买酒了。” You are such!” Sakai Hanao is panting in indignation, little drinks several cups, do not say.” “你一直都是那样啊!”酒井花青气呼呼,“少喝几杯,别说出去了。” Gu He was a little also worried, actually does not want to tell this drunkard. 顾禾也有点担心,其实就不想告诉这酒鬼。 But Miss Ayane said that although Shukichi an appearance of dead drunk, has not leaked all day, has the discretion very much. 彩音小姐说,修吉虽然整天一副烂醉的样子,却从来没有泄过密,很有分寸的。 Shukichi as the Hanao Elder Brother, needs to know. 修吉作为花青的哥哥,需要知道。 But makes Lin Sai know that is because he is the mind of fish pond, this rises changes regarding various duties with doing the matter has a great influence, he knows can derive the best play. 而让林赛知道是因为他是鱼塘的一个头脑,这个升变对于各种任务与搞事的影响很大,他知道了才能导出最好的戏。 Fun.” Lin Sai listened is also enthusiastic, our fish pond this way, but can also light a bigger fireworks.” “好玩。”林赛听了也来劲,“我们鱼塘继续这样下去,还能放上更大的烟花。” Lin Sai has also been able to rise three programmer, Gu He asked him first to leave that the rapid installation K level procedure/program, that side sword treasure will perhaps give the source code several days later, it appreciated you very much.” 林赛也已经可以升三程序者了,顾禾叫他先别那么快装K级程序,“剑宝那边说不定过几天又给源代码了,它很欣赏你。” Lin Sai is the overdrive transmission, how his strength, has the enormous effect on the fish pond. 林赛是超速档,他的实力怎么样,对于鱼塘是有极大影响的。 Gu He now only then the source code of 1 line of operator departments, but also misses two lines to do the K level procedure/program. 顾禾现在只有一行操纵师系的源代码,还差着两行才能搞K级程序。 Lin Sai smiles, responded at will, but also as if has own arrangement early. 林赛笑了笑,随意地应着了,但又似乎早有自己的安排。 Is Gu He proposed that must tell Rona and Elizabeth, he thinks that Rona can know, she that can hit, is so close to him and fish pond relations, she can be a group. 顾禾提出也要告诉洛娜和伊丽莎白的,他想洛娜能知道,她那么能打,跟他和鱼塘关系这么密切,她会是大群的一员。 Also, Rona must rescue Lorton Lourdes, she has calculated that his, he may help her now...... 再说,洛娜要去营救罗顿-卢德,她已经算他一份了,他现在可能还是会帮她…… Installs and that's the end.” Rona to Sakai Hanao hesitant disdains very much, how person is hapless can die, how the person is in luck cannot die. Does not install to be dangerous, how becoming stronger more dangerous?” “装上就是了。”洛娜对酒井花青的犹豫很不屑,“人倒霉怎么都能死,人走运怎么都死不了。不装才危险,变强了怎么会更危险?” Also is this saying, making Sakai Hanao set firm resolve. 也是这话,让酒井花青下定了决心。 She must become stronger, this can protect itself, protects others! 她要变得更强,这样才能保护自己,保护别人! This night, Gu He is very busy. 这个夜晚,顾禾很忙碌。 The procedure/program translated, a K level, a Q level, but the procedure/program peaceful packaging was very big, Miss Rona's Sakai database capacity was limited, he cannot pass on directly. 程序都编译好了,一个K级,一个Q级,但程序安装包都很大,洛娜的酒井小姐的数据库容量却有限,他不能直接传过去。 Means are first pass to the helmet equipment the procedure/program peaceful packaging, then makes them use the equipment setup. 一种办法是先把程序安装包传到头盔设备里去,再让她们用设备安装。 But Gu He used another means that connected with their empathy, oneself as an erection unit, convenient security. The procedure/program installs to the main body nerve , the speed adopts in own nerve talent shift. 顾禾用了另一种办法,先后与她们共感连接,把自身作为一台安装设备,省事保密。程序是装到本体神经里去的,快慢采取于自身神经天赋档位。 Six grades of Rona installed the laurel crown to use for 10 minutes, Sakai Hanao of third gear installed to rise the abnormality to use for 20 minutes. 六档的洛娜装好桂冠用了十分钟,三档的酒井花青装好升变则用了20分钟。 Later, Gu He must run toward the Elizabeth suite. 之后,顾禾还要往伊丽莎白的套房跑一趟。 Although in the refined suite living room does not have others, even/including Jianbao were pursued, two people sit on the sofa, empathy connects is speaking in the brain, he told her to rise to change the secret of procedure/program. 雅致的套房客厅里虽然没有别人,连剑宝都被驱逐出去,两人坐在沙发上,还是共感连接着在脑中说话,他告诉了她升变程序的秘密。 This first trusts her, secondly everyone on the same strip broken ship, she and red rain is guaranteeing him, as far as possible few secrets, after she knows the circumstances of the matter, every so often can also make a better consideration. 这一来是信任她,二来大家都在同一条破船上了啊,她和红雨保着他呢,尽量少秘密吧,她知情后很多时候也能做更好的考虑。 Miss Ayane thought is the source code that the sword treasure gives, Elizabeth not necessarily does not know anything, said on own initiative well. 彩音小姐则觉得是剑宝给的源代码,伊丽莎白不一定不知道些什么,主动说也好。 This is actor department!” Elizabeth also rouses compared with Miss Sakai, „before me, had heard this hearsay, the actor can act other occupations. Such troop is vital, was better than too many attracting brain of blood sucker.” “这才是演员系!”伊丽莎白酒井小姐还振奋,“我以前听说过这种传闻,演员可以扮演其它职业。这样的大群充满生机,比食血者的吸脑好得太多了。” Gu He hear of her saying, know that blood sucker has a that cruel tyrannical K level procedure/program. 顾禾听她一说,才知道食血者有那么残暴强横的一个K级程序。 But truly such as the goose said that attracted brain to consume unceasingly, rising to change the troop to be full of vitality, was only painstakingly the puppet. 但确实如鹅所言,“吸脑”是在不断消耗,升变大群却生机勃勃,只是苦了玩偶。 My K level procedure/program?” Elizabeth leaps to ask, has eagerly awaited. “那我的K级程序呢?”伊丽莎白跃跃地问,早已望穿秋水了。 Also completed, your procedure/program was called the pledge.” Gu He is comes prepared, your specialness quite, without prompting message, the direction of Grandmaster, perhaps only then yourself install to make clear, can install?” “也做好了,你这个程序叫誓约。”顾禾是有备而来的,“你的比较特殊,没有提示信息,大师的指引又云里雾里的,或许只有你自己装上才能搞清楚,要不要装?” Pledge, pledge.” Elizabeth nan several, the blue eye pupil was even more bright, this is my road.” “誓约,誓约。”伊丽莎白喃了几遍,淡蓝的眼眸越发明亮,“这就是我的路。” Also did not fear that the angel Senior Brother laughs, she continues oneself two traditions, this can lucky some, she lift up high the fist probably, exhales the sound greatly: Trump card hero Elizabeth Sterlin, the third procedure/program, pledge!” 也不怕天使师兄笑话,她继续自己的中二传统,这样好像能好运一些,她高举拳头,大呼出声:“王牌英雄伊丽莎白-斯特林,第三个程序,誓约!” Why you roar are so loud...... Gu He almost to have a scare, she jumps over such is confident, he jumps over was a little worried. 你吼那么大声干嘛……顾禾几乎吓了一跳,她越这样信心满满,他越有点担心。 The golden quality, should not be a spatial procedure/program...... 黄金品质呢,应该不会是个空程序吧…… If destroyed this goose, that may play in a big way. 要是毁了这头鹅,那可就玩大了。 Gu He follows a set pattern in the whisper, acts as her erection unit. 顾禾在嘀咕中如法炮制,充当她的安装设备。 Procedure match 【程序匹配】 Installs the hero department K level procedure/program pledge?】 【是否安装英雄系K级程序“誓约”?】 Elizabeth selected the determination toward the mind, she and Gu He saw to spring several new prompt frames immediately: 伊丽莎白往脑海点下了确定,她和顾禾顿时都看到弹出好几个新的提示框: Currently estimates the setup time: 3 minutes 【目前预计安装时间:三分钟】 She is the overdrive transmission, even the K level procedure/program can still install quickly. 她是超速档,即使是K级程序也能装得很快。 Heroic pledge: Lives for the raging fire, dies for the rainstorm, remoulds the order, the redemption world.】 【英雄誓约:生为烈火,死为暴雨,重塑秩序,救赎世界。】 Hero has been grown comprehensively, line of oaths will promote this/should procedure/program rank ; The heroes by the strength of fight pledge, may launch the powerful attack ; The heroes can release the pledge domain, in the domain, the allied force mind that the hero designates will obtain the oath strength addition, energetic patient rise ; When the heroes participate in the troop, each personality obtains the oath strength addition automatically.】 【英雄得到全面增长,行誓将提升该程序级别;英雄以誓约之力战斗,可进行强力攻击;英雄可以释放誓约领域,在领域内,英雄选定的友军心灵会获得誓力加成,精神耐性上升;英雄参与大群时,每个人格自动获得誓力加成。】 If with oath and altogether oath, the addition advances in turn.】 【如果是同誓者、共誓者,加成依次增高。】 With oath: Has with the person of heroic pledge same and close pledge. The heroes can from induce with oath there to the oath strength, the pledge is nearer, the oath strength is stronger. Does not limit with the oath number.】 【同誓:有着与英雄誓约相同、相近誓约的人。英雄可以从同誓者那里感应到誓力,誓约越近,誓力越强。同誓者数量不限。】 Altogether vowed: With the person who the hero makes some common pledge together, the oath number that altogether the hero may establish along with the pledge programmed climb increases. Oath will altogether build the crowd of star sparkle effects with the hero.】 【共誓:与英雄一起立下某个共同誓约的人,英雄可建立的共誓者数量随誓约程序上升而扩增。共誓者将与英雄共建群星闪耀效果。】 I look at these sudden information by...... Gu He, is a little dazzled. 我靠……顾禾看着这些突如其来的信息,有点眼花缭乱。 But it's obvious that this is not simple! Not can only promote itself, and can the addition teammate, but can also recognize same oath who has a common goal with the induction oath strength, altogether vowed, this anything crowd of star sparkle effects...... 但很明显的是,这不简单啊!既能提升自身,又能加成队友,还能凭着感应誓力去辨识志同道合的同誓者,还有共誓,这什么群星闪耀效果…… Elizabeth is also looking at these prompt frames, looks is choked up with emotions, the sensation data is sending the ray. 伊丽莎白也在看着这些提示框,看得心潮澎湃,感知数据都在发着光芒。 Angel Senior Brother, the Grandmaster gave us a bright road.” “天使师兄,大师给了我们一条光明的路。” Gu He is relaxes, the goose is stronger, oneself are safer. 顾禾是松了一口气的,鹅越强,自己越安全。 However what Grandmaster, is not his craftsmanship is good, is he synthesizes. 不过什么大师,还不是他手艺好,都是他合成出来的。 3 minutes of setup time passes by an instant, Elizabeth must try and explore this new procedure/program impatiently. 三分钟安装时间转眼过去,伊丽莎白迫不及待要尝试和探索这个新程序。 Gu He also separated empathy, Elizabeth walked toward the suite outside, immediately understands what was with oath, when she induced with rapt attention specially, can from taking Judy of sword treasure, is becoming aware really master that to induce to the oath strength. 顾禾也就断开共感,伊丽莎白往套房外面走了一圈,马上就明白到什么叫“同誓者”,当她凝神特意地感应,能从拿着剑宝的朱蒂、悟真师傅那感应到誓力。 That is a different kind feeling, came from their mind information. 那是一种别样的感觉,来自于他们的心灵信息。 But from Ayako there, without this feeling. 而从绫子那里,则没有这种感觉。 She knows that Judy, becomes aware really the masters to change this city, wants slaughter dragon, this is everyone's same oath. 她知道朱蒂、悟真师傅都想要改变这座城市,想要屠龙,这是大家的同誓。 Although understands to have the difference, Judy to save the bank mother, becomes aware really for universal restoration, the direction is consistent. 虽然理解有差异,朱蒂为了挽救银行母亲,悟真为了普度众生,方向却是一致的。 Ayako is different, Ayako also gives the red rain to work oneself to death, the wish actually lives in the house in Garden District. Ayako did not have such idea: Through the transformation, entire Flowing Light City can be Garden District, is the Eden lake district. 绫子不一样,绫子也给红雨卖命,心愿却是住上花园区的房子。绫子还没有那样的想法:通过变革,整个流光城都可以是花园区,是伊甸湖区。 Elizabeth returns to the suite living room, is looking at the angel on sofa again, must induce the oath strength from him with rapt attention. 伊丽莎白回到套房客厅,再瞧着沙发上的天使,凝神要从他身上感应誓力。 Angel fellow apprentice's oath strength, certainly very intense. 天使师兄的誓力,一定非常强烈的吧。 However, she makes an effort to induce winkingly, how...... not to have probably, could not feel...... 但是,她挤眉弄眼地使劲感应,怎么好像……没有,感觉不到…… Is she does not operate right, has problems? 是她操作不对吗,还是出了什么问题? Angel Senior Brother?” The Elizabeth doubts asked this situation, „why?” “天使师兄?”伊丽莎白疑惑地把这个情况问出来,“这是为什么呢?” „...... This......” Gu He is unemotional, this anything ghost procedure/program, comes a sword treasure...... “呃……这个嘛……”顾禾面无表情,这什么鬼程序,又来一个剑宝吗…… Wait, the sword treasure now is not „the pledge and victory sword of”, can be the sword treasure is really being up to mischief. 等等,剑宝现在不是“誓约与胜利之剑”么,会不会真就是剑宝在搞鬼。 How he is possible a point strength with the oath not to have, he also thinks this world well! 他怎么可能一点同誓之力都没有,他也想这个世界好的嘛! Elizabeth!” Gu He forestalls opponent by a show of strength seriously, I understood some direction of Grandmaster.” 伊丽莎白!”顾禾严肃地先声夺人,“我明白大师的一些指引了。” What?” The Elizabeth pleasant surprise, Senior Brother you said.” “什么?”伊丽莎白惊喜,“师兄你说。” Grandmaster said should never act foolishly, you, your fine goods.” “大师说了一句‘切勿刻舟求剑’,你品,你细品。” Gu He pulls, thought that truly is this principle: „ The strength of pledge is a good thing, you depend on this identification with oath, can find the companion and ally fast, forms your round table knight group. 顾禾这么扯来,觉得确实是这个理:“誓约之力是个好东西,你靠着这个辨识同誓者,可以快速地找到同伴、盟友,组建你的圆桌骑士团。 If a person said how oneself think the salvation, you do not have the least bit to induce with the oath, you must pay attention. But if you completely rely on it, judges everyone with this simply, each situation. “如果一个人说自己怎么想救世,你却没有半点同誓感应,你是要注意着点。但是如果你完全依赖它,简单地用这个去判断每个人,每个情况。 Then you will lose, you made the mistake of acting foolishly. “那么你就会失去很多,你就犯了刻舟求剑的错误。 Grandmaster made the oath strength shield on me, I by this condition side you, am to alert you frequently.” “大师在我身上做了誓力屏蔽,我以这种状态在你身边,就是要时刻警醒你。” Elizabeth is listening, clearly becomes aware all of a sudden, nods earnestly. 伊丽莎白听着,一下子就明悟过来,认真地点了点头。 Is this, Ayako is not with oath, on that day in the street possibly many people were not. 就是这样,绫子也不是同誓者,那天街头上可能很多人都不是。 Not everyone has the principle of righteousness, but everyone can have the principle of righteousness, can have the temporary hot blooded combustion. 并非每个人都有大义,但每个人都可以有大义,可以有一时的热血燃烧。 Should not become an iron standard with oath, no matter the hero others' heart and brain, the hero manages the stomach. 同誓者不应该成为一种铁标准,英雄不管别人的心与脑,英雄管胃。 senior brother, listened to reason!” Elizabeth said that to alert me, was really laborious you.” “师兄,受教了!”伊丽莎白说道,“为了警醒我,真辛苦你了。” Un......” Gu He sized up her several eyes, the definite goose is not satirizing him, no, I am your Senior Brother.” “嗯……”顾禾打量了她几眼,确定鹅不是在讽刺他,“没啥,我是你师兄。” Then, Elizabeth mentioned altogether oath, she felt that at present can establish two altogether oath. 接着,伊丽莎白谈起了共誓者,她感觉目前自己能建立两位共誓者。 Regarding the pledge procedure/program, she fully did not understand, many aspects wait for exploring. 对于誓约程序,她也不完全了解,很多方面有待探索。 But what she can determine, heroic a promise that can be counted on, loudly vowed except for the lifetime, each pledge was also very precious, did not speak thoughtlessly. 但她可以确定的是,英雄一诺千金,除了毕生大誓,每个誓言也都很珍贵,决不是随口说说而已。 Actually, I oath...... Elizabeth sighed deeply before, Sophia Amick.” “其实,我以前就有一个共誓者……”伊丽莎白不由长叹,“索菲娅-阿米克。” The Gu He heart jumps, that dungeon outstandingly able person was taken away by Nimiao, how now has not known...... 顾禾心头一跳,那位地牢奇人被妮妙带走了,现在还不知道怎么着呢…… Angel, you know Sophia.” She briefly some cause and effect, „the meaning of Grandmaster made me put down, Sophia has oneself destiny. This city twisted many people, Sophia who I knew before is not such.” “天使,你知道索菲娅吗。”她简单地说了些前因后果,“大师的意思让我放下,索菲娅有自己的命运。这座城市扭曲了很多人,我以前认识的索菲娅不是那样。” „Can you through the pledge procedure/program, induce Sophia?” Gu He asked that this special involvement was too big. “你能通过誓约程序,感应到索菲娅吗?”顾禾问道,这特么的牵涉太大了。 Even if really now wants to tell Elizabeth, does not know how should explain or compile. 真是现在就算想告诉伊丽莎白,都不知道应该怎么解释或者编造。 „It is not good.” Elizabeth shakes the head, she is not altogether oath, I think, only then after installing the procedure/program is.” “不行。”伊丽莎白摇摇头,“她不是共誓者,我想只有装了程序之后的才算吧。” Possibly also has what violating an oath and so on matter......” Gu He is not pulling, „ listened to you saying that Sophia has set up the pledge, but she violated an oath, she changed. “可能还有什么背誓者之类的事情……”顾禾支唔地扯着,“听你说的,索菲娅是立过誓约的,但她背誓了,她变了很多。 Elizabeth, a person must defend own pledge, anyone, where regardless, is very difficult matter.” 伊丽莎白,一个人要守住自己的誓约,无论是谁,无论在哪里,都是很难的事。” Elizabeth listens to nod immediately layer on layer/heavily, time will change many, the life is one practices.” 伊丽莎白听着顿时又是重重点头,“时间会改变很多,人生就是一场修行。” Fulfills the pledge the path, fills the path of test regarding her own. 履行誓约的道路,对于她自己也是充满考验的道路。 Yes, the time change are many, some can look, some could not find.” “是啊,时间改变很多,有些能找回来,有些就怎么也找不到了。” Gu He smiles, the time also changed him, but for these days, he looked hot blooded. 顾禾一笑,时间也改变了他,只不过这几天,他找回来了一点热血。 Angel Senior Brother, if you are willing to become my first altogether oath, I will be honored very much.” “天使师兄,如果你愿意成为我的第一位共誓者,我会很荣幸。” Elizabeth the blue pupil is also bright, the tone is sincere. 伊丽莎白又蓝眸明亮,语气恳切的。 The Grandmaster told that makes them support mutually, the mutual learn/study, she and angel can be good to team up. 大师吩咐让他们互相扶持,互相学习,她和天使会是好搭档。 They can set up a oath, not necessarily redeems world big oath, 30 years old eat together well also calculate. 他们可以立一个誓,不一定就是救赎世界这个大誓,三十岁一起吃顿好的也算。 „......” Gu He was not startled, very clear Elizabeth heroic pledge is anything, on that day has listened, saw from the prompt frame a moment ago again. “唔……”顾禾又怔了,非常明白伊丽莎白的英雄誓约是什么,那天听过,刚才从提示框又再看到。 Altogether vowed? If in any case altogether vowed that he felt himself understanding dishonest...... 共誓?反正如果是共誓那个的话,他觉得自己会心不诚…… He fights for himself, most also fights for the friend, has not fought for Flowing Light City, once for a while also thinks Luo Zhou. 他是为自己而战,最多也为朋友而战,还不是为流光城而战,时不时还想罗洲呢。 Elizabeth.” Gu He is sincere, gives the rejection: I am a sharer, is your Senior Brother, this will not change, does not need to do anything altogether to vow again. Your that side quota is limited, first looks for others.” 伊丽莎白。”顾禾再次语重心长,给予拒绝:“我是分享者,是你师兄,这都不会变,不需要再搞什么共誓。你那边名额有限,先找别人吧。” But......” Elizabeth knits the brows, when fights side-by-side, altogether oath has a bigger addition and other effect. “可是……”伊丽莎白皱了皱眉,并肩作战时,共誓者有更大加成和别的效果。 Because the quota is limited, she thinks that he becomes first altogether oath. 正因为名额有限,她才想他成为第一位共誓者的。 Every day/Sees the sky makes the attitude firm, possibly has any profound consideration, Elizabeth felt oneself must first fine goods, had not insisted, good, got it.” 只是见天使态度坚决,可能有什么高深的考虑,伊丽莎白感觉自己还得先细品一下,也就没有坚持,“好,明白了。”
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