NH :: Volume #3

#216: Golden procedure/program

The research office in Yakuza headquarters building said that is the research office, actually cultivates the peaceful room to be similar to the Zen, the straw mattress floor, on the wall hangs some classical calligraphies and paintings, on the tea table is suspending the vitality abundant bonsai. 雅库扎总部楼的科研室说是科研室,却跟个禅修静室差不多,塌塌米地板,墙上挂有一些古典字画,茶几上摆着生机盎然的盆栽。 Several may for laying out the machinery equipment and flesh equipment of procedure/program places near a wooden collapsing sofa, seemingly grotesque, has bunch of electric wires and blood threads lines. 几台可供捣弄程序的机器设备、血肉设备就放在一张木塌沙发边,看上去奇形怪状,有着一束束的电线与血丝线。 Chief alchemist Shibasaki mister of Nagano Group introduced to Gu He several people, because the junction transfers the environment that the personality raw material needs, to relax peacefully, at the request of Gu He, Shibasaki mister departed. 长野组的首席炼金术士柴崎先生给顾禾几人介绍了一番,因为交转人格原料需要安静、放松的环境,在顾禾的要求下,柴崎先生离去了。 Chiba also returned to the main body situated in wilderness from the mind network, waited for the result again. 千叶也从心灵网络回了位于荒野的本体,等有了结果再来。 Vivian could not collect lively, is being first rest outside research office compartmented is also waiting for including Sakai Hanao. 薇薇安都凑不了热闹,连着酒井花青也是先在科研室外面的休息隔间等待着。 Only remains Gu He and Rona to sit on wooden collapsing abreast in row. 只剩顾禾、洛娜并排地坐在木塌上。 He has not used here empathy helmet, connected her with the head blood threads line directly, some blood threads lines are linking that strange flesh compiler, puts on an act, truly he uses naturally is the compiler of control bench. 他没有使用这里的共感头盔,直接用脑袋血丝线连接了她,还有一些血丝线连着那台古怪的血肉编译器,装装样子而已,他真正用的当然是控制台的编译器。 Rona, can do.” Gu He said, you make an effort to think hunter department these thing.” “洛娜,可以搞起了。”顾禾说道,“你就使劲去想猎人系那些玩意吧。” That may be many, be not flushed exploded.” Rona is quite relaxed. “那可多了,别被冲爆了哈。”洛娜的心情相当放松。 Gu He switches over the empathy neural network the vision, sees only in the data sea, Rona's all sorts of state of mind emotions well up numerously, her form flashes through dimly, that is running jumps, fights. 顾禾把视觉切换到共感神经网络,只见在数据海洋中,洛娜种种的心绪情感纷涌不已,她的身影朦胧地闪过,那是一次次的奔跑跳跃,一场场的战斗。 She in street, she in wilderness, in Kabukichou, in rotten bog, in desolated ruined Bone and Blood District...... 她在街头,她在荒野,在歌舞伎町,在烂泥塘,在荒芜破败的骨血区…… Hunter is......” has Rona's voice to transmit indistinctly, „, for the clansman, lives hand to mouth to eat!” “猎人就是……”隐约有洛娜的声音传来,“为了自己,为了族人,混口饭吃啊!” Determined will designate the personality data does translate?】 【是否确定将选定人格数据进行编译?】 Yes! 是! Gu He just designated that takes in the raw material data of vessel, presses down the compiler to conduct the translation to transform, was almost flushed by rainstorm flood violent impulse turns, needs on a steady steady spirit. 顾禾刚一选定收进容器的原料数据,按下编译器进行编译转化,就被一股暴雨滂沱般的猛烈冲击力几乎冲翻,需要稳上一稳精神。 Mother, Rona this vigor, really...... 妈耶,洛娜这劲儿,真是…… Her personality does not drop, but his personality dropped, be not flushed the ghost person. 她人格不下降,但他人格下降了吧,别被冲成鬼人了。 The dangerous taste of this wei constellation, the overspeed violent walks the motorcycle wind likely on the rotten road in wilderness, looks like the hunter one person alone to jump in the precipitous forest, every step is the life and death edge. 这种危宿的危险滋味,像超速的暴走机车飙在荒野的烂路上,又像猎人孤身跳跃在险峻的森林之中,每一步都是生死边缘。 Translation is completed 【编译完成】 Is good because, does not use too for a long time, a big procedure/program raw material in database. 好在,不用太久,一大份程序原料就在数据库里了。 Good......” Gu He to be busy at saying to Rona, me enough, I the simulator that used the sword treasure to give had a look at the effect.” “好了……”顾禾忙对洛娜说,“我这边够了,我用剑宝给的模拟器看看效果。” This?” Rona a little shuts out, I have not satisfied a craving.” “就这?”洛娜有点嫌弃,“我还没过瘾。” Receives the personality raw material to fall personality integrity, you 70, I thought before you fall now insane.” “收人格原料是会掉人格完整度的,你之前才70,我看你现在就掉得疯疯的了。” Gu He reported to her procedure/program quality system, while turns on the compiler synthesis panel, lays that hunter department K level source generation, puts again Rona that procedure/program raw material, can be the bronze...... 顾禾一边向她介绍了程序品质体系,一边打开编译器合成面板,把那个猎人系K级源代码放进去,再把洛娜那份程序原料放进去,会是青铜吗…… Just under a point translated, had the prompt frame to spring: 刚一点下编译,就有提示框弹出: Can create a silver quality hunter department K level procedure/program 【可以创造一个白银品质的猎人系K级程序】 What, can arrive in silver directly! 什么,直接能到白银! Gu He is not very accidental/surprised, Rona is not good to provoke. 顾禾不算特别意外,洛娜可不是好招惹的。 Although she right now has not gone directly to the gold like the goose, the silver is not really low, if she is not does not care at to the ecliptic constellation, going directly to the gold is possible. 她这下子虽然没像鹅那样直达黄金,白银真不低了,如果她不是对黄道星宿满不在乎的,直达黄金未尝不可能。 However why he only had the black iron at that time...... 但是为什么他当时只有黑铁…… Between black iron and silver, but also is missing a bronze. 黑铁与白银之间,还差着个青铜呢。 What kind of?” Rona asked that did empathy to his surprise, have the gold?” “怎么样?”洛娜问道,共感到他的惊奇,“有黄金吗?” Silver.” Gu He returned to her directly. Rona whispered: „Is the silver, your brain does not revolve powerful?” “白银。”顾禾直接回了她。洛娜嘀咕道:“才白银,是不是你脑子运转不给力?” Overdrive transmission you think noisily! Silver already very high good, I join the spirit of wild animal to take a look again......” “超速档你以为闹呢!白银已经很高了好吧,我再加入野兽之灵瞧瞧……” Gu He responds she, attempts „the spirit of wild animal to put that hunter department K level procedure/program, at this moment, he is a little anxious, feels Rona's anxiety. 顾禾应着她,尝试把那个猎人系K级程序“野兽之灵”放进去,这一刻,他有点紧张,也感受到洛娜的紧张。 They hope, can have a good result. 他们都希望,能有一个好的结果。 But Gu He saw immediately, in heart immediately one happy, became, gold!” 顾禾马上就看到了,心中顿时一喜,“成了,黄金!” Can create a golden quality hunter department K level procedure/program 【可以创造一个黄金品质的猎人系K级程序】 Haha.” Rona smiled immediately, also really damn, the animal of this world exterminated similarly, the remaining this dog that dogs, which also had what wild animal, the spirit of wild dog.” “哈哈。”洛娜随即笑了,“还真是见鬼,这个世界的动物都灭绝得差不多了,就剩下这种狗那种狗,哪还有什么野兽,野狗之灵吧。” Although she is teasing is self-ridiculing, the mood is actually beautiful happy, Gu He can empathy. 她虽然在调侃自嘲着,心情却是明媚高兴的,顾禾共感到。 Has the thing that the sword treasure gives, in addition this equipment, I lay out should no issue, I try......” “有剑宝给的玩意,再加上这台设备,我捣弄出来应该没啥问题,我试试……” Gu He was saying clicked several, determined that starts to create the new procedure/program. 顾禾说着点击了几下,确定开始创造新程序。 Rona and Miss Sakai, need to line up to come. 洛娜和酒井小姐,需要一个一个排队着来。 【The new golden quality hunter department K level procedure/program is translating 【新的黄金品质猎人系K级程序正在编译】 Completes the translation need: 5 hours 59 minutes 58 seconds 【完成编译需要:5小时59分钟58秒】 This procedure/program can make the combat capability of hunter comprehensively promote, once the hunter enters the battle condition, simultaneously has the close combat, the arrow rain and deer car(riage) three operational patterns passively, and can strengthen itself through the switch over beast spirit data, as well as summoned the beast group information to attack.】 【该程序能使猎人的战斗能力全面提升,一旦猎人进入战斗状态,同时被动拥有近战、箭雨、鹿车三种作战模式,并可以通过切换兽灵数据加强自身,以及呼唤兽群信息进行攻击。】 【The close combat pattern makes the hunter weapon be skilled in ; The arrow rain pattern enables the hunter to have the long-distance attack capability ; The deer car(riage) pattern makes the hunter enhance the driving ability, the nerve ultra frequency to increase speed, if in empathy, in addition holds the puppet.】 【近战模式使猎人武器精通;箭雨模式使猎人拥有远程攻击能力;鹿车模式使猎人提升驾驶能力,神经超频提速,如果在共感中,同时加持玩偶。】 Installs this/should procedure/program to need the character trait: Flesh and blood combustion.】 【安装该程序需要人格特质:骨血燃烧。】 According to the personality information tendency, this/should hunter department K level procedure/program is named as: Laurel crown 【根据人格信息倾向,该猎人系K级程序被命名为:桂冠】 Lying trough......” Gu He has looked at these prompt frames, exploded thickly, then I had the safeguard safely!” “卧槽……”顾禾看过这些提示框,不由爆了粗,“这下我安全有保障了!” This his mother seems like, probably the spirit of wild animal particularly strengthens the version, but also has other mysteries. 这他妈看上去,像是野兽之灵的特别加强版,还有着其它的奥秘。 The spirit of pure wild animal, may not have the close combat, the arrow rain and deer car(riage) three patterns. 单纯的野兽之灵,可没有近战、箭雨、鹿车三种模式。 Rona installs this thing, the battle efficiency cannot explode, can the close combat, can attack, oneself have the beast spirit addition promotion, but can also information wild animal, hit again with the information turbulent flow...... 洛娜装上这个玩意,战斗力还不得爆炸,可以近战,也可以远攻,自身有兽灵加成提升,还能把信息野兽化,再用信息乱流打出去…… How?” Rona doubts to ask. “怎么的?”洛娜疑问道。 Looks very flamboyant. But I will not explain specially, our unusual knowledge are limited, Chiba young lady walked, or asks Elizabeth? Later possibly must fight together.” “看上去很牛逼。但我不是特别会解读,我们的超凡知识有限,千叶小姐又走了,要不问问伊丽莎白吧?以后可能还得一起战斗呢。” „The source code that un...... she gives, asks that she was good.” Rona is actually simple. “嗯……她给的源代码,问问她好了。”洛娜倒是干脆。 I correct, is really the sword treasure gives.” “我纠正一下,真是剑宝给的。” At that moment, Gu He first separated empathy, but puts on airs also to link the flesh equipment. 当下,顾禾先断开了共感,但装模作样还连着血肉设备。 Rona went out of the research office, called also to wait outside Sakai Shukichi to go to call red hair Lizzie. 洛娜走出了科研室,叫也是候在外面的酒井修吉去把红发莉兹叫过来。 When crossing were not many, but also the Elizabeth half step came, she enters the research office, looked at the angel. 过了不多时,还有空着的伊丽莎白快步前来了,她走进科研室,看了看天使。 Connection is translating.” Gu He by sitting on wooden cot, these words only then Elizabeth knows another meaning. “连接编译着呢。”顾禾靠坐在木榻上,这句话只有伊丽莎白知道另一层意思。 He is connecting with the compiler of Grandmaster, the procedure/program is translating! 他跟大师的编译器连接着,程序正在编译! The angel had said the one breath arranges, Elizabeth is somewhat excited, how does not know own K level procedure/program to be able...... 天使说过一口气编的,伊丽莎白有些兴奋,不知道自己的K级程序会怎么样…… Rona's K level procedure/program is also the golden quality, called laurel crown.” “洛娜的K级程序也是黄金品质,叫‘桂冠’。” Gu He said to Elizabeth compilation process, again is the prompting message of laurel crown procedure/program, having a look at the goose to know anything not. 顾禾伊丽莎白说了编译过程,再是桂冠程序的提示信息,看看鹅知道点什么不。 „The king of forest.” The Elizabeth facial expression slightly has the excitement, Rona Lourdes, your procedure/program, is very strong.” “森林之王。”伊丽莎白神情略有激动,“洛娜-卢德,你这个程序,很强。” oh.” Rona is leaning on that side wall, the light green eye pupil transferred the revolutions, „the king of what forest?” 。”洛娜倚靠着那边墙壁,淡绿的眼眸转了转,“什么森林之王?” Elizabeth understands hero department specially, now also understands puppet department very much, but regarding the understanding of all unusual lord duty some certain extents, but also has the knowledge in many aspect. 伊丽莎白特别懂英雄系,现在也很懂玩偶系,而对于所有超凡主职都有一定程度的了解,还有着很多方面的学识。 „ The ancient Rome had local folk customs, was very classical, was very famous, calls gold/metal. “古罗马有一个地区民俗,很经典,很有名,叫‘金枝’。 Temple priests of forest ethnic group are called ‚the king of forest, even the escaping slave can still hold the post. But same anybody, including any escaping slave, if can fold to take branch that on a tree the king of forest protects day and night, has the qualifications to initiate the duel, if won, can displace.” “一个森林族群的神庙祭司被称为‘森林之王’,就算是逃奴也可以担任。可同样的其他任何人,包括任何一个逃奴,如果能折取森林之王日夜守护的一棵树上的一节树枝,就有资格发起决斗,要是赢了,就能取而代之。” Listened to a Elizabeth such saying, Gu He also to think clearly. 伊丽莎白这么一说,顾禾也想明白了很多。 Because he, when another world, knows gold/metal branch the legend. 因为他在另一个世界的时候,就知道金枝的传说。 Gold/Metal hunting goddess Diana who involves a native of ancient Rome, but Diana stemmed from the ancient Geek myth Arx Themis, Arx Themis was called ‚the feudal lord in mistress and wilderness of wild animal, she also had an alternate name to call Iokheira, the meaning was arrow that blotted out the sky, but the deer car(riage) was her mount.” “金枝涉及到古罗马人的狩猎女神狄安娜,而狄安娜源于古希腊神话的阿尔忒弥斯,阿尔忒弥斯被称为‘野兽的女主人与荒野的领主’,她还有个别称叫Iokheira,意思是‘铺天盖地的箭头’,而鹿车正是她的坐骑。” Elizabeth continued torrentially, folded gold/metal branch to weave a crown, put on laurel crown, was the king of forest.” 伊丽莎白继续滔滔地说着,“折下金枝编织头冠,戴上桂冠者,就是森林之王。” In the legend, Arx Themis wears the gold crown. 传说中,阿尔忒弥斯就戴着金冠。 The close combat, the arrow rain and deer Che, the beast spirit and beast group...... all come from this. 近战、箭雨、鹿车、兽灵、兽群……全是由此而来。 So many some do not have, I have not understood many.” The Rona mouth said, counter- formal dress can hit especially?” “那么多有的没的,我也没听懂多少。”洛娜扬嘴说,“反正装了特能打是吧?” Can hit especially, near, far, rides the war, the step war, how wants to hit how to hit!” Elizabeth nods layer on layer/heavily. “特能打,近的,远的,骑战,步战,想怎么打就怎么打!”伊丽莎白重重点头。 The goose you are so how definite, the Gu He hear is considering, although oneself also thought that can definitely hit especially. 鹅你怎么那么确定,顾禾听着想着,虽然自己也觉得肯定特能打。 The meaning of Rona is to represent the laurel of honor and victory. “洛娜”的意思是代表荣誉与胜利的月桂树。 Lorton Lourdes gives such name to the daughter, is hoping this, the king of forest. 罗顿-卢德给女儿取这么个名字,就盼着这个吧,森林之王。 hunter department K level procedure/program, laurel crown. 猎人系K级程序,桂冠。 He is looking at that side physique valiant Rona, has started to be a little worried suddenly, little Gui can hit...... 他望着那边身姿飒爽的洛娜,已经开始忽然有点担心,小桂会不会过于能打…… Really became tight band, that because she most can hit? 真就成了紧箍儿,因为她是最能打的那个? Also, she is the words of Arx Themis, he did not become deer Che...... 还有,她是阿尔忒弥斯的话,那他不就成了鹿车…… Looks at anything to look, the monkey also turns certainly over to king of Guan forest.” Rona from raising the mouth to grinning to laugh, „!” “望什么望,猴子当然也归森林之王管啦。”洛娜从扬嘴到咧嘴大笑,“哈哈!” King Arthur came, the monkey king came , comes king of the forest. 亚瑟王来了,美猴王来了,得,又来一个森林之王。 But Gu He really has a feeling, the laurel crown procedure/program will rewrite the hunter department unusual position, making eleventh palace the main duty blossom in radiant splendor, like that arrow rain beast group fierce. 顾禾着实有一种感觉,桂冠程序将会改写猎人系的超凡地位,使第十一宫的这个主职大放异彩,就像那箭雨兽群一样凶猛。 Because Rona asked also takes six hours to translate to complete, immediately first walked with a smile. 因为洛娜问了还需要六个小时才能编译完成,当下就笑着先走了。 Elizabeth then seizes the chance to ask low voice: Angel, did my K level procedure/program also start to translate?” 伊丽莎白这才趁机小声问道:“天使,我的K级程序也开始编译了吗?” Is arranging, was arranging.” Gu He is dealing with her, I first compose their, almost can give you.” “在编了,在编了。”顾禾应付着她,“我先编好她们的,差不多就能给你。” Meanwhile, Rona arrives in outside rests, said to the curious people: Lotto, good that should be good.” 与此同时,洛娜走到外面的休息间,向好奇的众人说道:“中大乐透了,好的那种,应该是好的吧。” Sakai Hanao envies immediately and anxious, Rona passed, there is nothing unusually, but she...... 酒井花青顿时又羡慕又紧张,洛娜过关了,这没什么稀奇,而她…… From the beginning, people also laughing joke waiting in rests, but crossed was less than one hour, all went back that side the lounge, watched the television, played the street machine, played cards. A Elizabeth earlier time went back busily. 一开始,众人还在休息间嘻哈地笑谈等待,但过了不到一小时,就全部回去休闲室那边了,看电视,玩街机,打牌。伊丽莎白更早时间就回去忙了。 Only is left over Sakai Hanao to continue here, everyone also quite makes her tidy up the mood. 只剩下酒井花青在这边继续等,大家也好让她自己一个人收拾心情。 In a flash to afternoon, Sakai Hanao sees to select, inquired on the walking research office: He-san, ok?” 一晃眼就到了下午,酒井花青看着到点了,就走去科研室询问:“禾桑,好了吗?” She looked around toward inside, sees only He-san to lie down in wooden collapsing rested, at this time was quarrelled the revolutions to wake by her. 她往里面张望,只见禾桑躺在木塌上睡了过去,这时候被她一吵才转醒过来。 „......” Gu He rubs the eyes, if to not cover their ears and eyes, he moves to work normally good, that will not affect the revolution of compiler, but keeps in this, happen to makes him rest a supreme enlightenment. “呃……”顾禾揉揉眼睛,如果不是为了掩人耳目,他正常地活动做事都行,那不会影响编译器的运转,不过留在这里面,正好让他睡上一大觉。 Ok, ok.” He looks has translated to complete. “好了,好了。”他一看已经编译完成。 At this time, the laurel crown procedure/program in the database of control bench, the icon is a shining bay crown. 此时,桂冠程序就在控制台的数据库里,图标是一顶金灿灿的月桂头冠。 Miss Sakai, comes, we first shift the personality raw material.” Gu He beckons, relaxes to be good.” 酒井小姐,过来吧,我们先转移人格原料。”顾禾招招手,“放松心情就好。” He-san, I had thought a moment ago.” Sakai Hanao deeply inspires, walks sits down toward the wooden cot, sword treasure and everyone trusts me, He-san you are also, I cannot disappoint you, at least I should continue to try hard!” 禾桑,我刚才想过了。”酒井花青深吸一口气,走去往木榻边坐下,“剑宝和大家都这么信任我,禾桑你也是,我不能让你们失望,起码我应该继续努力!” You want to be right, I completely support you!” “你这么想就对了,我完全支持你!” Gu He encourages immediately, the mentality is now good while Miss Sakai, handles in one vigorous effort, otherwise crosses on meets her to lack confidence, that was not good to do. 顾禾立即加以鼓励,趁酒井小姐现在心态好,一鼓作气搞定吧,要不然过上一会她又信心不足,那就不好搞了。 His head release hemorrhage silk thread connected her, forms empathy, the switch over is the empathy neural network. 他脑袋释放出血丝线连接了她,形成共感,切换为共感神经网络。 Ok, you made an effort to think related of actor department, your sensibility, you to thermo the understanding of palace and Nyu constellation.” “好了,你使劲去想演员系的相关,你的感悟,你对水瓶宫和女宿的理解。” Sakai Hanao thought that when oneself are from starts to be an actor...... 酒井花青想了起来,自己是从什么时候开始想当一个演员的呢…… In childhood, her facing the street mouse time, looks on the street these poster movies, the stars in these advertisement screens. 小时候吧,她当街鼠的时候,看着街上那些海报电影,那些广告屏幕里的明星。 She envies very much, yearned very much, not only their attractive life, their self-confident appearances. 她很羡慕,很向往,不只是他们光鲜的生活,还有他们那自信的神采。 She first likes the star, afterward grew up, starting to understand that what is an actor, likes the performance more and more. 她是先喜欢明星,后来长大些,开始理解什么叫演员,就越来越喜爱表演。 She demonstration that” liked Chiba young lady saying, was not the lie, becomes another person, experienced another life. 她喜欢千叶小姐说的“展示”,不是谎言,是成为另一个人,体验另一种人生。 That feeling makes her be crazy, but now, after the recent several months, she had some new experiences and sensibility. 那种感觉让她着迷,而现在,经过最近几个月,她有了一些新的经历与感悟。 He-san, my name is my mother gets up, at that time she also not insane.” 禾桑,我的名字是我妈妈起的,那时候她还没有疯。” Sakai Hanao told in the mind in a soft voice, not many said this, Rona, Lin-san they do not know. 酒井花青在脑海里轻声地诉说,不多与人说这个,洛娜、林桑他们都不知道。 This is a matter that she hides, is actually not the secret, but usually she does not want to say that but now she wants saying: „ My mother had told me the meaning of this name, I have recorded. 这是她藏起来的一个事情,其实也不是什么秘密,只是平时她不想说,而现在她想说:“我妈妈跟我说过这个名字的意思,我一直记着。 In does not have the green with the clan culture, only then the azure, the azure is a color range. “在和族文化里没有绿色,只有青色,青色是一个颜色范围。 Has many azure, but Hanao azure refers to copper azure, this color can refine from the inferior copper rust, is only the rusty stain of copperware, destruction value and loathful abandoned trash. “有很多种青色,而花青的青是指‘铜青色’,这种颜色可以从低劣的铜锈之中提炼,只是铜器的锈迹而已,破坏价值、惹人嫌弃的垃圾。 But the copper azure was also called the stone azure, because this was also the color of green copper ore, a noble gem.” “但铜青色又叫石青色,因为这也是孔雀石的颜色,一种高贵的宝石。” Sakai Hanao is saying smiling, somewhat is very embarrassed, has not continued...... 酒井花青说着笑了笑,很有些不好意思,也就没继续说下去了…… Very beautiful name.” Gu He has understood what is heard, in a azure character contains mother Hanao best blessing. “很美的名字。”顾禾已经听明白,一个青字里面蕴藏着的花青妈妈的美好祝福。 Her daughter was born in base and low, probably trash copper rust, actually can also grow into the green copper ore, is her green copper ore. 她的女儿生于卑微,像是垃圾般的铜锈,却也可以成长为孔雀石,是她的孔雀石。 He-san, I felt, life like stage, lead, only then such several, you are a lead, Rona is the lead, red hair Lizzie is a lead, Chiba young lady is a lead. 禾桑,我觉得,人生就像舞台,主角只有那么几个,你是主角,洛娜是主角,红发莉兹是主角,千叶小姐是主角。 But in the stage also has many supporting roles, many dragon embroidered costumes, most people are the dragon embroidered costumes. I am that type of dragon embroidered costume, but this performance, I want to develop diligently!” “可是舞台上还有很多配角,有很多很多的龙套,大部分人都是龙套。我就是那种龙套,但这一出表演,我还是想要努力演好!” Sakai Hanao is somewhat excited, has the strength that is made for some time and to agitate finally. 酒井花青的心情有些激动,有股酝酿多时、终于鼓动起来的劲头。 „Everyone can be a lead.” Gu He said earnestly, you, you have the ray.” “每个人都可以是主角。”顾禾认真地说道,“你也是的,你也有光芒。” No matter the lead, is a dragon embroidered costume, starts He-san!” “不管是主角,还是龙套,开始吧禾桑!” Determined will designate the personality data does translate?】 【是否确定将选定人格数据进行编译?】 Yes! 是! Gu He just pressed down, suddenly the impulse wells up, he feels beauty of the life. 顾禾刚一按下,突然就又有一股冲击力涌来,他感受到一种生命之美。 That is Miss Sakai not only the copper azure perhaps and beauty of azurite, that is called Hanao. 那是属于酒井小姐的既铜青又石青的美丽,也许那就叫做花青吧。 She practices to perform industriously, runs about in the square, loses direction places to tidy up, regains own face. 她辛勤地练习表演,在片场跑腿,迷失方向地一次次地整容,又重拾自己的脸庞。 She is not self-confident, she never thinks oneself can become the giant star, but she also has the forever glorious times. 她不自信,她从不认为自己能成为巨星,但她也有光芒万丈的时刻。 Like that time in the street, her jumping up police vehicle, developed great sage equal to heaven. 就像那时候在街头上,她跳上警车,演起了齐天大圣。 Translation is completed 【编译完成】 Gu He exhales the one breath, without flower on how long, a big procedure/program raw material already in database. 顾禾呼出一口气,没花上多久,一大份程序原料已在数据库里了。 This raw material not possible, only then the lead ingot quality, the tinstone and black iron should yes! 这份原料不可能只有铅块品质,锡石、黑铁应该是可以的! Ok, Miss Sakai, my here was good. I simulate the synthesis to have a look now.” “好了,酒井小姐,我这边好了。我现在模拟合成看看。” He-san refueled......” Sakai Hanao to look like immediately lost the courage, he felt that her heart clutched that tightly. 禾桑加油……”酒井花青顿时像失去了勇气般,他感觉到她的心脏揪得那么紧。 Gu He clicked several, is operating the compiler synthesis panel, first lays that actor department Q level procedure/program source generation, then puts Miss Sakai procedure/program raw material, under the point translates, immediately springs a prompt frame: 顾禾点击了几下,开着编译器合成面板,先把那个演员系Q级程序源代码放进去,再把酒井小姐的程序原料放进去,点下编译,随即弹出一个提示框: Can create a bronze quality actor department Q level procedure/program 【可以创造一个青铜品质的演员系Q级程序】 What...... bronze!? 什么……青铜!? „.” Gu He one startled, is almost startled again Sakai Hanao personality integrity falls. “啊。”顾禾一惊,几乎把酒井花青人格完整度惊得再降。 Knew, knows that her name meaning is blue with the bronze and copper, is...... 知道了,知道她的名字意思跟青铜、铜青有关,可是…… Why only then my is the black iron! 为什么只有我的是黑铁啊! He-san?” Sakai Hanao asked distressed, had the tinstone quality?” 禾桑?”酒井花青心焦地问道,“有锡石品质吗?” Bronze, bronze!” Gu He yelled, was really feels by Miss Sakai Versailles. “青铜,青铜!”顾禾大叫,真是感觉被酒井小姐凡尔赛了一把。 „!” Then was one's turn her to call out in alarm, really? He-san you have not deceived me, is coaxes me to be happy? Bronze!?” “啊!”这下轮到她惊呼了,“真的?禾桑你没骗我吧,是哄我开心吗?青铜!?” No, is really this analog result, was very good,...... Gu He was saying with the words that I compare has not continued, in any case is very good result, I have a look at these actor procedures to promote again.” “没有,真是这个模拟结果,很棒了,跟我相比的话……”顾禾说着没有继续说下去,“反正就是很棒的结果,我再看看加进去那些演员程序能不能提升上去。” He adds one by one that 10 actor procedures, the distortion, the mask pours into, personality mask...... 他把那十个演员程序逐一加进去,变形,面具注入,人格面具…… When advances three procedures, enhanced the silver quality. 当加进三个程序,就提升到了白银品质。 When he adds to eighth, is the golden quality, adds again surplus two, was still the golden quality. 当他加到第八个,已经是黄金品质,再把剩余两个也加进去,仍是黄金品质。 Miss Sakai, became, gold.” Gu He empathy to her instant unbelievable with being wild with joy, you really can be good, does not need Chiba young lady's raw material, depends on yourself, golden procedure/program!” 酒井小姐,成了,黄金。”顾禾共感到她瞬时的难以置信与欣喜若狂,“你真的能行,不需要千叶小姐的原料,就凭你自己,黄金程序!” I, I......” Sakai Hanao became another vacant happily, He-san do not deceive me......” “我,我……”酒井花青高兴成了另一种茫然,“禾桑你别骗我啊……” Deceives? I promoted to use 16 procedures to the gold. 骗?我提升到黄金用了十六个程序。 Gu He does not want injured by her Versailles again, does not manage does not manage, no matter Little He, little Gui or Xiaoqing, we do not have slightly to vow in any case strongly, others anything procedure/program did not use is the golden quality. 顾禾不想再被她凡尔赛伤害了,不管了不管了,不管小禾、小桂还是小青,反正咱们都没有小誓强,人家啥程序不用加就是黄金品质了。 That goose is truly special, the pledge procedure/program has what effect, is illegibile. 那头鹅确实很特殊,誓约程序有什么效果,都还不清不楚着的呢。 I had a look at this am what procedure/program come......” Gu He saying that clicked several, determined that started to translate officially. “我看看这是个什么程序来着……”顾禾说着,点击了几下,确定开始正式编译。 【The new golden quality actor department Q level procedure/program is translating 【新的黄金品质演员系Q级程序正在编译】 Completes the translation need: 5 hours 59 minutes 58 seconds 【完成编译需要:5小时59分钟58秒】 This procedure/program can make the relationship of form and spirit ability of actor be comprehensively promoted, and four types act the pattern, some different mode different stress: The castle, defends ; Bishop, spiritual fight ; Knights, body fight ; Empress, comprehensive.】 【该程序能使演员的形神能力得到全面提升,并有四种扮演模式,不同模式有不同侧重:城堡,防御;主教,精神战斗;骑士,身体战斗;皇后,全面。】 Actor in empress pattern time, if a group of conditions, when the actor takes on main personality, will make a connection with the troop, does not need to switch over main personality, can start and maintain all procedure/program effects, but will increase the nerve burden of puppet.】 【演员处于皇后模式的时候,如果是大群状态,演员担当主人格时,将会打通大群,无须切换主人格,就能发动并维持所有程序效果,但会增加玩偶的神经负担。】 Installs this/should procedure/program to need the character trait: Diligently.】 【安装该程序需要人格特质:努力。】 According to the personality information tendency, this/should actor department Q level procedure/program is named as: Rises changes 【根据人格信息倾向,该演员系Q级程序被命名为:升变】 Lying trough......” Gu He looked was shocked, was shocked thoroughly, this damn, Miss Sakai, you! “卧槽……”顾禾看得愣住了,彻底愣住了,这他妈的,酒井小姐,你! If he has not understood the mistake, this procedure/program not only made the actor strengthen the physique, strengthened the spirit. 如果他没有理解错误,这个程序不但让演员加强了形体,又加强了精神。 Moreover can rise to become the car(riage), horse and shape like the chess. 而且像国际象棋那样能升变为车、马、象。 Empress pattern, especially empress pattern...... 还有皇后模式,特别是皇后模式…… If a troop, has the actor, the mask procedure/program, has the assassin, sneaks the procedure/program, has the hunter, the nerve invasion. 如果一个大群,有演员,面具程序,有刺客,潜行程序,有猎人,神经入侵。 In the ordinary situation, the troop can only be at some main personality some program state. 平常情况下,大群只能处于某个主人格的某种程序状态。 Either works as the assassin to sneak, either is the actor to put on the mask. 要么当着刺客在潜行,要么当着演员在戴上面具。 When two procedures not with operates, the assassin is moving under water, if switches over the actor, snuck the effect not to have. 两个程序不会同时运行,刺客在潜行,但一旦切换到演员,潜行效果就没了。 Empress pattern that but this rises to change the procedure/program, the actor takes on main personality, can demonstrate in the troop simultaneously everyone. 可是这个升变程序的皇后模式,演员担当主人格,就能同时展示大群内所有人。 This obtains one to sneak, is putting on the troop that the mask, can start the nerve invasion momentarily. 这样就得到一个潜行着、戴上了面具、随时可以发动神经入侵的大群。 This possibly is...... the true troop. How the empress walks on the checkerboard, a killer empress. 这可能才是……真正的大群。皇后在棋盘上怎么走都可以,一个杀手皇后。 He-san?” Sakai Hanao is extremely anxious, what procedure/program effect is, but also ok?” 禾桑?”酒井花青已是万分紧张,“是什么程序效果,还行吗?” This is not the issue that is good......” “这不是行不行的问题……” Gu He starts to speak but hesitates, his mother is like the chalice procedure/program, can rewrite the actor department position, the thing that rewrites the entire unusual domain present situation, had rose to change the actor, a group of methods thoroughly changed. 顾禾欲言又止,这他妈跟圣杯程序一样,是可以改写演员系地位,改写整个超凡领域现状的东西啊,有了升变演员,大群的玩法就彻底变了。 The laurel crown procedure/program, rises to change the procedure/program, eleventh era, the era will certainly arrive in the future. 桂冠程序,升变程序,第十一纪,未来纪元一定会到来。 What issue is that?” She also asked, the sound a little trembles, screwed up......” “那是什么问题?”她又问,声音都有点颤,“搞砸了吗……” No, I feared will be scared you, you listened to want calmly.” “不,我只是怕会吓着你,你听了可要冷静点。” Gu He let Sakai Hanao first deep breath several, adjusted the aura, he rising to change the effect of procedure/program saying that suddenly, she was the heart blank, the complexion blanch, fell into to ignorant extremely however. 顾禾酒井花青先深呼吸了几下,把气息调整好了,他才把升变程序的效果说了出来,猛然一下,她还是心头空白,面色发白,陷入到极度的懵然中去。 He is really afraid her very much suddenly hey, is shouting in what me, in me words. 他真的很害怕她会突然噫的一声,叫嚷着什么我中了、我中了的话。 But she always needs to accept, because this is her procedure/program, her procedure/program raw material, her character trait. 但她总需要接受,因为这是她的程序,她的程序原料,她的人格特质。 Gu He said to her very gravely and gently: 顾禾十分庄重、温柔地对她说道: Miss Sakai, installed to rise to change the procedure/program, you, Sakai Hanao, was the center of stage.” 酒井小姐,装了升变程序,你,酒井花青,就是舞台的中心。” The most soldier diligently, no special talent, but arrives at checkerboard most bottom one line at risk of life, then rises changes. 一个最为努力的士兵,没有什么特别才华,但拼死到达棋盘最底一行,即可升变。 The copper rust rises to become the green copper ore. 铜锈升变为孔雀石。 mother Hanao, your daughter achieved. 花青妈妈,你女儿做到了。
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