NH :: Volume #3

#214: Hunters and actors

User, please be careful, I examine this person to practice dirty tricks.” “用户,请小心,我检测到这个人在搞小动作。” While Gu He follows Elizabeth to arrive at Zen to cultivate/repair the peaceful room, although only then they and sword treasures, he also grasp the sword treasure is conducting data shift the time pretentiously, the sword treasure sends out the electronic combination tone to say. 正当顾禾跟着伊丽莎白来到一个禅修静室,虽然只有他们俩和剑宝,他也装模作样地握着剑宝进行“数据转移”的时候,剑宝发出电子合成音说道。 Gu He really had a scare by it, if we had known did not flutter this. 顾禾真被它吓了一跳,早知道不飘这一下了。 Elizabeth haha laughs in spite of trying not, not only the angel, she is also the person of practicing dirty tricks. 伊丽莎白哈哈失笑,不只是天使啦,她也是搞小动作的人。 User stupid excessively, opens the loyal minister pattern.” The sword treasure also said, only what you are different from the telephone forgery case victim, you were deceived face to face.” “用户愚蠢度过度,开启忠臣模式。”剑宝又说道,“你跟电话诈骗案受害人唯一不同的是,你当面被骗。” Sword treasure, granting thank you.” Gu He hehe said with a smile, broke its advising. “剑宝,谢谢你的赠与了。”顾禾呵呵地笑道,打断它的进言。 I have not granted to you.” The sword treasure also said immediately. “我没有向你赠与。”剑宝顿时又说。 Knows that you like the low key, said this time, many thanks.” He also said. “知道你喜欢低调,就说这次,多谢了。”他又说。 Elizabeth was a little amused, really does not know how the angel and sword treasure meet each time will bicker. 伊丽莎白有点被逗乐,真不知道天使和剑宝怎么每次见面都会斗嘴。 Sword treasure silent a meeting, when Gu He must turn around to depart, said again: I am not a person, but you are the real sword.” 剑宝沉默了一会,在顾禾要转身离去时,才再说:“我不是人,但你是真的剑。” Sword treasure, crossed!” In the Elizabeth vitality/angry reproved in the speech sound of sword treasure, Gu He flashed the person. “剑宝,过了!”在伊丽莎白生气训斥剑宝的话声中,顾禾闪人了。 He across the corridor, returns the lounge that the fish pond people are, looks for Lin Sai except for Sakai Shukichi, looks to be able today in the recovery meeting on the relation, everyone also. 他穿过走廊,重新回到鱼塘众人所在的休闲室,除了酒井修吉去找林赛,看能不能今天就联系上复苏会,大家都还在。 He-san, such quickly?” Is anxious Sakai Hanao sees him to come back, is a little surprised. 禾桑,这么快?”正焦虑着的酒井花青见到他回来,有点惊讶。 Overdrive transmission.” Gu He evades the important questions for the easy, sword treasure passes on quickly, two source codes in this.” He knocks oneself head, Miss Sakai, the sword treasure said that appreciates you, you can be good.” “超速档呢。”顾禾避重就轻,“剑宝又传得很快,两个源代码就在这了。”他敲敲自己的脑袋,“酒井小姐,剑宝说非常欣赏你,你能行的。” That sword such good intention? Really it gives?” Vivian is still pondering over, is red hair Lizzie gives, gives is two source codes, worthily is Miss Seth.” “那把剑怎么这么好心?真是它给的吗?”薇薇安还在琢磨,“是红发莉兹给的吧,一给就是两个源代码,不愧是赛思大小姐。” Do not suspect so many.” Gu He has saying that so as to avoid Vivian chaotic belt/bring rhythm. “你别怀疑那么多了。”顾禾不得不自己这么说,免得薇薇安乱带节奏。 „The Elizabeth situation is not the secret, on her almost dead street, did Seth really care about her to be able such? Where she can say that takes the source code with the source code, I who I receive know, the real sword treasure gives.” He said. 伊丽莎白的处境怎么样又不是秘密,她都几乎死街上了,赛思真在乎她能那样?她哪能说拿源代码就拿源代码,我去接收的我知道,真剑宝给的。”他说。 The Ayane Kumiko smile appearance, I heard that the source code cannot mix other thing to go.” 彩音久美子微笑样子,“我听说源代码是掺不进别的东西进去的。” Ok.” Rona is ill-humored, really mixed what thing, is installs in my brain, this letter/believes her me.” “行了。”洛娜没好气,“真掺了什么玩意,也是装我脑子里去,这把我信她。” Does not have me to check.” Gu He is loud, I have asked that here has the research office, having the equipment can lay out experimental data package and new procedure/program anything, the Nagano Group usually there is no harvest, but we active code, comes to select the personality raw material and ecliptic constellation revolution raw material now again on the line.” “不是还有我把关着吗。”顾禾大声,“我问过了,这里就有科研室,有设备能捣弄经验数据包、新程序什么的,长野组平时没什么收获,可我们现在有源代码,再来点人格原料、黄道星宿运转原料就行。” Does.” Rona also said, I must have a look at my raw material to be able but actually to do what thing.” “搞起吧。”洛娜又说,“我倒要看看我的原料能搞出个什么玩意来。” Right, did ends.” Gu He agrees with the nod. “对,搞就完了。”顾禾同意地点头。 Rona is different from Miss Sakai, is not lies in being self-confident, Rona has this vigor. 洛娜跟酒井小姐不同,不是在于自不自信,洛娜就是有这种劲儿。 But must do must prepare for in advance. 但要搞还是得做好事前准备。 The actor professional department, the hunter professional department, belongs to the eleventh palace thermo palace, will be considered as in the future era's main duty. 演员职业系,猎人职业系,都属于第十一宫水瓶宫,被认为是未来纪元的主职。 The hunters, are the wei constellations, goes hunting can follow with the danger. 猎人,是危宿,打猎就是会与危险伴随。 Because related to some personal information issues, Gu He asked Rona to arrive at the balcony in lounge, looks that the street view talked with her. 因为涉及些私人信息问题,顾禾叫着洛娜到了休闲室的阳台,看着街景与她交谈。 Rona, you to hunter department and wei constellation opinion enough, we must call Elizabeth to teach the class, she understands the comparison regarding these book knowledge......” “洛娜,你对猎人系、危宿的见解够吗,咱要不要叫伊丽莎白过来讲一讲课,她对于这些书本知识懂得比较多……” You also know that is the book knowledge.” Rona flips the supercilious look, is relying on the parapet, I do not have enough 5 years old to the present, without a day of peaceful life, I have served a need to look how the space star does transfer? What is the wei constellation, you asked me.” “你也知道那是书本知识。”洛娜翻了翻白眼,倚着栏杆,“我没够五岁到现在,没有过一天安稳日子,我用得着去看天上星星怎么转?什么叫危宿,你问我吧。” Gu He was choked by her, with Rona's life experience and fight experience, she probably really does not need to consult anyone. 顾禾被她呛到了,以洛娜的生活经验与战斗经验,她可能真不需要请教谁。 However in the wilderness, she has also observed everywhere stars, has looked at the thermo palace and wei constellation star territory. 不过在荒野的时候,她也有观测过漫天繁星的,看过水瓶宫和危宿的星域。 How you did become the hunter initially?” Gu He also not too clear this. “你当初是怎么当上猎人的?”顾禾还不太清楚这个呢。 Lives hand to mouth to eat, a matter, hunter department hunts and kills variation has the advantage.” Rona said, flesh and blood man is hunter department, my father who dies had not died is also.” “混口饭吃,就那么点事,猎人系猎杀异种有优势。”洛娜说,“骨血佬很多都是猎人系,我那个死了又没有死的老爹也是。” Her tone said at will, before Gu He, hear of Elizabeth have said some. 她语气随意地讲了一番,顾禾之前听伊丽莎白说过一些了。 The street knowledge and book knowledge both unify, had roughly the impression. 街头知识与书本知识两者结合,就有了大体印象。 eleventh era is considered as the recovery era, in the future may seek from the past, can find the trace from some ancient times tribes and from ancient civilizations. hunter department is no exception, mainly to divide several types. 第十一纪被认为是个复苏纪元,未来可从过去中寻找,来自远古部落、来自一些古老文明都能从中找到影踪。猎人系也不例外,主要分着几种类型。 One type excels at the identification and tracing specially, in the real world and mind network is this, even can depend on some shatter information and simple personality waste materials, can be close to the personality Rubik's cube of prey. 一种是特别擅长于辨识、追踪的,在现实世界与心灵网络都是这样,甚至能凭一些破碎信息、简单的人格废料,就能接近猎物的人格魔方。 If develops toward this aspect, has the common K level procedure/program tracing to seek shadow, presses for payment unlike the detection of hero department, the hunter when has the explicit prey, is easier-to-use. 如果往这方面发展,就有常见的K级程序“追踪觅影”,与英雄系的侦查追索不同,猎人在有明确猎物的时候,更加好使。 But Rona is not this type, the J level nerve invasion, the Q level information turbulent flow, she concentrates on the type of fight. 但洛娜并不是这个类型,J级神经入侵,Q级信息乱流,她是专注于战斗的类型。 But in the fight type also has the segmentation, the hunter is different from the war of soldier, is different from killing of assassin, the hunter lies in hunting, more lies to the skill, to the environment and to wild animal the utilization. 可是战斗类型里面又有细分,猎人不同于战士的战,也不同于刺客的杀,猎人在于猎,更多在于对技巧、对环境、对野兽的运用。 The hunters have the procedure/program in adaptation environment, to enable itself in the worst environment to survive, like living can hunt in the world of ice and snow in the Inuit of arctic circle. 猎人有适应环境方面的程序,以使自身能在最恶劣的环境中生存,像活在北极圈的因纽特人能在冰天雪地中猎食。 The hunters have the procedure/program in arrangement trap, uses the environment combat, has the K level procedure/program „the unescapable net. 猎人也有布置陷阱方面的程序,利用环境作战,有个K级程序“天罗地网”。 Also has regarding being expert of weapon, enabling oneself to have many prosthesis transformations, stronger weapon utilization. 亦有对于武器的专精,使自己拥有更多的义体改造,更强的武器运用。 I am not these ways.” Rona shrugs, I to that kind of who the forefront brings death.” “我都不是这些路数。”洛娜耸肩,“我是冲在最前面送死的那一类哈。” „......” The Gu He hear considers, her this view point right, is actually tracing the enemy, the arrangement trap and adaptation environment and weapon to be expert and other aspects, Rona, will not be the category of unusual ability. “呃……”顾禾听着想,她这个说法其实一点没错,在追踪敌人、布置陷阱、适应环境、武器专精等方面,洛娜都会一点,却不属于超凡能力的范畴。 Her unusual ability, is forces to break through both ends to contact to the brain, then releases lots of trash information to attack. 她的超凡能力,是强制突破地脑对脑接触,然后释放大量垃圾信息进行冲击。 If one goes hunting, in the hunter team, after she was responsible for finding the prey, comes up directly dry/does that. 如果说有一场打猎,在猎人团队中,她就是负责找到猎物之后直接上去干的那个。 „If no source code matter, is the K level procedure/program that you planned to install what?” Gu He asked. “那如果没源代码这一回事,你原本打算安装的K级程序是什么?”顾禾问道。 My ghost knows can rise three programmer quickly, I am not the overdrive transmission.” “我原本鬼知道这么快能升三程序者,我又不是超速档。” Rona cast aside the corners of the mouth, had named burnt hunting for of forest a K level procedure/program, before I thought that very suited my taste.” 洛娜撇起了嘴角,“有个叫‘焚林之猎’的K级程序,以前我觉得挺合我的口味。” That is a violent attack procedure/program, with enemy fight in which both sides perish, detonates the information to have the regional enormous impact. 那是一个暴烈的攻击型程序,与敌人鱼死网破,引爆信息造成区域性的极大冲击。 „Similar to these variation information bombs.” She also said, explodes with own personality information.” “跟那些异种信息炸弹差不多。”她又说,“拿自己的人格信息去炸。” Aiya! Gu He is listening to knitting the brows, really rejoiced that she has not installed this thing, this may explode outmoded. 哎呀!顾禾听着皱眉,真是庆幸她还没装上这玩意,这可不兴炸啊。 Many hunters turn into the information spirit finally.” Rona turns around to depend on the parapet, some first change the ghost person, some were explode in the mind network are exploding could not be going back, as for my father that situation, very his mother was special.” “很多猎人最后都变成信息幽灵。”洛娜转身靠着栏杆,“有些是先变鬼人的,有些是在心灵网络里炸着炸着就回不去了,至于我老爹那情况,就很他妈特殊。” Lourdes mister...... the line, do not stare, I said that your bastard father, what is his K level procedure/program?” “卢德先生……行,别瞪,我说你那混蛋老爹,他的K级程序是什么?” „The spirit of wild animal.” Rona was saying stopped, is the thing that the need rare character trait can install, with Pandora bad luck box that nature. My beforehand memory was very dim, now also by listening.” “野兽之灵。”洛娜说着停顿了下,“是个需要稀罕的人格特质才能装的玩意,跟潘多拉的噩运盒子那种性质。我以前的记忆很朦胧了,现在也是靠听回来的。” What effect?” “什么效果?” Hunter can let the spirit of upper body wild animal. This is an analogy, said in any case this procedure/program can hit specially, many addition effects, the tiger adds the strength, the leopard acceleration, the hunter can switch over the different additions, but can also let trash information wild animal, starts the wild animal impact in groups.” “猎人可以让野兽之灵上身。这是一种比喻吧,反正都说这个程序特别能打,有很多加成效果,老虎加力量,豹子加速度,猎人能切换不同的加成,还能让垃圾信息野兽化,发动成群的野兽冲击。” Sounds very fierce.” Gu He said that „, moreover is very probably graceful.” “听上去很厉害啊。”顾禾不由道,“而且好像很帅。” Ghost knows. However, actually I can also take this route.” Rona mumbled to be supine a pupil, information turbulent flow can match the spirit of wild animal, used the wild animal data to conduct the invasion and impact......” “鬼知道。不过,其实我也可以走这个路线。”洛娜嘟囔地仰起眼眸,“信息乱流是能搭配野兽之灵的,使用野兽化数据进行入侵和冲击……” Gu He is looking at her, Rona has said oneself are blindly ox Zixuan the occupation and procedure/program, but as if. 顾禾瞧着她,洛娜一直说自己是瞎牛子选的职业与程序,但是似乎。 She has actually been walking in a direction, without the source code, she may attempt to install the spirit of wild animal. 她其实一直在朝着一个方向走去,如果没有源代码,她可能会尝试装野兽之灵。 „Can you carry out the secure packaging of spirit of wild animal?” Gu He asked that made the new procedure/program to mix to build other to go in the duty same level procedure/program, can develop the quality simulation, I want to take a look with not to add to distinguish.” “你能搞到野兽之灵的安装包吗?”顾禾问道,“制造新程序是能混搭其它同职同级的程序进去的,能进行品质模拟,我想看看加和不加有没有分别。” He felt, spirit of procedure/program wild animal, is very important regarding Rona. 他觉得,野兽之灵这个程序,对于洛娜很重要。 Cannot do.” Rona smiles, said this is a rare procedure/program, secure packages few circulations, is not cheap.” “搞不到。”洛娜哂笑,“都说了这是个稀罕程序,安装包很少流通,可不便宜。” But Gu He thinks of anything, we one and ask Pioneers of Recovery Society, perhaps they have.” 顾禾想到什么,“我们一并问问复苏先驱会吧,说不定他们有。” Pioneers of Recovery Society is primarily the actor, painter and hunter these three eleventh palace main duties, builds up by this. 复苏先驱会以演员、画家和猎人这三个第十一宫主职为主,就是以此起家的。 Among the wilderness tribes trades the thing by the thing frequently, the good thing to be many, the limit is few, the recovery can have is not extraordinary. 荒野部落之间经常以物换物,好东西很多,限制却很少,复苏会有也不出奇。 But they will have had the life friendship with the recovery, with several secure packaging is not anything. 而他们跟复苏会是有过命交情的,拿几个安装包不算什么。 Previous time helped the wilderness fight a big successful battle, but the 10 cents have not wanted. 上次帮着荒野打了个大胜仗,可是一毛钱都没要。 Asks.” Rona had not opposed, Gu He hear of her expressions know she really wants the spirit of wild animal. “问问好了。”洛娜没有反对,顾禾听她的语气就知道她果然想要野兽之灵。 Since she wants, he must strive, the K level procedure/program also can only install one, do not stay behind regretted. 既然她想要,那他就要争取喽,K级程序也只能装一个,不要留下遗憾。 Two people continued to chat a meeting, Sakai Shukichi and Lin Sai come back the lounge, although has not arrived at the relation day, but Lin Sai also really had the means that Lin Sai knew Moray personality Rubik's cube coordinates. 两人继续聊了一会,酒井修吉林赛回来休闲室了,虽然还没到联系日子,但林赛还真有办法,林赛知道莫瑞莎的人格魔方坐标。 That is Moray remains to him specially, said that never will change. 那是莫瑞莎特意给他留的,说永远不会变。 „A month two months should also not change.” Lin Sai said to the people, cannot reach an agreement. “一个月两个月应该还不会变吧。”林赛对众人道,也说不好。 After all 1-2 months regarding him, had changed many chapters. 毕竟1-2月对于他,已经变了好多回了。 At that moment, in this lounge, is being defended by others, Lin Sai, Gu He and Rona sit on the sofa, wears taking advantage of the heart net helmet entered the mind network. 当下,就在这个休闲室,由其他人守着,林赛顾禾、洛娜则坐在沙发上,戴着借来的心网头盔进了心灵网络。 In the endless network sea, Lin Sai led them to skip a coordinates, Moray personality Rubik's cube also. 在无尽的网络海洋中,林赛带着他俩跳转到了一个坐标,莫瑞莎的人格魔方还在。 Lin Sai conducts was called knocking on a door the attempt invasion, Moray will therefore feel suddenly the god. 林赛进行了被称为“敲门”的尝试入侵,莫瑞莎会因此感到恍神。 But this has the rhythm is distracted, is a cipher, she will respond immediately is own personality Rubik's cube is knocked. 但这是有节奏的精神恍惚,是种暗号,她马上会反应过来是自己的人格魔方被敲。 Really, when crossing were not many, Moray personality Rubik's cube turns into the brown becoming dark person of mixed blood beautiful woman who selects high suddenly. 果然,过了不多时,莫瑞莎的人格魔方突然变成一个高挑的棕发黑人混血儿美女。 She got online, sees Lin Sai, immediately shouted loudly rushes: A'Sai, my love, has not seen for a long time!” 她上线了,一看到林赛,顿时高呼地奔去:“阿赛,我的爱,好久没见!” A Lin Sai redirection, the true length was kissing with Moray in the data stream form. 林赛一个重定向,就与莫瑞莎以数据流的形式着实长吻了一记。 Gu He and Rona are acting as the electric lamp bulb in side...... 顾禾、洛娜在旁边充当着电灯泡…… „Did you suffice? Makes again, the Great Sage may probably beat your to the unmarried couple.” Rona scolded. “你们够了吧?再弄下去,大圣可要一棒打死你们这对野鸳鸯。”洛娜骂道。 Lin Sai hugs Moray simple one to redirect vanishes does not see, which did not know. 林赛搂着莫瑞莎干脆一下重定向消失不见,不知道去哪了。 Then they did not have the words saying that waited some little time, Lin Sai and Moray skipped. 这下他们都没话说了,等了好一会儿,林赛和莫瑞莎才重新跳转回来。 Gu He had the opportunity to say the proper business, contacted with Chiba young lady, the recovery will have what hunter department K level procedure/program, particularly the spirit of wild animal, as well as can the actor department Q level procedure/program, share. 顾禾才有机会把正事说了,联系千叶小姐,还有复苏会都有什么猎人系K级程序,尤其是野兽之灵,以及演员系Q级程序,能不能分享一下。 Matter of source code is the security, only said that is thinks laying out one. 源代码的事情是保密的,只说是想“捣弄”一下而已。 Other does not use, the spirit of wild animal on line.” Rona said. “别的不用,野兽之灵就行了。”洛娜说道。 „Don't I have clearly, in the tribe seems no one to install this.” “我不清楚有没有,部落里好像没人能装这个。” Moray still a little panted, but this is only the effect that she must display, she is a bunch of data, „the actor Q level procedure/program, in the tribe has, we do not sell this, the person on one's own side uses, Hanao is also a person on one's own side.” 莫瑞莎仍有点气喘吁吁,但这只是她非要表现出的效果而已,她是堆数据,“演员Q级程序,部落里是有很多的,我们不卖这个,都自己人用,花青也是自己人。” The more better!” Gu He said certainly, will not be polite with the recovery. “越多越好!”顾禾当然这么说,可不跟复苏会客气。 He has been mentally prepared must make the new procedure/program with Miss Sakai personality raw material, then quality possibly only then the black iron even is the tinstone, should be insufficient to miss the lead ingot. 他已经做好心理准备要用酒井小姐的人格原料去做新程序了,那么品质可能就只有黑铁甚至是锡石,应该不至于差成铅块。 In brief must achieve the golden quality, must join other lots of actor procedures to promote is not possible. 总之要达到黄金品质,非得加入大量其它的演员程序去提升不可。 Moray has the duty winding, Gu He and Rona treat in this coordinates, but yizhayangongfu, Lin Sai brings his cat, dog and macaque does not know that skipped plays to where. 莫瑞莎带着任务下线了,顾禾和洛娜就待在这个坐标,而一眨眼工夫,林赛已经带着他的猫、狗和猕猴又不知道跳转到哪里去玩了。 You installed the chalice procedure/program, is the first coming up mind network?” Rona remembers that is this. “你装了圣杯程序,是第一次上来心灵网络吧?”洛娜记得是这样。 Right.” Gu He should say. “对啊。”顾禾应道。 Tries your ten times of tentacles or the insulated cup here is what effect.” She is somewhat curious. “试试你那个十倍触手还是保温杯的在这里是什么效果。”她有些好奇。 Good.” Gu He actually also curious, now tries the clear point is quite good, cannot until how next time when the mind network fight will make clear uses. “好吧。”顾禾自己其实也好奇,现在试清楚点是比较好,总不能直到下次在心灵网络战斗的时候才搞清楚怎么用。 He starts the chalice procedure/program immediately, used 2 holy water energies. 他当下发动圣杯程序,用了二圣水能量。 Bang bang, a giant data light stick howls, extends to the endless distant place directly. 砰嘭一下,一根巨大的数据光棒呼啸而出,直接延伸到无尽的远方。 I hold......” Rona to stare, is so long, how many energies did this use?” “我操……”洛娜瞪了瞪眼睛,“这么长,这用了多少能量?” 2, mother.” Gu He also calls out in alarm, 2 in the real world also less than 2 meters flesh big stick, in the mind network can this effect, how long this want unexpectedly simply long. “二,妈耶。”顾禾也不禁惊呼,二在现实世界还不到二米的血肉大棒,在心灵网络里竟然能这种效果吗,这简直想多长就有多长。 His intention moves, the data light/only stick turned into the appearance of golden cudgel, glittering. 他心念一动,数据光棒就变成了金箍棒的模样,金光闪闪。 This fun.” Rona has taken this golden cudgel, felt that can sweep turns the surroundings, your procedure/program is energetic!” “这个好玩。”洛娜拿过这根金箍棒,感觉能扫翻周围,“还是你的程序带劲!” But there is an issue, individual recognition was too high.” Gu He is helpless, this did not tell others obvious is I.” “但有个问题,个人辨识度太高了。”顾禾无奈,“这不明摆着告诉别人是我吗。” Silly you, this is the data, you imagine become other, the golden cudgel is also an information turbulent current.” “傻啊你,这全是数据,你想象成别的,金箍棒也就是一股信息激流而已。” „, Probably is also......” “呃,好像也是……” They played to make for roughly a half hour, Moray got online, we contact point!” 他们玩闹着过了约莫半小时,莫瑞莎重新上线了,“我们去联络点!” She looks at Gu He and Rona are playing the giant golden cudgel, a little puzzled that is what thing. 她瞧着顾禾、洛娜玩耍着的巨大金箍棒,有点困惑那是什么玩意。 But immediately, the great stick turns into a meteorite put the different light path. 但随即一下,巨棒就变成了一道陨石划出般的异光轨迹。 That walks!” Gu He leads Rona, possibly personality integrity is low, or in the heart has what shackles is not , he shouted loudly: „My old Sun somersault, can turn the long distance!” “那走喽!”顾禾带着洛娜,可能人格完整度还是低,或者心中有什么桎梏已经不在,他高呼道:“俺老孙一个跟头,能翻十万八千里!” In a flash, their data forms have flown from the different light path loudly, fierce one skips. 一瞬间,他们的数据身影从异光轨迹轰然地飞过,猛一下跳转开去。 Immediately has arrived at another deliberately net coordinates, periphery two people saw only got online the forms of many recovery meeting friends, female leader Kyser of tribe also. Chiba young lady is also one of them, immediately, the people one laughed heartily to gather. 随即已经到达另一处心网坐标,两人只见周围上线了多个复苏会朋友的身影,部落的女班头凯瑟也在。千叶小姐亦在其中,当下,众人一番欢笑相聚。 Then, Kyser mentioned the matter of procedure/program peaceful packaging: 然后,凯瑟说起了程序安装包的事情: Our tribe happen to have the spirit of wild animal, Rona, I have heard, your father has installed this procedure/program.” “我们部落正好有野兽之灵,洛娜,我是有听说过,你父亲就装过这个程序。” Yes, the dragon lives dragon and phoenix to live the phoenix, the daughter or the flesh and blood man of flesh and blood man.” Rona's voice was a little happy. “是啊,龙生龙凤生凤,骨血佬的女儿还是骨血佬。”洛娜的声音有点高兴。 actor department Q level procedure/program, we can put out 10.” Kyser also said that good.” 演员系Q级程序方面,我们能拿出十个。”凯瑟又说,“都不错的。” Kyser leader, lays out the new procedure/program to have many unknowns, doing the side door procedure/program is uncertain, or only suits personality raw material tenderer self installment, needs individual special characteristics. Therefore may not the feedback you.” Gu He stated beforehand. “凯瑟班头,捣弄新程序有很多未知数,搞出旁门程序也不一定,或者只适合人格原料提供者自身安装,需要个人特质。所以不一定能回馈你们。”顾禾事先声明了。 Friend, we are glad to help Hanao very much.” Kyser said the meaning of recovery meeting, these procedure/program peaceful packaging were not disposable, was the bank hinders the circulation to cause the market to sell the high price, our tribe did not do that matter.” “朋友,我们很乐意能帮到花青。”凯瑟说出复苏会的意思,“这些程序安装包都不是一次性的,是银行阻碍流通才导致市面卖高价,我们部落不干那种事。” Gu He is thinking right, wilderness tribe dry/does is a more exciting matter. 顾禾想着可不是嘛,荒野部落干的都是更加刺激的事儿。 Because treated in the mind network for a long time always had very big risk, the people went into action immediately, must make this long-distance transmission to two puppet vessel connections not be possible. 因为在心灵网络里待久了始终有很大风险,众人当即行动起来,要做这种远程传输就非得两个玩偶容器连接不可了。 The recovery can be a big tribe, this conventional personnel have the special disposition development, four fast grade of girls named card honey, she arranges for an interview the procedure/program peaceful packaging that side the wilderness, enters the mind network again, passes to Gu He again. 复苏会是个大部落,这种常规人员是有专门配置发展的,一个叫卡蜜儿的四速档姑娘,她在荒野那边先容进程序安装包,再进入心灵网络,再传给顾禾 Her capacity so many, 11 routine packages have not gotten online the winding really back and forth, transported several times. 她的容量没有那么多,十一个程序包着实是来回上线下线,搬运了好几次。 Everyone worried that Gu He can receive under so many, but he said: Does not have the issue, I am sixth gear, is three programmer, my vessel is big.” 大家都担心顾禾能不能收得下那么多,但他说:“没问题,我是六速档,又是三程序者,我的容器还蛮大的。” sixth gear and three programmer were his public formulation, as for having many them was greatly indefinite. 六速档三程序者是他的公开说法了,至于有多大他们也不确定。 Actually he has not saved toward the vessel, is admits in the database of control bench, comes some to put down again. 其实他就没往容器里存,都是放进控制台的数据库里,再来一些都放得下。 The spirit of wild animal, this rare hunter department K level procedure/program had. 野兽之灵,这个罕见的猎人系K级程序有了。 10 actor department Q level procedures, the recovery meets everyone to think that Miss Sakai can mix, she is a good actor. 还有十个演员系Q级程序,复苏会大家都想酒井小姐能混出来,她是个好演员。 Gu He can mix some time in the recovery, but exactly knows these different actor procedures to the present. 顾禾在复苏会混了一段时间,但到现在才确切知道这些不同的演员程序。 After the routine package shifts completely, Chiba connected him, moved to soul empathy in the past, formed the personality entanglement. 程序包全部转移后,千叶连接了他,移魂共感过去,形成了人格纠缠。 Gu He felt immediately Chiba young lady's personality taste, like the cool nimble and resourceful rainwater, this makes him think of the stars, thinks of the flying, thinks of wilderness that free wind. 顾禾顿时感觉到千叶小姐的人格滋味,像清凉灵动的雨水一样,这让他想到繁星,想到飞天,想到荒野那自由的风。 When are not many , the people finished this time gathering, skipped to hide the personality Rubik's cube, again winding. 不多时后,众人结束了这次相聚,先后跳转开去藏好人格魔方,再行下线。 When Gu He opens the eye, in the lounge, the surroundings is Sakai brother and sister, cookies that and the others wait. 顾禾睁开眼睛,又是在休闲室里面,周围是守候的酒井兄妹、小甜饼等人。 Then, Rona was also smooth the winding, Lin Sai one step comes back early. 然后,洛娜也顺利下线,林赛早一步就回来了。 Chiba young lady came.” Gu He announced that on me.” “千叶小姐来了。”顾禾向大家宣布,“就在我身上。” He gives Chiba Gibson the main personality position switch over. 他把主人格位置切换给千叶-吉布森 Chiba has not acted itself with the mask procedure/program, is using the Gu He body appearance, but the voice is completely her own voice, says the hello with the warm people, especially she and Miss Ayane left in walled city to the present. 千叶并没有用面具程序扮演自己,就用着顾禾的躯壳模样,但声线全然是她自己的声线,与热情的众人打起招呼,尤其她与彩音小姐在城寨一别就到现在了。 Chiba young lady!” Sakai Hanao shouted loudly, Moray saw that Lin Sai was excited. “千叶小姐!”酒井花青一声高呼,比莫瑞莎见到林赛还要激动。 She as if found the liberator, is holding the thigh, Rona gives to pull taut, she has hugged. 她仿佛找到了救星,抱着了大腿,要不是洛娜给扯住,她已经抱上去了。
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