NH :: Volume #2

#180: Bastards

Red Rain House caught fire to have an accident. 红雨之家失火出事了。 This night, Gu He learns of the news time, in fish pond also lively. 这个夜晚,顾禾得知消息的时候,鱼塘里还热闹。 The Old Fan cold words saying that mostly is bank dog-eat-dog, Sakai Shukichi pats the bar indignantly, Sakai Hanao is getting angry and worry, they have made the street mouse, knows that Red Rain House is only distributes a winter clothing to mean anything. 老范冷语说“多半是银行狗咬狗”,酒井修吉气愤地拍着吧台,酒井花青又怒又忧心,他们做过街鼠,知道红雨之家光是派发一件冬衣就能意味什么。 The star children and other children are one piece call out in alarm, their many street little friends were admitted to Red Rain House, Mike also wants to go to there to give the insulated cup to help a pull people, if burnt did not have. 星童等几个孩子更是一片惊呼,他们很多街头小伙伴都住进红雨之家了,迈克本来还想去那里给保温杯帮拉人的,要是烧死了就没了。 Regarding this matter, everyone is unhappy, the fish pond atmosphere is low and deep. 对于这事,大家都不开心,鱼塘气氛低沉。 Rona not here, otherwise should also scold one. 洛娜不在这里,否则应该也会骂上一通。 Gu He does not know where she went. 顾禾也不知道她去了哪里。 Last night he accompanied her to loaf in the street aimless, until the midnight, Rona must go back the Itada apartment suddenly. 昨晚他陪着她在街头漫无目的地游荡,直到半夜,洛娜才忽然要回去板田公寓。 The matter of Lorton Lourdes that bastard real, but Pandora's view also has many questionable points, Rona wants first to clarify, how decides to process this person and facing this matter again. 罗顿-卢德那混蛋的事情是真的,但潘多拉的说法还有很多疑点,洛娜想要先弄个清楚,才再决定怎么处理这个人、面对这件事。 Now, Pandora sent in the small room in beautiful color basement by them the house arrest. 现在,潘多拉被他们送入丽彩的地下室的一个小房间里幽禁着。 This naturally has permission of Miss Ayane, they told Miss Ayane the matter. 这自然有得到彩音小姐的允许,他们把事情都告诉彩音小姐了。 Rona one trusts the opposite party, secondly knows the opposite party to be well-informed, can help itself make clear the truth. After Ayane Kumiko knows the circumstances of the matter , was extremely also accidental, hesitates some little time, said that only kept person of ten days, making Rona solve as soon as possible. 洛娜一来信任对方,二来知道对方消息灵通,能帮自己搞清楚真相。彩音久美子知情后也极是意外,沉吟了好一会,才说只留人十天,让洛娜尽快解决。 As for the Gu He issue, the document made a mistake before, has duplicated and opened automatically. 至于顾禾的问题,之前文件出错,自动复制并打开过。 He was taught several by Miss Ayane slightly severely, at that time should say that do not have again next. 他还是被彩音小姐微微严厉地训了几句,当时就应该说的,不要再有下次了。 After Pandora was closed, Rona walked, went to the investigation to inquire that given name that Pandora's view truth she said that when she before place of puppet, would the trace. 潘多拉被关好之后,洛娜就走了,去了调查打听潘多拉的说法真伪她说的自己那个本名,她以前当玩偶的地儿,总会有痕迹。 When leaves, Gu He urged Rona one to make her impulse and do not go all out, waits for Miss Ayane here news. 离别之时,顾禾劝了洛娜一通让她不要冲动和拼命,等等彩音小姐这边的消息。 Actually is wait/etc his news, he can through the goose inquire that person who Pandora said. 其实是等等他的消息,他能通过鹅来打听有没有潘多拉说的那个人。 Is good because, Rona complied, she does not want dead now, why, her life is just now enthusiastic. 好在,洛娜答应下来了,她现在可不想死,为什么,她的生活才刚来劲呢。 At sixes and sevens, but is very energetic. 乱七八糟,但就是挺带劲。 Now close to early morning, does not make late at night the fish pond of business to be gradually lonely, Old Fan also in the past beautiful color. 现在临近凌晨,不做深夜生意的鱼塘渐渐冷清下来,老范也过去丽彩了。 Elizabeth should be still busy, now is not suitable contacts with her......” 伊丽莎白应该还在忙着,现在不适宜联系她吧……” Gu He sits on the sofa, ponders over looks in contact person of control bench lists contact person: Goose. 顾禾坐在沙发上,琢磨地看着控制台的联系人列表里的“联系人:鹅”。 Except for basic relation function, when has the relation to uploads only then, but the number of times is 0 ; He discovered that shares to the contact person, except for the experimental data package, the procedure/program peaceful packaging is also as if good, moreover there is...... a holy water energy. 除了基本的联系功能,还有着联系时对方可进行上传,但次数还是0;他发现给联系人分享,除了经验数据包,似乎程序安装包也行,而且还有……圣水能量。 This is he lays out one to detect change that the holy water energy itself/Ben is the thing of information digitization. 这是他捣弄一番而察觉到的变化,圣水能量本就是信息数据化的东西。 Usually deposits in the chalice procedure/program, now in the cup has 37 holy water energies. Last night rose 2, why did not know, he looks at Rona in the street, thought that she was very beautiful, such rose 2. 平时就存放在圣杯程序里,现在杯子里有37圣水能量。昨晚涨了二,不知道为什么,他在街头看着洛娜,觉得她很美,就那样涨了二。 These data, can share to give the goose or ghost girl. 这些数据,也可以分享给鹅或者幽灵女 „Can such be useful?” Gu He is thinking, the holy water energy makes the treatment condition to treat the body wound, makes the attack condition and defense condition can strengthen the procedure/program of opposite party, probably is this. “那样能有什么用呢?”顾禾思索着,圣水能量作治疗态可以治疗皮肉伤,作攻击态和防御态能加强对方的程序,大概就是这样吧。 A primary function nerve treatment, he has not tried this thing, but this is also the holy water energy of using. 还有一个初级功能“神经治疗”,他还没试过这玩意,但这也是用的圣水能量。 Passes to the words of goose the holy water, should be able to make her happy, making her procedure/program be synergized in a short time. 把圣水传给鹅的话,应该能让她心情很好,让她的程序短时间内得到增效。 Passes to the ghost girl words the holy water...... 把圣水传给幽灵女的话…… That pleasure was not big, the opposite party was gifted of counterattacking puppet, was the stagnant water. 那乐子不就大了吗,对方是个反制玩偶的天禀者,是死水。 Fills the running water to ghost girl, how can this? Wasted in vain? How? 幽灵女灌活水,这会怎么样?白白浪费掉了?还是怎么的? Will waste. Previous time contacts with that fellow is less than five minutes, he was corroded 2 holy water. 是会浪费吧。上次只是与那家伙联系不到五分钟,他就被侵蚀掉二圣水了。 Gu He thinks it over, this matter first puts, but the Red Rain House matter is really in suspense. 顾禾想来想去,这事儿还是先放下来,而红雨之家的事情真放心不下。 That may, not only concerns in E, concerns in he himself, found a place that with great difficulty brushes the holy water energy, if were all burnt, burns unable to reconstruct, that does not pound his foot. 那可不只是关乎于鹅,也是关乎于他自己,好不容易才找到一个刷圣水能量的地方,如果全被烧了,烧得无法重建起来,那不是砸他的脚吗。 Really does not know that is which bastard does.” “真不知道是不是哪个王八蛋干的。” Gu He more wants the more some is not uneven, personality integrity really lowered probably, wants to manage this matter. 顾禾越想越有些不平,大概人格完整度真低了,想管管这事。 Originally also wants to wait to go to the dungeon to look at Sophia, came back for two days, that looked at her not to go late again. 本来还想等会去地牢看一看索菲娅的,回来又两天了,就那晚看了她就没再去。 But Sophia's task priority, naturally does not have high of Elizabeth. 但索菲娅的任务优先级,当然没有伊丽莎白的高。 At that moment, Gu He delays the relation time, grasps the insulated cup, puts on a jacket, puts on the sunglasses, walks toward outside. 当下,顾禾推迟联系时间,抓上保温杯,披上件夹克,戴上墨镜,就往外面走去。 The Wrestling Gang warehouse leaves some beautiful color fish pond distances, walks to spend very for a long time. 摔角帮仓库离丽彩鱼塘这一带有些距离,走路过去要花很久。 After going out of the alley, Gu He sees in front of beautiful color club, the neon street was still lively, before dawn is the start of nightlife, but advocated Jane/simple who low-tech healthy life, has pushed the bicycle to leave. 走出小巷后,顾禾看到在丽彩俱乐部前面,霓虹街头仍然热闹,凌晨才是夜生活的开始,不过主张低科健康生活的简,已经推着自行车要走人了。 Jane/simple!” He walks quickly, Red Rain House had an accident, I have a look, your bicycle first borrows me, you walk to go to the hotel, goes to the Itada apartment my to live in one good late.” “简!”他快步走过去,“红雨之家出事了,我去看看,你自行车先借我,你走路去旅馆吧,去板田公寓我那住一晚也行。” Boards, I happen to have a look.” As soon as Jane/simple listened to the idea. “上车,我正好也去看看。”简一听来了主意。 Gu He does not think her to go, if she seized the chance saying that inopportunely a low-tech idea, that did not lick chaotically. 顾禾就是不想她去,如果她不合时宜地趁机说上一通低科理念,那不是舔乱吗。 You go to anything.” He has almost snatched her bicycle, turned over/stood up to ride, two foot crazy treads drove, „the low-tech life cannot stay up late, only then the person of liver electronic products met inverts day and night.” “你去什么。”他一把将她的自行车几乎抢过,就翻身骑了上去,两脚狂蹬就驶了去,“低科生活不能熬夜的,只有肝电子产品的人才会日夜颠倒。” Hey!” Jane/simple yelled several in behind, but has not pursued eventually, she thinks, toward the capsule hotel. “喂!”简在后面叫喊了几声,但终究没追上去,她想想,还是往胶囊旅馆去了。 Indeed only then wallows the person who the information, wallows the electron to stay up late...... 的确只有沉迷信息、沉迷电子的人才会熬夜…… Gu He treads the bicycle to flee many big street small streets, close to that warehouse time, smells smell of scorching from the air, more is close, the smell of scorching is heavier more irritates the nose. 顾禾蹬着自行车窜过多条的大街道小街道,接近那片仓库的时候,就从空气中嗅到一股烧焦味,越接近,烧焦味就越重越刺鼻。 Does not know that is treads makes an effort too quickly, this worn-out has welded repeatedly does the bicycle sway almost splits. 不知是不是蹬得太用力太快,这辆破旧又多次焊接过的自行车摇摇晃晃几乎裂开。 He also gets out to push walking, when are not many actually saw overpowering police of one group of police departments to enclose a path to block in the crossroad, several fire engines also stopped in the roadside have not departed, the fire intensity had been suppressed. 他也就下车推着走去,不多时却见一伙警视厅的制服警察在路口围起了一道路拦,几辆消防车还停在路边没有离去,火势早已被扑灭了。 Here blocks temporarily, can not enter.” Some police said toward him severely, making him leave tactful. “这里暂时封锁,不得进入。”有个警察朝他这么厉说,让他识趣离开。 Gu He must walk reluctantly, actually saw that Judy Dickinson goes on patrol in that side, shouted the sound: Judy!” 顾禾无奈地本来要走,却看到朱蒂-迪金森在那边巡逻,就喊了声:“朱蒂!” Judy Dickinson hears here the prestigious observation, recognizing him is the male angel, used the intercom to notify to Miss Sterling, then has been replied, then made the police put him. 朱蒂-迪金森闻声望了望这边,认得出他是型男天使,就用对讲机向斯特林小姐通报了下,接着得到回复,便让警察把他放进去了。 Under Judy's guiding, Gu He pushes a cart to approach Red Rain House, couple of days ago here also happy talks and laughters, full of vigor and vitality. 在朱蒂的带路下,顾禾推车走近红雨之家,前两天这里还欢声笑语,朝气蓬勃。 However now, several warehouses have the burned black trace everywhere, in the air fill the smell that ill-smelling, is irritating the nose and being hard to dissipate, Kabukichou that usually always rains has not rained tonight, only waits the night wind to clean here slowly. 然而现在,几个仓库到处有焦黑的痕迹,空气中弥漫着难闻、刺鼻、难以消散的气味,平时总是下雨的歌舞伎町今晚没有下雨,只待夜风把这里慢慢地清洗。 Puts out a fire the crowd that and watches the fun to disperse, only also some red rain personnel and police personnel are taking a walk. 救火和看热闹的人群都已经散了,只还有些红雨人员和警察人员在走动。 Judy said that the children first went to the Wrestling Gang big warehouse that side rest to pass the night, but also many child ran, some were really scared, somewhat felt here danger, it is estimated that resulted in some days to look that the safe/without matter dares to come back. 朱蒂说孩子们先去了摔角帮大仓库那边休息过夜,但也很多孩子自己就跑了,有些是真吓着,有些觉得这里危险,估计得过些天看着无事才敢回来。 Elizabeth is standing outside the master depot on the road is looking, orange windproof coat was blown the sound by the night wind. 伊丽莎白正站在主仓库外面路上望着,身上的橙色风衣被夜风吹得飒响。 Angel.” She sees him to push a cart, the corners of the mouth pulled a forced smile, has inspected, without personnel casualty, this was the best result. The commodity warehouse all burnt, lost some money, but is only the money.” “天使。”她看到他推车走来,嘴角扯了个牵强的微笑,“都检查过了,没有人员伤亡,这是最好的结果了。物资仓库全烧了,损失了一些钱,但只是钱而已。” Gu He is listening, even more felt that this people set on fire deliberately. 顾禾听着,越发感觉这是有人蓄意纵火。 Couple of days ago he had asked security problem, this is the matter that he valued , escaped, the food safety about the fire prevention and earthquake wait/etc. The Red Rain House team had to consider, can therefore not have the personnel casualty tonight. 前两天他就问过安全问题,这是他个人非常看重的事情,关于消防、地震、逃生、食品安全等等。红雨之家团队都有考虑到了,所以今晚才能没有人员伤亡。 The fire intensity is very together difficult to suppress also on the commodity warehouse, why there caught fire? 火势一起就很难扑灭的也就物资仓库了,为什么偏偏就那里失火了呢? „Did monitoring pat to what?” Gu He asked. “监控拍到什么了吗?”顾禾问道。 Here installs the monitoring is not the easy matter, because must go Wrestling Gang to pass by Red Rain House, street dog do not allow to install to monitor, but the commodity warehouse has the monitoring. 在这里安装监控不是易事,因为要前去摔角帮就会路过红雨之家,街狗们不允许装监控,但物资仓库内部还是有监控的。 Has not patted anything.” Elizabeth actually shakes the head, „, if some people set on fire, should have the unusual strength participation.” “没拍到什么。”伊丽莎白却摇摇头,“如果是有人纵火,应该有超凡力量参与。” If gang committing a crime, inside has a painter, makes a still frame, can make the monitoring useless. 要是团伙作案,里面有个画家,做一个静止画面,就能让监控没用了。 Today, her security team Judy and the others, followed she to go to the Eden lake district, the person primary interest that these banks sent was to guarantee her is safe, rather than Red Rain House or the fact-finding team, they are only willing to follow she. 今天,她的安保团队里朱蒂等人,都跟着她去伊甸湖区了,这些银行派来的人主要职责是保她安全,而不是红雨之家或调查团,他们只肯跟着她。 But the Red Rain House security is not very weak, is only the experiences and abilities in various aspects is worse...... 红雨之家的安保也算不上特别薄弱,只是各方面的经验与能力差一些…… „The people of mystery bureau mobile task force are investigating.” Elizabeth said, Gu He also saw, that side has young group of people to wear the rainproof windproof coat, has not worn what firearms, has a dignity very much. “奥秘局机动特遣队的人在调查着。”伊丽莎白说道,顾禾也看到了,那边有一小群人身穿防雨风衣,没佩带什么枪械,却很有一股威严。 This squad called lightning, before received her request, has investigated rotten bog organ truck event. 这支小队叫“闪电”,之前就受她的要求,去调查过烂泥塘器官卡车事件。 Team leader Lin Chen is a supervisor, wears a black windproof coat, on hale and hearty country character face somewhat staggered scar. 队长林宸是一名督察,身穿一件黑风衣,硬朗的国字脸上有些交错的疤痕。 At this time Lin Chen led several people to walk, another eyeglasses man is pressing the forehead painfully. Lin Chen looked at Gu He several, the report said: Miss Sterling, our squad traced a moment ago has regarded.” 这时林宸带着几个人走过来了,其中另一个眼镜男人正痛苦地按着额头。林宸多看了顾禾几眼,就汇报道:“斯特林小姐,我们小队刚才溯视过了。” Traces regards, asked regards, touches to regard, this was the conventional investigation ability of mystery bureau personnel. 溯视,问视,触视,这都是奥秘局人员的常规调查能力。 What kind of?” Elizabeth asked that before she to own tentative plan, she was such a personnel. “怎么样?”伊丽莎白问道,在以前她对自己的设想中,她就是这样的一名人员。 Information is disorderly.” Lin Chen said, made him say personally.” “信息非常杂乱。”林宸说道,“让他亲自说吧。” The team member who of a moment ago responsibly regards that traced name is white Liyan, pressed the forehead of feeling pain, the complexion still had not been returning to normal, I have not seen many, but can determine that was the artificial arson. The group of secrets sneak, at least used sneaking of assassin, the still frame of painter.” 那个刚才负责溯视的的队员叫白离厌,按着发痛的额头,面色仍未平复,“我没看到多少,但能确定是人为纵火。有一个大群秘密潜入,至少用了刺客的潜行,画家的静止画面。” Some people set on fire. The Elizabeth facial features also sank immediately, the anger in blue pupil almost erupts. 有人纵火。伊丽莎白的面容顿时也沉了下去,蓝眸里的怒火几乎喷发。 She possibly knows that who behind is, that not necessarily is a chief instigator, but will at least involve. 她可能知道背后是谁,那不一定就是主谋,但至少会有牵连。 I also saw the meat slicer molecule line.” white Liyan remained silent to say. “我还看到了切肉者的单分子线。”白离厌又闷声说。 Gu He is listening to one startled, what ghost, does Yakuza have a participation? 顾禾听着一惊,什么鬼,雅库扎有份参与? Elizabeth has not actually lost the reason, before present Yakuza is not, the rebel had, in Fist District that 30 million boxing matches, has meat slicer to participate, goes all out to Harafuji Ryosuke. 伊丽莎白却没有失去理智,现在的雅库扎不是以前了,叛徒是有的,在拳区的那次三千万拳赛,就也有切肉者参加,还是给原藤阳介卖力。 Harafuji Ryosuke...... 原藤阳介…… Is Yakuza does? The provocation estranges, but if not check clearly, will have the gap. 雅库扎干的?挑衅离间吧,但如果查不清楚,就是会有间隙。 How not only lies in she to think, but also lies in Yakuza thought how she thinks. 不只是在于她怎么想,还在于雅库扎觉得她会怎么想。 I must trace personally regard to have a look.” Some Elizabeth early this decisions, she is the overdrive transmission, can see. “我要亲自溯视看看。”伊丽莎白早有这个决定,她是超速档,能看到更多。 The red rain fact-finding team did this, let alone, what suffering is Red Rain House. 红雨调查团本来就是干这个的,更别说,受害的是红雨之家 These street mouse children, are the queensides of certain people abandon the soldier, but is not her, is not her. 这些街鼠孩子,都是某些人的后翼弃兵,但不是她的,决不是她的。 Miss Sterling, prudent.” Lin Chen said with deep veneration, this regarding your personality, possibly is an ambush.” “斯特林小姐,慎重。”林宸却肃然道,“这对于你的人格,可能会是一个埋伏。” Meanwhile, stands hears silent in nearby Judy, the subsequent hand on checkerboard. 与此同时,站在一旁的朱蒂听得沉默,棋盘上的后手。 Miss Sterling conducts to trace regards, has the risk, but does not conduct to trace regards, this heart will tie will affect her forever. 斯特林小姐进行溯视,有着风险,但不进行溯视,这个心结将会永远影响她。 Even if Red Rain House establishes, if here, Miss Sterling treats every day here, walks here, can think every time, the truth is anything, if I conduct to trace regard, can see anything...... 就算红雨之家重新建立起来,如果还是在这里,那斯特林小姐每天待在这里,走在这里,每时每刻都会想着,真相是什么,如果我进行溯视,能看到什么…… Such idea, although is insufficient to compel the insane person, makes hero department supernaturalist be caught in one's own trap sufficiently. 这样的想法,虽然不至于逼疯一个人,却足以使一个英雄系超凡者作茧自缚。 The so-called trump card hero, insists on doing what is impossible the person. 所谓王牌英雄,就是明知不可为而为之的人。 This is one will also kill. 这也是一着将杀。
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