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#635: Where

Where in Island Governor's mansion, conference room the most center of hall round table. 何方岛总督府内,会议室的大厅圆桌的最中心。 Glett deeply frowned listens to the subordinate to report the work, her is brought thinly and pale by the face that on the scar of knife wound divides with exhausted. 格丽特眉头紧锁的听着自己属下汇报着工作,她那被刀疤分割的面孔上带着憔悴跟疲惫。 Solely is not she, in other where managers of sitting similarly so. 不单单是她一个人,在坐的何方的其他管理者同样如此。 Manages human under one crowd of end, is not the good assignment, in desperate situation that in the sea water gradually submerges, they with losing the rioter in bottom line only have separation merely. 管理一群末日之下的人类,并不是什么好差事,在海水逐渐淹没的绝望情况下,他们跟失去底线的暴民仅仅只有一线之隔。 If processes improper, they can cross this line with ease, moreover some the people of harboring evil intentions are seducing them to cross this line unceasingly. 如果处理不当,他们轻松就可以越过这条线,而且还有一些不怀好意的人在不断诱惑他们越过这条线。 Wharf area the relocation work of islander has been completed yesterday, the navy has been stationed in each street, took over control of the level comprehensively, at present all laws take the wartime as the standard......” “码头区的岛民的安置工作在昨天已经完成,海军已经驻扎进每条街道,全面接管了治安工作,目前一切法律以战时为准……” Personnel transport is being planned, according to the executive calculates, the reduction of young adults can dramatically reduce violent crime, and “人员运输方面正在规划当中,根据行政部计算,青壮年的减少可以显著的降低暴力犯罪的发生,而且” Is reading the middle-aged woman sound of report form to be broken by the old sound. 正在读着报表的中年女性的声音被苍老的声音打断了。 Governor Sir, now Earthsea most valuable is the population, if young and middle-aged continuous delivering to the surface, will really deliver radically the future of our islands!” “总督大人,现在地海最有价值的就是人口,如果真的把青壮年源源不断的送向地表,根本就是把我们岛屿的未来送出去!” Margaret indifferent front looks is growing the old man of age-spots. Currently Earthsea most has the value is entire Earthsea, if above did not work out, where to have nothing in the future, must know that the black ink dust island had been submerged thoroughly.” 玛格丽特漠视的看着面前长着老人斑的老头。“现在地海最有价值是整个地海本身,如果上面的进展不顺利,何方就没什么未来了,要知道墨尘岛已经被彻底淹没了。” But!” “可是!” It‘s nothing, but, the plan has decided that what matter but also there is? If no, today this.” “没什么可是的,计划已经定下来了,还有什么事情?如果没有的话,今天就这样吧。” The old person as if also wants saying that anything, may see Margaret's firm approach, dispirited he sits finally. 那老人似乎还想说点什么了,可看到玛格丽特的坚决的态度,颓废的他最终还是重新坐下来。 After hall silent several seconds, was broken by the male voice again together. 大厅之中沉默了几秒后,再次被一道男声打破。 Governor, use belief stable will of the people preliminary effective, everyone gradually joined various religions, but now in the island most religions are the protestantism, the cohesive force is somewhat insufficient, the clergy of real eye after the telegram indicated where they can be willing to work to move into with us.” “总督,利用信仰稳固人心的初步见效,大家逐渐的加入了各种宗教,但是现在岛上大部分宗教都是新教,凝聚力有些不足,真实之眼的僧侣通过电报后表示,他们可以愿意跟我们合作入驻何方。” The religion wants the follower, the governor to need to stabilize, both unify, just the compound each other benefit, believed in Earthsea springs up everywhere. 宗教想要信徒,总督需要稳定,两者结合,刚好复合彼此的利益,信仰在地海遍地开花了。 No matter they believe anything, but they as if reached an agreement were the same, is disseminating, so long as believed own gods, and was reverent enough, when the end approached, their gods will intend to lead them to return to the god country, or intended to prevent the rise of sea water. 不管他们信仰什么,但是他们似乎商量好了一样,都在传播只要信仰自己的神明并且足够虔诚,当末日来临之时,他们的神将会出手带领他们回到神国,又或者出手阻止海水的上升。 Margaret never trusts these, people who as long as there is a reason will not trust, but wants to make the islanders also guarantee in this case sane was too difficult. 玛格丽特从来不信任这些,但凡有理智的人都不会去信任,但是想让岛民们在这种情况下还保证理智实在太难了。 Lets them tomorrow morning the governor's mansion, I want to chat with them face to face, do not have other anything, then arrives at this today.” “让他们明天上午来总督府,我想要跟她们当面谈谈,没别的什么事情,那么今天就到这吧。” The sound that the stool moves resounds in abundance, after presenting bows to own governor who everyone respects, turned around to leave. 凳子移动的声音纷纷响起,在场所有人尊敬的给自己的总督鞠了一躬后,转身离开了。 After Margaret sits on the chair watches an empty hall meeting, she stands got up toward oneself office to walk. 玛格丽特坐靠椅上看着空荡荡的大厅一会后,她站了起来向着自己的办公室走去。 In once was on his father's chair to sit, Margaret closes the eye, is rubbing own the head of swelling with the hand. 在曾经属于他父亲的椅子上坐了下来,玛格丽特紧接着闭上眼睛,用手揉着自己的发胀的脑袋。 She does not know that before oneself father temperament always why so hot tempered, now she knows finally. 她之前不知道自己的父亲为什么脾气总是那么暴躁,现在她终于知道了。 Daily processes these absolutely not possibly not to have the end terrible business, the temperament where good to go. 天天处理这些完全没有尽头麻烦事,脾气不可能的好到哪里去。 Slightly after resting a small meeting, Margaret opens the eye to look that placing the secretary on table to document that delivers. 小歇了一小会后,玛格丽特睁开眼睛看向放在桌子上的秘书送过来的文件。 The first document showed, Julio's invincible Armada had arrived in the East Sea territory, and teaches to battle with Futan initially. 第一份的文件显示,胡里奥的无敌舰队已经抵达了东海域,并且跟弗坦教初步交战。 Analyzes from the tactical situation, Futan teaches not to plan to fight to the death, stands their standpoints, the gods will soon recover, the happy life will soon lead, now is not worthwhile with Julio goes all out. 从战况上来分析,弗坦教并不打算决一死战,站在他们的立场上来看,神明即将复苏,美好的生活即将来领,现在犯不着跟胡里奥拼命。 Julio has not crashed in the god to fall directly, starts to fight directly. 胡里奥也没有直接冲进神降地,直接开始大战。 Contradiction of his time going to battle in besides shift island, moreover similarly to prevent Futan teaches to give Charles of surface to look for trouble again. 他这次的出战除了转移岛上矛盾外,而且同样是为了防止弗坦教再去给地表的查尔斯找麻烦。 The best defense attacks, so long as he such as the root punctures now stays in the East Sea territory equally, then Futan teaches not to have the time to mix the above matter. 最好的防守就是进攻,只要他现在如根刺一样呆在东海域,那么弗坦教就没时间去掺和上面的事情。 Carefully looked, Margaret opens second, this is related with her influence. 仔细看完之后玛格丽特打开第二份,这一份跟她的势力有关。 The spider of spider island suddenly had the special action, saw that the sea water is gradually submerging islands all spiders to start to assemble in all, unceasing weaving a fishing net stay up till dawn. 蜘蛛岛的蜘蛛忽然有了特殊举动,看到海水正在逐渐淹没岛屿所有蜘蛛开始集结在一切,日夜不停的不断的织网。 They planned that weaves a ship to leave that islands with the spider web, moves has not submerged in the islands to other. 它们打算用蜘蛛网编织成一张船离开那座岛屿,迁徙到其他没有沉没岛屿上。 Although does not know why these have the small house big or small person spider to have this habit, their action is doomed to be unproductive, all islands are the same. 虽然不知道这些有着小房子大小人蜘蛛为什么会有这种习性,它们都举动注定是徒劳的,所有的岛屿都一样。 If the spider also walked, then the spider's silk special product on spider island will vanish, escorts to various end product clothing of surface to be insufficient, must find the way to make them remain.” “如果蜘蛛也走了,那么蜘蛛岛上的蛛丝特产将会消失,送往地表的各种成品衣物都会不足,必须想办法让它们留下来。” When Margaret is thinking this issue, she hears oneself door to be noisy the knock. 就在玛格丽特想着这个问题的时候,她听到自己的房门口响起敲门声。 She looks up, sees the smile the Anna side by the gate, has the rhythm with the finger gently is knocking. Miss Margaret, we for sometime had not seen, how to have a round of telegram to come with me to chat?” Renewal quickest computer end:: / 她抬头看去,看到微笑的安娜侧靠在门上,用手指有节奏轻轻的敲着。“玛格丽特大小姐,我们有段时间没见了,怎么没发电报过来跟我聊聊天呢?”更新最快电脑端::/ What does surface have newly to discover?” In Margaret's puts down hand thing, stands to ask. “地表有什么新发现?”玛格丽特把手中的东西放下,站起来问道。 My this time asks you to come with the surface not to relate, are not related with Charles, I look purely your.” “我这次找你来跟地表没关系,跟查尔斯也没关系,我就是单纯来找你的。” Anna arrives in front of Margaret leisurely, puts out a hand to build on her shoulder, her according to returning to stool. 安娜款款走到玛格丽特面前,伸手搭在她的肩膀上,把她按回到凳子上。 Looks for me? Which aspect?” In the Margaret heart feels somewhat surprisedly. “找我?哪方面?”玛格丽特心中感到有些惊讶。 No rush, I lead you to go to a place, after going, knew.” “别急,我带你去一个地方,去了之后就知道了。” Anna was saying nearby space gradually twists, quick height one meter three sparkling appears by her, the present sparkling not only height promoted one, the appearance also to change is very big. 安娜说着旁边空间逐渐扭曲,很快身高一米三的闪闪出现在她旁边,现在的闪闪不但身高提升了一节,外貌也变化很大。 If before were only the child stage, then present she situated in child and young girl. 如果说之前只是孩童阶段,那么现在的她介于孩童与少女之间。 The appearance of sparkling was long, does not know that was she desirably, her present appearance has several scanning Anna. 闪闪的样貌长开了一些,不知道是不是她刻意的,她现在的样貌有几分像安娜。 Looks the green cross pupil that sparkles, Margaret some do not dare to identify. „Is she......?” 看着闪闪的绿色十字瞳孔,玛格丽特有些不敢辨认。“她是……?” Sparkles, hadn't you seen her before? I with the Charles daughter, thought the change is a little big? Very normal, she was also big, after all now three years old.” “闪闪啊,你以前不是见过她吗?我跟查尔斯的女儿,是不是觉得变化有点大?很正常,她也不小了,毕竟现在已经三岁了。” Sparkling both hands pinched the skirt to suspend the both sides, the both legs intersect good to Margaret proposed the skirt ritual. 闪闪双手捏起裙摆两侧,双腿交叉向玛格丽特行了一个提裙礼。 Present Margaret felt that unusual shock, the growth rate of opposite party has gone beyond her cognitive range, their women radically is a monster. 现在的玛格丽特感到非常的震惊,对方的生长速度已经超出了她的认知范围,他们两人的女人根本就是一个怪物。 „Can Margaret, first remain surprisedly? I am very busy, every day must learn/study the lots.” “玛格丽特,惊讶能先留着吗?我可是很忙的,现在每天都要学习很多东西。”
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