MHCCDC :: Volume #6

#545: Collision

Main text Chapter 546 collides 正文第546章碰撞 Therefore, both of us, can only live.” The Fu Qingjun look has no intent to move, looks that other all previous generations in palace do not extinguish the kings. “所以啊,我们两个人,只能活一个。”付青君神色没有任何意动,看着宫殿里的其他历代不灭帝王们。 Two people inevitably are the old enemies, is doomed only to live a person. 两个人必然是宿敌,注定只活一个人。 Comes up to surrender as for others, is willing to submit, possibly believes? 至于人家一上来就投诚,愿意屈服,可能相信么? Holds in the inextinguishable rule in addition, but others the entire universe most terrifying intelligent talent, once deduced the prehistoric's first person of universe cicada slough used in Chinese medicine. 不灭规则的加持下,人家可是整个宇宙最恐怖智慧才情,曾经推演出宇宙蝉蜕的史前第一人。 Under this wisdom, the difficult insurance opposite party not to have what all sorts of clever tricks. 在这种智慧下,难保对方不会有什么种种诡计。 Let alone, the new substantial surface seat produced, 更何况,新的物质面席位产生了, And, obviously has the method of breaking away from the brand mark control, the pledge and good fortune both brand mark rules are unable thoroughly to believe again how possibly to make the opposite party live? 其中,明显有脱离烙印控制的手段,誓约、造化两个烙印型规则都再无法彻底让人相信,怎么可能让对方活着走出去? At present is the opposite party weakest time, is easiest the time that strikes to kill, Fu Qingjun is impossible to let off. 眼前是对方最虚弱的时刻,最容易击杀的时间,付青君不可能放过。 This is the struggle of life and death, 这是生死之争, This does not have the enmity, may because of the standpoint, those present probably die. 本没有仇怨,可因为立场,在场的人必死一个。 Even, Fu Qingjun took the big risk for this reason, 甚至于,付青君为此冒了巨大的风险, If not for must do, he does not want to intend to handle these matters personally, 如若不是必须要做,他可不想亲自出手处理这些事, Let alone is, ahead of time faces directly one of the that terrifying universe strongest competitors. 更何况是,提前直面那么恐怖的宇宙最强竞争对手之一。 But I have to acknowledge, this is best kill your opportunity, I am taking advantage of somebody.” “但我也不得不承认,这是最好杀你的机会,我在趁人之危。” Fu Qingjun flashes through wipes curiously, are massive this yi however motionless king, „, if I have not guessed that wrong, you are trying the understanding present world universe rule now?” 付青君闪过一抹好奇,大量着这一尊佁然不动的君王,“如果我没有猜错的话,你现在在试着理解现世宇宙的规律?” He did not speak. 他不说话。 With your aptitude, even you are an ancient, presently the rule and edition of the world universe have far exceeded you to say level that can understand, hundreds of billions years of disparity, but to you, actually in fast enters.” “以你的资质,即使你是古人,现世宇宙的规则和版本已经远超过了你说能理解的层面,几千亿年的时间差距,但对你而言,却在飞快的更进。” Fu Qingjun puts out a hand, aims at the opposite party, must kill you, but also was very a pity that strangles you in the cradle .... I to you time, will not come up to write off you thoroughly.” 付青君伸出手,指向对方,“要杀死你,还真的挺可惜的,把你扼杀在摇篮里....我不会给你时间的,一上来就彻底抹杀你。” Bang! 轰! Fu Qingjun puts out a hand to grasp. 付青君伸手一握。 The entire universe explodes void suddenly! 整个宇宙虚空猛然爆裂开! Clever child, killed him!” “乖孩儿们,杀了他!” Surrounding all extinguishes bans Heavenly Venerate everyone, body killing cannot help but to did not extinguish the world to revere. 周围的所有灭禁天尊所有人,身躯都不由自主的杀向了不灭世尊。 Was troublesome.” “麻烦了。” Does not extinguish the world to revere to look that a face is panic-stricken, several descendants who whole face is not willing to kill, knit the brows: His rule can control the oneself son, but my rule, actually cannot control my children.” 不灭世尊看着一脸惊恐、满脸不愿杀来的几尊后代,皱眉道:“他的规则能控制自己的儿子,而我的规则,却不能控制我的孩子们。” In some sense, you are a anomaly, the control want the extremely strong father!” “从某种意义上来说,你才是一个变态,控制欲极强的父亲!” But , can only so.” “不过,也只能如此了。” He puts out a hand to wield, the entire universe big grave starts to vibrate, sweeps across, „the savings strength of entire Cosmic Era, talents of my entire universe collection .... 他伸手一挥,整个宇宙大墓开始震动起来,席卷起来,“整个宇宙纪元的积蓄力量啊,我整个宇宙收集的天才们....” Bang!! 轰!! The innumerable ancient tombs are vibrating, ancient Cosmic Era powerhouses, just regained consciousness, blasts open to become one group of blood fog suddenly, the soul wells up in all directions. 无数古老的墓穴在震动,一尊尊古老的宇宙纪元强者,才刚刚苏醒,猛然炸裂成为了一团血雾,灵魂四面八方涌来。 Soul turns over to!” “魂归!” Does not extinguish the world to revere the opening arm to shout. 不灭世尊张大手臂一呼。 The being buried along with the dead powerhouse in entire universe tomb, all burial figures of warriors and horses all completely died. 整个宇宙墓穴的陪葬强者,所有的兵马俑皆尽死亡。 The inexhaustible soul gathered his body, gradually became a giant soul chaos consciousness body. 无穷无尽的灵魂都汇聚到了他的身上,逐渐成了一个巨大的魂魄混沌意识体。 Really, did you appear the main body?” “果然,你现出本体了么?” Fu Qingjun raises head to look. 付青君仰头看去。 Sees only the vast universe giant who Chengtian carries the place to tower in the land, 只见一尊承天载地的浩瀚宇宙巨人耸立在大地上, His whole body twists, is sending out gloomy and cold and evil, a faint trace ray encirclement twists, this is the unprecedented soul polymer, has the terrifying to the soul pressure of limit. 祂浑身扭曲,散发着阴冷与邪恶,一丝丝光线环绕扭曲,这是史无前例的灵魂聚合物,带着恐怖到极限的灵魂威压。 So that's how it is.” “原来如此。” Fu Qingjun said in a soft voice: You eating they, the common people of entire universe are your energetic grain ration, supplemented that food of spiritual and talent, your ability merely is only the feed soul, but does not operate their souls.” 付青君轻声说道:“你‘吃’了他们,整个宇宙的苍生都是你的精神口粮,补充精神和才情的食物,你的能力仅仅只是进食灵魂,而并非操纵他们的灵魂。” Eventually is the antique edition, 终究是太古版本, Rule that the first Cosmic Era renews, 第一个宇宙纪元更新的规则, If renews in this time, the final several renewals, this rule not necessarily cannot seem like Fu Qingjun to be the same, can operate the soul of common people. 如果在这个时代更新,最后几个更新,这个规则未必不能像是付青君一样,能操纵苍生的灵魂。 Also can only eat the person. 也就只能吃人。 However, this careful thinks, is not weak in the Fu Qingjun good fortune rule. 不过,这仔细一想,也不弱于付青君的造化规则。 The advantage of system deviation is different, 只是体系偏向的优势不同, The opposite party through eating the common people of entire universe, obtain the unprecedented individual terrifying strength and talent, universe cicada slough used in Chinese medicine that even can deduce the future several situations, this is oneself cannot achieve. 对方通过吃整个宇宙的苍生,获得前所未有的个体恐怖战力和才情,甚至能推演到未来几个大势的宇宙蝉蜕,这是自己做不到的。 My wisdom, is invincible.” “我的智慧,是无敌的。” A terrifying ancient dignity existed regained consciousness slowly, 一尊恐怖古老的威严存在缓缓苏醒了, My psychic force, already powerful to spirit that interferes with the entire universe common people, you think that I constructed the tomb by the entire universe, left uncultivated the common people, actually, they live in my dream.” “我的精神力,已经强大到了干涉整个宇宙苍生的精神,你以为我以整个宇宙建造了墓穴,荒废了苍生,其实,他们都活在我的梦里。” In new universe paradise.” “新的宇宙乐园中。” His deep place palm, wields extinguishing of distant place to ban Heavenly Venerate and the others slowly, he was repelled unexpectedly ruthlessly, flew upside down. 他深处手掌,缓缓一挥远处的灭禁天尊等人,他竟然狠狠被击退,倒飞了出去。 Father, no!!!” “父亲,不!!!” They yelled. 他们大叫起来。 Cannot be victorious I, hits our sons?” “打不过我,就打我们儿子?” Fu Qingjun is staring at him, suddenly said with a smile. 付青君盯着他,忽然笑道。 Then, Fu Qingjun waves, I was different, I will kill them directly.” 说罢,付青君一挥手,“我就不同了,我会把他们直接打死。” Bang! 轰! Extinguishes bans the Heavenly Venerate next second of whole person bang, is frightened out of one's wits. 灭禁天尊下一秒整个人嘭的一声,魂飞魄散。 These did not have the Heavenly Venerate body of soul, gradually creeping motion flesh, fusion, for a flesh evil god, changes into the Fu Qingjun main body facial features, confronts with the opposite party distantly. 这些没有了灵魂的天尊身躯,渐渐蠕动血肉,融合为了一尊血肉邪神,化为付青君的本体面容,与对方遥遥对峙。 Fu Qingjun is reveals eventually loves dearly, 付青君终究是露出一些心疼, Was disposable these family members, the universe more than 30 eras, at present this is the savings of more than 20 Cosmic Era, all previous universe emperor, quite exaggerating talents, might be called my less than half piece landscape, I also very loved dearly ....., and to outside, was not good to report on accomplishments, dies so many people to find the excuse.” “一次性死了这些眷属,宇宙才三十多个纪元,眼前这可是二十多个宇宙纪元的积蓄,历代宇宙帝王,一个个都比较夸张的才情,堪称我的小半片江山,我还挺心疼的.....并且到了外面,可不好交差,死了那么多人得找借口。” Does not pay this degree of strength, massive hemorrhage one time, must cope with this ancient existence, definitely is incorrect. 可不付出这种程度的力量,大出血一次,要对付这个古老的存在,肯定是不行的。 Must be ruthless enough, suffices the steamroll, does not give the opportunity that the opposite party overturns. 要够狠,够碾压,才不给对方翻盘的机会。 Does not extinguish the world to revere to look to that flesh evil god of opposite party, knits the brows: My son extinguishes bans, did you kill them unexpectedly? You may be called in the universe history biggest evil!!” 不灭世尊看向对方的那一尊血肉邪神,皱眉道:“吾儿灭禁,你竟然杀了他们?你堪称宇宙史上的最大邪恶!!” Pitifully...” In his heart actually secretly thought/passage. “可惜...”他心中却暗道。 Originally he wants to seize the chance to kill extinguished bans Heavenly Venerate and the others, defeated one by one, ate their soul and remembers, knew the edition and knowledge that now the universe renews by this, then oneself was separated from ancient, the knowledge deposit background rose sharply, kept up with the disadvantage of time, his assurance to increased. 本来他想趁机杀了灭禁天尊等人,逐个击破,吃了他们的灵魂和记忆,以此知晓现在宇宙更新的版本和知识,那么自己就脱离了古人的行列,知识储蓄底蕴大涨,也就跟上了时代的劣势,对上他的把握大增。 What a pity... 可惜... The opposite party do not give oneself to kill their opportunities. 对方根本不给自己杀他们的机会。 Really troubled.” “真的麻烦了。” I as before am an ancient, cannot see the new times the universe information, the difference of information was too big, situation to my too disadvantage.” “我依旧是个古人,看不到新时代的宇宙信息,信息差太大了,局势对我太劣势了。” Does not extinguish the world to revere the look to be ease, the double pupil projects none. 不灭世尊神色悠然,双眸射出精光。 He starts unprecedented, to exceed all terrifying wisdom using oneself and calculates the strength, goes through the extremely terrifying slight observation, the sensation, plans the opposite party current strength, deduces the future that this fights. 他开始利用自己前所未有、超越一切的恐怖智慧和算力,去通过极其恐怖的细微观察,感知,算计对方当前的战力,推演这一战的未来。 He can deduce the universe situation cicada slough used in Chinese medicine, the innumerable era later trends, naturally also depended upon this point. 他能推演宇宙大势蝉蜕,无数个纪元后的走向,自然也是依靠了这一点。 The wisdom of entire universe common people gathers in the same place, making him some degree of investigation extremely universe celestial phenomenon, can calculate that completely the causes and effects situation, calculates completely all of the world. 整个宇宙苍生的智慧汇聚在一块,让他成为了某种程度的究极宇宙天象,能算尽因果大势,算尽天下的一切。 His strength, fused extinguished bans Heavenly Venerate and the others, already steamroll my 17 times, and knowledge far exceeded in my ancient.” “他的战力,融合了灭禁天尊等人,已经碾压我十七倍,并且知识远超于我这个古人。” I as for step by step first defense am a lord, resists the attack of opposite party, then understands on the opposite party the new time rule, the understanding new times, then gradually counter-attack...” “我至于一步步先防守为主,抗住对方的进攻,然后读懂对方身上新的时代规则,理解新时代,然后渐渐反击...” Winning percentage, only then 1.032, however in knowing my eye of future, this as before is 100%.” “胜率只有1.032,但是在知晓未来的我眼中,这就依旧是百分之百。” In his heart has the odds of success, his rule, is that strange, powerful. 他心中已然有了胜算,他的规则,就是那么离奇,强大。 But when he thinks, at present suddenly one black. 可是就在他那么想的时候,眼前忽然一黑。 Had uncertainties. 出现了变数。 „A you self-confident appearance, should have the card in a hand, not as I expected.” “你一副自信满满的样子,应该还有底牌,没有出乎我的意料。” After all, I focus on the flesh fusion, some attached wisdom fusions, made the brain of my intelligence raise this altitude, let alone your rule that was expert in this ability??” “毕竟,我主打血肉融合,附属的一些智慧融合,都让我的智慧之脑提升到了这种高度,更何况你这个专精这个能力的规则??” I do not know that you calculate anything, I do not know you have any fearful operation, but I can only the crude steamroll.” “我不知道你算到了什么,我也不知道你有什么可怕操作,但我只能粗暴碾压。” Come, one breath show-hand.” “来吧,一口气梭哈。” Fu Qingjun were not many said that even fermented to be disinclined to ferment, put out all strengths directly. 付青君不多说,甚至酝酿都懒得酝酿,直接拿出了所有的实力。 Bang! 轰! All Heavenly Venerate of entire universe, everyone 5 strengths arrive to oneself on. 整个宇宙的所有天尊,每一个人五的力量降临到自己身上。 At this moment, as if had what universe ultimate inconceivable to exist to arrive in this universe, as if the ultimate evil god in food chain peak, the myriad things body, arrived in the land, his full pitch-black long hair brandished, just like connecting the myriad things common people of endless universe stars, was the only hub in world. 这一刻,仿佛有什么宇宙终极的不可思议存在降临到了这个宇宙中,仿佛食物链顶端的终极邪神,万物躯壳,降临在大地上,他满头乌黑长发挥舞,一根根宛若连接着无尽宇宙星辰的万物苍生,是世间的唯一枢纽。 Steamroll my 17 times, but can also continue?” The world hold great ancestor looks at this present one dumbfoundedly, this person, is...” “碾压我十七倍了,还要继续来?”世盛太祖瞠目结舌的看着这眼前的一幕,“这个人,到底是...” Still in looking for " my hair can create monster country " free novel? 还在找"我的头发能创造妖国"免费小说? hundred degrees celsius direct search: "……" Looked that the novel is very simple! 百度直接搜索:""看小说很简单!
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