MUD :: Volume #16 百年孤独·不死之心

#981: Chaotic feudal lord

The experience crossed Chen Taisheng to plant own emperor medicine in Chen Ming five ochre, Chen Ming was also understands. 见识过了陈太生将自己的帝药种在了陈明的五色土之中,陈明也算是明白了。 Five ochre need to pay attention, is only the quantity of planter. 五色土需要注意的,只是种植的数量。 Many of too planter, will consume completely the productive capacity of the soil, causing is unable to continue to plant in a short time. 种植的太多,会消耗尽土力,导致无法在短时间内继续栽种。 Plants words, will not have other what problem. 只是种一株的话,并不会出现什么别的问题。 In an instant, is that day of teaching, Chen Ming early is and marquis goes to the place that Shen Taicang taught. 转眼,已经是授课的那一天,陈明早早的便是和侯爵来到了沈太仓授课的地方。 That is a side square, was Chen Ming saw Shen Taicang that position initially. 那是一方广场,便是陈明当初见到沈太仓的那个位置。 Above spacious square, only then more than ten individuals, are divided into two schools, stands on one side respectively. 空旷的广场之上,只有着十多个人,分成两派,各自站在一边。 The step of Chen Ming following marquis walked, here feudal lord, should be divided into the deaths and life two lineage/vein. A liking training life of life lineage/vein, died liking of lineage/vein to massacre life absorption strength. 陈明跟着侯爵的步子走了过去,这里的领主,应该是分成了死亡和生命两脉。生命一脉的喜欢培养生灵,死亡一脉的喜欢杀掉生灵吸取其中的力量。 The present time is 11 p.m. to 1 a.m, benefits from informing of marquis, he then arrived here very much early. 现在的时间是子时,得益于侯爵的告知,他很早便是来到了这里。 both sides add, but also only has 18 people, but died a feudal lord of department more actually. 双方加起来,不过也只有十八人,不过倒是死亡一系的领主更多。 At this moment, Chen Ming can feel that everyone is the look one tight, some people came. 就在这时,陈明能够感觉到所有人都是神色一紧,有人来了。 He watches following everyone's wood to the exit|to speak, can see that is a long gown that wears the mark the livelihood, the back has the black big flag young people. 他顺着所有人的木观看向出口,可以看得到那是一个身穿纹着日月的长袍,背后有着黑色大麾的年轻人。 In the eyes of young people have wipes the partly visible haughtiness, but are more, as before is calm. 年轻人的眼中有着一抹若隐若现的狂傲,但是更多的,依旧是沉稳。 He arrives at the Chen Ming front directly, nods toward the Chen Ming smile, „, is very good, later must try hard cultivation, is quite easy to learn territory main here.” 他径直走到陈明的面前,朝着陈明微笑点头,“嗯,很不错,以后要努力修行,在域主这里好好学。” Although Chen Ming is a little not at heart quick, but is insufficient to be mental handicap same like one, coming up then provokes this fellow. 陈明虽说心里有点不快,但是不至于如同一个智障一样,上来便是招惹这个家伙。 On this fellow gives the aura of person to be very chaotic, like various aura spots as mixed as one. 这个家伙身上给人的气息很混乱,如同各种气息斑杂到了一起。 Chaotic. 混乱。 Chen Ming like seeing the top of the head of this young people was carving the chaotic two characters. 陈明如同看到了这个年轻人的头顶刻着混乱两个字。 This should be the marquis has said that in azure deep domain, spirit world most powerful that feudal lord. 这应该就是侯爵说过的那个,青冥界域之中,灵界这边最强大的那位领主了。 The opposite party are grasping, is a second-order feudal lord class authority. 对方掌握着的,是一种二阶的领主类权柄。 He patted the shoulder of Chen Ming with a smile, reveals wipes the look of care, I am called Yang Qing, later, comes across the terrible business that anything cannot solve, can look for me.” 他笑着拍了拍陈明的肩膀,露出一抹关心的神色,“我叫做杨青,以后,遇到了什么不能自己解决的麻烦事,可以来找我。” Chen Ming cups one hand in the other across the chest, many thanks.” 陈明拱手,“多谢。” Yang Qing returned to that side the death feudal lord, stands in the frontline, calmly waits for Shen Taicang to harness. 杨青回到了死亡领主那一边,在最前方站好,静静地等待着沈太仓驾到。 Passed a double-hour, has two double-hour from the time that Shen Taicang stipulates, Shen Taicang arrived, a black form appears above the stage, he looked below many feudal lord one eyes, then said: Very good, comes very much early.” 过了一个时辰,距离沈太仓规定的时间还有着两个时辰,沈太仓到了,一袭黑色的身影出现在高台之上,他看了下方的众多领主一眼,然后道:“很好,都来得很早。” The people are simultaneous/uniform simultaneous/uniform said submissively: Has seen the teacher!” 众人都是齐齐拱手道:“见过老师!” Shen Taicang nods, then said: I will leave eventually, to a farther place, but in you, the person becomes the new territory lord surely.” 沈太仓点头,然后道:“我终究会离开,去往更远的地方,而你们之中,必定有一个人成为新的域主。” The people said again submissively: Student knew.” 众人都是再次拱手道:“学生知道了。” Chen Ming was in the heart was also startled at this moment, originally Shen Taicang trained these feudal lords, was not for treating as under. 陈明在此刻也是心中惊了惊,原来沈太仓培养这些领主,并不是为了当做属下。 He is training the new territory lord. 他是在培养新的域主。 Chen Ming has not seen Shen Taicang main body, therefore cannot look at Shen Taicang is what race. 陈明没有见过沈太仓的本体,所以看不出来沈太仓到底是什么种族。 However for these days, from the mouths of others, Chen Ming knows a point, that is Shen Taicang is the spirit clan of pure blood. 不过这几天,从其他人的口中,陈明知道了一点,那就是沈太仓是属于纯血的灵族。 But the spirit clan, in magic arts, has the advantage that other races are unable to follow. 而灵族,在法术方面,有着其他种族都无法望其项背的优势。 The talent of spirit clan is very powerful, but is inescapable a rule. 灵族的天赋很强大,但是却无法逃脱一条规则。 The bloodlines are powerful, then more is hard to give birth, the population of spirit clan are not many. 血脉越是强大,便越是难以生育,灵族的人口并不多。 The great strength of bloodlines makes them have enough powerhouses, but too many people have not controlled ten thousand boundary/world. 血脉的强大让他们拥有着足够数量的强者,但是并没有太多的人去控制万界。 Chen Ming gradually understands Shen Taicang training next territory main intention, spirit clan own feudal lord is insufficient, feudal lord who therefore can only urge other races. 陈明逐渐明白了沈太仓培养下一个域主的用意,灵族自己的领主不够,所以只能驱使其他种族的领主。 In this case, the feudal lords of other races then become have the value to get up. 在这种情况下,其他种族的领主便变得有价值起来。 The spirit clan, needs the attached race. 灵族,需要附属种族。 They did not worry that these attached races are powerful, does not have their spirit clan to be powerful again powerful, this is the talent decision. 他们并不担心这些附属种族强大,再强大也没有他们灵族强大,这是天赋决定的。 Therefore, they are happy to see the powerful feudal lord. 所以,他们更乐于看到强大的领主。 They will give powerful feudal lord many support, making them more powerful. 他们会给予强大的领主更多的支持,让他们变得更加强大。 The meaning is actually very simple, that is, here, you can show your talent unscrupulously, the talent is better, the promotion cultivates to be quicker, the reward that you obtain are also more. 意思其实很简单,那就是,在这里,你可以肆无忌惮的彰显自己的天赋,天赋越好,提升修为越快,那么,你得到的奖励也就越多。 Shen Taicang quickly is starts to teach, today must say that was the life feudal lord, the death feudal lord, difference between chaotic feudal lords.” 沈太仓很快便是开始授课,“今天要说的,是生命领主,死亡领主,混乱领主之间的区别。” Life feudal lord, the subordinate has more soldiers generally, because they need more powerhouses, can be obtained returning nurturing to parents of more life by oneself. But the death feudal lord was different, they through controlling death in the world, the strength of absorption death, their subordinates, the soldier were not perhaps many, but each, killed from the corpse mountain blood sea.” “生命领主,一般麾下拥有着更多的战士,因为他们需要更多的强者,才能让自己获得更多的生灵的反哺。而死亡领主则不同,他们通过控制着的世界中的死亡,吸取其中的死亡之力,他们的麾下,或许战士不多,但是每一个,都是从尸山血海之中杀出来的。” But do not think that for this reason, you think that death feudal lord enough many armies, the army of death feudal lord, many origins have not been the malicious ghosts.” “但是不要以为因为这个原因,你们就以为死亡领主没有足够多的军队,死亡领主的军队,更多的来源是恶鬼。” Chaotic feudal lord is different, because the chaotic feudal lord authority outset is at least second-order, therefore the subordinate of chaotic feudal lord, but also has other feudal lords . Moreover the chaotic feudal lord will guarantee among these feudal lords, is disagrees absolutely.” “混乱领主则有所不同,由于混乱的领主权柄起始便是至少二阶,所以混乱领主的麾下,还有着其他的领主,而且混乱领主会保证这些领主之间,绝对是不和的。” Speaking of these words time, Chen Ming can see, Yang Qing has no look of changing countenance. 说到这句话的时候,陈明可以看得到,杨青并没有任何动容的神色。 But in his behind, arranged at the frontline death feudal lord and life feudal lord looked at each other one mutually. 而在他的身后,排在最前方的死亡领主和生命领主互相对视了一眼。 Oh, this Yang Qing, is a little fierce! 乖乖,这个杨青,有点厉害啊! The frontline life feudal lord and death feudal lord were strongest besides Yang Qing, but actually gave loyalty to Yang Qing! 最前方的生命领主和死亡领主可是除了杨青以外最强的,但是却都效忠杨青! Shen Taicang exposed Yang Qing's secret directly, but this life feudal lord and death feudal lord, actually had no opinion to Yang Qing, but looked to the opposite party! 沈太仓直接点破了杨青的秘密,但是这生命领主和死亡领主,竟然对杨青没有任何意见,而是看向了对方! Knows obviously Yang Qing wants them to massacre mutually, gives loyalty to Yang Qing, this Yang Qing, some evildoer/monstrous talent! 明明知道杨青想要他们互相残杀,还是效忠杨青,这个杨青,有些妖孽啊! Looks at this situation, Yang Qing estimated that is nine step Great Emperor, is a feudal lord, this terrors. 看这种情况,杨青估计是个九阶大帝,还是一个领主,这就有些恐怖了。 Perhaps his status, endures compared with the Daoist deity! 他的身份,恐怕堪比道君! But actual might that he manifests suddenly, perhaps are only many. 而他发作起来的实际威力,恐怕只多不少。 Shen Taicang continued, „the source of chaotic feudal lord strength was chaotic, chaotic together, most profound, wonderful was also wonderful, although was chaotic, but is actually maintaining the restraint, was not the absolute confusion.” 沈太仓继续说着,“混乱领主力量的来源是混乱,混乱一道,玄之又玄,妙之又妙,虽说是混乱,但是却保持着克制,并不是绝对的混乱。” After two double-hour, Shen Taicang has said that the people also depart respectively, Yang Qing has not spoken to anybody, then walked directly, in his behind, a death feudal lord, followed with a life feudal lord. 两个时辰之后,沈太仓已经说完了,众人也是各自离去,杨青也是没有跟任何人说话,便是直接走了,在他的身后,一位死亡领主,和一位生命领主跟随。 The marquis looked at Chen Ming one, then said: Thought Yang Qing is very strange?” 侯爵看了陈明一眼,然后道:“是不是觉得杨青挺奇怪的?” Chen Ming nods. 陈明点头。 The marquis said: „The feudal lord of chaotic lineage/vein is this, even if you told him subordinate feudal lord, was their leaders makes them kill one another, but they respected this leader as before.” 侯爵道:“混乱一脉的领主就是这样,即便是你告诉他麾下的领主,就是他们的首领让他们自相残杀的,但是他们依旧尊敬这个首领。” Chaotic feudal lord, needs very strong strength, and boldness can the achievement, why this also be the authority of chaotic feudal lord is the second-order reason.” “混乱领主,需要很强大的实力,以及魄力才能成就,这也是为什么混乱领主的权柄是二阶的原因。”
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