MSG :: Volume #24

#2337: Chapter 2199

Thorne! Ma Brother Russ! Emperor mountain! Collaborates with me, otherwise you immediately on step my footsteps! This monster cannot let off your, will not let off me like him. Now collaborates, we have the opportunity. When he eliminated me, your cannot run away!” “西索恩!舒玛哥拉斯!维山帝!和我联手,不然你们马上就会步上我的后尘!这个怪物不会放过你们的,就像他不会放过我一样。现在联手,我们还有机会。等他消灭了我,你们一个个的都跑不掉!” Will Setto Larke pray for rescue? If before this place, absolutely is the matter that all of them cannot believe. But at present this matter unexpectedly really occurrence at present, this while letting them has an incredible feeling, was lets give birth for several points in their hearts not being able to bear to fear intent. 赛托拉克会求救?这要是放在以前,绝对是他们所有人都不敢相信的事情。而眼下这种事情居然真的发生在眼前,这在让他们有一种荒诞感觉的同时,也是让他们心中忍不住的生出了几分惧意。 Their very clear Setto Larke's great strength. It can be said that Setto Larke is in them most powerful one. If Setto Larke is not even able to deal with such opponent, and situation that also embarrassed enough to needs to request reinforcements to them, they have to consider, needed of cooperation. 他们很清楚赛托拉克的强大。可以说,赛托拉克是他们中最强大的一个。而如果连赛托拉克都无法应对这样的对手,并且还窘迫到需要向他们求援的地步,他们就不得不去考量一下,到底有没有合作的必要了。 In this, Thorne is known as the deep god. Is the origin and founder of black magic. It can be said that the black magic of entire universe has the complicated relations with him, but he also frequently through a magic precious book that is called the dark god book comes to steal the strength from the mortal, comes as expanding own source. 这里面,西索恩号称冥神。是黑魔法的起源和创始人。可以说整个宇宙的黑魔法都和他有着千丝万缕的关系,而他也经常通过一本叫做黑暗神书的魔法宝典来从凡人身上窃取力量,来作为壮大自己的源泉。 Sounds is somewhat familiar, is some fellow named Mame is somewhat similar. This is natural, because of Mame to a certain extent, is the Thorne's inferior mocker. 听起来是不是有些熟悉,是不是和某个叫做多玛姆的家伙有些类似。这是当然的,因为多玛姆从某种程度上来说,就是西索恩的劣质模仿者。 Mame imitated manufacture the book of death to mislead these will not firm masters through oneself, making them choose to betray own race and star under the seduction of strength, thus provided a gluttony grand feast for him. But Thorne is not so, he does not have Mame to be shortsighted, without him eats what is offered. 多玛姆通过自己模仿制造的死亡之书来蛊惑那些心志不坚的法师,让他们在力量的诱惑之下选择背叛自己的种族和星球,从而为他提供一场饕餮盛宴。而西索恩则不然,他没有多玛姆这么短视,也没有他这么饥不择食。 No dark dimension Thorne who needs to maintain wants free many. Naturally, he gains the method of strength wisely. The destruction, that is the matter that the idiot can handle. Compares in this short-lived business, what he likes shears the behavior of fragrant-flowered garlic. 没有一个黑暗维度需要自己去维系的西索恩要自由的多。当然,他获取力量的方法也更加的高明。毁灭,那是蠢货才会做的事情。相比较于这种一锤子买卖,他更加喜欢的是割韭菜的行为。 Spreads own dark god book to each civilized race of universe, uses these masters' hopes to the dark knowledge to make them spread the origin from his black magic. He has no interest regarding the stars of these masters, his interest is, these learn/study the price that the fellows of his black magic must pay. 将自己的黑暗神书扩散到宇宙的各个文明种族之中,利用那些法师对黑暗知识的渴望来让他们散布来源自他的黑魔法。他对于这些法师的星球没有什么兴趣,他的兴趣是,那些学习了他黑魔法的家伙们所要付出的代价。 Yes, the book of darkness must pay the price. Essentially it is a contract book. Learned the master of black magic to be equal to him signed the contract, while obtaining powerful black magic, they also oneself part even completely, betrayed to Thorne. 是的,黑暗之书是要付出代价的。本质上来说它就是一本契约书。从中学会了黑魔法的法师等同于和他签订了契约,在获得强大黑魔法的同时,他们也是将自己的一部分甚至全部,出卖给了西索恩。 This is the incomparably wise action, even as wise had not planned that as Thorne covers up own intention. He allows these masters to know the price that the book of learn/study darkness needs to pay, because he did not worry, because these masters will give up such a seed grafting touching the magic palace highest mystery to dark fear the way. 这是无比高明的举措,甚至高明到西索恩都没有打算去掩盖自己的这种意图。他允许那些法师们知晓学习黑暗之书所需要付出的代价,因为他一点也不担心,那些法师们会因为对黑暗的畏惧而放弃这么一种接触到魔法殿堂最高奥秘的途径。 It is not each master has the qualifications to contact the magic the true deep meaning. When is also not, the strength can the tentacle be possible. Experienced the innumerable years, witnessed innumerable society vicissitudes of life. Thorne understood that clearly the intelligent life is how one type contradictory and has the interesting lifeform. 不是每一个法师都有资格接触到魔法的真正奥义的。也不是什么时候,力量都能触手可及的。经历了无数的岁月,见证了无数次人世间的悲欢离合。西索恩非常清楚的了解到智慧生灵到底是怎么样一种矛盾而有有趣的生物。 Sometimes they for the powerful strength, will betray oneself all even souls for the boundless ambition. But sometimes, they actually also for ideal, for responsibility and mission, was willing to sacrifice all for the so-called love, only to could protect all these strengths. 他们有时候会为了强大的力量,为了茫茫的野心而出卖自己的所有甚至灵魂。而有的时候,他们却也会为了理想、为了责任和使命,为了所谓的爱而甘愿去牺牲所有,只为或许能够保护这一切的力量。 Thorne is generous. Which person, so long as is willing to sign the contract with him, he is willing to deliver to go out the strength of black magic. Through the ages, countless people had made similar choice, but the result that this brings is, in exchange that Thorne's strength in this your sentiment I hope becomes strength even more. 西索恩是慷慨的。不论是哪种人,只要愿意和他签订契约,他都愿意将黑魔法的力量交付出去。古往今来,无数的人都曾经做过类似的选择,而这带来的结果就是,西索恩的力量在这种你情我愿的交易之中变得越发的壮大。 Can become in the universe the highest level demon god, this also explained anything. But looked Thorne's means are so effective, and continuously. 能成为宇宙中最顶级的魔神,这本身也就说明了一些什么。而一看西索恩的办法如此行之有效,并且源源不绝。 Regarding this, as the founder of white magic, Emperor mountain indicated that your means really good, but quick was my. 对此,作为白魔法的创始人,维山帝就表示,你的办法真的不错,但很快就是我的了。 Among the dimension demon gods may the view of no copyright non- copyright, an effective method, naturally be able to attract the innumerable fans. Emperor mountain borrowed Thorne's means naturally, but also is therefore, he becomes can with existence that it is on par with. 维度魔神之间可没有什么版权不版权的说法,一个行之有效的手段,自然能吸引到无数的拥趸。维山帝理所当然的借用了西索恩的办法,而也是因此的,他成为了能够与之比肩的存在。 Emperor mountain, is known as the god of Trinity. Respectively was Ago motor and Ao Shutu as well as Hogue three antiquity gods. They formed the alliance in the ancient times, and has run amuck in the universe with the name of Trinity Emperor mountain. 维山帝,号称三位一体之神。分别是阿戈摩托、奥淑图以及霍格斯三位上古神明。他们在远古的时候组成了联盟,并且一直以三位一体维山帝的名字在宇宙之中横行。 And the name of Ago motor perhaps sounds somewhat familiar, even very difficult disagreement/not with supreme master to link. But in this naturally has a cause. 其中阿戈摩托的名字或许听起来有些熟悉,甚至很难不和至尊法师联系在一起。而这里面自然是有一份因缘的。 In Smith. Before Zhou Chengwei first supreme master, in the master has an lineage/vein school to maintain the inheritance of Emperor mountain is the lord, and always in the uncrowned king by master poses as. Because the hand is grasping the reason of eye of divine tool Ago motor, to a certain extent they are also deserve. However pitifully, they meet the scarlet pine nut that the samsara was reincarnated, existence beyond this specification. 在史密斯.周成为首任的至尊法师之前,法师中有一脉流派是以维山帝的传承为主,并且向来是以法师中的无冕之王而自居的。因为手握着神器阿戈摩托之眼的缘故,某种程度上他们也算是当之无愧。然而可惜,他们遇到了轮回转世的赤松子,这个规格之外的存在。 In that was deciding the whole world high below master fights a decisive battle, the inheritance of Emperor mountain completely cuts off on Earth, eye of divine tool Ago motor also loses, finally went through many places to fall into the hand of ancient master. 在那场决定着整个世界高下的法师决战中,维山帝的传承在地球上彻底断绝,就连阿戈摩托之眼这件神器也随之遗失,最后辗转落入到了古一法师的手中。 This is one has the taunt fact very much, but on this point, mountain Emperor Smith. The week is regarded as a special old friend, is not strange. 这是一个很具有嘲讽性的事实,而就这一点来说,维山帝会把史密斯.周看做是一个特殊的老朋友,一点都不奇怪。 Naturally, regardless him and Smith. The gratitude and grudges between weeks do not raise. Emperor mountain essentially is one through the powerful demon god who trading the contract expands the strength. He and Thorne have no essential difference, if insisted saying that was he is also lending this aspect slightly tolerant that some probably. 当然,抛开他和史密斯.周之间的恩怨不提。维山帝本质上还是一个通过贩卖契约来壮大自己力量的强大魔神。他和西索恩并没有什么本质上的区别,如果硬要说有,那么大概也就是他在借贷这方面稍微的宽容那么一些。 Thorne does not allow to have with the person who sign the contract any violates the contract the behavior, above this, he even in most cold blood and brutal the banker the world is harsher. But Emperor mountain is different, he allows these promisors to fall behind, even counter-balance to a certain extent. To him, so long as does not lose money, then this is one is good to buy and sell. 西索恩并不允许和自己签订契约的人有任何违背契约的行为,在这点之上,他甚至比人类世界中最为冷血和残酷的银行家还要苛刻。但维山帝不同,他允许那些契约者拖欠,甚至某种程度上的抵消。对于他来说,只要不亏本,那么这就是一笔好买卖。 The fragrant-flowered garlic are many are, does not need that harsh. In this regard, in he and mud must grip Thorne who lubricates to have difference essentially. 韭菜多得是,没有必要那么的苛刻。在这点上,他和泥巴里都要攥出一点油来的西索恩有着本质上的不同。 Emperor mountain and Thorne look like very much, is almost front and back on coin. If said that they are the magic dark and bright two extreme symbols, then Ma Brother Russ, was completely with their different another extreme. 维山帝和西索恩很像,几乎是一个硬币上的正反面。而如果说他们是魔法黑暗和光明的两个极端象征的话,那么舒玛哥拉斯,就是完全和他们不一样的另一个极端了。 Eye demon Ma Brother Russ, is a completely chaos void demon god. Its contour is a giant eyeball, is throwing over heavy/thick like the armor skin and octopus tentacle. Is same like myth these ancient God. But is not only the appearance is similar, his ability is also exactly the same. 眼魔舒玛哥拉斯,是完全混沌虚空的一个魔神。它的外形是一个巨大的眼球,披着厚重如同盔甲般的皮肤以及章鱼般的触手。如同克苏鲁神话中的那些古神一样。而不仅仅是外貌相似,他的能力也如出一辙。 Has him of powerful mind strength often to spread the incomparably chaotic thought with the will, but usually, a little mind complementary waves affect on some life star slightly, this star will catch some plague to be the same probably, in the absolute confusion and disorder, the thorough trend perishes. 具备强大心灵力量的他往往散布着无比混乱的思想和意志,而通常之下,稍微有一点心灵余波波及到某个生命星球上,这个星球就会像是染上某种瘟疫一样,在绝对的混乱和无序之中,彻底的走向灭亡。 The dimension that the innumerable years, the innumerable civilizations, stars and even the evil god grasp, incurs to destroy because of his wreaking havoc. If said that he obtained anything, that is anything does not have. 无数年来,无数的文明、星球乃至邪神所掌握的维度,都因为他的肆虐而招致毁灭。而如果说他在这其中得到了什么的话,那就是什么都没有。 He does not need probably many Mame such to swallow the life planet to expand oneself strength, does not need to seem like Thorne as well as Emperor mountain such, must by spreading own strength returns nurturing to parents oneself body. His all actions are insignificant, even he himself is very difficult to state some sense of purpose. 他既不需要像是多玛姆那样吞噬生命行星来壮大自己的力量,也不需要像是西索恩以及维山帝那样,要靠散布自己的力量来反哺己身。他所有的行动都是无意义的,甚至连他自己都很难陈述出某种目的性。 Complete chaos and confused, but this is Ma Brother Russ's essence, he is the control of chaos and disorder. But said no matter how, he is in the entire universe, one of the most powerful several evil gods. 完全的混沌和迷乱,而这正是舒玛哥拉斯的本质,他就是混沌与无序的主宰。但不管怎么说,他都是整个宇宙之中,最强大的几个邪神之一。 He, Thane, Emperor mountain also has Setto Larke, in many adhere to stick cohere in the main material universe dimension, they are strongest several. You found compared with they more powerful existence very much difficultly again. But now, they gather together. Faces in them most powerhouse dark red to control Setto Larke's request, actually during fell into as if by prior agreement was in a dilemma. 他,西塞恩,维山帝还有赛托拉克,在诸多附着于主物质宇宙的维度之中,他们就是最强的几个。你很难再找到比他们更加强大的存在。而现在,他们汇聚一堂。面对着他们中的最强者深红主宰赛托拉克的请求,却是不约而同的陷入了两难之中。 The scruples of Emperor mountain are very simple, that is he was worried that oneself is unable to contend with catastrophe such monster. But relative, Thane and Ma Brother Russ on complex many. 维山帝的顾忌很简单,那就是他担心自己无法与浩劫这样的怪物相抗衡。而相对之下,西塞恩和舒玛哥拉斯就复杂的多了。 Thane as the fine egotist, the complete devil disposition, he wants certainly to handle some things of harming others to benefit oneself. For example urges these fellows to go to and catastrophe goes all out, best put together one to perish together, but he has victory fall into one's lap finally, becomes most great strength in entire universe. 西塞恩作为精致的利己主义者,完全的魔鬼心性,他当然更想做一些损人利己的事情。比方说促使这几个家伙去和浩劫拼命,最好拼一个同归于尽,而他最后坐收渔人之利,成为整个宇宙中的最强大者。 This may present the matter in dream, even said in the dream, might hitting to awake by certain unexpected visitors. Demon god who in the universe some can fall asleep, for example Ma Brother Russ , he if notices Thane to have such dreamland, will then run up to his dreamland absolutely unrestrained/no trace of politeness, gives him to select the special benefit to taste. 这只可能是会出现在梦中的事情,甚至说在梦中,都有可能会被某些不速之客给打醒。宇宙中有的是能入梦的魔神,比方说舒玛哥拉斯,他要是注意到西塞恩生出这样的梦境,那么绝对会毫不客气的跑到他的梦境里,给他点特殊的甜头尝尝。 This point Thorne is also well aware. Even if had similar idea, he still quick this idea eliminating. 这一点西索恩自己也是心知肚明。所以即便是有了类似的想法,他也很快的就把这种想法给打消下去。 Facing reality, then is also the need really strives to deal with catastrophe monster. However said freely he realizes this realistic urgency, but essentially, he has certain evasion and leaving things to chance. For example, the brothers and on me and brothers give on me these two ways, he is obviously partial in the latter. 面对现实,那么也就是需要真的出力去应对浩劫这种怪物。然而尽管说他意识到这种现实的迫切性,但是本质上,他还是存在着一定的回避和侥幸心理。比方说,弟兄们和我上以及弟兄们给我上这两种方式,他就是明显偏向于后者的。 Counted on that he charges before, comes confrontation on a upfront with the catastrophe, this is not realistic. He most is also willing to drift away in the battlefield corner, makes an outsider who plays edge ball. 指望他冲锋在前,和浩劫来一个正面上的交锋,这并不现实。他自己最多也就是愿意游离在战场的角落,做一个打擦边球的边缘人。 This person is not trustworthy. This point Setto Larke also understands. In his eyes, including Emperor mountain, everyone on the scene is actually not worth him trusting. However he does not have to choose. 这种人是不值得信任的。这一点赛托拉克自己心里也明白。在他眼中,包括维山帝在内,在场的每一个人其实都不值得他信任。但是他没得选择。 These mixed fish, they have not even joined the qualifications of this war. Is only the complementary waves, may they give the elimination the dregs not remaining. Let them join to add troublesome to oneself, Setto Larke had not planned, for they waste oneself mental effort. 那些杂鱼们,他们甚至都没有加入这场战争的资格。仅仅只是余波,都有可能把他们给消灭的连渣都不剩下。让他们加入进来只是给自己平添麻烦,赛托拉克还不打算为了他们去浪费自己的心力。 He can count on such several, but what thoughts these people will be hitting, he naturally is clear. 他能指望的就这么几个,而这几个人会打着什么样的心思,他当然是一清二楚。 Thorne is only thinking benefits, is actually not willing to have the strength. This is quite good. Probably fellow who Emperor mountain this type consistent and they do not deal with, perhaps he must guard against this person to be able the evil behind-the-scenes manipulator under his back. This has the possible matter, if can decide the victory and defeat at one fell swoop, then he might neglect and general idea/careless while himself very much for a while, will come a round of just back thorn to oneself. 西索恩只想着捞好处,却不肯出实力。这还是比较好的。像是维山帝这种一贯和他们不对付的家伙,他恐怕还要提防一下这种人会不会在他的背后下黑手。这不是没有可能的事情,如果说能够一举决定胜负的话,那么他很有可能会趁着自己一时疏忽和大意,给自己来一发正义的背刺。 Do not think that Emperor mountain as the founder of white magic is the so-called honorable gentleman. He said no matter how also in the final powerhouse who in the innumerable demon gods emerges. Stops at nothing in these, in demon god who deceitfully and coexists viciously, he wants to survive, wants to win, can only be more deceitful than and vicious them. But are so innumerable year later, he has become has no difference from them. 别以为维山帝作为白魔法的创始人就是所谓的正人君子。要知道,他不管怎么说也是在无数的魔神之中脱颖而出的最终强者。在那些无所不用其极,狡诈与狠毒并存的魔神之中,他想要生存,想要胜利,就只能比他们更加的狡诈和狠毒。而这么无数年下来,他早已经变得和他们没有什么区别。 Against Emperor Fan Weishan, this is the inherent connotation. In addition, a Ma Brother Russ, is needs Setto Russ to guard. 防范维山帝,这是应有之义。此外,还有一个舒玛哥拉斯,更是需要赛托拉斯去防范。 If Emperor mountain is that type when the victory and defeat has decided will have to defect the words of possible fellow, then Ma Brother Russ, he will handle the matter that what this is who cannot guess correctly. 如果说维山帝是那种只有在胜负已定的时候才会有反水可能的家伙的话,那么舒玛哥拉斯,他会做什么这是谁都猜不到的事情。 Stemming from chaos and disorder does not have the logic completely, Setto Russ even worried that he will most start or the midway defects directly. Others are harm others to benefit oneself, but he actually the acrobatics that may play these to harm others but not benefit oneself. 出于混沌与无序的完全无逻辑性,赛托拉斯甚至担心他会在最开始或者中途就直接反水。别人是损人利己,而他却很有可能玩那些损人不利己的把戏。 This matter , the first time was not he did. These times of past, he did that most also by himself dirtily, everyone was swindled to eat the melon people, had a look at the joke. However now at this time , he if plays this trick, that is awfully. 这种事情,也不是他第一次做了。以往的那些时候,他这么做最多也就是让自己灰头土脸,大家在边上当个吃瓜群众,看看笑话。但是现在这个时候,他要是玩这种把戏,那可是要命的。 Properly speaking, out of security concerns, the stage that even if he in most does not start to the elimination this hazard factor, will still exclude him directly from the category of cooperation. However the reality is actually, even if lacked his strength merely, Setto Lackner will have an uneasy feeling. 按理来说,出于安全考虑,他就算是不把这种危险因素给消灭在最开始的阶段,也应该是把他给直接排除在合作的范畴之外。然而现实却是,哪怕仅仅只是缺少了他一个人的力量,赛托拉克内心里都会有一种惴惴不安的感觉。 The catastrophe was too powerful, to him felt powerful must unite the strength that all can unite, had the possibility to go with it contending. His no choice. 浩劫到底是太强大了,强大到了他感觉必须要团结所有能团结起来的力量,才有可能去与之抗衡。他没的选择。 But facing this difficult choice, several most powerful demon gods accepted this minute/share to invite, the choice and he stood above the same battleline. 而面对这个艰难的抉择,几个最强大的魔神到底还是接受了这分邀请,选择和他站在了同一条阵线之上。 Setto Larke, I maintain Emperor mountain the Trinity the name to bless you! You will protect for our strengths!” “赛托拉克,我以维山帝三位一体的名义祝福你!你将为我们的力量所保护!” Emperor mountain first has an action to perform, he changes to the blessing magic the complete supernatural power, poured into on Setto Larke's body. Then directly formed one in his hand magnificently bright and beautiful, is glittering the dazzling ray shield. 维山帝最先有所动作,他把自己全部的神力化作祝福魔法,灌注在了赛托拉克的身上。然后直接就在他的手上形成了一面辉煌亮丽,闪烁着耀眼光芒的盾牌。 This attitude is very obvious, that is his Emperor mountain the ability is limited, can only knock from the side, does that auxiliary work. In the confrontation perhaps as for upfront, must execute by your dark red control. 这个态度很明显,那就是他维山帝能力有限,只能从旁侧敲,做做那种辅助性的工作。至于正面上的交锋,恐怕还是要靠您深红主宰去施行了。 Straightforward, makes Setto Larke complete is unable to think highly. If trades to do usually, he will enjoy this coming from actually very much in the peer is as for thinking highly of opponent, but now, he will only give birth to this behavior despises. 直白,同时也让赛托拉克完全的无法恭维。如果换做平时,他倒是会很享受这种来自于同行乃至于对手的恭维,但是现在,他只会对这种行为生出鄙夷。 He needs is not one hides in oneself behind coward, but is one with can fight side-by-side with, shares at present the partner of tremendous pressure together. In this regard, Emperor mountain obviously is the move of depending on acts smart, evades matter that oneself should undertake. 他需要的不是一个躲在自己身后的胆小鬼,而是一个和能和自己并肩作战,共同分担眼下巨大压力的伙伴。在这一点上,维山帝明显是靠着耍小聪明的招数,逃避了自己应该承担的事情。 Thorne, be not thinking with the similar move. If you also do that then I run away now, many escapes far. No matter I this fellow can kill me finally, but I can guarantee, before I was killed, you certainly first will walk one step compared with me!” “西索恩,别想着用同样的招数。如果你也这么做的话,那么我现在就逃走,有多远逃多远。我不管这个家伙最后会不会杀死我,但是我可以保证,在我被杀死之前,你们一定会比我先走一步!” Emperor mountain that is Setto Larke does not have the means with him. After all he simply has not expected Emperor mountain resolute such, for does not brave hardships and dangers, used the complete supernatural power on own body directly. 维山帝那是赛托拉克拿他没办法。毕竟他根本没有料想到维山帝会那样的果决,为了不亲身涉险,直接就把全部的神力用在了自己的身上。 Now even if compelled the frontline still to have no function him. He who the short time cannot restore at most is a cannon fodder of large size. If really became the cannon fodder, the shield that his Emperor mountain the supernatural power changes to cannot preserve. That is true losing everything, even if he abhors, still can only be holds one's nose to recognize. But this does not mean that he will tolerate the same matter to happen again one time. 现在就算是把他逼上前线也没有什么作用了。短时间恢复不过来的他顶多就是一个大号的炮灰。而要是真的成了炮灰的话,那就他连这面维山帝神力化作的盾牌都保不住。那是真正的人财两空,所以即便是他深恶痛绝,也只能是捏着鼻子认了。但这并不意味着他就会容忍同样的事情再发生一次。 A few words shut off learned the expression, seems hitting same idea the escape route of Thorne's. Setto Larke is forcing these sly fellows, making them have to stand own nearby. 一句话切断了一副学到了的表情,似乎在打着同一个主意的西索恩的后路。赛托拉克胁迫着这些狡猾的家伙,让他们不得不站到自己的跟前来。 But also faces directly the catastrophe truly time, they can the personal experience, the catastrophe be what kind of fearsomeness. 而也是真正去直面浩劫的时候,他们才能切身的体会到,浩劫本身到底是何等的可怖。
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