MGA :: Volume #7

#2978: It is not able to awaken ( 1 )

Also needs to awaken unexpectedly, so to be how troublesome?” “竟然还需要唤醒,怎么这么麻烦?” After hearing the words of Sir Youyuan, many juniors initiated the discontent. 听得悠远大人的一番话后,许多小辈发起了牢骚。 In the final analysis, they are afraid, is afraid itself unable to awaken that to extinguish the flame bead, such one, how could it not be lost entered the qualifications of Nine Moon God Territory cultivation. 说到底,他们都是害怕,害怕自己无法唤醒那灭焰珠,那样一来,岂不就失去了进入九月神域修炼的资格。 Besides the appearance of bright blue swamp gas, a good news, that was Nine Moon God Territory Yin-Yang Gate appeared, after 3rd, definitely will open.” Sir Youyuan said. “除了蓝焰沼气的出现之外,还有一个好消息,那就是九月神域阴阳之门已经出现了,待到三日之后,必然会开启。”悠远大人说道。 Yin-Yang Gate that many years have not presented that appeared unexpectedly, no wonder the population of this juniors, controlled in 60 people, and also requested the men and women to be balanced, did for quite a while is Yin-Yang Gate appeared, Ha Ha... Too was simply lucky, was this also turns misfortune into a blessing?!” “多年没有出现的阴阳之门,竟然出现了,难怪这一次小辈们的人数,控制在了60人,并且还要求男女平衡,搞了半天是阴阳之门出现了,哈哈…简直太幸运了,这也算是因祸得福了吧?!” After knowing that Yin-Yang Gate opens, the not to mention juniors on the scene are excited, on the powerhouse face of older generation, emerged the more or less excited color. 当得知那阴阳之门开启后,莫说在场的小辈们兴奋不已,就连老一辈的强者脸上,也涌现出了或多或少的激动之色。 Coming out that looks, this Yin-Yang Gate, absolutely is a good place. 看的出来,这阴阳之门,绝对是一个好地方。 Resembling is knows that Chu Feng does not understand this Yin-Yang Gate, therefore Chu Yue passes message in secret, resounds in the Chu Feng ear. 似是知道楚枫不了解这阴阳之门,所以楚月的暗中传音,在楚枫耳边响起。 Chu Feng Little Brother, Nine Moon God Territory, 99 gates, suit person of cultivation different Realm.” 楚枫弟弟,九月神域,共有99道门,适合不同境界之人修炼。” However below Celestial Immortal Realm, is I and other juniors can enter, has 33, was this Yin-Yang Gate.” “而天仙境以下者,也就是我等小辈可以进入的,也有着33道,其中就属这阴阳之门最为了得。” It is said that so long as enters Yin-Yang Gate, will then go out definitely will have the harvest, will not run a fruitless errand absolutely, if talent excellence, can break through cultivation realm directly.” “据说,只要进入阴阳之门,那么从中走出必然会有收获,绝对不会白跑一趟,若是天赋过人者,更是可以直接突破修为。” Naturally, about cultivation realm is only on the one hand, in Yin-Yang Gate, has the treasure similarly.” “当然,关于修为只是一方面,阴阳之门内,同样也有着宝物。” Is only, Yin-Yang Gate several hundred years had not appeared, therefore many people absolutely do not have the opportunity to enter that Yin-Yang Gate, but now... We had this opportunity.” “只是,阴阳之门已经几百年没有出现了,所以很多人根本就没有机会进入那阴阳之门,但是现在…我们有这个机会了。” Chu Yue spoke this saying time, very excited. 楚月说这话的时候,也是非常的兴奋的。 „If no issue, then awakens this to extinguish the flame bead, after awakening extinguishes the flame bead, I will give you Yin-Yang Fate Pearl.” At this moment, Sir Youyuan arm wields, that 60 extinguish the flame bead, then respectively falls gently to Chu Feng and others. “若是没有问题,便唤醒这灭焰珠吧,唤醒灭焰珠之后,我会给你们阴阳命珠。”就在此刻,悠远大人手臂一挥,那60颗灭焰珠,便分别向楚枫等人飘落而来。 What is Yin-Yang Fate Pearl?” After Chu Feng received this extinguishes the flame bead, to Chu Yue asks. 阴阳命珠又是什么?”楚枫接过这灭焰珠后,对楚月问道。 That is very simple, one will have said with you again that we find the way to awaken this to extinguish the flame bead first, otherwise... Enters the qualifications of god territory not to have continually, not to mention Yin-Yang Fate Pearl.” Chu Yue said that this words, then start to extinguish in flame Zhu to instill into the strength to that does everything possible, extinguishes the flame bead to awaken this. “那个很简单,过一会再与你说,咱们先想办法唤醒这灭焰珠,否则…连进入神域的资格都没有,就别提阴阳命珠了。”楚月说完此话,便开始向那灭焰珠内灌输力量,想尽办法,将这灭焰珠唤醒。 Coming out that looks, this Chu Yue treasures really this time, enters the Nine Moon God Territory opportunity. 看的出来,这楚月真的非常珍惜这次,进入九月神域的机会。 But at the same time, the almost all people on the scene, are finding the way to awaken that to extinguish the flame bead. 而与此同时,几乎在场的所有人,都在想办法唤醒那灭焰珠。 Just started, many person also performance self-confidence of , are these self-confident people gradually, somewhat flustered. 刚开始,许多人还表现的很自信,可是渐渐的那些自信的人,也是有些慌了。 After an effort, they have tried many means that that extinguishes the flame bead not to respond throughout. 经过一番努力,他们尝试了诸多办法,那灭焰珠却始终没有反应。 Sir Youyuan, how does this extinguish the flame bead to awaken?” 悠远大人,这灭焰珠该怎么唤醒啊?” At this moment, has the junior to consult to say to Sir Youyuan. 此刻,有小辈向悠远大人请教道。 Intention.” Sir Youyuan said with a smile. “用心。”悠远大人笑着说道。 Intention?” Hears this words, the people were confused. “用心?”听得此话,人们则更加迷茫了。 „Doesn't the Chu Feng younger brother, how you awaken to extinguish the flame bead?” Chu Yue asked to Chu Feng. 楚枫弟,你怎么不唤醒灭焰珠啊?”楚月楚枫问道。 But at this moment, the people note, on the scene attains the junior who extinguishes the flame bead, almost diligently is awakening that to extinguish the flame bead, including Chu Ruoshi, Chu Lingxi, Chu Huanyu is also no exception. 而这一刻,人们才注意到,在场拿到灭焰珠的小辈,几乎都在努力唤醒那灭焰珠,包括楚若诗,楚灵溪,楚寰宇也都不例外。 But only this Chu Feng, this is simple grasps with a hand is extinguishing the flame bead, simply has not actually awakened his meaning. 可唯独这楚枫,这是简单的用一只手握着灭焰珠,却根本没有唤醒他的意思 Oh, was thinking something a moment ago.” Chu Feng said with a smile. “喔,刚才在想一些事情。”楚枫笑着说道。 Thinks the matter? In my opinion you do not know how to awaken it, therefore is observing others, method that thus the study awakens?” Saying of Chu Haoyan satire. “想事情?依我看你是不知道怎么唤醒它,所以在观察别人,从而学习唤醒的方法吧?”楚昊炎讽刺的说道。 Observation, does not need, this thing/person is very as if good to awaken.” Chu Feng said. “观察,不需要吧,这个东西似乎很好唤醒。”楚枫说道。 Is good to awaken? Chu Feng your this saying said can be excessive?” Chu Feng such remarks, some people displayed not being feeling well immediately. “好唤醒?楚枫你这话说的可就过分了吧?”楚枫此话一出,顿时有人表现出了不爽。 This no wonder, after all they have also spent the tremendous strength, has not awakened this to extinguish the flame bead, but Chu Feng said that is very good to awaken, this will make them feel that Chu Feng is disparaging them not to be good. 这也难怪,毕竟他们费了九牛二虎之力,都没有唤醒这灭焰珠,可是楚枫却说很好唤醒,这会让他们觉得,楚枫是在贬低他们不行。 But regarding opinion that other people that is not feeling well, Chu Feng thinks otherwise, sees only his five fingers to open, afterward merges, extinguishes the flame bead to grasp that in the palm, the thought moves. 而对于他人那不爽的言论,楚枫则是不以为然,只见他五指张开,随后合并,将那灭焰珠握在掌中,意念一动。 Buzz The next quarter, that extinguishes the flame bead unexpectedly light shining in all directions. 下一刻,那灭焰珠竟然光芒四射。 What's all this about?” “这是怎么回事?” Sees in the Chu Feng hand, that light shining in all directions extinguishing flame bead, all people are the look big changes. 看到楚枫手中,那光芒四射的灭焰珠,所有人都是神色大变。 Sir Youyuan, Chu Feng this... Was awakens?” Some people enquire to Sir Youyuan. 悠远大人,楚枫他这…算是唤醒了吗?”有人更是向悠远大人求问。 Sir Youyuan has not stated clearly, but actually with a smile nodded, and looks fully to the Chu Feng's vision is the appreciation. 悠远大人并未明说,可是却笑着点了点头,且看向楚枫的目光满是欣赏。 At this moment, the people face color on shock is stronger, but these formerly satirized the Chu Feng's person, the complexion may ugly. 这一刻,人们脸上的震惊之色更浓,而那些先前讽刺楚枫的人,脸色可就难看了起来。 Whatever is everyone has not thought that this extinguishes the flame bead in the Chu Feng's hand, unexpectedly really so simple was awakened. 任凭是谁都没有想到,这灭焰珠在楚枫的手中,竟然真的如此简单的就被唤醒了。 Is this disparity of talent? 难道说,这就是天赋的差距吗? Chu Feng Little Brother, how you achieve?” Chu Yue asked to Chu Feng. 楚枫弟弟,你是怎么做到的啊?”楚月楚枫问道。 Said on such as Sir Youyuan that is certainly attentive, but also has certain method......” “就如悠远大人所说,一定要用心,但是也是有一定的方法的……” Chu Feng narrated to Chu Yue how he is extinguished the flame bead to awaken this, but, although has many World Spiritist skills, but was actually not World Spiritist, can achieve similarly. 楚枫楚月讲述起,他是如何将这灭焰珠唤醒的,而这其中虽然有着许多界灵师的技巧,可是其实不是界灵师,也同样可以做到。 When Chu Feng is Chu Yue narrated the skill, everyone on the scene is listening. 楚枫楚月讲述技巧的时候,在场的每一个人都在听。 But according to the Chu Feng's method, Chu Lingxi, Chu Ruoshi, Chu Huanyu, almost simultaneously extinguishes the flame bead to awaken that. 而按照楚枫的方法,楚灵溪,楚若诗,楚寰宇,几乎同时将那灭焰珠唤醒。 Chu Feng Little Brother, many thanks your point out.” Chu Ruoshi said to Chu Feng with a smile. 楚枫弟弟,多谢你的提点。”楚若诗笑着对楚枫说道。 She pours has not covered up, by the Chu Feng's method, successfully awakens to extinguish the flame bead the fact. 她倒也没有遮掩,是靠楚枫的方法,才成功唤醒灭焰珠的事实。 But listened to Chu Ruoshi such saying, other people also attempted, after some people attempted unceasingly successfully. 而听楚若诗这样一说,其他人也是纷纷尝试,在此之后不断有人尝试成功。 But only Chu Yue, how regardless of Chu Feng directs, she is always unable to awaken that to extinguish the flame bead. 可是唯独楚月,无论楚枫如何指点,她都是始终无法唤醒那灭焰珠。 Final that arrives, formerly through the person who the god territory selected, awakened majority of extinguished the flame bead, but is unable to awaken to extinguish the flame bead, through finding the person helped, extinguished the flame bead to awaken that. 到的最后,先前通过神域选拔的人,大部分都唤醒了灭焰珠,而无法唤醒灭焰珠的,也通过找人帮忙,将那灭焰珠唤醒。 Now, only has Chu Yue one person, but also is unable to awaken that to extinguish the flame bead. 现在,唯有楚月一人,还无法唤醒那灭焰珠。 Chu Yue, you did not need to try, your talent was insufficient, found the person to help.” At this moment, some people said to Chu Yue. 楚月,你不用试了,你的天赋不够,还是找人帮忙吧。”此刻,有人对楚月说道。 But Chu Yue has been sweating profusely at this moment, although is not very willingly, but she is also clear, she is unable to awaken this to extinguish the flame bead. 楚月此刻已是满头大汗,虽然很不甘心,但她自己也清楚,她根本就无法唤醒这灭焰珠。 Chu Yue, I help you.” At this moment, the crowd went out of a person. 楚月,我来帮你吧。”就在此刻,人群之中走出了一个人。 Sees this person, Chu Yue but actually not hesitant, but is directly the extinguishing flame bead in hand, has given that person, because of this person, is Chu Huai. 看到这个人,楚月倒也没有犹豫,而是直接将手中的灭焰珠,递给了那个人,因为这个人,乃是楚槐 After Chu Huai attempts, he is unable to awaken this to extinguish the flame bead unexpectedly. 只是,楚槐尝试一番之后,他竟然也无法唤醒这灭焰珠。 Was sorry Chu Yue, I cannot achieve.” Chu Huai guilty will extinguish flame bead to return in the hand of Chu Yue. “抱歉了楚月,我做不到。”楚槐愧疚的将灭焰珠交还到了楚月的手中。 „Not good meaning, although difficult opens one's mouth, but wants to ask everybody to help me, today, who can help my Chu Yue, awakens this to extinguish the flame bead, my Chu Yue in the future, inevitably repayment in him.” “不好意思,虽然难以启齿,但还是想请大家帮我一个忙,今日,谁能帮我楚月,唤醒这灭焰珠,我楚月日后,必然报答于他。” But, the Chu Yue only skilled person grasps to extinguish the flame bead, to Chu Celestial Clan junior start to talk on the scene. 无奈之下,楚月只好手握灭焰珠,向在场的楚氏天族小辈开口。 But, after this words said that actually does not have sound of the reply. 可是,她此话说完之后,竟然没有一丝应答之音。 Chu Celestial Clan junior on the scene, at least over ten thousand people. 在场的楚氏天族小辈,至少上万人。 But in that dense and numerous huge crowd, unexpectedly nobody, is willing to help Chu Yue. 可是那密密麻麻的人海之中,竟没有一个人,愿意帮助楚月
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