MGA :: Volume #7

#2938: Nobody can save you ( 1 )

Little spoke the idle talk, that Black Flame Ghost Sword, is the treasure of my Chu Celestial Clan town clan, only belongs to my Chu Celestial Clan.” The Chu Celestial Clan junior said. “少说废话,那黑焰鬼剑,乃我楚氏天族镇族之宝,只属于我楚氏天族。”楚氏天族小辈说道。 This Black Flame Ghost Sword, how is the treasure of your Chu Celestial Clan town clan, I attain from this Illusory Blood Lotus, does not steal from your Chu Celestial Clan, why do I want to turn in?” Chu Feng said. “就算这黑焰鬼剑,是你楚氏天族镇族之宝又如何,我是从这幻梦血莲花上拿到的,又不是从你楚氏天族偷的,我为何要上缴?”楚枫说道。 Snort, Chu Feng, you are not in my opinion clear, whose domain this Great Thousand Upper Realm is.” Chu Huanyu Cold voice said. “哼,楚枫,依我看,你是还不清楚,这大千上界是谁的地盘。”楚寰宇冷声说道。 But hears this words, Chu Feng Cold voice to smile, said: Threatens me? Not good Meaning, my Chu Feng never to fear this set.” 可是听得此话,楚枫冷声一笑,说道:“威胁我?不好意思,我楚枫从来不怕这一套。” But, this after is the thing of Chu Hanxian senior building, I respect Chu Hanxian senior, looks in the Chu Hanxian senior face, I give you one to bring back this Black Flame Ghost Sword opportunity.” “不过,这毕竟是楚瀚仙前辈打造之物,我尊重楚瀚仙前辈,看在楚瀚仙前辈的面子上,我给你们一个拿回这黑焰鬼剑的机会。” What?” Hears this words, surrounds the people actually is the look stagnates, in eye disappointed. “什么?”听得此话,围观众人却皆是神色一滞,眼中略带失望。 They subconscious thinking, Chu Feng must compromise, but Chu Feng, if compromises, the image that then Chu Feng in their mind, that is fearless, must damage. 他们都下意识的觉得,楚枫是要妥协了,但楚枫若是妥协,那么楚枫在他们心目中,那天不怕地不怕的形象,就必然是要损坏的。 However, in the people thought that Chu Feng fears the Chu Celestial Clan influence, must compromise, Chu Feng actually transfers Black Flame Ghost Sword in hand, grips Blade with the hand, has aimed at the Chu Celestial Clan numerous junior the sword hilt, said: 然而,在众人觉得楚枫是惧怕楚氏天族的势力,要妥协的时候,楚枫却是将手中的黑焰鬼剑调转,用手握住剑锋,把剑柄对准了楚氏天族的众位小辈,说道: Enters in this blood fog, before arriving at my body, this Black Flame Ghost Sword, then turns over to you.” “进入这血雾之中,来到我的身前,这黑焰鬼剑,便归你。” You!!!” “你!!!” Chu Feng such remarks, the Chu Celestial Clan junior including Chu Huanyu, is the brow tight wrinkle. 楚枫此话一出,包括楚寰宇在内的楚氏天族小辈,皆是眉头紧皱。 If they enter the blood fog dry, but also serves a need to think that Chu Feng does beg? 他们若是干进入血雾,还用得着想楚枫讨要吗? Chu Feng these words, gave to perplex them. 楚枫这句话,着实是将他们给难住了。 Sees the Chu Celestial Clan juniors, all did not say a word, the smiling face of Chu Feng corners of the mouth, was getting more and more thick, said: 楚氏天族众小辈,皆不言语,楚枫嘴角的笑容,越来越浓,说道: Opportunity I give you, but was a pity that you were useless.” “机会我是给你们了,只是可惜,你们不中用啊。” Chu Feng, you go too far.” 楚枫,你真是欺人太甚。” Chu Huanyu many Chu Celestial Clan juniors, all are over the face scowls. 楚寰宇在内的诸多楚氏天族小辈,皆是满面怒容。 Chu Feng is in front of these many people, shames them, they really cannot achieve angrily. 楚枫当着这么多人的面,羞辱他们,他们实在是做不到不愤怒。 But, Chu Feng in the blood fog, they do not dare to approach, although is angry, has no alternative, but is mad more and more. 可是,楚枫在血雾之中,他们又不敢靠近,尽管愤怒,却又无可奈何,只是越来越气。 „The Chu Celestial Clan numerous little friend, not must take offense, this Chu Feng I will help you tidy up.” 楚氏天族的众位小友,莫要动气,这楚枫我会帮你们收拾掉。” May at this moment, the sound remember together suddenly, in not far away horizon, unexpectedly appearance number form. 可就在这时,一道声音忽然想起,紧接着在不远处的天际,竟然出现数道身影。 That is one team of troops, but the flag of that swing, is makes all people know the source of this team of troops. 那是一队人马,而那摇摆的旗帜,更是让所有人知道这队人马的出处。 Jinshi Royal Family, these people are Jinshi Royal Family. 金石王族,这些人乃是金石王族 And is of head, is a Venerable Realm powerhouse, is Jinshi Royal Family Clan Head. 并且为首的那位,更是一位尊者境强者,乃是金石王族族长 Jinshi Royal Family?” 金石王族?” „Do they want to cope with Chu Feng?” “他们要对付楚枫?” Saw after the Jinshi Royal Family troops appear, many people are Chu Feng worry. 看到金石王族的人马出现之后,许多人都为楚枫捏了一把冷汗。 Actually, if trades to be other people, must cope with Chu Feng, the person of presence is also but actually not necessarily able to be so anxious. 其实,若是换做其他人,要对付楚枫,在场之人倒也未必会这般紧张。 But, that is the Jinshi Royal Family large military force, that opens the mouth to cope with Chu Feng, is Jinshi Royal Family Clan Head, that is the Venerable Realm powerhouse. 可是,那可是金石王族的大队人马,那位开口要对付楚枫的,可是金石王族族长,那可是尊者境的强者啊。 The Venerable Realm powerhouse must cope with Chu Feng, who can protect is occupied by him? 尊者境的强者要对付楚枫,谁能护的住他? not to mention Elder Xing Yi is not good, even if Ghost Sect Hall Hall Master, is not good. 莫说星一长老不行,就算是鬼宗殿殿主,也是不行啊。 Jinshi Clan Head, Chu Feng little friend, but has won your son some immortal martial stone.” 金石族长,楚枫小友,不过是赢了你儿一些仙武石罢了。” You only because of this matter, then must cope with the Chu Feng little friend, feared that extremely has been small-minded, does not conform to your status.” “你只因此事,便要对付楚枫小友,怕是太过小肚鸡肠了一些,不符合你的身份啊。” Ghost Sect Hall Hall Master said. 鬼宗殿殿主说道。 You also really think that I because of that minor matter, then can tidy up this Chu Feng?” Jinshi Royal Family Clan Head said. “你还真以为,我是因为那点小事,便要收拾这楚枫的?”金石王族族长说道。 Not because of this matter?” “难道不是因为此事?” If not for because of this matter, that wants to be exhausted actually you, gave me one to cope with the reason of Chu Feng.” “若不是因为此事,那倒是要劳烦你,给我一个对付楚枫的理由了。” After all you before then, do not have the enmity without injustice.” Ghost Sect Hall Hall Master said. “毕竟你们在此之前,无冤无仇。”鬼宗殿殿主说道。 Yes, copes with Chu Feng young hero, can have a reason?” “是啊,对付楚枫少侠,总要有个理由吧?” At this moment, the person of surrounding also echoes, actually their some do not believe that Jinshi Royal Family Clan Head spoke the words. 这一刻,围观之人也是纷纷附和,其实他们都有些不信,金石王族族长所说之话。 The people thought that he is actually because Chu Feng has won his son's massive immortal martial stone, therefore wants to retaliate Chu Feng, as for not because of this matter that he said that the people do not believe actually. 人们都觉得,他其实就是因为楚枫赢了他的儿子大量的仙武石,所以才想要报复楚枫,至于他所说的不是因为此事,人们其实根本就不信。 By the request of person, the matter of loyal person.” Jinshi Royal Family Clan Head said. “受人之托,忠人之事罢了。”金石王族族长说道。 By the request of person?” “受人之托?” Jinshi Royal Family Clan Head such remarks, has started the great unrest immediately. 金石王族族长此话一出,顿时掀起了轩然大波。 not to mention other people are surprised, Chu Celestial Clan junior, very surprised. 莫说旁人惊讶,就连楚氏天族的小辈,都是非常的惊讶。 Jinshi Royal Family Clan Head, was invited unexpectedly copes with Chu Feng, then invited his person, where was also sacred? 金石王族族长,居然是被人请来对付楚枫的,那么请他的人,又是何方神圣? After all Jinshi Royal Family Clan Head, is a side Upper Realm most powerhouse, can please move his, absolutely is not the average person. 毕竟金石王族族长,可是一方上界的最强者,能够请的动他的,绝对不是一般人啊。 Jinshi Clan Head, is the old man invites, has What Intention to see?.” 金石族长,乃是老夫请来的,诸位有何意见吗?。” But when the people guessed in abundance, the sound actually suddenly resounded together. 而就在众人猜测纷纷之际,一道声音却是忽然响起。 Who, unexpectedly so big tone?” “何人,竟然如此大的口气?” After that sound resounds, the powerhouses of many older generations, send out the interrogation. 那个声音响起之后,许多老一辈的强者,发出质问。 After all opposite party that has What Intention to see finally, was really extremely extremely arrogant, that simply was, all people on the scene, had not been placed in the eye by him. 毕竟对方最后那一句,有何意见,实在是太过狂妄了一些,那简直就是,在场的所有人,都没有被他放在眼中。 Ha Ha, big tone? These words, the old man said to you actually.” “哈哈,好大的口气?这句话,倒是老夫对你们说的。” Quick, that old person form resounds once again. 很快的,那位老者的身影再度响起。 But at the same time, the form also appeared above void of distant place together. 而与此同时,一道身影也是出现在了远处的虚空之上。 Oh, that is!!!” “天哪,那是!!!” When the people, after seeing that old person, the older generation powerhouses on the scene, all are the look big changes. 而当人们,看到那位老者之后,在场的老一辈强者们,皆是神色大变。 That, is Great Thousand Upper Realm, one generation of legendary characters. 那位,乃是大千上界,一代传奇人物。 Vanishes for many years, Yuwen Huacang. 消失多年的,宇文华藏 Unexpectedly is he!!!” “竟然是他!!!” At this moment, not to mention other people, Ghost Sect Hall Hall Master, as well as Elder Xing Yi, is the vision change, in the eye emerged the color of deep worry. 这一刻,莫说旁人,就连鬼宗殿殿主,以及星一长老,也是目光变化,眼中涌现出了深深的担忧之色。 This Yuwen Huacang, in Great Thousand Upper Realm, really No. 1 great person. 宇文华藏,在大千上界,真的一号大人物。 Although he does not have not to send, is not any influence, is his individual strength, actually very tyrannical. 虽然他无门无派,不属于任何势力,可是他的个人实力,却非常的强横。 Many years ago, then already stepped into Venerable Realm, although present he is still First Rank Venerable, is his strength, is common First Rank Venerable can compare absolutely. 早在多年之前,便已然踏入尊者境,虽然现在的他依然是一品尊者,可是他的实力,绝对是寻常的一品尊者可以比拟的。 Such existence, not to mention Ghost Sect Hall this influence, even if Meteor Holy Land that colossus, is not willing with him for the enemy. 这样的存在,莫说鬼宗殿这种势力,就算是星陨圣地那种庞然大物,也不愿意与他为敌。 But it is well known, this Yuwen Huacang, although does not have not to send, but he is actually the Yuwen City city lord teacher, therefore relations of Yuwen Huacang and Yuwen City, unusual. 而众所周知,这宇文华藏虽然无门无派,可是他却是宇文城城主的师尊,所以宇文华藏宇文城的关系,非同一般。 But Yuwen City city lord son, was killed by Chu Feng, Yuwen Huacang also had enough reason but actually, copes Chu Feng. 宇文城城主的儿子,又被楚枫所杀,宇文华藏倒也有了足够的理由,来对付楚枫 At this moment, all people are darkly do not shout well. 这一刻,所有人都是暗叫不好。 Because compares in Jinshi Royal Family, this Yuwen Huacang, is actually thornier. 因为相比于金石王族,这宇文华藏,其实更为棘手。 I must cope with this Chu Feng, has What Intention to see?” Yuwen Huacang asked to the people. “我要对付这楚枫,诸位有何意见吗?”宇文华藏对众人问道。 He such remarks, not to mention other people, Ghost Sect Hall Hall Master, does not dare to open the mouth. 他此话一出,莫说旁人,就连鬼宗殿殿主,也是不敢开口。 This Yuwen Huacang is the bravo who became famous, coming out that his anything matter makes, although Ghost Sect Hall , has to take advantage, but that takes advantage today after all not. 宇文华藏是出了名的亡命徒,他什么事情都做的出来,虽然鬼宗殿的身后,也是有着依仗的,可是那个依仗今日毕竟不在。 If Ghost Sect Hall for Chu Feng over, by the Yuwen Huacang disposition, even if extinguished Ghost Sect Hall, is not the impossible matter. 若是鬼宗殿楚枫出头的话,以宇文华藏的性格,就算灭了鬼宗殿,都不是不可能的事情。 Weighs the advantages and disadvantages, Ghost Sect Hall Hall Master, has to close the mouth. 权衡利弊,鬼宗殿殿主,也是不得不闭紧了嘴巴。 Meanwhile, that formerly had said that must protect Chu Feng Elder Xing Yi, does not dare to speak. 同时,那位先前说过,一定要保护楚枫星一长老,也是不敢说话。 Not because of other, only because of his clear Yuwen Huacang manner, therefore he does not dare to open the mouth. 不因别的,只因为他清楚宇文华藏的为人,所以他才不敢开口。 He is afraid, he is afraid, if for Chu Feng over, not to mention he must meet with a disaster, feared that is Xia Yun'er as well as Meteor Holy Land disciple, must meet with a disaster. 他害怕,他害怕若是替楚枫出头,莫说他要遭殃,怕是夏允儿以及星陨圣地弟子,也都要遭殃。 Because of this Yuwen Huacang, is such one is unable unable Mass murderer demon. 因为这宇文华藏,就是这样一个无法无法的杀人狂魔。 But including Ghost Sect Hall Hall Master, does not dare to speak with Elder Xing Yi, it can be imagined, on the scene , what person but also there is to dare for the Chu Feng speech? 而连鬼宗殿殿主,和星一长老都不敢说话了,可想而知,在场之中,还有什么人敢替楚枫说话? This moment, in the world, the person's shadow sways, may actually be peaceful serious. 此一刻,天地间,人影攒动,可却是安静的不得了。 Sees this situation, the corners of the mouth of Yuwen Huacang raises wipes to sneer, afterward said to Chu Feng: Chu Feng, it seems like today, was nobody can save you.” 见此情形,宇文华藏的嘴角掀起一抹冷笑,随后对楚枫说道:“楚枫,看来今日,是没人能够救你了。” I look not necessarily.” “我看未必。” But, at this moment, together sound actually in distant place crack. 可是,就在此刻,一道声音却是在远处炸响。 Grating of that sound, unexpectedly compared with thunder, but also wants the resounding several fold. 那声音之刺耳,竟比雷霆,还要响亮数倍。 When that sound resounds, this side world, is the fierce tremor. 当那声音响起之际,就连这方天地,都是剧烈的颤动起来。
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