MGA :: Volume #7

#2887: Reversal losing battle ( 2 )

I , if not continue, you do continue?” Chu Feng asked to Asura Zhao Kun. “我若不继续,难道你继续?”楚枫修罗赵坤问道。 „Do I continue?” Asura Zhao Kun smiles lightly, lets go saying: „Not good meaning, I to have this self-knowledge, I knew that was not Liangqiu Miss match, naturally cannot be disgraceful.” “我继续?”修罗赵坤淡淡一笑,摊手说道:“不好意思,我有这个自知之明,我自知不是梁丘姑娘的对手,自然不会丢人现眼。” Then Meteor Holy Land asked you to come this, was makes you show you to know well-known, made you help to explain the inheritance point?” “那么星陨圣地请你来此,是让你展现你有自知知名的,还是让你帮忙破解传承点的?” Just entered Inheritance Cave, nine inheritance points, have explained four, you gave up, do you do right by the expectation of Meteor Holy Land Elder?” “才刚刚进入传承窟,九个传承点,才破解了四个,你就放弃了,你对得起星陨圣地长老的期望吗?” „Do you do right by the expectation of your grandfather?” “你对得起你爷爷的期望吗?” Expectation of your doing right by Meteor Holy Land disciple present?” “你对得起在座星陨圣地弟子的期望吗?” „Do you do right by the expectation of Young Lady Xia?” “你对得起夏姑娘的期望吗?” The Chu Feng congealing sound closely examines, is one by one resounding. 楚枫凝声追问,一次比一次响亮。 You...” “你…” Chu Feng such remarks, on the Asura Zhao Kun smiling face, immediately becomes cloudy clear uncertain. 楚枫此话一出,修罗赵坤原本笑盈盈的脸上,顿时变得阴晴不定。 In fact, not only Asura Zhao Kun complexion change, Meteor Holy Land disciple and Xia Yun'er complexion, has changed. 事实上,不仅修罗赵坤脸色变化,就连星陨圣地弟子夏允儿的脸色,也都有所变化。 They until realized at this moment that the Asura Zhao Kun standpoint is not right, he was invited by himself obviously helps his, he so was easy to give up, even also helped the match speak, did that ask him to have what using? 他们直到此刻才意识到,修罗赵坤的立场不对啊,他明明是被自家请来帮助自己的,他怎么这么容易就放弃了,甚至还帮对手说话,那请他来有何用? Thinks of here, Xia Yun'er including that two Meteor Holy Land disciple, cast the discontented vision to Asura Zhao Kun. 想到这里,夏允儿包括那两个星陨圣地弟子,都向修罗赵坤投去了不满的目光。 I am not that meaning, is only I...” “我不是那个意思,只是我…” After Asura Zhao Kun felt the Xia Yun'er vision, became the complexion becomes flushed immediately, he can not care about the view of that two person, may actually unable to achieve does not care about the felling of Xia Yun'er. 修罗赵坤感受到了夏允儿的目光后,也顿时变得脸色涨红,他可以不在乎那两个人的看法,可却做不到不在乎夏允儿的砍伐。 Therefore he hurries to change a statement, resembling is to explain. 于是他赶忙改口,似是想要解释一下。 But he has not said that Chu Feng then rushes saying: 可是他还未说完,楚枫便抢着说道: „The road of martial cultivation, heaven defying line, this is all Cultivator spirits, is the World Spiritist spirit.” 修武之路,逆天而行,这是所有修武者的精神,也是界灵师的精神。” But you, apparently do not have this spirit, not only does not have heaven defying but good spirit, you have not received the person wealth for the contract spirit of person disappearing wealth.” “可是你,显然没有这种精神,不仅没有逆天而行的精神,你也没有收人钱财替人消财的契约精神。” Said that sentence words not of pleasant to hear, you have not distinguished clearly including the standpoint now, is Meteor Holy Land asks you to come obviously, you actually like a dog, revolve around Meteor Holy Land match chaotic, waves the flag and shouts for the Meteor Holy Land match, the long other people spirit extinguishes oneself power and prestige.” “说句不好听的话,你现在连立场都没有分清,明明是星陨圣地请你来的,你却像一条狗一样,围着星陨圣地的对手乱转,替星陨圣地的对手摇旗呐喊,长他人志气灭自己威风。” You really should not call Asura Zhao Kun this name, you should change name.” “你真是不应该叫修罗赵坤这个名字,你应该改名。” Changes name to be called coward Zhao Kun.” “改名叫做懦夫赵坤。” Because of you, does not use for parts Asura these two characters.” “因为你,不配用修罗这两个字。” Also invited you, do not insult the Asura World Spiritist reputation again.” “也请你,不要再侮辱修罗界灵师的名声。” You...” “你…” Hears here, Asura Zhao Kun that wanted to explain, looks the scowl immediately. 听到这里,原本想要解释的修罗赵坤,顿时面露怒容。 Chu Feng these words, but simply did not satirize him, but was the genuine personal attack. 楚枫这番话,可就不是简单的讽刺他,而是真正的人身攻击了。 But, the Asura Zhao Kun words have not said that Chu Feng actually once again rushed to open the mouth. 可是,修罗赵坤话还没说出来,楚枫却再度抢着开口了。 Was right, the matter that you cannot achieve, does not represent me unable to achieve.” “对了,你做不到的事,不代表我做不到。” With is Asura World Spiritist, my Chu Feng makes you know today that anything is called the disparity.” “同为修罗界灵师,我楚枫今日就让你知道,什么叫做差距。” Hears here, the Asura Zhao Kun face was mad white, the appearance that clenched jaws, wished one could to eat Chu Feng while still alive. 听到这里,修罗赵坤脸都气白了,那咬牙切齿的模样,恨不得把楚枫活活吃掉。 Good, is very good, you continue, you continue.” “好,很好,那你继续,那你就继续啊。” My Asura Zhao Kun must have a look today, how you show you and my strength disparity, how you are Asura World Spiritist rectify names, how you demonstrate the contract spirit, demonstrates the military spirit.” “我修罗赵坤今日就要看看,你是如何展现出你和我的实力差距的,你是如何为修罗界灵师正名的,你是如何展现契约精神,展现武者精神的。” I must have a look, how you exceed Liangqiu Miss.” Asura Zhao Kun said. “我更是要看看,你是怎么胜过梁丘姑娘的。”修罗赵坤说道。 I how, if won has worked as?” Chu Feng asked. “我若胜了又当如何?”楚枫问道。 Victory? You think really you can win?” “胜?你真以为你能胜?” Good, if you won, henceforth I change name, I no longer called Asura Zhao Kun, I changed name as coward Zhao Kun, did you look to be good?” “好,倘若你真的胜了,从此我就改名,我不再叫修罗赵坤,我改名为懦夫赵坤,你看行不行?” Asura Zhao Kun clenches jaws, asked loudly. 修罗赵坤咬牙切齿,大声问道。 Ok, naturally is good, but you spoke, can keep a promise?” Chu Feng asked. “行,当然行,只是你说话,可算数?”楚枫问道。 Naturally kept a promise.” Saying that Asura Zhao Kun vows solemnly. “当然算数。”修罗赵坤信誓旦旦的说道。 That is good.” Chu Feng satisfied nod. “那就好。”楚枫满意的点了点头。 But, you, if lost, how works as?” Asura Zhao Kun asked. “但是,你若输了,又当如何?”修罗赵坤问道。 Regarding the Asura Zhao Kun issue, Chu Feng shows a faint smile, afterward both hands spread out, shrug saying: 对于修罗赵坤的问题,楚枫则是微微一笑,随后双手摊开,耸肩说道: Lost lost, but can also be what kind of? I also have not said that I will certainly win.” “输了就输了,还能怎样?我又没说过,我一定就会赢。” Your this fellow!!!” “你这家伙!!!” Hears this words, Asura Zhao Kun almost not to come out to spitting of air/Qi the heart and liver spleen lung. 听得此话,修罗赵坤差点没把心肝脾肺给气的吐出来。 Is up to mischief, Chu Feng has won, he must change name. 搞什么鬼,楚枫赢了,他就要改名字。 Chu Feng lost, anything loses does not have, gains steadily does not compensate. 楚枫输了,什么损失没有,稳赚不赔。 Such one looked that this didn't owe in a big way? 这样一看,他这不是亏大了? I how I, am you said that I will certainly lose, if I have won, you change name.” “我怎么了我,是你非说我一定会输,若是我赢了,你就改名的。” Was not I compels you to say.” “又不是我逼你说的。” Remember, real man eye for an eye cannot take back, you may probably mean what he says.” Chu Feng said to Asura Zhao Kun. “记住,大丈夫一言既出驷马难追,你可要说话算话。”楚枫修罗赵坤说道。 Looks appearance that Chu Feng that smiles, Asura Zhao Kun was more indignant. 看着楚枫那笑眯眯的模样,修罗赵坤更加气愤了。 Until he realized at this moment that Chu Feng is so sinister despicable, deceitful shameless person. 直到此刻他才意识到,楚枫原来是一个如此阴险卑鄙,狡诈无耻之人。 What is most important, Chu Feng actually in the principle, he do not have the means to refute Chu Feng. 最重要的是,楚枫竟然句句在理,他根本没办法反驳楚枫 Only can eat this being unable to speak out about one's grievances stiffly. 只能硬生生的吃了这个哑巴亏。 Chu Feng, then, did you plan to continue really?” 楚枫,这么说来,你是真的打算继续了?” At this moment, for a very long time Liangqiu Hongyue of language, suddenly had not said. 就在此刻,久久未语的梁丘红月,忽然说道。 Naturally is.” Chu Feng said. “自然是。”楚枫说道。 Good, my Liangqiu Hongyue, accompanies today, lets being sincerely convinced that you lose.” Liangqiu Hongyue said. “好,我梁丘红月,今日就奉陪到底,让你输的心服口服。”梁丘红月说道。 Spirit that coming out that looks, Chu Feng this does not admit defeat, not only has enraged Asura Zhao Kun, has enraged also Liangqiu Hongyue. 看的出来,楚枫这不认输的精神,不仅激怒了修罗赵坤,同时也激怒了梁丘红月 That then starts.” “那便开始吧。” As for Chu Feng, is smiles with great confidence, afterward then and Liangqiu Hongyue, arrived in front of that fifth inheritance together. 至于楚枫,则是从容一笑,随后便和梁丘红月,一同来到了那第五座传承点面前。 Afterward, Chu Feng and Liangqiu Hongyue then once again use the respective observation method, explains this fifth inheritance compass together. 随后,楚枫梁丘红月便再度施展出各自的观察手段,一同破解这第五座传承点的罗盘。 The Liangqiu Hongyue observation method, tyrannical as always, possibly wants to let thorough that Chu Feng loses, she also has plenty of fight in one at this moment unexpectedly, is even more earnest. 梁丘红月的观察手段,一如既往的强横,可能是想让楚枫输的彻底,她此刻竟也是斗志昂扬,越发的认真起来。 As for Chu Feng, his Heaven's Eyes, was as before same to before. 至于楚枫,他的天眼,也依旧与之前一样。 Therefore in other people opinion, Chu Feng any change, this showdown, has not been hopeless as before. 所以在旁人看来,楚枫没有任何改变,这场对决,依旧没戏。 In determining Chu Feng, after simply does not have stratagem which ensures success, Nine Profound Sect disciple, by one, waits to look at your disastrous defeat the stance, looks at Chu Feng. 在确定楚枫,根本没有胜算之后,九玄宗弟子,更是以一副,就等着看你惨败的架势,看着楚枫 Naturally, compares in Nine Profound Sect disciple, Asura Zhao Kun goes beyond, must say that most hopes the Chu Feng failure, then on the scene , the natural right and wrong he is not. 当然,相比于九玄宗弟子,修罗赵坤更是有过之而无不及,要说最希望楚枫失败的,那么在场之中,自然是非他莫属。 May almost in all people, to Chu Feng no longer harbors the fantasy the time. 可几乎在所有人,都对楚枫不再抱有幻想的时候。 Only some Chu Feng know that at this moment his binocular heat wave tuck dive, is similar some strength to awaken, but is forcing Chu Feng, awakens this strength, precisely Chu Feng wants to win. 唯有楚枫自己知道,此刻他的双眼热浪翻腾,就仿佛某种力量就要觉醒,而逼迫着楚枫,觉醒这种力量的,正是楚枫想要获胜的。 Female apprentice, you thought that Chu Feng is possible?” “师妹,你觉得楚枫有戏吗?” At this moment, Meteor Holy Land two disciple, stand quietly Xia Yun'er behind, passes message in secret asks. 此刻,星陨圣地的两名弟子,悄悄站到夏允儿身后,暗中传音问道。 In your hearts wasn't had the answer?” Xia Yun'er said. “你们心中不是已经有答案了吗?”夏允儿说道。 Oh.” Hears this words, that two disciple sighed immediately. “唉。”听得此话,那两名弟子顿时叹息一声。 Indeed, in their hearts had the answer. 的确,他们心中已经有答案了。 Because, they genuinely, do not favor Chu Feng. 因为,他们两个打心眼里,就不看好楚枫 But is Meteor Holy Land disciple, they hope that Chu Feng wins. 可是身为星陨圣地弟子,他们还是希望楚枫赢的。 After all so long as Chu Feng has won, they can enter in inheritance to gain the advantage. 毕竟只要楚枫赢了,他们就能够进入传承点内获得好处。 Otherwise, isn't Bai to come one? 否则,不是白来一场吗? Not only this is Chu Feng and Liangqiu Hongyue showdown, is Meteor Holy Land and Nine Profound Sect the war of honor. 这不仅是楚枫梁丘红月的对决,也是星陨圣地九玄宗的荣誉之战啊。 Especially when sees Asura Zhao Kun, to pat the Liangqiu Hongyue flatter, not only give up explaining the inheritance point, but also after the attack insulted Chu Feng, they could not get used to seeing to Asura Zhao Kun. 尤其是当看到修罗赵坤,为了拍梁丘红月马屁,不仅自己放弃破解传承点,还抨击侮辱楚枫后,他们对修罗赵坤就更加看不惯了。 Therefore at present, Chu Feng is their only hopes, even if clearly knows that Chu Feng cannot win, but they actually also hope that the miracle occurred. 所以眼下,楚枫是他们唯一的希望,哪怕明知道楚枫不能赢,可是他们却也希望奇迹发生。 However, after hearing Xia Yun'er such words, in their hearts last fantasy, at this moment was actually disillusioned. 但是,听得夏允儿这样的话后,他们心中最后一点幻想,却也在此刻破灭了。 Only has Xia Yun'er, has used that pair of beautiful eyes, is gazing at Chu Feng, and thinks in the heart secretly. 唯有夏允儿,一直用那双美眸,注视着楚枫,且在心中暗暗想到。 Chu Feng, how can you reverse the losing battle?” 楚枫,你到底要如何逆转败局?” The perfect broken security chapter, please + come to + pavilion with the search engine search keyword cloud, no matter what various types of novels you watch 完美破防盗章节,请用搜索引擎搜索关键词云+来+阁,各种小说任你观看
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