MGA :: Volume #7

#2768: Acts shamelessly in the presence of everyone ( 1 )

Yuwen Hualong has flustered, bean bead big sweat, from his body flows under. 宇文化龙慌了,豆珠大的汗水,不停的自其身上流淌而下。 Meanwhile, he becomes even more is also earnest, does not dare to have a general idea. 与此同时,他也变得越发的认真起来,不敢有一丝的大意。 Regardless of he is how earnest, is actually not able to suppress Chu Feng, two people of the checkerboard showdowns, have almost duplicated previous Chu Feng and Yuwen Tingyi showdown. 但是无论他如何认真,却也无法压制楚枫,二人的这场棋盘对决,几乎复制了上一盘楚枫宇文廷一的对决。 Inextricably involved of two war, seems evenly matched, the victory and defeat is difficult to decide. 二者战的难解难分,看上去势均力敌,胜负难定。 Finally, on this checkerboard, only remaining two board game pieces, Chu Feng and Yuwen Hualong, had the last board game piece respectively. 终于,这棋盘上,又只剩下了两颗棋子,楚枫宇文化龙,各自持有最后一颗棋子。 Yuwen Hualong, were you ready that knelt comes under attack?” Chu Feng gains ground, said to Yuwen Hualong. 宇文化龙,你做好跪地挨打的准备了吗?”楚枫抬起头,对宇文化龙说道。 However Yuwen Hualong had not replied that he is stimulating to movement his last board game piece unexpectedly, launched the offensive to the Chu Feng's board game piece directly. 然而宇文化龙却没有回答,他竟然催动着自己的最后一颗棋子,直接向楚枫的棋子发动了攻势。 He is to start the surprise attack, to win wonderfully. 他是想要发动奇袭,以奇致胜。 However, when Yuwen Hualong that board game piece, after approaching the Chu Feng's board game piece, sees only Chu Feng's that board game piece, lifts the pointed weapons in hand suddenly. 然而,当宇文化龙的那颗棋子,靠近楚枫的棋子之后,只见楚枫的那颗棋子,猛然抬起手中的兵刃。 Afterward a ray flashes through, the Yuwen Hualong board game piece, was then decapitated, lies down above the checkerboard. 随后一道光芒闪过,宇文化龙的棋子,便身首异处,倒卧在了棋盘之上。 This is impossible!!!” “这不可能!!!” The Yuwen Hualong face whiten, startled no use he, the continual backing up several steps, resemble the rubber ball that was discouraged to be common, ashen-faced. 宇文化龙脸色苍白,惊慌无助的他,连续倒退数步,似是泄了气的皮球一般,面如死灰 Chu Feng with his showdown, not only on the checkerboard has duplicated with Yuwen Tingyi that. 楚枫与他的对决,不仅棋盘上复制了与宇文廷一的那一场。 Response of Yuwen Hualong , is almost and Yuwen Tingyi is exactly the same. 就连宇文化龙的反应,也几乎是和宇文廷一一模一样的。 He is unable to believe that the present fact, is not willing to accept this fact. 他无法相信眼前的事实,更不愿意接受这个事实。 However, the victory and defeat has decided that he actually has to recognize. 然而,胜负已定,他却不得不认。 Wish the gambling to concede, kneels down.” Chu Feng indifferent saying. “愿赌服输,跪下吧。”楚枫冷漠的说道。 Big brother Chu Feng, calculates... Ok.” May at this moment, Li Xiang actually open the mouth. 楚枫大哥,算…算了吧。”可就在这时,李响却开口了。 Li Xiang at this moment, blood already removed, somewhat is pale besides the complexion beside, he seemed already unobstructive. 此刻的李响,身上的鲜血已然褪去,除了脸色还有些苍白之外,他看上去已经无碍了。 Just, in his eye has wipes timidly, he as if very much fears Yuwen Hualong, therefore he does not want to press Yuwen Hualong again. 只不过,他的眼中却有着一抹胆怯,他似乎很怕宇文化龙,所以他不想再难为宇文化龙 Yuwen Hualong, wishing the gambling to concede, please now, immediately kneel in front of Li Xiang.” 宇文化龙,愿赌服输,请你现在,立刻跪到李响面前。” However, Chu Feng as if has not heard the Li Xiang words to be ordinary , to continue to exert pressure to Yuwen Hualong. 然而,楚枫就仿佛没有听到李响的话一般,继续对宇文化龙施压。 However, Yuwen Hualong also saw Li Xiang to be timid, therefore he has not paid attention to Chu Feng, instead cast the vision on the body of Li Xiang, his vision was very ice-cold, has been full of the meaning of threat. 不过,宇文化龙也已经看出李响胆怯了,所以他并没有理会楚枫,反而将目光投在了李响的身上,他的目光很是冰冷,充满了威胁之意。 Big brother Chu Feng, ok, considers as finished, you look at me... Also is all right.” Li Xiang has feared, is smiling bitterly to the Chu Feng start to talk, wants to make Chu Feng give up in light of this. 楚枫大哥,算了,真的算了,你看我…又没什么事。”李响真的怕了,苦笑着对楚枫开口,想让楚枫就此罢手。 You looked that this is not I cannot lose, you ask actually first that your friend, does dare to make me kneel in his front, dares to put out a hand to touch my.” At this moment, Yuwen Hualong happily smiled. “你看,这可不是我输不起,你倒是先问一问,你的那个朋友,敢不敢让我跪在他的面前,敢不敢伸手碰我一下。”此刻,宇文化龙得意的笑了。 But sees such Yuwen Hualong, the Li Xiang complexion was also emerges disgruntledly. 而看到这样的宇文化龙,李响的脸色也是涌现出了不悦。 This is also normal, nobody likes being shamed, let alone is in front of these many people. 这也正常,没有人喜欢被人羞辱,更何况是当着这么多人的面。 Yuwen Hualong noted the complexion change of Li Xiang, but he not only has not restrained, instead provocation said to Li Xiang: What's wrong, I said is not right, do you dare to hit me?” 宇文化龙注意到了李响的脸色变化,可是他不仅没有收敛,反而挑衅的对李响说道:“怎么,我说的不对吗,难道你敢打我?” You......” in the Li Xiang eye, emerged to wipe the light angry look, he wants to say anything, but he started to speak but hesitated, finally anything had not said. “你……”李响的眼中,涌现出了一抹淡淡的怒色,他本想说什么,可是他欲言又止,最终什么也没有说。 Li Xiang, you determined that can such consider as finished?” 李响,你确定就要这么算了?” You determined, your in vain was hit by him, but didn't investigate?” Chu Feng has turned around, asked to Li Xiang. “你确定,你白白的被他打,而不追究?”楚枫转过身,对李响问道。 At this moment, Li Xiang is very awkward, he does not dare with Chu Feng looking at each other, therefore to lower the head. 此刻,李响很是尴尬,他不敢与楚枫对视,所以低下了头。 But Chu Feng also notes, the double fist of Li Xiang closely has grasped, looks comes out he is very puzzled. 楚枫也注意到,李响的双拳已经紧紧的握了起来,看的出来他也很纠结。 Is the full of vigor ages, if said that Li Xiang does not want to hit Yuwen Hualong, does not want to revenge, that is false. 都是血气方刚的年纪,若说李响不想打宇文化龙,不想报仇,那是假的。 He was too afraid, is afraid Yuwen Hualong to retaliate him in the future, after all was the juniors, the opportunity in the future meeting what were many were. 只是他太害怕了而已,害怕宇文化龙日后报复他,毕竟都是小辈,日后见面的机会还多的是。 Therefore, finally he shook the head, said: Big brother Chu Feng, your good intention I declined with thanks, but considers as finished.” 所以,最终他还是摇了摇头,说道:“楚枫大哥,你的好意我心领了,但还是算了吧。” Ha, this may not blame me really Chu Feng, must blame only to blame your brothers being too spiritless.” “哈哈哈,这可真不怪我啊楚枫,要怪只能怪你的兄弟太懦弱。” I can make him hit me, but how, he does not dare to hit me.” “我可以让他打我,只是奈何,他不敢打我啊。” Therefore, you want to make me kneel down, feared that is not good.” “所以,你想让我下跪,怕是不行了。” Yuwen Hualong self-satisfied smiling, smiles very loud, at the same time, but also dances with joy, gesticulates to keep, resembles him not to be willing the gambling to concede, was forced general, that appearance was really rampant. 宇文化龙得意的笑着,笑的非常的大声,与此同时,还手舞足蹈,比划个不停,就好像他不愿赌服输,乃是被逼无奈一般,那个模样甚是嚣张。 At this moment, not to mention is Chu Feng, even if the surrounding person on the scene, feels indignant. 这一刻,莫说楚枫,哪怕在场围观之人,都感到气愤。 Lost has not recognized, also dares so rampant taunt winner, extremely to be really shameless unexpectedly. 输了不认也就罢了,竟然还敢这般嚣张的嘲讽胜者,着实太过无耻了一些。 Chu Feng, some of your indeed methods, suffices the loyalty, but how, you make friends bad, unexpectedly with the coward is the friend.” 楚枫,你的确有些手段,也够义气,只是奈何,你交友不善,竟与懦夫为友。” Oh, I started to suspect, after all said that birds person and group minute, your this friend was a coward, does not know, you, was a coward?” “唉,我开始怀疑了,毕竟都说,物以类聚人与群分,你这朋友都是懦夫,不知道,你是不是,也是一个懦夫呢?” Yuwen Hualong , to continue to taunt to Chu Feng, meaning that has not stopped slightly. 宇文化龙,继续对楚枫冷嘲热讽,丝毫没有停下来的意思 It seems like that he has despised Chu Feng, particularly after losing to Chu Feng, hated to Chu Feng's turned one time. 看来,他真是恨透了楚枫,尤其是败给楚枫之后,对楚枫的憎恨更是翻了一倍。 At present, had with great difficulty, can taunt the Chu Feng's opportunity, he naturally cannot let off. 眼下,好不容易有了,可以嘲讽楚枫的机会,他自然不会放过。 Shut up, you shut up to me.” May at this moment, Li Xiang actually be bellows, exclaimed in the expression of hysteria: Chu Feng is not the coward, big brother Chu Feng he is not a coward.” “闭嘴,你给我闭嘴。”可就在这时,李响却是大吼起来,以歇斯底里的语气吼道:“楚枫不是懦夫,楚枫大哥他不是懦夫。” Oh, good all various professions, he is not a coward, but are you a coward?” “喔,行行行,他不是懦夫,可是你是不是懦夫?” You dare saying that you aren't a coward?” “难道你敢说,你不是懦夫?” Yuwen Hualong smiles looks at Li Xiang, in that vision, has been full of the satire. 宇文化龙笑眯眯的看着李响,那目光之中,充满了讽刺。 Who said that I am a coward? Who said that I don't dare?” “谁说我是懦夫?谁说我不敢的?” The Li Xiang complexion becomes flushed, with that angry vision, is staring at Yuwen Hualong, exclaimed loudly. 李响脸色涨红,用那愤怒的目光,盯着宇文化龙,大声吼道。 But Li Xiang such remarks, all people on the scene stare, only has the Chu Feng's corners of the mouth, raised has wiped the light happy expression. 李响此话一出,在场的所有人都是一愣,唯有楚枫的嘴角,扬起了一抹淡淡的笑意。 Chu Feng knows that Li Xiang erupted, then had the good play to look. 楚枫知道,李响已经爆发了,接下来有好戏可以看了。 But Yuwen Hualong, finally had as if realized the situation is not wonderful, therefore he not only no longer continues to taunt, on the contrary, facing, bellows repetitive Li Xiang to him, he has turned around unexpectedly, prepares to relinquish in light of this. 宇文化龙,似乎也终于意识到了情况不妙,所以他不仅不再继续嘲讽,相反,面对,对他大吼连连的李响,他竟然转过身去,准备就此作罢。 You, kneel down to me.” May at this moment, Li Xiang actually point at Yuwen Hualong, bellows once again. “你,给我跪下。”可就在这时,李响却指着宇文化龙,再度大吼起来。 He at this moment, the angry glare stared circle, the whole body blue vein has exploded, seemed looks like a enraged lion, has several points of imposing manner actually. 此刻的他,怒目瞪圆,浑身的青筋都爆了起来,看上去就像是一头被激怒的雄狮,倒是有着几分气势。 What did you say?” “你说什么?” Yuwen Hualong turns the head, looks to Li Xiang. 宇文化龙转过头来,看向李响 He resembles cannot believe that his ear, cannot believe words that one hear. 他似是不敢相信自己的耳朵,不敢相信自己听到的话。 Freely, he also saw that Li Xiang must erupt, but he has not thought that Li Xiang dares so to speak with him unexpectedly. 尽管,他也看出李响要爆发了,但他没有想到,李响竟然敢这般与他说话。 I want you to kneel in father's front, making the father hold your 10,000 slap on the face.” Li Xiang said loudly. “我要你跪在老子的面前,让老子掌你10000个耳光。”李响大声说道。 Your he, dares such to speak with me, is live is impatient?” “你他吗的,敢与我这么说话,是活的不耐烦了吗?” The next quarter, the Yuwen Hualong complexion big change, bellows unexpectedly to Li Xiang. 下一刻,宇文化龙竟然脸色大变,冲着李响大吼起来。 Looks at that stance, if Li Xiang dares rubbish again, he must get rid general to Li Xiang. 看那个架势,若是李响再敢废话一句,他就要对李响出手一般。 Yuwen Hualong, what your this is, cannot lose?” Chu Feng asked. 宇文化龙,你这算什么,是输不起吗?”楚枫问道。 I especially could not lose, you can be what kind of me, can you make me kneel before him forcefully? Do you have this skill?” “我就特么的输不起了,你能把我怎么样,难道你能强行让我跪在他面前吗?你有这个本事吗?” Yuwen Hualong points at Chu Feng to say. 宇文化龙指着楚枫说道。 He, runs counter to his commitment unexpectedly in the presence of everyone, must act shamelessly in the presence of everyone. 他,竟然当众违背自己的承诺,要当众耍赖。 However on the other hand, Yuwen Hualong, if acts shamelessly, Chu Feng also really takes him not to have any means. 但是话说回来,宇文化龙若要耍赖,楚枫还真拿他没什么办法。 After all, he is Sixth Rank True Immortal, cultivation realm and existence of Han Yu rank, by the Chu Feng present strength, is not his match. 毕竟,他是一位六品真仙,修为韩玉一个级别的存在,以楚枫现在的实力,还不是他的对手。 Thinks that Yuwen Hualong also recognized, the Chu Feng's strength was inferior to him, therefore dares to be so wild. 想必,宇文化龙也认准了,楚枫的实力不如他,所以才敢这般猖狂。 What is worth mentioning is, regarding this situation, those present actually also nobody stood to say anything. 值得一提的是,对于这种情况,在场的人却也没有人站出来说什么。 Xia Yun'er has not spoken, she looks like an observer is common, looks at this. 夏允儿没有说话,她就像是一个旁观者一般,看着这一幕。 But Chu Lingxi above that lamp stand, when although Yuwen Hualong rejects fulfills the gambling to make, in her beautiful eyes emerges the color of loathing, but she has not actually said anything. 而那个灯台之上的楚灵溪,虽然当宇文化龙拒绝履行赌约的时候,她的美眸之中涌现出了厌恶之色,可是她却也没有开口说什么。
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