MGA :: Volume #7

#2766: Was you lost ( 6 )

Here, just with urging of Formation the checkerboard, we use Spirit Formation technique, plays chess, how?” Yuwen Tingyi points at the checkerboard before body to say. “这里,刚好有一个用结界之力催动的棋盘,我们就用结界之术,下盘棋,如何?”宇文廷一指着身前的棋盘说道。 That checkerboard, was actually formerly, table that Chu Lingxi sits. 那个棋盘,其实就是先前,楚灵溪所坐着的桌子。 Chu Feng has not replied immediately, but after approaches that checkerboard, earnest sizes up. 楚枫并没有立刻应答,而是走近那棋盘后,认真的打量起来。 But after the observation, Chu Feng discovered that Yuwen Tingyi has not lain actually, this checkerboard indeed with urging of Formation the checkerboard, this should be the Ancient Snake Race person, places here intentionally, whiles away the time to use for here person. 而观察之后,楚枫发现宇文廷一倒是没有说谎,这棋盘的确是用结界之力催动的棋盘,这应该是远古蛇族的人,故意摆放这里,供这里的人消遣用的。 Ok.” Chu Feng said. “可以啊。”楚枫说道。 Brother Chu Feng, you leave first should anxiously, since must compare notes, naturally wants some gambling stakes.” Yuwen Tingyi said. 楚枫兄弟,你先别急着应啊,既然要切磋,自然就要有些赌注。”宇文廷一说道。 How wants to bet, you said.” Chu Feng newcomer does not resist, he thinks that will not lose to this Yuwen Tingyi, naturally did not fear that bets with him. “想怎么赌,你说。”楚枫来者不拒,他自认为不会输给这宇文廷一,自然也就不怕和他赌。 But if Han Yu and Chu Feng gambling, that Chu Feng must consider that after all that Han Yu Spirit Formation technique, above Chu Feng, is Dragon Mark level Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. 但若是韩玉楚枫赌,那楚枫就要考虑一下了,毕竟那韩玉结界之术,在楚枫之上,乃是龙纹仙袍界灵师 Since must bet, that bets interesting, was inferior that you lost, own leaf of slap on the face, but is good?” Yuwen Tingyi, looks at saying that Chu Feng smiles. “既然要赌,那就赌点有趣的,不如你输了,就自己扇自己一个耳光,可好?”宇文廷一,看着楚枫笑眯眯的说道。 How can like this, where have to make this gambling stake?” At this moment, Chu Feng has not opened the mouth, Li Xiang then spoke. “怎么可以这样,哪有做这种赌注的?”此刻,楚枫还未开口,李响便说话了。 Meanwhile, the person of presence, is the low voice discussion. 与此同时,在场之人,也是小声的议论起来。 Coming out that the people look, this Yuwen Tingyi at is not simple compares notes with Chu Feng, he must do the matter. 人们都看的出来,这宇文廷一根本不是简单的与楚枫切磋,他就是要搞事情。 Chu Feng has not spoken, but shook the head. 楚枫没有说话,而是摇了摇头。 How haven't Brother Chu Feng, dared?” “怎么了楚枫兄弟,不敢了?” Yuwen Tingyi reveals one's true colors immediately, cast the vision of satire to Chu Feng. 宇文廷一顿时原形毕露,向楚枫投来了讽刺的目光。 I thought that slap on the face are too few, 1000 what kind of?” Chu Feng said. “我觉得一个耳光太少,1000个怎么样?”楚枫说道。 Chu Feng such remarks, many people on the scene, could not bear hold breath cold air. 楚枫此话一出,在场的许多人,都是忍不住倒吸了一口凉气。 The people thought that Chu Feng shakes the head must reject, who thinks, when he actually said this words. 人们本来觉得,楚枫摇头是要拒绝,谁想当他竟然说出这种话。 Also really stuns the world. 还真是语出惊人啊。 Even, that lay down in the main hall peak, Chu Lingxi above that lamp stand, sat, beautiful eyes is waiting and seeing to below. 甚至,就连那原本躺在大殿顶端,那灯台之上的楚灵溪,也是坐了起来,一张美眸正向下观望。 Obviously, even if she, thinks this comparing notes, a little meaning. 显然,哪怕是她,也觉得这场切磋,有点意思了。 Good, 1000 slap on the face on 1000 slap on the face, but you, if lost, cannot deny.” Yuwen Tingyi said. “好,1000个耳光就1000个耳光,只是你若输了,可不能抵赖。”宇文廷一说道。 Actually, this was I wants to say to you.” Chu Feng light saying with a smile. “其实,这是我想对你说的。”楚枫淡淡的笑道。 Ha Ha, you have self-confidence actually.” Satire that Yuwen Tingyi smiles. “哈哈,你倒是有自信。”宇文廷一笑的越加讽刺。 Tried every means to persuade, his glass spheroid, was the purple, but Chu Feng was only the green. 好说歹说,他那玻璃球体,也是紫色的,而楚枫只是青色的。 Therefore in his opinion, Chu Feng dares to compare notes with him, that then courts death. 所以在他看来,楚枫敢与他切磋,那便是找死。 Also dares to stir up him unexpectedly, he thought that Chu Feng is not only courts death that simply, but acts recklessly. 竟然还敢激他,他觉得楚枫不仅是找死那么简单,而是不知死活。 If, that then starts.” Chu Feng stood on own initiative another end of checkerboard. “若是可以,那便开始吧。”楚枫主动站到了棋盘的另一端。 Come.” Yuwen Tingyi, was stands another end of checkerboard. “来吧。”宇文廷一,也是站到了棋盘的另一端。 Buzz Buzz The next quarter, two people of thoughts move, then the strength of own Formation, integrated above the respective board game piece. 下一刻,二人意念一动,便将自己的结界之力,融入了各自的棋子之上。 Crash-bang 哗啦啦 The next quarter, that tranquil checkerboard, had the change immediately. 下一刻,那原本平静的棋盘,顿时发生了变化。 These board game pieces, were actually similar to have the life to be common, have stood, even was also sending out the ray. 那些棋子,竟然一个个如同拥有了生命一般,站立了起来,甚至身上还散发着光芒。 Some of them grasp the knife edge, some promote chariot, is similar to the army is ordinary, to each other launches the offensive. 他们有的手持刀刃,有的推动战车,如同大军一般,向彼此发动攻势。 Quick, both sides have encountered, two side armies under the stimulation of movement of Chu Feng and Yuwen Tingyi, started battle. 很快的,双方交锋了,两方大军在楚枫宇文廷一的催动之下,开始了厮杀。 Whenever some people drop down, then meets the blood to scatter, mortal body separation. 每当有人倒下,便会鲜血四溅,肉身分离。 This where is a checkerboard, this radically is the battlefield, all so real. 这哪里是棋盘,这根本就是战场,一切都是如此的真实。 But sees this, the Li Xiang three people are intense serious. 而见到这一幕,李响三人则是紧张的不得了。 Because of Chu Feng and Yuwen Tingyi showdown, it can be said that shares half and half, victory and defeat difficult difference. 因为楚枫宇文廷一的对决,可以说是平分秋色,胜负难分。 But Li Xiang three people of anxious times, that Yuwen Tingyi was more anxious. 李响三人紧张的时候,那宇文廷一则更加紧张了。 He thinks that by his strength, can exceed Chu Feng with the crushing -type superiority. 他本以为,凭借他的实力,可以用压倒式的优势胜过楚枫 No once thinks that he unexpectedly with inextricably involved that Chu Feng fights. 可没的曾想,他竟然与楚枫战的难解难分。 Seeing with own eyes, these board game pieces was killed, the board game piece in his hand is fewer and fewer, his innermost feelings even more are also flurried. 眼见着,那些棋子一个一个的被杀,他手中的棋子已是越来越少,他的内心也越发的慌乱起来。 After all, this type of checkerboard, the victory and defeat rule is very simple, is the opposite party wiped out to the last man that kills. 毕竟,这种棋盘,胜负规则很简单,就是杀的对方片甲不留。 Which side, the board game piece all extinguishes, which Fang Bai was. 哪一方,棋子全灭,便是哪一方败了。 However simply, when the Yuwen Tingyi board game piece steadily reduces at the same time, the Chu Feng's board game piece also in the unceasing reduction, both sides consistently is equally matched, fights unusual is intense. 但是索性,当宇文廷一的棋子不断减少的同时,楚枫的棋子也在不断的减少,双方一致是不相上下,战的非常激烈。 Swish Swish 唰唰 Finally, two board game pieces drop down, above this entire checkerboard, then only remaining two board game pieces, Chu Feng and Yuwen Tingyi respective. 终于,又有两颗棋子倒下,这整个棋盘之上,便只剩下了两颗棋子,楚枫宇文廷一各自一颗。 He He, I underestimated you actually, can fight this situation with me unexpectedly.” Yuwen Tingyi looks at Chu Feng to say. “呵呵,我倒是小看你了,竟然能与我战到这种地步。”宇文廷一看着楚枫说道。 Is very accidental? Regarding this scene, I am expected actually.” Chu Feng said. “很意外吗?对于这个场景,我倒是预料之中。”楚枫说道。 You thought that you will win?” Yuwen Tingyi said. “你觉得你会赢?”宇文廷一说道。 If I thought that I will lose, will not bet with you.” Chu Feng said. “若是我觉得我会输,就不会与你赌。”楚枫说道。 That then comes to see, is actually who even better.” During the Yuwen Tingyi speeches, he bellows unexpectedly, the strength of next quarter boundless Formation, is similar to the tide is then ordinary, emerges that last board game piece. “那便来看一看,究竟是谁更胜一筹吧。”宇文廷一说话间,他竟然大吼一声,下一刻磅礴的结界之力,便如同潮水一般,涌入那最后一颗棋子。 At this moment, on his board game piece the ray is loud, has covered the entire checkerboard. 这一刻,他的那颗棋子身上光芒大声,已经覆盖了整个棋盘。 In this case, Chu Feng's that board game piece, appears cannot withstand small and weakly. 在这种情况下,楚枫的那颗棋子,显得弱小不堪。 …… But under the stimulation of movement of Yuwen Tingyi, his board game piece then dashes about wildly to Chu Feng. 而在宇文廷一的催动之下,他的那颗棋子便向楚枫狂奔而来。 Regarding this situation, the Chu Feng's board game piece is motionless. 对于这种情况,楚枫的棋子则一动不动。 Sees this, the people think that Chu Feng gave up. 见到这一幕,人们都以为楚枫已经放弃了。 Yuwen Tingyi has instilled into the strength of that formidable Formation, but Chu Feng does not have any response. 宇文廷一已经灌输了那么强大的结界之力,可是楚枫却没有任何反应。 This did not give up, what is also? 这不是放弃了,又是什么? But at this moment, two board game pieces encountered finally, saw only two board game pieces, wielded respectively begins the knife edge, wielded to the opposite party chops to go. 而就在这时,两颗棋子终于交锋到了一处,只见两颗棋子,各自挥动手中的刀刃,向对方挥砍而去。 …… 咔嚓 A blood splashes, the checkerboard of that sparkle was gloomy immediately. 一道鲜血飞溅开来,那闪耀的棋盘顿时暗淡了下来。 Chu Feng's board game piece complete unscathed, but Yuwen Tingyi that board game piece, has been decapitated. 楚枫的棋子完好无损,而宇文廷一的那颗棋子,已是身首异处。 Damn , has won, big brother Chu Feng, won.” 我擦,赢了,楚枫大哥,赢了。” Big brother Chu Feng, you were too simply good.” 楚枫大哥,你简直太棒了。” The Li Xiang three people, have not controlled the excited mood, unexpectedly excited shouts. 李响三人,没有控制住自己激动的情绪,竟然兴奋的大喊起来。 However quick, they the complexion big change, hurried to cover their mouth. 但是很快的,他们三人又脸色大变,赶忙捂住了自己的嘴巴。 Because they realized suddenly that here cannot shout and wrangle. 因为他们忽然意识到,在这里是不可以大呼小叫的。 However they have shouted obviously, is how Chu Lingxi actually not to them. 但是他们明明呼喊了,可是楚灵溪却并没有对他们二人如何。 Chu Lingxi at this moment, long-drawn-out sitting in the main hall peak your above mounting the stage, looks like, otherwise the fairy maiden of this world, seems is being carefree and content like that. 此刻的楚灵溪,悠哉的坐在大殿顶端你的登台之上,就像是一个不然凡尘的仙子,看上去是那般的悠然自得。 But her vision also very much relaxes, she at this moment, is a genuine observer. 而她的目光也很放松,此刻的她,就是一个真正的旁观者。 This is impossible.” Yuwen Tingyi bellows, the continual backing up several steps, he cannot believe the present fact. “这不可能。”宇文廷一大吼一声,连续倒退数步,他是不敢相信眼前的事实。 Victory and defeat the minute, will board game piece, have lain?” Chu Feng said. “胜负已分,难道棋子,会说谎吗?”楚枫说道。 Has the issue, certainly has issue, how will I lose to you?” “有问题,一定有问题,我怎么会败给你?” My this glass spheroid, is the purple, but your is only the green, the strength of your Formation is inferior to me, to exceed how possibly me?” Yuwen Tingyi is bellowing. “我这玻璃球体,乃是紫色,而你的只是青色,你的结界之力不如我,怎么可能会胜过我?”宇文廷一大吼着。 „......” Chu Feng shook the head with a smile, he not many explanations. “呵……”楚枫笑着摇了摇头,他并没有过多的解释。 This checkerboard, is my clan Clan Head builds personally, will not make a mistake, was you loses.” But at this moment, Ancient Snake Race Elder opened the mouth. “这棋盘,乃是我族族长亲自打造,不会出错,是你输了。”而就在此刻,远古蛇族的一位长老开口了。 Originally, Ancient Snake Race Elder, continuously in this main hall , he although has not spoken, but he is also actually gazing at all these. 原来,远古蛇族长老,一直在这大殿内,他虽然没有说话,可是他却也注视着这一切。
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