MGA :: Volume #7

#2765: Looks for trouble ( 5 )

But, this female, is not as if amiable. 可是,这名女子,似乎并没有那么平易近人。 Her waist, is hanging the Chu Celestial Clan token obviously, is these Chu Celestial Clan juniors, is actually away from her to be very far, like very much feared that she is common. 她的腰间,明明挂着楚氏天族的令牌,可是那些楚氏天族的小辈,却距离她很远,就像很怕她一般。 However Chu Feng can also feel, the aura of this female is very vigorous, is more tyrannical than Han Yu. 但是楚枫也是能够感受到,这名女子的气息很浑厚,比韩玉还要强横。 If Chu Feng has not guessed wrong, this female should be Seventh Rank True Immortal. 楚枫若是没有猜错,这名女子应该是七品真仙 Chu Lingxi, unexpectedly is Chu Lingxi, Oh my God, my this really has not come in vain, simultaneously saw two in Great Thousand Upper Realm three big beautiful woman unexpectedly.” 楚灵溪,竟然是楚灵溪,天哪,我这趟真是没有白来,竟然同时见到了大千上界三大美女中的两位。” At this moment, Li Xiang excited calls out in alarm makes noise. 这一刻,李响激动的惊呼出声。 But through calling out in alarm of Li Xiang, Chu Feng also knew the status of that female. 而通过李响的惊呼,楚枫也是知道了那名女子的身份。 She is Chu Lingxi, the Genius list ranks ninth existence, and not only her father and grandfather, the position high weight in Chu Celestial Clan, her mother are another side Upper Realm princesses. 她便是楚灵溪,妖孽榜排名第九的存在,并且不仅她的父亲与爷爷,在楚氏天族内位高权重,她的母亲更是另一方上界的公主。 This Chu Lingxi background, is it can be said that formidable. 楚灵溪的背景,可以说是非常强大的。 Lingxi, after nearly two years, we met finally.” 灵溪,时隔近两年,我们终于又见面了。” Cannot think rapidness that such you progress, unexpectedly is Seventh Rank True Immortal, such looks like, next time Supreme Talented Martial Fight Gathering, your position can promote much.” “想不到你进步的这么快,竟然已是七品真仙,这么看来,下一次的天骄武斗会,你的名次又能提升不少。” Han Yu has opened the mouth, is similar to Xia Yun'er is ordinary, he displays is very attentive. 韩玉开口了,就如同对夏允儿一般,他表现的很是殷勤。 However, Chu Lingxi actually looked that does not look at Han Yu one, but stares at Xia Yun'er saying: You are Xia Yun'er.” 然而,楚灵溪却看都不看韩玉一眼,而是盯着夏允儿说道:“你便是夏允儿。” Xia Yun'er, greets Chu Lingxi girl.” Xia Yun'er, the happy expression, has made a polite movement wear a look. 夏允儿,拜见楚灵溪姑娘。”夏允儿,面带笑意,做出了一个礼貌的动作。 Is Meteor Holy Land Holy Maiden, the most basic custom does not have the society, the Lingxi girl, this is you can call?” Chu Lingxi indifferent saying. “身为星陨圣地圣女,难道最基本的规矩都没学会,灵溪姑娘,这是你可以称呼的吗?”楚灵溪冷漠的说道。 How should I call?” Xia Yun'er is somewhat vacant. “那我该如何称呼?”夏允儿有些茫然。 Called my Sir Chu Lingxi.” Chu Lingxi said. “叫我楚灵溪大人。”楚灵溪说道。 Xia Yun'er, greets Sir Chu Lingxi.” Xia Yun'er but actually also amiable, serves with a ritual unexpectedly, called Chu Lingxi for the Sir. 夏允儿,拜见楚灵溪大人。”夏允儿倒也随和,竟然真的施以一礼,称呼楚灵溪为大人。 You.” Chu Lingxi indifferent looked to Han Yu. “还有你。”楚灵溪冷漠的看向了韩玉 Han Yu, greets Sir Chu Lingxi.” 韩玉,拜见楚灵溪大人。” The Han Yu happy expression serves with a ritual wear a look, compares in Xia Yun'er, he displays is natural, does not have a disgraced feeling, as if this is natural general. 韩玉面带笑意施以一礼,相比于夏允儿,他表现的更是自然,就没有一丝丢人的感觉,仿佛这是理所应当的一般。 However, even if such attentiveness of Han Yu performance, Chu Lingxi has not actually given him any good complexion to look. 然而,哪怕韩玉表现的如此殷勤,楚灵溪却也没有给他任何好脸色看。 The Chu Lingxi personal appearance moves, leapt the peak in palace unexpectedly, sat above that giant hanging lamp, said: I must take a break, you spoke give me low voice, if who awakened by noise me, I have picked his head.” 楚灵溪身形一动,竟然跃到了宫殿的顶端,坐在了那巨大的吊灯之上,说道:“我要休息片刻,你们说话都给我小声点,若是有谁吵醒我,我就摘了他的脑袋。” Said that this words, Chu Lingxi is really then resting the head on the both arms, has lain down. 说完此话,楚灵溪便真的枕着双臂,躺了下去。 But at this moment, the entire main hall is also becomes exceptionally peaceful, even if some people talked, sent greetings in secret, nobody dares to make the sound. 而这一刻,整座大殿也是变得异常的安静,哪怕有人交谈,也是暗中传音,没有人敢发出声音。 From this can also see, this Chu Lingxi is also a ruthless role, otherwise she will not have so strong deterrent force. 由此也可以看出,这楚灵溪也是一个狠角色,否则她不会具有如此强的威慑力。 Freely, the people do not dare to make the sound, may be quietly arrived at the Chu Feng and others near, they want to be close with Xia Yun'er, naturally also some people want try to get close with Han Yu and Chu Feng. 尽管,人们都不敢发出声音,可还是悄无声息的来到了楚枫等人的近前,他们都想与夏允儿接近,当然也有人想与韩玉楚枫套近乎。 Xia Yun'er, do not look that is warm to Chu Feng, but treats other people, she is one resists the human as in the thousand li(500 km) appearance. 夏允儿,别看对楚枫热情,可是对待旁人,她依旧是一副拒人于千里的模样。 And her indifference, is different from Chu Lingxi, Chu Lingxi is that type in the complexion, very cold person of performance. 并且她的冷漠,与楚灵溪不同,楚灵溪是那种在脸色上,就表现的很冷的人。 Xia Yun'er is but different, on her face is hanging the charming smiling face throughout, although starts you to come up beautiful, if Celestial Immortal, but also is affable, however you thought really she is affable, that may be completely mistaken. 可是夏允儿则不同,她的脸上始终挂着迷人的笑容,虽然开始你上去美若天仙,但却又和蔼可亲,然而你真的觉得她和蔼可亲的话,那可就大错特错了。 In this main hall, all with the person who she greeted, has been denied entrance, even if were the Chu Celestial Clan junior is no exception. 这大殿之内,所有与她打招呼的人,都吃了闭门羹,哪怕是楚氏天族的小辈也不例外。 It can be said that since Xia Yun'er enters this main hall, succeeds and its conversation, then only then that Chu Lingxi. 可以说,自打夏允儿进入这大殿后,成功与其交谈的,便只有那楚灵溪而已。 However, Chu Feng not so is indifferent, any with Chu Feng that he greeted can with its conversation, particularly Immortal Armament Villa person, Chu Feng to their enthusiasms especially. 不过,楚枫并不那么冷漠,凡是与他打招呼的楚枫都会与其交谈,尤其是仙兵山庄的人,楚枫对他们格外的热情。 After all Chu Feng, he can come here, has been lucky Immortal Armament Villa Village Master, therefore he thought that he owes a Immortal Armament Villa benevolence. 毕竟在楚枫来看,他能够来到这里,多亏了仙兵山庄庄主,所以他觉得他欠仙兵山庄一个恩情。 But passes through with their conversations, Chu Feng also knows why these people gathered completely here. 而经过与他们的交谈,楚枫也是知道,为何这些人全部聚集在这里了。 Originally is not they do not think mountaineering, but is Ancient Snake Race is not willing to allow to pass. 原来不是他们不想登山,而是远古蛇族不肯放行。 Therefore, that Chu Lingxi has flown into a rage one time, finally Ancient Snake Race Clan Head personally acts, informs Chu Lingxi, certainly after will not delay the eruption of Buried Spirit Pond, Chu Lingxi subsides. 为此,那个楚灵溪已经大发雷霆过一次,最终还是远古蛇族族长亲自出面,告知楚灵溪,一定不会耽搁葬灵池的喷发后,楚灵溪才平息下来。 Thinks that Ancient Snake Race Clan Head, treats the manner of star meteor Eight Immortals. 想一想,远古蛇族族长,对待星陨八仙的态度。 Chu Feng can also imagine but actually, Ancient Snake Race Clan Head, is not fearless. 楚枫倒也是能够想象,远古蛇族族长,也并非天不怕地不怕。 Otherwise, he is impossible to come out personally, comforts the Chu Lingxi mood. 否则,他不可能亲自出来,安抚楚灵溪的情绪。 If he did not fear that offends the star meteor Eight Immortals, then he is certainly afraid offends Chu Lingxi. 如果说,他不怕得罪星陨八仙的话,那么他一定害怕得罪楚灵溪 This is also normal, after all Chu Celestial Clan is this Great Thousand Upper Realm, overlord who deserves. 这也正常,毕竟楚氏天族乃是这大千上界,当之无愧的霸主。 Let alone, Chu Lingxi is not the common Chu Celestial Clan clansman, her background is so formidable. 更何况,楚灵溪又不是寻常的楚氏天族族人,她的背景那么强大。 not to mention Ancient Snake Race Clan Head, has thought entire Great Thousand Upper Realm, few individuals dare to annoy Chu Lingxi. 莫说远古蛇族族长了,想必整个大千上界,也没有几个人敢惹楚灵溪 Brother Chu Feng, how you enter here time, grabbed this bulb.” After a conversation, some people open the mouth to ask. 楚枫兄弟,你们怎么进入这里的时候,就拿到这个玻璃球了。”一番交谈后,有人开口问道。 They at this moment, in secret have no longer sent greetings, but opens the mouth in the presence of everyone, but is also afraid to quarrel that overbearing Chu Lingxi, therefore the people put the sound is very low. 此刻的他们,已经不再暗中传音,而是当众开口,只不过也害怕吵到那个霸道的楚灵溪,所以人们把声音放的很低。 „Do you attain this glass spheroid where?” Chu Feng asked. “你们是在何处拿到这个玻璃球体的?”楚枫问道。 We are enter in this main hall to attain, it is said instills into the strength of Formation to this glass spheroid, will have the tourmaline, but the tourmaline of this spheroid, it is said to us the clue, will increase us to enter the Buried Spirit Pond probability.” “我们是进入这大殿内才拿到的,据说向这玻璃球体内灌输结界之力,会产生颜色变化,而这个球体的颜色变化,据说会给我们线索,增添我们进入葬灵池的几率。” But concrete what's the matter, we are not clear.” Some people said. “但是具体是怎么回事,我们也不明白。”有人说道。 But after hearing their words, Chu Feng and others is also clear, they should not know, matter about that labyrinth formation, does not know that this year this Buried Spirit Pond, does not enter. 而听到他们的话后,楚枫等人也是清楚,他们应该还不知道,关于那迷宫阵法的事情,也不知道今年这葬灵池,不是那么进入的。 Brother Chu Feng, said that the technique of your World Spirit is good, but you display to really be barely satisfactory today.” May at this moment, Yuwen Tingyi suddenly to the Chu Feng start to talk. 楚枫兄弟,都说你界灵之术不俗,但是你今日表现可真是差强人意。”可就在这时,宇文廷一忽然对楚枫开口。 Regarding the taunt of Yuwen Tingyi, Chu Feng smiles lightly, has not paid attention. 对于宇文廷一的嘲讽,楚枫淡淡一笑,并未理会。 Brother Chu Feng, you do not misunderstand, my Yuwen Tingyi may not have to taunt your Meaning.” 楚枫兄弟,你可别误会,我宇文廷一可没有嘲讽你的意思。” Actually, I highly believe that your strength, is only I am not clear, why you display today abnormally, only lets that glass spheroid unexpectedly the color, changed into the green.” Yuwen Tingyi said. “其实,我是非常相信你的实力的,只是我不明白,为何你今天发挥失常,竟然只让那玻璃球体的颜色,化为了青色。”宇文廷一说道。 Has the words might as well to speak frankly.” Chu Feng said. “有话不妨直说。”楚枫说道。 I want to compare notes with you.” Yuwen Tingyi said. “我想与你切磋一番。”宇文廷一说道。 How do you want to compare notes?” Chu Feng asked. “你想如何切磋?”楚枫问道。 Actually he is clear, Yuwen Tingyi presses Chu Feng intentionally, this very possible is Han Yu instructed. 其实他非常清楚,宇文廷一是故意难为楚枫,这很可能是韩玉所指示。 However Chu Feng, does not fear them. 但是楚枫,根本就不怕他们。 If they really believe that green bulb, is Chu Feng instills into. 他们若真是认为,那青色玻璃球,才是楚枫是灌输的。 Then, they will be very miserable. 那么,他们将会很惨。
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