MGA :: Volume #7

#2764: Another beautiful woman ( 4 )

In fact, Chu Feng already expected this situation, and how Chu Feng does not care about these people to see itself. 实际上,楚枫早就预料到了这种情况,并且楚枫也不在意这些人如何看自己。 Therefore this matter, Chu Feng not only has not been angry, on the contrary he has not cared. 所以这件事情,楚枫不仅没有生气,相反他根本就没有放在心上。 After receiving the apology of Elder Xing Yi, although Chu Feng had not replied, but actually lightly smiles to Elder Xing Yi. 当收到星一长老的道歉之后,楚枫虽然没有回答,可是却冲着星一长老淡淡一笑。 He is telling Elder Xing Yi, does not want to bear, his Chu Feng has not cared this matter. 他是在告诉星一长老,不要有所负担,他楚枫并没有把这件事情放在心上。 „Can I go in?” Elder of Xia Yun'er to Ancient Snake Race asked. “我能进去了吗?”夏允儿远古蛇族长老问道。 Goes.” Ancient Snake Race Elder nodded. “进去吧。”远古蛇族长老点了点头。 Sees that Han Yu was hurries to walk up, has handed over own glass spheroid. 见状,韩玉则是赶忙走上前去,交出了自己的玻璃球体。 He is really not willing to miss any, can with the opportunity of Xia Yun'er short distance contact. 他真是不愿意错过任何,能与夏允儿近距离接触的机会。 After approaching Xia Yun'er, he to Xia Yun'er genial smiles. 而当靠近夏允儿之后,他更是冲着夏允儿和善的一笑。 To be honest, by his status and strength, in addition his such smiling face, sufficiently is charmed presents any young woman. 老实说,以他的身份和实力,再加上他这样的笑容,足以迷倒在场任何一名年轻女子。 However, facing Xia Yun'er time, Han Yu still very much did not have the energy, after all before then, he already with the Xia Yun'er conversation multiple, but Xia Yun'er does not have the skirt including the skirt he. 但是,面对夏允儿的时候,韩玉仍然很没底气,毕竟在此之前,他已经与夏允儿交谈多次,可是夏允儿连屌都没屌他。 However this time, another Han Yu very because of outside. 不过这一次,另韩玉很是因外。 Because, when Han Yu throws that charming and charming smiling face after Xia Yun'er, Xia Yun'er unexpectedly also to her delightful smiles. 因为,当韩玉夏允儿投去那迷人而帅气的笑容之后,夏允儿竟然也冲着她甜美的一笑。 At this moment, Han Yu innermost feelings, even if said that he is ecstatic is not overrated, he is really excited serious. 这一刻,韩玉的内心,哪怕说他是心花怒放也不为过,他真是激动的不得了。 Thinking, was trying hard to be so long, finally had the achievement. 心想着,努力了这么久,终于有了成果。 But at this moment, Xia Yun'er adores to him smiles, certainly is because he instilled into the golden glass spheroid. 而此刻,夏允儿对他倾心一笑,一定是因为他灌输出了金色的玻璃球体。 Later, he must continue performance well, so long as displays enough outstanding, then Xia Yun'er, will adore him finally on the 1st. 以后,他还要继续好好的表现,只要表现的足够优秀,那么夏允儿终有一日,会倾心于他。 But, in the Han Yu mind, unceasing is thinking the later matter, already thinking of sincerity, his manner of Xia Yun'er to changed for the better the time. 可是,就在韩玉的脑海中,不断的想着以后的事情,已经真心的觉得,夏允儿对他的态度好转了的时候。 Xia Yun'er has actually transferred the body, looked to Chu Feng. 夏允儿却是转过身躯,看向了楚枫 Young Master Chu Feng, we go in together.” 楚枫公子,我们一起进去吧。” Buzz Xia Yun'er such remarks, Han Yu only felt that own head buzz, has almost not exploded all of a sudden. 夏允儿此话一出,韩玉只感觉自己的脑袋嗡的一下子,差点就没有爆炸。 He soon was irritated, he is not to the Xia Yun'er vitality, but is pure to the Chu Feng vitality. 他真的是快要被气死了,他不是对夏允儿生气,而是单纯的对楚枫生气。 In his opinion, if not for Chu Feng, Xia Yun'er so will certainly not treat him. 在他看来,若不是楚枫的话,夏允儿一定不会这般对待他。 After all, before then, he has met several with Xia Yun'er, but at that time they were together, was very harmonious. 毕竟,在此之前,他就与夏允儿见过几次面,而那个时候他们两个相处的,可是非常融洽的。 Thinks of here, Han Yu has not said anything, after looked at Chu Feng one wickedly, then directly walked. 想到这里,韩玉也没有多说什么,在恶狠狠的看了楚枫一眼后,便直接走了进去。 But Chu Feng does not neglect, grasps own glass spheroid with Li Xiang and others separately, then walks toward that path. 楚枫也不怠慢,与李响等人分别手持自己的玻璃球体,便向那条道路走去。 Originally, Chu Feng and others thinks, they can the direct mountaineering, but after walking shortly, they discovered that in their front, presented a palace. 本来,楚枫等人以为,他们可以直接登山了,可是走了没多久之后,他们发现,在他们的前方,出现了一座宫殿。 That palace has blocked their way. 那宫殿拦住了他们的去路。 And, palace front door opens wide, out of the door also has master nursing of Ancient Snake Race, probably was waiting for that they are common. 并且,宫殿大门敞开,门外还有远古蛇族的高手看护,就好像在等待他们一般。 This makes Chu Feng and others realize that wants to enter labyrinth formation technique, as if so is not simple. 这让楚枫等人意识到,想要进入迷宫阵法,似乎并没有这么简单。 Freely, in the heart had guess, but Chu Feng and others had not asked that but directly entered in that palace. 尽管,心中已有猜测,可是楚枫等人并未多问,而是直接进入了那座宫殿之内。 After entering the palace, they discovered that in this palace, is gathering many people unexpectedly, and completely is the juniors. 进入宫殿之后,他们才发现,在这宫殿之内,竟然聚集着不少人,并且全部都是小辈。 Where they come from has, it can be said that Great Thousand Upper Realm, all tyrannical influence has. 他们来自哪里的都有,可以说是大千上界,各方强横的势力都有。 At this moment, Chu Feng sighed that goes to this Formation Immortal Field person also is really many. 此刻,楚枫不由感叹,前往这结界仙域的人还真是不少。 After all, arrived here junior is only part, believes that also many people chose to enter that cultivation formation technique. 毕竟,来到这里的小辈只是一部分,相信还有很多人选择进入了那座修炼阵法 However Chu Feng is also notes, in those present hand, is all grasping the glass spheroid. 但是楚枫也是注意到,在场的人手中,皆是握着玻璃球体。 However most people's glass spheroid, is the most primitive transparency, without any color. 但是大部分人的玻璃球体,都还是最原始的透明状,没有任何颜色。 What it seems like that Ancient Snake Race Elder said is the truth, their is really feels embarrassed intentionally your.” Saying that Milady Queen takes pleasure in others'misfortunes. “看来那个远古蛇族长老说的是实话,他们的确是故意为难你们的。”女王大人幸灾乐祸的说道。 If no this intentional pressing, Meteor Holy Land these juniors can also enter here. 若是没有这故意的难为,星陨圣地的那些小辈也都能够进入这里。 But because just had this intentional pressing, causes the juniors in these lucky sacred place, is unable to enter here. 但正因为有了这故意的难为,才导致那些幸运圣地的小辈,无法进入这里。 Who makes them careless, without arranging formation technique, then directly instills into the strength of Formation to the glass spheroid. 谁让他们粗心大意,没有布置阵法,便直接向玻璃球体内灌输结界之力。 Causes them to be defeated completely, has not achieved including green. 导致他们全部失败,连青色都没有达到。 Han Yu, looks quickly, is Young Master Han Yu.” 韩玉,快看,是韩玉公子。” That is not Chu Feng, Brother Chu Feng did you also come?” “那不是楚枫吗,楚枫兄弟你也来了?” Who that beautiful woman is, is quite beautiful, can place on a par with Sir Chu Lingxi simply.” “那位美女是谁,好美,简直可以与楚灵溪大人相提并论。” After Chu Feng and others appears, has brought to the attention of person of presence quickly, the vision of almost all people, condense on the bodies of their eight people. 楚枫等人出现后,很快引起了在场之人的注意,几乎所有人的目光,都凝聚在他们八个人的身上。 Many people on the scene know Han Yu, thus, Han Yu in Great Thousand Upper Realm, indeed is famous existence. 在场的很多人都认识韩玉,由此可以看出,韩玉大千上界,的确是一个大名鼎鼎的存在。 However also has some small people, has recognized Chu Feng, but these recognize the Chu Feng person, majority in Immortal Armament Villa, hunting competition time, has seen the Chu Feng person. 但是也有小部分人,认出了楚枫,而那些认出楚枫的人,大部分都是在仙兵山庄,狩猎比试的时候,见过楚枫的人。 But, at this moment the person of presence, regardless of men and women their they more people, set eyes in the body of Xia Yun'er. 可是,此刻在场之人,无论男女他们他们更多的人,还是将目光锁定在了夏允儿的身上。 Thus it can be seen, no matter , the beautiful woman always compares to be popular. 由此可见,不管在什么时候,美女总是比较吃香的。 Because, Xia Yun'er little makes an appearance, person who has seen in Great Thousand Upper Realm truly her very few. 只不过,因为夏允儿很少露面,在大千上界真正见过她的人非常的少。 Therefore the people do not know that actually Xia Yun'er is. 所以人们都不知道夏允儿究竟是谁。 „, Do not speak at a venture, that is Meteor Holy Land Holy Maiden, Xia Yun'er.” “嘘,不要乱说话,那可是星陨圣地圣女,夏允儿。” In that crowd, pours also has the experienced generation, said the Xia Yun'er status. 那人群之中,倒也有着见多识广之辈,说出了夏允儿的身份。 Unexpectedly is one of my Great Thousand Upper Realm three big beautiful women, Meteor Holy Land Holy Maiden, Xia Yun'er.” “竟然是我大千上界三大美女之一,星陨圣地圣女,夏允儿。” „, No wonder so is no wonder beautiful, is similar to the fairy maiden is simply ordinary.” “难怪,难怪这么美,简直如同仙子一般。” After knowing the Xia Yun'er status, the vision burning hot of people. 当得知夏允儿的身份之后,人们的目光则更加的炙热了。 After all Meteor Holy Land Holy Maiden this title, dazzling, after knowing the Xia Yun'er status, Xia Yun'er in people eyes, becomes noble. 毕竟星陨圣地圣女这个头衔,更加的耀眼,所以当得知夏允儿的身份之后,人们眼中的夏允儿,也变得更加的高贵。 dodge.” 闪开。” But at this moment, in the deep place of this main hall, suddenly heard one to berate. 可就在此刻,在这大殿的深处,忽然传来了一声喝斥。 When that berated resounded at the same time, the formidable pressure was to also sweep away. 当那喝斥响起的同时,强大的威压也是横扫而出。 Next quarter, the people hurry to fall back on both sides, a path reappeared in the line of sight of Chu Feng and others. 下一刻,人们赶忙退到两旁,一条道路浮现在了楚枫等人的视线内。 But waits and sees following that path, can see the main hall deep place, is gathering over a hundred people there. 而顺着那条道路观望,可以看到大殿深处,在那里聚集着上百人。 These people, each are well-dressed, and they completely are the Chu Celestial Clan people. 这些人,各个衣着华丽,并且他们全部都是楚氏天族的人。 However, after the vision throws, people cannot help but was attracted by the form together. 但是,当目光投过去后,人们会不由自主的被一道身影所吸引。 That is a female, is long is very young, is similar to the young girl is ordinary. 那是一名女子,长得很是年轻,如同少女一般。 beautiful, very many beautiful, if Xia Yun'er beautiful if Celestial Immortal. 美,非常多美,如果说夏允儿美若天仙 Then this female, is smart, clear incomparable. 那么这名女子,则是灵气十足,清纯无比。 At this moment, she sits above similar table same thing/person, a pair of beautiful leg keeps is swaying, is appears smart-alecky adorable, swoonsome. 此刻,她坐在一个类似桌子一样的东西之上,一双美腿不停的摇晃着,更是显得俏皮可爱,令人着迷。
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