MGA :: Volume #7

#2760: killing intent is hard to take ( 2 )

Three, I have matter to want with Young Master Chu Feng to talk, does not know whether to be accommodating?” The Xia Yun'er wear a look of happy expression, by one type is very the gentle expression, said to the Li Xiang three people. “三位,我有事想与楚枫公子交谈,不知可否行个方便?”夏允儿面带笑意,以一种很是温柔的语气,对李响三人说道。 Saw such Xia Yun'er, the Li Xiang three people of hearts has to melt, how possibly to violate Xia Yun'er Meaning. 见到这样的夏允儿,李响三人的心都有化了,怎么可能违背夏允儿意思 Well good.” “好好好。” They were just busy at walking toward the distant place, possibly really by the Xia Yun'er fan has not been oneself, their feet were soft, walks to sway, like drinking generally. 他们三人刚忙向远处走去,可能真的是被夏允儿迷的神魂颠倒了,他们脚都软了,走起路来摇摇晃晃的,就像喝多了一般。 At this moment, Chu Feng is very helpless, sighed these three fellows darkly, really lacked prospects. 此刻,楚枫很是无奈,暗叹这三个家伙,真是没出息。 Young Master Chu Feng, can I with speaking the conversation?” 楚枫公子,我能与说会话吗?” At this moment, Xia Yun'er said to Chu Feng that compares in opens the mouth to the Li Xiang three people, her expression to Chu Feng, then gentle. 此刻,夏允儿楚枫说道,相比于对李响三人开口,她对楚枫的语气,则是更加的温柔。 Young Lady Xia was too polite, has any words, you spoke frankly are.” Chu Feng said. 夏姑娘太客气了,有什么话,你直说便是。”楚枫说道。 We walk together, slowly said.” “那我们一起走,慢慢说。” During the Xia Yun'er speeches, then arrives at side Chu Feng, but Chu Feng is impolite, two people of this shoulder to shoulder lead the way, only gave the people to leave behind two backs. 夏允儿说话间,便来到楚枫身旁,而楚枫也不客气,二人就这样并肩前行,只给众人留下了两道背影。 Also really let alone, regardless of other, only by the back, two people but actually is also a perfect match, being a match. 还真别说,不论其他,只论背影的话,二人倒也是郎才女貌,般配的很。 Sees this, the double fist of Han Yu, is secret gets hold in the sleeve. 只是见到这一幕,韩玉的双拳,则是暗暗的在袖中握紧。 He hates the root that Chu Feng hates itchy, wished one could to swallow the Chu Feng meat, has drunk the blood of Chu Feng. 他恨楚枫恨的牙根直痒痒,恨不得吞了楚枫的肉,喝了楚枫的血。 Must know that he and Xia Yun'er, indeed have seen several times, once had talked, feeling also good. 要知道,他与夏允儿,的确是见过几次的,也曾交谈过,感觉也都还不错。 But Han Yu is to the Xia Yun'er love at first sight, decided secretly that must pursue Xia Yun'er. 韩玉更是对夏允儿一见倾心,暗自决定,一定要追到夏允儿 This thinks that he and Xia Yun'er, are friends, and has the opportunity to pursue Xia Yun'er. 本以为,他与夏允儿,已算是朋友,并且非常有机会追到夏允儿 In so self-confident situation, after Xia Yun'er comes this, he almost determined that Xia Yun'er can talk with him warmly. 在如此自信的情况下,当夏允儿来此之后,他几乎确定,夏允儿一定会与他热情交谈。 At that time, he and Xia Yun'er, become person of presence the focus, becomes object who the innumerable men envy. 那个时候,他与夏允儿,将成为在场之人所关注的焦点,成为无数男子所羡慕的对象。 Even, he has thought of that picture. 甚至,他已经想到了那个景象。 But who once thinks, after under Xia Yun'er flies to fall, only talked with Chu Feng one person. 可谁曾想,夏允儿飞落之下后,只与楚枫一人交谈。 And, until at this moment, looked continually has not looked at his one eyes. 并且,直到此刻,连看都没看他一眼。 What is most important, he in secret, but also has sent greetings with Xia Yun'er repeatedly, but Xia Yun'er many have not responded. 最重要的是,他在暗中,还与夏允儿传音过多次,可是夏允儿多没有回应。 This manner, simply is extremely indifferent, looks like the stranger is simply ordinary. 这个态度,简直是太过冷漠,简直就像是陌生人一般。 Xia Yun'er, so is at the same time indifferent to him. 夏允儿一方面,对他如此冷漠。 But on the other hand, to Chu Feng actually like that warm. 可是另一方面,对楚枫却那般热情。 This lets like Xia Yun'er, thinks Xia Yun'er, will be Han Yu of future woman feels like a knife twisting in the heart. 这让喜欢着夏允儿,自认为夏允儿,是自己未来女人的韩玉心如刀绞。 Therefore, he hatred Chu Feng so. 所以,他才会这般的痛恨楚枫 However, even if he is not feeling well again, hates Chu Feng again, has no alternative, can only endure. 然而,哪怕他再不爽,再憎恨楚枫,却也无可奈何,只能忍着。 After all the great person on the scene also has much, he wants to strike a vicious blow to Chu Feng, does not have the opportunity. 毕竟在场的大人物也有着不少,他就算想对楚枫下毒手,也是没有机会。 „Does Young Master Chu Feng, how wait for you to prepare to elect?” On the way, Xia Yun'er asked to Chu Feng. 楚枫公子,等一下你准备怎么选?”途中,夏允儿楚枫问道。 Naturally is Buried Spirit Pond.” Chu Feng spoke this words, asked: How does Young Lady Xia elect?” “自然是葬灵池。”楚枫说完此话,又问道:“夏姑娘怎么选?” I and Young Master Chu Feng are the same, after does not know the mountaineering, whether to travel together with Young Master Chu Feng?” Xia Yun'er said with a smile. “我与楚枫公子一样,不知登山之后,可否与楚枫公子同行?”夏允儿笑着说道。 She such remarks, presents many junior men, looks to the Chu Feng vision, that envied with the vision of envy was also rich much. 她此话一出,在场许多小辈男子们,看向楚枫的目光中,那羡慕与嫉妒的目光又浓郁了不少。 Xia Yun'er, is male heart Holy Maiden on the scene. 夏允儿,可是在场男子心中的圣女啊。 But now, their Holy Maiden, the unexpectedly driving request and Chu Feng travel together. 而现在,他们的圣女,竟然主动要求与楚枫同行。 This is they have a dream simply, matter that does not dare to imagine. 这简直是他们做梦,都不敢想象的事情。 Nature.” But Chu Feng is newcomer does not resist, the nod complied. “自然可以。”而楚枫也是来者不拒,点头答应了。 Then, Chu Feng, in innumerable [say / way] envy with the vision of envy, with the Xia Yun'er shoulder and shoulder, is merry, is following Ancient Snake Race Elder, is leading the way forward. 就这样,楚枫在无数道羡慕与嫉妒的目光中,与夏允儿肩并着肩,有说有笑的,跟随着远古蛇族长老,向前前行着。 But crossed a moment later, that Ancient Snake Race Elder, stopped finally. 而过了片刻之后,那位远古蛇族长老,也终于停了下来。 Because at this moment, them arrived, that choice place. 因为此刻,他们已经来到了,那个选择的地方。 Front, only then two roads can walk. 前方,只有两条路可以走。 Each road has the instruction. 每条路都有指示。 Prompt is a little slightly abstruse, but the person of presence, coming out that also looks, which to that cultivation formation technique, which leads to that labyrinth formation technique. 提示的稍微有一点深奥,可是在场之人,也都看的出来,哪一条是通往那修炼阵法的,哪一条是通往那迷宫阵法的。 That Ancient Snake Race Elder that because, secret, formerly died, had said. 因为,这其中的秘密,先前死去的那位远古蛇族长老,已经说过。 Therefore the people are clear, choose the different roads, will have what kind of result. 所以人们非常清楚,选择不同的路,会有怎样的结果 Why has within hundred -year-old juniors to enter?” “为何只有百岁以内的小辈才能进入?” However at this moment, Elder Xing Yi is actually very disgruntled bellows. 但是此刻,星一长老却是非常不悦的大吼一声。 Because, on to labyrinth formation technique that road, the limit, that has within hundred -year-old juniors, can enter. 因为,在通往迷宫阵法的那条路上,有一个限制,那就是只有百岁以内的小辈,才能进入。 Eight Meteor Immortals, obviously not ranks within hundred -year-old, not only they are not, many people on the scene not. 星陨八仙,显然不在百岁以内的行列,不仅他们不在,在场的许多人都不在。 But, the Eight Meteor Immortals responsibility is anything, their responsibility are to protect Xia Yun'er. 可是,星陨八仙的职责是什么,他们的职责就是保护夏允儿 But Xia Yun'er comes this's goal, is that Buried Spirit Pond. 夏允儿来此的目的,就是那葬灵池 But the present situation, they are unable to follow Xia Yun'er to enter Buried Spirit Pond, he is naturally disgruntled. 可是现在的情况,他们就无法跟随夏允儿进入葬灵池,他自然不悦。 Not is only disgruntled, can say that they reject this stipulation. 不仅是不悦,可以说他们是拒绝这条规定的。 This is the custom that my clan Clan Head sets, Elder Xing Yi does not satisfy this rule, can choose to leave.” That Ancient Snake Race Elder said. “这是我族族长定下的规矩,星一长老不满意这个规则,可以选择离开。”那位远古蛇族长老说道。 If my family Holy Maiden bitter experience mishap, your Ancient Snake Race can be responsible for?” Another Elder in Eight Meteor Immortals said. “若是我家圣女遭遇不测,你远古蛇族能负责吗?”星陨八仙中的另外一位长老说道。 We cannot be responsible, I am those words, if has been afraid, can not choose another road , the choice leaves.” Ancient Snake Race that Elder said. “我们不能负责,我还是那句话,若是害怕了,可以不选择另外一条路,或者,选择离开。”远古蛇族的那位长老说道。 Compared in Xianqian killed that Elder, his manner was very strong, although the strength was inferior to Eight Meteor Immortals, but he was actually blazing with anger, in the eye did not have color of the fearing. 相比于先前被杀的那位长老,他的态度很是强硬,尽管实力不如星陨八仙,可是他却目光如炬,眼中没有一丝惧怕之色。 Has not related, I can look after itself good.” “没关系的,我能照顾好自己。” Xia Yun'er said with a smile, but her these words, told Eight Meteor Immortals her decision. 夏允儿笑着说道,而她这句话,也告诉了星陨八仙她的决定。 Eight Meteor Immortals has not violated her decision, therefore they no longer spoke, respected the decision of Xia Yun'er. 星陨八仙没有违背她的决定,所以他们不再说话,是尊重了夏允儿的决定。 Young Master Han Yu.” At this moment, Elder Xing Yi looked to Han Yu. 韩玉公子。”就在此刻,星一长老看向了韩玉 senior, junior.” Sees Elder Xing Yi to summon itself, Han Yu hurrying has stood, manner very respectful. 前辈,晚辈在。”见星一长老呼唤自己,韩玉赶忙站了出来,态度非常的恭敬。 Actually, if trades to be other people, by Han Yu in the Great Thousand Upper Realm status, he so will be absolutely impolite. 其实,若是换做其他人,以韩玉大千上界的地位,他绝对不会这般客气。 This is not only the disparity of strength, most important is also the Elder Xing Yi status, after all that is the Meteor Holy Land master, is the Xia Yun'er personal protector. 这不仅仅是实力的差距,最重要的也是星一长老的身份,毕竟那可是星陨圣地的高手,是夏允儿的贴身守护者。 Young Master Han Yu, must enter Buried Spirit Pond?” Elder Xing Yi asked. 韩玉公子,也是要进入葬灵池的吧?”星一长老问道。 Yes, junior prepares to choose that labyrinth formation technique.” Han Yu said. “是,晚辈准备选择那迷宫阵法的。”韩玉说道。 That whether to ask Young Master Han Yu, looked after my family Holy Maiden.” Elder Xing Yi said. “那能否拜托韩玉公子,照顾一下我家圣女。”星一长老说道。 Hears this words, Han Yu immediately great happiness, was musing close Xia Yun'er opportunity came finally. 听得此话,韩玉顿时大喜,暗想着接近夏允儿的机会终于来了。 But has not waited him to open the mouth, Xia Yun'er then rushed to open the mouth. 可是还没待他开口,夏允儿便抢着开口了。 Does not need, I and Young Master Chu Feng travels together, has Young Master Chu Feng to protect me, I will certainly not have the matter.” “不必了,我与楚枫公子同行,有楚枫公子保护我,我一定不会有事。” Xia Yun'er spoke this saying time, but also is very ambiguous looked at Chu Feng one. 夏允儿说这话的时候,还很是暧昧的看了楚枫一眼。 But Xia Yun'er such saying, Han Yu naturally also not good Meaning, again saying that considers the Xia Yun'er words. 夏允儿这样一说,韩玉自然也就不好意思,再说照顾夏允儿的话。 Therefore, he must arrive at the words of mouth that also stiffly swallowing back. 于是,他只得将那已经到了嘴边的话,又硬生生的给咽了回去。 Just, his innermost feelings, already had blasted at this moment out the pot, the air/Qi of that anger, is similar to the rock magma that wants to erupt, must unable to control. 只不过,此刻他的内心,早就炸开了锅,那愤怒之气,就如同欲要喷发的岩浆,就要控制不住了。 Therefore, he looked at Chu Feng one once again. 所以,他再度看了楚枫一眼。 After feeling the Han Yu vision, the brow of Chu Feng also slightly wrinkled. 当感受到韩玉的目光之后,楚枫的眉头也是微微皱了起来。 This time, the Han Yu vision also had the change. 这一次,韩玉的目光又有了变化。 His killing intent was thicker, it can be said that does not cover up. 他的杀意更浓了,可以说是毫不遮掩。 As to kill the heart of Chu Feng, is difficult endures patiently. 就仿佛欲杀楚枫的心,已是难以忍耐。
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