LTDWMBD :: Volume #6

#551: Shielding

The chariot that dawn, the sky darkest time, black-haired youngster takes spans the thousand li (500 km) in one night, arrived in the Mother Goddess sphere of influence the maximum metropolis group, saw one of the time greatest constructions. 黎明时分,天空最黑暗的时刻,黑发的少年所乘坐的战车在一夜的时间中跨越千里,抵达了母神势力范围内最大的都市群,也看到了这个时代最伟大的建筑之一。 That is one is sending out the gentle ray, the silver moon in sky with the exceedingly high tower that coordinates with each other across a great distance, the midair that Roel and the others float only in the range of its waist, but regarding this giant building, is the vast city. 那是一座散发着柔和光芒,与天空中的银月遥相呼应的通天之塔,罗亚等人所漂浮的半空只在它腰部的范围,而围绕着这巨型建筑,则是一望无际的城市。 Sir Roel, we almost must reach the destination.” 罗亚大人,我们差不多要到达目的地了。” Un.” “嗯。” Under restrains by force the shock in heart, black-haired youngster calms down to nod silently, a flatter inferior (Asia) obtains the communication by artifact(s) and tower. 强压下心中的震惊,黑发的少年稳定着情绪默默点头,阿朵亚则以咒物与塔内取得通信。 Exceedingly high tower, this is Roel gives the name that front grand building has, but in fact when the Mother Goddess follower mouth, the name of this tower is the moon/month tope, the reason is also very simple , whenever because in nighttime sky raising silver moon, the tower can send out the glistening ray, but in legendary/in legend, in this tower is to have the souls of various clan ancestors blesses. 通天塔,这是罗亚自己给面前宏伟建筑物起的称呼,而实际上在母神的追随者口中,这座塔的名字是月灵塔,原因也很简单,因为每当夜空中升起银月之时,塔身都会发出莹莹的光芒,而在传说中,这座塔内更是有着各族先祖们的灵魂保佑。 Such hearsay has not naturally acted according, but this actually does not represent here not to have the secret, in fact when arrives at this region, Roel then can feel a special feeling, but these inductions are also very familiar regarding the youngster. 如此的传闻自然是没有根据的,不过这却不代表这里没有秘密,事实上在来到这片区域的时候,罗亚便能够感受到一种特殊的感觉,而这些感应对于少年来说也很熟悉。 Looks sky over the exceedingly high tower heavy/thick the cloud layer and mountain valley at the same time to the dim light of night, Stone Crown of Roel within the body jumps for joy, as if found the home that still had not found to be the same, but in the in the vicinity/nearby air zone, the fully-armed army and defense facility are also clearly discernible. 望向夜色中通天塔上空厚重的云层与一边的山谷,罗亚体内的冠之石欢欣雀跃,仿佛找到了一直没有找到的家一般,而在附近的空域内,全副武装的军队与防御设施也清晰可见。 This response, really they also nearby this? 这个反应,果然它们也在这附近吗? Feels the change in within the body Stone Crown, the Roel golden eye pupil narrows the eyes slightly, in the heart naturally thought of [Six Calamities], but after understanding this time these monster still exist(ence), Roel was roughly also clear why both sides are in the power balance nowadays. 感受到体内冠之石的异动,罗亚金色的眼瞳微微眯起,心中自然地想到了【六灾厄】,而在明白了这个时代这些怪物仍然存在后,罗亚也大致清楚了为何现如今双方是处于均势。 In the impression of black-haired youngster, at present seemingly neutral Angel not to mention, the Giant clan and wing person clans, Dragons as well as many domineering races may gather under Saviour, although Mother Goddess subordinate race certainly are also many, but the overall strength comes to see actually deviation some. 黑发少年的印象中,目前貌似中立的天使暂且不说,巨人族、翼人族、巨龙们以及很多强势种族可都是聚集在救世主麾下,母神这边虽然麾下的种族也绝不少,但是整体实力来看却偏差一些。 首发网址://m..c Such situation wants the peacekeeping is very perhaps difficult, but after adding on [Six Calamities] these monster, the situation was entirely different. 如此的情况想要维持和平恐怕很难,可是在加上【六灾厄】这些怪物之后,情况就截然不同了。 [Six Calamities], that is each has special exist(ence) that surpasses the gods strength, especially in Mother Goddess, in addition safe perhaps nowadays, their combat power must be more intrepid, had this strength and demon beast Evil God and other lifeform of the shock and awe, that side Saviour does not dare to act rashly no wonder. 【六灾厄】,那是每一个都拥有超出神明力量的特殊存在,特别是在母神尚且平安的现如今,它们的战斗力恐怕要更加强悍,有了这股力量与魔兽邪神等生物的震慑,也难怪救世主那边不敢轻举妄动。 Is so thinking the youngster in the heart is unassuageable suddenly, was worried that these monster meet the sensation to the Stone Crown strength, but sees facial features serious Roel, blinks as the elf of guard, immediately shows expression suddenly. 如此想着的少年一时间心中难以平静,担心这些怪物会感知到冠之石的力量,而看到面容严肃的罗亚,作为护卫的精灵则眨了眨眼,随即露出恍然的表情。 Sir, you feel the Divine Envoys aura? Has not related, here is Sir Mother Goddess whereabouts, they do not dare to deliberately create trouble.” “大人,您是感受到了神使们的气息吗?没关系的,这里是母神大人所在之处,它们不敢胡闹的。” This......” “这样啊......” Hears the consolation of flatter inferior (Asia), black-haired youngster look pensive so should with. 听到阿朵亚的劝慰,黑发的少年若有所思的如此应和。 Can not have worry mention Divine Envoy like this, it seems like that the [Six Calamities] matter is not secret, but is similar to the strategic weapons that the enemy and ourselves know, such words...... 能够这样毫无顾虑的提及神使,看来【六灾厄】的事情并非机密,而是类似于敌我都知晓的战略武器,那样的话...... „A flatter inferior (Asia), does your clan seem like with these Divine Envoy has some special relations? Is subordinated?” “阿朵亚,你们一族似乎是与那些神使有着某种特殊的关系?是从属吗?” „......” “......” Resembling is nonchalant, the horizon of black-haired youngster both eyes watching distant place, the hand holds the cheeks to ask, but hears the Roel issue, body of flatter inferior (Asia) cannot help but stiff, as if somewhat hesitates to reply. 似是不经意的,黑发的少年双目望着远方的地平线,手托着脸颊如此问道,而听到罗亚的问题,阿朵亚的身体则不由得僵硬了一下,似乎有些犹豫该不该回答。 In fact according to the stipulation, related to the Divine Envoy matter cannot say that after all importance of [Six Calamities] in Mother Goddess camp is out of the ordinary, but asked what this issue is Roel, that situation was different. 事实上按照规定来说,涉及到神使的事是不能说的,毕竟【六灾厄】母神阵营中的重要性非比寻常,但是问这个问题的是罗亚,那情况就又有所不同了。 The Roel importance and Divine Envoy compare to go beyond, but by this along/all the way all sorts, although now the relations of Roel and Mother Goddess seem like the freezing point, but in the both sides heart seemingly has the idea of missing the opposite party. 罗亚的重要性与神使相比有过之而无不及,而以这一路上发生的种种来看,虽然现在罗亚母神的关系似乎是冰点,但是双方心中貌似都有着挂念对方的想法。 Mother Goddess was needless saying that even after departure, still has been paying attention to Roel here situation, but black-haired youngster was more obvious, if were not in the heart has with the thought that Mother Goddess reconciled, facing this impolite captivity, how Chosen King Clan can not revolt? 母神就不用说了,即使离开后也一直在注意着罗亚这边的情况,而黑发的少年就更明显了,如果不是心中有着与母神和解的念头,面对这种无礼的囚禁,选王一族又怎么会不反抗? Felt oneself completely understood all flatter inferior (Asia) are so thinking, in heart vigilant gradually reduces, after silent moment, said: 觉得自己看透了一切的阿朵亚如此想着,心中的警惕逐渐降低,沉默了片刻后道: This...... is actually not, our clan is only when Sir Mother Goddess, because other business have no time to divert attention, looks after Divine Envoy that's all.” “这......其实并不是,我们一族只是在母神大人因为其他事务无暇分心的时候,代为照顾一下神使而已。” Originally is this, but very dangerous, what accident can have?” “原来是这样啊,不过很危险的吧,会不会有什么意外事故?” Generally, Sir Mother Goddess already will not give us the jurisdiction, so long as is not the active offense, Divine Envoys will not harm us.” “一般不会,母神大人已经给了我们权限,只要不是主动攻击,神使们不会伤害我们。” Jurisdiction? That is good, but the active offense is still even useless, their as if from the start non-existence true death?” “权限吗?那就好,不过即使是主动攻击也没用吧,它们似乎压根不存在真正的死亡吧?” Un, so long as the brilliance of Sir Mother Goddess in shining world, Divine Envoys were impossible to wither away, such as the silver moon in sky is ordinary.” “嗯,只要母神大人的光辉仍在照耀世间,神使们就不可能消亡,就如天空中的这轮银月一般。” watching is smiling Highland Elf that gives the affirmation answer, the pupil of Roel contracts slowly, affirmed thoroughly [Six Calamities] elimination condition, but after the repertoire intelligence, the Pegasus sent out to neigh, the chariot also starts again, outside platform landing toward tower. 望着微笑着作出肯定答复的高地精灵,罗亚的瞳孔缓缓收缩,彻底肯定了【六灾厄】的消灭条件,而在又套路了一个情报之后,天马发出嘶鸣,战车也再次启动,向着塔外的平台降落。 In building that approaches unceasingly, the fully-armed guards stand respectfully two rows, is waiting for the arrival of Chosen King, but takes this as to start, Roel and Mother Goddess distance pulls closer again, the put under house arrest life formally starts. 不断靠近的建筑物上,全副武装的护卫们恭敬地站成两排,等待着选王者的到来,而以此为开始,罗亚母神的距离再次拉近,软禁的生活正式开始。 ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- Putting under house arrest, this in many mind has the crisis color words and expressions, the followed imagination often is the close room with seemingly respectfully actually the time the servant who monitors, is regarding black-haired youngster, this situation actually and non-existence. 软禁,这在很多人的印象中都是个带有危机色彩的词语,伴随的想象往往是封闭的房间与貌似恭敬实则时刻都在监视的仆人,可是对于黑发的少年来说,这种情况却并不存在 After entering the exceedingly high tower, the Roel residence is not the prison cell that narrows, is not the room that puts under house arrest, but is one with previous life presidential suite described that also the slightly insufficient large room, occupied half floor fully, let alone is the lounge and bedroom and so on room, even the independent gardens find relief to him. 进入通天塔之后,罗亚的住所并不是逼仄的囚室,也不是软禁的房间,而是一个用前世总统套房来形容也略显不足的广阔空间,整整占据了半个楼层,别说是休息室、卧室之类的房间,甚至有一个独立的花园给他解闷。 But in the disposition of personnel, is Roel decided. 而在人员的配置上,一切都是罗亚自己决定。 Which decision does not select in one crowd of monitoring devices, but can not want the servant thoroughly, a person's decision in room, this giving favored treatment Roel feels unthinkable to be honest, thus it can be seen Mother Goddess tends to his attitude truly already the temperateness, after pondering for a long time, Roel left behind several servants including flatter inferior (Asia). 并不是在一群监视器中挑哪个的决定,而是可以彻底不要仆人,一个人在房间中的决定,这种优待老实说罗亚都觉得匪夷所思,由此可见母神对他的态度确实已经趋向于温和,不过在思考了许久后,罗亚还是留下了包括阿朵亚在内的几名仆人。 Although Mother Goddess gave him the option, but Roel actually does not want to lose the message source, but on the other hand, such big space truly was also too spacious on a person, Roel also needs the person to look. 虽然母神给了他选择权,但是罗亚却不想失去外界的消息源,而另一方面,这么大的空间就一个人也确实太空旷了些,罗亚也需要人照顾。 Lies down on the sofa, watching obviously was the Highland Elf decoration fill gem resplendent in gold and jade green room, black-haired youngster installed the heart slightly, what however Roel did not know, at this time in his above, among the thrones of tower of peak direct access to the highest authorities, black hair golden pupil the scenery of woman actually watching distant place, in foreheads flood worry and anxiety. 躺在沙发上,望着明显是高地精灵装饰的充满宝石金碧辉煌的房间,黑发的少年略微安下了心,然而罗亚不知道的是,此时在他的上方,通天之塔顶端的王座之间,黑发金瞳的女人却望着远方的景色,眉宇间充斥着烦恼与忧虑。 Sir Mother Goddess, although takes the liberty, but I must say, your last night decision was inconsistent with the plan of our at the very beginning, but also please cautious retest worry.” 母神大人,虽然冒昧,但是我还是要说,您昨晚的决定与我们一开始的计划并不一致,还请您慎重考虑。” The woman in watching out of the window behind, the Highland Elf middle-aged man was saying the facial features are serious, but in his behind, high level each other look face to face of several different races is falling into silent, silent is supporting the middle-aged man, is this Mother Goddess rule the words of huge national prime minister. 望着窗外的女人身后,高地精灵的中年男人如此说着面容严肃,而在他的身后,数位不同种族的高层则彼此对视着陷入沉默,无声地支持着中年男人,也是这母神统治的庞大国家宰相的话语。 Michelle Sophia special, this is the name of man, offers absolutely the name of loyal Highland Elf Patriarch to Mother Goddess, due to the [Loyalty] Origin Attribute reason, a Highland Elf clan generation is the race that Mother Goddess most trusts, the position is unusual, therefore when facing some important decisions, Michelle has the duty and power of remonstration. 米歇尔·索菲亚特,这是男人的名字,也是对母神献上绝对忠诚的高地精灵族长之名,由于【忠诚】源质的原因,高地精灵一族世代都是母神最信任的种族,地位非同一般,也因此在面对一些重大决定时,米歇尔有着劝谏的义务与权力。 However said that said that in fact regarding the decision of Mother Goddess, a Highland Elf clan nearly obeys unconditionally, Michelle's remonstration is also very few, however today, Michelle of dedicating proposes that for the first time to the decision of Mother Goddess vigorous opposition, but the reason is also very simple, that is getting emotional of Mother Goddess. 不过说是这么说,实际上对于母神的决定,高地精灵一族近乎是无条件服从的,米歇尔的劝谏也是少之又少,然而今天,尽忠职守的米歇尔却对母神的决定第一次提出强烈的反对,而原因也很简单,那就是母神的感情用事。 Last night Mother Goddess can succeed to intercept Roel, not only actually the Mother Goddess strength powerful reason, meanwhile had the merit of intelligence department, in fact the Mother Goddess influence already has noticed the change of Chosen King , can therefore immediately dispatch troops to intercept and delay the time to sunset. 昨晚母神能够成功拦截到罗亚,其实不只是母神力量强大的原因,同时还有情报部门的功劳,实际上母神的势力早就已经注意到选王者的异动,也正是因此才能第一时间派兵拦截并拖延时间至日落时分。 What the command leads the intelligence department to obtain these clues Michelle didn't expect is, handling that initially reached an agreement, to actually had the so big change finally. 只是令带领情报部门获得这些线索的米歇尔没想到的是,当初说好的处置,到最后却发生了如此大的变化。 Because until now, Chosen King special position in Mother Goddess heart, Michelle continuously to its some scruples, even if according to various traces, is basically certain he reversed to Saviour, Michelle had not reported to Mother Goddess, because he knows that did that has not affected. 一直以来,由于选王者在母神心中的特殊地位,米歇尔一直对其有些顾忌,哪怕根据各种蛛丝马迹,基本可以肯定他倒向了救世主,米歇尔也没有向母神报告,因为他知道那样做没有作用。 The tolerance of Mother Goddess to Chosen King is the average man is inconceivable, is others cannot place on a par, wants to remove this threat to have the solid hammer, Michelle believes that on this day will not be far, but the fact also proved his idea. 母神选王者的宽容是常人难以想象的,也是其他人根本不能相提并论的,想除掉这个威胁必须要有实锤,米歇尔相信这一天并不会太远,而事实也证明了他的想法。 In last evening, determined after betrayal of Chosen King, Mother Goddess once fell into the unprecedented great anger, and agreed Michelle and the others the opinions, decide is not always unstablest this can actually affect the situation factor write off thoroughly, however after one is late, Michelle obtained an unbelievable news. 在昨天傍晚,确定了选王者的背叛后,母神曾经陷入了前所未有的盛怒之中,并同意了米歇尔等人的意见,决定将这个一直以来最不稳定却能够影响到局势的因素彻底抹杀,然而一晚之后,米歇尔却得到了一个难以置信的消息。 Mother Goddess not only has not massacred Chosen King, instead brought back to him the god tower the careful attendance. 母神不但没有杀掉选王者,反而将他带回了神塔中细心照顾。 ??? ??? After hearing this situation, the leaders of other whether it is Michelle races are inexplicably amazed, and displayed the vigorous opposition, but why did not know, facing this situation, Mother Goddess is still not actually willing to change the own idea. 当听说了这一情况后,无论是米歇尔还是其他种族的领导者都惊诧莫名,并对此表现出了强烈的反对,可是不知道为什么,面对这种情况,母神却仍然不愿意改变自己的想法。 Among silent thrones, Michelle's words reverberation in hall, being well-founded is recounting the own opinion, however regarding prime minister's advice, woman before the window actually does not say a word, long time later gives such reply. 寂静的王座之间,米歇尔的话语回荡在大厅中,有理有据的述说着自己的意见,然而对于宰相的劝告,落地窗前的女人却不发一言,良久之后才给出这样的回答。 Last night he had not revolted, perhaps whether it is facing the captivity by my seal strength,...... was we wrongly accuses him.” “昨晚他没有反抗,无论是面对囚禁还是被我封印力量,也许......是我们错怪他了。” „......” “......” Hears Mother Goddess such words, Michelle and the others looked in abundance surprisedly, after all in people opinion, Chosen King and Mother Goddess almost exploded the conflict last night surely, this was also the people not with reason, because battle in both, was not others can insert the seat of honor. 听到母神如此的话语,米歇尔等人纷纷面露惊讶,毕竟在众人看来,选王者与母神昨晚几乎是必定暴发冲突的,这也是众人没有跟上去的原因,因为在两者间发生的战斗,根本不是其他人能插上手的。 Roel surrenders at the scene, this news accidental/surprised, however Michelle then complexion after ponder slightly enforced, in heart to its vigilant instead one layer building. 罗亚当场投降,这个消息令人意外,但是在稍微的思考后米歇尔便面色严肃了起来,心中对其的警惕反而更上一层楼。 Sir Mother Goddess, after was intercepted by you give up resisting, I think that this is the method that he seeks livehood, rather than indicated to submit, on the other hand, he resisted or not, before its behavior already of rebel was doomed, for the later war, such unstabilizing factor must first remove!” 母神大人,在被您拦截之后放弃抵抗,我认为这是他求生的手段,而不是表示臣服,另一方面,无论他抵抗与否,之前其叛逃的行为都已经注定,为了之后的战局,这样的不稳定因素必须要优先排除!” Under the Michelle convincing words, among the thrones in various race leaders expressed the support, the frontline Mother Goddess expression also vacillated. 在米歇尔令人信服的话语下,王座之间内的各种族领袖纷纷表示赞成,最前方的母神表情也动摇了起来。 Has saying that Michelle's words are correct, although the strength of Chosen King is very strong, but treats as child's Mother Goddess it is impossible to suffer defeat, even lets its running away possibly is minimum, the obedience of Roel is very possible to preserve stopgap of life, this point Mother Goddess is also clear, but even so, in her heart still has the small hope. 不得不说,米歇尔的话是正确的,虽然选王者的力量很强大,但是将其当做孩子的母神却是绝不可能败北的,甚至让其逃走的可能都是极小,罗亚的服从很可能只是为了保住性命的权宜之计,这一点母神也清楚,但是即使如此,她的心中仍然有着一点小小的希望。 If by some chance, if he really did repent? If by some chance really understood my intention? 万一,万一他是真的悔过了呢?万一是真的明白了我的心意了呢? Such expectation glitters in the heart of woman, such as felt the child was possibly sensible how regardless of mother is also hard to extinguish, but sees shields Roel Mother Goddess like this, Michelle is in the heart greatly is anxious. 如此的期望在女人的心中闪烁,就如觉得孩子可能懂事了的母亲般无论如何也难以熄灭,而看到这样袒护罗亚母神,米歇尔则是心中大急。 Indecisive, this was past Mother Goddess regarding the attitude of Chosen King, therefore almost led to the irretrievable serious results, now such mood appears again, is basically representing the thought that was partial to Roel is in the upper hand. 优柔寡断,这正是过去的母神对于选王者的态度,因此差点酿成不可挽回的严重后果,现在这样的情绪再次出现,基本代表着偏向罗亚的思想重新占了上风。 Sir Mother Goddess, if you are not cruel enough, can begin by my personally, all responsibility for an offense are borne by me.” 母神大人,如果您不忍心的话,可以由我亲自动手,一切罪责都由我来承担。” „!” “!” When Michelle said that moment of these words, in hall one for it static, the leaders of each race looked the startled color, rare has not echoed what others say, because of everyone has seen that after listening to Michelle's words, Mother Goddess complexion rare ugly. 当米歇尔说出这句话的那一刻,大厅之中为之一静,各个种族的领袖们面露惊色,难得的没有随声附和,因为所有人都看到,在听了米歇尔的话后,母神的脸色少见的难看了起来。 Under the Mother Goddess so obvious unhappiness, everyone is silent not to speak, however elf Patriarch of middle age has nothing the meaning of taking back the words, he is only tranquil pleads to the object who oneself give loyalty, does not care about the influence that oneself possibly come under. 母神如此明显的不快之下,所有人都静默不语起来,然而中年的精灵族长却没有任何收回话语的意思,他只是平静的向自己效忠的对象请命,丝毫不顾及自身可能受到的影响。 After with this loyal to nearly stubborn man look face to face long time, the Mother Goddess complexion gradually changes, finally sends out a sigh slightly. 在与这忠诚到近乎固执的男人对视良久之后,母神的脸色逐渐变化,最终发出一声微微的叹息。 „...... I will chat with him again, after concrete decision, said.” “......我会再和他谈谈,具体的决定之后再说吧。” Leaves behind such words, the black hair golden pupil woman turns around to depart, the officials look at each other in blank dismay, suddenly was no one dares to say anything unexpectedly again, long time later, Patriarch of various clans diverged respectively. 留下如此的话语,黑发金瞳的女人转身离去,身后的臣子们面面相觑,一时间竟是没有人再敢说什么,良久之后,各族的族长们才各自散去。 The people between thrones are the Roel matter worries, does not know that he filled what magic potion to Mother Goddess, however they actually do not know, this time youngster consciousness already to sink to the dreamland, met with exist(ence) that being inconceivable. 王座之间的众人为罗亚的事烦恼,不知他给母神灌了什么迷魂汤,然而他们却不知道,此时的少年意识已经沉入到了梦境之中,与难以想象的存在相会。
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