LTDWMBD :: Volume #6

#546: Family's relic

Above the plain, black-haired youngster with enemy battle that is unable to strike down, but in Ascart City of distant place, silver-white-haired young girl fights a bloody battle under besieging of countless enemy. 平原之上,黑发的少年正在与无法击倒的敌人战斗,而在远方的阿卡特城,银白发色的少女则在数不尽敌人的围攻下浴血奋战。 The death of king of wing person cannot make the dead crow falcon stop attacking, rather these fearful monster after Ruler died was more unscrupulous. 翼人之王的死亡并没有能够让死鸦隼停止攻击,不如说这些可怕的魔物统治者死亡之后更加肆无忌惮了起来。 Regarding the powerful individual, the battlefield is continually has food evolution the paradise, already in the battle process had not just one monster to swallow human and similar soul, in the climb the Origin Level 3 steps, but in this process, the soldier also had the sacrifice with some people inevitably. 对于强大的个体来说,战场就是个不断产生食物进化的乐园,在战斗的过程中已经不止一个魔物吞噬着人类与同类的灵魂,攀登上源级3的阶梯了,而在这个过程中,士兵与一部分民众也不可避免的产生了牺牲。 The colleague of dying aroused the anger of soldiers, however the battlefield situation was getting more and more grim, is good because of Alicia ability far ultra Rodney and the others the imagination, Bloodline Ability can make Alicia after paying the huge price restored such as beginning, thus displayed the Origin Level 2 strength by Origin Level 3 level. 死去的同僚激起了战士们的怒火,然而战场的形势却越来越严峻,好在爱丽莎的能力远超罗德尼等人的想象,血脉能力可以让爱丽莎在支付了庞大代价后恢复如初,从而以源级3等级发挥出源级2的实力。 Carries on after the commander exterminated several times massively, monster that in the city wreaks havoc was short, however in the silver-white-haired young girl heart is actually pacing back and forth throughout some strange feeling, as battle is getting more and more clear. 作为指挥官进行了好几次大规模清剿后,城中肆虐的怪物少了许多,然而银白发色的少女心中却始终徘徊着某种奇怪的感觉,并随着战斗越来越清晰。 Is today's condition, very as if good? 今天的状态,似乎很好? young girl that the release hand spear/gun of light, hundred meters is worrying the giant dead crow falcon that human corpse strikes to shoot through beyond to blink, in the watching own hand mind gushes out such idea. 释放手中的光之枪,将百米外正在撕咬人类尸体的巨大死鸦隼一击射穿的少女眨了眨眼,望着自己的手脑海中涌出如此的想法。 Started already to have good some time from battle, because in the enemy the powerful individual crashed in the barrier quantity to be getting more and more, Alicia consumed massive magic power, however in battle silver-white-haired young girl not only not exhausted, instead fiercely competed and successfully competed. 距离战斗开始已经有好一段时间了,因为敌人中强大个体冲进结界的数量越来越多,爱丽莎消耗了大量咒力,然而在战斗银白发色的少女不但没有疲惫,反而越战越勇。 Without care of moonlight, the condition was good, this situation without a doubt was the infringe Alicia bloodlines, however nowadays actually occurrence truly, regarding this silver-haired young girl, although not the clear specific reason, however had some feelings in the battle process. 没有月光的眷顾,状态却好起来了,这种情况毫无疑问是违背爱丽莎血脉的,然而现如今却确实的发生了,对此银发的少女虽然不清楚具体原因,但是在战斗的过程中却有了些感觉。 Again after make a move strike to kill enemy, silver-haired young girl looked to the East, always thought that side had any strange strength to surge, formed the echoing of wave ridge and trough with her magic power, this was also one of the she magic power continuously abundant reasons, but another side, in front of black-haired youngster, the response of Altasia was entirely different, even was entirely opposite. 再次出手击杀敌人之后,银发的少女望向了东方,总觉得那边有什么奇怪的力量在涌动,与她的咒力形成波峰与波谷的呼应,这也是她咒力一直充沛的原因之一,而另一边,黑发的少年面前,阿尔塔西娅的反应却截然不同,甚至完全相反。 ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- 首发网址://m..c that moment that Queen of Succubi presents, the Roel mood can describe with the excitement, after all present black-haired youngster is it can be said that on the verge of death. 魔女之王出现的那一刻,罗亚的心情可以用激动来形容,毕竟现在的黑发少年可以说是危在旦夕。 In the unceasing chase, Roel soul already was hit several times, the serious fatigue and inexplicable cold already climbed up his heart quietly, although the youngster had not been attacked by the soul before then, however instinct already of lifeform made him have a premonition about the death. 在不断的追逐中,罗亚的灵魂已经被击中了数次,沉重的疲惫感与莫名的寒冷已经悄然爬上了他的心头,虽然在此之前少年从没被灵魂攻击过,但是生物的本能已经让他对死亡有所预感。 When there is no the situation of strength to hit back welcomed the death, this was black-haired youngster is unable to tolerate absolutely, may discover Grendel and Petra that Roel already could not withstand weakly are actually not able to provide the help to it, this made two Ancient God anxious and annoyed, however Roel third Ancient God, Altasia was different. 在毫无还手之力的情况下迎来死亡,这是黑发的少年绝对无法容忍的,可发现罗亚已经虚弱不堪的古兰达尔佩特拉却无法对其提供帮助,这使得两位古神焦急而恼火,然而罗亚的第三位古神,阿尔塔西娅却不同。 Has Queen of Succubi of a vast amount of knowledge to play the help absolutely, this is the matter that Roel believes firmly, but hears the words that Succubus said that black-haired youngster had doubts, but the reason was also very simple, direction that because Altasia looked, is not direction that the king of wing person was. 拥有大量知识的魔女之王绝对能起到帮助,这是罗亚确信的事,可是听到魔女说出的话,黑发的少年却疑惑不已,而原因也很简单,因为阿尔塔西娅看的方向,并不是翼人之王所在的方向。 Wait, could it be...... we worry isn't a matter? 等等,难道......我们担忧的不是一件事? As if discovered Roel of truth stared in a big way the eye, didn't expect also had other crisis unexpectedly, but at the same time, a fuzzy feeling suddenly from the heart of youngster intense, making him unable to bear also east. 似乎发现了事情真相的罗亚瞪大了眼睛,没想到居然还有别的危机,而同一时刻,一种模糊的感觉突然自少年的心底强烈了起来,让他忍不住随之东望。 The line of sight of youngster looks to the Eastern sky, later staring slowly in a big way the eye, the Succubus the familiar feeling of words as well as heart made him understand immediately all that Altasia said. 少年的视线望向东方的天空,随后缓缓的瞪大了眼睛,魔女的话以及心底的熟悉感受立即让他明白了阿尔塔西娅所说的一切。 At this time should pitch-dark piece of Eastern mountain range already vanish in the night does not see, then changes into white mist, that is piece of weird fog, although seems like fluttering with the air current, but actually has in fact been sticking to the tread to go forward, had entered Roel and the others in the dim light of night unknowingly the lines of sight. 此时在夜间本来应该黑漆漆一片的东方山脉已经不知不觉间消失不见,转而化为一片白茫茫的雾气,那是一片诡异的云雾,虽然似乎是在随着气流飘动,但是实际上却是一直在紧贴着地面前进,在夜色中已不知不觉的进入了罗亚等人的视线。 When sees this familiar mist that moment, the Roel golden eye pupil stares in a big way, scalp like blasting out tingling with numbness, the fierce sense of crisis makes his body tie tight instantaneously. 当看到这熟悉的雾气的那一刻,罗亚金色的眼瞳瞪大,头皮如同炸开般的发麻,剧烈的危机感让他的身体瞬间紧绷。 [Fog of Concealment], this has seen until now most powerful [Six Calamities], when Roel and Fallen battle covered all unknowingly, but also understood something until this time Roel finally. 【隐之雾】,这迄今为止见过的最强大的【六灾厄】,就在罗亚堕落者战斗的时候不知不觉的覆盖了一切,而直到这时罗亚也终于明白了一些事。 „Does Altasia, stop these days your is?” 阿尔塔西娅,这段时间阻拦你的是?” Is Mother Goddess! You by that moment that she sees, all were planned on already!” “是母神!你被她看到的那一刻,一切就已经被计划好了!” Hears the Roel issue, the Queen of Succubi facial features dignified say/way: 听到罗亚的问题,魔女之王面容凝重的道: Mother Goddess magic is postponing, will trigger from your certain range in until this monster, I shut off the sensation to its flash with all your relations, to just......” 母神咒术是延后性的,直到这个怪物距离你一定范围内才会触发,感知到它的一瞬间我就被切断了与你的一切联系,一直到刚刚......” Was saying the Altasia facial features are stiff, the Mother Goddess great power as if deeply stimulated her, but another side, by that moment of Roel gaze, thick fog sudden that the East presented silently, later the rapid surges, revealed a fuzzy face. 如此说着的阿尔塔西娅面容僵硬,母神的强大力量似乎深深地刺激到了她,而另一边,在被罗亚注视的那一刻,东方无声无息出现的浓雾突然一顿,随后迅速的翻腾起来,露出了一张模糊的人脸。 „!” “!” When sees in the distant mist the cheeks, the Roel heartbeat speeds up rapidly, but the next moment, terrifying Calamity downloaded the camouflage, the world also from now on change colour. 当看到远方雾气中脸颊之时,罗亚的心跳迅速加快,而下一刻,恐怖的灾厄卸掉了伪装,天地也自此变色 Bang-!” “轰-!” In the fierce explosive sound, pastes in the thick fog of ground shoots up to the sky suddenly, is hard magic power that imagines to fluctuate like the startling thunderclap impact everyone's brain, from Ascart City to the plain vault of heaven peak, all lifeform stopped the movement in this moment. 剧烈的爆炸声中,贴于地面的浓雾突然冲天而起,难以想象的咒力波动就如惊雷般冲击着所有人的大脑,从阿卡特城到平原的天穹顶端,所有的生物都在这一刻停下了动作。 The death crow falcon group of float in sky fails to explode together, sound instantaneous clear of pitiful yell, human of defense looked out the East, in the facial features brings trembling with fear, the degeneration spirit clan that in the sky floated to exude the strange roar, sent the two eyes twinkle of ray to be unceasing, in the ground fought for a long time two huge monster also to act mutually, did not have the thoughts that died to fight again. 漂浮于天空中的死鸦隼群齐齐哑火,惨叫的声音瞬间一清,守城的人类遥望东方,面容中带着惊颤,天空中漂浮的堕落灵族发出古怪的吼声,发着光芒的双眼闪烁不断,地面上互相搏斗许久的两个庞然大物也同时动作一顿,再也没有了死战的心思。 The Eastern sky and land, have not as if distinguished in this moment, changed into the embellishment of mist, but sees this terrifying monster that moment, most understood that [Six Calamities] Roel also understands a matter, that did not win. 东方的天空与大地,在这一刻似乎已没有分别,都化为了雾气的点缀,而看到这恐怖怪物那一刻,最为了解【六灾厄】罗亚也明白了一件事,那就是赢不了。 Unlike one year ago, with is only the newborn 【The lord of dead tide Different, after swallowing Tucker Fort, the present monster already growth for the mature body, that shocks the strength of the world is not has not broken through Origin Level 2 Roel to resist now. 与一年前不同,与只是新生儿的【死潮之主】不同,在吞噬了塔克要塞后,眼前的怪物已经发育为了成熟体,那震撼天地的力量根本不是现在尚未突破源级2罗亚能够对抗的了。 In Roel not far away, pursued youngster the king of wing person to stop the movement, the watching eastern aspect reveal was panic-stricken, as if even died has not made him escape the fear, but other expert in battlefield did not have the thought of beginning again, because everyone detected the distant monster thoughts subconsciously. 罗亚的不远处,追逐着少年的翼人之王停下了动作,望着东方面露惊恐,似乎即使是死亡也没有让他逃过恐惧,而战场上的其他强者也都再没有了动手的念头,因为所有人都下意识地察觉了远方怪物的心思。 [Fog of Concealment], this fearful monster wants to swallow the present all, takes further grows into the complete body. 【隐之雾】,这可怕的怪物想要吞噬掉眼前的一切,以进一步成长为完全体。 death shadow arrived, everyone on the scene will cover suddenly, but facing such crisis, all parties' response was also various. 死亡的阴影突然而至,将在场的所有人笼罩在内,而面对这样的危机,各方的反应也各不相同。 After [Fog of Concealment] appears in short time, the death crow falcon army who loses the restriction scatters in all directions immediately, non-stop flies toward the Western pen, above the ground after the wing person king dies three foot dragon crow who battle intent reduces greatly follow, but another side, Ascart City barrier was started to the strongest degree, after the enemy leaves shines the ray greatly. 【隐之雾】出现之后短短的时间内,失去制约的死鸦隼大军立即四散,向着西方笔直飞去,地面之上在翼人王死后战意大减的三足龙鸦紧随其后,而另一边,阿卡特城结界被启动到最强程度,在敌人离开后大放光芒。 The spirit clan that the sky most above degenerates has not left immediately, the Saviour will makes him want already severe wound Roel to kill, is fear actually truly exist(ence) to [Fog of Concealment], such contradiction makes his body shiver, and was finally choosing the compromise plan. 天空最上方堕落的灵族并没有立即离开,救世主的意志让他想要将已经重伤罗亚杀死,可是对【隐之雾】的恐惧却又确实存在,这样的矛盾让他的身体颤抖起来,并在最终选择了折中的方案。 The degeneration spirit clan that the body trembles extends make a move, issued the final order to king of the died wing person, the soul condition decayed old man looked under this order to Roel. 身体发抖的堕落灵族伸出手,给已死的翼人之王下达了最后的命令,灵魂状态的腐朽老者在这命令之下重新望向了罗亚 Damn! 该死的! When the soul of king of wing person stares at Roel that moment again, black-haired youngster looks anxiously, rapid flies to draw back backward avoids this imminent chasing down, the spirit clan of degeneration sees this situation slight nod, later leaves to the distant place rapidly. 当翼人之王的灵魂再次盯上罗亚那一刻,黑发的少年面露焦急,迅速的向后飞退躲避这迫在眉睫的追杀,堕落的灵族见此情况则微微点头,随后迅速地向远方离开。 Under the threat of terrifying Calamity, Fallen chose retreated temporarily, however, all are not unfortunately simple. 在恐怖灾厄的威胁下,堕落者选择了暂时撤退,然而可惜的是,一切却都没那么简单。 Calamity monster that the discovery prey escapes not quiet, but emits the flying after the temporary savings instantaneously the mist, stretches across the expansive sky the fog to leaving like only ghost hand locking Fallen, implemented the arrest later. 发现猎物逃跑的灾厄怪物并没有沉寂,而是在短暂的积蓄后瞬间放出飞天的雾气,横跨长空的云雾如同一只只鬼手般锁定向离开的堕落者们,随后实施起了抓捕行动。 In [Fog of Concealment] under erupts, after the fog, sends first, swallows half the dark cloud that the dead crow falcon formed at one fell swoop, the spirit clan of degeneration nearly is also surrounded, the huge three full dragon crows were held by that fog hand cancelled the claw, towed to entrain the speed to be getting more and more slow. 【隐之雾】的爆发之下,云雾后发先至,一举将死鸦隼所形成的乌云吞掉了一半,堕落的灵族也近乎被包围,庞大的三足龙鸦则被那云雾般的手抓住了勾爪,拖拽着速度越来越慢。 Roar-!” “吼-!” Facing this entanglement, three foot dragon crow go all out to struggle, however does not have the function finally, drags to entrain unceasingly catches up with this remote antiquity lifeform the hand of mist to be getting more and more, the giant bird looks back to spout dragon flame, but was actually swallowed by [Fog of Concealment] all. 面对这种纠缠,三足龙鸦拼命挣扎,然而结果却是毫无作用,不断地拖拽中追上这远古生物的雾气之手越来越多,巨鸟回首喷出龙炎,可是却尽数被【隐之雾】所吞噬。 That is!” “那个是!” When sees flame of ineffective that moment that Dragon, Roel expression instantaneous gloomy to the extreme, but above most below ground, old Treeman stopped the movement. 当看到那巨龙之炎毫无作用的那一刻,罗亚的表情瞬间阴沉到了极点,而在最下方的地面之上,苍老的树人则停下了动作。 monster that east this time Cade watching approaches unceasingly, the facial features unprecedented tranquility, it has not fled like three foot dragon crow, but contracts nearby branch slowly, heals the scars in land. 此时的凯德望着东方不断逼近的怪物,面容前所未有的平静,它并没有像三足龙鸦那样逃离,而是缓慢地收缩起附近的枝丫,抚平大地的创伤。 Swallows all Calamity facing this, Cade has not thought the avoidance, as Treeman it moves about with difficulty, is impossible to run that like fog monster, how even if to struggle again also reveals ugly performance that's all, with it so might as well tranquil facing this final enemy. 面对这吞噬一切的灾厄,凯德根本就没有想过躲避,身为树人的它行动不便,根本就不可能跑得过那如云雾般的怪物,哪怕再如何挣扎也不过是显露丑态罢了,与其如此还不如平静的面对这最后的敌人。 Cade and Ascart City that people are almost impossible to move chose remained same place, but the black-haired youngster facial features that in the sky sped along even more were dignified, and sets firm resolve silently. 几乎无法移动的凯德阿卡特城的众人选择了留在原地,而天空中飞驰的黑发少年面容则愈发凝重,并默默地下定了决心。 As Ascart Fiefdom Fief Lord, Roel is unable to accept the city and relatives and friends swallowed result absolutely, when just all parties' arrival to the [Fog of Concealment] took the different actions, black-haired youngster thought the plan of following on already, although has the enormous risk, but now already is not the hesitant time. 作为阿卡特领领主,罗亚绝对无法接受城市与亲朋好友被吞噬的结果,在刚刚各方对【隐之雾】的到来采取不同行动的时候,黑发的少年已经想好了接下来的计划,虽然有着极大的风险,但是现在已经不是犹豫的时候了。 „Can Altasia, make me clash?” 阿尔塔西娅,能让我冲出去吗?” Naturally.” “当然。” Facing [Fog of Concealment] besieges and pursues to block off, black-haired youngster inquired, responded his is the Queen of Succubi massive magic assistance, under unceasing enforcement, the Roel speed rose dramatically, attempts to break through to each direction, but Calamity monster started full power besieged and pursued to block off. 面对【隐之雾】的围追堵截,黑发的少年如此提问,回应他的则是魔女之王大量的咒术协助,在不断的加持下,罗亚的速度一路飙升,尝试向各个方向突围,而灾厄怪物则开始了全力的围追堵截。 Although the [Fog of Concealment] appetite is very big, wants to swallow everyone on the scene, but Roel is actually this time most important, therefore Calamity monster particularly goes all out, what however Calamity monster does not know, this is Roel wants to use. 虽然【隐之雾】的胃口很大,想吞噬在场的所有人,但是罗亚却是这次的重中之重,也因此灾厄怪物分外卖力,然而灾厄怪物不知道的是,这正是罗亚想要利用的。 The present situation, regarding black-haired youngster is the dual murderous intentions, but Roel must first do processes one of the. 现在的情况,对于黑发的少年来说可谓是双重杀机,而罗亚首先要做的就是处理掉其中一个 In high-speed flight Roel behind, the hand of fog, because unceasing tight pursued already to touch the Wangling of soul wing person gradually, discovered that this scene decayed old man was panic-stricken extremely, but also did not have the means that over time, the king's of wing person body in the pain was gradually swallowed by the mist, forever disappearance in world. 在高速飞行的罗亚身后,云雾的手由于不断的紧追已经渐渐地摸到了翼人之王灵魂,发现这一幕的腐朽老者惊恐万分,可是却又毫无办法,随着时间的流逝,翼人之王在痛苦之中身躯逐渐被雾气吞噬,永远的消失在了世间。 After solving an enemy, Roel mood not lax, because he knows, true battle just started. 在解决了一个敌人后,罗亚的心情并没有松懈,因为他知道,真正的战斗才刚刚开始。 After spiral attracted [Fog of Concealment] lots of energy back and forth, the Roel surroundings can say that the already arrange/cloth got down the unescapable net, several directions that strong white fog hiding the sky and covering the earth, will escape stop up completely, what however Calamity monster monster has not thought that after the long-term chase, black-haired youngster transfers the direction unexpectedly suddenly toward its direct impact. 在来回盘旋吸引了【隐之雾】大量的精力后,罗亚的周围可以说已经布下了天罗地网,浓重的白雾铺天盖地,将逃跑的几个方向完全堵住,然而灾厄怪物怪物没有想到的是,在长时间的追逐之后,黑发的少年居然突然调转方向向着它直冲而来。 In this moment, Calamity monster discovers the Roel intention finally, the hindrance that but all already, until now built late dispersed the [Fog of Concealment] strength sharply, but another side Roel body already covered the three layers ray. 在这一刻,灾厄怪物终于发现罗亚的意图,但一切已经晚了,一直以来布设的阻碍大幅分散了【隐之雾】的力量,而另一边罗亚的身体则已经覆盖上了三重的光芒。 [Permafrost's Touch], Wind of Dusk, 【The rain of dead incantation Also starts, under the three layers Stone Crown package the Roel body like the bullet, cut through in the body of terrifying Calamity in a flash. 【冻土之触】、【黄昏之风】、【死咒之雨】同时启动,三重冠之石的包裹下罗亚的身躯就如子弹,一瞬间穿进了恐怖灾厄的身体之中。 In rapid vanguard, [Fog of Concealment] the strength of swallowing crazy is swallowing wind mist and mist that wrap Roel, another side Roel is stimulating to movement Stone Crown full power, conflict of both sides on such as lance and shield, but finally, carried three strengths Roel to win. 飞速的前行中,【隐之雾】的吞噬之力疯狂的吞噬着包裹罗亚的风岚与雾气,另一边罗亚则在全力催动冠之石,双方的冲突就如矛与盾,而最终,身负三种力量的罗亚获得了胜利。 Bang!” “轰!” Vibrates the atmospheric in the air burst sound, the body of Roel broke through the monster body to go toward the East, but on general that such as the youngster expected, has quest to respond enormously in [Fog of Concealment] of body, immediately followed to pursue, both sides marched forward rapidly, flings the plain that Ascart City was at quickly after behind. 震动大气的空爆声中,罗亚的身体冲破了怪物的身躯向着东方而去,而就如少年所预料的一般,有着任务在身的【隐之雾】反应极大,立即紧随其后追去,双方飞速行进,很快将阿卡特城所在的平原甩在了身后。 The chase war of life and death will start from now on, but has actually been doomed finally, after experiencing late battle and soul damage broke through full power, the Roel whether it is body or magic power gradually border on the limit, now insists that's all forcefully. 生死的追逐战自此开始,不过结果其实早已注定,在经历了一晚的战斗、灵魂损伤又全力突围之后,罗亚无论是身体还是咒力都逐渐濒临极限,如今不过是强行坚持而已 Such flight continued for night, when second China raises Yang, black-haired youngster consciousness already somewhat to blur, he looked to, discovered already that saw was the east hills scenery. 如此的飞行持续了一夜,当第二天朝阳升起之时,黑发的少年意识已经有些模糊了起来,他望向下方,发现入目的已经是东部群山的景色。 Should such distance, enough? 这样的距离,应该够了吧? Was so pondering the youngster slows the tempo slowly, prepares the last step of implementation plan, but in his behind, white mist also rapid rush, wish of making threatening gestures swallows it. 如此思考着的少年缓缓地放慢了速度,准备执行计划的最后一步,而在他的身后,白色的雾气也迅速的冲来,张牙舞爪的想要将其吞噬。 In the mist of tumbling, the fuzzy face as if flashes through the ridicule, but in that Calamity front, on the face of Roel does not have the scared look, he searches the hand to enter the bosom, calm puts out to be loaded with the simple and unadorned box of clear crystal. 翻滚的雾气中,模糊的人脸似乎闪过嘲笑,而在那灾厄的面前,罗亚的脸上却毫无惧色,他只是探手入怀,淡定的拿出装有晶莹水晶的古朴盒子。 That is Roy leaves his, relic that Ascart House generation after generation hands down. 那是罗伊留给他的,阿卡特家代代相传的遗物。
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