KLP :: Volume #10

#930: The Ji Yuan chess incurs- hundred school of thought contended

When the outside world gradually arouses the chain-reaction by «Underground spring», this book the place of book in circulation was known by some quick people, has the overwhelming academy that writing Saint assumes, naturally has more people to visit. 在外界被《黄泉》一书逐渐激起连锁反应的时候,这书的成书之地还是被一些灵通的人士所知,正是有文圣坐镇的浩然书院,自然有更多的人想要拜访。 Although the books have printed officially concurrently toward various Great Zhen places, but Ji Yuan, Yin Zhaoxian and Wang Li three people can only just finished the preliminary matter, the other two can relax, hugs is anticipating to lighten a punishment and watch subsequent behavior, but the Ji Yuan matter had not ended. 虽然书籍已经正式刊印并发往大贞各处,但计缘尹兆先王立三人只能算是刚刚忙完初步的事,其余两人可以放松一些,抱着期待以观后效,而计缘的事则远还没有结束。 However currently in the Yin Zhaoxian yard has six people, besides Yin Qing and Yin Zhong such Yin Jia people, specially from the nether world hall for Xin Wuya that to write preface to catch up with. 不过现在尹兆先的小院中已经有六人了,除了尹青尹重这样的尹家人,还有专程从幽冥正堂为了作序而赶来的辛无涯 The «Underground spring» present published six volume merely, actually three volume have not sent out, but these three volume are are not first completed, perhaps second some such as the content of samsara, as well as related to the content of say/way of deeper world, waits for considering. 《黄泉》现在仅仅是刊发了六册,其实还有三册没有发出,但这三册一来是不算完成,二来是一些诸如轮回的内容,以及涉及更深天地之道的内容,或许有待斟酌。 But even if left over three volume not to print, or does not print massively, «Underground spring» can be strange Shu in various significances, inside contained the innumerable smuggled goods. 但就算剩下三册不刊印,或者不大规模刊印,《黄泉》一书都能算得上是一部各种意义上的奇书,里头更是蕴含了无数私货。 Except that Ji Yuan book in Wenhui in picture say/way, takes Wang Li each story as to direct, Yin Zhaoxian also enters in which regarding Wendao's idea these years, these and student related story, although also some seemingly romantic places, but the grammar truth of implication are more, looks like in Ji Yuan, this can be a direction of grammar cultivation. 除了计缘书于文绘于画中的“道”,以王立的各个故事为引,尹兆先也将这些年来对于文道的想法化入其中,那些和书生有关的故事,虽然也有一些看似香艳之处,但其中蕴含的文法道理更多,在计缘看来,这都能算是一种文法修行的指引了。 However looks like this in Ji Yuan is not only the good deed, is the matter that is a pity very much, because Yin Zhaoxian overwhelming righteous qi arrived at the last Yingtian star, before Yin Zhaoxian comprehended Wendao a distant boundary, his spirit belonged to one with overwhelming righteous qi, but the body had been flung by far, although can also return nurturing to parents the mortal body slowly, but the growth of noble spirit actually far exceeded in this. 不过在计缘看来这既是好事,也是一件很可惜的事,因为尹兆先的浩然正气强到上应天星,在尹兆先自身领悟文道之前已经远远一种界限,他的精神同浩然正气归于一处,但身体已经被远远甩下,虽然也能缓慢反哺肉身,但浩然之气的增长速度却远超于此。 Therefore has the road of martial arts to be different from the Zuo Wuji direct breakthrough maximization, the world Wendao Yin Zhaoxian spirit had broken through the limit with own noble spirit early, but the body was also being moistened by noble spirit, was actually widened more and more big disparity. 所以和左无极直接突破极限化出武道之路不同,天下文道尹兆先的精神与自身的浩然之气早早已经突破了极限,而身体虽然也在被浩然之气滋润,却被拉开越来越大的差距。 Is therefore just like attractive effect in a quality, the effect of what efficacious medicine divides into two in Yin Zhaoxian this, the minimum part moistens the physical body, but most parts branch by his and spirit in noble spirit assimilation, regarding moist futile attempt of body, regarding the influence of that exaggerating overwhelming righteous qi is also minimal. 更是因此犹如一种质量上的引力效应,什么灵药的效果在尹兆先这都是一分为二,极小部分滋润肉体,而大部分会被他那与精神同在的浩然之气同化,对于身体的滋润杯水车薪,对于那夸张的浩然正气的影响也是微乎其微。 But Yin Zhaoxian after all is the person in Wendao Peak, can see through itself also to be able on Wendao to look most, after resigning from office retires due to age, has an emotional tie with the matter of enlightened world person clan and even the world all living things, therefore also does regarding the later book extremely attaches great importance, wants to integrate Wendao's understanding, resigns from office for several years not to have a book, this «Underground spring» is first. 尹兆先毕竟是文道顶端的人,能看穿自身也能在文道上看得最远,辞官告老之后更加心系教化天下人族乃至天下众生之事,所以也对于自己以后的书作极为重视,想要将自身文道的理解融入其中,以至于辞官几年无出一书,这《黄泉》算是第一部。 Therefore also not difficult to imagine fame and quality all in «Underground spring», effect on the world literary arena. 所以也不难想象名气和质量俱在的《黄泉》一书,对天下文坛的影响。 ...... …… Contrast «Underground spring» six, in the Yin Zhaoxian yard, have the original manuscript of books and some expands the edition, making Yin Qing be unable to put down, at this moment is also drawing Yin Zhong to read some original manuscript book articles together. 对比外界的《黄泉》六部,在尹兆先的小院里,有着书籍的原稿和一些引申版本,令尹青爱不释手,此刻也正拉着尹重一起阅读一些原稿书文。 Wonderful, wonderful, the human and ghost different way, the ghosts and gods to hope the strength believers and side land impede, but if will have next life, can little regret! Coughs......” “妙啊,妙啊,人鬼殊途,鬼神更是为愿力信众和一方土地掣肘,可若有来生,也能少很多遗憾了!咳咳咳……” A Yin Qing dark blue heavy/thick belt/bring fabric clothing, reading time also often coughs two, but the cold could not counter-balance his enthusiasm accidentally, even now he still calculates an extremely official, but in the bone was also a scholar, was a person who liked the interest, always liked regarding this story. 尹青一身深蓝色的厚重带绒衣衫,看书的时候还不时咳嗽两声,但偶然风寒抵消不了他的热情,即便如今他也算位极人臣,但骨子里也是一个读书人,更是一个喜欢趣味的人,对于这种故事向来喜欢。 Although the Yin Qing hair is gray, but if looks at not many wrinkles only, and full of vigor facial features, did not seem like has crossed 60 many people absolutely, seemed a fine-looking actually slightly old middle-aged man, the charm instead won the past years. 虽然尹青头发已经花白,但如果单看并无多少皱纹且精神饱满的面容,绝对不像是已经过了六十多的人,更好似一个英挺却略显老的中年男子,魅力反而更胜当年。 Writing have brilliance flashing in the Yin Qing eye respectively, imitates, if evolves all sorts of vivid scenes in the exquisite heart, if Wang Li can see the Yin Qing inner world, certainly when with astonishment the scenery in this Yin Daren heart will be almost the same as he will write the idea unexpectedly, even only beautiful improvement. 一个个文字在尹青眼中各有光辉闪动,仿若在玲珑之心内演化出种种生动的景象,若是王立能看到尹青的内心世界,一定会惊愕于这尹大人心中之景竟然和他写之时的想法相差无几,甚至更加唯美完善。 But Yin Zhong is the imposing manner is extremely now heavier, in overwhelming academy he wears a deep clothes to wrap/sets of the belt/bring fabric overcoat, makes people think what he puts on is a military garb. 尹重如今更是气势极重,在浩然书院内他穿着一身深衣套着带绒大氅,却让人觉得他穿着的是一身戎装。 Elder brother said is extremely, what a pity this «Underground spring» latter three volume have not been completed, but we can look at least one -and-a-half volume in this overwhelming academy compared with others, ha haha......” “兄长所言极是,可惜这《黄泉》后三册还未完成,不过我们能在这浩然书院比别人多看至少一册半,哈哈哈……” Time that Yin Zhong smiles, aura vibrates for his smiling sound, actually does not leave the body three chi (0.33 m), but stands there actually seems a rifle, except for the air/Qi of martial arts, the air/Qi of some all sorts of soldier ghosts ascends in it faintly behind, seems following mighty force hundred to fight the elite altogether congealing army ghost simply behind. 尹重笑起来的时候,身边的气息为他的笑音所震动,却又不离身体三尺,只是站在那里却好似一柄钢枪,除了武道之气,更有种种兵煞之气隐隐在其身后升腾,简直好似身后跟着千军万马的百战精锐共凝军煞。 „Before pitifully father and Mister Ji, Mister Wang, has not called me, otherwise I also want to integrate part the say/way of my military tactics, trains and maintains an army, manages his mighty force such as forest monsters and demons, soldier/weapon front to completely flees!” “可惜爹爹和计先生王先生之前没叫上我,否则我也想将我的兵法之道融入一部分,练兵、养兵,管他千军万马还是如林妖魔,兵锋所向尽披靡!” Xin Wuya stands near the Ji Yuan table, except for the glancing through above book article, often also takes pen in hand to inscribe in some hearts to become aware, as well as regarding the tentative plan of matter of samsara, raised the head to have a look at Master Yin Jia at this time, in the heart thinks is actually Ji Yuan had previously spoken the words. 辛无涯站在计缘的桌案边上,除了翻阅上头的书文,不时也提笔写上一些心中所悟,以及对于轮回之事的设想,此时抬头看看尹家夫子,心中想的却是计缘此前说过的话。 Really the cornerstones of civil and military two manner clan situations, if the generation of the world cultivation only thinks that the person clan had/left the civil and military two Saints, had/left temple of Confucian learning Wu Temple to establish the destiny, perhaps could not want three generations, can be startled......’ ‘果然文武二道为人族大势之基石,若天下修行之辈只以为人族出了文武二圣,出了文庙武庙奠定气运,恐怕要不了三代人,就会大吃一惊的……’ That side Ji Yuan , to continue on a page such small paper of book, described all sorts of colors by the law of own painting, «Underground spring» latter three volume not necessarily appropriate large-scale, or each volume was more appropriate the specific audience, but the matter was the affirmation, was «Underground spring» nine annals, must fully complete, to gather number of days! 那一边的计缘,继续在一本书的书页这么小的纸张上,以自己的丹青之法描绘种种色彩,《黄泉》后三册未必合适大规模,或者说每一册都更合适特定的受众,但有一件事是肯定的,就是一部《黄泉》九册书,必须全部完成,以合天数! This meeting, front the overwhelming academy, old dragon Ying Hong and dragon daughter Ying Ruoli is approaching the overwhelming academy on outside street, they are Ji Yuan pass on message to invite, but Yin Zhaoxian one step has first sent people to defend in the overwhelming academy entrance prepares to lead the way. 这会,浩然书院前部,老龙应宏龙女应若璃正于外头的街上走近浩然书院,他们是计缘传讯去请的,而尹兆先已经先一步派人守在浩然书院门口准备引路了。 Saw old dragon and dragon daughter come, that venerable teacher one understands that should be was advocating, is really the the bearing and female of that old man he waits graceful and pretty like a crane among chickens. 一看到老龙和龙女过来,那个老夫子就一下明白应该是他等候的正主了,实在是那老者的这份气度和女子的这份雍容和靓丽都鹤立鸡群。 Obsolete overwhelming academy, thinks is more interesting than!” “浩然书院啊,比老朽想的更有趣些!” old dragon talked to oneself in a low voice, dragon daughter also looking pensive, before that gate, and the others the masters and another two guarding a gate masters said that several steps welcomed hastily. 老龙低声自语,龙女也若有所思,那位门前等人的夫子和另外两个守门夫子说了一声,就匆匆几步迎出。 Excuse me, future, but Venerable Ying and on miss?” “请问,来者可是应老先生和应姑娘?” Effectively old dragon ponders has a look at this student, looks again to the own daughter. 老龙有效玩味的看看这个书生,再看向自己的女儿。 Hey, on miss?” “嘿,应姑娘?” Ying Ruoli also smiles, although is very common name, but for several hundred years first time were called probably, the nod response said. 应若璃也是笑笑,虽然是很寻常的称呼,但好像几百年来头一次被人这么叫,点头回应道。 „.” “正是。” Good, two please come along with me, the chief and some Mister Ji early instruction, making me defend wait here, two come in!” “好,两位请随我来,院长和计先生早有吩咐,让我守在这里等候,两位请进!” The master who the academy guards a gate are certainly impossible to stop, but also turns toward the Ying Family father and daughter to salute together, after all is the chief honored guest, old dragon and dragon daughter are only return a courtesy, in enters together. 书院守门的夫子当然也不可能阻拦,而是也一起向着应家父女行礼,毕竟是院长贵客,老龙和龙女只是浅浅回礼,就随人一起入内。 After the academy, old dragon heard the following two guarding a gate masters also to discuss «Underground spring». 在进了书院之后,老龙听到后面两个守门夫子也正在讨论《黄泉》一书。 Chief is revering of article Saint, Wang Li Mister Wang is also famous everyone, this Mister Ji is very likely spreads expert in that Dragon Transformation feast, even if no connection, is only this Xin Wuya Mr. hard, is actually where sacred?” “院长乃是文圣之尊,王立王先生也是有名的大家,这计先生很有可能是流传中那位化龙宴上的高人,即便不是也定有关联,只是这辛无涯辛先生,究竟是何方神圣?” Yes, really does not know this Mr. hard what kind of person, but in the book the person of leaving a good name, wants to come is not simple, but has not seen his other books to do, moreover he is not in the academy, how to write preface?” “是啊,实在不知这辛先生何许人也啊,不过书上留名之人,想来也不会简单的,只是也没见过他的其他书作,而且他也不在书院内,是如何作序的呢?” Xin Wuya comes time is at night, had not been seen, moreover delivers the food toward that institute , is always three, added on Brother Yin Jia's two at most afterward, therefore the people in overwhelming academy do not know that Mr. hard has come. 辛无涯来的时候是夜晚,又不曾被人看见,而且往那院中送饭,从来都是三份,至多后来加上了尹家兄弟的两份,所以浩然书院中的人都不知道那位辛先生早已经来了。 The old man leaned, smiles to continue, venerable teacher at the same time watched a person's every mood, in addition the curiosity caused trouble, thinks under asked. 老头侧了下头,笑了笑才继续走,一边的老夫子察言观色,加上好奇心作祟,想了下问道。 Venerable Ying knows who Mr. Natsin is?” 应老先生可是知道那辛先生是谁?” old dragon smiles. 老龙嘿嘿一笑。 Naturally is knows that your two colleagues were discussing Xin Wuya other books do, after they will pass away in the future, should be able to see.” “自然是知道的,你那两位同仁讨论着辛无涯的其他书作,等他们将来作古之后应该能看到的。” Passed away?” “作古?” The venerable teacher gawked, helpless dragon daughter at the same time shakes the head, the own father plays this joke to make anything, therefore explained that said. 老夫子愣了下,一边的龙女无奈摇了摇头,自己的爹爹开这玩笑做什么,于是解释一句道。 This venerable teacher, Mr. hard is the nether world Emperor of this netherworld, therefore my father said perhaps after the person passed away, can see that his other books do.” “这位老夫子,辛先生乃是这阴间的幽冥帝君,所以家父说或许人作古之后能见到他的其余书作。” Nether world Emperor! 幽冥帝君! The venerable teacher heart trembles, my goodness, «Underground spring» truly discussed the matters of many netherworld, but has not thought in writing preface, really has the nether world Emperor. 老夫子心头一颤,好家伙,一部《黄泉》确实讲了很多阴间的事,但没想到作序者中,竟然有幽冥帝君。 Although does not know that nether world Emperor is what position god position, but the light listens to the wording meaning also to suspect 12 probably. 虽然不知道“幽冥帝君”是个什么地位神位,但光听字面意思大概也能猜想一二。 Wait, should these two surnames?’ ‘等等,这两位姓应?’ Originally without thinks toward that aspect, but since Xin Wuya is the nether world Emperor, but these two can lay bare the truth directly, making the venerable teacher subconsciousness in the gods and ghosts direction these two honored guests, under the comparison thinks originally does not have in the surnames of many attention. 本来没往那方面去想,但既然辛无涯是幽冥帝君,而这两人能直接一语道破,使得老夫子下意识把这两个贵客往神异方向去想,对照之下就想到了本来没有过多留意的姓氏上。 What side me is two dragons?’ ‘难道我身边的是两条龙?’ Thinks to feel exciting, the venerable teacher quickly grasps the meaning of something, pours does not fear, maintaining composure is also politer several points. 想想就觉得刺激,老夫子一个激灵,倒也并不惧怕,不动声色却也更客气几分。 Many thanks two dispel doubt, I can also show off one before fellow colleagues and academy students ha haha......” “多谢两位解惑,我也可以在各位同仁和书院学生面前显摆一番了哈哈哈……” old dragon also the venerable teacher responded that looks in the eye, a master of small teaching have this bearing, really article Saint Way Temple! 老龙也是将老夫子反应看在眼中,一个小小教学的夫子有此气度,果然文圣道场啊! ...... …… Xie Zhi that in the yard, eight years have not made noise suddenly in has to the Ji Yuan ear at this moment expressively. 小院中,已经八年没有出过声的獬豸忽然在此刻有声传神到计缘耳中。 Ji Yuan, your chess incurs, very early fell?” 计缘,你这棋招,很早就落下了吧?” The pen in Ji Yuan hand has not stopped, the expression is also very tranquil, similarly some divine wills of irrelevantly replying feed. 计缘手中的笔并未停下,表情也十分恬静,同样有些答非所问的神意传回。 This, is called the shape of hundred school of thought contending.” “这一手,叫做百家争鸣之象。”
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