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#3914: Hope hears Daofou

Two people look at each other one, must leave. 两人对视一眼,就要离开。 Actually sees a distant place cultivator half step to walk, beckons saying that two fellow daoist, good!” 却见远处一位修行者快步走来,招手道,“两位道友,好啊!” ox Ruode concentrates the eye to look, the cultivator is really young, the cultivation time should not be long, cultivating for actually is quite good, is higher than the Junior Brother, the attire is simple, and has no large amount characteristics, the heart discussed, is the disciple of some big aristocratic family comes informed and experienced, does this also therefore change? 牛若德凝目看去,那修行者甚是年轻,修炼时间应该不长,修为却颇是不俗,比师弟还要略高,装束简单,并没有任何大宗门的特征,心念道,难道是某个大世家的弟子过来历练,这界也是因此而变? However looks without any malicious intent, oneself cannot be impolite. 不过看起来没有恶意,自己也不能无礼。 He lifted raising hand, fellow daoist is good, I and others via this place, has disturbed, but also looks do not blame.” 他举了举手,“道友好,我等途经此地,有所打扰,还望勿怪。” Has anything to disturb, in our ordinary day may do a bit less the person, can see two fellow daoist, is the lucky reason.” “有什么打扰的,我们这界平日里可少来人,能见到两位道友,也是福缘。” The young people smile to return salute, in the next week's group, will be the profound stretch/leisurely sect disciple.” 那年轻人微笑还礼,“在下周群,是玄舒宗的弟子。” Hears these characters inexplicably, ox Ruode one tight, surnamed Zhou, is profound stretch/leisurely sect, what's the matter? 听到这几个字,牛若德莫名一紧,姓周,又是玄舒宗,到底怎么回事? Zhang Yun has not actually thought these idly, smiled saying with a smile, „below Zhang Yun xian, this is my Senior Brother ox Ruode, we are the alexandrite sects, comes out to deliver a letter.” 张云闲却没想这些,笑了笑道,“在下张云闲,这位是我师兄牛若德,我们是碧玺宗,出来送信的。” Zhou group smiles saying that two fellow daoist, since came is the guest, might as well went to our sect gate to sit.” 周群微笑道,“两位道友,既然来了就是客,不妨去我们宗门坐一坐。” Taking the liberty asked one......” “冒昧的问一句……” ox Ruode the look concentrates, which profound stretch/leisurely sect subordinates in runs sect gate?” 牛若德神色微凝,“玄舒宗是隶属于哪个掌管宗门的?” He plundered for quite a while to remember, did not have profound stretch/leisurely sect name, although paradise sect gate by 1 million ideas, but he remembered at least also had 700,000-800,000, actually a trace did not have, somewhat was rather strange. 他搜刮了半天记忆,怎么也没有玄舒宗这个名字,虽说仙界宗门以百万计,但他记住的至少也有700,000-800,000,竟然一点痕迹都没有,未免有些奇怪。 These words asked are appropriate. 这句话问得还算妥当。 Generally not famous paradise sect gate, will depend on large amount of survivals, can climb up to run sect gate, that good sect gate, said even the profound stretch/leisurely sect subordinates to run sect gate, obviously to say toward good. 大凡不出名的仙界宗门,都会依托于大宗门生存,能攀上掌管宗门的,那就算是不错的宗门了,说玄舒宗隶属掌管宗门,显然是往好里说的。 Runs sect gate?” “掌管宗门?” Zhou group is shaking the head to think, actually does not know, shortly after our sect Mencai constructs, without subordinating which sect gate.” 周群摇着头想了一想,“却是不知,我们宗门才建不久,没有隶属哪个宗门。” „Shortly after constructs?” “才建不久?” ox Ruo Desson the tone, caressing must say, so that's how it is.” 牛若德松了口气,抚须道,“原来如此。” The small lot gate that since constructs, does not subordinate to run sect gate, that does not need is too cautious, own alexandrite sect, was on the social climbing hung the bell sect, was the eminent in small lot gate, but Zhou group latter a few words, made him surprised one surprised, nearly clutched the beard. 既然是才建的小宗门,不是隶属掌管宗门,那也不必太拘谨,自己的碧玺宗,怎么也是攀附上了悬铃宗,算是小宗门里的翘楚了,不过那周群的后一句话,却让他愕了一愕,险些把胡子揪下来。 Zhou group is saying with a smile, „, in addition sovereign also only then six people, but we sovereign are very fierce, hundred years ago I come this time accidentally, in everywhere is the malignant influences dead air/Qi, cannot be occupied by the person, but sovereign only used for dozens years, turned like this, then established profound stretch/leisurely sect.” 周群笑着道,“是啊,加上宗主也只有六个人,不过我们宗主很厉害的,百年前我无意中来这界的时候,界里到处都是煞气死气,根本住不得人,而宗主只用了几十年,就把界变成这样了,然后就建立了玄舒宗。” Dozens years?” “几十年?” Zhang Yun also feared idly, „are you sovereign what kind of characters? Only used for dozens years, I heard, this dark breath even/including Jieqing and ceremonial fire gate cannot change? senior brother, did you remember incorrectly?” 张云闲也惊住了,“你们宗主到底是何等人物?只用了几十年,我可是听说,这暗息界连解青和圣火门都没能改变的啊?师兄,你是不是记错了?” Is impossible to remember incorrectly.” “绝不可能记错。” ox Ruode stared his one eyes, looks to Zhou Qundao, expensive/noble sovereign is in the celestial pole list the person? Is it possible that before is,...... 30 great people?” 牛若德瞪了他一眼,看向周群道,“贵宗主是天极榜中人吧?莫非是前……三十的大人物?” Thinks, only then such person possibly achieves, what person like this comes small to make, for informed and experienced? Is impossible, where the celestial pole list first 30 need informed and experienced, must say that comes to construct here is not more impossible specially, such great person, can found well conveniently in the paradise and immortal city, where needs to construct small to the edge, is a position is not good very troublesome. 想了一想,只有这样的人才可能做到,可这样的人来一个小界做什么,难道是为了历练?不可能罢,天极榜前三十哪里需要历练,要说特意过来建设这里更不可能,这样的大人物,随手就能在仙界找到更好的界和仙城,哪里需要到边缘来建设小界,还是一个位置不好非常麻烦的界。 Who is so bored. 谁有这么无聊。 Zhou group considered several breaths, this I do not know, the sovereign few speech, two do want to see sovereign?” 周群思虑了几息,“这个我也不知道,宗主很少说话的,两位是想见见宗主么?” Good!” “好啊!” Zhang Yun xian nods hastily, asked the fellow daoist to present!” 张云闲连忙点头,“请道友引见!” In alexandrite sect inside, he list first 1000 people could not see day after day extremely, now some opportunities see this grade of great person, naturally wishes for earnestly, this is the big chance that asked unable to strive, even if met the duty that hung the bell sect delivered a letter, gone was still small, occasionally will have the immortal city, the city main will not manage them, a casual faction manager sent. 在碧玺宗里,他连天极榜前一千的人都见不到,如今有机会见到这等大人物,自然求之不得,这可是求都求不来的大机缘,就算是接了悬铃宗的任务送信,去的界也都是小界,偶尔有个大仙城,城主也不会理他们,随便派个管事就打发了。 ox Ruode follows to nod, he does not want to miss the chance, if climbed up the friendship? 牛若德跟着点头,他也不想错过机缘,万一攀上交情了呢? Moreover dark breath was changed, this is an important matter, he wants to inquire clearly, then returns to hang the bell sect, could make a merit. 而且暗息界被人改变了,这可是一件大事,他很想打听清楚,然后回报悬铃宗,或许能挣得一份功劳。 Then along with me comes, sovereign in nearby.” “那随我来吧,宗主就在附近。” Zhou group nods with a smile, proceeds to walk with stride. 周群笑着点头,大步往前走去。 Follows on the heels, two people are discussing anything low voice, on the face is hanging excitedly. 跟在后面,两人小声议论着什么,脸上都挂着激动。 Quick arrived, was actually a mountain valley, ox Ruode finds out the sensation to look carefully, has not seen what constriction astonishing great person, only then an average not wonderful cultivator, sat well in inside the valley, the appearance cage in one group of mist, was not really clear. 很快就到了,却是一处山谷,牛若德小心的探出感知看了看,没有看到什么压迫感惊人的大人物,只有一个平平无奇的修行者,端坐在山谷里,面目笼在一团雾气里,却是不甚清楚。 Definitely hid cultivated/repaired is, oneself could not look, should be the powerhouse in accurate Saint. 肯定是隐藏了修为,自己都看不出来,应是准圣中的强者。 Two, sovereign in that.” “两位,宗主就在那呢。” Zhou Qunzhi referred, is smiling the past, sovereign.” 周群指了指,笑着走了过去,“宗主。” The cultivator raised the head, the light say/way, your say/way these days progress not in a big way, negligence cultivation?” 那修行者抬起头,淡淡的道,“你的道这几日进步不大,疏忽修炼了吧?” Zhou group said hastily, knew, sovereign, I go back to practice well.” 周群连忙道,“知道了,宗主,我回去就好好练。” Has anything not to understand, asked me again.” “有什么不懂的,再来问我。” The cultivators nod, does not speak. 修行者点点头,却不说话了。 Zhou group turns round to say with a smile, in sovereign ordinary day anything did not say, is urges us to cultivate saying that true understanding that but he hands down is very fierce, our several people studied for hundred years, enters the profit to be very big, I arrived at the big gold/metal immortal, but compared with me quicker also had, a Junior Brother hundred years ago the real immortal, now was also the big gold/metal immortal.” 周群回身笑道,“宗主平日里什么都不说,就是督促我们修炼道,不过他传下的道真的很厉害,我们几个人不过修习了百年,就进益很大,我都到大罗金仙了,不过比我更快的还有,一个师弟百年前还是真仙,现在也是大罗金仙了。” The cultivators raised the head, looked at Zhang Yun idly with ox Ruode one eyes, these two, was cultivates oneself according to religious doctrine, sat down.” 修行者抬起头,看了张云闲和牛若德一眼,“这两位,也是来修道的么,过来坐下。” This is the big chance!” “这是大机缘啊!” Zhang Yun ran idly hastily, salutes saying that many thanks the senior grants instruction!” 张云闲连忙就跑了过去,行礼道,“多谢前辈赐教!” ox Ruode stands there, resembled thought of anything, the body shivered. 牛若德立在那里,似是想到了什么,身体都颤抖起来。 senior brother you come quickly, the spiritual cultivation does not affect our principles, if also same as the week fellow daoist, we didn't gain?” Zhang Yun xian shouted, immediately sits well, very respectful and prudent say/way, senior, we prepared.” “师兄你快过来啊,修道也不影响我们的法则,要是也和周道友一样,我们不就赚到了?”张云闲喊了一声,随即端坐下来,十分恭谨的道,“前辈,我们准备好了。” The cultivators were not many said, the slow sound said, „the say/way of stretch/leisurely, cared......” 修行者也不多说,缓声道,“舒之道,在乎……” „The say/way of stretch/leisurely?” “舒之道?” The Zhang Yun idle complexion one changed, whole person wooden. 张云闲脸色一下变了,整个人都木了。 But if the cow virtue, could not support completely, shakes, if shakes chaff, the off and on say/way, you...... you...... you are Zhou Shu?!” 而身后的牛若德,完全撑不住了,抖若筛糠,断断续续的道,“你……你……你是周舒?!” The cultivators shake slightly, the fog in appearance diverged, reveals one pair brightly such as the eye of star, for a long time has not heard this name...... well, I am Zhou Shu, I passing on the dao, you and other hears say/way.” 修行者微微一震,面目上的云雾散去了一些,露出一双明亮如星的眼睛,“好久没听到这个名字了……不错,我是周舒,我来传道,你等闻道。” Zhou Shu, creates Zhou Shu......” 周舒,创道者周舒……” Zhang Yun xian falls on the ground, wants to run not dare, in the eye full is scared. 张云闲跌坐在地上,想跑又不敢,眼里满是恐慌。 Hope hears Daofou?” “愿闻道否?” The cultivators are gazing at them, is still very tranquil, „do, hope hears Daofou?” 修行者注视着他们,依旧很平静,“你们,愿闻道否?” Wish, to hope......” “愿,愿……” Two people do not dare the many words, simultaneous/uniform simultaneous/uniform knelt. 两人不敢多话,齐齐的跪了下来。 Who can think, unexpectedly here met Zhou Shu, Zhou Shu, came to the paradise unexpectedly, but also passing on the dao near the four-pole day?! 谁能想到,居然在这里遇到了周舒,周舒,竟然来了仙界,还在四极天附近传道?! Gymnosophist's satisfactory nod , to continue to read aloud. 那修行者满意的点头,继续念诵起来。 ( PS: Thanks the sand storm 723 attention support continuously, thanked the book friends of subscription voting commentary collection ~ ~ ~) (PS:谢谢沙尘暴723的一直关注支持,感谢订阅投票评论收藏的书友们~~~)
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