IWC :: Volume #40

#3913: Dark breath

Paradise. 仙界。 Northern sect heaven. 北宗天。 Two cultivators toward hurrying along. 两位修行者正往赶路。 Quite young doubts said that cow, if Senior Brother, has arrived at the four-pole day, why must proceed, again outward wasn't the paradise?” 比较年轻的一位疑惑道,“牛若德师兄,已经到四极天了啊,为什么还要往前走,再往外就不是仙界了吧?” Zhang Yun idle Junior Brother has not to know.” “张云闲师弟有所不知。” The old cultivator shakes the head slightly, four-pole day, although is the paradise edge, stops the immortal road to this, but some outside also small, still in paradise control area, but has not calculated that officially the paradise, this time we are ordered to give the information, although these small hardly pass the news with the paradise, but we cannot miss, must deliver.” 年长的修行者微微摇头,“四极天虽然是仙界边缘,仙路到此也中止,但外面还有一些小界,仍然在仙界管辖范围内,只是没有正式算进仙界罢了,这次我们奉命传递信息,那些小界虽然和仙界几乎不通消息,但我们也不能错过,必须要送到。” Zhang Yun xian said unconsciously, that distance may be long.” 张云闲不觉道,“那路程可就长了啊。” „Very long, how is long a point, working to need to be perfect.” “已经很长了,再长一点又如何,做事需要尽善尽美。” ox Ruode is knitting the brows, our alexandrite sect, can receive the order that the dangerous bell sect distributes with great difficulty, naturally must achieve well, a point cannot neglect, can perhaps rewarding of hung bell sect, the promotion gate position, reaches the sky in a single bound, which place if leaked, there makes a mistake, hung bell sect walks, actually how? Our alexandrite sect may not have the place to stick an awl in the paradise.” 牛若德皱着眉,“我们碧玺宗,好不容易能接到悬铃宗分派下来的命令,当然要做到最好,一点都疏忽不得,说不定就能得到悬铃宗的赏赐,提升宗门地位,一步登天,要是漏了哪处,那里出了错,被悬铃宗找上门来,却又如何?我们碧玺宗在仙界可就没有立锥之地了。” Zhang Yun xian said hastily, „the Senior Brother is experienced, was I makes an indiscreet remark.” 张云闲连忙道,“还是师兄老成持重,是我失言了。” ox Ruode the satisfactory nod, our paradise cultivator, is usually looser might also as well, but runs the order that sect gate hands down from generation to generation, that must be scrupulous about every detail, but is not all runs a gate to seriously treat, like cloud top city and exquisite day, does not use too carefully.” 牛若德满意的点头,“我们仙界修行者,平日里松散些也无妨,但掌管宗门传下来的命令,那必须一丝不苟,但也不是所有掌管宗门都要认真对待,像云顶城和玲珑天,也不用太上心。” Zhang Yun idle as has thought that „, hanging the bell sect is not good, many thanks the Senior Brother teaches.” 张云闲似有所思,“嗯,悬铃宗却不行,多谢师兄教诲。” ox Ruode caressed to, slow sound said, „, to live in the paradise peacefully, other did not say, hung the bell sect not to annoy absolutely, our sect Menqian that plane tree, if fell a leaf, sovereign that must accountability.” 牛若德抚了抚须,缓声道,“要想在仙界太平过日子,其他不说,悬铃宗是万万惹不得的,我们宗门前的那棵悬铃树,要是掉了一片叶子,宗主那都是要问责的。” The Zhang Yun idle unconscious say/way, „is really also difficult, no wonder slow Elder looks every day.” 张云闲不自觉的道,“也真难呢,难怪徐长老每天都看着。” ox Ruode quite contains the profound meaning looked at his one eyes, understands well.” 牛若德颇含深意的看了他一眼,“明白就好。” Zhang Yun xian thinks saying that Senior Brother, what the say/way of that stretch/leisurely...... is? Hangs the bell sect to make our more than ten sect Menman Paradise pass on the news, said that which studies the say/way of stretch/leisurely, runs sect gate to punish inevitably, is so serious? Before the paradise, only bans the law secret art, has not banned the corridor, this time makes such strictly, I want to go to study study look.” 张云闲想了想道,“师兄,那个舒之道……到底是什么啊?悬铃宗让我们十几个宗门满仙界传消息,说哪个界修习舒之道,掌管宗门必然严惩,真的这么严重么?仙界以前只禁法诀,可从来没有禁过道,这次弄得这么严格,我都想去学学看了。” „Do you also dare to say?” “你还敢说?” ox Ruode looked angrily at the past, „the front several immortal cities you also asked that but also found person of law secret art that everywhere asked the say/way of stretch/leisurely, will kill the person curiously!” 牛若德怒视过去,“前面几个仙城你也这么问,还到处找人问舒之道的法诀,好奇会害死人的!” Does not have no way curiously,” Zhang Yun xian sighed, in the eye flashed was anticipating, even the say/way of paradise such fear, definitely was very fierce, after studying, perhaps our alexandrite sect did not fear the dangerous bell sect, or, can, when hung the bell sect.” “没法不好奇啊,”张云闲叹了口气,眼里闪着许多期待,“连仙界都这么害怕的道,肯定是非常厉害的,学了以后,说不定我们碧玺宗就不怕悬铃宗了,又或者,也能当悬铃宗。” ox Ruode stopped, the serious say/way, Junior Brother, I know that for sect Menhao, if so, do not say again.” 牛若德停了下来,郑重道,“师弟,我知道你是为宗门好,但这样的话,万万不要再说。” Zhang Yun xian opens mouth, wants to dispute anything, by cow, if the look of virtue pressed. 张云闲张开嘴,想辩驳什么,又被牛若德的眼神压了回去。 My this reminds you for the last time.” “我这是最后一次提醒你。” Say/Way that ox Ruode coldly, „, if you raised again must study the say/way of stretch/leisurely, I sent to the dangerous bell sect you.” 牛若德冷冷的道,“若是你再提起要学舒之道,我就把你送去悬铃宗。” The Zhang Yun idle complexion changed, beckons with the hand to say hastily, that I did not say, does not say.” 张云闲脸色变了,连忙摆手道,“那我不说了,不说了。” ox Ruode looked took back the vision some little time, „something, want do not think, the say/way of stretch/leisurely, created Zhou Shu is this, so long as your day still in the paradise, must do that.” 牛若德看了好一会才收回目光,“有些东西,想都不要去想,舒之道,还有创道者周舒就是这样,只要你一天还在仙界,就必须这么做。” I understood.” “我明白了。” Zhang Yun idle as thought of anything, in the eye flashed through a light. 张云闲似是想到了什么,眼中闪过了一道光。 Oh.” “唉。” ox Ruode sighed, no longer spoke. 牛若德叹了口气,不再说话。 Without the immortal road, hurrying along was slow, looked very near, spent for 78 years. 没了仙路,赶路自是慢了许多,看上去很近的界,也花了七八年才到。 Rests here.” “就在这里歇一歇吧。” ox Ruode falls to, looked around one, some doubts. 牛若德落到界上,四处看了一眼,有些疑惑。 Zhang Yun xian said unconsciously, Senior Brother, how?” 张云闲不觉道,“师兄,怎么了?” ox Ruode said slowly, this probably a little issue.” 牛若德缓缓道,“这界好像有点问题。” What's wrong?” Zhang Yun lets loose the sensation idly, doubts saying that was very good...... the Senior Brother not to say I have not paid attention, this vitality and fairyism were quite rich, the northern sect day periphery must be richer, moreover...... these fog were a soul strength, was very pure, here cultivated soul is very definitely good, the paradise edge had unexpectedly like this well, did not link the immortal road to be a pity!” “怎么了?”张云闲放开感知,疑道,“很好啊……师兄不说我还没有注意,这界的生机和仙气都好浓郁啊,比北宗天周围的界要丰富多了,而且……那些灰雾是魂道的力量吧,很纯粹啊,在这里修炼魂道肯定很不错,仙界边缘居然有这样好的界,不连仙路太可惜了啊!” ox Ruode knits the brows, I can look at the present very much to be good, but in the past was not this.” 牛若德皱眉,“我看得出来现在很好,但过去不是这样的。” Zhang Yun stagnated idly, how the past was, does the Senior Brother know?” 张云闲滞了下,“过去是怎样的,师兄知道?” Must come naturally to do the schoolwork.” “要来自然做了功课。” ox Ruode said slowly, this small is very famous, calls makes dark breath, because of close to the northern sect heaven relations, some sect gate once wants to construct a gate here, picks locust tide small advantage, but each sect gate comes, less than hundred years will definitely leave.” 牛若德缓缓道,“这小界还很有名,唤作暗息界,因为临近北宗天的关系,有些宗门曾想在这边建个分门,来捡蝗潮的便宜,可是每个宗门过来,不到百年就必然会离开。” The Zhang Yun xian curious say/way, what reason is that?” 张云闲好奇道,“那是什么原因?” Here has the ghost soul resentful soul unseemly behavior.” “这里有煞魂怨魂作怪。” ox Ruode the complexion is gloomy, that extremely difficult to deal with ghost soul, holds to read thorough extreme, the general beginning of the universe gold/metal dwelling place of celestial beings could not cope, therefore made that entire gloom heavy, no vitality, was not the dead area surpasses the dead area.” 牛若德脸色阴沉,“还是那种极难对付的煞魂,执念深到极处,一般的混元金仙都对付不了,所以弄得整个界阴气沉沉,没有一点生机,不是死界胜似死界。” Zhang Yun xian has a scare, almost must fly outward. 张云闲吓了一跳,几乎就要往外飞。 But soon consciousness, now here vitality is so rich, is impossible to have the ghost soul, said unconsciously, is only the ghost soul resentful soul, came an accurate Saint clear clean good, our sect gate did not have, other sect Menzong had.” 但很快意识过来,现在这里生机如此浓郁,根本不可能有煞魂,不觉道,“只是煞魂怨魂,来个准圣清干净就好了吧,我们宗门没有,其他宗门总有的。” Issue leaves here.” “问题就出在这里。” ox Ruode the look is fixed, other sect gate have certainly Saint certainly, they also came to clean up, after may clean up was clean, soon also has of the ghost soul to live, some recently was fiercer, so repeatedly, how unable to cease, even the Qiyu sect such large amount of gate of ceremonial fire gate, still has to give up.” 牛若德神色凝然,“其他宗门当然有准圣,他们也过来清理了,可清理干净后,很快又有煞魂生出来,有的比前次的还要厉害,如此反复,怎么都杜绝不了,就算是圣火门和琦玉宗这样的大宗门,也不得不放弃。” This matter?” “还有这种事情?” Zhang Yun xian is curious, here has the treasure of what secret, can live the avoiding an inauspicious direction soul, will that attract the powerhouse?” 张云闲好奇起来,“难道这里有什么隐秘的宝物,能生出煞魂,那会引来强者吧?” Powerhouse has also come.” “强者也来过的。” ox Ruode sighed, celestial pole list is the top position, has at least come ten, solution azure you have heard, obtains the sword of sword Saint inheritance to cultivate/repair, comes this to cut to kill the ghost soul, but also tries to discover this dark breath the secret, finally? What had not discovered, even if lifts this bottom, anything does not have, only then that ghost soul ghost, continuous coming.” 牛若德叹道,“天极榜高居前列的,至少来过十个,解青你听说过罢,得到剑圣传承的剑修,也来此斩杀过煞魂,还试图找出这暗息界的秘密,结果呢?什么都没有发现,就算把这界底都掀开来,还是什么都没有,只有那煞魂冤魂,源源不断的过来。” solution azure doesn't such powerhouse have the means?” “解青那样的强者都没办法?” Zhang Yun xian sighed, that was really troubled, this place who was about.” 张云闲叹了口气,“那真是麻烦了,这种地方谁敢待啊。” If hangs the bell sect such large amount of gate, can seek out the issue to be at mostly, but will they worry for this small? Small,” cow, if virtue shakes the head slightly, therefore dark breath is this, because of this matter, the paradise has not proceeded to cultivate/repair one section the immortal road again, took the trouble with effort did not say, but also did not have the advantage.” “如果悬铃宗这样的大宗门,多半能找出问题所在,但他们怎么会为这种小界操心呢?一个小界而已,”牛若德微微摇头,“所以暗息界一直都是这样,也因为这件事,仙界也没有把仙路再往前修一截,费心费力不说,还没有好处。” That present situation, is very strange.” “那现在的情况,真的很古怪啊。” Zhang Yun xian looked at one toward all around, „, if runs sect gate to do, the immortal rumor erratically extended, but anything did not have.” 张云闲往四周看了一眼,“要是掌管宗门做的,仙路说不定就延伸过来了,可是什么都没有。” ox Ruode nods, must have the strangeness, good that we do not keep.” 牛若德点点头,“必有古怪,我们还是不要多留的好。” ps: Thanks the sand storm 723 attention support continuously, thanked the book friends of subscription voting commentary collection ps:谢谢沙尘暴723的一直关注支持,感谢订阅投票评论收藏的书友们
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