IJWPBTB :: Volume #7

#621: Has Cave Heaven

Chapter 622 Oversized Formation 第622章超大型阵法 Plays chess after with Shi Wei exchanged greetings, Jiang Beiran starts in this gu hole everywhere to inspect. 施巍弈寒暄过后,江北然开始在这个蛊穴中四处检视起来。 Is completely different before that gu hole, in this gu hole as if no sign that human was stressed that even seems very clean. 和之前的那个蛊穴完全不同,这个蛊穴中似乎没有人类被抓来的迹象,甚至看上去还挺干净。 What is strange Jiang Beiran strolls one not to discover any unique element here. 但奇怪的是江北然逛完一圈都没在这里发现任何特殊之处。 Is the secret room?’ ‘又是密室?’ Jiang Beiran does not believe is so been not wonderfully average absolutely by the place that two key clues point out simultaneously. 江北然绝对不相信被两个关键线索同时指出的地方会这么平平无奇。 Therefore he turned back gu hole central location to put out four likely engaging in introspection plates from storage ring. 于是他走回蛊穴中央位置处从乾坤戒中拿出了四象明心盘。 Crash-bang......” “哗啦啦啦……” This time, four engaging in introspection plate central indicators rotated likely again rapidly. 这一次,四象明心盘中央的指针再次飞速的转动了起来。 Really has the issue......’ ‘果然有问题……’ But in the Jiang Beiran plan first receives likely four engaging in introspection plates, the indicator is actually pointing at suddenly Exchanges When stopped, although it quick continues to revolve, but Jiang Beiran can affirm that it stops is not accidentally. 而就在江北然打算将四象明心盘先收起来时,指针却突然在指向【兑】时停顿了一下,虽然它很快又继续旋转起来,但江北然能肯定它停顿的那一下绝不是偶然。 Does the horse, five elements is the gold/metal, the human relations for the father......’ ‘乾马,五行为金,人伦为父……’ But in Jiang Beiran analyzes why four engaging in introspection plates will stop likely suddenly one next, the indicator again stopped the moment, but these refers to Kun time. 而就在江北然分析四象明心盘为何会突然停顿一下时,指针再次停顿了片刻,而这一次指的是坤。 Un?’ ‘嗯?’ As top Magical Treasure of ancient grave product, these four likely engaging in introspection plates definitely are the outstanding person in compass without doubt, but it is Jiang Beiran borrows after all, in addition also useless several times, therefore also has no way proficiently to control it. 作为古墓出品的顶级法宝,这四象明心盘肯定是罗盘中的佼佼者无疑,但它毕竟是江北然借来的,加起来也没用过几次,所以还没法熟练驾驭它。 However when the compass third time in Xun trigram When the direction stopped one next, Jiang Beiran suddenly has clearly to become aware. 不过当罗盘第三次又在【巽】的方向停了一下时,江北然突然有所明悟。 Because this direction is the direction that he comes, aimed at that gu hole. 因为这个方向正是他来的方向,也就是指向了刚才的那个蛊穴。 ‚......’ ‘难道说……’ Had recent clue Jiang Beiran to look played chess to say immediately to Shi Wei: Saints and sages, respectively where can you know other gu holes to be at?” 有了新线索的江北然立即看向施巍弈说道:“圣贤,你可知其余的蛊穴分别在哪?” This......” Shi Wei played chess is perplexed suddenly, „, because we are also at the stage of search now, cannot locate all gu holes positions.” “这……”施巍弈一时间被难住了,“因为现在我们也正处于搜查的阶段,并不能确定所有蛊穴的位置。” The Jiang Beiran hear takes up the jade pendant to say immediately: Valley beam senior, Younger Generation has the incident to ask.” 江北然听完立即拿起玉佩说道:“谷梁前辈,晚辈有一事想问。” Quick, in the jade pendant then heard valley beam modest reply sound, said.” 很快,玉佩中便传来了谷梁谦的回答声,“说吧。” Now altogether discovered several gu holes?” “现在一共发现了几处蛊穴?” Currently speaking, altogether seven.” “目前来说,一共七处。” The Jiang Beiran hear continued to ask on the ground the Tong Country big map booth: Can tell me the exact location?” 江北然听完将潼国的大地图摊在了地上继续问道:“能告诉我具体位置吗?” Ok, first gu hole of discovery in Xixing lump, is Bo Yizhen, sets up Wang village......” “可以,第一个发现的蛊穴是在西兴坨,接着是博沂镇、立王庄……” On the map sections out the one after another of geographic name that valley beam modest said that the Jiang Beiran look was also more and more bright. 将谷梁谦说出的地名在地图上一一标出,江北然的眼神也是越来越亮。 Finally is jade An Village, at present discovers these, speed that needs to pick up to inquire about?” “最后是玉安村,目前就发现了这些,需要加快探寻的速度吗?” Does not use, this was enough, many thanks valley beam senior.” “不用,这样就足够了,多谢谷梁前辈。” Hangs the waist the jade pendant, Jiang Beiran already was completely clear what's the matter. 将玉佩重新挂回腰间,江北然已经完全明白了是怎么回事。 Other six gu holes that on the map marks all around Lan military canyon, even it can be said that encircled it completely in the center. 地图上标记出来的其余六处蛊穴全都在岚武峡周围,甚至可以说是将它完全围在了中心。 In light of ancient divination, these was elected to make the gu hole place not to elect completely randomly, gathered three wonderful six meters completely. 在结合奇门遁甲来看,这些被选做蛊穴的地方也都不是完全乱选的,完全合了三奇六仪。 Then, the situation was very clear, this set up formation took Lan martial Xiawei as formation eye, the arrange/cloth had/left Oversized Formation, if wanted to make known this gu hole secret, must break open this Oversized Formation is good. 如此一来,情况就很清楚了,这个布阵者是以岚武峡为阵眼,布出了一个超大型阵法,所以如果想要揭晓这处蛊穴的秘密,就必须将这个超大型阵法破开才行。 But Oversized Formation where is such good broken, this absolutely is a considerably large project, but Jiang Beiran really does not have the time to continue to consume now in this. 超大型阵法哪里是这么好破的,这绝对是一个相当大的工程,而江北然现在实在是没时间继续耗在这了。 The thinking moment, he said with jade pendant sound transmission again: Valley beam senior, I in Lan martial gorge, troubles you to let Grandmaster Situ and Grandmaster Xue now comes.” 思索片刻,他再次用玉佩传音道:“谷梁前辈,我现在在岚武峡,麻烦您让司徒大师和薛大师过来一趟。” Good.” The unnecessary issue, valley beam modest had not complied with Jiang Beiran directly. “好。”没有多余的问题,谷梁谦直接答应了江北然 Time about after one tea, Situ Zhi and Xue Yongqing arrived in front of Jiang Beiran under escorting of two Profound Venerable. 大约一盏茶的时间后,司徒志和薛永清在两名玄尊的护送下来到了江北然面前。 Goes forward to cup one hand in the other across the chest toward two people, Jiang Beiran first four engaging in introspection plate thing returnings to rightful owner, then told them the own discovery likely. 上前朝着两人拱拱手,江北然先将四象明心盘物归原主,然后将自己的发现都告诉了他们。 Some set up formation truly methods.” Situ Zhi looks that the map nods to say slowly. “布阵者确实有些手段。”司徒志看着地图缓缓点头道。 This Oversized Formation is your strong point, therefore helped me break this on trouble two.” “这种超大型阵法是您的强项,所以就麻烦二位帮我破了此阵。” Hears this saying, some Situ Zhi surprise looks at Jiang Beiran to ask: So interesting Great Formation, doesn't Grandmaster river stay behind with us inquires into together?” 听到这话,司徒志有些诧异的看着江北然问道:“如此有趣的大阵,江大师不留下与我们一起探究?” Taking for granted is thinks that but that side the deep pool city also has too must process meddlesomely, be extremely busy.” “想当然是想的,只是渊城那边还有太多事要处理,分身乏术啊。” Situ Zhi listens to laugh saying: That was really laborious Grandmaster river, relax, this Formation gave me.” 司徒志听完哈哈大笑道:“那真是辛苦江大师了,放心,这个阵法就交给我了。” Good, had Grandmaster Situ these words I to feel relieved, I first said goodbye.” “好,有司徒大师这句话我就放心了,那我就先告辞了。” Jiang Beiran said that arched toward several Profound Venerable said submissively: Many thanks everyone escorts, I must return to the deep pool city now, everyone has another chance to meet.’ 江北然说完又朝着几位玄尊拱了拱手道:‘多谢各位一路护送,我现在得回渊城了,各位后会有期。’ Has another chance to meet.” Several Profound Venerable said toward Jiang Beiran simultaneously submissively. “后会有期。”几位玄尊同时朝着江北然拱手道。 Sits the flying mansion, after making Shi Fenglan returns, Jiang Beiran look that also flutters in his behind big tiger said: Then I must go to a very far place, do you want to follow I to defend here?” 坐上飞府,让施凤兰返航后江北然看着还飘在他身后的大虎说道:“接下来我要去个很远的地方,你要跟着我还是守在这里?” Although I cannot help......, but also asked benefactor to take me!” “虽然我帮不上什么忙……但还请恩公带上我吧!” Good.” “好。” Actually the soul sometimes is very easy-to-use, after all so far, cultivates this extremely special cultivator to see them on the ghost, even if other you are better than Profound Sage, cannot detect their slightest. 其实灵魂有时候还是很好用的,毕竟到目前为止,也就鬼修这种极为特殊的修炼者能看到它们,其他就算你强如玄圣,也根本察觉不到它们分毫。 Therefore makes the big tiger follow in the side, when scout anything very well uses. 所以让大虎跟在身边当个侦察兵什么的还是挺好用的。 The flying mansion returned to the deep pool city, Jiang Beiran to push the door to enter the meeting hall quickly to say directly: everyone, prepares set off.’ 飞府很快就回到了渊城,江北然直接推门走进议事厅道:‘各位,准备出发吧。’ Wei Country, She iron mountain, thousand machine palaces. 渭国,畲铁山,千机殿。 Grandmaster Mu! Ice wind Venerable within the body blood vessel breakage!” “穆大师!凌风尊者体内血管破裂了!” First seals up with Profound Qi! Three Yuan! With two ancient spirit pill feeding to ice wind Venerable!’ ‘先用玄气封住!叁元!拿两颗古灵丹给喂给凌风尊者!’ Yes!” “是!” „The right arm that Grandmaster Mu, the crazy day reveres started to wither!” “穆大师,狂天尊的右臂又开始萎缩了!” Looks to wish old, he is good at governing this.” “去找祝老,他擅长治这个。” Wish old went to Western city a moment ago.” “可是祝老刚才去西城了。” Damn! First gives his arm to pour into wisdom water, I come immediately!” “该死!先给他的手臂注入一管般若水,我马上就来!” Yes!” “是!” ...... …… In a splendid main hall, numerous Pharmacist is rescuing several Profound Sage that full power falls into the stupor. 在一间富丽堂皇的大殿中,一众药师正在全力抢救几位陷入昏迷的玄圣 After an silver needle inserts front Zhao Zongsheng temples, long spits the one breath, just prepared to set out to process the injury that the crazy day reveres, saw Zhao Zongsheng to cough fiercely a big black blood. 穆凯在将一根银针插入面前赵宗圣的太阳穴后,长吐一口气,刚准备起身去处理狂天尊的伤势,就见赵宗圣猛地咳出了一大口黑血。 How can like this!” “怎么会这样!” Cleaned the black blood that on the face was splashed without enough time, puts out a knife in Zhao Zongsheng chest to delimit to draw hastily, the release a lot of extravasated blood. 来不及擦拭脸上被溅到的黑血,穆凯连忙拿出一把小刀在赵宗圣的胸口划拉了一下,释放出了大量淤血。 Sage! Sage! Controls your divine sense! Cannot rest! Keeps sober! Keeps sober!” “宗圣!宗圣!控制你的神识!千万不能睡过去!保持清醒!保持清醒啊!” Said that while keeps stimulating Zhao Zongsheng body various acupuncture points with gold/metal needle, however is useless, Zhao Zongsheng body already is terminally ill thoroughly, Profound Qi in within the body had been swallowed by the miasma poisonously completely, turns into toxicant that most urgently pressed. 穆凯一边说一边不停地用金针刺激赵宗圣身上的各处穴位,然而没用,赵宗圣的身体已经彻底病入膏肓,体内的玄气更是早已被瘴毒吞噬殆尽,化成了最为催命的毒药。 In cannot find way out, dozens golden talisman paper pasted Zhao Zongsheng body suddenly, simultaneously an old man of features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality walked to read aloud discussed: Fighting is wonderful like the floating clouds, Chengguang was bright military might Monarch!” 就在穆凯一筹莫展时,数十张金色的符纸突然贴到了赵宗圣身上,同时一位仙风道骨的老者走过来诵念道:“斗要妙兮如浮云,承光明兮威武君!” The next second, 16 Golden Talisman bloom simultaneously the ray, suppressed Zhao Zongsheng within the body turbulent miasma poison instantaneously. 下一秒,十六张金符同时绽放出光芒,瞬间压制住了赵宗圣体内汹涌的瘴毒。 Continues to govern, I can help you support a while again!” The old man of features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality shouts. “继续治,我可以帮你再撑一会儿!”仙风道骨的老者喊道。 Good, you may probably support the little while!” Said that then put out two grains of spirit pill to squeeze in Zhao Zongsheng mouth. “好,那你可要多撑会儿!”穆凯说完便拿出两粒灵丹塞入了赵宗圣口中。 Everyone evacuates rapidly! Quickly!!!” “所有人迅速撤离!快!!!” In plans to cut open Zhao Zongsheng belly, a middle-aged man crashes in the main hall to exclaim. 就在穆凯打算剖开赵宗圣的肚子时,一个中年男子冲进大殿吼道。 Suddenly, everyone on the spot. 一时间,所有人楞在原地。 Then highest -speed response that then asked immediately: Our already is passing Tianfeng, but where can also toward remove!?” 接着最快反应过来的那个立即便问道:“我们已经在通天峰了,还能往哪撤!?” Goes to the world palace! Quickly! Did not walk without enough time!” “去环宇殿!快!再不走就来不及了!” Bang!” Bang!” “轰!”“轰!” Spoke in the middle-aged man, outside heard the intermittent demolition sound. 在中年男子说话间,外面就传来了阵阵爆破声。 At this time is enduring the pain of right arm tearing crazy day to revere to open eyes saying: They...... came back!?” 这时正在忍受右臂撕裂之痛的狂天尊睁开眼道:“他们……又回来了!?” Today 9 to 11 a.m these gus cultivated/repaired like not the same as attack in the past, therefore he will come back to govern to injure while this neutral gear, otherwise the right arm abandoned him still to go against even thoroughly in the forefront. 今日巳时那些蛊修没有如同往常一样来进攻,所以他才会趁着这个空档回来治一下伤,不然就算是右臂彻底废了他也必须顶在最前线。 Now hears these gus to cultivate/repair comes back, the expression that the crazy day reveres also changes is dignified. 现在听到那些蛊修又重新回来,狂天尊的表情也变的凝重起来。 That middle-aged man listens to reply: Yes, moreover this their offensive simply was similar to insane generally, Sect Master they have not blocked suddenly.” 那中年男子听完回答道:“是的,而且这一次他们的攻势简直如同疯了一般,宗主他们一时间没挡住。” Really lucky matter will not successively happen.” “果然好运这种事情是不会连续发生的。” The crazy day revered saying that stood fiercely, to the old man busy say/way that he treated the wound: Day reveres, your hand also......” 狂天尊说完猛地站了起来,正在给他治伤的老者忙道:“天尊,你的手还……” Did not have the time to govern, gathered together is using, you walked quickly, I am defending in this.” “没时间治了,凑活着用吧,你们快走,我在这守着。” Is listening to more and more near explosive sound, an numerous Mysterious Art master also has numerous sighing, to lift the injured to run toward the side gate. 听着越来越近的爆炸声,一众玄艺师也只好重重的叹了口气,抬起伤者朝着侧门跑去。 ...... …… In another main hall, a body red piece, the purple piece of old man exhausts the strength to turn head to look to the window, opens the mouth saying: „Hasn't the time that valley old immortal, you said arrived?” 另一座大殿中,一位身上红一片,紫一片的老者用尽力气扭头看向窗户外,开口道:“谷仙翁,您说的时机还不曾来到吗?” The old men behind, hold the Gu Liangren nod of orange cat saying: Saint reveres not anxiously, was quick, was quick.” 老者身后,抱着橘猫的谷良人点头道:“圣尊莫急,快了,快了。” Looks at a Gu Liangren confident appearance, if not for oneself already is terminally ill, Wu Zi will really jump absolutely to him a fist. 看着谷良人一副胸有成竹的样子,若不是自己已经病入膏肓,伍子真绝对会跳起来就给他一拳。 Actually one year ago Gu Liangren tells him Wei Country to have great misfortune a time, but when does not know specifically. 其实一年前谷良人就告诉过他渭国会有一次大劫,但具体什么时候不知道。 As the mainland best known diviner, Gu Liangren words Profound Sage does not dare not to listen even, therefore Wu Zi is really busy at asking how Gu Liangren this tribulation should solve. 作为大陆最有声望的卦师,谷良人的话就算是玄圣也不敢不听,所以伍子真忙问谷良人此劫该怎么解。 The Gu Liangren hear is replies: Non-solution.” 谷良人听完却是回答道:“无解。” This made Wu Zi really somewhat ignorant. 这就让伍子真有些懵了。 Non-solution!? Died meaning?’ ‘无解!?死定了的意思吗?’ This Saint can only stretch out the neck is united!?” “难道本圣只能引颈受戮!?” No.” Gu Liangren shakes the head, reason that the non-solution, is this poor Daoist is incompetent, how is unable to figure out Wei Country to avoid this disaster, so long as the Saint reveres to prepare perfect, may preserve Wei Country in this disaster.” “不。”谷良人摇摇头,“之所以无解,是贫道无能,无法算出渭国该如何免除这次劫难,但只要圣尊做好完善的准备,还是有可能在这次劫难中将渭国保全下来的。” old immortal whether to say carefully?” “仙翁可否仔细说说?” Performs the human affairs, listens to the destiny.” “尽人事,听天命。” Is this short six characters, in addition behind Gu Liangren helps him divine according to the diagrams, tells him the collapsing key to bring up the rear in thousand machines, in this all year round time Wu Zi really it can be said that uses the resource investment thousand machine palaces. 就是这短短六个字,加上后面谷良人帮他算了一卦,告诉他破局关键在千机殿后,这一整年的时间里伍子真可以说是倾尽资源投资千机殿。 Thousand machine palace these Mysterious Art masters saw that Wu Zi was so warm was also ignorant, although they were not always low in the Wei Country position, but did not have to be in so the situation high. 千机殿那些玄艺师见到伍子真这么热情也懵了,虽然他们在渭国的地位从来都不低,但也没高到这般地步。 Is they want what Wu Zi really to give anything completely. 完全是他们要什么伍子真就给什么。 But to their requests also only then, that mentioned high the defense performance of thousand machine palaces. 而对他们的要求也只有一个,那就是将千机殿的防御性能提到最高。 Because thousand machine palaces have considerable many high-end customer, will not have the conflict with these Sect, therefore oneself security is very high. 千机殿因为有着相当多的“高端客户”,而且也不会和那些宗门产生冲突,所以自身安全性还是很高的。 Therefore when hearing Wu Zi really this request, although the Mysterious Art masters in thousand machine palaces some doubts, but acted accordingly. 所以在听到伍子真这个要求时,千机殿的玄艺师虽然有些疑惑,但还是照办了。 After all this providing for a rainy day matter was done always right, who can guarantee thousand machine palaces forever is safe? 毕竟这种未雨绸缪的事情做了总没错,又有谁能保证千机殿永远是安全的呢? Therefore in taking situation of Copper Coin management, thousand machine palaces in reinforced in this year with huge crowds of people several, Wu Zi really after hearing the reports of thousand machine palaces is also very satisfied. 所以在拿办事的情况下,千机殿这一年内里三层外三层的加固了好几圈,伍子真在听到千机殿的报告后也是非常满意。 Under enforcement that in various types of top mechanisms/organizations and Formation, build unreliably, the present thousand machine palaces are it can be said that impregnable, Wu Zi really even felt, even if bring one crowd of Profound Sage to attack wants in the fee/spent a time. 在各种顶级机关、阵法、玄筑的加持下,现在的千机殿可以说是固若金汤,伍子真甚至觉得就算是自己带着一群玄圣去攻都要费上一番功夫。 But whenever he asked when Gu Liangren this degree defense enough, the reply of Gu Liangren forever is a few words. 但每当他去问谷良人这种程度防御够不够时,谷良人的回答永远是一句话。 Performs the human affairs, listens to the destiny.” “尽人事,听天命。” This makes Wu Zi really somewhat lack self-confidence, has to make the Mysterious Art masters in thousand machine palaces continue to reinforce thousand machine palaces repeatedly, until Miasma that day...... 这让伍子真就有些没底,也就只好让千机殿的玄艺师们一遍遍的继续加固千机殿,直到瘴气袭来的那一天…… When facing this disaster exterminating, Wei Country Profound Sage can be said as the comprehensive rout, in that Miasma they were similar to are bundled the hands and feet, shielded the facial features, but these gus cultivated/repaired are actually even more powerful. 面对这场灭绝性的灾难时,渭国玄圣可以说是全面溃败,在那瘴气中他们就如同被捆起了手脚,屏蔽了五官,而那些蛊修却是如虎添翼。 The result is naturally repaired to hang to hit by these gus unilaterally. 结局自然是单方面被那些蛊修吊打。 Understands when this is tribulation that” Gu Liangren said that Wu Zi really convened all Profound Sage to take everyone to hide in into thousand machine palaces immediately. 明白这就是谷良人所说的“劫”时,伍子真立即召集所有玄圣带上所有人躲入了千机殿之中。 Under the numerous defenses of thousand machine palaces, Profound Sage depended on various Formation mechanism/organization enforcement to repel the gu to cultivate/repair attack one after another. 在千机殿的重重防御下,玄圣们靠着各种阵法机关加持打退了蛊修一波又一波的攻击。 Because unmanned solvable miasma is poisonous, therefore Wei Country Profound Sage is the war is all weaker, even if has all sorts of enforcement, could not support completely, returns the rear training completely. 但因为无人可解瘴毒,所以渭国玄圣全是越战越弱,就算有着种种加持,也完全撑不下去了,全部退回后方修养。 But participates in defense without Profound Sage, the three defense circles of thousand machine palace surrounding were also broken through completely, compelled all Wei Country people can only fall back on Tianfeng this final defense fortress. 而在没有玄圣参与防御的情况下,千机殿外围的三层防御圈也是被全部攻破,逼的所有渭国人只能退到通天峰这处最后的防御堡垒中。 In these days of however fortunately in depending on the Formation mechanism/organization delaying, Mysterious Art master Men of thousand machine palaces pools brains and brawn, finally found can alleviate miasma poisonous means slightly, had Wei Country Profound Sage of strength of war to continue to rise spiritedly to revolt. 不过还好在靠着阵法机关拖延的这几天里,千机殿的玄艺师们群策群力,终于找到了可以稍微缓解一下瘴毒的办法,重新有了一战之力的渭国玄圣才能继续奋起反抗。 Wu Zi were really in this period innumerable found Gu Liangren, asked that actually his thousand machine palaces supported when to hail the favorable turn. 期间伍子真无数次找到谷良人,问他千机殿究竟撑到何时才能迎来转机。 But Gu Liangren gives his reply also always to only have one. 谷良人给他的回答也始终只有一个。 Was quick, quick......” “快了,快了……” Now their already is forced into the hopeless situation thoroughly, Gu Liangren also said, making Wu Zi really really be did not have the temperament thoroughly. 如今他们已经彻底被逼入绝境,谷良人还这么说,让伍子真真是彻底没了脾气。 Said the person household god stick, if not for others reminded reinforce thousand machine palaces, perhaps they had been repaired the slaughter by these gus completely, said that he really calculates, calculates all was the crude person. 说人家神棍吧,若不是人家提醒加固千机殿,他们恐怕早已被那些蛊修屠杀殆尽,说他真会算吧,算出来的全是半吊子。 Oh!” “唉!” Wu Zi really sighs again, now his body also already abandons thoroughly, can say that already made completely the human affairs thoroughly, remaining also only seemed Gu Liangren to say was the same. 伍子真重叹了一口气,如今他的身体也已经彻底废了,可以说已经彻底做了尽人事,剩下的也只好像谷良人所说的一样。 Listens to the destiny......’ ‘听天命吧……’ Rumble......” “轰隆隆……” At this time main hall sudden rocked fiercely, Wu Zi really knows that was the gu cultivates already to overrun to most core of this Tianfeng to locate. 这时大殿突然一阵剧烈晃动,伍子真知道是蛊修已经攻到这通天峰的最核心处来了。 Meow ~ “喵~” At this time after Wu Zi true body, suddenly heard one meow to call and Gu Liangren laughter. 这时伍子真身后突然传来一声喵叫以及谷良人的笑声。 Hehe, time.” “呵呵,时机到了。” ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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