IJWPBTB :: Volume #7

#619: Gu hole

Chapter 620 new race 第620章新种族 As the melodious tweedle resounds, valley Liang Yu and oriole, although does not know why Jiang Beiran plays a qin suddenly, but chose as if by prior agreement stopped to listen respectfully. 随着悠扬的琴声响起,谷梁宇和苍庚虽然不知道江北然为何突然抚琴,但都不约而同的选择了驻足聆听。 After the moment, oriole suddenly long breathing a sigh of relief. 片刻后,苍庚突然长长的舒了一口气。 After seeing Common People in gu hole miserably, he actually ignited the dreadful anger, although as high-rank, usually in he has not cared about the old Common People life and death, but with taking person, he felt the heartfelt anger. 在见到了蛊穴中的百姓惨相后,他心里其实就燃起了滔天的怒火,虽然作为上位者,平日里他也没多关心老百姓的生死,但同作为人,他感觉到了由衷的愤怒。 He wants to go to look for the gu clan a moment ago to kill with Bian Yeliang happily, when has the cavern actually meets Jiang Beiran that visited. 原本他刚才是想和卞烨梁一起出去找蛊族杀个痛快的,但出洞穴时却遇到了来造访的江北然 As the important personage in Sect, their very clear present Jiang Beiran importance. 作为宗门中的重要人物,他们很清楚现在江北然的重要性。 Therefore in public in private, they decide first to stay behind. 所以于公于私,他们都决定先留下。 Re-enters the gu hole, after saying goodbye that human purgatory sad scene, the oriole had not only thought that slightly calm a point, instead was even more angry. 只是重新进入蛊穴,再见那副人间炼狱般的惨象后,苍庚不仅没觉得稍微冷静了一点,反而是越发愤慨。 But after the tweedle resounds, the oriole only thought that the own state of mind has stroked like Qingfeng, poured did not say that blew off his anger, but made him view this issue calmly. 但当琴声响起后,苍庚只觉得自己的心境如同清风拂过,倒也不是说吹散了他的怒火,而是让他更冷静来看待这个问题。 As the oriole Profound Venerable state of mind returned to normal by the music, has rolled up in the female soul of corner scream sob finally is also calmer, gradually dares to raise the head to have a look at Jiang Beiran. 随着苍庚这位玄尊的心境都被乐声平复,一直蜷缩在角落尖叫哭泣的女魂也终于冷静了一些,逐渐敢抬起头看看江北然了。 Jiang Beiran sees that Spiritual Power mixes in the music to start to try and female soul communicates. 江北然见状将精神力混入乐声之中开始尝试与女魂沟通。 Do not be afraid, your already was all right.” “不要害怕,你已经没事了。” Hears this sudden sound, the whole body that the female soul can not help trembles, but after fear, asked with the sound of shivering: Who you, you and you...... are you?” 听到这突如其来的声音,女魂还是情不自禁的浑身一颤,但害怕过后,还是用颤抖的声音问道:“你、你、你……你是谁?” Can help your person, these monster already were expelled by us.” “一个可以帮助你的人,那些怪物已经都被我们打跑了。” When hears monster was expelled, the female soul finally can arouse the courage to turn head, looked behind. 听到“怪物都被打跑了”时,女魂终于能鼓足勇气回过头,看了看身后。 Truly, in these ordinary days the monster that flew to walk vanished, only left behind an empty cavern. 确实,那些平日里飞来走去的怪物都消失了,只留下一个空荡荡的洞穴。 At this time the big tiger arrived in front of the female soul to say at the right moment: Do not be afraid, this person is rescues our, so long as you know you told him to be good.” 这时大虎适时来到女魂面前说道:“不要害怕,这个人是来救我们的,你只要把你知道的都告诉他就行了。” Looks with for the big tiger of soul, the heart of female soul was more stable immediately. 看着同为灵魂的大虎,女魂的心顿时更安定了。 Child! You can save my child!?” Woman anxious exclaiming. “孩子!您可以救救我的孩子吗!?”女人急切的吼道。 You know where your child is at?” Jiang Beiran asked. “你知道你的孩子在哪吗?”江北然问道。 In this!” The women said that one fluttered, in honey-comb in the cavern looks randomly. “就在这!”女人说完一下飘了起来,在“蜂巢”般的洞穴中一通乱找。 Here! My child! Here!” “这里!我的孩子!就在这里!” After Jiang Beiran hears, immediately put down the Yao zither | Jean to arrive at side the woman. 江北然听到后立即放下瑶琴来到了女人身边。 Tiger kid! You awake! Tiger kid! Some people saved us, awoke quickly! Tiger kid!!” “虎娃!你醒醒!虎娃!有人来救我们了,快醒醒!虎娃呀!!” In the hole, year of tiao chen child was sealed a probably in that not well-known liquid, seemed like heavy going off. 窟窿中,一个大概龆龀之年的孩童被封在了那不知名的液体中,看起来像是沉沉的睡去了。 With Spiritual Power actually when Jiang Beiran inspects the liquid is being what, the female soul kneels in front of him to kowtow to say fiercely: Asked you to save my child! He is also living! He is certainly also living! Asked you to save him!” 江北然精神力检视着液体究竟为何物时,女魂猛地跪到他面前磕头道:“求求您救救我孩子!他还活着!他一定还活着!求您救救他!” Relax, I will make contribution.” “放心,我会尽力的。” Jiang Beiran said that put out a hand to touch in the surface of not well-known liquid, the discovery very viscous. 江北然说完伸出手在不知名液体的表面摸了一下,发现十分粘稠。 Digs out some with the finger gently, before Jiang Beiran first its gathering nose smells, then the valley Liang Yu's shocking expression put the mouth to lick one in the oriole and. 用手指轻轻抠下一些,江北然先是将它凑到鼻子前闻了闻,然后在苍庚和谷梁宇震惊的表情中放到嘴边舔了一口。 Grandmaster river may not!” valley Liangyu shouted that while arrives at side Jiang Beiran hastily, Grandmaster river! This matter I come to be good, how you can violate the danger, if you have an accident, the ancestor must chop me is not possible.” “江大师不可啊!”谷梁宇一边喊一边连忙来到江北然身边,“江大师!这种事我来就好,您怎么能亲身犯险呢,万一您有个三长两短,老祖宗非得劈了我不可。” It looks like in valley Liang Yu, no, should be as we all know, cultivation base of Grandmaster river almost can be equal not to have. But all brings violently poisonously with the thing that the gu clan touches on slightly. 在谷梁宇看来,不,应该是所有人都知道,江大师的修为几乎可以等同于无。而和蛊族沾边的东西全带着剧毒。 In seeing Jiang Beiran licked that yellow juice heart quick jump out. 所以在看到江北然舔了一口那黄色的汁液时心脏都快跳出来了。 Jiang Beiran shakes the head to say with a smile: What ingredient do you taste to taste to have?” 江北然笑着摇头道:“你尝能尝出里面有什么成分吗?” You cannot violate the danger! Which the talent in aspect you need, I help you look am.” “那您也不能亲身犯险啊!您需要哪方面的人才,我去帮您找来就是。” Whose life is not the life, relax, I have good luck ever after very much, cannot die.” Jiang Beiran said that threw off in the hand the remaining juice. “谁的命不是命,放心,我命大得很,死不了。”江北然说完甩掉了手上剩下的汁液。 Although feels somewhat unbelievable, but these juice not only non-toxic, but also is full of various nutrition, these Common People were sealed in such liquid, was similar to is loaded into mother's belly general. 虽然感觉有些难以置信,但这些汁液不仅无毒,而且饱含各种营养,这些百姓被封在这样的液体里,就如同被装进了妈妈的肚子里一般。 Is it possible that...... can they transform the gu clan human?’ ‘莫非……他们能把人类转变成蛊族?’ Although the beforehand gu cultivates with present cultivator same is a person, gu clan that but invades from this time, their obvious already does not adapt to the Profound Dragon Continent circumstances. 虽说以前的蛊修和现在修炼者们一样都是人,但从这次来侵略的蛊族来看,他们明显已经不适应玄龙大陆的环境。 First they seem like already not to absorb Profound Qi, secondly body each spot had the variations in varying degrees. 一来他们似乎已经不会吸收玄气,二来身体各个部位都产生了不同程度的变异。 In other words the present gu clan was real already was separated from human completely, becomes a brand-new race. 也就是说现在的蛊族是真的已经完全脱离了人类,成为了一个全新的种族。 Since is the nourishing cream, Jiang Beiran did not have too to dread, put out a hand drawing inside child directly. 既然是营养液,江北然也就没了太多忌惮,直接伸手将里面的孩子给拉了出来。 Before Jiang Beiran with the Spiritual Power inspection knows that the child still had the life sign, therefore Jiang Beiran has not gone to search his breath, said to that female soul directly: Your child is all right.” 之前江北然精神力检视时就知道孩子仍有生命迹象,所以江北然也没有去探他的鼻息,直接对那个女魂说道:“你的孩子没事。” Hears the child to be all right, the female soul collected excitedly, she wants own personally oneself child's cheek, but already is soul condition she is unable to touch the child 听到孩子没事,女魂激动的凑了上来,她想要亲亲自己孩子的脸蛋,但已经是灵魂状态的她根本无法触碰到孩子 The somewhat sad female soul wiped tears, then said to Jiang Beiran: Thank you, benefactor, I know that I do not have this qualifications to request you, but asked you to give this child means of livelihood.” 有些难过的女魂抹了抹眼泪,然后对江北然说道:“谢谢您,恩公,我知道我没有这个资格来请求您,但求您给这孩子一条活路好吗。” The female soul was saying knelt on the ground: He is very clever, will never make a tearful scene, will also help in the family/home the matter, sometimes...... sometimes......” 女魂说着又跪在了地上:“他很乖,从来不会哭闹,还会帮忙家里事,有时候……有时候……” Was saying to be saying, the figure of female soul gradually shivers, a pair of hand closely covered the face: Sometimes he will also help me feed the chicken, pounds the back......” 说着说着,女魂的身形逐渐颤抖起来,一双手紧紧的捂住了脸:“有时候他还会帮我喂鸡,捶背……” Relax, I will help you settle him.” “放心吧,我会帮你安顿好他的。” The female soul listens to kowtow to say immediately: Thank you! Thank you!” 女魂听完立即磕头道:“谢谢您!谢谢您!” Does not need to kneel I, all that so long as you see in this you told me to help my busy, we did not owe.” “不用跪我,只要你将你在这看到的一切告诉我就是帮了我一个大忙,我们互不相欠。” The female soul listens to be on the rise saying: benefactor great kindness, the light is replied how some issues enough repay, I......” 女魂听完抬头道:“恩公大恩大德,光是回答些问题怎么够报答,我……” I said that can, is quick.” Jiang Beiran said that hinted a big tiger with the look, the latter saw that helped up the female soul immediately. “我说可以就可以,快起来吧。”江北然说完用眼神示意了一下大虎,后者见状立即扶起了女魂。 Really was too thank you, our family/home tiger kid really ran into the Heaven Grade big good person.” Exciting thanks, the female soul then starts to narrate her caught experience. “真是太谢谢您了,我们家虎娃真是遇到天字号的大好人了。”激动的感谢完,女魂便开始叙述起她被抓到的经历。 „Since that black fog covers the sky, I hide with the tiger kid daily at home, morning that the kid's dad walks, I alone do not dare to go out, but , in comes home has not really eaten, I have to lead the tiger kid to come out to look to eat, but I just went out, feels two one black, when opens eyes again was closed on already in this hole.” “自从那黑雾把天空盖住后,我就和虎娃天天躲在家里,孩他爹走的早,我一个人根本不敢出去,只是后来家里实在没吃的了,我才只好带着虎娃出来找吃的,但我刚出门,就觉得两眼一黑,再睁开眼时就已经被关在这洞里了。” At this point, the female soul body vibrated fiercely, as if recalls the thing that anything made her be afraid extremely. 说到这里,女魂身体又剧烈的抖动了一下,仿佛回忆起了什么让她极为害怕的事物。 Jiang Beiran sees that to continue to play a qin, comforts the female soul the mood. 江北然见状继续抚琴,安抚女魂的情绪。 Before long, although still some stutter, but the female soul started to describe then situation diligently. 不一会儿,虽然仍旧有些结巴,但女魂还是开始努力描述当时的情况。 „When works as...... we in a ratio this bigger cavern, these monsters gathered us in a corner, and made the movement that made us squat down.” “当……时我们是在一个比这更大的洞穴里,那些怪物把我们聚在了一个角落里,并做了一个让我们蹲下的动作。” Movement?’ ‘动作?’ Hears this word, when Jiang Beiran remembered at that time that gu king and he face-to-face what said was the human language, that made Jiang Beiran further determine that the gu clan indeed was pursued from Profound Dragon Continent. 听到这个词,江北然不禁想起当时那个蛊王和他面对面时说的是人类语言,那让江北然进一步确定蛊族的确是从玄龙大陆被驱逐出去的。 But other gu clans, will not as if speak the logical expression......’ ‘但其他的蛊族,似乎都不会说人话啊……’ Searched a memory carefully, Jiang Beiran discovered that has not really heard other gu clans to speak the logical expression completely, basically was the strange roar cries out strangely. 仔细的搜索了一遍记忆库,江北然发现还真的是完全没听到过其他蛊族说人话,基本都是怪吼怪叫的。 This makes Jiang Beiran feel very strange. 这就让江北然感觉到很奇怪了。 However thinks that they basically do not have now human appearance, forgot is very normal the language. 不过想想他们现在也基本没个“人样”了,把语言忘了也很正常。 At that time most people illuminated squatted down, but several that they said stand in that asked that these monsters are what things, then...... however and then he died...... gurgle, at that time his blood splashed my body, frightened me to spit directly.” “当时大多数人都照他们说的蹲下了,但还是有几个站在那问那些怪物到底是什么东西,然后……然、然后他就死了……咕嘟,当时他的血都溅到了我身上,吓得我直接就吐了。” Obviously also has a lingering fear regarding this matter female soul, the hand non-stop is grasping the belly, probably is going all out to suppress own to fear. 对于这件事女魂明显还心有余悸,手不停的在抓自己肚子,好像在拼命压制自己的恐惧。 Does not worry, slowly said well.” Jiang Beiran comforts to say in a soft voice. “不着急,慢慢说就好。”江北然轻声安慰道。 The female soul listens to nod, after slow some little time , to continue saying: „ Saw after these people were killed, we do not dare to move, all squatted on the ground, then these gu clans picked few people to take into another hole. „ 女魂听完点点头,缓了好一会儿后才继续道:“看到那些人被杀后,我们就再也不敢动了,全都蹲在了地上,接着那些蛊族就挑走了一部分人带进了另一个洞里。“ Deeply inspires, the female soul makes an effort grabs itself saying: Afterward every night the next door will hear very scary pitiful yell sound, how I did not know these carried off person, does not know that next can be I, I have closely to hug the tiger kid, walked to force in my mouth until a monster an insect.” 深吸一口气,女魂更用力的抓着自己道:“后来每天夜里隔壁都会传来十分吓人惨叫声,我不知道那些被带走的人怎么了,也不知道下一个会不会是我,我只好紧紧的抱着虎娃,直到一个怪物走过来将一只虫子塞进了我嘴里。” I was afraid at that time!” Speaking of this, the female soul raises the sound suddenly, I hold in the arms the tiger kid stubbornly, does not want to make him also eat up this type of strange thing, then I felt that at present one black, anything does not know.” “我当时害怕极了!”说到这,女魂猛然提高声音,“我死死的搂住虎娃,不想让他也吃下这种奇怪的东西,然后我就感觉眼前一黑,什么都不知道了。” Afterward I was awakened by noise by the weeping sound of tiger kid, I want to coax him, but the hand actually passed through his body directly, cannot bump into him.” The female soul was saying wiped tears, at that time I know that my already died, turns Grandma Zheng in the mouth had said ghost.” “后来我是被虎娃的哭声吵醒的,我想去哄哄他,但手却直接穿过了他的身体,根本碰不到他。”女魂说着又抹起了眼泪,“那时候我就知道我已经死了,变成了郑婆婆口中说过的鬼魂。” „The weeping sound of tiger kid brought in a monster quickly, I go all out coaxes him, making him not cry, but the tiger kid can also hear my words to be the same probably, really does not cry unexpectedly, that monster saw that also got out of the way.” “虎娃的哭声很快就引来了一个怪物,我就拼命的哄他,让他别哭,而虎娃也好像能听到我的话一样,竟然真的不哭了,那怪物见到也就走开了。” Later I have been defending the tiger kid, saw that the surrounding person are getting fewer and fewer. One day these monsters also led many people to come back, the silk thread that also some people were put out by them bundled to hang in the hole top, some were like us, was compelled to eat these strange insects.” “之后我就一直守着虎娃,也眼看着周围的人越来越少。再后来有一天那些怪物又带了很多人回来,又有些人被他们吐出的丝线捆起来吊在了洞顶,有些就跟我们一样,也被逼着吃掉了那些奇怪的虫子。” When Jiang Beiran listens attentively to the pitiful experience of female soul, valley Liang Yu of not far away feels somewhat inexplicably. 江北然倾听女魂的悲惨经历时,不远处的谷梁宇不禁感到有些莫名。 Although has heard this Grandmaster river to handle affairs does not press the methodicalness, but...... his sits down to play a qin in this extremely urgent time suddenly must do really?’ ‘虽然一直听闻这位江大师行事不按章法,但在这万分紧急的时刻……他这突然坐下抚琴是要做甚?’ Bian Yeliang who at this time already arranged the life-saving sought the melodious tweedle to look, looks that Jiang Beiran sat after a cavern corner/horn played a stringed musical instrument patted the oriole doubts saying: What Grandmaster river is this is making?’ 这时已经安排完救人的卞烨梁寻着悠扬的琴声找了过来,看着江北然坐在洞窟一角弹琴后不禁拍了拍苍庚疑惑道:‘江大师这是在做什么?’ Does not know.” The oriole shakes the head, „, but I had heard this Grandmaster river handles affairs always does not press the methodicalness, but finally always good, we wait in this are being.” “不知道。”苍庚摇了摇头,“但我早就听说过这位江大师行事向来不按章法,但结果总是好的,我们在这等着就是。” It seems like continues my one person to listen to this matter......’ to hear the words of oriole, valley Liang Yu felt immediately oneself not that lonely. ‘看来不止我一人听过这回事……’听到苍庚的话,谷梁宇顿时感觉自己不那么“孤独”了。 Stands to wait for the proper time in three people abreast in row, the description of female soul gradually is also frigid. 在三人并排站好等待时,女魂的描述也逐渐惨烈起来。 On that day sat in front of us a man twitched suddenly, like the mad bull in our village, lay down in wiggling forward that the ground kept, the surroundings person scared, all hid one side. Afterward without turning several, the man started spitting up blood that went all out, vomited to vomit...... also to vomit on, the body in internal organs together.” “那天坐在我们前面的一个男人突然抽搐了起来,就像我们村里的疯牛一样,躺在地上不停的扭来扭去,周围人吓坏了,全躲到了一边。后来没扭几下,那男人就开始拼命的呕血,呕着呕着……就、就连身体里的脏器也一起呕了出来。” When described this, in the look of female soul still filled panic-stricken. 描述这一段时,女魂的眼神中仍旧充满了惊恐。 These monsters heard the sound to catch up quickly, saw that man they as if were very miserably happy, was cheerful and lively, how long but has not waited for them to smile, the man thoroughly was motionless, this as if made that several monsters very not happy, was stepping on several feet to the body of that man continually, then walked......” “那些怪物听到动静很快就赶了过来,看到那男人的惨相他们似乎都很高兴,有说有笑的,只是没等他们笑多久,那男人就彻底不动了,这似乎让那几个怪物非常不高兴,对着那男人的尸体就一连踩了好几脚,然后就走了……” Experiment failure......, therefore breathless.’ ‘实验失败……所以气急败坏了吗。’ Listens from the description of female soul, Jiang Beiran basic already can determine that own guess not wrong, these gus cultivate/repair are hitting human turn into the idea of gu clan. 从女魂的描述听来,江北然基本已经可以确定自己的猜测没有错,这些蛊修就是在打将人类都变成蛊族的主意。 Where is only ordinary Common People can withstand the gu insect to toss about......’ ‘只是普通百姓哪里经得起蛊虫折腾……’ Afterward were getting more and more like the person who that man went crazy, finally was also the same, in I worried when the tiger kid can also with they were the same, a monster suddenly comes the tiger kid to catch, I go all out wants to seize the tiger kid, but the hand could not bump into them, can only look helplessly they led in the tiger kid this hole.” “后来像那男人一样发狂的人越来越多,最后也都一样死了,就在我担心虎娃也会不会和他们一样时,一个怪物突然过来把虎娃抓了起来,我拼了命的想把虎娃夺回来,但是手根本就碰不到他们,只能眼睁睁的看着他们把虎娃带到了这个洞中。” Hears this, Jiang Beiran catches the eye to ask: Then was he installed in this yellow juice?” 听到这,江北然抬眼问道:“然后他就被装在这黄色的汁液里了?” Yes!” The female soul makes an effort a nod, as if remembered anything to resemble sudden screamed: Leaves in this, can the tiger kid also go crazy like these people!?” “是的!”女魂用力地一点头,紧接着又仿佛想起了什么似的突然尖叫道:“离开这里面,虎娃会不会也像那些人一样发狂!?” Relax, cannot.” “放心,不会。” The gu clan obviously also knows the body of ordinary old Common People cannot withstand to toss about, therefore squeezes in their bodies is some most preliminary gu insects. 蛊族明显也知道普通老百姓的身体经不起折腾,所以塞入他们身体的都是些最低级的蛊虫。 Just when tiger kid from juice Jiang Beiran helped him remove the gu insect conveniently. 刚刚将虎娃从汁液里拉出来时江北然就顺手帮他把蛊虫去掉了。 Many thanks benefactor! Many thanks benefactor!” The female soul currently has extremely strong trust to Jiang Beiran already, when Jiang Beiran said her child not to have her heart to put afterward completely. “多谢恩公!多谢恩公!”女魂现在对江北然已经有了极强的信任感,所以当江北然说出她的孩子不会有事后她的心就完全放下来了。 Afterward have you been defending your kid here?” “后来你就一直在这里守着你娃儿?” Un.” The female soul nods. “嗯。”女魂点点头。 Although I know that you are not willing to recall, but your words are very important to me, can continue what afterward had also had?” “虽然我知道你不太愿意回忆,但你的话对我很重要,能继续说说后来还发生过什么吗?” Sure, so long as benefactor wants to know, my anything said that afterward more people were delivered to load into this juice,...... then...... female soul was then saying again” the working hair of going all out, how afterward matter...... I...... I could not think...... me......” “当然可以,只要恩公想知道,我什么都说,后来更多的人被送进来装进了这汁液中,再然后……再然后……”女魂说着拼命的抓起头发来,“后来的事……我……我怎么想不起来了呢……我……” The female soul more wants more to feel the headache, the right hand is one is striking with force to the forehead. 女魂越想越觉得头疼,右手更是对着脑门一顿猛拍。 Jiang Beiran sees that knows after her , when should fall into oneself just saw her demented condition, the Spirit almost already collapse. 江北然见状就知道她之后应该就陷入了自己刚见到她时那种癫狂的状态,精神几乎已经崩溃了。 Pondered the moment, Jiang Beiran returns to the flying mansion to call Yu Family Three Sisters. 思考片刻,江北然回到飞府将虞家三姐妹叫了出来。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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