IJWPBTB :: Volume #7

#615: The original wishes till the fields personally in Nanyang

Chapter 615 original wishes till the fields personally in Nanyang 第615章本愿躬耕于南阳 Leaves Jiang Beiran after altar is also exceptionally busy, must study the Profound Sage matter of dying and being reborn, must promote counter- gu to cultivate/repair coverall again. 离开祭坛后的江北然也是异常忙碌,既要研究玄圣们的死而复生之事,更要再提升一下“反蛊修套装”。 Even like this busy, Jiang Beiran still still to the talk with valley beam modest feel to sob a moment ago. 只是即使在这样的忙碌中,江北然也仍旧在为刚才和谷梁谦之间的谈话而感到唏嘘。 Although mostly is he guessed unilaterally, but these might cause them to have the divergent problem very much to appear sooner or later. 虽然大多都是他单方面的猜测,但是那些很有可能导致他们出现分歧的问题都是迟早会出现的。 Oh, wants is also useless in this, first solves an antecedent.’ ‘唉,在这想也没用,还是先解决眼前事吧。’ Now in five countries still has too the unknown, he thinks that now these are also too early, when all settled down studied should not be what to do late again. 如今五国中还存在着太多未知数,他现在就想这些还为时尚早,等到一切都尘埃落定了再研究该怎么办也不迟。 Thump thump.” “咚咚。” At this time Jiang Beiran temporary office the gate was sounded suddenly, Jiang Beiran tidied up a train of thought to open the mouth saying: Comes.” 这时江北然临时“办公室”的门突然被敲响,江北然收拾了一下思绪开口道:“进来。” „” A glottis was shoved open, Yao Yichen raised altar/jar liquor to walk. “吱呀”一声门被推开,姚逸尘提着一坛酒走了进来。 How does Grandmaster Yao have the so good interest today?” Looks at the liquor in Yao Yichen hand, Jiang Beiran asks with a smile. “姚大师今日怎有如此好兴致?”看着姚逸尘手中的酒,江北然笑着问道。 In the afternoon and Grandmaster river discussed when thought that you somewhat seem worried, is thinking asks you to chat, after all you now are our pillars.” Yao Yichen was saying placed on the wine pot Jiang Beiran front table, „, although your skill is very big, but I as a seasoned person, should be able to give you to suggest that what kind of? To chat?” “下午和江大师商讨时觉得你似乎有些心事重重,就想着来找你聊聊,毕竟你现在可是我们的主心骨。”姚逸尘说着将酒坛放在了江北然面前的桌上,“虽然你的本事很大,但我作为一名过来人,应该还是能给你一些建议的,怎么样?想聊聊吗?” Elder bestows, does not dare to dismiss, Grandmaster Yao so cares about Younger Generation, really makes me feel extremely flattered.” “长者赐,不敢辞啊,姚大师如此关心晚辈,真是让我受宠若惊。” May continuing old man care about you, actually everyone saw that you are somewhat absent-minded, therefore recommended that I come to discuss with you.” “可不止老夫一人关心你,其实大家都看出你有些心不在焉,所以才推举出我来与你相谈一番。” So that's how it is, that was really also sorry, making the everyone senior worry.” “原来如此,那还真是抱歉,让各位前辈忧心了。” Where words, your matter is not our matters, I had just said that you now are our pillars.” “哪里话,你的事不就是我们的事,我刚就说过了,你现在可是我们的主心骨。” Yao Yichen said that lifts the liquor to seal, in must be blocked by Jiang Beiran to the Jiang Beiran liquor. 姚逸尘说完掀开酒封,不过在要给江北然倒酒时被江北然拦住了。 I come, where has to let the elder to the truth that I pour out wine.” Jiang Beiran said that received the wine pot to get up one cup to Yao Yichen but actually, then fills to oneself. “还是我来吧,哪有让长者给我斟酒的道理。”江北然说完接过酒坛给姚逸尘倒上了一杯,然后再给自己斟满。 Liquor gets into the stomach, although the intensity is ordinary, the wine is common, but the friendship flavor is actually extremely heavy, letting Jiang Beiran be very comfortable had/left liquor air/Qi. 一口酒下肚,虽然烈度一般,酒香一般,但情谊的味道却是极重,让江北然还是很舒服的哈出了一口酒气。 Grandmaster Yao, before the deep pool city, does not know that you do take a higher position where?” “姚大师,在来渊城前,不知你在何处高就?” Takes a higher position?” Yao Yichen shakes the head, the smile said: I in the valuable Guanshan top head a thatched hut, usually in studied diligently the say/way of Medicinal Pill in with concentration.” “高就?”姚逸尘摇摇头,微笑道:“我在宝观山上盖了间茅草屋,平日里就在里面潜心钻研丹药之道。” Also is really the idle cloud wild crane life, making one admire quite.” “还真是闲云野鹤般的生活,令人好生艳羡啊。” Holds up the head to drink the next glass of liquor, Yao Yichen beckons with the hand saying: Idle cloud wild crane, the old man does not dare to compare with Grandmaster river, Grandmaster river has such a skill young, actually in the Tong Country nameless, is really the rare disposition.’ 昂起头喝下一杯酒,姚逸尘摆手道:‘论闲云野鹤,老夫可不敢和江大师比,江大师年纪轻轻就有着如此的一身本事,却在潼国籍籍无名,实在是难得的心性。’ Yao Yichen this that flattered calls wholehearted, as a Master Nine Grades, the youngster talent he has seen many, these talents, even if can achieve before him respectful, humble courteous, but that arrogance in eye could not keep. 姚逸尘这句吹捧说的那叫一个真心实意,作为一名九品宗师,少年天才他见过许许多多,这些天才就算能做到在他面前恭恭敬敬,谦逊有礼,但眼中的那股傲气是藏不住的。 In addition the youngster competitive disposition, can say that does not have one in all talent youngster who he knows is the low-key lord, will rush to some reputations somewhat. 再加上少年争强好胜的心性,可以说在他认识的所有天才少年中就没一个是低调的主,多多少少都会闯下些名头。 But at present this Jiang Beiran may be different, so a skill, might be called present age masters not be overrated, may present in so many masters , was he has had the contact on Situ Zhi, others listened not to listen to his name continually. 但眼前这位江北然可不一样,如此一身本事,堪称当世宗师都不为过了,可在场这么多宗师中,也就司徒志一人算是和他有过接触,其他人连听都没听过他的名字。 The low key hence, is really some does not conform to the young fellow in his cognition. 低调至此,实在是有些不符合他认知中的少年人。 Grandmaster Yao the erroneous approved, come, I respect your one cup.” Jiang Beiran handful of the wine pot said to Yao Yichen continued from above one cup. “姚大师谬赞了,来,我敬您一杯。”江北然捧起酒坛给姚逸尘续上一杯说道。 Looks that to Jiang Beiran that oneself toast, Yao Yichen felt some do not adapt, because in his beforehand impression, Jiang Beiran said no on so arrogant that no-one else matters, but old and young high and low set can be said as in his absolutely does not have, directs their these seniors to come not to have politely. 看着向自己敬酒的江北然,姚逸尘感觉有些不适应,因为在他之前的印象中,江北然说不上目中无人吧,但长幼尊卑这套在他那可以说是完全没有,指挥起他们这些前辈来可是从没客气过。 But this little while actually changes, became a humble courteous youth model, big of change, really makes him somewhat unexpected. 但这会儿却又摇身一变,成了一名谦逊有礼的青年楷模,变化之大,实在让他有些猝不及防。 Touched a cup when with Jiang Beiran, Yao Yichen filled in the entrance the liquor suddenly thought that actually can also understand. 江北然碰了一下杯,姚逸尘将酒灌入口中时突然觉得其实也能理解。 After all the special period special handling, he does that also nothing but wants to strive for the maximum efficiency in the shortest time. 毕竟特殊时期特殊处理,他这么做也无非是想在最短的时间争取到最大的效率。 Now wants to come, if not for at present this young people, their these old bones are only quarrel the estimate to quarrel today, what matter can solve? 如今想来若不是眼前这个年轻人,他们这些老骨头光是吵估计就能吵到今天来,能解决什么事? Ha ~ “哈~” Drinks up the liquor, Jiang Beiran opens the mouth saying: „After that this Miasma event is solved, does Grandmaster Yao also plan to return to your bushes hut again?” 喝完酒,江北然又开口道:“那这次瘴气事件解决后,姚大师还打算再回您的茅草小屋?” That is natural.” “那是自然。” Should have many Sect Master to ask you to leave the mountain.” “应该有不少宗主想请您出山吧。” After experiencing so many, the component of Jiang Beiran even more clear Nine Grades Mysterious Art master, these people really have are transforming castoffs into delicaties Strength, comes compared with eighth grade, they are the driving forces that the entire industry goes forward, person who also most can create the miracle. 经历了这么多后,江北然越发清楚九品玄艺师的份量,这些人是真的都拥有着化腐朽为神奇的力量,比起八品来,他们才是整个行业前进的原动力,也是最能创造奇迹的人。 Really has many, but I have liked the free life, the matter of Sect...... really has no interest in participate.” “确实有不少,只不过我还是喜欢过自由自在的生活,宗门之事……实在无心参与。” Chatted this, Yao Yichen as if somewhat understands the matter of Jiang Beiran worry was anything, therefore access road/simply said: If Grandmaster river does not shut out, when the time comes can also come to my humble home to sit.” 聊到这,姚逸尘似乎有些明白了江北然烦恼的事情是什么,于是便道:“若是江大师不嫌弃,到时候也能来寒舍坐坐。” The meaning of Yao Yichen these words is very simple, that is Jiang Beiran , if not want to meddle the matter of Tong Country high level, can the idle cloud wild crane completely like him. 姚逸尘这句话的意思很简单,那就是江北然如果不想插手潼国高层之事的话,完全也可以像他一样闲云野鹤。 Jiang Beiran also listened certainly to this meaning, how could he does not think that tilled the fields personally in Nanyang, was only this crest of wave is too abundant, even if wanted to return to native place like Yao Yichen, does not know that these Tong Country high levels can give him this opportunity. 江北然当然也听出了这层意思,他又何曾不想“躬耕于南阳”,只是这次风头实在太盛,就算想要像姚逸尘这样归隐,也不知道那些潼国高层会不会给他这个机会。 In addition his goal also has not changed, that is series Profound Dragon Continent, enabling this world again also no one to threaten him. 再加上他的目标也一直没变过,那就是一统玄龙大陆,让这世间再也无人可以威胁他。 Therefore in some sense Tong Country already becomes his biggest opponent now. 所以某种意义上来说潼国现在已经成了他的最大对手。 Jiang Beiran will not feel oneself have rescued their life, they will hand over the own landscape. 江北然不会觉得自己救过他们的命,他们就会把自己的江山拱手相让。 The benevolence is the benevolence, the benefit is the benefit, these high-rank definitely these minute/share of clarity of. 恩情是恩情,利益是利益,这些上位者肯定将这些分的很清楚。 Jiang Beiran are most also becomes their guests, but if really wants to move their cakes, that these people anxiously can kill for the benefit and people of power even/including close relative, let alone his only benefactor. 江北然最多也就是成为他们的座上宾,但若真想动他们的蛋糕,那这些人急起来为了利益和权力连至亲之人都能杀,又何况他这区区一个恩人。 Therefore the hammering also needs itself hardly, Jiang Beiran has never thought must depend on this time benevolence to reach the sky in a single bound directly, he must build to be the own influence carefully. 所以打铁还需自身硬,江北然从未想过要靠着这次的恩情就可以直接一步登天,他还是要一步一个脚印的打造属于自己的势力。 But he fears now own this chapter of crest of wave is too abundant, valley beam modest and other numerous high level do not continue in secret the opportunity of development to him. 可现在他就怕自己这回风头太盛,谷梁谦等一众高层不给他继续暗中发展的机会啊。 This time so shows off, is System makes me leave, the safeguard in security surely does not have the issue, but should improve the difficulties of some dreadful growth somewhat.’ ‘不过这次如此出风头,也是系统让我出的,安全方面的保障肯定是没问题,但多多少少应该是又提高了一些猥琐发育的难度。’ Oh, bothersome.’ ‘唉,烦。’ Also after is exchanges toasts, Jiang Beiran from Yao Yichen that understood that the idle cloud wild crane like him and joins Sect in Master Nine Grades is actually 55 opens. 又是一阵推杯换盏后,江北然从姚逸尘那了解到在九品宗师中像他这样的闲云野鹤和加入宗门的其实是五五开。 However joins Sect these Master Nine Grades also to enroll, no important matter will not appear. 不过加入宗门的那些九品宗师很多也是挂个名,没什么大事不会出现。 Can make Master Nine Grades careful truly, treats as is also the major Mysterious Art meetings that the enterprise does, once discovered where when presents the seedling, they will act, even also Mysterious Art that for will be at will strive. 真正能让九品宗师上心,当做事业来干的也就是各大玄艺会,一旦发现哪里出现好苗子时,他们还是都会出面的,甚至还会为了自己所在的玄艺会争取一下。 How can I say, the overall listens to these Nine Grades Master Mysterious Art to compare the Buddha department, belongs if possible, they can close themselves in the room study for a lifetime, dwelling attribute draws completely fully. 怎么说呢,总体听下来这些九品玄艺宗师都比较佛系,属于如果可以的话,他们能把自己关在房间里研究一辈子,宅属性是完全拉满的。 Thinks that so many Master Nine Grades do not have Organization, undisciplined, in the Jiang Beiran brain bursts out an idea suddenly. 想到这么多九品宗师都这么“无组织,无纪律”,江北然脑中突然迸发出来一个想法。 Might as well also do thousand machines that in Tong Country are similar to Wei Country. 不如在潼国也搞一个类似于渭国的千机。 As the matter stands not only can really do the important matter, and can make Tong Country these high levels feel oneself are busy to their beneficial enterprises, various manipulating strategically can also come is later. 这样一来既能真的干些大事,二来又能让潼国那些高层觉得自己在忙对他们有益的事业,各种勾心斗角也能来的晚一些。 More wants more to think that credible Jiang Beiran drank one glass of liquor, but his present had not proposed with Yao Yichen eagerly, after all he did this great undertaking the main purpose in order to better slacking off on the job, done did vigorously and resolutely. 越想越觉靠谱的江北然喝下了一杯酒,不过他并没有急于现在就跟姚逸尘提出,毕竟他干这份大业的主要目的还是为了能够更好的“磨洋工”,搞的这么雷厉风行干嘛。 When altar/jar liquor drinks up, Jiang Beiran said toward Yao Yichen submissively: Many thanks Grandmaster Yao elucidates, the matter that but must handle now are too many, another day, Younger Generation takes certainly the nice wine good vegetable/dish to visit to express thanks another day.” 等到一坛酒喝完,江北然朝着姚逸尘拱手道:“多谢姚大师开解,只是现在要处理的事还太多,改日,改日晚辈一定带上好酒好菜登门致谢。” Grandmaster river was polite, old man this light/only drank, has not added on Grandmaster river what busy, ashamed.” “江大师客气了,老夫这光喝酒了,也没帮上江大师什么忙,惭愧啊。” No, the words of Grandmaster Yao make Younger Generation very enlightening, the proper business must manage, decides continues to have a friendly chat over a cup of wine with you, is not drunk does not turn over to!” “不,姚大师的话还是让晚辈很有启发的,要不是还有正事要办,定和您继续把酒言欢,不醉不归!” Also yes, Grandmaster river many matters are truly busy, the old man does not disturb.” Seeing Jiang Beiran must set out to deliver itself, Yao Yichen said submissively: Grandmaster river hold your steps, old man go out well, said goodbye.” “也是,江大师确实还有许多事要忙,那老夫就不打扰了。”见江北然要起身送自己,姚逸尘拱手道:“江大师留步,老夫自己出去就好,告辞。” Said that then opened the door to walk. 说完便推开门走了。 When Yao Yichen leaves, although Jiang Beiran on does not suddenly see the light, but that syndrome of toothache in heart indeed abated. 等到姚逸尘离开,江北然虽说不上豁然开朗,但心中的那股燥火的确消退了许多。 At least already thought of the preliminary dealing method. 最起码已经想到了初步的应对方法。 Looked at the double-hour, Jiang Beiran five that must come from valley beam modest that will come back to life kind of Magical Treasure to place on the table. 看了看时辰,江北然将从谷梁谦那得来的五件复生类法宝放在了桌上。 Gigantic Tong Country, so many Profound Sage collect five to come back to life kind of Magical Treasure unexpectedly, this makes Jiang Beiran realize that oneself as if had the misunderstanding to this kind of Magical Treasure. 硕大一个潼国,这么多玄圣竟然才凑出五件复生类法宝,这让江北然认识到自己对这类法宝似乎产生了误解。 Because even Mu Yao can put out one to come back to life kind of Magical Treasure at that time to give to itself, causing Jiang Beiran to think that this kind of Magical Treasure quantity will not be small. 因为当时连沐瑶都能拿出一件复生类法宝送给自己,导致江北然以为这类法宝的数量不会太少。 But now wants to come, how Yin Jianghong said is also Sheng Country underworld gang godfather, has resources of country's, in addition the favored daughter is cherished, such important treasure will give her. 但现在想来,殷江红怎么说也是晟国的“黑道”教父,坐拥一国的资源,再加上爱女心切,才将如此重要的宝物交给了她。 Moreover a little makes Jiang Beiran find it very interesting, that is comes back to life class the Magical Treasure grade is not high, these five that Tong Country Profound Sage takes come back to life in kind of Magical Treasure unexpectedly three to be evaluated Yellow Level. 而且还有一点让江北然觉得很有意思,那就是复生类的法宝品级都不高,潼国玄圣拿出来的这五件复生类法宝中竟有三件被评为黄级 This simply is incompatible with their rare and functions. 这简直和它们的稀有度和作用格格不入。 According to the valley beam modest words, this is because comes back to life kind of Magical Treasure is too difficult to succeed, even the success will still have various after-effects. 按照谷梁谦的话来说,这是因为复生类法宝的都太难成功,就算成功也都会留下各种后遗症。 If which day can present one to resurrect absolutely somebody, and will not have any sequela comes back to life kind of Magical Treasure to appear, he meets personally to appraise it is Heaven Level High Grade. 如果哪天能出现一件绝对能复活某人,且不会有任何后遗症的复生类法宝出现,他一定会亲自将它评价为天级上品 The Jiang Beiran hear thought that is quite also reasonable, because comes back to life the description of kind of treasure from valley beam modest to these, they and Ice Silver Ring difference is not too really big. 江北然听完觉得也是颇有道理,因为就从谷梁谦对这些复生类宝物的描述来说,它们和冰银环差别实在不算太大。 Is rescues ten to live one, that lives will have the extremely serious sequela, was not crazy is insane, was miserable a point also had to be paralyzed with cultivation base is complete. 都是救十个能活一个,活下来的那个还会有极其严重的后遗症,不是痴了就是癫了,再惨一点的还有半身不遂和修为全废。 This result was lived to might as well die regarding once earthshaking Profound Sage simply. 这种结果对于曾经叱咤风云的玄圣来说简直是生不如死。 Also because of this, comes back to life kind of Magical Treasure to be similar to the weak in these Profound Sage eyes, looked represented a hope to list as Magical Treasure completely in it. 也正因为如此,复生类法宝在这些玄圣眼里才会如同鸡肋,完全是看在它代表着一种希望才把它列为了法宝 Took up a soul command on table, Jiang Beiran inspected after Spiritual Power its discovered oneself could not understand it completely. 拿起桌上的一块魂令,江北然精神力检视了它一番后发现自己完全读不懂它。 But the Jiang Beiran intuition also told him, these come back to life the kind of Magical Treasure so weak, was very likely because no one understood their true application methods. 江北然的直觉又告诉他,这些复生类法宝之所以会如此鸡肋,很有可能是因为没有人懂得它们真正的使用方法。 If can comprehend mysteriously, prepares completely safe again, did not say that certainly can resurrect perfectly somebody, but raises some probabilities not to have the issue. 如果能够参悟其中奥妙,再做好万全准备的话,不说一定能完好无损的复活某人,但提高一些概率还是没问题的。 The intuition eventually is the intuition, controlling life and death matter which world, no matter is extremely the matter of taboo, wants to be separated from the life and death samsara, breaking the myriad things is balanced, that is going to pay the huge price inevitably. 只是直觉终究是直觉,操控生死这种事不管在哪个世界都是极为禁忌之事,想要脱离生死轮回,打破万物平衡,那必然将要付出巨大的代价。 Puts out Ice Silver Ring from storage ring, Jiang Beiran ponders, decided that must look for Formless Venerable again. 乾坤戒中拿出冰银环,江北然左思右想,决定还是要再去找一趟无象尊者 Because clone to be reactivated, that is still truly was resurrected, Formless Venerable can be said as the process that experienced one to resurrect very much completely, should be able to ask many valuable information from her. 因为即使是分身被复活,那也是确确实实的被复活了,无象尊者可以说是很完整的体验了一遍复活的过程,从她那应该能问到不少有价值的信息。 But in Jiang Beiran prepares the flying mansion, the gate was sounded. 但就在江北然准备回飞府时,门又被敲响了。 Come.” “请进。” „” A glottis was shoved open, the one who walks is Yan Xiaobo. “吱呀”一声门被推开,走进来的是阎啸博。 Has seen Yan Senior.” Jiang Beiran sets out to say submissively. “见过阎前辈。”江北然起身拱手道。 Yan Xiaobo also arched cupping one hand in the other across the chest toward Jiang Beiran, praised: Grandmaster river.” 阎啸博也朝着江北然拱了拱手,称道:“江大师。” Yan Senior looked for me at this time, was for once the matter of country?” “阎前辈这时来找我,可是为了曾国之事?” Regarding Jiang Beiran knows that this matter, Yan Xiaobo naturally cannot have any accident/surprise, the direct nod said: „, After we discussed that decided that made valley beam Xianzun assume the deep pool city, after all some Tong Country also many things need to process, in addition the Miasma crisis had not relieved, if we turned out in full strength, the risk was also enormous.” 对于江北然知道这件事,阎啸博自然不会有任何意外,直接点头道:“正是,我们商议之后,决定让谷梁仙尊坐镇渊城,毕竟潼国也还有很多事需要处理,再加上瘴气危机仍没有解除,若是我们倾巢而出,风险也是极大。” Jiang Beiran hear, although felt the words that Yan Xiaobo spoke are very reasonable, but the intuition told his valley beam modest to assume the central reason certainly not merely because of this. 江北然听完虽然觉得阎啸博说的话很有道理,但直觉告诉他谷梁谦坐镇中央的原因绝不仅仅是因为这个。 It seems like the strength of samsara is very indeed big to his influence, therefore made him not dare to take risk completely.’ ‘看来轮回之力对他的影响的确很大,所以让他完全不敢冒险了。’ Nods, Jiang Beiran returns said: Yan Senior stands to reason, now we just began that's all, to solves this crisis also many roads to walk truly.” Jiang Beiran said that took up the teapot to hand over to Yan Xiaobo one cup of tea, „, therefore this action will have full authority and responsibility for by you?” 点点头,江北然回道:“阎前辈言之有理,如今我们只是刚开了个头而已,离真正解决这次危机还有许多路要走。”江北然说完拿起茶壶给阎啸博倒上一杯茶递了过去,“所以这次行动将由您来全权负责?” Received the teacup, Yan Xiaobo quite had the profound meaning looked at Jiang Beiran one, then said: Words, although said that Grandmaster river but who we mainly rely upon you.” 接过茶杯,阎啸博颇有深意的看了江北然一眼,然后道:“话虽是这么说,但我们主要仰仗的还是江大师你啊。” Yan Senior do not say, the boy may be unable to take on.” “阎前辈千万别这么说,小子可担当不起。” Ha.” After smiling one, in Yan Xiaobo tosses down cup tea, Grandmaster river invited, yesterday can so smooth on the danger of solution past Feng Village, has the inseparable relations with your perfect combat plan, therefore this time also asked you to be liberal to grant instruction, planned Grand Avenue for us again.” “哈哈哈。”笑了一声后,阎啸博将杯中的茶一饮而尽,“江大师请吧,昨日能够如此顺利的就解决昔丰村之危,和你完美的作战计划也有着密不可分的关系,所以这次也请你不吝赐教,再为我们谋划一条康庄大道。” ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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