IJWPBTB :: Volume #7

#613: This I

Chapter 613 this I 第613章本我 Returns to the deep pool city, all Profound Sage have not been busy celebrating this may be called the perfect counterattack battle. 回到渊城,所有玄圣没有忙着庆祝这场堪称完美的反击战。 But is rushing about for sacrifice Profound Sage. 而是都在为牺牲的玄圣奔波着。 Like the Jiang Beiran anticipation is same, these Profound Sage suffering extreme distress the experience may many that he is fuller. 就如同江北然意料中的一样,这些玄圣“死去活来”的经验可要比他足的多。 However completely their energy actually do not think like Jiang Beiran is so full. 不过他们的底气却完全不像江北然想的这么足。 Jiang Beiran from the valley beam modest mouth knew cultivator to be able dying and being reborn the key. 从谷梁谦的口中江北然得知了修炼者可以“死而复生”的关键。 That is profound sense. 那就是玄识 So long as profound sense does not extinguish, so long as that profound sense of dead awakens again, he can successfully live. 只要玄识不灭,那么只要将死者的玄识再度唤醒,他就能成功活过来。 But has two key points to be important in the process of this resurrecting. 但在这复活的过程中有两个关键点非常重要。 First, profound sense is easy to awaken, but the body is very difficult. 一是玄识容易唤醒,但身体却很难。 Reason that said when cultivator just died is easiest to rescue , because body also fresh/live, stirs up to move slightly. 之所以说修炼者刚死时最容易救回来,就是因为身体还“鲜活”,稍微激一下就能重新活动起来。 Once the body loses the activeness, wanted to revive is the countless sufferings and hardships. 一旦身体失去活性,想要救活就是千难万难了。 The second point quite profound studies, after profound sense and body fused , may produce all kinds of situations. 第二点就比较玄学了,玄识和身体融合后可能会产各种各样的情况。 For example loses recalled, for example crazy, even becomes crazy to have the possibility directly. 比如失忆,比如疯癫,甚至直接成为一个痴儿都是有可能的。 In brief dies and is reborn under this matter to Profound Practitioner, on to Profound Sage, the risk is enormous, even if with fierce Magical Treasure, cannot guarantee that certainly can save, cannot the guarantor revive to be what appearance. 总之死而复生这件事下到玄者,上到玄圣,风险都是极大,即使是用再厉害的法宝,也不能保证一定能将人救活,更不能保证人救活会是个什么样子。 After Jiang Beiran hear, feels some doubts. 江北然听完后不禁感到有些疑惑。 Not only also that Formless Venerable luck is good, Earth Level purple spirit pill had some special effect. 也不只是那无象尊者运气好,还是地级灵丹产生了某种特殊效果。 In brief Jiang Beiran from Formless Venerable body had not seen that any is not right. 总之江北然无象尊者身上并没看出任何不对劲来。 However to be cautious, Jiang Beiran first returned to a flying mansion, found was cleaning Formless Venerable of courtyard. 不过为了谨慎起见,江北然还是先回了一趟飞府,找到了正在打扫院子的无象尊者 It seems like Venerable enters the play to be very deep, but also in the status of summer bell?” “看来尊者入戏很深啊,还在夏铃铛的身份中呢?” Hears the Jiang Beiran words, the summer bell of having a scare turns around to salute to say hastily: Host family, you come.” 听到江北然的话语,吓了一跳的夏铃铛连忙转身行礼道:“主人家,您来啦。” ‚......’ ‘……’ Un?’ ‘嗯?’ Looks at summer bell that cautious appearance, Jiang Beiran thought that she has not seemed like the attire. 看着夏铃铛那副拘谨的模样,江北然觉得她还真不像是装的。 How saying that...... the god in eye is completely different. 怎么说呢……眼里的神完全不一样。 However the opposite party is good at changing Formless Venerable of body after all, therefore Jiang Beiran somewhat does not clarify suddenly what's the matter. 不过对方毕竟是擅长变身的无象尊者,所以江北然一时间也有些搞不清到底是怎么回事。 Sees the host family to reveal the doubts the expression, summer bell hastily flustered saying: My body already was all right, a while ago made the host family take the trouble.’ 见主人家露出疑惑的表情,夏铃铛连忙慌里慌张的说道:‘我身体已经没事了,前段时间让主人家费心了。’ Also high and low sized up a summer bell, Jiang Beiran cannot distinguish clearly her to install. 又上下打量了一遍夏铃铛,江北然还是分不清她到底是不是装的。 However Jiang Beiran really does not have this leisurely and carefree mood to accompany Formless Venerable to be noisy now, therefore said directly: Venerable, Younger Generation has very important proper business to ask, but also please reply earnestly.” 不过江北然现在实在是没这闲情逸致陪无象尊者闹,所以直接说道:“尊者,晚辈有很重要的正事要问,还请您认真回答。” Is listening to host family's earnest tone, the summer bell obvious helplessness, does not understand completely the host family is saying anything. 听着主人家认真的语气,夏铃铛明显一阵手足无措,完全不明白主人家在说什么。 But the next second, the flurried summer bell changes on the facial expression, revealed the stance of keeping aloof. 但下一秒,慌乱中的夏铃铛就神情一变,露出了高高在上的姿态。 What matter has to ask this Venerable?” “有何事要问本尊?” fuck...... your Beijing Film Company graduates?’ 卧槽……你北影毕业的吧?’ Looks at the makings big change the summer bell, Jiang Beiran exclaims in surprise one in the heart. 看着气质大变的夏铃铛,江北然不禁在心中惊叹一句。 Obviously is the same stretch/open face, can actually make him feel two people, is really somewhat fierce. 明明是同一张脸,却能让他觉得是两个人,实在是有些厉害。 Younger Generation wants to ask after Venerable lives, what ill place can have?” 晚辈是想问尊者活过来后可有什么不适的地方?” The Formless Venerable hear shakes the head, replied: No, all normal, but I am an exceptional case, therefore best not to work as the standard with me.” 无象尊者听完摇摇头,回答道:“没有,一切正常,不过我是个特例,所以你最好别拿我当标准。” Exceptional case?” Asking of some Jiang Beiran doubts. “特例?”江北然有些疑惑的问道。 Un, accurate, I who you saved before, is not true I.” “嗯,准确来说,你之前救下的我,并不是真正的我。” „Is that......?” “那是……?” You told that the summer bell is the summer bell, she is a person who I create, the joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness is her own, but she noticed that hears, smelled all will share to me.” “这么跟你说吧,夏铃铛就是夏铃铛,她是我创造出来的一个人,喜怒哀乐都属于她自己,只是她看到的,听到的,闻到的一切都会分享给我。” Hears this, Jiang Beiran understood immediately, the summer bell is actually Formless Venerable one clone. 听到这,江北然顿时明白了,夏铃铛其实就是无象尊者的一个分身。 Profound Sage cultivation base that summer bell showed a moment ago what's the matter?” “那夏铃铛刚才展现出来的玄圣修为又是怎么回事?” I can arrive to person body that any creates at any time, making her me.” “我可以随时降临到任何一个创造出来的人身上,让她成为我。” fuck...... these thousand merit good skirts.’ 卧槽……这千面功好屌。’ However as the matter stands, Jiang Beiran also thoroughly understood, why before he so will be astonishing in the doubts Formless Venerable performing skill, so meets the rusticity, makes him never look at slightly the flaw in summer bell body unexpectedly. 不过这样一来,江北然也就彻底明白了,之前他还在疑惑无象尊者的演技为何会如此惊人,如此接地气,竟然让他从未在夏铃铛身上看出来过丝毫破绽。 Originally the summer bell is the summer bell, perhaps she does not know oneself are one that Formless Venerable makes clone. 原来夏铃铛就是夏铃铛,恐怕连她自己都不知道自己是无象尊者制造出来的一个分身。 Simultaneously Jiang Beiran also understands Formless Venerable said that she is the meaning of exceptional case. 同时江北然也明白了无象尊者说她是特例的意思。 Before therefore died...... is the body of summer bell?” “所以之前死去的……是夏铃铛的身体?” Right.” Formless Venerable nods, „, if you had not saved me a moment ago, then summer bell person will disappear since then, simultaneously my therefore Yuan god will also damage severely.” “没错。”无象尊者点点头,“如果你刚才没救活我的话,那么夏铃铛这个人从此就会消失了,同时我也会因此元神大伤。” I understand......” Jiang Beiran nods to say slowly. “我明白了……”江北然缓缓点头道。 What since death does clone, that is the Formless Venerable main body is all right, in situation that the main body is all right, will resurrect her clone to be naturally simpler, this indeed cannot be used to treat as the model for painting, was extremely really special. 既然死的是分身,那就是无象尊者的本体没事,在本体没事的情况下,复活她的一个分身自然会简单许多,这的确不能用来当做范本,实在太过特殊了。 Other can ask?” “还有别的要问吗?” Temporarily without, many thanks Venerable dispelled doubt, Younger Generation also has the proper business to do, first said goodbye.” “暂时没了,多谢尊者解惑,晚辈还有正事要做,就先告辞了。” Jiang Beiran said that then left the flying mansion. 江北然说完便离开了飞府。 Looked that is in a daze to the direction that Jiang Beiran departs, the look of summer bell changed the original appearance again, flustered saying: Host family, are you......? Host family?” 看向江北然离去的方向发了会儿呆,夏铃铛的眼神再度变回了原本的样子,慌张的说道:“主人家,您是不是……嗯?主人家?” Looks at the courtyard of nobody left, the summer bell fell into inexplicably, turns the head to look to Shi Fenglan in hall asks: „Is Sister Shi, you seeing the host family?” 看着空无一人的院子,夏铃铛陷入了莫名中,转头看向大厅中的施凤兰问道:“施姐姐,您见着主人家了吗?” Shi Fenglan also asked stares, somewhat strange reply: „Wasn't Little Beiran has been speaking with you a moment ago? Said that walked.” 施凤兰也是被问的一愣,有些奇怪的回答道:“小北然刚才不是一直在和你说话吗?说完就走了。” summer Lingdang listens somewhat dumbstruck, she indeed was speaking a moment ago with the host family, but cannot remember when completely the host family leaves. 夏铃铛听完有些发懵,刚才她的确是在和主人家说话来着,但完全记不得主人家是何时离开的了。 Good strange feeling......” “好奇怪的感觉……” ...... …… After leaving the flying mansion, Jiang Beiran returned to the meeting hall to find valley beam modest again. 离开飞府后,江北然再度回到议事厅找到了谷梁谦。 Valley beam senior, can your somewhat assurance rescue sacrifice Profound Sage?” “谷梁前辈,你们有几分把握可以将牺牲的玄圣救回来?” valley beam modest listens to sigh: „The matter in this aspect, no one dares to vouch , can only say that does everything possible.” 谷梁谦听完叹了口气道:“这方面的事情,谁也不敢打包票,只能说尽力而为。” Jiang Beiran ponders the moment, should say: Makes me also strive.” 江北然思考片刻,应道:“让我也出一份力吧。” valley beam modest listens to the look one brightly, at present this young people already performs too has transformed castoffs into delicaties repeatedly, if he acts, perhaps Cao Jinghua they can be saved. 谷梁谦听完不禁眼神一亮,眼前这个年轻人已经表演过太多次化腐朽为神奇了,如果是他出手的话,兴许曹惊骅他们都能有救。 Grandmaster river must strive naturally to welcome vigorously! Or even if you do not say on own initiative, I still prepare to look for you,” “江大师要出力当然是大力欢迎!或者说就算你不主动提出来,我也准备去找你呢,” First leads me to have a look at them.” “先带我去看看他们吧。” Good, I lead you to go.” “好,我带你去。” Followed valley beam modest, Jiang Beiran arrived by a altar, looked toward the altar above, saw only corpse static lying down of seven Profound Sage in that. 跟着谷梁谦,江北然来到了一处祭坛旁边,朝着祭坛上方看去,只见七具玄圣的尸体正静静的躺在那。 Except that like Cao Jinghua, Xun Yingrui died in battle when the past Feng Village beside, but also some were sacrificed in ambush area that in the gu cultivated/repaired, just went out Profound Sage that the first batch walked to fight on own initiative. 除了像曹惊骅,荀英锐这样战死在昔丰村里的之外,还有些是牺牲在了蛊修的埋伏圈中,也就是刚出去时第一批主动找上门战斗的玄圣 Is great......’ ‘都是好样的啊……’ These Profound Sage can definitely return to the deep pool city with immortal trace treasure Jane/simple, but they have not actually done that but was fights the last minute. 这些玄圣原本完全可以用仙踪宝简回到渊城,但他们却都没有这么做,而是战斗到了最后一刻。 Not is only they, in this counterattack battle, does not have Profound Sage to come back with immortal trace treasure Jane/simple, each laughs in the face of death. 不仅是他们,在这次反击战中,就没有一个玄圣是用仙踪宝简回来的,每一个都是舍生忘死。 So the hero, dies Jiang Beiran to be a pity for them here. 如此英雄,就这么死在这里江北然都替他们可惜。 He is resurrecting this aspect also to have no special skill, most also contributes these Earth Level purple spirit pill, other cannot add on totally. 只是他在复活这方面也没什么特别的本事,最多也就是贡献出这些地级的紫灵丹,其他的一概都帮不上。 However after asking one, Jiang Beiran discovered that is not he alone does not have this skill, but is everyone does not have the related knowledge in this aspect, including these Master Mysterious Art. 不过在问了一圈后,江北然发现也不是他一个人没这本事,而是所有人都没这方面的相关知识,包括那些玄艺宗师们。 Also they will not have the energy no wonder, originally your each and everyone by the luck, that naturally will be very anxious. 也难怪他们会这么没底气,原来你一个个都是靠运气,那自然会十分紧张。 On the stand the altar, Jiang Beiran looks at Cao Jinghua who only remains the half body good a ritual, this was similar to youngster hot blooded Profound Sage to fulfill his commitment with the life forever. 站上祭坛,江北然看着只剩半截身子的曹惊骅行了一礼,这位永远如同少年般热血的玄圣用生命兑现了他的承诺。 Compared with several other Profound Sage remains, Cao Jinghua looks like presses out the dry/does dry corpse thoroughly, the excellent part in body is all drained, can definitely see that the faith of finally when he puts forth strikes holds how must die. 和另外几位玄圣的遗体比起来,曹惊骅就像是被彻底榨干的干尸,身体里的精华部分全都被抽干,完全能看出他使出最后一击时是抱着怎么样必死的信念。 At this time Yao Yichen arrived at Jiang Beiran to pat his shoulder to say behind: By Cao Shizun body condition, wants to live to fear that is......” 这时姚逸尘走到江北然身后拍了拍他的肩膀道:“以曹世尊的身体状态来说,想要重新活过来怕是……” That must try.” “那也得试试。” Jiang Beiran said that and inspected another six Profound Sage remains, discovers their situations, although compared with Cao Jinghua many, but almost is also the oil completely lamp dry conditions, after all all was fights bravely finally. 江北然说完又检查了一下另外六位玄圣的遗体,发现他们的情况虽然比曹惊骅好些,但差不多也都是油尽灯枯的状态,毕竟全都是奋战到了最后。 Grandmaster river, situation how?” “江大师,情况如何?” In flash that Jiang Beiran sets out, valley beam modest then walks to ask. 江北然起身的一瞬间,谷梁谦便走上来问道。 Makes the experience of person dying and being reborn incident Younger Generation also insufficient, if said that grasps...... me is not many.” “让人死而复生一事晚辈的经验也不足,若要说把握……我也没有太多。” valley beam modest listens bald-faced revealed the disappointed color, after all Jiang Beiran already becomes his final prospect now, even he said words that has not grasped, that was very difficult. 谷梁谦听完毫无掩饰的露出了失望之色,毕竟江北然如今已经成了他最后的指望,连他都说没把握的话,那就真的很难了。 In brief I will do everything possible.” “总之我会尽力而为。” Jiang Beiran said that looked said to Yao Yichen: Master everyone now where?” 江北然说完看向姚逸尘道:“各位宗师现在在何处?” In outside view maple tree pavilion discussed that I am thinking Grandmaster river you definitely can also come, therefore waits for in this specially.” “都在外面枫阁里商讨呢,我是想着江大师你肯定也会过来,所以特意在此等待。” Good, that matter cannot be delayed, we pass together.” “好,那事不宜迟,我们一起过去吧。” Jiang Beiran said that cups one hand in the other across the chest toward valley beam modest, walks toward the altar under with Yao Yichen. 江北然说完朝谷梁谦拱拱手,跟着姚逸尘朝着祭坛下走去。 Arrives at the view maple tree pavilion, Jiang Beiran discovered that all masters in deep pool city get together here, was discussing intensely how should revive the Profound Sage plan. 来到枫阁,江北然发现渊城的所有宗师都齐聚此处,正在激烈的讨论着该如何救活玄圣们的方案。 „It is not good! First did not discuss the risk with your method, even if really revived, perhaps was still crazy.” “不行!用你那方法先不谈风险,就算是真救活了,恐怕也是个痴儿。” „The law of my Fujii successfully makes two cultivator bring back to life, this responsibility makes me take on.” “我这藤井之法成功让两位修炼者起死回生,这个责任就让我来担吧。” You revived two are not fake, but died thoroughly were more, the foundation of law of offending somebody your Fujii, unless it is absolutely essential do not use.” “你救活了两个是不假,但死透的更多吧,你这藤井之法伤人之本,不到万不得已还是别用了。” Hey! Now is to die and be reborn! This is the risk enormous matter, before you, feared that wolf lingering fear tiger, that do not rescue!” “喂!现在是要让人死而复生!这本就是风险极大之事,你们还前怕狼后怕虎的,那都别救了!” Bullshit! Do we gather in this to not drop to the risk lowly?” “屁话!我们聚在这不就是为了将风险降至最低?” What you said!?” “你说什么!?” ...... …… „!” “咳!” In the discussion is even more intense, Jiang Beiran coughs lightly, arrived in front of the people. 就在讨论愈发激烈之时,江北然轻咳一声,来到了众人面前。 Hears this to cough lightly, all masters as if were pressed what switch to be common, instantaneously peaceful, vision simultaneously looks to Jiang Beiran. 听到这声轻咳,所有宗师就仿佛是被按到了什么开关一般,瞬间都安静了下来,目光齐齐看向江北然 Grandmaster river!” “江大师!” Grandmaster river comes.” “江大师来啦。” Grandmaster river you may calculate!” “江大师你可算来了!” ...... …… The time of although being together does not calculate is very long, but these Master Nine Grades already regard as the pillar Jiang Beiran, the sense of dependence is also stronger and stronger. 虽然相处的时间不算很长,但这些九品宗师都已经江北然视作主心骨,依赖感也是越来越强。 Listened a moment ago from the talk of everyone present, does everyone as if have let the experience that the person brings back to life?” “从刚才在座各位的谈话听来,大家似乎都有过让人起死回生的经历?” The people listen to look at each other in blank dismay, finally Xuecheng said as the representative: Way of the world is hard and dangerous, brings being not infrequent that the dead is seeking us to treat, even if the old man practices medicine for about hundred years, has not understood this secret of bringing back to life, but does something in one's power with the feeling.” 众人听完面面相觑一阵,最后薛城作为代表道:“世道艰险,带着死者来寻我们医治的不在少数,但即使老夫行医近百年,至今也未参透这起死回生之秘,只是凭感觉做些力所能及的事罢了。” Others listen also to nod in abundance. 其他人听完也是纷纷点头。 Any Mysterious Art they can say a reason why to come, this brings back to life only, which Mysterious Art has not involved its related knowledge, everyone most also makes some corresponding preparation that's all according to the Magical Treasure characteristics. 任何玄艺他们都能说出个所以然来,唯独这起死回生,哪门玄艺也不曾涉及到它的相关知识,大家最多也只是根据法宝的特性来做些相应的准备而已 The Jiang Beiran hear the ponder moment, then asked people's once these treatment experiences. 江北然听完沉思片刻,然后问起了众人曾经的那些救治经历。 After half double-hour, Jiang Beiran according to talk content analysis some results. 半个时辰后,江北然根据谈话内容分析出了一些结果。 First lets Magical Treasure that cultivator brings back to life is not any present age Mysterious Art master manufactures, they do not come from the ancient family inheritance, from each corner of mainland, particularly in ancient grave fortunately it. 首先让修炼者起死回生的法宝都不是任何一位当代玄艺师制作出来的,它们不是来自于古老的家族传承,就是从大陆的各个角落,尤其是古墓中有幸得之。 Then, can a conclusion for a long time very long beforehand high antiquity, cultivator should grasp is making one die and be reborn this skill, but has not inherited. 如此一来,能的出一个结论就是在很久很久以前的远古时代中,修炼者们应该是掌握着让人死而复生这项技巧的,只是没有传承下来。 Had this conclusion to be used as the basis, Jiang Beiran has to penetrate to study these to come back to life the kind of Magical Treasure confidence. 有了这个结论做基础,江北然就有深入去研究这些复生类法宝的信心。 So long as because is may follow rational, he may analyze one set of feasible theory. 因为只要是有理可循的,他就有可能从中分析出一套可行的理论来。 But actually these must spend how much time he not to know, he and others, Profound Sage remains uncertain. 可这其中究竟要花多少时间他也不知道,他等得起,玄圣们的遗体就不一定等得起了。 No matter how said, the death time was shorter is easier to revive this iron rule is not wrong. 不管怎么说,死亡时间越短越容易救活这条铁律是不会错的。 Suddenly, during Jiang Beiran fell into intertwined. 一时间,江北然陷入了纠结之中。 Numerous Master Mysterious Art sees Jiang Beiran to be silent, with makes the ponder shape together, suddenly this hall peaceful extraordinary. 玄艺宗师见江北然沉默下来,也就跟着一起做思考状,一时间这个大厅安静的出奇。 Five days.” “五天。” Long time, Jiang Beiran says suddenly. 良久后,江北然突然开口说道。 In look that in a grandmaster has doubts, Jiang Beiran explained: We study to discuss together for five days, five days later how regardless of the result, we to start to get ready to resurrect that several Profound Sage.” 在一众宗师疑惑的眼神中,江北然解释道:“我们一起研究讨论五天,五天后无论结果如何,我们都开始准备复活那几位玄圣。” Although does not know how Jiang Beiran prepares to study, the nod that but an numerous Master Mysterious Art starts to approve said: Good, listens to Grandmaster river.” 虽然不知道江北然准备怎么研究,但一众玄艺宗师开始认可的点头道:“好,就听江大师的。” That everyone continues to discuss, I ask valley beam Xianzun to chat something.” “那各位继续讨论,我去找谷梁仙尊聊些事。” Jiang Beiran said that then left the view maple tree pavilion to return to above the altar. 江北然说完便离开枫阁回到了祭坛之上。 Valley beam senior.” Jiang Beiran went forward to shout valley beam modest one. “谷梁前辈。”江北然上前喊了谷梁谦一声。 Had the result?” valley beam modest has turned head to ask, the look full is the anticipation. “有结果了吗?”谷梁谦回过头问道,神色满是期待。 We prepare this matter to study to discuss for five days, strove to find one set of feasible theory, such will make the possibility that several Profound Sage died and was reborn also bigger.” “我们准备就此事研究讨论五天,争取找到一套可行的理论,那样让几位玄圣死而复生的可能性也会更大一些。” valley beam modest listened to the moment silent, because he also died and was reborn clearly this matter is the quicker the better, the person died more for a long time more was hard to be successful. 谷梁谦听完沉默了片刻,因为他也明白死而复生这种事是越快越好的,人死了越久越难以成功。 But since this saying were Jiang Beiran said that he nodded to say. 但既然这话是江北然说的,他还是点头道。 Good, listens to Grandmaster river.” “好,就听江大师的。” ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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