HDC :: Volume #2

#183: Loses the jade

Lin Chu face upwards to lie down, in ground by big hole that in oneself pound, the four limbs keep twitching. 林楚仰天躺在地上的被自己砸出的大坑中,四肢不停抽搐着。 Zhang Yu that sword direct bang put on his heart, and surrounding in internal organs is evaporation completely, he has not possibly lived again, now relies on the tenacious vitality that Divine Robe is providing there brace. 张御那一剑直接轰穿了他的心脏,并将周围一圈内腑俱是蒸发化尽,他已经没可能再活下来了,现在只是凭借着神袍提供的顽强生命力在那里撑着。 He listens to the sound of footsteps to hand down from the stair, knows that Zhang Yu is walking, he wants to get up again the fight, but this thought was struggling at heart several, submitted under that weak feeling eventually. 他听着脚步声从台阶之上传下,知道张御正在走下来,他想再次起来战斗,可是这个念头在心里挣扎了几下,终究还是屈服在了那一股虚弱感之下。 His soulless is looking at the sky, absent-minded, he felt that oneself body becomes very immature, probably still in the swaddling clothes, he felt that oneself is withstanding fierce jolting, outside is noisy, calls out in alarm, slaughters, sound that the sword and spear collides, these noisy to finally, is sound that the carriage turns layer on layer/heavily, was only he by a sturdy body very good protection, had not been injured by the least bit. 他无神的望着天空,恍惚之间,他感觉自己的身躯变得非常幼小,好像还在襁褓之中,他感觉自己在承受着剧烈的颠簸,外面是吵闹,惊叫,厮杀,刀枪碰撞的声音,这些嘈杂到了最后,是马车重重翻到的声音,只是他被一具壮实的躯体很好的保护住了,并没有受到半点伤害。 But this body was quickly motionless, and gradually lost the temperature, he was hugged by two soft arms in an intermittent depressing sobbing, gets down again is the respite sound of running, the tears sprinkled on the face. 可这具身躯很快就不动了,并且逐渐失去了温度,他在一阵阵压抑的抽泣声中被两只柔软的手臂抱起,再下来是奔跑的喘息声,还有泪水洒在了脸上。 It seems like very long, resembled is only the past a while, ray one dark, he had been hidden in a thick patch of grass, a gentle hand helped him tuck in the swaddling clothes gently, and whispered in his ear anything, cleaned tears stain on face for him gently, was far away to go warm, finally heard, a hand cannon sound that heard from afar. 似乎是很久,又似只是过去一会儿,光芒一暗,他已是被藏身在了一处草丛之中,一只温柔的手轻轻帮他掖了掖襁褓,并在他耳边轻声低语了一句什么,轻轻为他擦拭掉了脸上的泪渍,转而温暖远离而去,最后听到的,是远远传来的一声火铳声。 He smiled suddenly, smiles while to have the golden blood to spit. 他忽然笑了起来,一边笑一边有金色的血被吐出来。 Originally I not abandoned......” “原来我并非是被抛弃的啊……” The appearance in his both eyes is gradually dim, as spat finally, the whole person seemed found time generally, is slowly withered, since and faint trace smog leaps from the body, finally turned into pile of human form black dust. 他双目之中的神采渐渐黯淡下去,随着最后一口气吐了出来,整个人仿佛被抽空了一般,缓缓干瘪下去,并有一丝丝烟雾从身上腾起,最后化成了一堆人形黑色粉屑。 Zhang Yu had gone down the stair at this moment, he arrived at the Lin Chu side, visual the body of that person is gradually dissipating. 张御此刻已是走下了台阶,他来到了林楚的身边,目视着其人的身躯逐渐消散。 He knows that some Divine Robe can the optional master be taken with, then after is dies, will not have any phenomenon, finally Divine Robe leaves the master with the blood and aura together, gathers. 他知道有些神袍可以随意主人被取拿下来,便是死后也不会有什么异象,最后神袍会随着鲜血和气息一起离开主人,重新汇聚出来。 But some Divine Robe once were taken down, oneself will also die, body also collapse destroys, obvious Lin Chu Divine Robe will also belong to the latter together. 但有些神袍一经取下,自身就会随之死亡,身躯也会随之一起崩毁,明显林楚所着神袍就是属于后者了。 The strength passes on, does not have the price. 力量传继,并不是没有代价的。 But in human form black dust, two clear radiant gem that is flashing the ray, pink, one is to actually present the bright golden color, is especially dazzling. 而就在人形黑色的粉屑之中,两枚闪着光芒的晶莹璀璨的宝石,一枚浅红色,一枚却是呈现出亮金色,格外耀眼。 Two gems shake in a flash, flew instantly at present, he looked at one, pink that should belong to Lin Chu own Divine Robe, another likely was that Divine Army Vice Army Lord Ying Chongguang Divine Robe, this is this thing that came him mainly to seek, must therefore bring to go back to nurse, cannot no matter what again it wandered about destitute outside. 两枚宝石晃了一晃,霎时飞到了眼前,他看了一眼,浅红色的那一枚应该是原本属于林楚自己的神袍,另一枚很可能就是那枚神尉军副尉主应重光神袍了,此来他主要寻找的就是这东西,故是必须带回去看护起来,不能再任其流落在外面了。 He put out a hand to grasp two gems, puts in the pocket. 他伸手将两枚宝石拿住,放入到了衣兜之中。 At this time if he had a sleep/felt, the vision moved, sees by the black filings that in the wind zone walked, revealed a beautiful jade of tile laminated shape. 这时他若有所觉,目光一移,见被风带走的黑屑之中,露出了一块瓦片状的美玉。 Is this...... profound jade? 这是……玄玉 Under his heart moves, that thing flew, falls into his hand directly, identifies carefully, the discovery is really profound jade. 他心下一动,那东西飞了起来,直接落入他手中,仔细辨认下来,发现果然是玄玉 On But.... Lin Chu will have this thing? 只是……林楚身上怎么会有这个东西? Is it possible that is which Profound Mansion was cultivator killed in his hands? 莫非是哪一位玄府修士丧命在其手中了么? At once he does not feel right, this profound jade seems like with his has the slight difference. 旋即他感觉不对,这枚玄玉看起来与他自己那一枚有着些微的不同。 In his hand that profound jade surface is smooth, in has the rosy cloud to surge, but this, is the surface looks to be ordinarier, seeming is together the pure beautiful jade, and he tried to induce, inside was empty, resembled anything not to have. 他手中那枚玄玉表面光润,内有云霞涌动,而这一块,则是表面看去普通许多,好似就是一块单纯的美玉,且他试着感应了一下,里面空空荡荡,也似什么东西都没有。 But at this time, he felt that suddenly in own one side pocket has tremor slightly, under his heart moves, puts out a hand, carried itself that profound jade to take. 可就在这个时候,他忽然感觉到自己一侧的衣兜之中有着微微颤动,他心下一动,就一伸手,将自身所携那枚玄玉取了出来。 At this time he discovered, two profound jade after meeting each other, all was blooms a trivial glimmer to be bright, as if has an intense attraction. 此时他发现,两枚玄玉在照见彼此之后,俱是绽放出了一丝微微光亮,互相之间似乎有着一股强烈的吸引力。 He thought that then tries to let go, instantly two profound jade such as were towed, in striking the jade sound closes up toward one, but is colliding to together in an instant, a bright ray blooms, white one piece of surroundings photo. 他思索了一下,便试着一松手,霎时两枚玄玉如受牵引,在击玉声中往一处合拢,而就在碰撞到一起刹那间,一股明亮光芒绽放出来,将周围照的白茫茫一片。 Some Zhang Yu feelings, oneself resemble at this moment is covered by the seal ray, when that ray dissipates slowly, his view goes again, discovered that two watts profound jade is gathers turned into a complete jade column, approximately palm of the hand size, middle quite the same as seamless, in seems the electric light rosy cloud, winds around to flash. 张御此刻有种感觉,自己似是被章印光芒所笼罩,待那光芒徐徐消散,他再次观去,发现两瓦玄玉已是并拢化成了一根完整的玉柱,大约巴掌大小,当中浑然无隙,内中似有电光云霞,缭绕闪动。 While he must carefully observe the time again, the palm moves, then saw the column jade near the left half to give birth to the close crack suddenly, later a scrap scrap flaked, among moment, smashing for one pile of jade gravels. 正当他要再仔细观察一下的时候,手掌才是一动,便见柱玉的左半边忽然生出了细密的裂纹,随后一小块一小块剥落下来,须臾之间,就粉碎为了一堆玉砾。 Only has to be his half profound jade also existence in good condition there. 唯有属于他自己的那一半玄玉还好端端的存在于那里。 Sees this, he revealed the color of thinking. 见到这一幕,他不禁露出了思索之色。 Profound Mansion profound jade, is divided into the jade and vice- jade two types. 玄府玄玉,分为正玉、副玉两种。 He holds that profound jade is together the vice- jade, then can coincide with this jade, only had the jade. 他所持那枚玄玉乃是一块副玉,那么能与此玉相合的,就唯有是正玉了。 Speaking of the jade nature actual, both had no too big difference, all was with stemming from a source, truly had the difference, is content that in contained. 实际从玉质上讲,两者并没有什么太大区别,全是就是同出于一源的,真正有区别的,是里面所蕴含的内容。 In the vice- jade, except for one that the predecessor leaves behind does not know that on seal outside, anything did not have. 副玉之中,除了前人留下的一枚不知就里的章印外,就什么东西都没有了。 But the jade is different, has by Profound Mansion Profound Leader, under normal conditions, inside contained Profound Mansion all chapter order and seal. 而正玉则不同,是由玄府玄首所持有,通常情况下,里面包含了玄府所有的章法章印 Simply speaking, the jade is used to pass on the law, the vice- jade is used to inherit. 简单来说,正玉用来传法的,副玉则是用于承继的。 secret seal chapter order that if the jade has oneself all transmitted to the vice- jade, then vice- jade also became jade. 若是正玉将自身所具备的秘印章法全都传递给了副玉的话,那么“副玉”也就成为“正玉”了。 In Profound Mansion, the vice- jade can exist to have, but the jade only allows to have the same place, therefore after the inheritance, the previous jade will then disrupt each time, this is one type inherits and passes on the ceremony. 一座玄府之中,副玉可以存在有许多,但正玉只允许存在一块,所以在每次传承过后,上枚正玉便会自行碎裂,这是一种承传仪式。 Matter that had a moment ago, seemed like inheriting and passing on. 刚才所发生的事情,就像是在承传。 Above his vision looks at fixedly the moment, is not, looked at the apparent outcome. 他目光凝注其上片刻,到底是与不是,一看便知究竟了。 Immediately his mind is certain, tries to search toward in the induction. 当即他心神一定,试着把感应往里探去。 As the intention enters among, in a twinkling, seal appear in the mind, he distinguished, discovers in this, not only has itself above six seal books has seen all seal, some have not always seen. 随着心意入至其内,霎时间,一道道的章印浮现于脑海之中,他分辨了一下,发现这里面不但有自己在六印章书之上见过的所有章印,更有一些从来未曾见过的。 Under his heart ponders saying: This was these seal that Profound Mansion lost.” 他心下忖道:“想必这就是玄府遗失的那些章印了。” If as expected, this is Profound Mansion predecessor Profound Leader Yan Zhang remains without doubt, but that person has assigned Qi Bi to be Profound Leader obviously, why can move unnecessarily? 如果不出意外的话,这无疑是玄府前任玄首颜彰所留,可明明其人已是指定了戚毖玄首,为何又要多此一举呢? However thinks again, this is also reasonable. 不过再了想一想,这也是合理的。 Because initially Eastern Court predecessor, although prepares to attack Archizama, tries to bury Blood Sun Ancient Kingdom, but does not have to think mostly oneself this are gone, left made Qi Bi make Profound Leader before, should be only confesses temporarily, was makes one to plan by some chance. 因为当初东廷诸位前人虽然准备突袭阿奇扎玛,试图埋葬血阳古国,可多半也没想到自己这一去不回,离开之前让戚毖玄首,应该只是一个临时交代,是做一个万一打算。 Until afterward the situation changed, perhaps Yan Zhang was knows oneself are unable to go back, this tried to deliver this jade, but afterward seemed like, because lost accidentally/surprisingly outside. 直到后来局势有变,颜彰恐怕是知道自己无法回去了,这才试着把这一枚正玉送出来,只是后来看起来因为意外失落在了外面。 His mental association to Ying Chongguang kept the mark to vanish from this divine city finally, suspicion finally this thing was very then possible to carry by that person, this also explained why on Lin Chu will have this thing. Should be it is obtaining the Divine Robe time to obtain together. 他联想到应重光的留痕最后从这神城之中消失了,便猜想最后这东西很可能是由其人携带出去的,这也解释了为什么林楚身上会有这东西。应该是其在取得神袍时候一起得到的。 Was a pity very seriously, if this profound jade can successfully deliver to Profound Mansion, that Protectorate of today, was another aspect. 当真十分可惜,要是这枚玄玉能成功送到玄府,那今日之都护府,就是另一番局面了。 Read changes to here, under his heart moved slightly, in this case, that here can Chapter 3 mysterious? He carefully looked at a while, suddenly contacted an indistinct consciousness. 念转到此处,他心下微微一动,若是这样的话,那这里会否有通向第三章的玄妙呢?他仔细看了一会儿,忽然接触到了一个飘渺的意识。 Must continue to inquire into the time in him, actually hears intermittent rapid sound of footsteps to transmit from the distant place. 正在他要继续探究的时候,却听到一阵阵急促的脚步声自远处传来。 He lifts the item to look, actually saw these to enter the divine city Divine Army soldiers to arrive at the near with Lin Chu together, a female who wore the complex plane iron armor held two axes to stand, asked: Where Army Lord?” 他抬目看去,却见那些随着林楚一起进入神城神尉军士卒来到了近前,其中一个身着覆面铁甲的女子持着两把斧头站了出来,问道:“尉主哪里去了?” They compel in Lin Chu spirituality bends, was depressed own body and mind and consciousness forcefully, although Lin Chu the body has died, but at once, this situation did not have the means to turn around. 他们在林楚灵性屈迫下,被强行压下了自身的身心和意识,尽管林楚已然身死,可一时之间,这种情况还没有办法扭转过来。 Army Lord? 尉主 Under the Zhang Yu heart thinks, this should be to the name of Lin Chu, it seems like Lin Chu also has own thoughts, he has not spoken the idle talk with these Divine Army, in the eye has the ray to flash slightly, in the field has together the different light flash. 张御心下一思,这应该是对林楚的称呼了,看来林楚也是有着自己的心思的,他没有与这些神尉军多说废话,眼中有光芒微微一闪,场中顿有一道异光闪过。 After seeing this ray, these Divine Army first gawked, later on the face reveals the vicious color, stares ruthlessly to own person, as calls out, goes all out to kill. 在望见这道光芒后,这些神尉军先是愣了一下,随后脸上露出凶狠之色,狠狠瞪向自己身边的人,随着一声嘶喊,互相之间就拼命砍杀起来。 The fight decided the victory and defeat quickly, the Squad Leader Mo obvious strength is higher, only used a while time, cuts down everyone in the place, however passed through these slaughtered, she as if also sobered. 战斗很快就分出了胜负,莫队率明显实力更高,只用了一会儿工夫,就将所有人都砍倒在地,然而经过了这一番杀戮,她似乎也是清醒了过来。 She looked at Zhang Yu of not far away, suddenly flung two axes one side, knelt, said: wait a minute, do not kill me.” 她看了看不远处的张御,忽然将两把斧子甩到了一边,跪了下来,道:“等一下,别杀我。” Zhang Yu stands there has not spoken, the facial expression does not look under hat clearly. 张御站在那里没有说话,脸容在遮帽之下也看不真切。 Squad Leader Mo clenches teeth, puts out a hand to press in the forehead, later took a red gem, immediately a whole body prostration, body also naked eye obvious thin several, she shivers both hands to hand over the gem, said: I am willing to hand over my Divine Robe.” 莫队率一咬牙,伸手在眉心一按,随后将一枚红色宝石取了出来,顿时浑身一阵虚脱,身躯也肉眼可见的瘦了几圈,她颤抖着起双手把宝石递上,道:“我愿意交出我的神袍。” Zhang Yu lightly said: You are very intelligent.” 张御淡声道:“你很聪明。” Squad Leader Mo raised the head, carefully and said discretely: „Is your excellency the Profound Mansion person? Although I am Divine Army squad leader, but does not have always to kill people carelessly, instead protected many civilians, I do not want dead here, but I know that the powerhouse has the right to decide the life of weak one, my life was therefore decided by your excellency, but begged your excellency to let off me.” 莫队率抬起头,小心而谨慎说道:“尊驾是玄府的人么?我虽然是神尉军队率,但是没有从来胡乱杀过人,反而保护了不少平民,我不想死在这里,但是我知道强者有权利决定弱者的生命,所以我的生命由尊驾来决定,只是乞求尊驾能放过我。” Zhang Yu with superior induction, what was not hard to distinguish her to say was the truth, he considered, said: „Does Lin Chu make you collect here Divine Robe?” 张御凭着超常感应,不难分辨出来她说的是真话,他考虑了一下,道:“林楚让你们搜集这里的神袍?” Squad Leader Mo returns carefully said: Yes.” 莫队率小心回道:“是的。” Zhang Yu said: I give you a matter, you go to collect here all Divine Robe.” Falls Divine Robe here is the Celestial Xia thing, rather than Divine Army, should not stay here, the words that can carry off he will carry off. 张御道:“我交给你一件事,你去把这里所有的神袍都搜集起来。”落在这里的神袍都是属于天夏的东西,而不是神尉军的,不应该留在这里,能带走的话他都会带走。 The Squad Leader Mo heart next loosen, she said seriously: I understood.” 莫队率心下一松,她郑重道:“我明白了。” Zhang Yu said: You can put on your Divine Robe, such can, I not know how long quickly oneself will stay here.” 张御道:“你可以把自己的神袍披上,那样可以快一点,我也不知道自己会在这里停留多久。” Squad Leader Mo respectful sound said: Yes.” 莫队率恭声道:“是。” After Zhang Yu confesses, no longer goes to manage her, walked one step toward the side, a figure indistinctness, the next quarter, had arrived above the top porch in this temple, he puts out profound jade again, prepares to look in well this also has anything. 张御交代过后,就不再去管她,往侧面走了一步,身形一阵缥缈,下一刻,已是来到了这座神庙的顶廊之上,他将玄玉再次拿出,准备好好看一看这里面到底还有什么。 ...... …… ...... ……
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