GLCR :: Volume #5

#450: Soon

, Renews the samsara great misfortune main latest chapter most quickly! ,最快更新轮回大劫主最新章节! The place of seal. 封印之地。 I am possibly bringing about own destruction.’ ‘我可能是在自寻死路。’ In the consciousness of Fang Xian, appears a thought. 方仙的意识里,浮现出一个念头。 Even if Nicola be at deep sleep and seal condition, the terrifying of antique ruler, far exceeded his imagination limit. 哪怕尼古拉亚处于沉睡与封印状态,太古支配者的恐怖,也远远超出了他的想象极限。 Improvement from now on Hopps Kingdon god technique, but helps him integrate antique ruler within the body, making both's will start to fuse. 改进过后的霍普斯金登神术,只是帮他融入太古支配者体内,令两者的意志开始融合。 This that Hopps gold/metal founds casts a spell together, originally does not swallow the Spiritual God, but is fuses with the Spiritual God on own initiative! 霍普斯金所开创出来的这一道禁咒,本来就不是吞噬神灵,而是主动与神灵融合! By oneself, became a part that has greatly! 让自己,成为伟大存在的一部分! This is he, received influence, is the rulers to he biggest deceiving! 这是他在不知不觉间,受到的影响,也是支配者们对他最大的愚弄! At this time, Fang Xian has lost the mortal body, the will intruded the Nicola energetic sea. 此时,方仙已经失去肉身,意志闯入了尼古拉亚的精神海。 His feeling, an average person, rushed in the jet black universe probably suddenly. 他的感觉,就好像一个普通人,突然闯进了漆黑的宇宙之中。 Did not say the vastness of Sun and planet. 不说太阳与行星的浩瀚。 Even if only the cosmic rays, might make him die directly. 哪怕只是宇宙射线,都有可能令他直接死亡。 So-called energetic steel seal, was inferior that spacesuits are effective. 所谓的‘精神钢印’,都不如一件宇航服管用。 ‚Is this seven level and true God strengths? Is only the will, surpassed six levels too many too many...... I dead......’ ‘这就是七级、真神的力量么?仅仅只是意志,就超出六级太多太多了……我要死了……’ The Fang Xian will only supported very short some time, starts fuzzily. 方仙的意志只支持了很短的一段时间,就开始模糊。 My risk...... my samsara...... stopped......’ ‘我的冒险……我的轮回……就到此为止了……’ But...... I do not regret......’ ‘但是……我并不后悔……’ In the consciousness fuzzy final flash, Fang Xian sees own consciousness deep place, suddenly emerges the darkness. 在意识模糊的最后一刹那,方仙看到自己的意识深处,突然涌现出大片大片的黑暗。 They are wriggling, gathers in together, forms an indescribable huge form. 它们蠕动着,汇聚在一起,形成一个难以描述的庞大身影。 Human before It, simply like dust particle. 人类在祂面前,简直如同微尘。 From the blackness, a withered round body extends, that should be his head. 从漆黑之中,一颗干瘪的圆形物体伸展出来,那应该是祂的头颅。 This head has, if the dry corpse and mummy, fill the dead air/Qi witheredly, the superficial gully vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered, each endures in ten thousand meters oceanic trench compared with sea. 这头颅有若干尸与木乃伊,干瘪而充满死气,表面沟壑纵横,每一道都堪比大海中的万米海沟。 Is gazing at It merely, makes the consciousness of Fang Xian be close to collapse and crazy. 仅仅只是注视着祂,就让方仙的意识接近崩溃与疯狂。 Actually inexplicable familiar feelings. 却又有一种莫名的熟悉感觉。 ‚Did It look? It in anger? This vision...... somewhat familiar......’ ‘祂看了过来?祂在愤怒?这道目光……有些熟悉啊……’ Fang Xian recalled, this was existence that provoked in the river of the netherworld. 方仙回忆起来了,这就是自己在冥河之中招惹的存在。 Oneself were summoned to come by Roukka initially, a itself strength, had not actually carried the immortal poem. 自己当初被罗卡召唤而来,本身并没有一点力量,却携带了不朽诗篇。 The opposite party, grants existence of immortal poem strength. 对方,就是赐予不朽诗篇力量的存在。 It...... has stared at himself in the river of the netherworld, overcomes the mark in consciousness most deep place! 祂……早就在冥河中盯上了自己,于意识最深处打下标记! But now, his prey must be robbed by Nicola. 而现在,祂的猎物就要被尼古拉亚抢走。 Existence in this river of the netherworld, started the anger immediately. 这位冥河之中的存在,顿时开始了愤怒。 In the profound universe darkness, a lot of tentacles appear, pesters with the dry corpse together. 深邃的宇宙黑暗之中,大量触手浮现出来,与干尸纠缠在一起。 This is Nicola some wills, similarly revives, with enemy battle. 这是尼古拉亚的部分意志,同样苏醒了过来,在与敌人争斗。 The consciousness of Fang Xian, falls back on the edge position fast, escapes unceasingly, in a small boat just like sea difficult situation. 方仙的意识,飞快退到边缘位置,不断逃逸,就宛若大海惊涛骇浪中的一叶小舟。 Finally...... saw reluctantly in the hope that in the crevice survives......” “终于……勉强看到了一丝在夹缝中生存下来的希望……” His will corrodes all around universe fast, although the speed is very slow, but is very firm. 他的意志飞快侵蚀起四周的宇宙,虽然速度很慢,但十分坚定。 That the introduction is possibly in flux, is the only hope that he finds a way out! 引入可能存在的变数,就是他死中求活的唯一希望! Insisted that...... I must insist...... depends on these two wills to spelling, I can seek the survival in the crevice, refining up this piece of universe truly, even if only 10%!” “坚持……我必须坚持下来……靠着这两股意志的对拼,我能在夹缝中寻求生存,真正炼化这片宇宙,哪怕只是10%!” This is one extremely long with the process of pain, the destruction crisis may arrive anytime. 这是一个极为漫长与痛苦的过程,覆灭的危机随时都有可能降临。 Once that two big exist to decide the victory and defeat, the weak balance was broken, is the Fang Xian end. 一旦那两大存在分出胜负,微弱的平衡被打破,就是方仙的末日。 But Fang Xian already, no matter these, an intent fights to the last ditch. 方仙已经不管这些,一意死拼。 This is the only hope that he survives! 这是他生存下来的唯一希望! And, he also has a big advantage. 并且,他还有着一个巨大的优势。 That is, the period of group star homing has not arrived, these two big antique rulers, be at the condition of seal. 那就是,群星归位之期还没有到来,这两大太古支配者,都处于封印的状态。 In other words, they at this time, only have part of subconsciouses to fight. 也就是说,祂们此时,只有一部分潜意识在战斗着。 Although enough has destroyed the day to extinguish, but has not arrived at the deepest desperate time. 虽然已经足够毁天灭地,但还没有到最为深沉的绝望时刻。 ‚More than one year......’ ‘一年多……’ I must in more than one year,...... occupy certain strength during this frail balance, can greet Nicola true counter-attack!’ ‘我必须在一年多的时间内,于这种脆弱的平衡之中……占据一定实力,才能迎接尼古拉亚真正的反扑!’ The consciousness of Fang Xian is firm. 方仙的意识坚定无比。 His time, has bet own soul, own all! 他这一次,已经赌上了自己的灵魂、自己的一切! ...... …… The black iron underwent in 1605. 黑铁历1605年。 Philip. 菲利普市。 „The river of time, does not take the will of person as the shift, finally...... to this year......” “时间的长河,不以人的意志为转移,终于……还是到了这一年啊……” Vivian raised the head, looks at the snowflake that one is dropping piece by piece, sighed, entered some villa. 薇薇安抬头,望着一片片落下的雪花,叹息一声,走进某幢别墅。 When she passes through the gate, the facial expression had been smiled to replace: Parents...... I came back.” 当她进门之时,神情已经被微笑取代:“爸爸妈妈……我回来了。” „, Is Vivian?” “哦,是薇薇安啊?” Uncle Lei sits on the deck chair, wears the presbyopic glasses, puts down the newspaper. 雷伯坐在躺椅上,戴着老花镜,放下报纸。 Her mother in kitchen busy. 她的母亲则在厨房内忙碌。 As for secure? 至于乔安? He had moved, because formed the new family, recently heard his wife was also pregnant. 他已经搬了出去,因为组建了新的家庭,最近听说他的妻子还怀孕了。 This is a matter that is worth rejoicing, although Vivian does not know that should say what good. 这是一件值得庆幸的事情,虽然薇薇安不知道该说什么好。 She puts down the gift, enjoys the dinner with the parents together. 她放下礼物,与爸爸妈妈一起享用晚餐。 Arrived finally, the tray was tidied up, Uncle Lei to himself one glass of beer, was joined to the squid to do but actually, slowly chews, at the same time asked: You...... had the matter to tell that us, since that time you migrated our family to here come, I know that you grasped very big energy...... to make me guess, it from these research that you did yearn for?” 到最后,盘子被收拾下去,雷伯给自己倒了一杯啤酒,配上鱿鱼干,慢慢嘴嚼,一边发问:“你……有事情跟我们说吧,自从那次你将我们全家迁移到这里来,我就知道你掌握了很大的能量……让我猜一猜,它来自你向往的那些研究?” Has saying that although Reber by the hypnosis, forgot some memories, but as the professor, his power of observation and power of thought is very keen. 不得不说,雷伯虽然被催眠,遗忘了部分记忆,但作为大学教授,他的观察力与思维能力都十分敏锐。 However in Philip, we knows, lost the mission to control its all, you lose a great person in mission.” “而在菲利普市,我们都知道,失落教团控制了它的一切,你是失落教团中的一位大人物了。” Reber said oneself guess temperately. 雷伯温和地说出自己的猜测。 Yes.” “是的。” Vivian had the childhood cheat in the examination caught sense of shame suddenly, naturally, maintained merely instantly. 薇薇安蓦然有种小时候考试作弊被抓到的羞耻感,当然,仅仅只是维持刹那。 She chose acknowledged: According to the concept of our mission, recently you do not go out the disaster again, we constructed an underground safe house...... it to be big enough, firmly, have the good ventilation system, as well as enough several thousand people consumed over three years grain and material reserves......” 她选择了承认:“按照我们教团的观念,最近将有一场灾难你们不要再出去了,我们建造了一处地下安全屋……它足够高大、坚固、有良好的通风系统,以及足够数千人消耗三年以上的粮食与物资储备……” „...... Uncle Lei smiles luckily: Do not mobilize us to offer sacrifices......, although my god to the losing is very indeed interested, It is brand-new gods, and only needs the fresh flower and fruit is the sacrificial offering, this in the ceremonies of other gods, is very rare......” “幸好……”雷伯笑了笑:“你不是要动员我们去献祭……虽然我对失落之神的确很有兴趣,祂是一位全新的神明,并且只需要鲜花与水果为祭品,这在其它神的仪式中,是非常罕见的……” „The god of losing...... quiet a long time, but I believe, It will certainly return, grants me and other revelations, blessed us to pass the end the disaster.” “失落之神……已经沉寂很长一段时间了,但我相信,祂一定会归来,赐予我等天启,庇佑我们度过末日的灾难。” Vivian replied heavily. 薇薇安沉重地回答。 She thought of some recent information. 她想到了最近的一些情报。 Because the end will soon arrive, these heathens entered the quite crazy condition. 因为末日即将到来,那些异教徒们进入了相当疯狂的状态。 Various make the blood boil vicious cases emerge one after another incessantly, maintains secrecy the person to be hard to suppress, has to contract the strength, defends several cities. 各种令人发指的恶性案件层出不穷,就连守密人都难以压制,不得不收缩力量,防守几个重要城市。 Because lost the mission to take over Philip comprehensively, had the powerful protection strength, made here be insufficient to be attacked. 由于失落教团全面接手了菲利普市,拥有强大的保护力量,才令这里不至于遭到袭击。
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