GLCR :: Volume #5

#447: Suppression

, Renews the samsara great misfortune main latest chapter most quickly! ,最快更新轮回大劫主最新章节! Above island. 海岛之上。 Li's offering sacrifices, to last step. 维戴丽的献祭,也到了最后一步。 In the middle of many scale person frantic shouting , the sea raises the mighty waves, the huge sea monster appearance that is similar the bat manta, will give to its sacrificial offering to swallow all. 在诸多鳞人狂热的呼喊当中,大海掀起波涛,一只类似蝠鲼的庞大海怪出现,将献给它的祭品尽数吞食。 Only looks straight ahead its huge body, some scale people cannot endure, direct crazy. 光是直视它庞大的身躯,就有一些鳞人忍受不住,直接疯狂。 But beautiful has not managed them, was still reading aloud the incantation loudly. 但维戴丽没有管它们,仍旧大声念诵着咒文。 Deep sea Elder crawls the ashore, it opens the big mouth, starts to swallow these crazy scale people. 深海长老爬到岸上,它张开大口,又开始吞食那些疯狂的鳞人。 Regarding ancient with great existence, they are such character, what follower? Does not care. 对于古老者与伟大存在而言,它们就是这样的性格,什么信徒?根本不在乎。 After eating to the full, it opens the mouth satisfiedly, as if must hit a belch. 等到吃饱之后,它满足地张大嘴巴,似乎要打个饱嗝。 While this opportunity, beautiful with a group of crazy followers, sneaked in the mouth of deep sea Elder directly. 趁着这个机会,维戴丽与一批狂信徒,直接钻进了深海长老的嘴里。 This is very dangerous matter. 这是十分危险的事情。 If this ancient also has the sense of hunger, they become food that delivered on own initiative. 若是这位古老者还有饥饿感,那他们就成了主动送上门的食物。 Luckily, through multiple offering sacrifices, beautiful had found out the deep sea Elder appetite basically, with the beforehand sacrificial offering with the clansman of going crazy, satisfied the appetite of opposite party. 幸好,通过多次的献祭,维戴丽已经基本摸清楚了深海长老的食量,用之前的祭品与发疯的族人,满足了对方的胃口。 Deep sea Elder closes the mouth, sneaks the sea. 深海长老闭上嘴巴,重新潜入大海。 Its speed fast, the submersion, entered oceanic trench under a ten thousand meters in an instant. 它速度飞快,转眼间就下沉,进入了万米之下的一片海沟。 All around environment is even more dim, the sea water pressure is even more huge, this is human until now, mysterious world that has not visited. 四周环境越发昏暗,海水压力越发庞大,这是人类迄今为止,未曾踏足的神秘世界。 Moreover, after entering some deep sea, surrounding void has the fluctuation faintly. 不仅如此,在进入某片深海之后,周围的虚空都隐隐有着波动。 Deep sea Elder across some barrier, vanishes directly does not see. 深海长老穿过某层屏障,直接就消失不见。 If changes into other submarines, even is ancient comes, perhaps could not discover mystery that here transmitted. 如果换成其它潜艇、甚至是古老者前来,恐怕根本发现不了这里传送的奥秘。 This is the channel that Nicola family can pass alone! 这是独属于尼古拉亚眷者才能通过的通道! Deep sea Elder within the body. 深海长老体内。 beautiful and other scale people are calling out pitifully unceasingly, they as if received the invisible extrusion, some foreheads were elongated, some both hands present the strange curve, just like entering a world of piece of fun-house mirror, turned weird person's shadow. 维戴丽等鳞人不断惨叫着,它们仿佛受到了无形的挤压,有的头部被拉长,有的双手呈现出诡异的弧度,宛若进入了一片哈哈镜的世界,变成了其中怪诞的人影。 This is the void strength...... bears, cannot make the space really kill us......” “这是虚空的力量啊……忍住,不能让空间真的杀了我们……” beautiful is shouting. 维戴丽呼喊着。 How long the time does not know, several scale people died. 时间不知道过去多久,又有几个鳞人死亡。 The unusual form vanishes, only then beautiful and other six scale people survive. 异状消失,只有维戴丽与剩余的六位鳞人存活下来。 I became more powerful...... the distortion, strengthened my physical quality......” beautiful to get hold of the fist, is thinking very much satisfied. “我变得更加强大了……刚才的扭曲,增强了我的身体素质……”维戴丽握紧拳头,很是满意地想着。 Crossed for probably several minutes, deep sea Elder no longer hovers, opens the mouth, making the ray shine. 过了大概数分钟,深海长老不再游动,张开嘴巴,让光线照射进来。 Arrived...... deep sea palace...... a Spiritual God of our clan true worship...... great...... the place of Nicola deep sleep!” “到了……深海宫殿……我们一族真正崇拜的神灵……伟大者……尼古拉亚沉睡之地!” beautiful felt frantic of bloodlines deep place, as well as deep fear. 维戴丽感受到了血脉深处的狂热,以及深深的畏惧。 In the air seems to be filling a dignity, making her want not to kneel to bend down voluntarily. 空气中都似乎弥漫着一股威严,令她想要不自觉地跪伏下去。 Her both legs shiver, are suppressing the huge mouth that goes out of deep sea Elder, stepped a sand beach. 她双腿颤抖,强忍着走出深海长老的巨口,踏上了一片沙滩。 Here as if is also islands, but vault of heaven just like backing off transparent great bowl, above is the endless mighty waves of sea, but also has the variegated ray, sprinkles under. 这里似乎也是一处岛屿,但天穹宛若倒扣着的透明巨碗,上面是大海的无尽波涛,还带着斑斓的光芒,洒落而下。 The sand beach is primitive and nature, as if no one visits for a long time, but does not have the plant and shellfish trace. 沙滩原始而自然,似乎长久都无人踏足,但是也没有植物与贝类的踪影。 beautiful raised the head. 维戴丽抬头。 The next quarter, she saw, in the islands center, there is a giant lithical Maya pyramid. 下一刻,她看到了,在岛屿中央,有一座巨大的石质玛雅金字塔。 Peak in pyramid, is a leaf of front door. 在金字塔的顶端,则是一扇大门。 The giant rock experienced the washout of long years, has become very decayed, the surface has the trace of corrosion. 巨大的岩石经历了漫长岁月的冲刷,已经变得十分腐朽,表面有着侵蚀的痕迹。 Even so, the above some scale person marks are also very obvious, they use the unique writing of scale person, wrote all over the master about the deep sea, sea ruler and Nicola song of praise. 即使如此,上面的一些鳞人印记也十分明显,它们用鳞人的独特文字,写满了大片大片关于深海之主人、大海之支配者、尼古拉亚的赞歌。 If can awaken me to advocate ahead of time, I can obtain the supreme glory inevitably!” “如果能提前唤醒吾主,我必然能得到无上的荣耀!” beautiful is enduring the fear, the spirit becomes even more frantic, leading the scale person to go forward step by step, arrived at bottom of pyramid. 维戴丽忍受着恐惧,精神变得越发狂热,带领鳞人一步步上前,来到了金字塔底部。 Arrived here, discovered that pyramid becomes bigger, almost blocked from the trim vault of heaven, under the projection the huge shadow. 到了这里,才发现金字塔变得更加高大,几乎遮住了整片天穹,投射下庞大的阴影。 At this time, in side of pyramid, above the lithical steps, is actually standing a person's shadow. 此时,在金字塔的一面,石质阶梯之上,却站着一个人影。 He shoulders both hands, has a smile however vertical, suddenly looked: Finally...... to?” 他背负双手,含笑而立,蓦然看了过来:“终于……到了么?” Roukka!?” “罗卡!?” beautiful eyes stare in a big way: How do you possibly appear here?” 维戴丽眼睛瞪大:“你怎么可能出现在这里?” Nothing is impossible, you through deep sea Elder, open the flash of mystical place, is giving me opening the door...... naturally, the strength of this complex concept, you perhaps could not understand......” “没有什么不可能的,你们通过深海长老,打开秘境的一刹那,也是在给我‘开门’……当然,这种复杂概念的力量,你们或许理解不了……” The Fang Xian vision has swept beautiful, looked in her behind several scale people: And...... covets the heathen of strength of antique ruler, perhaps continues my.” 方仙的目光扫过维戴丽,在她身后的几头鳞人身上看了看:“并且……觊觎太古支配者之力的异教徒,恐怕不止我一位。” What?” “什么?” beautiful has turned around, is looking at similarly vacant six scale people. 维戴丽转过身,望着同样茫然的六个鳞人。 The next quarter, in which three scale person expressions change suddenly, becomes very painful. 下一刻,其中的三头鳞人表情突然变化,变得十分痛苦。 Some of them face split, grew a fierce blood-stained mouth, had forcefully moves the neck transferred 180 degrees, let the back of the head to the people, revealed the brand-new face, last tore down the epithelium of First Layer scale person from the face, drilled another human from inside. 它们有的脸庞裂开,长出了一张狰狞的血口,有得硬生生将自己脖子搬转了一百八十度,让后脑勺对着众人,露出全新的脸孔,最后一个则是从脸上撕下了一层鳞人的皮膜,从里面钻出另外一个人类。 Antique rulers are hard to contact, we can confirm that only, only then here.” “太古支配者们难以接触,我们唯一能够确认的,也只有这里了。” The old face on back of the head is looking at Fang Xian: Roukka who loses the mission...... we regarding your casting a spell, is very interested, we could cooperate.” 后脑勺上的苍老人脸望着方仙:“失落教团的罗卡……我们对于你的禁咒,也很有兴趣,我们或许可以合作。” Falling star mission? The possibility of among us perhaps not having cooperated!” “坠星教团?我们之间恐怕没有合作的可能!” Although these three people of methods are different, but Fang Xian inspiration high to scary situation, instantaneously before contacts with some of them and enemies. 虽然这三人手段不同,但方仙灵感高到吓人的地步,瞬间就将他们与自己之前的一些敌人联系起来。 Scale person faction, similarly is also part of falling star mission.” “鳞人派系,同样也是坠星教团的一部分。” The old age face is looking at beautiful temperately: Now...... first solves our common enemies...... beautiful...... you to know how should do.” 老年面孔温和地望着维戴丽:“现在……先解决我们共同的敌人……维戴丽……你知道应该怎么做。” beautiful expression is somewhat vacant, muttering: Is...... I know.” 维戴丽表情有些茫然,喃喃着:“是的……我知道。” She starts to read aloud Nicola name unceasingly. 她开始不断念诵尼古拉亚的名字。 Bang! 轰隆! Above pyramid, a fearful pressure appears. 金字塔之上,一股可怕的压力浮现。 This is not Nicola regains consciousness, but is the strength of Pyramid. 这并非尼古拉亚苏醒,而是金字塔本身的力量。 It was the construction of ancient feudalism period, is representing the class, as well as brutal oppression. 它是古代封建时期的建筑,代表着阶层,以及残酷的压迫。 At this time, in view of presenting everyone, starts to conduct determination! 此时,针对在场所有人,开始进行‘判定’! Three heathens stuffy snort/hum, partly kneels in the place. 三名异教徒闷哼一声,半跪于地。 But beautiful as if understood anything, on the face appears the wild with joy look: This pyramid, does not look at the strength, only looks at a standard...... your human, is the base and low insect pig...... our scale people, actually entered the step position, not to mention, the body also has Nicola blessing...... not to kneel down, ants!” 而维戴丽似乎明白了什么,脸上浮现出狂喜的神色:“这座金字塔,不看实力,只看位格……你们人类,都是卑微的虫豕……我们鳞人,却是入了阶位的,更不用说,身上还有尼古拉亚的祝福……还不跪下,蝼蚁!” By suppression of position standard determination?” “以位格判定的压制?” The Fang Xian expression becomes very interesting, suddenly opens the mouth: You must kneel down, base and low sea fish!” 方仙的表情变得十分有趣,蓦然开口:“你才要跪下,卑微的海鱼!” The alchemist six levels of position standards appear. 方士六级的位格浮现。 The terrifying suppression, made beautiful lie on the ground instantaneously, in the eye also remains the unbelievable look. 恐怖的压制,瞬间令维戴丽趴在地上,眼睛里还残留着难以置信的神色。
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