GLCR :: Volume #5

#446: Consequence

, Renews the samsara great misfortune main latest chapter most quickly! ,最快更新轮回大劫主最新章节! Thump thump! 咚咚! Sky over Philip, appears suddenly drum sounds. 菲利普市上空,突然浮现出一声声鼓响。 With drumbeat, the pipe sound of flute. 伴随着鼓声的,还有长笛的笛音。 They combine in the same place, does not have the slight rhythm, performs just like the beginner shoddily, is coarse makes one spit blood. 它们混杂在一起,没有丝毫节奏,宛若初学者拙劣的表演,难听得令人吐血。 But all investigators who hear this sound, is actually felt that the mind blasts out loudly. 但所有听到这个声音的调查员,却是感觉脑海轰然炸开。 They as if saw the universe large explosion and the birth of ultra rising star inflation, Sun and black hole and other series of universe scenes. 他们仿佛看到了宇宙大爆炸、超新星膨胀、太阳与黑洞的诞生等一系列宇宙场景。 Each scene, as if contains the unequalled mysterious knowledge, has crazy and pollution of pinnacle. 每一幕场景,都似乎蕴含着无与伦比的神秘知识,又带着极致的疯狂与污染。 Investigators fall down, some people eyes had completely lost the appearance, as if turned into the fool and idiot. 一个又一个调查员倒在地上,有的人眼睛已经完全失去了神采,似乎变成了傻子、白痴。 Another part of people gnaw to eat the soil crazily, turned into the lunatic. 另外一部分人则是疯狂地啃食着泥土,变成了疯子。 Behind the investigator, large number of steel combat tanks one stagnated, fell into the vacant and chaotic condition, the condition frequency leaves, some ran upon the wall, some to advance in the ditch, some even to start directly to attack each other. 在调查员后方,大量钢铁战车一下停滞,陷入了茫然与混乱的状态,状况频出,有的直接撞上墙壁、有的开进沟里、还有的甚至开始相互攻击。 As if their operators, fell into some blind and crazy simple-minded condition. 仿佛它们的操作员,也陷入了某种盲目而痴愚的状态。 The minute/share of minister of that investigator , a face delay lies low on the ground, studies the insect to creep along. 就连那位调查员的分部长,也一脸呆滞地平躺在地上,学着虫子爬动。 ‚The effect of this casting a spell...... is really the intelligence quotient eliminates the aspect......’ ‘这一禁咒的效果……果然是智商剥夺方面的……’ Fang Xian looks behind, Smith and Miki, one do the followers are bewildered, does not know that what happened. 方仙望了望身后,史密斯与米奇,还有一干信徒都是一脸茫然,不知道发生了什么事。 This was he protected certainly own follower, can eliminate the sound wave isolation of intelligence quotient that outside. 这当然是他保护了自己的信徒,将那能剥夺智商的音波隔绝在外。 Except for them, this city god of followers in losing are so. 除了他们,这个城市内的失落之神信徒都是如此。 But beside these followers everyone, was affected the reason thoroughly, be at the condition of sanely losing, was impossible to restore! 但在这些信徒之外的所有人,都被彻底影响了理智,处于理智丧失的状态,并且,不可能恢复了! The void ray flashes, the First Layer dim mist spread, goes out of several investigators. 虚空中光芒一闪,一层朦胧的雾气蔓延,从中走出几个调查员。 Clark Carter bears the brunt. 克拉克・卡特首当其冲。 He is looking at these, the eyeball was red immediately: What did Roukka...... you...... you make?” 他望着这一幕幕,眼珠立即红了:“罗卡……你……你做了什么?” Demonstration muscle, displays the strength, but also determined!” “展示肌肉,展现力量,还有决心!” Fang Xian shrugs the arm. 方仙耸了耸肩膀。 The opposite party after all are the legendary investigators, can get out of the entanglement of fog is also expected. 对方毕竟是传奇调查员,能摆脱灰雾的纠缠也在预料之中。 Even, he keeps the hand intentionally, retained the lives of these true elites. 甚至,还是他故意留手,保留了这些真正精英的性命。 After all, they really need to save the world, in time that the end even more approaches! 毕竟,他们真的需要去拯救世界,在末日越发临近的时刻! Clark Carter as if has any special method, understood all fast, looked at the Fang Xian expression was changing, just like looking at a devil: This is a population of city, army...... minimum 500,000 people!” 克拉克・卡特似乎有什么特殊的手段,飞快了解了一切,望着方仙的表情变了,宛若在看一个恶魔:“这可是一个城市的人口,还有军队……起码五十万人!” I have not taken a life......” Fang Xian to show the devil general smile, supplements one at heart: Made hundreds of thousands of comes out mental handicap......” “我没有取走一条生命……”方仙露出恶魔一般的微笑,心里补充一句:“只是制造了数十万的智障出来……” You......” “你……” Clark Carter behind investigator of almost wants to clash to go all out, was blocked by him stubbornly: What devil...... do you want to make?” 克拉克・卡特身后的调查员几乎想冲上来拼命,被他死死拦住:“恶魔……你想做什么?” Is you wants to make anything, if maintains secrecy the person to continue and lose the mission to make war comprehensively, I will attack all cities......” the Fang Xian smile saying: By my spatial technology, you no one can prevent me.” “是你们想做什么,如果守密人继续与失落教团全面开战,我就将袭击所有城市……”方仙微笑道:“以我的空间技术,你们没有人能够阻挡我。” Clark Carter forehead covers entirely the cold sweat immediately. 克拉克・卡特额头顿时布满冷汗。 In the event of such situation, probably the world must collapse. 一旦出现那样的情况,或许人类世界都要崩溃了。 „Did you...... look at «Book of Hopps gold/metal»?” “你……看了《霍普斯金之书》?” Clark Carter stares at Fang Xian, suddenly thought of a worst possibility: „Have you been on par these powerful different kind by mortal's body?” 克拉克・卡特凝视方仙,突然想到了一个最坏的可能:“你已经以凡人之身比肩那些强大异类?” Hopps King's mentality is good, what a pity some places made the mistake, I improved his technique and technology......” Fang Xian directly acknowledged: You maintain secrecy the person, was unable to take me, to avoid both sides loses are more, the reconciliation...... this is my final good intentions.” “霍普斯金的思路不错,可惜一些地方做错了,我改良了他的手法与技术……”方仙直接承认:“你们守密人,已经无法拿下我了,为了避免双方损失更多,和解吧……这是我最后的善意。” I...... need to tell the headquarters.” “我……需要告诉总部。” Clark Carter replied difficultly. 克拉克・卡特艰难回答。 The Fang Xian chuckle nods, knows that maintains secrecy the person headquarters to choose the compromise inevitably. 方仙轻笑点头,知道守密人总部必然选择妥协。 Because, they do not have the means to limit itself. 因为,他们已经没有办法限制自己了。 But oneself have used today's massacre to prove, courage that own fearful destruction strength, as well as displays. 而自己已经用今天的惨案证明了,自己的可怕毁灭力,以及施展的勇气。 When maintains secrecy the person headquarters completely safe assurance not to take itself, will not act again rashly. 在守密人总部没有万全的把握拿下自己的时候,就不会再贸然行动了。 ...... …… Several days later. 数日之后。 Has the serious chemical contamination leak related to Philip, causes news that several tens of thousands people of brains are damaged, spread over the whole world. 有关菲利普市发生严重化工污染泄露,导致数万人脑部受损的消息,就传遍了整个世界。 Above the political arena many great people leave office do not raise, in the true supernatural circle, started dragon scroll the same storm. 政坛之上多位大人物下台不提,真正的超自然圈子里,更是掀起了龙卷一样的风暴。 Loses the mission! 失落教团! The big influence that this new promote rose, has caught up, the prestige even must exceed the falling star mission and other established organizations. 这个新晋崛起的大势力,已经后来居上,声望甚至还要超越坠星教团等老牌组织。 After all, these organize mystically, although inheritance is remote, before actually with expelling the rabbit same encircled by the investigator everywhere. 毕竟,这些神秘组织虽然传承久远,之前却被调查员跟撵兔子一样到处围剿。 Has not had a good command of this lethality incomparably huge fearful incantation. 更没有掌握这种杀伤力无比巨大的可怕咒语。 What is saddest, even if summoned the ancient true body to arrive , has almost not succeeded. 最悲催的是,哪怕召唤古老者真身降临,也几乎没有成功的。 The strength of human, in front of that existence, was extremely tiny. 人类的力量,在那种存在面前,还是太过渺小了。 Therefore, more and more mysterious organizations, looked at lost the mission, wanted to obtain that powerful secret, this was the human greedy instinct. 因此,越来越多的神秘组织,也将目光对准了失落教团,想要获得那种强大的秘密,这是人类贪婪的天性。 ...... …… gothic small commodity shop. 哥特小商品店。 Fang Xian sighed, door pass/test good. 方仙叹息一声,将店门关好。 inheritance has given, the matter of mission also arranges, then, must attempt to swallow exists greatly, breaks through seven levels......” 传承已经给了出去,教团的事情也安排好,接下来,就要去尝试吞噬伟大存在,突破七级了……” As the end approaches, inevitably even more is also weak regarding the seal that has greatly, this is not the good deed, start to as early as possible well. 随着末日临近,对于那位伟大存在的封印也必然越发薄弱,这不是好事,还是趁早下手为好。 When copes with the opposite party, that matter seal, similarly is the boost of Fang Xian. 在对付对方的时候,那层封印,同样是方仙的助力。 Thinks of here, Fang Xian narrows the eye. 想到这里,方仙不由眯起眼睛。 Through the inspiration, he saw one in deep sea. 通过灵感,他又看到了深海中的一幕。 That is above a desert island, one group of scale people gather, is led by a female, with living person to the scene of deep sea Elder sacrificial offering. 那是在一处荒岛之上,一群鳞人聚集在一起,由一位女性带领,用活人向深海长老祭祀的情景。 beautiful high-rank quickly......, through several sacrificial offering deep sea Elder, she must satisfy the ceremony to request probably......” “维戴丽上位得很快么……并且,通过多次祭祀深海长老,她大概要满足仪式要求了……” Before this is also Fang Xian, board game piece that ambushes. 这也是方仙之前埋伏的棋子。 Under the place of seal to that deep sea, there are two roads. 通往那片深海之下封印之地的,有两条路。 One of them is located in maintains secrecy the person headquarters to be taken strict precautions against cling to tenaciously, the breakthrough is not easy. 其中之一位于守密人总部被严防死守,突破并不容易。 But, then passes deep sea Elder this ancient, a slit from deep sea in the past. 而还有一条,则是通过深海长老这位古老者,从深海中一条缝隙过去。 This slit does not produce suddenly, after long years washout, in addition group star homing approaches, a secret channel that opens. 这一道缝隙也不是突然产生,而是经过漫长的岁月冲刷,再加上群星归位之际临近,所开辟出来的一条隐秘通道。 Only has family who deep sea Elder this has greatly, can enter. 唯有深海长老这位伟大存在的眷者,才能进入。 However, this ancient, probably no wisdom. 不过,这一头古老者,大概没什么智慧。 Therefore, worshipped its scale person, discovered that can use this way, enters the mystical place, outside the palace of great, obtained what advantage. 因此,原本崇拜它的鳞人,发现可以利用这种方式,进入秘境,在伟大者的宫殿之外,得到了什么好处。 After the return, this ceremony, on the form of by mural, inheritance. 回归之后,这种仪式,就以壁画的形式,传承了下来。 Six levels and seven of levels this world exist...... mostly are crazy or crazy simple-minded, is really special.” “这个世界的六级、七级存在……大多都是疯狂或者痴愚的,真是特殊。” Fang Xian is thinking faintly, the front appears the secret-key, the surroundings scene starts to change instantaneously. 方仙淡漠想着,面前浮现出秘钥,周围场景瞬间开始变化。
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