GS :: Volume #7 东洲海外

#2046: Neat!

The person returned to the original local time in the presence of everyone, above the battlefield with, only then two people who Cheng Yu battled, but another has been wounded to fall down, saw that the Cheng Yu companion came back, this person the complexion big change, hurried to support from the ground to want immediately to run. 当众人回到原来的地方时,战场之上跟程宇交战的只有两个人了,而另外一个则已经负伤倒在地上,看到程宇的同伴又回来了,这人顿时脸色大变,赶紧从地上撑起来就想跑。 Now wants to run, didn't think too late?” Xin Luo and the others saw this, where will let up such good opportunity, wells up completely on, all of a sudden this fellow sphering. “现在才想跑,不觉得太晚了吗?”心洛等人看到这一幕,哪里会放过这么好的机会,全部一涌而上,一下子就将这家伙给围住了。 You know consequence that does this what is? Don't you want to leave Dong Chau?” Pengfei somewhat fear looks at these people. “你们知道这样做的后果是什么吗?难道你们不想离开东洲了吗?”鹏飞有些害怕的看着这些人。 Although he is Great Ascension Late Stage, but he had been seriously injured now, moreover these fellows had have encircled kill allow Jinsheng the example in front. Therefore he believes that by him now this condition, if pesters again with this group of people, that must die without doubt. 虽然他是一个大乘后期,但是现在他已经受了重伤了,而且这些家伙已经有过围杀许劲生的例子在前面了。所以他相信,以他自己现在这种状态,若是再跟这群人纠缠下去,那将是必死无疑。 „Do we want to leave Dong Chau not to need to be exhausted you to come to be worried for us, but you surely do not have the means to leave this place today!” Xin Hai said with a smile. “我们想不想离开东洲就不用劳烦你来为我们担心了,不过你今天是肯定没有办法离开这个地方了!”心海笑着说道。 Originally the Great Ascension Late Stage master will have the fear time, you are really also pitiful enough. Isn't treating well good because of your scarlet blood pledge? Can for that four bad luck egg over, be now good? Also gave to build oneself, was really pitiful!” Xin Luo sees this Great Ascension Late Stage actually live such going down in the world, is very self-satisfied saying. “原来大乘后期的高手也会有害怕的时候,你也真够可怜的。好好的待在你们赤血盟不好吗?偏偏要替那四个倒霉蛋出头,现在好了吧?把自己也给搭进去了,真是可悲!”心洛看到这大乘后期却活的如此落魄,很是得意的说道。 When does not have like this bullying Great Ascension Late Stage Expert opportunity, this is their people are also too many, moreover by Junior Brother Yu injuring. 像这种欺负大乘后期高手的机会可不是什么时候都有的,这也就是他们人太多,而且还被宇师弟给打伤了。 Otherwise, ran into this level master, Xin Luo already ran. However, these fellows are not the good person, otherwise not for that four fellows over. 要不然,遇到这种级别的高手,心洛早就跑了。不过,这些家伙本来也不是什么好人,要不然也不会替那四个家伙出头了。 At this time does not ridicule, when ridicules? 此时不奚落,什么时候奚落呢? Courts death!” Although, Pengfei the present goes down in the world, but the Great Ascension Late Stage master is not everybody can insult. “找死!”可是,鹏飞虽然现在落魄,但是大乘后期的高手也不是人人都能够侮辱的。 One today really must die here, he must draw several people to front the back, sees only him to bear own injury, got rid toward Xin Luo directly. 自己就算今天真的要死在这里,他也要拉几个人垫背,只见他忍住自己的伤势,直接就朝着心洛出手了。 Be careful!” The black and white demon has been paying attention to this fellow, saw that this fellow gets rid, they kept off in the Xin Luo front all of a sudden. “小心!”黑白魔可是一直注意着这家伙,看到这个家伙出手,两人一下子就挡在了心洛的面前。 Although Pengfei had been injured, but may be different from Zhuang Zhicheng that four people. That four people again are also only Great Ascension Initial Stage, the strengths of their this group of people were inferior that they will not miss many. 鹏飞虽然已经受了伤,但是跟庄志诚那四个人可不同。那四个人再强也不过只是一个大乘初期,他们这群人的实力就算不如他们也不会差很多。 But how this Pengfei said that is also Great Ascension Late Stage, even if had been seriously injured, so long as completely has not lost the battle efficiency, cannot be underestimated. 可是这鹏飞怎么说也是大乘后期,就算已经受了重伤,只要还没有完全失去战斗力,就不容小觑。 As the saying goes, camel of skinny is big, Xin Luo is only Unification Late Stage, even if strength close Great Ascension Initial Stage, with Pengfei's disparity is also enormous. 俗话说,瘦死的骆驼比马大,心洛只是一个合体后期,就算实力接近大乘初期,跟鹏飞的差距也是极大。 Therefore Pengfei this strikes to Xin Luo also really has the enormous threat, was good has gotten rid because of the black and white demon promptly, this struck keeping off the opposite party. 所以鹏飞这一击对心洛来说还真是有着极大的威胁,好在黑白魔及时出手了,将对方这一击给挡下来了。 Pengfei is not but actually silly, knows one could not insist how long, has naturally not been able to spell with them really hardly. Therefore after is striking to rumble wanted to flee. 鹏飞倒也不傻,知道自己坚持不了多久了,自然不会真的跟他们硬拼。所以在一击轰出之后就想要逃离了。 Whiz! 嗖! However, the colored glaze circle on Shi Ji actually also flew at this time, pursues Pengfei! 不过,石姬手上的琉璃圈却也在这个时候飞了出去,直追鹏飞! Today this colored glaze circle has performed many merit, Pengfei also experiences fierce of this Magical Treasure, Kong Yunhe allow Jin has lived them dead on this Magical Treasure. 今天这琉璃圈已经立下不少功劳了,鹏飞也见识过这法宝的厉害,孔云和许劲生两人就是死在这件法宝上。 Saw that this Magical Treasure pursued, Pengfei's cold sweat directing current, but he does not dare to stay. Once because was given to overtake by them really does not have the means to withdraw. 看到这法宝追了过来,鹏飞身上的冷汗直流,但是他又不敢停留下来。因为一旦被他们给追上就真的没有办法脱身了。 Whiz whiz whiz! 嗖嗖嗖! But, behind has the colored glaze circle to pursue, at this time in his front, these flowers and plants in the rapid growth, probably must camouflage unexpectedly general the entire sky, making him absolutely not have the means to proceed to run again. 可是,后面有琉璃圈追着,此时在他的前面,那些花花草草竟然在迅速的生长,就好像要将整个天空都要遮蔽一般,让他根本就没有办法再往前跑了。 But what makes his startled is, these flowers and plants started to stretch out various Fujieda to him, wanted to entangle him. 而更加让他惊慌的是,这些花花草草开始向他伸出了各种藤枝,想要将他缠起来了。 However, Pengfei in light of this will not be without a fight, the long sword on hand brandishes unceasingly, wanted to give to be cut off Fujieda who he entangled these completely. 不过,鹏飞可不会就此束手就擒,手上的长剑不断挥舞,将那些想要将他缠起来的藤枝全部给断掉了。 At this time, the colored glaze circle actually also pursued has come up, the colored glaze circle appeared suddenly, must wrap him. But, Pengfei naturally cannot take several Junior Brother old routes again, a sword cutting to draw back this colored glaze circle. 这个时候,身后的琉璃圈却也已经追了上来了,琉璃圈从天而下,就要将他套在其中。可是,鹏飞自然不会再走几个师弟的老路,一剑就将这琉璃圈给斩退了。 Such a while, Pengfei again wants to withdraw is suitable was difficult, because other people also pursued in this moment. 只是,就这么一会儿,鹏飞再想要脱身已经是相当的困难了,因为其他人也在这一刻追了上来。 „No matter how today you struggle again, must die in this eventually!” Bai demon said. “今天不管你再怎么挣扎,也终究要陨落于此!”白魔说道。 Made this fellow take advantage of loopholes a moment ago, but this time, the black and white demon and Xīn Yao as well as the Shi Ji four people encircled it in the center, four people were defending four directions separately, this fellow was desires to fly high is also difficult to fly. 刚才让这个家伙钻了空子,但是这一次,黑白魔和心瑶以及石姬四个人将其围在中心,四个人分别守着四个方向,这家伙是插翅也难飞了。 Pengfei is cloudy the face, does not have to think the master who own solemn scarlet blood pledge will actually fall to today's this situation. Thinks that this merely is catastrophe that because Zhuang Zhicheng that several fellows bring, in his heart on incomparable anger. 鹏飞阴沉着脸,没有想到自己堂堂赤血盟的高手却会落到今天这个地步。一想到这仅仅是因为庄志诚那几个家伙引来的大祸,他的心中就无比的愤怒。 Early knows is this, he did not help that four fellows leave this. Now was booing, coming six Senior Brother younger brothers dead three, but he had also been seriously injured, even in his eyes was only the person of trash had bullied by such one crowd, the anger in heart was really implacable. 早知道是这样,他就不帮那四个家伙出这个头了。现在倒好,来了六个师兄弟已经死了三个,而他也已经受了重伤,甚至被这么一群原本在他眼里只是垃圾的人欺负了,心中的愤怒实在是难以平息。 If were lived by oneself is returning to the scarlet blood pledge, oneself are absolutely impossible to let off Zhuang Zhicheng that four fellows. 若是让自己活着回到赤血盟,自己是绝对不可能放过庄志诚那四个家伙的。 But, where he knows, even if he lived were really returning to the scarlet blood pledge, possibly will again never see Zhuang Zhicheng four people. 可是,他哪里知道,就算他真的活着回到了赤血盟,也永远不可能再见到庄志诚四个人了。 Again two Senior Brother younger brother Ding Wei and Song who writing has a look at not far away, where their situations did not have to go well. That youngster strength so is unexpectedly powerful, selected six present to turn has selected two, they now completely are the situations of being in comes under attack passively. 再看看不远处的两个师兄弟丁伟和宋文,他们两个的情况也没有好到哪里去。那个年轻人的实力竟然如此强悍,原本一挑六现在变成了一挑二,他们两个人现在完全就是处于被动挨打的地步。 Whiz whiz whiz! 嗖嗖嗖! Sees the full battlefield is a shadow of Cheng Yu person, two people again easily striking to fly by Cheng Yu. 看到满战场都是程宇一个人的影子,两个人再次轻易被程宇给击飞了。 Senior Brother, run!” Song writing the mouthful was the blood, on his face full was the panic-stricken color, this youngster was too fearful. 师兄,快跑!”宋文满嘴是血,他的脸上满是惊恐之色,这个年轻人太可怕了。 Six people now remaining they, if not find the opportunity to escape, really not any opportunity! 六个人现在就剩下他们两个人了,如果再不找机会逃掉,就真的没有任何的机会了! However, Cheng Yu to their this opportunities, will actually not see that they were shot down in the place. The sword Secret Art on hand has not stopped, has cut in the position from the day toward two people once more. 不过,程宇却不会给他们这个机会,看到两人被击落在地。手上的剑诀并没有停下,再次朝着两个人所在位置从天而斩了下去。 Their complexion changes, avoided toward the two sides hurriedly. 两人脸色一变,急忙朝着两边避开了。 Similarly is Great Ascension Late Stage, but they are actually distressed, goes down in the world cannot withstand. However, to this time, where their has also managed any demeanor, so long as can save the life, to be how good. 同样是大乘后期,可是两人却是狼狈之极,落魄不堪。不过,到了这个时候,他们哪里还管什么风度,只要能够保住性命,怎样都行了。 Sees only them simultaneously to run in two different directions. 只见两人同时朝着两个不同的方向跑去。 Whiz! 嗖! However, Cheng Yu may have own means that the bunch of immortal ropes on hand toward left Song Wenzhui in the past, but he, is changes into a great sword to overrun toward Ding Wei! 不过,程宇可也有着自己的办法,手上的捆仙索朝着左边的宋文追了过去,而他自己,则是化为一把巨剑朝着丁伟冲了过去! Bang! 轰! Ding Wei blocks Cheng Yu hurriedly great sword, a blood spouts, the whole person was struck to fly directly, is only this time, he may not have that good luck again, the Cheng Yu diving posture goes forward once more, a neat sword pricks above Ding Wei's head, immediately changed into blood fog, his Yuan god thoroughly destroying. 丁伟匆忙挡住程宇所化的巨剑,一口鲜血喷出,整个人直接被击飞了,只是这一次,他可再也没有那么好的运气了,程宇再次飞身上前,干净利落的一剑刺入丁伟的脑袋之上,顿时化为了一片血雾,将其元神彻底给毁灭了。
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