GS :: Volume #7 东洲海外

#2044: Do not want to run!

Ding Wei three people look at each other one, three people do not want to fight obviously again, because Cheng Yu was too in their eyes formidable. His attack is unpredictable, the form mysteriously appears and disappears, they cannot act bashful. 丁伟三个人对视一眼,三个人明显都不想再战下去了,因为程宇在他们的眼中太强大了。他的攻击变化莫测,身影神出鬼没,他们三个人根本就拿捏不住。 Their six people cannot take the opposite party, now the remaining three people, another definitely cannot only help. By their strengths, naturally is impossible to take Cheng Yu. 原本他们六个人都没能够拿下对方,现在只剩下三个人了,另外一个是肯定帮不上忙了。以他们三个人的实力,自然更是不可能将程宇拿下。 „Who no matter your excellency is, today was our Senior Brother younger brother several is crude. We hope that your excellency looks in the scarlet blood pledge face, we this matter has uncovered today in light of this. I know that your excellency with my scarlet blood pledge four gentleman some gratitude and grudges, came date my Ding Wei to arrange the inferior wine to make them in the scarlet blood pledge apologize to your excellency personally, how did your excellency think?” Ding Wei looks at Cheng Yu to say. “不管阁下是什么人,今天是我们师兄弟几个鲁莽了。希望阁下看在赤血盟的面子上,咱们今天这事就此揭过。我知道阁下跟我赤血盟的四君子有些恩怨,来日我丁伟在赤血盟摆下水酒让他们亲自向阁下道歉,阁下觉得如何?”丁伟看着程宇说道。 Although in his heart is very unwilling, but the person has to lower the head under the eaves. The Cheng Yu strength was too strong, is not they can cope, if fights again, today they will possibly fold here. 虽然他的心中很不甘,但是人在屋檐下不得不低头。程宇的实力太强了,不是他们能够对付的,若是再战下去,今天他们可能都会折在这里。 With it so, would rather temporarily first makes peace with this fellow, strives to hope to oneself. So long as this fellow is willing to promise him, when the time comes waited for them to return to the scarlet blood pledge, naturally had other means to kill them. 与其如此,倒不如暂时先跟这个家伙言和,给自己争取希望。只要这家伙肯答应他,到时候等他们回到了赤血盟,自然有别的办法弄死他们。 Not much!” Sneering of Cheng Yu face. “不怎么样!”程宇一脸的冷笑。 Good that these fellows take advantage actually, to hit has hit them. Now knows that hit, started to speak the word of praise. If the person between world so is good to speak, where also so many hatreds. 这些家伙倒是打的好算盘,打的过就将他们往死里打。现在知道打不过了,就开始说好话了。天下间的人若是都这么好说话,哪里还有那么多的仇恨。 One are not a fool, if these fellows putting, them won't ask some more masters to cope with itself again? 自己又不是傻子,若是将这些家伙给放了,他们不会再找些更多的高手来对付自己吗? Cuts the grass non- root, the spring breeze blows is also deep! 正所谓,斩草不除根,春风吹又深! Cheng Yu never thinks one are any good person, but, wants to massacre own enemy regarding one, he will not have any benevolence. 程宇从来不认为自己是什么好人,但是,对于一个想要杀掉自己的敌人来说,他更加不会有任何的仁慈。 Regarding such person, he has a decision, that kills! 对于这样的人,他只有一个决定,那就是杀! I know that your excellency strength is very strong, but your excellency , to massacre us is really not an easy matter. We also know that your excellency is not the person of Dong Chau, but our scarlet blood pledge is actually one of the Dong Chau four Great Sects. Your excellency again fierce, is impossible is our scarlet blood pledge match. “我知道阁下的实力很强,但是阁下若是真的想要杀掉我们也不是一件容易的事。我们也知道阁下并不是东洲之人,而我们赤血盟却是东洲四大门派之一。阁下就算再厉害,也不可能会是我们赤血盟的对手。 Perhaps your excellency is cultivating true virtue the background of mainland to be very deep, however in this Dong Chau, your excellency background is not easy-to-use. Therefore, I hope that your excellency can consider. 或许阁下在修真大陆的背景很深厚,但是在这东洲,阁下的背景却也并不好使。所以,我希望阁下还是能够好好的考虑一下。 Becoming with the scarlet blood pledge in Dong Chau the mortal enemy is not a wise matter, I think that your excellency does not hope was chased down in Dong Chau by our scarlet blood pledge in all directions? ” Ding Wei noticed that Cheng Yu has to kill their meanings, in the heart sinks, as far as possible the anger in holding down heart. 在东洲跟赤血盟成为死敌并不是一件明智的事,我想阁下也不希望被我们赤血盟在东洲四处追杀吧?”丁伟看到程宇有杀他们的意思,心中一沉,尽量按住心中的怒火。 Actually your abacuses hit very fine, what is a pity, is you must look for my trouble first. I most do not like is troublesome, therefore, to avoid troubling, I will not always make myself lenient. “你们的算盘倒是打的很精,不过可惜的是,是你们要先找我的麻烦。我这个人最不喜欢的就是麻烦,所以,为了避免麻烦,我从来都不会让自己手软。 Today, since you came, that was impossible to walk again. As for any four gentlemen who you said that I do not want to haggle over with them, but I actually must change the mind now. My this person does not like always some people keeping thinking about itself very much, therefore, does not need you to help, I will also take down their lives! ” Cheng Yu looks at opposite party indifferently said. 今天,你们既然来了,那就不可能再走了。至于你们所说的什么四君子,我本不想跟他们计较的,不过现在我倒是要改变主意了。我这人很不喜欢总有人惦记着自己,所以,不用你们帮忙,我也会取下他们的命!”程宇看着对方淡淡的说道 Before they were six people, oneself did not have the half minute to be timid, now they have folded two people, another they were also given to surround by the black and white demon, the remaining these three people, he have not paid attention. 之前他们可是六个人,自己都没有半分胆怯,现在他们已经折了两个人,另外一个也被黑白魔他们给困住了,剩下的这三个人,他是更没有放在眼里了。 He also planned, if cannot kill to make the hot phoenix help itself, but now looks like, did not need the hot phoenix to help. By own present strength, massacres these three people sufficiently. 本来他还打算如果自己杀不过的话就让火凤帮帮自己,不过现在看来,并不需要火凤帮忙了。以自己现在的实力,足以杀掉这三个人。 Do not look that Cheng Yu usually resembles is very pale, but the disposition that anything looks is actually very stubborn. Let alone he can kill now these three people, even if could not kill, he readily will not make them leave. 别看程宇平时好像什么都看的很淡,可是性格却是很倔强的。别说他现在能够杀的了这三个人,就算杀不了,他也不会轻易让他们离开的。 These people think that has the influence of scarlet blood pledge to frighten him, this indulged in fantasy simply, when Cheng Yu is feared person who stirs up trouble? 这些人以为有着赤血盟的影响就能够吓到他了,这简直是太异想天开了,程宇什么时候是个怕惹事的人了? „Does your excellency such do does not fear the regret? If you have killed us, you are desire to fly high cannot depart Dong Chau!” Pengfei noticed that the Cheng Yu manner is so firm, face angry saying. “阁下这么做就不怕后悔?你要是真杀了我们,你们就是插翅也飞不出东洲!”鹏飞看到程宇的态度如此坚定,一脸愤怒的说道。 Needs to regret is not I, but should be you, the next generation will cultivate the behavior so should not be again crude!” Cheng Yu cold snort|hum, body vanishes once more. “需要后悔的不是我,而应该是你们,下辈子做人的时候不要再这么鲁莽!”程宇冷哼一声,身体再次消失。 Suddenly, is centered on three people, simultaneously presented four in the east , south , west and north four directions respectively Cheng Yu. 突然,以三个人为中心,分别在东南西北四个方向同时出现了四个“程宇”。 Mirage kills!” Four Cheng Yu simultaneously have killed toward the middle three people from four directions. 幻影杀!”四个程宇同时从四个方向朝着中间的三个人杀了过去。 Ding Wei three people also want to persuade Cheng Yu to become reconciled again, but has not thought that Cheng Yu launched the attack unexpectedly. Moreover Cheng Yu the unpredictable style, in three individual hearts starts to be intense once more. 丁伟三个人还想再次劝说程宇和好,但是没有想到程宇竟然已经率先发动了攻击。而且再次程宇的这种变化莫测的招式,三个人心中都开始紧张起来。 Rumbling! 轰轰轰! Four Cheng Yu strike, four Cheng Yu have exchanged the position, was in the east , south , west and north four positions separately. 四个程宇一击而过,四个程宇交换了位置,分别又占据了东南西北四个位置。 Whiz whiz whiz! 嗖嗖嗖! However, this time, four Cheng Yu speeds started change quick, then unceasing reciprocation attack. Three people somewhat could not resist quickly. 不过,这一次,四个程宇的速度开始变快了,接下来便不断的往复攻击。三个人很快就有些招架不住了。 Saw that these three quick fell to the enemy, is actually the whole body has trembled in four people who not far away observed. 看到这三个很快就沦陷了,一直在不远处观战的四个人却是全身发颤了。 The words that they the dialog they listened to a moment ago are very clear, particularly heard Cheng Yu to say must take down their lives personally time, they know that today this matter does really in a big way. 他们刚才的对话他们听的话很清楚,尤其是听到程宇说要亲自取下他们的性命的时候,他们知道今天这事真的搞大了。 Six Great Ascension Late Stage Senior Brother, died before, now has abandoned one, had been surrounded by the Cheng Yu companion, feared that is one will not have any good result. 原本六个大乘后期师兄,之前死了一个,现在又废了一个,还有一个被程宇的同伴困住了,怕是一会也不会有什么好结果。 But this remaining these three Senior Brother do not beat Cheng Yu obviously, this way, these six Senior Brother sooner or later must be annihilated here. 而这剩下的这三个师兄明显也不敌程宇,这样下去,这六个师兄迟早是要在这里全军覆没的。 The buckle six Great Ascension Late Stage, such loss regarding the scarlet blood pledge, is not a small attack. But as instigator, the punishment of their difficult running away scarlet blood pledge. 折损了六个大乘后期,这样的损失对于赤血盟来说,可不是一个不小的打击。而作为始作俑者,他们难逃赤血盟的责罚。 But now, they most important is hurries to return to the scarlet blood pledge to go, passes on this news. Even if receives the punishment of scarlet blood pledge also to compared with by many that Cheng Yu massacres to strive to excel. 可是现在,他们最要紧的就是赶紧回到赤血盟去,将这个消息传回去。哪怕受到赤血盟的责罚也总要比被程宇杀掉要强的多。 So long as can they hold Cheng Yu, perhaps they can also reduce the punishment. 只要能够将程宇他们抓住,他们或许还能够减轻责罚。 Therefore, they must hurry to move the reinforcement to be good! 所以,他们要赶紧回去搬救兵才行! Whiz whiz whiz! 嗖嗖嗖! But, they want to escape are actually not an easy matter, because Yao Na had already discovered existences of their four people. Therefore they wanted to run they are actually given to block by Yao Na. 可是,他们想要逃跑却也不是一件容易的事,因为姚娜早就发现了他们四个人的存在。所以他们想要跑却是被姚娜她们给拦住了。 The surrounding plant probably completely lived in the flash came to be the same, entangled the hands and feet of their four people completely in the same place! 周围的植物在一瞬间就好像全部活了过来一样,将他们四个人的手脚全部缠在一起! Bang! 轰! But, how Zhuang Zhicheng their four people said that is also the Great Ascension Initial Stage master, such method is also not enough to surround them, was given to shake all of a sudden by them. 可是,庄志诚他们四个人怎么说也是大乘初期的高手,这样的手段还不足以困住他们,一下子就被他们给震断了。 However, in the range within 40 kilometers, Yao Na controls. Even if her strength is not strong, but wants to constrain them is not the difficult matter. 但是,40公里内的范围内,姚娜就是主宰。就算她的实力不强,但是想要拖住他们并不是什么难事。 Therefore, they can untie the fetter that Yao Na displays, does not have the means to flee in these 40 kilometers scopes immediately! 所以,他们就算能够解开姚娜施展的束缚,却也没有办法马上逃离出这40公里的范围内!
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