FS :: Volume #6

#593: Göktürks Khan

…… …… The blue sky is sunny like laundering general, white clouds as if drift intent to scatter in the dark green space. The golden sunlight, benefits the arrow to shoot broken ten thousand li (0.5 km) cloud empty/sky, shines in the deep green prairie. Has not diverged the dewdrop to yearn to pace back and forth on the leave of grass, reflects the dazzling brilliance. 天空如同水洗般的晴朗透彻,朵朵白云仿佛飘浮意散落在苍宇。金色阳光,利箭般射破万里云空,照射在碧绿草原。尚未散去露珠在草叶上留恋徘徊,折射出点点耀眼光彩。 The green grass, the white clouds, the blue sky, Alashan Prairie as if clear female, opens her beautiful mind/bosom to everyone. 青草,白云,蓝天,阿拉善草原仿佛一个清纯女子,对所有人敞开她美丽胸怀。 On the prairie the nobody expressing an opinion and sounds of people ebullition, the white yurt, seems in full bloom the little flower, one by one shows at present. The innumerable assorted flag, flap flap flies upwards in the late spring cool breeze. Tens of thousands of Göktürks steed, gallops on the prairie to one's heart's content, flutters in the breeze the long neck hair, the black, yellow and white, seems on the prairie the rolling activity mountain range. Immediately the knights, wear brand-new foreigner's robe, has one's wish on steed, the tread sets up the side to jump, various highly difficult movements emerge one after another incessantly, bring in the surroundings to surround the clansman warm applause. 草原上万马齐喑、人声沸腾,白色毡房,仿佛盛开小花,一一展现眼前。数不清各色旗帜,在暮春清风中猎猎飞扬。成千上万突厥骏马,在草原上纵情驰骋,迎风招展鬃毛,黑色、黄色、白色,就仿佛是草原上连绵起伏活动山峦。马上骑士们,身穿崭新胡袍,在骏马上随心所欲,蹬立侧跳,各种高难动作层出不穷,引来周围围观族人热烈掌声。 Most popular naturally was these heads wears the black mask warriors, these participate in the sheep hunting congress elite. Their stature tallest and strongest, physique most vigorous and healthiest, steed is quickest, even cannot see clearly the facial features, can actually feel their heart thick everywhere self-confident and longs for an show/unfolds skill heroic feelings. 最受欢迎自然是那些头上戴着黑色面罩勇士们了,这些才是参加叼羊大会精英。他们身材最为魁梧、体格最为健壮、骏马最为快捷,即便是看不清面容,却处处都能感受到他们心中浓浓自信和渴望一展身手豪情。 Göktürk is cheering heartily, not reserved their warmest praise and applause, gives these mysterious warriors. 突厥人尽情欢呼着,毫无保留将他们最热烈赞美和掌声,送给这些神秘勇士们。 Various clans send to participate in marriage selection Göktürks beautiful young girl, wears the most beautiful festival costume, in the elder by the clan leads, gradually to prairie central meeting. There uses the giant thick wood. Put up one to grow the awning gigantically. High approximately two zhang (3.33 m), be continuous several li (0.5 km) long. 各族送来参加选亲突厥少女,身穿最美丽节日盛装,由族中长者带领,渐渐向草原中央会合。那里用巨大粗木。搭起了一个硕大地长棚。高约两丈,绵延数里之长。 In front of long awning. Raised up dozens place high stage. Each stage, dangles a long rope from the top on, below is hanging a greatly iron hook. These are used for the ibex land. Waits for that rope to cut off. sheep body falls to the ground. The sheep hunting congress must formally start. 长棚前面。竖起了数十座地高台。每一座高台,都自顶上垂下一根长长绳索,下面挂着一个巨大地铁钩。这些都是用来悬羊用地。等那绳索斩断。羊身落地。叼羊大会就要正式开始了。 marriage selection Göktürks young girl are getting more and more. They gather at the prairie center, was separated from the respective tribe. The unification transfers big white horse, gallops heartily. 选亲突厥少女越来越多。她们聚集在草原中央,脱离了各自部落。统一换乘高大地白马,尽情驰骋。 beauty and white horse combination. Immediately became on the prairie the biggest highlight. Various clan warriors in rush, no matter participates in sheep hunting or does not have participates. Everyone vision gathers here. 美女与白马地组合。立即成了草原上最大地亮点。正在奔行各族勇士,不管是参加叼羊还是没有参加地。所有人目光都聚集在此处。 As if white clouds and move in the middle of the prairies pretty slowly. misses clearly singing sound. Flutters in the sunny sky. Brings in innumerably the whistling and cheering. 仿佛一片靓丽地白云、在草原当中缓缓移动。姑娘们清脆地歌声。飘荡在晴朗天空。引来无数地口哨和欢呼。 Has unable to endure lonely the Göktürks warrior early. Rode steed to rush goes. Has not approached. Then was sprinkled the body by crash-bang crash-bang the clear water. This is foreigner to the border-crossing warning. 早有耐不住寂寞地突厥勇士。骑了骏马冲上前去。还未靠近。便被哗啦哗啦地清水泼上了身。这是胡人对越界者地警告。 Looks at these whole bodies to soak, dumb as a wooden chicken the warriors. All around scream whistles to resound, young girls tender laughter continuously and continuous. 望着那些浑身湿透、呆若木鸡地勇士们。四周尖叫呼哨响起,少女们地娇笑声此起彼伏、络绎不绝。 Attends this sheep hunting congress, the biggest advantage is. So long as you cover the mask. no one knows you are who. Adopts this way. Göktürk to show fair competition spirit. No matter the tribe is powerful. Small and weak. No matter also you are the princes and dukes riches and honor or the ordinary herdsman. So long as you have the skill. Can display heartily . Does not need worry to be retaliated afterward. In this case, sheep hunting congress even more is intense. Also can select truly the warrior. 参加这叼羊大会,最大地好处就是。只要你蒙上面罩。无人知道你是谁。采取这种方式。突厥人是为了彰显公平竞争地精神。不管部落是强大。还是弱小。也不管你是王公富贵还是普通牧民。只要你有本事。就可以尽情发挥,而且。不用担心事后遭到报复。在这种情形下,叼羊大会更加激烈精彩。也更能选拔出真正地勇士。 But among each tribes difference. With flag as symbol. If on that day saw the lark flag, the eagle flag, the tiger flag wait/etc., in fact is symbolizing the different tribes. On the prairie the tribe has over a hundred every large or small fully. The flag has variously strangely, is having the international exhibition probably. 而各个部落之间区别。以旗帜作为标志。如那天看到百灵旗、鹰旗、虎旗等等,实际上就象征着不同地部落。草原上大大小小地部落足有上百个。各种各样奇怪地旗帜都有,就好像在办万国展览。 In prairie most nearby corner. Is gathering dozens forms scattered. Their head belts the black mask, only keeps two eye reveal outside. Symbolizing these participates in the Sheep Hunting Competition warrior. On their flag. Bamboo is one makes threatening gestures, manner, to torch with raw hate the beast of prey. 在草原最边上地角落里。零零散散地聚集着数十个身影。他们头上带着黑色面罩,唯留两个眼睛露在外面。象征着这些都是参加叼羊大赛地勇士。他们地旗帜上。竹是一只张牙舞爪、神态凶狠、正在喷火地猛兽。 Old Hu. You choose this flag to us, actually is what gadget. How haven't I quite a while recognized?” And wears the mask robust man, all around looked around uncannily happily several, sees no one to notice here, opens the mouth to ask low voice. 老胡。你给咱们选这旗帜,到底是个什么玩意儿。我怎么半天都没认出来?”其中一个戴着面罩地壮汉,鬼鬼樂樂地四周张望了几眼,见无人注意到这里,才开口小声问道。 In all the participating tribe. This probably is slightly, few more than ten people of that's all. But they choose the position are also remotely, to that prairie central several li (0.5 km), understood at a glance that is the does not have strength small tribe. 在所有来参赛部落中。这一只大概是最小地,寥寥十余人而已。而他们选位置也是最偏僻地,离那草原中央好几里地,一看就知是没有实力地小部落。 side Old Hu explained: This thing, Göktürk is called earth rhino. Is the growth in the prairie southern half and a desert bordering on place beast of prey. Swallows the wild horse and camel specially, even the lion and leopard somewhat fear them. General Lin said, this gadget and our Great Hua fire qilin looks like very much, but we play the role now, is nine is surnamed in Tiělēi one to exterminate the clan the small tribe. Is called Yue. This Yue the place of residence position, is happen to close to earth rhino, therefore chose it to make our flag.” 旁边的老胡解释道:“这个东西,突厥人叫做土犀。是生长在草原南半部与沙漠接壤处地一种猛兽。专门吞食野马和骆驼,连狮子和豹子都有些惧怕它们。林将军说,这玩意儿和我们大华火麒麟很像,而我们现在所扮地,乃是九姓铁勒中一个被灭族小部落。叫做月氏。这个月氏所居住地位置,正好和土犀相近,所以就选了它做我们旗帜了。” Such a saying. Old Gao (high) understood. He then looks toward behind. Sees only among that teams on steed, a person congealing eyebrow ponder. Peaceful exceptionally. 这样一说。老高就明白了。他回头朝身后望去。只见那队伍中间骏马上,一个人凝眉沉思。安静异常。 Now places on the prairie, foreigner everywhere is, basic will notice such a small and weak tribe on nobody, regarding this situation, Lin Wanrong is quite satisfied. On prairie tribe, although are many, the scene is also very numerous and diverse, but more than ten thousand cavalries of that guarding outside the city and defends a city foreigner, almost on the does not have sound, this point very lets one headache. If they are motionless, how this weaponry does hit? 现在身处草原上,胡人遍地都是,根本就没有人会注意到这样一个弱小部落,对于这种情形,林晚荣是比较满意地。草原上部落虽多,情景也很繁杂,但那驻守在城外万余名骑兵和守城胡人,几乎就没有动静,这一点很是让人头疼。如果他们不动,这仗怎么打? In the ponder, in the prairie center stage lived it up gradually, but thinks that insight person has not actually seen, does not have Right King Tu Suozo, let alone Göktürks Khan. 沉思中,草原中心高台上渐渐地热闹了起来,可是想见地人却一个都没看到,没有右王图索佐,更别说突厥可汗了。 Lin Wanrong referred to that stage, knits the brows: Big Brother Hu, Göktürks princes and dukes aristocrat on such how many? Also an insufficient Old Gao (high) knife gets down .” 林晚荣指了指那高台,皱眉道:“胡大哥,突厥王公贵族就这么几个么?还不够老高一刀子下去。” Hu Bugui shakes the head with a smile: Where, this has not started. Every year the sheep hunting congress, is the Göktürks liveliest grand occasion, various not only princes and dukes aristocrats arrives certainly, even/including Göktürks Great Khan (sweat) also visits frequently. Looks at this year this battle formation, even Göktürks Great Khan (sweat) does not come, but Tu Suozo will arrive surely.” 胡不归笑着摇头:“哪里,这还没开始呢。每年叼羊大会,都是突厥最热闹盛事,不仅王公贵族铁定到场,就连突厥大汗也经常光临。看今年这阵势,就算突厥大汗不来,但图索佐必定会到场。” Is speaking, hears rumble the hoofbeat from afar, several thousand tiger mount tread the grass to come, indeed defends in city outside area Göktürks elite rider. 正说着话,远远传来隆隆蹄声,数千彪骑踏草而来,正是守在城外地突厥精骑 Right King came!” Sends out exciting to cheer close to foreigner, the warriors urge the horse to welcome, Göktürks young girl also can't stop looks toward the distant place, eyes is glittering the worship 右王来了!”临近胡人发出兴奋欢呼,勇士们催马相迎,突厥少女止不住地朝远处望去,眼中闪烁着崇拜 The Tu Suozo drivehead, behind follows 20-30 attire magnificent and expensive foreigner. Looks at that attire and imposing manner. Should keeps Kizil Minister princes and dukes. Again in the future. Then is exquisite the Göktürks cavalry. Looks at that battle formation. Has 2000 people fully. To come is protects Right King and various ministers comes. 图索佐打头,身后跟着20-30名衣着华贵胡人。看那装束和气势。应该就是留在克孜尔王公大臣了。再往后。便是精绝地突厥骑兵。看那阵势。足有两千人之多。想来是保护右王诸位大臣而来。 The Tu Suozo waist conducts the arm the sickle and military garb in the body, smiles beckons toward the people, on the prairie immediately resounds warmly the cheers. The crowd crash-bang welcomed goes forward. Various tribe leader salute to give regards to Right King and various ministers, and offers the celebrity good wine. Tu Suozo and everyone/various princes and dukes walks, drinks like drinking water similar. Causes intermittently happy calls. 图索佐腰挎弯刀、戎装在身,微笑朝众人招手,草原上顿时响起热烈地欢呼声。人群哗啦地迎上前。各部落地首领右王诸位大臣行礼问好,并奉上大腕美酒。图索佐诸位王公一路走来,喝酒就像喝水似地。更引起阵阵欢叫。 Big Brother Hu. You look at today Sheep Hunting Competition. Can Tu Suozo participate?!” Lin Wanrong gazed at long time. Suddenly asked that nearby Hu Bugui said. 胡大哥。你看今日叼羊大赛图索佐会不会参加?!”林晚荣注视了良久。忽然问身边胡不归道。 From the present situation. Göktürks Khan does not have arrives, this can only explain that the sheep hunting congress charm is insufficient. Lacks weight figure to arrive. But this weight figure. Naturally was Göktürks Right King. 从现在地情况来看。突厥可汗没有到来,这只能说明叼羊大会地魅力还不够。缺少重量级人物登场。而这重量级人物。自然就是突厥右王了。 If Tu Suozo only stands by as viewer. That city outside area Göktürks cavalry will not have the reassignment opportunity. Only had Right King personally to get down. Göktürk will strengthen to the sheep hunting scene defends. In their defensive area change, the Great Hua cavalry can look for the opportunity. 图索佐只是以一个看客地身份作壁上观。那城外地突厥骑兵就不会有调动地机会。只有右王亲自下了场。突厥人才会加强对叼羊现场地保卫。在他们防守地变动中,大华骑兵才能寻找机会。 Old Hu hesitated a while: This. I did not say certainly. Looks at his appearance. Military garb in body. Seemed like does not prepare to be out. However, this is uncertain. The key looks in these marriage selection female. Can have his excited character.” 老胡迟疑了一会儿:“这个。我也说不准。看他地样子。戎装在身。似乎是不准备下场了。不过,这也不一定。关键看这些选亲女子中。会不会有他心动地人物。” Lin Wanrong Um sound. Complexion tranquilly like water, silent. 林晚荣了声。脸色平静如水,没有说话 Let Tu Suozo excited character is who. Everyone is well aware. In fact. Vanishes suddenly since that moment from Yujia, this was everyone heart question. But General Lin kept silent. Also no one dares to closely examine. 图索佐心动地人物是谁。大家心知肚明。事实上。从玉伽突然消失地那一刻起,这就是所有人心中地疑问了。但林将军对此只字不提。也无人敢去追问。 Tu Suozo and Göktürks princes and dukes, surrounded by crowd, ride the line slowly. Arrived under the long awning. Sees light handsome Right King to arrive this year. Stands in front of oneself. Göktürks young girls immediately sends out one to scream excitedly. 图索佐突厥王公们,在人群地簇拥下,缓缓骑行。一路来到了长棚下。望见这年轻英俊右王到来。就站在自己面前。突厥少女们顿时发出一阵兴奋地尖叫。 Tu Suozo mounts the long awning. Double pupil like electricity. The vision is cruising in the crowd unceasingly, young girls is even more crazy. Shout his name, simultaneously is pushing to the long awning. does not have found the target. Tu Suozo look is somewhat disappointed. He raises hand to hint toward the crowd slightly, face exudes self-confidently the smiling face. 图索佐登上长棚。双眸如电。目光不断在人群中巡弋着,少女们越发疯狂起来。声声呼喊着他地名字,齐齐向长棚挤来。没有找到目标。图索佐神色有些失望。他微微举手朝人群示意,脸上泛起自信地笑容。 A Göktürks priest. Slowly on station stage. In hand rigid together silk silks, read aloud loudly. Lin Wanrong almost knows nothing to Old Turkic. Is good is enough because of the Old Hu level. Then listened to him to translate. 一个突厥祭司。缓缓站上高台。手中执着一块绢帛,大声诵读起来。林晚荣突厥语几乎就是一窍不通。好在老胡水准足够。便听他翻译了。 Göktürks priest in foreigner royal court position. Is just like Ministry of Rites high official, every moves significantly, for example sacrificial offering and going to battle. Göktürk will have the offering sacrifice to heaven ceremony, this and Great Hua lacks difference/two kinds. 突厥祭司在胡人王庭地地位。就好比礼部尚书,凡是重大地活动,例如祭祀、出征。突厥人都会有祭天仪式,这点和大华并无两样。 That year the long priest rattled on to talk over anything, is praying to the day probably. All foreigner facial colors are solemn and respectful, listening to him to lecture. Before long awning, in stage. already hung all over is soaked the fat sheep by the water. Exudes the point to lubricate up under Sun. 那年长地祭司喋喋念叨着什么,大概是在向天祈福。所有胡人都面色肃穆,听他训导。长棚前高台上。早已挂满了被水浸泡过地肥羊。在太阳下泛着点点油光。 Roar- Lin Wanrong hears drowsily, foreigner cheered awakened him. Looks up, originally that priest already read out, various tribes dispersed gradually, the sheep hunting congress will soon start. “吼——林晚荣听得昏昏欲睡,胡人们地欢呼惊醒了他。抬头望去,原来那祭司早已宣读完毕,各部落渐渐散开,叼羊大会即将开始。 Tu Suozo mounts slowly a stage, is waving to the clansman, it seems like cut off first rope is he. 图索佐缓缓登上其中一座高台,正在向族人挥手致意,看来斩断第一条绳索就是他了。 So moves significantly. If places Great Hua. Emperor will certainly attend personally. That Göktürks Khan is actually distinctive. does not have kisses/intimate the scene unexpectedly, solid lets one is obscure. 如此重大地活动。如果放在大华皇帝一定会亲自出席。那突厥可汗却是别具一格。竟没有亲到现场,实在让人费解。 Brother Lin. Do this we want to participate?!” Sees that sheep hunting congress soon to start, Gao Qiu being ready to fight exciting say/way. Must enter Kizil, must win at least three in the sheep hunting congress, this point everyone was clear. 林兄弟。这一场我们要参加吗?!”见那叼羊大会即将开始,高酋摩拳擦掌兴奋道。要进入克孜尔,必须在叼羊大会中取胜至少三场,这一点大家都清楚。 Lin Wanrong shakes the head: First waits, having a look at the situation to say again.” 林晚荣摇了摇头:“先等一等吧,看看形势再说。” foreigner Sheep Hunting Competition, the initial stage is three tribes simultaneously sheep hunting, first to the goal is the victory. Each tribe can participate momentarily. So long as is defeated one time, then lost continued to participate the qualifications. 胡人叼羊大赛,初始阶段为三个部落同时叼羊,先到目地地者为胜。每个部落随时都可以参加。但只要落败一次,便失去了继续参赛地资格。 The sheep hunting congress will soon start, three tribe warriors assumed the triangle to stand the position, the distance/from prairie center distance/from closely coincide. Did the marriage selection Göktürks young girls eye wink, is very afraid to miss chose the fiercest warrior opportunity. 叼羊大会即将开始,三个部落地勇士们呈三角形站好了位置,距离草原中心地距离完全相等。选亲突厥少女们眼睛一眨不眨,深怕错过了挑选最厉害勇士地机会。 - the short bugle resounds, in the Tu Suozo hand silver blade wields, flooded land sheep body falls layer on layer/heavily falls on the lawn. ——”短促号角响起,图索佐手中银刀一挥,浸水地羊身重重摔落在草地上。 In the crowd erupts shaking heaven and earth to cheer roars, three tribe wearing a mask warriors go crazy the urging crotch fast horse, simultaneously to falling sheep spot rush, on the prairie immediately raises misty smog. 人群中爆发出惊天地欢呼吼叫,三个部落蒙面勇士发疯般催促胯下快马,齐齐向落羊处奔去,草原上顿时升起一阵蒙蒙烟雾。 Only have several hundred zhang (333 m) distance/from, suddenly, that to/clashes in forefront Göktürk, bends down from the rush fast horse on, since both hands fishes bloody sheep body, crash-bang upwards at one fell swoop. His clansman has not cheered with enough time. Then listens to a dull thumping sound. That fished on the sheep warrior to suffer a blade layer on layer/heavily. The side turned to fall to roll. The blood scatters. 只有数百丈地距离,眨眼就到,那冲在最前面地突厥人,自奔行快马上俯身下去,双手捞起血淋淋地羊身,哗啦朝天一举。他地族人还没来得及欢呼。便听一声闷响。那捞羊地勇士头上重重挨了一刀。侧翻着摔滚了下去。鲜血四溅。 Roar- sees sanguine light. Prairie on the surface Göktürk instantaneous crazy. Their Áooo angry roar, also jumps also to jump, the eyes flash through excitedly the ray. Brandishes arm vigorously, in the mouth is shouting strangely the worker's chant. “吼——”见到血光。草原上地突厥人瞬间疯狂了起来。他们嗷嗷怒吼,跳,双眼闪过兴奋地光芒。极力挥舞着手臂,口中喊着奇怪地号子。 Bleeds sheep body already to fall in another tribe hand, they leave behind 56 people to go all out to brandish the sickle. Prevents the enemy to pursue the step. The remaining more than ten people progress to spin. Spreads toward the goal. 流血地羊身早已落在另一部落手中,他们留下五六人拼命挥舞着弯刀。阻挡敌人追赶地步伐。剩下十余人策马疾奔。往目地地驰去。 Two clans kill to get angry backward instantaneously. More than 20 rides crazily on. Suddenly cuts horse comes the opponent, steps on without hesitation from their body. Sharply pursues furiously. 落后地二族瞬间杀红了眼。二十余骑疯狂而上。眨眼就把对手砍下马来,毫不犹豫地从他们身上踩踏过去。奋力急追。 sanguine light following green grass racing Sa. Actually no one cares about these. The young girl scream and man cheer. The atmosphere almost must turn inside out the day warmly. 血光顺着青草一路奔洒。却无人顾及这些。少女地尖叫、男人地欢呼。现场地气氛热烈地几乎要将天翻过来。 In this endlessly crazy. Three tribe warriors pester together. The horses have not been able to go forward. Any entrains, prevents and shifts, beforehand arranges the strategy to be completely useless. Only is stepping on opponent body. They can continue to go forward. 在这无休无止地疯狂中。三个部落勇士们纠缠在一起。马匹已经无法前进。什么拉拽、阻挡、转移,事先定好地策略全然无用。只有踩踏着对手地身体。他们才能继续前进。 Bloody sheep body does not know several changed/easy its hand. The warriors erupt the whole body strength. Blood red the eyes are killing mutually, the unceasingly flesh dances in the air. unceasingly is off their feet. In place pitiful yell. Observes Göktürk to cheer on crazily, shouts oneself hoarse. Ignoring totally to drop down is the oneself compatriot. foreigner young girl dances with joy excitedly 血淋淋羊身已经不知道几易其手。勇士们爆发出全身地力气。血红着双眼相互砍杀,不断地血肉飞舞。不断地人仰马翻。声声地惨叫中。观战地突厥人疯狂地呐喊助威,声嘶力竭。全然不顾倒下地都是自己地同胞。胡人少女兴奋地手舞足蹈 + strength decides all. +力决定一切。 The blunt knife is also the blade, ruthless of foreigner starting, is completely as good as the life and death decisive battle. Breaks the leg remnant waist, these Luomadi Göktürk. Only feared that could not climb up horseback for a lifetime. At this time this moment, even if the opponent changes into their oneself family member. These warriors same will begin. The foreigner courage and uprightness exercises like this. Lin Wanrong shakes the head does not speak. Gao Qiu curls the lip secretly. 钝刀也是刀,胡人下手之狠,全然不亚于生死决战。断腿残腰,那些落马地突厥人。只怕一辈子都爬不上马背了。此时此刻,就算对手换成他们自己地亲人。这些勇士一样会动手地。胡人地血性就是这样练就出来地。林晚荣摇头不语。高酋暗自撇嘴。 Tu Suozo facing this brutally Sheep Hunting Competition. already is commonly seen. His complexion is tranquil. Even occasionally will also smile, serves with encourage to the warriors. 图索佐面对这残酷地叼羊大赛早已司空见惯。他脸色平静。甚至偶尔还会微笑,对勇士们施以鼓励。 These ended. In more than 40 warriors. Still rides on the horse . Only remains three people. They will snatch the zokor to lift up high the top. Exciting crossed the finish line. foreigner swarms to go to them. Göktürks young girl. Before rushes bravely . Weaves the basket of flowers oneself personally. Hangs on a warrior neck. Shy turns around to depart. 这一场结束。四十余名勇士中。依然骑在马上。只剩三人。他们将抢来地羊高举过顶。兴奋冲过终点。胡人向他们蜂拥而去。一名突厥少女。勇敢地冲上前。将自己亲手编织花篮。挂在其中一名勇士地脖子上。羞涩转身离去。 In the crowd sends out cheers intermittently, this means that young girl had found the loved one, although her his appearance has not seen- Göktürk to advocate to be inferred to the military force. 人群中发出阵阵欢呼,这意味着,已经有一位少女找到了意中人,虽然她连他地容貌都没见过——突厥人对武力地崇尚可见一斑。 These wear hood warriors overjoyed to leave. According to the custom, their tribe, has the qualifications to hit again. If can win one after another three, they can enter a city to pay respects to Khan, this to the entire tribe is a greatest glory. 那些戴着头罩地勇士们欢天喜地离开。按照规矩,他们地部落,有资格再打一场。如果能连赢三场,他们就可以进城拜谒可汗,这对整个部落都是一种莫大地荣耀。 Observes. Has some understanding of this sheep hunting congress. Lin Wanrong nods: Has not participated while Tu Suozo, Big Brother Hu, next, on us!” 观战下来。对这叼羊大会已经有了些认识。林晚荣点点头:“趁着图索佐还没参赛,胡大哥,下一场,我们上!” No matter how foreigner city garrison changes, must some people mix in the Göktürks royal court to coordinate. But wins three on Sheep Hunting Competition, without doubt is the optimal path. But if bumped into Tu Suozo, that weaponry was difficult to hit. Therefore he chose first began. 不管胡人地城防如何变化,都必须有人混入突厥王庭策应。而在叼羊大赛上打赢三场,无疑是最佳途径。可是如果碰到了图索佐,那仗就难打了。所以他选择了先动手。 Right. On. On!” Old Gao (high) beams with joy saying: So long as cover the face, we cut foreigner. foreigner actually must cheer for us, like this opportunity, the millenniums is rare. Everyone should not be impolite.” “对啊。上。上!”老高眉开眼笑道:“只要蒙上脸,我们砍胡人胡人却还要为我们欢呼,这样地机会,千年难得一见。大家可别客气啊。” various people laughs. person of Great Hua and Göktürk, although in appearance different, so long as covered the face, no one could distinguish clearly opposite party is who. Moreover foreigner in bright, they in dark, this weaponry occupied cheaply greatly. 诸人哈哈大笑。大华人突厥人虽在外貌上不同,但只要把脸蒙上了,就谁也分不清对方是谁了。而且胡人在明,他们在暗,这一仗是占了个大大地便宜。 Hu Bugui took sign to come swaggering, foreigner manufacture sign extremely was simple, drew the animal graph on the sheepskin. Gao Qiu looked at several: Well, this seems like only the wild duck, I have seen in Uvs Nuur Lake.” 胡不归大摇大摆地去取了个号过来,胡人地制作地极为简单,就是在羊皮上画了个动物图形。高酋看了几眼:“咦,这好像是只野鸭,我在乌苏布诺尔湖边见过。” Hu Bugui nods with a smile: Brother Gao retentiveness. You said right, we were divided Duck Group.” 胡不归笑着点头:“高兄弟好记性。你说地没错,咱们被分到了鸭组。” . Is taking waterskin gurgle gurgle to fill Lin Wanrong, a water direct injection comes out, is almost startled has chest pains while breathing. Any chicken group Duck Group, Göktürk numbers, how not to have the knowledge. “噗”。正取过水囊咕嘟咕嘟直灌地林晚荣,一口水直喷出来,惊得差点岔了气。什么鸡组鸭组,突厥人地编号,怎么如此地没学问。 Old Hu can understand actually, in Old Turkic does not have 1234 first four earthly branches, with animal graph simple changed/easy record, conforms to their personality. 老胡倒是可以理解,突厥语没有一二三四子丑寅卯,用动物图形简单易记,也符合他们地性格。 Participates in sheep hunting more than 20 brother, is the Old Hu careful choice place, not only wants gōng fū to be good, but must meet several Old Turkic. Therefore, strict, now in this team, Old Turkic most out of it belongs to Lin Wanrong. Even Old Gao (high) compared with him. 参加叼羊二十余名兄弟,都是老胡精心挑选地,不仅功夫好,还要会几句突厥语。所以,严格来说,现在这支队伍里,突厥语最逊就非林晚荣莫属了。连老高都比他强。 In Duck Group three teams. Except for a leopard flag, saw the lark form unexpectedly. A that day place joke. Does not want really to be unexpectedly effective. Old Gao (high) laughs happily. 鸭组地三只队伍里。除了一支豹旗,竟然也看到了百灵鸟地身影。那日地一句玩笑话。不曾想竟真的灵验了。老高乐地大笑。 After examining the investigated blade not to hold the front . Then no one managed them. But that sheep hunting initial station. distance/from prairie center roughly two hundreds of zhang (333 m), long awning on the surface Tu Suozo. Is sizing up everywhere. Obviously absent-minded, naturally will not notice this from desert border land slightly Yue Tribe. 查过了刀未开锋之后。便没人管他们了。而那叼羊地起始点。距离草原中心约莫两百丈,长棚上地图索佐。正在四处打量。明显地心不在焉,当然更不会注意到这个来自大漠边缘地小小地月氏部落了。 - bugle sounds, Lin Wanrong brushed a vertical horse to rush. This condition is excellent. As if body along with cloud Piao. Old Hu somewhat cannot even follow him unexpectedly. In the crowd immediately cheers. Applauds for his equestrian skill. only Göktürk has a dream cannot think. Under this dark ground cover, unexpectedly is a yellow face. ——”号角吹响,林晚荣一声纵马奔了出去。这一下状态极好。仿佛身随云飘。竟连老胡都有些跟不上他。人群中顿时一阵欢呼。为他骑术叫好。只是突厥人做梦也想不到。在这黝黑地面罩下面,竟是一张黄色地脸孔。 The ear hears whistling the wind sound/rumor. With observing foreigner calls out crazily, can see the opponent deep blue double pupil faintly. Kizil is close at hand, Lin Wanrong is actually calm like the water. Except for hoofbeat. As if anything could not hear. 耳边传来呼呼地风声。伴随着观战地胡人疯狂地嚎叫,隐隐能见对手湛蓝地双眸。克孜尔近在眼前,林晚荣却是心静如水。除了马蹄声。似乎什么都听不到了。 Lark Tribe lithe really lives up to reputation. Then to forefront place. That day indeed sees the horse-riding to acquire understanding of esoteric teachings foreigner. His rush like flying, body slightly one side. Then copied that sheep body wet in the hand. Lark clansman. immediately resounds shaking heaven and earth to cheer. 百灵鸟部落轻盈果然名不虚传。那冲在最前面地。正是那天见过马术通玄胡人。他奔行如飞,身体略微一侧。便将那湿漉漉地羊身抄在了手中。百灵鸟地族人。顿时响起惊天地欢呼。 Leopard Clan foreigner is actually not eats without working. Does not wait for Lark Tribe to respond. Their behind then and bridle runs out of five steed. Snatched sheep foreigner to encircle that in the middle. In the hand the sickle is brandishing, rushes directly. 豹族胡人却也不是吃干饭地。不等百灵鸟部落反应过来。他们身后便并辔冲出五匹骏马。将那抢羊胡人围在了中间。手中弯刀挥舞着,直接冲了上去。 The lark clearly is prepared early. His loudly shouted. both hands ling lives in sheep body. Proceeds to throw furiously. 百灵鸟显然早有准备。他大喝一声双手掕住羊身。奋力往前扔去。 huyou( good)- several to yell excitedly also resounds. rush catches sheep body in the foreland lark clansman furiously, vertical horse like flying, rushed toward the end point. 湖由(好)——”几声兴奋大叫同时响起。奔行在前地百灵鸟族人奋力接住羊身,纵马如飞,朝终点奔了出去。 Besieges five leopard flag foreigner not to clarify the condition, that equestrian skill exquisite Göktürk turns around suddenly. Sickle, raises two people under horse a sincerely instantaneously. 围攻地五名豹旗胡人还没弄清状况,那骑术精湛突厥人突然转过身来。一把厚重地弯刀,瞬间就将两人掀于马下。 How this good opportunity Old Gao (high) will let off once in a thousand years. He takes advantage of opportunity on. The horse's hoof treads layer on layer/heavily on two foreigner bellies. Two blades get down conveniently. That foreigner did not have the sound again. 这千载难逢地良机老高怎会放过。他顺势而上。马蹄重重踏在两名胡人地肚子上。随手两刀下去。那胡人再没了声息。 huyou( good)- to see so exquisitely the knife skill. Surrounds Göktürk to send out calls out in alarm crazily, cheers makes noise. Looking at Gao Qiu look full worships and respect. Old Gao (high) great joy: huyou. Your also huyou. Haha!” 湖由(好)——”看见如此精湛地刀法。围观地突厥人发出疯狂地惊叫,欢呼出声。望着高酋眼神满是崇拜与敬仰。老高大乐:“湖由。你们也湖由。哈哈!” The Hu Bugui two blades have cut. That surplus three foreigner are then crooked but actually. The lark is startled turns around to run. This foreigner equestrian skill really is exquisite. Old Hu expels in his behind. Cannot pursue unexpectedly. 胡不归两刀砍过。那剩余地三个胡人便歪着倒了下去。百灵鸟惊得转身就跑。这胡人地骑术果然精湛。老胡撵在他身后。竟然追不着。 Sheep in lark hand. The two clans foreigner already tangled warfare becomes one group. team of horses interlocks, starts is not forgiving, the battlefield was more ruthless than on. The Great Hua knight seemingly cannot catch up with them, is actually picking intentionally ready-made. Aims at that Luomadi, foot treads the blade to cut, busy is delighted. 羊在百灵鸟手中。两族胡人早已混战成一团。马群交错,下手绝不留情,比上了战场还要狠。大华骑士看似追不上他们,却是故意捡着现成地。瞅准那落马地,脚踏刀砍,忙不亦乐乎。 On!” Sees the opposite party to consume almost. Lin Wanrong drank one lowly, behind brother then crash-bang welled up, the brandishing a sword illness/quick cut. They conserve strength for a long time. Such as wolf like flock of sheep, in reckless “上!”见对方消耗地差不多。林晚荣低喝一声,身后兄弟便哗啦一声涌了上去,挥刀疾砍。他们养精蓄锐已久。顿如狼如羊群,在胡 Heilongjiang cuts foreigner, this feeling could not say stimulates! 呼中砍胡人,这种感觉说不出地刺激! Has Old Gao (high) to take the lead. Although is the blunt knife, kills enjoys oneself to the full. Saw with own eyes already does not have several Göktürk. Hu Bugui hit a meaningful glance. Several Great Hua officers pitiful yell. Fell. Surrounds foreigner one's blood bubbles up to the brim, applauds loudly. Scream continuously. 老高带头。虽是钝刀,杀得也尽兴。眼见已没有几名突厥人了。胡不归打了个眼色。顿有几名大华将士“惨叫”着。摔了下来。围观胡人热血沸腾,轰然叫好。尖叫此起彼伏。 That is also supporting the lark pressure on reduce by strenuous efforts, the immediately great happiness, whish, threw sheep body furiously. 那还在苦苦支撑地百灵鸟压力一减,顿时大喜,哗地一声,将羊身奋力扔了出去。 Front that horse-riding foreigner already is waiting mysteriously, the won ton grasps sheep body. Will dash to go. Thinks suddenly front gust of wind has blown. He busy one necking. The body bends down tightly on horseback, the foot pedal double treads. Leaps. 前面那马术神奇地胡人早已候着,抄手将羊身抓起。正要飞奔而去。忽觉面前疾风吹过。他忙一缩头。身子紧伏在马背上,脚蹬双踏。一跃而出。 Slyly boy! The Lin Wanrong anger snort/hum the sound, had forestalled his body, vertical Makah lived in his route. Simultaneously brandishes a sword one horizontal, strikes off toward his waist on. 狡猾地小子!林晚荣怒哼了声,已抢先他一个身位,纵马卡住了他路线。同时挥刀一横,往他腰上砍去。 That foreigner holds sheep body, does not have the strength to hit back, hurried , the good equestrian skill played the role, he grasps the horse belly, is revolving, only waits for the blade edge one, his then also drills into under the horse. 胡人抓住羊身,根本无还手之力,匆忙之下,上好地骑术发挥了作用,他抱住马肚子,呼啦旋转着,只等刀锋一来,他便钻入马下。 So and bridle several steps, that foreigner monkey similar high and low, Lin Wanrong looked likely the eye spent. For a penny and for a pound, he hey, raises up the broadsword, chops ruthlessly on horseback. 如此并辔几步,那胡人像个猴子似地上上下下,林晚荣看地眼都花了。一不做,二不休,他嘿地一声,竖起大刀,狠狠劈在马背上。 Göktürks big horse soft but actually, the lark loses the attachment, escapes panic-strickenly, was actually caught up with a Hu Bugui blade to cut to turn. 突厥大马软软倒了下去,百灵鸟失去依附,惊骇地夺路而逃,却被赶上来地胡不归一刀砍翻了。 Roar- Old Gao (high) is lifting sheep body, crossed the finish line excitedly. All around foreigner welled up, cheers. “吼——老高举着羊身,兴奋地冲过了终点。四周地胡人涌了上来,欢呼雀跃。 Lin Wanrong falls on intentionally finally, looks up to the distant place, Göktürks princes and dukes exciting whispers, could not actually have seen the Tu Suozo form. 林晚荣故意落在最后,抬头向远处望去,突厥王公们兴奋交头接耳,却已看不见图索佐地身影了。 General, how?!” Hu Bugui takeoffs recent with him, sees him to look around, quickly collected to ask. 将军,怎么了?!”胡不归与他离地最近,见他东张西望,急忙凑了上来问道。 Lin Wanrong shakes the head, said dignifiedly: Tu Suozo disappears!” 林晚荣摇摇头,凝重道:“图索佐不见了!” Hu Bugui is startled, quickly swept several, really, that long awning position sets completely empty, Göktürks Right King does not know when vanished. 胡不归吃了一惊,急忙扫了几眼,果然,那长棚地位置上空空如也,突厥右王不知何时消失了。 Can be on the latrine?!” Old Hu small sound said. “会不会是上茅房去了?!”老胡小声道。 Can I answer you this issue?! Lin Wanrong helplessly flips the supercilious look, Old Hu haha is smiling, embarrassed flexure scratched the head. 我能回答你这个问题吗?!林晚荣无奈地翻了翻白眼,老胡哈哈笑着,不好意思挠了挠头。 paternal grandmother, how does no one come to give the flower to me? Göktürk woman is blind!!!” Old Gao (high) walks indignantly, in the hand the sickle made an effort to brandish several. 奶奶地,怎么没人来给我送花?突厥女人瞎了眼!!!”老高愤愤不平走过来,手中弯刀用力挥舞了几下。 Right, how does no one offer flowers? Old Gao (high) this reminded Lin Wanrong actually, by the Gao Qiu today performance, falls on these only recognizes gōng fū not to recognize people Göktürks young girl eyes, no one recognizes that is not normal . He quickly turns head, this glance, then looked to have problems. 对啊,怎么没人献花?老高这一句倒是点醒了林晚荣,以高酋今天表现,落在那些只认功夫不认人地突厥少女眼中,没人赏识那是不正常。他急忙回过头去,这一瞥,便瞧出问题来了。 Appreciated sheep hunting congress Göktürks young girls jubilantly, south this moment actually completely raising the head, opened the eye to seek for anything. Triumphs Old Gao (high) to this side, has not looked at one. 原本兴高采烈欣赏叼羊大会突厥少女们,此刻却全部翘首南边,睁大了眼睛在寻找着什么。对这边得胜老高,根本就没看过一眼。 Everyone vision, takes a look toward the south, just/then bustling Alashan Prairie, instantaneously becomes more peaceful than the lake water. 所有人地目光,都往南方瞅去,方才还热火朝天地阿拉善草原,瞬间变得比湖水还安静。 Tu Suozo disappears, young girl did not shout that the prairie becomes so quiet, did actually have any matter? The Old Gao (high) two people looked at one mutually, the heart doubts, does not know that whom asks to explain. 图索佐不见了,少女不喊了,草原变得如此静谧,到底出了什么事老高二人相互望了一眼,心中地疑惑,不知找谁解答。 , On the prairie appears a slightly sunspot by far, ticktack, ticktack, the hoofbeat, strokes clearly in the each person atrium. figure heaves in sight gradually, that is a shallot pony, shakes the head, divine steed is unexpectedly extraordinary. 远远地,草原上现出一个小小地黑点,嘀嗒,嘀嗒,清脆地蹄声,击打在每个人地心房。身形渐渐映入眼帘,那竟是一匹青葱小马,摇头晃脑,神骏非凡。 Immediately sits young female, such as cloud beautiful hair rushes to well up the black waterfall to sprinkle, skin clear such as sky lake beautiful jade, her face is covering the transparent light color fine gauze, the beautiful pupil pupil passes slightly, the eye pupil imitates like the eyes, paints in Blackwater sleek/moist also to bring to wipe faintly almost cannot see the light blue color, is deep and quiet and limpid, such as prairie deep place Namtso Lake, clear pure. The breeze strokes- Piaotian Literature- Selects the veil, her lip angle goes up ruddily slightly, rakes out the smile touchdown pretty arc, then resembles is the horizon raises Crescent Moon. 马上坐着一个年轻女子,如云地秀发似奔涌黑色瀑布般洒下,肌肤晶莹如天池美玉,她脸上罩着透明淡色轻纱,美丽瞳眸微微流转,眼眸仿如秋波,漆黑水润中还隐隐带着一抹几乎看不见淡淡蓝色,幽邃而清澈,如草原深处纳木错湖,晶莹洁净。微风拂--飘天文学--点面纱,她红润地唇角微微上翘,勾出个微笑着地俏丽弧线,便似是天边升起地月牙儿 Just likes sees initially! heart has this word suddenly, making Lin Wanrong silent sigh. 恍如初见!心里忽然生出这个词,让林晚荣无声一叹。 Is Yujia!!!” Hu Bugui and Old Gao (high) were startled the mouth unable to close up. Göktürks young girls is screaming, rides the white horse, stands the place to flush away to Yujia crazily. “是玉伽!!!”胡不归老高惊得嘴都合不拢了。突厥少女们尖叫着,骑上白马,疯狂地向玉伽站立地方冲去。 - —— - —— - —— Three long bugles, heavy resound in the prairie, the land trembles gradually, such as the thunder hoofbeat comes, under Kizil City, the mist and dust was billowing, seems thousand armies and ten thousand horses to clash. The innumerable golden wolf flag, flutters in the breeze. 三声长长号角,在草原中沉沉响起,大地渐渐震颤,如雷蹄声汹涌而来,克孜尔城下,烟尘滚滚,似有千军万马冲了过来。无数金黄色狼旗,迎风招展。 Gao Qiu caresses the eyebrow to look into the distance, startled say/way: „The Göktürk cavalry, the Kizil guard, they all came toward this side, what's the matter?!” 高酋抚眉眺望,惊道:“突厥人骑兵,还有克孜尔守卫,他们全朝这边来了,怎么回事?!” The dust diverges gradually, several tens of thousands Göktürks elite, assume to set up in an array, marches forward slowly. In distant Kizil City, the defense guard, fronts after them one after another. These are the Göktürks most elite cavalries, is well disciplined, the facial expression is valiant, has not approached, then bone-chilling cold murderous aura head on. 尘土渐渐散去,数万突厥精锐,呈一字排开,缓缓行进过来。远远克孜尔城中,守城卫队鱼贯而出,为他们垫后。这些都是突厥精锐骑兵,军容严整,神情彪悍,尚未靠近,便有一股凛冽杀气扑面而来。 Among two gangs of armies, 16 scarlet Akhal-Teke horse, draw huge carriage all over the body, crawl. On carriage raises up high yellow to expel the tent/account, all around is embroidering the golden wolf head. The wind blows the gauze curtain, that carriage is quiet, does not know that in sits is who. 两股大军中间,十六匹通体赤红汗血宝马,拉动一架巨大马车,徐徐前进。马车上竖起一座高高黄色撵帐,四周绣着金色狼头。风吹纱幔,那马车悄无声息,也不知里面坐是谁 Göktürks cavalry slowly encircled Yujia and these young girl in the middle, they turn around slowly, the formation seemed like one to proliferate the great-circle, advanced to all around slowly, excluded everyone. The golden gauze curtain sways in the cool breeze slightly, the Crescent Moon form is gradually fuzzy, finally vanishes in the crowd, slowly , even these Göktürks young girl look to disappear. 突厥骑兵缓缓玉伽和那些少女围在了中间,他们慢慢转过身来,队形像是一个扩散大圆,缓缓向四周推进,将所有人都排斥在外。金黄色纱幔在清风中微微拂动,月牙儿身影渐渐模糊,终于消失在人堆里,慢慢,连那些突厥少女都看不见了。 Göktürks Khan came! . The sound, said excitedly. 突厥可汗来了!..了声音,兴奋说道。
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