FS :: Volume #6

#582: Göktürks pretty boy

…… …… Helan Mountains does that side have the sound?! ” Hu Bugui responded quickly, thinks General, your meaning was, Military Advisor Xu to coordinate our surprise attack Kizil, possibly had an action to perform to foreigner in Helan Mountains that side intentionally, thus forced Göktürk to toward the frontline increase troops?! such said, should these 100,000 people not come to us?!” 贺兰山那边有动静?!”还是胡不归反应最快,想了“将军,你意思是,徐军师为了配合我们奇袭克孜尔,可能故意在贺兰山那边胡人有所动作,从而迫使突厥人不得不往前线增兵?!如此说来,这十万人应该不是冲我们来?!” Gao Qiu well, was happy: If these ten ten thousand foreigner must increase troops Helan Mountains , when they walk, Kizil can it not be empty city? This is the big good deed!” 高酋咦了一声,喜道:“若这十万胡人是要增兵贺兰山,等他们一走,克孜尔岂不是空城一座?这可是大大好事啊!” Lin Wanrong smiled several said: Since must speculate toward the good aspect, we guess boldly might also as well. After burning down Bayanhot, Göktürk for a long time cannot capture to Helan Mountains, also is deficient because of the supplies, has to return the prairie, Lù Dongzan also has free time to rush to Yiwu to meet me! Miss Xu fully realizes our goal, since foreigner drew back, I think, she should find the way to attract the foreigner attention, thus reduces our pressure. Perhaps, she at this time in the prairie and desert edge, is confronting with foreigner! The head wave attacks does not have to take down Helan Mountains, Göktürk has to increase troops toward the frontline. As far as time is concerned, these 100,000 people of appear, agrees with this speculation exactly.” 林晚荣笑了几声道:“既然要往好方面推测,那我们就大胆猜猜也是无妨。自火烧了巴彦浩特之后,突厥人贺兰山久攻不下,因补给匮乏,不得不退回草原,禄东赞也才有空赶到伊吾来会我!徐小姐深知我们目标,既然胡人退了,我想,她应该会想办法吸引胡人注意,从而减轻我们压力。没准,她这时候正在草原和沙漠边缘,与胡人对峙呢!首波攻击没有取下贺兰山,突厥人不得不往前线增兵。从时间上来看,这十万人出现,恰与这个推测吻合。” Some as if truth. Everyone nods secretly, listening to him to continue to say. 似乎有些道理。大家暗自点头,听他继续讲下去。 „A more important point, Bayanhot had been burnt unable to find grain of grain by us, but retreats 20 ten thousand foreigner to need massive provisions, from Bayanhot to Yiwu, our without discovered that the foreigner grain and fodder supply depot, thus it can be seen, their provisions ship from the Alashan Prairie deep place surely, but this point also piles up the like a mountain grain and fodder to agree without consultation with Kizil City outside exactly.” “更重要一点,巴彦浩特已被我们烧找不到一粒粮食,而退守下来二十余万胡人需要大量给养,从巴彦浩特伊吾,我们并没有发现胡人粮草补给站,由此可见,他们给养必定是从阿拉善草原深处运来,而这一点也恰好与克孜尔城外堆积如山粮草暗合。” Draws back 10,000 steps saying that even if Göktürk really detected that our goal, by Lù Dongzan intelligent, his completely without gathered 100,000 troops to defend outside Kizil City necessary, this doesn't make us flee to the wilderness obvious? Well the means are the hidden troops, ambush in secret. Waits for us to go to bring death! Why can he clarify the posture to enlarge the bow?!” “退一万步讲,即使突厥人真的察觉到了我们目的,以禄东赞聪明,他完全没有必要聚集十万人马守在克孜尔城外,这不是明摆着让我们落荒而逃吗?最好地办法就是隐藏兵力、暗中埋伏。坐等我们前去送死!他干嘛要摆明姿势拉大弓呢?!” The people listen to him to analyze. First has doubts, latter is suddenly. Deeply thinks that this possibility is enormous. 众人听他分析。先是疑惑,后是恍然。深觉这种可能性极大。 Naturally, these are I wishfully speculated, as for truth actually how. Also only then foreigner oneself knew!” Lin Wanrong sighed. Facial features one entire: „The road ahead is hard and dangerous. Everyone must hundred times of vigilance. Although cannot advance recklessly, but must fight first is timid, oneself to frighten oneself. No matter these ten ten thousand Göktürk intentions how, we already does not have escape route. Since had arrived here, comes ruthless on must to foreigner, otherwise. not only is unfair to under Helan Mountains to fight a bloody battle brothers, is unfair to our these two legs! Does everyone remember does not have?!” “当然,这些都是我一厢情愿地推测,至于事实真相到底如何。也只有胡人自己知道了!”林晚荣叹了口气。面容一整:“前路艰险。大家一定要百倍警惕。虽不可冒进,但更不能未战先怯、自己吓唬自己。不管这十万突厥人意图如何,我们都已经没有了退路。既然已经到了这里,就一定要胡人来一记狠,要不然。不仅对不起贺兰山下浴血奋战地兄弟们,也对不起我们这两条腿!大家记住没有?!” lowly general obeys the command!” The people became flushed the complexion. simultaneously bellows. Just like Lin Wanrong said, this is a ten deaths without hope of life road of no return. Cannot allow them to gaze Gu Wei. Is placed in front of them , only then road- goes forward, enters the Göktürks royal court! 末将遵令!”众人涨红了脸色。齐齐大吼。正如林晚荣所说,这本就是一条十死无生不归路。根本容不得他们瞻头顾尾。摆在他们面前只有一条路——前进,杀入突厥王庭! Discussed with the people. Ten ten thousand foreigner deploy troops Kizil is not possible to change the fact, at present the means to invariably should safely myriad transformations. The armies go forward the line to be invariable, simultaneously widens the scout reconnaissance range. Is paying attention to the foreigner trend momentarily. Actually has a look at them to do. 与众人商量了一番。十万胡人陈兵克孜尔已是不可改变地事实,目前最稳妥地办法就是以不变应万变。大军前进地线路不变,同时扩大斥候地侦察范围。随时留意着胡人动向。看看他们究竟要干什么。 Discussing official business is two, a crescent moon hangs in the sunny nighttime sky, the spooky moonlight scatters on the ground grass, quiet chilly. Has slightly the chill in the air. Looking into the distance. On the lawn lay down lay completely on the ground the soldier. The sound is slight. already fell asleep happy , their corners of the mouth are hanging faintly the smiling face, did not know the is or isn't dream to the family/home in the elder wife and children. Although Kizil is close at hand, actually does not know how many people these brother do have to live? 议事完毕已是二更时分,一轮弯月高悬在晴朗夜空,幽幽月光散射在地上草上,静谧清冷。带着微微寒意。放眼望去。草地上躺满了席地而卧战士。声轻微。早已进入了甜蜜梦乡,他们嘴角挂着隐隐地笑容,也不知是不是梦到了家中父老妻儿。克孜尔虽是近在眼前,却不知这些兄弟有几人能够活着回去? Grape good wine luminous winecup. To water a horse to urge. Sprawling drunk battlefield Monarch smiles not, since ancient times went on an expedition several people to return?” Stands quietly hill, looks out subordinate officers that to be covered with the dragon fine beard young cheeks. Lin Wanrong long sighed. heart could not say the ground submergence to be heavy. “葡萄美酒夜光杯。欲饮马上催。醉卧沙场君莫笑,古来征战几人回?”站在静谧地山岗,遥望手下将士们那长满虬髯年轻脸颊。林晚荣长长叹了口气。心里说不出地沉重。 How place?!” The jade sprouting cogongrass got hold of his palm soft, light of a gentle sweet and pretty sound near the ear resounds. “怎地了?!”柔软地玉荑握紧了他手掌,一个温柔娇美声音在耳边轻轻响起。 Turns around slightly, under the moon/month the Ning Yuxi red lip noodles and ice myo- jade face, in the double pupil exude the water general gentle mighty waves, calmly looks at him. Stands beautiful smartly, the silver moonlight is shining her peerless unparalleled cheeks. Exudes lightly the fluorescence. The skirt belt is floating, the white clothing dances in the air, elegantly simple Ning Yuxi. Just likes in Lunar Palace exiles to fall Fairy, holy lofty elegant, does not contaminate a human food. 微微转过身去,月下地宁雨昔红唇素面、冰肌玉颜,双眸里泛起水一般温柔波澜,静静望住他。婀娜俏立间,银色地月光照耀着她绝世无双脸颊。泛起淡淡地荧光。裙带飘飘,白衣飞舞,淡雅地宁雨昔。恍如月宫里谪落仙子,圣洁高雅,不沾染一丝人间烟火。 Lin Wanrong looked that is in a daze, good long while grips her both hands, muttered: elder sister. You are really beautiful!” 林晚荣直直发呆,好半天才握住她双手,喃喃自语道:“姐姐。你真美!” Fairy Ning smiles gently. The crisp hand raises. light brushes off on his clothes to lead to contaminate to be well-grounded several hay: beautiful and clown, only Heaven grant the leather bag. Lives does not bring, refuses stubbornly to carry off. Also only then you, care these.” 宁仙子温柔一笑。酥手微扬。轻轻掸去他衣上领上沾染着地几丝干草:“美与丑,都只是上天赐予地皮囊。生不带来,死不带走。也就只有你,才把这些都放在心上。” Fairy really is light to the extreme! Lin Wanrong laughs, mixes not to care beckons with the hand saying: Appreciating the beautiful itself is the instinct of the world, resembles my worldling to have fun like this, could it be wants me facing elder sister such angel appearance aloof- with all due respect, elder sister, your request was too harsh!” 仙子果然是淡薄之极林晚荣嘻嘻一笑,混不在意地摆手道:“欣赏美丽本就是人世之天性,似我这样地俗人更是乐在其中,难道要我面对姐姐这样的天仙容颜无动于衷——恕我直言,姐姐,你这要求太苛刻了吧!” Ning Yuxi looks unfamiliar the corona smartly, lowers the head to be angry saying: Who was harsh to you? Really said you. You must look then looked that I already did not have dao practice, is not no matter what you do bully?!” 宁雨昔俏脸生晕,低头嗔道:“谁对你苛刻了?真说不过你。你要看便看吧,我早已没了道行,还不是任你欺负来着?!” Fairy powder cheek throws a rouge, exuding light bright red, that bashful belt/bring was angry the appearance, straight cancels the soul to bone. Lin Wanrong looked that the smug look and soul give, hold on her to handle gently the sound to sigh: Thanks to having Deity Elder Sister you accompanies, otherwise, this life and death tunnel/said road, how do I walk to get down?!” 仙子粉颊似是扑上了层胭脂,泛起淡淡嫣红,那含羞带嗔模样,直个销魂到了骨子里。林晚荣看得色与魂授,拉住她手轻声一叹:“多亏有神仙姐姐你一路相伴,要不然,这生死地道路,我怎么走下去?!” This saying to be is not false. From Xingqing City to Helan Mountains, from Bayanhot to Khobdo, the middle experienced the innumerable swords and spears to be difficult, the own experience died then has several times, if did not have Elder Sister An and Fairy protects in secret, his died does not know early many returned. 这话是一点不假。从兴庆府贺兰山,从巴彦浩特科布多,中间经历了无数刀枪险阻,亲身历死便有数次,若无安姐姐仙子暗中相护,他早死了不知多少回了。 Sees his interest is waning appearance, remembered previously his to sigh for no reason, the Ning Yuxi small hand tightened, light say/way: petty thief, did you miss homeland?” 看见他意兴阑珊模样,想起先前他那无端地感叹,宁雨昔小手紧了紧,轻道:“小贼,你是想家了么?” A little!” Lin Wanrong Um the sound, lowered the head to sigh. Fairy is tranquil, all things live simply, only then before her, Lin Wanrong meets such to be honest. “有一点!”林晚荣了声,低下头去微叹。仙子宁静素雅,诸事淡泊,也只有在她面前,林晚荣才会这么老实。 Remembers meets to want with him initially 想起与他初遇要 The life time, this petty thief is is valiant, flintlock stinger is serious oneself conveniently. How to know him also to have so lonely no use the time! 命地时候,这小贼是多么彪悍强硬,火枪蜂针随手把自己当回事。怎知他也有如此孤独无助地时候! Read and past, the Ning Yuxi heart tender feelings gets up gradually, the double pupil mild as water, light stroked to put down his scattered in disorder chignon. gently said: cannot is sad. Some Yuxi in your nearby. Vertical is thousand armies and ten thousand horses. Could not injure your fine hair. Waited to fire off the weaponry, I then accompanied you to go back together, helping you pass that happy merry day.” 念及前尘往事,宁雨昔心中柔情渐起,双眸温润似水,轻轻拂平他散乱发髻。柔道:“莫要忧愁。有雨昔在你身边。纵是千军万马。也伤不了你一根汗毛。等打完了仗,我便陪你一起回去,让你过那开心快活日子。” Lin Wanrong shakes the head slightly. The gratitude smiles: „The happy merry day I think daily. But. I actually not for oneself worry.” 林晚荣微微摇头。感激一笑:“开心快活日子我天天都想。可是。我却不是为自己担心。” „Is that for whom?!” Ning Yuxi puzzled say/way. “那是为谁?!”宁雨昔不解道。 The vision has swept on the lawn innumerably young rigid the face. In the sleep they are tranquil. Lin Wanrong sighed in a soft voice: For these life and death brothers! I can live bring them, actually does not know, also does have several to live?!” 目光扫过草地上无数年轻执着地面孔。睡梦中地他们宁静安详。林晚荣轻声叹息:“为了这些生死弟兄!我能把他们活着带来,却不知,有几个能活着回去?!” Fairy Ning sighed speechless lightly. She can rescue petty thief one person, but how did also save these 5000 officers?! 宁仙子无语轻叹。她可以救得了小贼一人,可是怎么救得了这五千将士?! Actually, I really do not want to go to war!” Lin Wanrong is muttering. Resembled was saying listened to her, also is saying to the oneself hear. “其实,我真地不想打仗!”林晚荣喃喃自语着。似是在说给她听,似是在说给自己听。 Sees the petty thief eyes empty vision. A Fairy heart pain. Was busy at grabbing his hand: I know.” 望见小贼眼里空空洞洞目光。仙子心中一痛。忙抓住了他手:“我知道地。” Lin Wanrong suddenly has turned away. Cracks into a chuckle: elder sister. I must sing, do you listen to me to sing does not have?!” 林晚荣忽地转过脸来。嘻嘻一笑:“姐姐。我要唱个歌,你听过我唱歌没有?!” This did petty thief suddenly turn about? Ning Yuxi eyes tears stain not yet dry. Saw his miracle similar to trade a smiling face unexpectedly, actually also cannot bear stared. 小贼怎地说变就变了?宁雨昔眼中泪渍尚未干涸。见他竟奇迹似地换了个笑脸,却也禁不住愣了一下 Has not responded with enough time. Lin Wanrong the arm has actually flung, shouts at the top of one's voice greatly howlingly: - I must from south to north. I must from going in vain to the black! I want people to see me. Actually does not know I am who- 还未来得及反应过来。林晚荣却已胳膊一甩,扯开嗓子大嚎了起来:“——我要从南走到北。我还要从白走到黑!我要人们都看见我。却不知道我是谁—— The that song accent could not say strangely, the sound was sturdy, fluttered in the nighttime sky. Directly soars to the distant place. Innumerably echo and in the same place. Unusually sad feelings. Well ups. until his voice curls to diverge. heart the heat flow was still reverberating. 那曲调说不出地怪异,声音粗壮豪迈,在夜空里飘飘荡荡。直奔向远方。无数地回声和在一起。顿有一种奇特地悲感觉。直涌上心头。直到他声音袅袅散去。心中仍有一股热流在回荡。 Well, General Lin did also sing song?!” Hu Bugui raised up the ear to listen to the long time, knit the brows: How and «Eighteen Touches» doesn't look like? Is it possible that in the joyhouses had/left «19 Touching» newly inadequate?” “咦,林将军小曲了?!”胡不归竖起耳朵听了半晌,皱眉道:“怎地和《十八摸》不太像?莫非窑子里新出了《十九摸》不成?” Any ear,” Old Gao (high) disdain curls the lip: This clearly is «Reads beloved husband». This year Eight Big Alleys is most popular!” “什么耳朵啊,”老高不屑地撇撇嘴:“这分明就是《念郎君》。今年八大胡同最流行!” that side takes a nap Crescent Moon to turn over/to stand up, in the pupil variegated appears intermittently. The vision falls on hill that pair closely snuggles person's shadow body, she clenches teeth. Numerous snorted. 那边假寐月牙儿翻身而起,眸中斑斓隐现。目光落在山岗那一对紧紧依偎人影身上,她咬了咬牙。重重哼了一声 ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- From Khobdo sets off. Led the way 78 ten miles of road regulations, then arrives in the Uvs Noah lake. 科布多出发。前行了七八十里路程,便到达乌布苏诺尔湖。 Uvs Noah. The meaning in Old Turkic is the heaven Zhongning geostationary lake. 乌布苏诺尔”。在突厥语中地意思是天堂中宁静地湖。 The really lake such as its, has not approached the lake surface, then mist head on lightly, is mixing with the water plant delicate fragrance faintly. The lake water is clear enough to see bottom. The ocean waves ripple, looks from afar, then like one gigantically and luminously mirror. Crustification on Alashan Prairie. 果然湖如其名,还未靠近湖面,便有一股淡淡地水雾扑面而来,隐隐夹杂着水草地清香。湖水清澈见底。碧波荡漾,远远望去,便像一块硕大而光亮地镜子。镶嵌在阿拉善草原上。 The Uvs Lake distance/from foreigner royal court Kizil more than 300 li (0.5 km) distances, it may be said that have touched in front of the Göktürk nose. Because outside unclear Kizil that ten ten thousand foreigner earth movements, Lin Wanrong slowed down the marching speed. Shook to rub gently leisurely for day, caught up specially when dusk fall. Arrives at this Uvs Noah. 乌湖距离胡人王庭克孜尔不过三百多里路程,可谓已经触到了突厥人地鼻子前面。由于不明克孜尔外那十万胡人地动向,林晚荣放慢了行军速度。悠悠晃晃磨蹭了一天,特意赶在暮色降临时。才来到这乌布苏诺尔。 The weather is dark. The officers are tending horses and scour the sword in the lakeside leisurely and carefree. The war will soon approach, actually does not see slightly the tense atmosphere. 天色已暗。将士们在湖边悠闲地牧马、擦洗着战刀。大战即将来临,却不见丝毫地紧张气氛。 Yujia is extremely ripe to this Uvs Lake environment. Was similar the family/home to be the same to here, as soon as she swept previously desolately, unceasing smiled in a soft voice tenderly, in the onshore rimland thick patch of grass is collecting various weeds flowers, mixed to build in the same place. Tied greatly several handful. Each handful has not given full expression places near the exquisite nose a light kiss. face shows a delightfully smiling face. 玉伽似是对这乌湖环境极熟。到了这里就仿佛到了家一样,她一扫先前地冷淡,不断的轻声娇笑,在岸边地草丛里采集着各种各样野草花朵,混搭在一起。束了大大地几捧。每一捧都意犹未尽地放在小巧鼻子边轻轻一吻。脸上露出个甜美地笑容。 When to playing was tired, she then sits in the shore. Took off the boots, reveals one pair clear such as the jade small feet, kicks to build in the lake water limpidly cheerfully, but also rubs several nearby weeds flowers unceasingly thick crowded, extracts some juice, also unceasingly throws toward the lake. Looks at that facial expression, not being able to say is with ease enjoyable and free and unrestrained. 待到玩地累了,她便坐在岸边。脱了靴子,露出一双晶莹如玉地小脚,在清澈地湖水里欢快踢搭着,还不断将身边厚厚地野草花朵挤揉几下,榨出些汁水,不断地往湖里扔去。看那神情,说不出地轻松写意、逍遥自在。 ***, Clearly she is a captive, how to play is more relaxed than me? Looks at freely young girl Yujia, Lin Wanrong eyes is getting angry, full is helpless and envy. ***,分明她是俘虏,怎么玩地比我还轻松?望着无忧无虑地少女玉伽,林晚荣眼中冒火,满是无奈和嫉妒。 Yujia was the sensation his look, turns around slightly, sees his black face, she was the show/unfolds face smiles unexpectedly, unspeakably was charming. 玉伽似是感知了他地眼神,微微转过身来,望见他黑黑地老脸,她竟是展颜一笑,说不出的妩媚。 Lin Wanrong gawked, no way, she smiled to me, this was for a long time does not have the matter, did the could it be today Sun hit the west side to come out?! 林晚荣愣了愣,不会吧,她冲我笑了,这可是好久没有事情了,难道今天太阳打西边出来了?! He is in a daze, Yujia also light snort/hum the sound, cast the head to the side, in the hand threw greatly toward the lake water in the flowers and plants, that look has become illusory. Resembles this lake water fluctuating to ripple. 他发愣间,玉伽轻哼了声,偏过头去,手中大把花草往湖水里扔去,那眼神已变得虚无缥缈。似这湖水般起伏荡漾。 Big Brother Hu. Does front brothers have the recent news return?” Camps. Lin Wanrong then seizes Hu Bugui. Is burning with impatience to ask. Noon, first wave of scout has fed in the news, Kizil surrounding indeed gathered hundreds of thousands of foreigner cavalries. Everywhere grain and fodder provisions. Stack like hill. The Fairy news is accurate. 胡大哥前方兄弟有新消息回报么?”才一安扎下来。林晚荣便逮住胡不归。心急火燎问道。晌午时分,第一波斥候已经传回消息,克孜尔外围的确聚集了数十万胡人铁骑。遍地地粮草给养。堆积地像小山一样。仙子地消息准确无误。 Ten ten thousand foreigner defend on leading to the Kizil tunnel/said road. By the present has not known that their goal is anything. Saw that Kizil then in close, Lin Wanrong can be imagined anxiously. 十万胡人守在通往克孜尔地道路上。到现在还不知道他们地目的是什么。眼看着克孜尔便在咫尺之遥,林晚荣地焦急可想而知。 Old Hu shakes the head dignifiedly: Has not returned. The foreigner 100,000 armies in the side, our scout are unable to be close, knows nothing about their goal. Difficult!” 老胡凝重地摇头:“尚未回报。胡人十万大军在侧,我们地斥候根本就无法接近,对他们地目的更是一无所知。难!” Goes bad on badly in this knowing nothing. Lin Wanrong annoying shakes the head, does not know the foreigner intention. The also does not have Helan Mountains news, does not know the Xu Zhiqing that side actually has or doesn't have movement. But oneself wants slightly one carelessly. These five thousand Great Hua elite. Will be ripped the fragment by ten ten thousand foreigner. So essential time. Unexpectedly not effective information estimate of enemy situation. How to ask him to get angry? This was the solitary army thoroughly fault. 坏就坏在这个一无所知。林晚荣懊恼摇摇头,既不知道胡人意图。没有贺兰山消息,更不知道徐芷晴那边到底有没有动作。而自己只要稍一不慎。这五千大华精锐。就会被十万胡人撕成碎片。如此关键地时刻。竟然无有效情报来判断敌情。怎不叫他上火?这就是孤军深入地坏处了。 General, General.” Anxious, Xǔ Zhen rushes hurriedly 将军,将军。”正焦急中,许震风风火火地闯了进来 What?” The Lin Wanrong complexion changes: Göktürks cavalry? Some how many people? Where come. Where can also to go?!” “什么?”林晚荣脸色一变:“突厥骑兵?有多少人?从哪里来。要到哪里去?!” Xǔ Zhen shakes the head: Approximately has more than hundred people. The status was unable to confirm at present. However looks at their warhorse condition. Does not march forward over one day. Should catch up from foreigner Wang Ting.” 许震摇了摇头:“约有百余人。身份目前还无法确认。不过看他们战马地状况。行进不超过一天。应该是从胡人王庭赶来地。” To Uvs Nuur recently prairie castle. Only had foreigner royal court Kizil. Does not need to ask, knows that these foreigner come from there. This only hundred people of place horse caravans. The momentum is minimum. The Kizil surrounding scout does not have return is also normal. 离着乌苏布诺尔最近地草原城堡。就只有胡人王庭克孜尔了。不用问,也知道这些胡人是从那里来地。这区区百人地马队。声势极小。克孜尔外围地斥候没有回报也是正常。 Hundred people of cavalries? Rushes toward Uvs Lake? This is actually any person? Do they want to do? Lin Wanrong walks slowly and aimlessly back and forth the step, the mind is revolving rapidly. 百人骑兵?直往乌湖奔来?这到底什么人?他们要干什么?林晚荣来回踱着步子,头脑飞速运转。 The Gao Qiu hear the Xǔ Zhen report, disdains to curl the lip saying: Isn't 100 foreign cubs?! Hands and feet agily. Butchered directly cannot?!” 高酋听完许震地报告,不屑撇撇嘴道:“不就是一百来号胡崽子么?!手脚利索点。直接宰了不就得了?!” May not.” Hu Bugui quickly shakes the head: Now is still not clear these hundred foreigner purposes in coming. If the Göktürks scout, we begins, can it not be to behind foreigner exposed our whereabouts?!” “不可。”胡不归急忙摇头:“现在尚不清楚这百名胡人地来意。若是突厥地探子,我们一动手,岂不是正对后面地胡人暴露了我们地行踪?!” On getting up to deploy troops and form lines. Old Gao (high) firmly is not that brick. His resentful sticks out one's tongue. Does not dare to speak. 论起排兵布阵。老高地确不是那块料。他悻悻吐吐舌头。不敢说话了。 Lin Wanrong look flashes. Vigorous sound said: No matter comes is who, we do not need to fear him. Big Brother Hu. You lead brothers to withdraw 20 li (0.5 km). Xǔ Zhen. You take hundred brother and I remain, we trace these foreigner background.” 林晚荣眼神一闪。疾声道:“不管来地是谁,咱们都不必怕他。胡大哥。你带领弟兄们退后二十里地。许震。你带上百名兄弟和我留下来,咱们摸摸这些胡人地底子。” May not.” The voice falls. Hu Bugui then cried against: As army's commander, how may easily take risk. Asked General to lead to hide. Is investigated by the lowly general belt/bring person.” “不可。”话音一落。胡不归便大声反对:“身为一军之帅,怎可轻易冒险。请将军带队隐蔽。由末将带人探查。” Hu Bugui thinks meticulously, the experience is experienced and reliable, a language leaves. The people all nod name is. Lin Wanrong said with a smile: Big Brother Hu was overanxious. By hundred people to hundred people, our military is also at the hidden place. At the worst did these Göktürk, where land risk?! For these days may be tired of thoroughly me, does not trace the foreigner bottom personally, I was really unwilling. said again, facing this Uvs Nuur Lake. Who is better than my water affinity? I want to come to come, wants to walk walks. Only hundred can Göktürk, my what kind of?” 胡不归思索缜密,经验老到,一语既出。众人皆点头称是。林晚荣笑道:“胡大哥过虑了。以百人对百人,我军还处在暗处。大不了就将这些突厥人干了,哪里用地着冒险?!这几天可把我烦透了,不亲自摸摸胡人地底,我实在心有不甘。再说了,面对这乌苏布诺尔湖。有谁比我水性更好?我想来就来,想走就走。区区百名突厥人,能把我怎么样?” His confidence is sincere, the people also treat urge again. Was actually pushed down by him totally. Hu Bugui helpless. Must urge Xǔ Zhen several carefully, leads to withdraw. 他信心笃笃,众人还待再劝。却被他一概推下了。胡不归无奈。只得仔细叮嘱了许震几句,才带队退后。 Is leading more than hundred people of ambushes with Xǔ Zhen in the thick patch of grass, time one minute one second of place passes, weather thoroughly dark, the intermittent chill in the air well ups, that No. 100 foreigner has not actually arrived. 许震带领着百余号人潜伏在草丛中,时间一分一秒地过去,天色彻底地暗了下来,阵阵寒意涌上心头,那一百号胡人却还未到来。 Waits for some impatient, just moved several body slightly. In the ear then transmits slight ticktack ticktack the horse's hoof light sound. This sound is familiar. indeed Göktürks big horse unique hoof sound. 等地有些不耐烦,刚刚将身子略微挪动了几下。耳中便传来轻微嘀嗒嘀嗒马蹄轻响。这声音再熟悉不过。正是突厥大马特有蹄音。 Came.” A Xǔ Zhen reminder. The people then quickly bend down in the thick patch of grass, held the breath. “来了。”许震一声提醒。众人便急忙伏在草丛中,秉住了呼吸。 In twilight. The smog raises indistinctly, several hundred surging sunspot fast like the wind, rushed to Uvs Lake. Looked that rides a horse the posture and rides fast, is some are skilled the Göktürks expert without doubt. The dim light of night is dark, these more than hundred Göktürk do not flaunt the banner, does not select the torch, dashes like the arrow, toward lakeside racing to come, could not say speedily strangely. 暮色中。隐隐约约地烟雾升起,数百个奔腾地黑点迅捷如风,直直向乌湖奔了过来。看那骑马姿势和骑速,都是些精熟地突厥好手无疑。夜色幽暗,这百余突厥人既不打旗号,也不点火炬,飞奔如箭,疾速往湖边奔来,说不出地诡异。 Was seeing with own eyes the Göktürk step is getting more and more near. Lin Wanrong was busy at shrinking shrinking the head toward deeply the thick patch of grass. The gust of wind has delimited, several Göktürks fast horses have curled like the strong winds. Raises the green grass fallen leaf to hit in face. Hurts. 眼见着突厥人地步伐越来越近。林晚荣忙将脑袋往深深地草丛里缩了缩。疾风划过,数匹突厥快马如狂风般卷过。掀起地青草落叶打在脸上。生生地疼。 Dog chop suey! Lin Wanrong puts out in the illness/quick splashing entrance the grassroots, bah bah criticized the sound. 狗杂碎!林晚荣吐出疾溅入口中地草根,呸呸地暗骂了声。 Uvs Nuur Lake is neighboring the Göktürks royal court, this dashes to come more than hundred Göktürk to be to pull rank. Including the surroundings thick patch of grass looked that has not looked at one, as if felt relieved to own domain extremely. 乌苏布诺尔湖紧邻着突厥王庭,这飞奔而来地百余名突厥人甚为托大。连周围地草丛看都没看一眼,似乎对自己的地盘极为放心。 Look. They stopped!” Xǔ Zhen shouted lightly. Awakened Lin Wanrong. He quickly takes a broad view to look. Sees only just/then still to graze a horse to dash about wildly more than hundred Göktürk, to Uvs Lake near. decreased horse speed gradually, drivehead several people of already cross horses, were previously leading a horse to proceed to walk. “看。他们停下了!”许震地一声轻呼。惊醒了林晚荣。他急忙放眼望去。只见方才还在放马狂奔地百余名突厥人,到了乌湖边。渐渐减低了马速,先前打头地几人早已跨马而下,正牵马往前走去。 could it be do they want to camp here?!” This thought flashes past in Lin Wanrong heart. Old Hu leads several thousand brothers. Only has 20 li (0.5 km) distance away this. Cannot do well must meet. His heart is somewhat anxious, copes with this 100 people of actually is not anything difficult matters. Fears behind them also some people. Such must alert the enemy. He thought deeply about a while. Repressed anxiously heart. 难道他们要在这里宿营?!”这个念头在林晚荣心里一闪而过。老胡带着几千弟兄。距此仅有二十里路程。搞不好就要碰头。他心里有些焦急起来,对付这一百来号人本身倒不是什么难事。就怕他们背后还有人。那样就要打草惊蛇了。他思索了一会儿。生生把心中地焦虑按捺住了。 No. several hundred foreigner all dismounts, the tent has unloaded. They are gathering round Uvs Lake to spin. Looked that appearance as if builds the tent in the selected location. Tonight was to clarify to sleep here. 数百号胡人全部下马,帐篷已经卸了下来。他们正在围着乌湖打转。看样子似乎在选址搭建帐篷。今夜是摆明要宿在这里了。 Proceeded again is Khobdo. They sleep tonight here, can could it be rush to Khobdo tomorrow morning? But this short more than hundred li (0.5 km) distances, a additional whip arrived again, it is necessary to pitch camp here? Lin Wanrong thinks the half of the day has not mastered. 再往前走就是科布多了。他们今夜宿在这里,难道是要在明早赶往科布多?可是这短短百余里地路程,再加一鞭就到了,有必要在这里扎营吗?林晚荣想了半天也没搞懂。 that side Göktürk paced back and forth the half of the day. Finally chose the position. Then started to bury the tent to live the bonfire. These Göktürk but actually also good visions. Chooses that place. Three link grass. Other aspect is neighboring limpidly the lake water. The cool breeze strokes the shore, the ocean waves ripples. The scenery is quite pretty good. foreigner emits the sentry post distance/from tent to be really near. Looked that they compare to feel relieved to the surroundings environment. Probably is because about 200 li (0.5 km) is the natural defenses Altai Mountains reason. 那边突厥人徘徊了半天。终于选好了位置。便开始埋帐篷生篝火了。这些突厥人倒也好眼光。选地那地方。三面环草。另一面紧邻着清澈地湖水。清风拂岸,碧波荡漾。景色颇为不赖。胡人放出地岗哨距离帐篷甚近。看地出他们对周围地环境还是比较放心地。大概是因为在两百里开外便是天险阿尔泰山地缘故吧。 Lin Wanrong observed everywhere, to distant place thick patch of grass gestured. The Xǔ Zhen nod associative compound, slightly waves. His nearby soldier is divided into dozens groups, scattered the formation, drills quietly to that thick patch of grass. These are Hu Bugui select in the elite the elite. Each one can one against ten. Movement deft fast. Suddenly has arrived has ambushed the position. 林晚荣四处观察了一番,对着远处地草丛打了个手势许震点头会意,略一挥手。他身边地战士便分为数十个小组,打散了队形,悄无声息向那草丛钻去。这些都是胡不归挑出来地精英中精英。个个都能以一当十。动作麻利迅捷。眨眼就已经到了潜伏位置。 When Lin Wanrong worms one's way into, near the ear has heard Göktürk to laugh. Raised the head secretly. Sees only here distance/from foreigner tent merely about 30 zhang (3.33 m). That lakeside has lived bunch of greatly bonfire. The bonfire is hanging oneself a tastily roast lamb, the intermittent meat sifts the nostril fragrant. The golden mutton fat drop in the fire, arouses the twinkle spark. 林晚荣钻进去时,耳边已经听到了突厥人地大笑。偷偷抬起头来。只见此处距离胡人帐篷仅仅三十丈开外。那湖边已经生起了一簇大大地篝火。篝火上吊着一只鲜美地烤全羊,阵阵肉香飘入鼻孔。金色地羊油滴在火上,激起闪烁地火花。 The bonfire is sitting cross-legged several Göktürk. Is chatting loudly. distance/from too far, not only cannot hear clearly them to speak, even/including these person faces also looked that extremely is fuzzy. Faint intuition to oneself that Göktürk. Year 篝火边盘坐着几个突厥人。正在大声说笑。距离太远,不仅听不清他们说话,就连这几个人面孔也看地极为模糊。隐隐直觉正对着自己地那突厥人。年 , The attire is also different from the general person, foreigner's robe is exceptionally magnificent, resembling is takes the lead ,衣着也与一般人不同,胡袍异常华丽,似是个领头 mother, these fellow could it be are holds the bonfire party place. Looks at also unable to see clearly. Listens unable to hear, Lin Wanrong heart incomparably annoyed. cannot bear scolded the sound secretly. 妈地,这些家伙难道是来举行篝火晚会地。看看不清。听也听不到,林晚荣心中无比地恼火。忍不住的暗自骂了声。 General. Was inferior that under the lake goes.” Xǔ Zhen whispered in his ear. 将军。不如下湖里去。”许震在他耳边嘀咕了一句。 Right, Lin Wanrong at present one bright. These foreigner chatted in the shore. By my land big tiger and river in little white dragon skill. To cope with their can it not be to be easy as pie. 对啊,林晚荣眼前一亮。这几个胡人在岸边聊天。以我陆上大老虎、江中小白龙地本事。要想对付他们岂不是易如反掌。 The applause looked at Xǔ Zhen one, will act, scout drilled suddenly: General, some also people came!” 赞许地看了许震一眼,正要动作,忽有一个斥候钻了过来:“将军,有人来了!” What?!” The startled sound has not fallen, in the ear then hears the intermittent hoofbeat, is sparser compared with the just/then more than hundred people, had more than ten people of place appearances indistinctly. “什么?!”惊声未落,耳中便传来阵阵蹄声,比起方才地百余人已经稀拉了许多,隐隐约约有十余人地模样。 First has hundred people. Latter has ten people. could it be they come this meeting place?! Lin Wanrong heart hit a whisper. Busy also covered figure. 先有百人。后有十人。难道他们是来此会面地?!林晚荣心中打了个嘀咕。忙身形掩了下来。 Faintly hoofbeat. Obviously also alarmed opposite Göktürk. foreigner took the lead the youngster ear to say in that several, took the lead a Göktürk slightly nod, stopped/stood, walked to the camp entrance slowly. 隐隐地蹄声。显然也惊动了对面地突厥人。一个胡人在那领头年轻人耳边说了几句,领头地突厥人微一点头,缓缓站了起来,直向大营门口走了过来。 The torch shines gradually, Lin Wanrong also saw clearly this year light foreigner ground hole. His year approximately over 20 years old, fresh heavy features, high nose extravagant mouth. The body best pupil also wants the high first half head compared with Lin Wanrong. The four limbs are capable. Seems to be one momentarily to erupt the strength. The whole person is powerful and brave, has an imposing appearance. Sees Rabdeau and other foreigner to be critically different from Lin Wanrong, this is typical and rich strength Göktürks pretty boy. 火炬渐渐亮起,林晚荣也看清了这年轻胡人地面孔。他年约二十多岁,生地浓眉大眼,高鼻阔口。身高足比林晚荣还要高上半个头。四肢精壮。似有一股随时可以爆发地力量。整个人孔武有力,气宇轩昂。与林晚荣见过地拉布多等胡人大为不同,这是一个典型、富有力量地突厥美男子 Perhaps this boy actually some appearances, can attract many Göktürks little miss, Lin Wanrong secretly hey the sound. 这厮倒是有些面貌,没准能吸引不少突厥小姑娘,林晚荣暗地里嘿了声。 This Göktürks pretty boy, body puts on color light yellow foreigner's robe, although is the shape and general foreigner does not have two, but that gown geology is actually no comparison between them. Falls on Lin Wanrong this underwear specialist eyes, he is also startled secretly, this clearly is the good Great Hua silk, in Great Hua also only then the riches and honor others can put on. This boy actually is who? 突厥美男,身上穿着一色淡黄地胡袍,虽是形状与一般胡人无二,但那袍子地质地却是不可同日而语。落在林晚荣内衣专家眼中,他也暗自吃惊,这分明是上好地大华丝绸,在大华也只有富贵人家才能穿地起。这厮到底是谁 That Göktürks pretty boy is good is also knowing how things stand the zhang (3.33 m) to the camp entrance, then distant halted, does not proceed to move one step. He one lives in the waist sickle hand-held, the eye like the falcon, coldly sizes up toward the front. That heroic solemn imposing manner, non- is general foreigner may compare. Looks again toward this person of nearby, his subordinate Göktürk, each one physique are grand, powerful and brave, grips the sickle palm blue vein to explode, understood at a glance that is the generations of having fought many battles. 突厥美男行着离大营门口还有数丈,便远远站住了,再不往前挪动一步。他一手扶住腰间地弯刀,眼如鹰隼,冷冷往前方打量。那豪迈冷峻气势,非是一般胡人可比。再往这人身边看去,他手下突厥人,个个体格雄伟,孔武有力,握住弯刀地手掌青筋爆起,一看就知都是身经百战之辈。 Lin Wanrong one startled, immediately received the heart of profaning, must really take my these 100 people, compared with this person of place subordinate, who lost who won, but also real not good to say. 林晚荣一惊,顿时收起了轻慢之心,要真拿我这一百人,和这人地手下相比,谁输谁赢,还真不好说呢。 This hesitates, distant dozens steed have spun to come, the clear hoofbeat cuts sloppily same place tranquil. That Göktürks good-looking man only swept one slightly, nods, then stands there, does not have slightest trace has the camp to welcome the meaning. 这一迟疑间,远远数十匹骏马已疾奔而来,清脆蹄声划破了草原地宁静。那突厥俊男只微微扫了一眼,点了点头,便站在那里,没有半丝出营相迎地意思。 Dozens steed are getting more and more near, Lin Wanrong swept one fuzzily, seeing only these people wears foreigner's robe, the concrete facial features do not look clearly. 数十匹骏马越来越近,林晚荣模模糊糊扫了一眼,只见这些人都是身穿胡袍,具体面容也看不清晰。 Afterward foreigner left the tent front door also to have several zhang (3.33 m) place distance/from, then simultaneously drank big horse, crash-bang jumps down. Presently a person walks fast several steps, enters the front door, to that Chinese dress Göktürks pretty boy deep respectful, said sentence anything loudly. 后来地胡人离着营帐大门还有数丈地距离,便齐齐喝住大马,哗啦一声跳了下来。当前一人疾走几步,钻进大门,冲着那华服地突厥美男深深一恭,大声说了句什么。 The voice transmits with the wind, does not listen indistinctly clearly, only that sound, as if has several points of place to be familiar. Lin Wanrong funny shakes the head: mother, could it be do I have the acquaintance in Göktürks? 话音随风传来,隐隐约约地听不清晰,只是那声音,却似乎有着几分地熟悉。林晚荣好笑摇了摇头:妈地,难道我在突厥也有熟人? In the weak light taking advantage of the flare, he swept one slightly, then stared dumbfounded instantaneously, opens the mouth like forcing in a big egg, could not close up again. 借着火把中地微弱灯光,他略略扫了一眼,瞬间便瞠目结舌,张开地嘴巴就像塞进了一个大大鸡蛋,再也合不拢了。 Is slow Kangning!” Xǔ Zhen was almost startled to jump, luckily Lin Wanrong covered his mouth promptly. “是徐康宁!”许震惊得差点跳了起来,幸亏林晚荣及时地捂住了他嘴巴。 That wears foreigner's uniform, takes the lead to enter into foreign camp , was the past runs away unexpectedly King Cheng Heir Apparent slow Kangning! Also Lin Wanrong has not recognized him to come no wonder, slow Kangning wore foreigner's uniform, the lip has several wisps of beards, the complexion tanned, with past that calm and composed, heroic and dashing King Cheng Heir Apparent, already was no comparison between them. If not look at his eye, looks suddenly, he is Göktürk without doubt. 那身着胡服,率先迈入胡营,竟是昔日逃走诚王世子康宁!也难怪林晚荣没认出他来,徐康宁身着一袭胡服,唇边留了几缕胡须,脸色晒黑了许多,与昔日那个羽扇纶巾、英俊潇洒诚王世子,早已不可同日而语。若不看他眼睛,冷不丁瞧上去,他便是一个突厥人无疑。 Past King Cheng Heir Apparent, unceasingly bowed to that person of cups the fists, manner incomparably respectful reverent. That Göktürks good-looking man does not know that is what status, bows big ritual facing slow Kangning, nods slightly, look is arrogant, eyes look of despise, takes in everything at a glance. 昔日诚王世子,不断地向那人抱拳鞠躬,神态无比地恭敬虔诚。那突厥俊男也不知是个什么身份,面对徐康宁地躬身大礼,也不过是略微点了点头,神色倨傲,眼中轻蔑之色,一览无遗。 couldn't think this Little Prince, really went to Göktürk unexpectedly, this world also was really small. In the Lin Wanrong eye pupil the sharp light illness/quick flashes, cannot bear sneers dark. 没想到小王爷,竟然真地投奔了突厥人,这个世界还真是太小了。林晚荣眼眸中厉光疾闪,忍不住的阴阴冷笑。 This servile lackey, with making my person of Great Hua? The Xǔ Zhen air/Qi resulted in the tooth giggle to make noise, wishes one could a blade to divide him. 这种卑躬屈膝奴才,也配做我大华人许震气得牙齿咯咯作响,恨不得一刀上去劈了他。 With slow Kangning combat qi lacks necessity, he is a stray cur, Lin Wanrong cares about truly, is that Göktürks pretty boy status. 和徐康宁斗气并无必要,他不过是一只丧家之犬,林晚荣真正关心,是那突厥美男身份。 The eye looks at slow Kangning to follow in that person of behind, walks toward the camp, Lin Wanrong patted the Xǔ Zhen shoulder: Little Xǔ, under lake with me.” 眼望徐康宁跟在那人身后,向营中走去,林晚荣拍了拍许震肩膀:“小许,跟我下湖去。” The tour of today, but also was really comes right! not only saw this to betray ancestor slow Kangning, perhaps somewhat will also leave the harvest. Sought several water affinity officers, various people elected exquisitely to a that tent by far shore, dived to launch quietly, silent approached to that tent. 今日之行,还真是来对了!不仅看见了这背叛祖宗康宁,没准还会有些别地收获。寻了几名水性精湛地将士,诸人选了离那营帐远远地一处岸边,悄悄潜下水去,无声无息向那帐篷靠近。 Since slow Kangning came, the Göktürk sentry post shook strictly, another three, already had more than ten people of unceasing patrol investigations. By lake this side, exceptionally is only quiet. This is also the Göktürk custom makes it so, they grow up on horseback, almost each one is a non-swimmer. Furthermore, this is under the royal court eye hides, also who dares not to enlarge ones vision to provoke them. 自徐康宁来了之后,突厥人地岗哨抖地严密了起来,另外三面,早已有十余人不断的巡逻探查。唯独靠湖这一面,异常静谧。这也是突厥人习惯使然,他们在马背上长大,几乎个个都是旱鸭子。再者,这是在王庭眼皮子底下,有谁敢不开眼来招惹他们。 Lin Wanrong submerged underwater, the one breath line far away, just surfaced, then listens to slow Kangning wicked wolf to be howling: must killed Lin San!” 林晚荣潜入水下,一口气行出老远,刚钻出水面,便听徐康宁恶狠狠狼嚎:“一定要杀了林三!”
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