DKOAD :: Volume #16 诸天万族

#2335: Old drunkard who subverts the cognition

Ten side space megascism, the aura of destruction is turbulent, subsides in the next quarter gradually. 十方宇宙空间剧震,毁灭的气息汹涌,于下一刻渐渐平息。 This universe dead center, flash peaceful extremely numerous, only remains the long pipe sound to flutter. 这片宇宙正中心,一瞬间安静了极多,只剩悠悠笛音飘着。 Afterward, the pipe sound diverges gradually, the Wu Yi white clothing wins the snow, no longer plays the samsara to cross the tribulation tune, only has the vigorous Saint splendor to interweave in this universe dead center, to offer sacrifices to cultivate to lose cultivates for people haunches to be possible in the space that in the universe survives. 随后,笛音渐渐散去,无衣白衣胜雪,不再奏轮回渡劫曲,唯有浑厚圣辉交织在这片宇宙正中心,为献祭修为失去修为的一众人撑起可在宇宙中生存的空间。 People in the piece of space that Wu Yi haunches, is all lost in thought in this moment. 一众人处在无衣撑起的这片空间中,于这一刻皆怔怔出神。 Immediately, the next quarter, all people, all do not live trembles, each one excited excited. 随即,下一刻,所有人,皆是不住的微颤,个个激动兴奋。 Won!” “赢了!” Five Elements Alligator cannot bear the roar make noise, gripped tightened the claw. 五行鳄忍不住吼出声来,攥紧了爪子。 Father!” “爹爹!” Lin Tian!” 林天!” Elder brother Sir!” “哥哥大人!” Master!” 师父!” Sir Immortal Emperor!” 仙帝大人!” All people in this moment simultaneously looks at Lin Tian, the excitements of all person whole faces, all person eyeful excitements. 所有人在这一刻齐齐的看着林天,所有人满脸的激动,所有人满眼的兴奋。 Won! 胜了! Heavenly Courtyard Allah samsara king, on this day, was executed by Lin Tian! 天庭真主轮回王,于这一日,被林天格杀! Young junior brother.” “小师弟。” Seals god Heavenly Venerable, Chaos Heavenly Venerable and solar Heavenly Venerable nine people looks at Lin Tian, at this time all dew left the smiling face. 封神天尊混沌天尊和太阳天尊九人看着林天,这个时候全部『露』出了笑容。 The samsara king was cut, demons King He underground spring king and the others also disappeared, once made their young Junior brothers get sucked into ten number criminals in hatred, died on this day. On this day, their young Junior brothers, the big enmity must report finally. 轮回王被斩,罗刹王和黄泉王等人也已经消失,曾让他们的小师弟深陷于仇恨中的十数罪人,在这一天全部死亡。这一天,他们的小师弟,终于大仇得报。 This stretch of world, true was peaceful. Endless life that once lost, on this day, can rest.” “这片天地,真正安宁了。曾经失去的无尽生灵,这一天,可以安息了。” Wu Zu said. 武祖道。 Before, saw that boy has been hard to support including the samsara eye and destiny eye, but also thinks that must end, has not thought that will have such reversal.” On the old bludger face is having startled color: Final final, that fist, simply is......” “之前,见那小子连轮回眼和命运眼都已经难以支撑,还以为要完了,没想到会有那样的逆转。”老混混脸上带着惊『色』:“最后的最后,那一拳,简直是……” „Is that fist, as if the Order strength, Order Divine Ability?” Old Daoist Priest also shocks: Actually did this deduce what kind Order Divine Ability?! Can a fist erupt like that the terrifying prestige energy unexpectedly, simply......” “那一拳,似乎是秩序的力量,秩序神通?”老道士也震撼:“他这究竟推演出了一宗何等的秩序神通?!竟然能一拳爆发出那般恐怖的威能,简直……” „A shocking fist!” “惊艳的一拳!” The Yuan sovereign said. 元皇赞道。 People reside in the Saint splendor space that Wu Yi haunches, at this moment, vision simultaneously falls on the body of Lin Tian. 一众人居于无衣撑起的圣辉空间之内,这一刻,目光齐齐落在林天的身上。 The samsara king was struck to kill, the Lin Tian big enmity must report thoroughly, this stretch of world true was also peaceful, they are for this reason happy excitedly, is the Lin Tian final that fist shocks. The prestige of that fist, has frightened the mind of all people. 轮回王被击杀,林天大仇彻底得报,这片天地也真正安宁了,他们为此高兴激动,同时也为林天最后的那一拳而震撼。那一拳之威,震慑了所有人的心神。 Front, Lin Tian whole body dyed with blood, till setting up in space. 前方,林天浑身染血,迄立宇宙空间上。 Samsara Heart Sutra revolves in within the body voluntarily, his injury, fast is repairing at a naked eye obvious speed. 轮回心经于体内自行运转,他的伤势,以一个肉眼可见的速度在飞快修复。 Till being built on this piece broken to the extreme universe on, at this moment, Samsara Body of his accomplishment, cannot bear trembles. 迄立于这片残破到极点的宇宙上,这一刻,他大成的轮回体,忍不住微颤。 Raises his senior head of the clan, to love the playmate who his father's younger brothers and wives and grow together, all people no longer, having made him lose this once all samsara kings and the others, on this day was cut by him completely completely, this intense and deep-seated hatred, must report finally. 养育他的老族长、疼爱他的叔婶和一起成长的玩伴,所有人都不再了,让他失去这曾经所有的轮回王等人,这一天全部被他斩尽,这血海深仇,终于得报。 Till setting up this piece of broken universe, vaguely, he at present as if again appears senior head of the clan and the others the facial features, they 11 obviously melt in him at present, they smile to him, they and he wave, then, melts the light to dissipate one after another. 迄立这片残破的宇宙,依稀间,他眼前似乎再一次浮现出老族长等人的面容,他们11显化在他眼前,他们对他微笑,他们和他挥手,而后,相继化光消散。 His nose micro acid, wipes drop of tears that the corner of the eye emerges, the whole person flash becomes is very relaxed. 他鼻子微酸,拭去眼角浮出的一滴眼泪,整个人一瞬间变得无比轻松起来。 In the broken universe battlefield, he turns around to walk toward Wu Yi and the others, in a flash is to only arrive at the near. 于残破的宇宙战场中,他转身朝着无衣等人走去,只一晃间便是来到近前。 Congratulations.” “恭喜。” Wu Yi said in a soft voice that on beautiful cheeks emerges gentle smiling, added several points of luminous for this broken universe. 无衣轻声道,绝美的脸颊上浮出温柔的笑,为这残破的宇宙添上了几分光亮。 The different Dai Tian deep hatred, must report on this day, the principle covers the road a happiness. 不同戴天的血仇,于这一天得报,理当道一声喜。 The Lin Tian numerous nods, visit her, then looks to other people. 林天重重的点头,看着她,而后看向其它一众人。 Father!” “爹爹!” If the immortal slightly runs to go forward, throws to Lin Tian on all of a sudden, although now has cultivated to all lose changes has been the ordinary mortal, the Saint that but in Wu Yi haunches can in the space, in this piece of universes, the motion actually not by the slight influence. 若仙小跑上前,一下子扑到林天身上,如今虽然已经修为全失变作了普通凡人,但在无衣所撑起的圣能空间内,于这片宇宙间,行动却是不受丝毫的影响。 Caressing that Lin Tian loves touching, if the hair of immortal, then looks to Ji Yu and Bai Qiu and other females, looks to own nine fellow apprentices, looks to Bai Ziqi, Five Elements Alligator and Little Taichu and the others, looks to old bludger and old Daoist Priest and the others, will look to own two disciple(s) and snow wolf and a numerous immortal soldier immortal, the lip moves, wants to say anything, actually does not know how to open the mouth. 林天疼爱的抚『摸』若仙的头发,而后看向纪雨白秋等女,看向自己的九位师兄,看向白子祁五行鳄小太初等人,看向老混混和老道士等人,看向自己的两位弟子、雪狼和一众仙兵仙将,嘴唇动了动,想要说点什么,却不知如何开口。 They to offer sacrifices to change to the strength to give him all cultivating, although is also living, but completely changed has been now actually the ordinary mortal, was changed is by formidable cultivator(s) the ordinary mortal, this just like fell into the hell from the heaven instantaneously. 他们将所有的修为献祭化作力量交给他,虽然都还活着,但如今却全部都变作了普通凡人,由强大的修士变作普通的凡人,这宛若是从天堂瞬间跌入到地狱。 Boy, do not look distressed.” The Five Elements Alligator start to talk, said: Your family senior brother did not say, cultivating was, did not have anything at the worst, we are also living now, why cultivated, later built again and that's the end. Moreover, if we will not repair to offer sacrifices to give you, proper will be killed by the samsara king, that was not a pity.” “小子,别愁眉苦脸。”五行鳄开口,道:“你家师兄不是说了吗,修为而已,没什么大不了的,咱们现在都还活着,修为什么的,以后重新修回来就是了。而且,咱们要是不将修为献祭交给你,妥妥的都会被轮回王干掉,那一点也不可惜。” Good, the boy, do not go to think.” “不错,小子,不要去多想。” White Tiger also opens the mouth. 白虎也开口。 They are the greatly strengthened monster cultivate, have reached an extremely high altitude, therefore, even if offers sacrifices to cultivate now is, lost the strength, but actually as before deliciously spits the criticism. 他们都是极强的妖修,达到过一个极高的高度,所以,哪怕如今献祭了修为,失去了战力,但却依旧可口吐人言。 Little brother, does not need to be offended, on the contrary, you, when thinks proud, we should thank you.” The Yuan sovereign start to talk, said: What fights in the forefront is you, what bleeding is you, we offer is actually not anything. On this day, you avenged a grievance for once family member and playmate, to once die other endless lives one in Heavenly Courtyard hand and reported the big enmity, in simultaneously protected this stretch of world was also surviving the endless life, enabling this stretch of world true peaceful, but we arrived here, has not lost one person, only some cultivated is, what can be considered as?” “小兄弟,不用介怀,相反,你当觉得自傲,我们应该感谢你。”元皇开口,道:“在最前面战斗的是你,流血的是你,我们献出的其实真算不上什么。这一天,你为曾经的家人和玩伴报仇雪恨,也为曾经死在天庭手中的其它无尽生灵一并报了大仇,更于同时保护了这片天地间还生存着的无尽生灵,使得这片天地得以真正安宁,而我们来到这里,未曾失去一人,只些许修为而已,能算得了什么?” Looks at Lin Tian, on his face is bringing temperate smiling: As it concerns us, this day is the absolute victory, on this day, at this time, you do not need any anxiety, congratulates with happily, is a match with you.” 看着林天,他脸上带着温和的笑:“对于我们而言,这一天是绝对的胜利,这一天,这个时候,你没必要有任何愁苦,恭喜和高兴,才是与你最般配的。” Lin Tian opened the opens mouth, although Yuan sovereign grade of words are real, but he does not feel better as before. 林天张了张口,尽管元皇这等话语算是真实,可他心里依旧不怎么好受。 Also was at this time, in addition sound resounded together: Yuan sovereign, good of summary.” 也是这时,另一道声音响起:“元皇,总结的不错。” The old drunkard and Qingqing together, appear in this place. 老酒鬼和青宣一起,出现在这个地方。 Master! Teacher's wife!” 师父!师娘!” Lin Tian welcomed immediately goes forward. 林天当即迎上前。 Teacher, Teacher's wife.” “师尊,师娘。” Teacher's teacher! One's teacher's mother!” “师公!太师母!” Seals god Heavenly Venerable and Chaos Heavenly Venerable nine people goes forward, if the immortal also goes forward, opens the mouth one after another. 封神天尊混沌天尊九人上前,若仙也上前,相继开口。 Human King, various day of saintesses, came out finally.” The old bludger start to talk, has flickered, roll one's eyes, said suddenly: This feeling, have you been looking here in one side?” 人王,诸天圣女,终于出来了。”老混混开口,顿了一瞬,忽而翻白眼,道:“这感觉,你们是在一旁一直在看着这里?” Old Daoist Priest, a Yuan sovereign and Wu Zu and other audiences once top powerhouse , the vision fell on the old drunkard and Qingqing. 道士、元皇和武祖等一众曾经的顶级强者,目光都落在老酒鬼和青宣身上。 But more vision, fall on the old drunkard. 而更多的目光,自是落在老酒鬼身上。 Because, the old drunkard, is Human King. 因为,老酒鬼,是人王 In has looked really at the same time? Doesn't begin?” “真在一边一直看着?都不动手的?” Old Daoist Priest stares. 道士瞪眼。 The old drunkard smiles pale: I get rid, did not have significance, he must avenge personally.” Saying, he looks to Lin Tian, put out a hand rubbing rubbing 』 the head of Lin Tian, the look was temperate: „Can good that makes, now, think with ease?” 老酒鬼淡笑:“我出手,就没意义了,他要亲手雪恨。”说着,他看向身旁的林天,伸手『揉』了『揉』林天的脑袋,眼神温和:“做的不错,如今,可觉得轻松了?” He is clear, these years, oneself this small disciple(s) has had too many pain, the hatred nearly crashing. 他最是清楚,这些年,自己这个小弟子吃了太多的苦,仇恨近乎将之压垮。 Em.” Lin Tian nods, the intense and deep-seated hatred must report, now, on his shoulder has a side has been pressing the blue sky to be put aside likely, relaxed too many were too many. Then, he opened the opens mouth, looks to sealing god Heavenly Venerable and the others: But, senior brother they, everybody, cultivating for......” “恩。”林天点头,血海深仇得报,如今,他的肩头上像是有一方一直压着的青天被移开了,轻松了太多太多。而后,他张了张口,看向封神天尊等人:“可是,师兄他们,还有大家,都把修为……” Besides sounding rhythmically the samsara crosses tribulation Qu He to support the existing space Wu Yi, other people, will all repair to change to his strength to him, on this day changed has been the ordinary mortal, although people were enlightening, but he was hard to be offended. 除了鸣奏轮回渡劫曲和支撑生存空间的无衣外,其它人,全都将修为给他化作他的力量,这一天都变作了普通凡人,尽管一众人在开导,可他还是难以介怀。 Old drunkard hearing this smiles pale: Not anything at the worst.” 老酒鬼闻言淡笑:“没什么大不了。” Rubbing rubbing 』 the head of Lin Tian, his right hand fell on the Lin Tian chest once more, the space and time aura surges, a Saint splendor obviously, changes to the big piece gentle brilliance 『』 to open, in an instant will seal god Heavenly Venerable and other audiences lose cultivate for the person to cover completely. 再次『揉』了『揉』林天的头,他右手落在林天胸口,时空气息涌动,一圈圣辉显化,化作大片的柔和光辉『荡』开,转眼间将封神天尊等一众失去修为的人全部笼罩。 Shortly, seals god Heavenly Venerable and the others among simultaneously to tremble. 顷刻间,封神天尊等人齐齐间一颤。 Besides Wu Yi, the person who other audiences cultivate to all lose, at this moment, the vigor starts increasing rapidly. 除了无衣外,其它一众修为全失的人,这一刻,精气神开始急速的攀升。 „Is this?!” “这是?!” The old bludger stared in a big way the eye, cultivating that at this moment, his clear feeling, lost was, as scary was restoring as the extreme speed by one, only the flash restored the Saint King boundary, and did not have Spirit Immortal Heavenly Tribulation to arrive. 老混混瞪大了眼,这一刻,他清晰的感觉到了,已经失去的修为,在以一个骇人到极点的速度恢复,只一刹那而已就恢复到了圣王境,且没有通仙天劫降临。 Meanwhile, other people also all are realized that has cultivated for fast is restoring, each and everyone is in great surprise. 与此同时,其它一众人也皆是察觉到了修为在飞快恢复,一个个皆是大惊。 Buzz!” “嗡!” The gentle brilliance continues to interweave in this piece of broken space, flood into a people within the body. 柔和的光辉在这片残破的宇宙空间中继续交织,一圈圈的涌入一众人体内。 In an instant, dozens breath in the past, lost cultivates for seal god Heavenly Venerable and other people, cultivates to restore. 转眼,数十呼吸过去,已经失去修为的封神天尊等一众人,修为全部恢复。 At this moment, does not need Wu Yi to continue to support the existing space, all people, all can survive in this piece of space at this time. 这一刻,不需无衣继续支撑生存空间,所有人,此时皆能在这片宇宙空间中生存。 This......” “这……” People in this moment all delay, trembling that each and everyone could not stop, even if the immortal spirit first ancestors were no exception. 一众人在这一刻皆呆滞了,一个个止不住的发颤,纵然连仙灵始祖都不例外。 Their cultivating are, has offered sacrifices obviously completely, changes to the pure energy to give Lin Tian, is now, the old drunkard gets rid, is only dozens breath, cultivating that they have offered sacrifices to lose is, restored unexpectedly! 他们的修为,明明已经全部献祭,化作纯净能量交给林天了,可是如今,老酒鬼出手,只是数十个呼吸而已,他们已经献祭失去的修为,竟就全部恢复了! Is this what kind method?! 这是何等手段?! Repairing that dozens breath, make their lost to restore, this is the person can achieve?! 数十个呼吸而已,让他们已经失去的修为全部恢复,这是人能做到的吗?! Human King, you......” 人王,你……” The immortal spirit first ancestor everywhere shocks looks at the old drunkard, he was called as the old demon by Heavenly Courtyard, once was Heavenly Courtyard besides the person who Human King most dreaded, his very clear Human King was terrorist, but has not actually thought that was so terrorist, cultivating that can unexpectedly in dozens breath their lost to recover completely, can this need the what kind strength to achieve? 仙灵始祖满目震骇的看着老酒鬼,他被天庭称作老魔,曾是天庭人王外最忌惮的人,他很清楚人王非常恐怖,但却没有想到有这么恐怖,竟能在数十呼吸内将他们所有人已经失去的修为全部复原,这到底得需要何等实力才能做到? Only depending on this, he knew, the old drunkard altitude has subverted his cognition to the world truly absolutely. He thought in this moment, if the old drunkard has a mind to begin, the Heavenly Courtyard samsara king, links one move unable to receive absolutely, on Level the difference were too many! 仅凭这一幕,他知道了,老酒鬼真正所处的高度绝对已经颠覆了他对天地的认知。他在这一刻觉得,若是老酒鬼有心动手,天庭轮回王,绝对连一招都接不下,层次上差太多了! At this moment, looks that people cultivate to restore in an instant, even if tranquil like Wu Yi, fluctuation that the vision does not live. 这一刻,看着一众人修为转眼恢复,纵然宁静如无衣,目光也是不住的波动。 Lin Tian naturally also shocks, but this shocked vanished in an instant, in him, his kind teacher book is omnipotent. 林天自然也是震撼,不过这等震撼转眼间就消失了,在他心里,他的恩师本就是无所不能。 At this moment, as their nine fellow apprentices, treasure daughter, Ji Yu and other cultivating of other females and people restored by the old drunkard, his thorough relaxes: Thank you Master! Thank you!” 这一刻,随着自己的九位师兄、宝贝女儿、纪雨等女和其它一众人的修为全部被老酒鬼恢复,他彻彻底底的放松下来:“谢谢你师父!谢谢你!” Looks at own kind teacher before body, an excitement of his face. 看着身前的自己的恩师,他一脸的激动。 Then, the next quarter, he trembles suddenly, in the head cannot help but transmits a dizzy feeling. 而后,下一刻,他忽而间微颤,头颅内不由得传来一阵晕眩感。 Their cultivating to change to strength enter your within the body, takes you as medium Shi technique, you will be weak previous some time, quick retrievable.” “他们的修为化作力量进入你体内,以你为媒介施术,你会虚弱上一段时间,很快就可恢复。” The old drunkard said. 老酒鬼说道。 Lin Tian nods, will say anything, changes countenance suddenly, discovered that the body of old drunkard became empty was paler. 林天点头,正要说什么,忽而间又是动容,发现老酒鬼的身体变得虚淡了些。 Master, you how?!” 师父,你怎么了?!” He worries. 他着急起来。 Meanwhile, seals god Heavenly Venerable and the others, if immortal and the others had also discovered this grade of condition, each and everyone also changes color. 与此同时,封神天尊等人和若仙等人也都发现了这等状况,一个个也都变『色』。 Teacher, you how?” “师尊,你怎么了?” Teacher's teacher, your body?” “师公,您的身体?” Seals the god Heavenly Venerable nine people with, if the immortal opens the mouth successively. 封神天尊九人和若仙先后开口。 Immortal spirit first ancestor and the others also change countenance, the each and everyone vision falls on the old drunkard. 仙灵始祖等人也都动容,一个个的目光都落在老酒鬼身上。 Lin Tian most worries, palm has emitted the perspiration: Master, your this...... How?!” 林天最是着急,手心都冒出了汗来:“师父,你这……到底怎么了?!” His kind teacher, to him is father existence, if there is a sickness, he cannot withstand. 他的恩师,对他而言是父亲般的存在,若是有恙,他真的承受不了。 The old drunkard visits him, the expression is temperate: Destruction is easy to reconstruct difficultly, restores their cultivating is, must pay a price.” He said with a smile: But, does not use anxiously, but once above in Jiuwei threw shooting a below wisp of soul to read, does not have anything at the worst.” 老酒鬼看着他,表情温和:“破坏容易重建难,恢复他们的修为,总得付出点代价。”他笑道:“不过,不用急,不过只是曾经于九维之上投『射』下的一缕魂念而已,没什么大不了。” ps: Second 20 points about. Following two of several days, are 8 points about and 20 points about. ps:第二更20点左右哈。后面几天的两更,还是8点左右和20点左右。
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