DKOAD :: Volume #16 诸天万族

#2333: Please depend upon us

Stops!” “停下!” The arrogant sword Heavenly Venerable start to talk, making the Lin Tian body tremble, the footsteps stop immediately. 傲剑天尊开口,使得林天身躯一颤,脚步当即止住。 Six fellow apprentices, I......” “六师兄,我……” Looks at arrogant sword Heavenly Venerable, looks that is sealed god Heavenly Venerable that the Saint splendor covers by arrogant sword Heavenly Venerable, the Lin Tian body trembles. 看着傲剑天尊,看着被傲剑天尊以圣辉笼罩的着封神天尊,林天身体发颤。 In the past, when he crossed the threshold was less than six years old, except for initial quenched the body for him, later, Human King taught his time not to be many personally, what were more was nine fellow apprentices is teaching him various cultivation methods, passed on his cultivation experiences, they were similar to the elder brother love to take care of him. In the past, nine fellow apprentices, because he was reincarnated, now, most temperate big senior brother, cultivating to give to him completely, to let his strength strengthened one, he was the needle is puncturing likely general. 当年,他入门时才不到六岁,除了最初的为他淬体,之后,人王亲自教他的时间并不多,更多的是九位师兄在教他各种修行法门,传他各种修行经验,他们如同兄长般疼爱照顾他。当年,九位师兄因为他转世,如今,最温和的大师兄,又将一身的修为全部送给他,为了让他的战力增强一丝,他心里像是针在刺一般。 Repairing is, does not have anything at the worst, the person still, cultivates to be possible to cultivate again.” Looks at Lin Tian, arrogant sword Heavenly Venerable said: „Similar to like that his samsara king who the big senior brother said although may smelt only real, but now, you are not lonely one person, you have us, we come into your strength.” Saying, faint trace brilliance continuously was emerging from his within the body, simultaneously looked that sounded rhythmically the samsara to cross the tribulation tune to the one side Wu Yi: Sister-in-law, then, asked you.” “修为而已,没什么大不了,人还在,修为可再修回来。”看着林天,傲剑天尊道:“如同大师兄说的那般,他轮回王虽可熔炼唯一真界,但是现在,你不是孤单一人,你还有我们,我们来成为你的力量。”说着,丝丝缕缕的光辉自他体内浮出,同时看向一旁鸣奏轮回渡劫曲的无衣:“弟妹,接下来,拜托你了。” Wu Yi understands his meaning, slight bow. 无衣明白他的意思,微微点头。 Seals god Heavenly Venerable to cultivate to all lose, cultivates one to change to the pure energy gives Lin Tian, arrogant sword Heavenly Venerable also so, later, needs to support by her may for god Heavenly Venerable and arrogant sword Heavenly Venerable they can in the space that in this piece of universe survives. 封神天尊修为全失,将一身修为化作纯净能量送给林天,傲剑天尊也会如此,之后,需要由她支撑可供封神天尊和傲剑天尊他们能在这片宇宙中生存的空间。 Arrogant sword Heavenly Venerable therefore looks to Lin Tian, within the body has a thicker brilliance to run out, the next quarter, all cultivating are, melts the light to break in Lin Tian within the body completely. 傲剑天尊于是重新看向林天,体内有更浓的光辉冲出,下一刻,所有的修为,全部化光冲入林天体内。 Meanwhile, cultivates to all lose, his face color is similar to seals god Heavenly Venerable to be suddenly thin and pale, covers is sealing the Saint splendor of god Heavenly Venerable outside the body also suddenly to diverge, by a new ray package, that is the Wu Yi space Saint strength. 与此同时,修为全失,其脸『色』如同封神天尊般瞬息间憔悴下来,笼罩在封神天尊体外的圣辉也是眨眼间散去,被一圈新的光芒包裹,那是无衣的空间圣力。 The Lin Tian vigor was also powerful, the body is the megascism: Six fellow apprentices!” 林天精气神又强盛了一丝,身躯又是剧震:“六师兄!” His nose turns sour, cannot bear toward sealing god Heavenly Venerable and arrogant sword Heavenly Venerable there flushes away. 他鼻子发酸,忍不住朝封神天尊和傲剑天尊那里冲去。 That is the strength that their endless years cultivate, now has given unexpectedly all itself, changed has been the ordinary mortal. 那是他们无尽岁月修得的力量,如今竟全都给了自己,重新变作了普通凡人。 Stops!” The Chaos Heavenly Venerable start to talk, said with the arrogant sword Heavenly Venerable same two characters, making Lin Tian stop the footsteps once again: Young junior brother, your six fellow apprentices were not said that cultivating was, did not have anything at the worst, so long as the person still, cultivated to be possible to cultivate again, this final war, must win, cannot lose.” Looks at Lin Tian, he said temperately: Teacher once had said that for our these disciple(s), he momentarily can go, trades to be us , is the same, as the senior brother, for the junior brother, we may also go to at any time, let alone is only trivial cultivates is.” “停下!”混沌天尊开口,道出和傲剑天尊一样的两个字,使得林天又一次止住脚步:“小师弟,你六师兄不是已经说了吗,修为而已,没什么大不了,只要人还在,修为可再修回来,这最后的一战,必须胜,绝不可以输。”看着林天,他温和道:“师尊曾说过,为了我们这些弟子,他随时可以赴死,换作我们,也一样,作为师兄,为了师弟,我们亦可随时赴死,更何况只是区区修为而已。” Saying, his outside the body, faint trace brilliance continuously was reappearing, all cultivating were, was breaking in Lin Tian within the body instant. 说着,他体外,丝丝缕缕的光辉浮现,所有的修为,在刹那冲入林天体内。 A loop space brilliance covering, vertical will lose all has cultivated is, may survive in this space. 一圈空间光辉将之笼罩,纵失去了所有修为,亦可在这宇宙空间之中生存。 Young junior brother, for senior head of the clan they, or, for between this stretch of world also living ten thousand spirits, this war, triumphs.” “小师弟,无论是为了老族长他们,亦或是为了这片天地间还活着的万灵,这一战,都得胜。” Trades an idea, if this fought you to lose, we stayed behind cultivate to face the samsara king, what significance had? Without any significance. Our cultivating are, cannot keep off samsara king every gesture and motions, we remain any have not been using.” “换个想法,如果这一战你输了,我们留下修为面对轮回王,有什么意义?没有任何意义。我们的修为,挡不下轮回王一招一式,我们留着没有任何用。” Does not need sad anything, do not come to prevent, accepts our cultivating is, the samsara king, strikes to kill!” “无需难过什么,更不要过来阻止,接受我们的修为,将轮回王,击杀!” Solar Heavenly Venerable and buries dragon Heavenly Venerable and the others to open the mouth successively, the body exogenous splendor, all cultivating to change to the pure brilliance completely, change to the pure energy to break in Lin Tian within the body, caused the Lin Tian vigor and strength has suddenly promoted extremely numerous. 太阳天尊和葬龙天尊等人先后开口,体外生辉,所有的修为全部化作纯净光辉,化作纯净的能量冲入林天体内,使得林天的精气神和战力瞬息间提升了极多。 The strength of space interweaves, Wu Yi plays the flute, while begins, will lose cultivates for solar Heavenly Venerable and the others, covers by the strength of space completely, causes loses cultivates for solar Heavenly Venerable and the others, all may survive in the space. 空间之力交织,无衣一边奏笛,一边动手,将失去修为的太阳天尊等人,全部以空间之力笼罩,使得失去修为的太阳天尊等人,皆可在宇宙空间之中生存。 Lin Tian Mortal Body trembles, looks that nine fellow apprentices 11 all cultivate to give oneself completely, he is very uncomfortable. 林天肉身发颤,看着九位师兄11将所有修为全部交给自己,他无比难受。 The distant place, the samsara king pupil is cold, the big crack assumes horizontally, smelting only real, vast energy one after another gushes out from big cracks, floods into his within the body continuously unceasingly, the aura along with increasing. 远处,轮回王眸子冷冽,身后大裂缝横呈,熔炼唯一真界,一股又一股的浩瀚能量自一条条大裂缝中涌出,源源不断的涌入他体内,气息不断的随着攀升。 Looks at Lin Tian, looks that will cultivate to offer sacrifices to change to Lin Tian strength sealing god Heavenly Venerable and solar Heavenly Venerable and the others, his pupil ice-cold, but has not actually begun in this moment, before only real was smelted thoroughly, he is unable to get rid. 看着林天,看着将修为献祭化作林天力量的封神天尊和太阳天尊等人,他眸子冰冷,但在这一刻却是没有动手,在唯一真界被彻底熔炼完之前,他无法出手。 „The strength of ants are many, eventually is only the strength of ants.” His pupil is indifferent, in the samsara eye interweaves a wrapped in a shroud of obscurity samsara mark: Death, was your consistent homes to return, will not have other results again.” “蝼蚁的力量再多,也终究只是蝼蚁之力。”他眸子冷漠,轮回眼中交织神秘莫测的轮回道纹:“死亡,是你们所有人一致的归宿,不会再有其它的结局。” It behind, in the big crack has the vigorous energy to run out unceasingly, floods into his within the body unceasingly. 其身后,大裂缝内不断有浑厚能量冲出,不断涌入他体内。 Damn, you die like a dog! Lin Boy will kill you, quick butchered your dog head!” Five Elements Alligator outside the body monster glow interweaves, all cultivating to all change to the pure brilliance fire into Lin Tian: Boy, then, butchered it!” “狗日的,你不得好死!林小子会杀了你,很快就宰了你的狗头!”五行鳄体外妖芒交织,所有的修为皆化作纯净光辉冲向林天:“小子,接着,宰了它!” Repairs as the formidable monster, will cultivate to offer a sacrifice, vertical cultivates to all lose, loses the strength, actually as before deliciously spits the criticism. 作为强大的妖修,将修为祭出,纵修为全失,失去战力,却依旧可口吐人言。 Lin Tian, you can certainly win!” 林天,你一定能胜!” Elder brother Sir, Little Zi believes that you can win! Can become the strength of elder brother Sir, Little Zi was very happy!” “哥哥大人,小紫相信你能胜!能够成为哥哥大人的力量,小紫很高兴!” Elder brother!” “哥哥!” Ji Yu, Bai Qiu, Xue Ye, Su Shu, Zi Jingling and Lin Xi and the others open the mouth successively, all people offer sacrifices in this moment completely their cultivating are, making oneself and the others cultivating to change to the pure energy, 11 break in Lin Tian within the body. 纪雨白秋雪夜苏舒紫精灵林夕等人先后开口,所有人在这一刻全部献祭自己的修为,使得自己等人的修为化作纯净的能量,11冲入林天体内。 Father, has killed him, they revenges for senior head of the clan Grandpa Zu!” “爹爹,杀了他,为老族长祖爷爷他们报仇!” If the immortal start to talk, the strength of ebullition time, is similar to Ji Yu they, all cultivating to all break in Lin Tian within the body. 若仙开口,时间之力沸腾,如同纪雨她们般,所有的修为全部冲入林天体内。 Meanwhile, Little Taichu, Bai Ziqi, Ling Yun and Fan Yingxiong and the others, 11 will cultivate to offer a sacrifice to completely to Lin Tian. 与此同时,小太初白子祁凌云范英雄等人,11将修为全部祭给林天 Lin Tian Mortal Body shivers, at this time, pure energy one after another broke in his within the body, he can feel his vigor and strength clearly and other aspects all in promotion fast, however at this moment was actually the incomparable discomfort. 林天肉身颤抖,这个时候,一股又一股的纯净能量冲入他体内,他能清晰感觉到自己的精气神和战力等各方面皆在飞快的提升,然而这一刻却是无比的难受。 They have not died, is living, but changed has actually been the ordinary mortal. 他们没有死,都还活着,但却都变作了普通凡人。 These years cultivation, dynasty is spatial, changed to his strength completely. 这些年的修行,一朝化空,全部化作了他的力量。 His senior brother told him not to need sadly, was, possibly to be how sad? 他的师兄告诉他无需难过,可是,怎可能不难过? Buzz!” “嗡!” The brilliance is radiant, faint trace god splendor continuously one after another shines in this piece of space. 光辉璀璨,丝丝缕缕的神辉一道又一道的在这片宇宙空间中亮起。 Sir Immortal Emperor, you once had said to us, when there are restlessly, trusts you, when there is a difficulty, depends upon you, in recent years, you alone outside go on an expedition, times bring back to various Treasure Pill gods for us medicine and Ancient Scripture immortal standard, leads us to practice personally, explains sleepiness on various cultivation for us personally being puzzled, our practice, our growth, are all depending upon you.” Has the Immortal Courtyard senior statesman start to talk, at the beginning of Immortal Courtyard was established joins Immortal Courtyard immediately, now was quite formidable, at this time looks at Lin Tian, in the eye full is the respect: Now, please depend upon us.” 仙帝大人,您曾对我们说过,当有不安的时候,信任您,当有困难的时候,依靠您,这些年来,您独自在外征战,一次次为我们带回各种宝丹神『药』和古经仙典,亲自带着我们修炼,亲自为我们解答各种修行上的困『惑』,我们的修炼,我们的成长,全都在依靠您。”有仙庭元老开口,自仙庭成立之初便就加入仙庭,如今已经极为强大,这个时候看着林天,眼中满是尊敬:“现在,请您依靠我们。” Can become the strength of Sir Immortal Emperor, is I and other being honored!” “能成为仙帝大人的力量,是我等的荣幸!” A numerous immortal soldier immortal will bellow, the acoustic shock expansive sky, in this moment, outside the body all lives the splendor, each and everyone will all repair to offer a sacrifice, changes to pure energies, continuous firing into Lin Tian. 一众仙兵仙将大吼,声震长空,在这一刻,体外皆生辉,一个个皆将修为祭出,化作一股股纯净能量,源源不断的冲向林天 They rejoiced that they and the others along with went to this place together, can become the strength of leader in this moment. 他们庆幸自己等人随着一起来到了这个地方,能在这一刻成为领袖的力量。 As the protection combat general of Sir Immortal Emperor, protects Sir Immortal Emperor, strives for Sir Immortal Emperor, is I should responsibility completely!” “作为仙帝大人的守护战将,守护仙帝大人,为仙帝大人出力,是我应尽的职责!” The snow wolf start to talk, now at Traverse Heaven 8th-layer Heaven, all cultivating is, changes to the pure energy to fire into Lin Tian completely. 雪狼开口,如今已经处在通天第八重天,所有的修为,全部化作纯净能量冲向林天 Master!” 师父!” Ye Tong and small fox begin together, offers sacrifices own cultivating is, changes to the pure strength, simultaneously fires into Lin Tian. 叶童和小狐狸一起动手,献祭自己的修为,化作纯净之力,齐齐冲向林天 Entire Immortal Courtyard, over 10 billion immortal soldier immortals, in addition the snow wolf, Ye Tong and small fox, cultivating of all people are, on this day, in this moment, all gives to Lin Tian. 整个仙庭,超过10000000000的仙兵仙将,加上雪狼、叶童和小狐狸,所有人的修为,在这一天,在这一刻,皆献给林天 Initially did not have Human King, the old person I already dead.” The old bludger start to talk, is to offer at this moment sacrifices own cultivating is, changes to the pure energy to fire into Lin Tian: Boy, worked as also your Master favour, butchered that old dog!” “当初没有人王,老人家我早就死了。”老混混开口,这一刻亦是献祭自己的修为,化作纯净能量冲向林天:“小子,就当还你师父的人情了,宰了那老狗!” Old person I am also owing a Human King big favour, was together good.” The old Daoist Priest start to talk, cultivates to offer a sacrifice, rushes Lin Tian, simultaneously tears off the armor blade on neck: Boy, you have not been keeping thinking about this gadget, delivered you!” “老人家我也欠着人王一份大人情,也一起还了好了。”老道士开口,修为祭出,涌向林天,同时扯下脖子上的甲骨片:“小子,你不是一直惦记着这玩意儿么,送你了!” Along with his words, animal bones splinter opens, stars delimit, piece by piece Grand World obviously, the mixture incomparably vast strength, along with his cultivating is the same place, changes to the purest energy in this moment completely, breaks in Lin Tian within the body together. 随着他的话,甲骨片裂开,一颗颗星辰划出,一片片大世界显化,夹杂无比浩瀚的力量,随着他的修为一起,在这一刻全部化作最纯净的能量,一起冲入林天体内。 He was Taiyi universe once most powerhouse, stars and piece by piece Grand World in armor blade, under was he was disillusioned in the Taiyi universe greatly, strikes to kill an audiences Heavenly Courtyard powerhouse to preserve Taiyi universe stars and Grand World. 他是太乙宇宙曾经的最强者,甲骨片中的一颗颗星辰和一片片大世界,是他在太乙宇宙大破灭时,击杀一众天庭强者所保存下的太乙宇宙的一颗颗星辰和大世界 In them does not have the life, the life that has, early was transferred to the primordial chaos universe by him, survives in the primordial chaos universe, in these stars and Grand World, are only containing extremely boundless universe source strength now, delivers in this moment in Lin Tian completely. 它们之中没有生灵,所存有的生灵,早被他移到了鸿蒙宇宙,生存于鸿蒙宇宙,这些星辰和大世界中,如今只蕴含着极为磅礴的宇宙本源力,在这一刻全部送于林天 Does not have the little friend, initially closed up failure, died.” “没有小友,当初闭关失败,已经死去。” Young people, in recent years, thank your attendance to the Little Taichu.” “年轻人,这些年来,感谢你对小太初的照顾。” Little brother, this war, we only cultivating to change to the energy, provide a pygmy effort, the true fight, is by you. For your hatred, to once die other lives in Heavenly Courtyard hand, for the primordial chaos universe also living the endless life, this war, triumphed! All, depended on you!” “小兄弟,这一战,我们仅只是将修为化作能量,提供一丝绵薄之力,真正的战斗,还是得靠你。为了你的仇恨,为了曾经死在天庭手中的其它一条条生命,为了鸿蒙宇宙还活着的无尽生灵,这一战,都得胜!所有的一切,都靠你了!” Wu Zu, the immortal spirit sovereign advocate peace Yuan sovereign and the others to open the mouth, all people simultaneously discard to cultivate are, offers sacrifices to cultivate to change to the pure energy, flushes away toward Lin Tian. 武祖、仙灵皇主和元皇等人开口,所有人同时舍弃修为,献祭修为化作纯净能量,朝着林天冲去。 Pure brilliance, flood into Lin Tian within the body unceasingly, Lin Tian aura, billowing rising suddenly. 一道道纯净光辉,不断涌入林天体内,林天身上的气息,滚滚的暴涨。 At this moment, the entire space center, only has Wu Yi not to discard to cultivate is, she must sound rhythmically the samsara to cross the tribulation tune, she must for this all lose cultivates for the person to haunch to be possible in the space that in the universe survives. 这一刻,整个宇宙中心,唯有无衣未曾舍弃修为,她要鸣奏轮回渡劫曲,她要为这所有失去修为的人撑起可在宇宙内生存的空间。 Bang!” “轰!” Lin Tian aura, rolling increases, in an instant achieves an extremely high spot. 林天身上的气息,滚滚攀升,转眼间达到一个极高点。 He looks that will cultivate to offer sacrifices to give his nine fellow apprentices completely, looks, if immortal and Ji Yu and the others, look at Five Elements Alligator and Little Taichu and the others, looks at Ye Tong, the small fox, the snow wolf and a numerous immortal soldier immortal, looks at old bludger and Yuan sovereign and the others, the body cannot stop trembles. 他看着将修为全部献祭给他的九位师兄,看着若仙和纪雨等人,看着五行鳄小太初等人,看着叶童、小狐狸、雪狼和一众仙兵仙将,看着老混混和元皇等人,身体止不住的微颤。 „!” “啊!” He face upwards to roar, aura vibration world, ten side spaces, cuns (2.5cm) big disintegration, cuns (2.5cm) big collapsing. 他仰天咆哮,气息震动天地,十方宇宙空间,一寸寸的大崩碎,一寸寸的大坍塌。 Also was at this time, coldly snorted resounded, the samsara king completed in this moment to the smelting of only real, is interweaving aura as strong as an extremely scary altitude, just like extinguishing world big demon. 也是这时,冷哼响起,轮回王在这一刻完成对唯一真界的熔炼,所交织着的气息强到一个极为骇人的高度,宛若灭世大魔。 This King Laiwei all these mark the period, a strength of numerous ants about in the same place, will not have any significance.” “本王来为这一切画上句号,一众蝼蚁的力量合在一起,不会有任何意义。” The ice-cold sound spreads, samsara king takes a step, immeasurable samsara light Hao 『』, simultaneously presses toward Lin Tian. 冰冷的声音传出,轮回王迈步,无量的轮回光浩『荡』,齐齐朝着林天压去。 Dreadful samsara light, presses the Lin Tian near suddenly. 滔天的轮回光,眨眼压到林天近前。 Lin Tian shakes the fist, the samsara fist prestige vibrates ten sides, a fist bang breaks to pieces all, the immeasurable samsara light that samsara King Ji leaves, first completely crushes under this fist. 林天挥拳,轮回拳威震动十方,一拳轰碎所有,轮回王祭出的无量轮回光,第一时间在这一拳之下全部粉碎。 Kills!” “杀!” He roars to roar, load bearing nine fellow apprentices, if immortal and the others other and people cultivates completely is the compensation, at this moment just like fighting the day to the god, the endless samsara light and destiny strength encirclement body bank, changes to one to extinguish the world mighty current to fire into the samsara king. 他吼啸,承载九位师兄、若仙等人和其它所有人的全部修为全部力量,这一刻宛若战天至神,无尽轮回光和气运力环绕身畔,化作一股灭世洪流冲向轮回王。
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