DKOAD :: Volume #16 诸天万族

#2266: In a hurry ten years

More than 100 years, only more than 100 years, Lin Tian now has only achieved the Traverse Heaven boundary, and went out in Traverse Heaven was very far, this causes the yellow and black and alligator ancestor all shocks, Lin Tian has exceeded them now completely. 100多年的时间,仅只100多年而已,林天如今已经达到通天境,且在通天境内已经走出了很远,这使得玄黄和鳄祖皆是震撼,林天如今完完全全超越了他们。 Two senior erroneouses approved, the younger generation is only these year of luck is quite good, has resulted in many chances.” “两位前辈谬赞了,晚辈只是这些年运气比较好而已,得了不少的机缘。” Lin Tian said that although the strength has gone far beyond the yellow and black and alligator ancestor now, but is humble, puts the stance before them is very low. 林天道,虽然如今实力已经远远超过了玄黄和鳄祖,但却非常谦逊,在两人面前将姿态放的很低。 He will not forget that initially when Void Heaven, own Samsara Body nature violent dew brought in various rob, these two once did not attend to coming of danger assisting. 他不会忘记,当初在虚无天界,自己的轮回体质暴『露』引来诸强抢夺时,这两人曾不顾危险的前来相助。 Does not use modestly, the luck is also one of the strength.” “不用谦虚,运气也是实力的一种。” The yellow and black such said. 玄黄这么道。 Lin Tian with a smile and yellow and black alligator Zu talked, simultaneously Bai Ziqi and the others also, him the matter as well as Heavenly Courtyard something about yellow and black universe, say together to one line of listens. 林天笑着和玄黄鳄祖交谈,同时白子祁等人也在,他将关于玄黄宇宙的事以及天庭的一些事,一起讲给一行人听。 Can control Order really?” “真的能掌控到秩序?” Five Elements Alligator both eyes shine. 五行鳄双眼放光。 Cannot say that certainly can comprehend to control, but, be easier than not to have the several fold in the ordinary days.” “不能说一定能领悟掌控到,但是,要比在平日间容易无数倍。” Lin Tian such said. 林天这么道。 This is also the big good deed!” “这也是大好事!” Five Elements Alligator the [say / way], is ready to fight, the appearance that being ready to make trouble, Order, that is very formidable strength, once can control, the strength will have the earth-shaking change. 五行鳄啧啧的道,摩拳擦掌,一副蠢蠢欲动的模样,秩序,那可是非常强大的力量,一旦能掌控到,战力将会发生天翻地覆的变化。 Meanwhile, group also for universe this and other existences of big region startled, is the Heavenly Courtyard true strength is startled, has not thought that nine universes that this stretch of world altogether has, seven pieces of universes had been destroyed by Heavenly Courtyard, another two pieces of universes, their primordial chaos universes are complete, during another piece of yellow and black universe , is being is actually destroyed. 同时,一行人也为宇宙这等大地域的存在而惊,为天庭的真正实力而惊,不曾想,这片天地一共所存在的九个宇宙,已经有七片宇宙被天庭所毁,另外两片宇宙,他们所处的鸿蒙宇宙还完好,另一片玄黄宇宙,却也是正处在被毁灭之中。 Naturally, relatively speaking, the yellow and black and alligator ancestor are not surprised, the matters about nine pieces of universes, they knows, regarding the Heavenly Courtyard strength, many understands some, after all, they very early in the morning have been at the Traverse Heaven boundary, at this boundary, the matter that knows, naturally cannot be few. 当然,相对而言,玄黄和鳄祖并不怎么惊讶,关于九片宇宙的事,两人都知道,对于天庭的实力,也多少了解一些,毕竟,两人一早就处在了通天境界,处在这个境界,知道的事,自然不会少。 Final battlefield, in our primordial chaos universes, before then, we must try to promote the strength.” “最终的战场,将是在我们所处的鸿蒙宇宙,在这之前,我们得尽全力提升实力。” Lin Tian said. 林天道。 On this day, all old friend relatives and friends complete collections are uneven, he has handled Immortal Courtyard something, then directly in the Immortal Territory Immortal Courtyard deep place tearing universe gateway, leading one line to leave from the primordial chaos universe, steps into the universe tunnel to yellow and black universe. 这一天,所有故友亲朋全部集齐,他将仙庭的一些事加以打理了一番,而后直接在仙域仙庭深处撕裂宇宙门户,带着一行人从鸿蒙宇宙离开,踏入通往玄黄宇宙的宇宙隧道。 Shortly, they step forward from the universe tunnel, falls on the essence land, in piece of Grand World. 不久后,他们从宇宙隧道中跨出,重新落在实质的土地上,处在一片大世界之中。 Takes a broad view to look, in this world the mountain range are many, Spirit Qi is very thick. 放眼望去,这片世界内山峦不少,灵气很浓。 „!” “啊!” The pitiful yell sound from the front transmits, in air is fluttering the thick smell of blood, in a not far away mountain range, dozens Heavenly Courtyard gifted generals are beginning, massacre there several hundred yellow and black universe cultivator(s). 惨叫声自前方传来,空气中飘着浓浓的血腥味,不远处的一处山脉中,有数十个天庭的天兵天将在动手,残杀那里的数百玄黄宇宙修士 In the cultivator(s) quantity, two side disparities are very big, however, Heavenly Courtyard these dozens gifted generals actually all cultivate to tyrannicalally, compared with that several hundred yellow and black universe cultivator(s) tall Taiduo, the ability that several hundred yellow and black universe cultivator(s) have not revolted against with joint forces, was cut to kill one after another, blood often splash. 修士数量上,两方差距很大,然而,天庭的这数十天兵天将却是个个修为强横,比那数百玄黄宇宙修士高太多了,数百玄黄宇宙修士合力也没有反抗的能力,一个接着一个被斩杀,血水不时的飞溅。 This......” “这……” Five Elements Alligator and the others look at this, before, had learned from Lin Tian there freely Heavenly Courtyard carries on the matter that is disillusioned greatly in the yellow and black universe, but at this time, cannot help but was actually moved. 五行鳄等人看着这一幕,尽管在之前,已经从林天那里得知了天庭在玄黄宇宙进行大破灭的事,但这个时候,却还是不由得为之动容。 Because, at this place, they not only saw that in the front mountain range has the Heavenly Courtyard gifted general to slaughter the yellow and black universe cultivator(s), other farther place, can feel. 因为,处在这个地方,他们不仅仅只是看到前方的山脉中有天庭的天兵天将在厮杀玄黄宇宙的修士,其它更远的地方,也能够感觉的到。 They feel that during this entire world, is at massacres at this moment. 他们感觉到,这整个世界,此刻都处在残杀之中。 Not far away, in the mountain range, cultivator(s) of several hundred yellow and black universes suffers disaster one after another, quick then completely wrote off by dozens Heavenly Courtyard gifted generals, the ground, was been incarnadine by blood. 不远处,山脉内,数百玄黄宇宙的修士一个接着一个遭难,很快便是被数十个天庭的天兵天将全部抹杀,地面,被血水染红一片又一片。 Um? Some there also people.” “嗯?那里还有人。” Hey! “嘿! Cuts!” “斩掉!” Dozens gifted generals all are the Saint level cultivate are, at this time saw Lin Tian one line, on the face was having ice-cold brutal color, has killed directly. 数十天兵天将个个都是圣人级修为,这个时候看到了林天一行人,脸上带着冰冷残酷之『色』,直接杀了过来。 Lin Tian has swept eye toward dozens people, invisible imposing manner 『』 opens, directly to entirely exterminate body and soul that the group shake. 林天朝数十人扫了眼,无形的气势『荡』开,直接将一行人震的形神俱灭 Universe was destroyed to about 70%, Heaven and Earth Society along with the vibration, at that time, comprehended the Order excellent opportunity. Now, was destroyed from the yellow and black universe to 70% also has a long time probably, we go to each Grand World, snatches Heavenly Courtyard to be used to collect the life essence the jade only bottle, and other life essence cultivates by that the function is enormous.” “宇宙被毁灭到七成左右,天地会随着震动,那个时候,是领悟秩序的绝佳时机。如今,距离玄黄宇宙被毁到七成大概还有很长一段时间,我们去各个大世界,抢天庭用来收集生命精气的玉净瓶,以那等生命精气来修炼,作用极大。” He said. 他说道。 Their group, including him, if immortal, Wu Yi, Ji Yu, Su Shu, Xue Ye, Bai Qiu, Yan Ya'er, Lin Xi, Zi Jingling, Zi Yue, small fox Tu Xianxian, Ye Tong and snow wolf, Little Taichu, Five Elements Alligator, White Tiger, Bai Ziqi, Yang Qí, Fan Yingxiong, Ling Yun, Black Dragon, god key and Mu Shengshu, yellow and black and alligator ancestor, altogether 27 people. 他们一行人,包括他、若仙、无衣纪雨苏舒雪夜白秋颜雅儿林夕紫精灵紫月、艾艾、小狐狸涂仙仙叶童、雪狼、小太初五行鳄白虎白子祁杨奇范英雄凌云、黑龙、神钥、穆生书、玄黄和鳄祖,总共27人。 And , he Wu Yi, Su Shu, god key and Mu Shengshu, yellow and black and alligator ancestors already at Traverse Heaven boundary Level, temporarily regarding the life essence not anything too big demand, but other people, cultivate for at Saint King to False Heaven this grade of stage, the life essence, is big regarding their functions, can help them promote to cultivate for the boundary extremely quickly. 其中,他、无衣苏舒、神钥、穆生书、玄黄和鳄祖都已经处在通天层次,暂时对于生命精气没有什么太大的需求,而其它人,修为都是处在圣王虚天这等阶段,生命精气,对于他们的作用非常大,可以帮助他们极快的提升修为境界。 At that moment, he leads one line to step into this world the central area, will be at this position the gifted general on Heavenly Courtyard will write off directly completely, will place, in this place the jade bottle of being used collection life essence will take only. 当下,他带着一行人踏入这片世界的中心区域,直接将处在这个位置上的天庭的天兵天将全部抹杀,将置放在此地的用来收集生命精气的玉净瓶取到手中。 „Is this jade only bottle of Heavenly Courtyard collection life essence? This inside life essence, simply is......” “这就是天庭收集生命精气的玉净瓶?这里面的生命精气,简直是……” Ling Yun stares, now at Saint King peak Level, sees the jade only bottle that Lin Tian is taking, is inducing inside life essence, cannot help but for it heart startled, suddenly both eyes shine. 凌云瞪眼,如今处在圣王巅峰层次,见着林天取到的玉净瓶,感应着内里的生命精气,不由得为之心惊,一时间双目都放光。 A such jade bottle, inside life essence, he felt can only make him promote several small stairs directly. 这样的一口玉净瓶,内里的生命精气,他感觉能直接让他提升好几个小台阶。 Side, Black Dragon and Fan Yingxiong and the others are also moved. 旁边,黑龙和范英雄等人也是为之动容。 „After is about the 50% lives in this Grand World died, life essence that condenses.” “大致是这个大世界内的五成生灵死亡后,所凝聚来的生命精气。” Lin Tian said. 林天道。 Was saying this saying, his voice is somewhat low and deep. 说着这话,他声音有些低沉。 These life essence, are Heavenly Courtyard massacre the innumerable life collection of this piece of universe to come, is the endless blood and endless life, uses this grade of life essence to practice, is not a good deed, his mood many are somewhat heavy. 这些生命精气,是天庭残杀这片宇宙的无数生灵收集而来,是无尽鲜血和无尽生命化出,使用这等生命精气修炼,并不是一件好事,他心情多少是有些沉重。 However, although has a heavy heart, but he is also not the artificial person, these life essence, they do not use, is whatever Heavenly Courtyard takes away to use, thus makes Heavenly Courtyard continue to expand, in the future, the person of suffering disaster will be more. So, gives Heavenly Courtyard to use, after to letting these life essence with it the Heavenly Courtyard strength expands, damage more lives, naturally is seizes to use these life essence by them is better. 不过,虽然心情沉重,但他也并不是矫情的人,这些生命精气,他们不用,就是任由天庭拿去用,从而使天庭继续壮大,将来,遭难的人会更多。如此,与其将这些生命精气交给天庭用,让天庭实力壮大后祸害更多生灵,自然是由他们将这些生命精气夺过来使用更好。 His paused, said: Goes to extremely Grand World that and other Level world.” 顿了顿,道:“去极大世界那等层次的世界。” Extremely Grand World, is Void Heaven that and other Level, that and other in world, Heavenly Courtyard with will be many by the life essence that the jade bottle institute will collect only, but the Heavenly Courtyard genuine powerhouse, mostly also in that and other in Level Grand World, they can go to that and other world to rob more life essence, can more will write off Heavenly Courtyard cruel cultivator(s). 大世界,即是虚无天界那等层次,那等世界内,天庭用以玉净瓶所收集的生命精气会非常多,而天庭的真正强者,大多也都在那等层次大世界中,他们即可以去那等世界抢夺到更多的生命精气,也可以更多的抹杀天庭的残暴修士 At that moment, he leads one line to leave this world, later, enters side Grand World, writes off the Heavenly Courtyard powerhouses, under robs the splendid attire to have the jade only bottle of vigorous life essence one after another. 当下,他带着一行人离开这片世界,之后,进入一片又一片的极大世界,抹杀掉一个又一个的天庭强者,抢夺下一口又一口盛装有浑厚生命精气的玉净瓶。 So, in a flash, ten years pass by. 如此,一晃眼,十年时间过去。 Bang!” “轰!” Bang!” “轰!” Bang!” “轰!” Ten years later, on this day, in a side canyon in a piece of desolated world, the powerful aura clashes one after another. 十年后,这一天,一片荒芜世界内的一方峡谷中,一股又一股强盛气息冲起。 The quickest renewal read, 最快更新阅读, Please collect the home station to read the latest novel! 请收藏本站阅读最新小说!
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