DKOAD :: Volume #16 诸天万族

#2265: The relatives and friends get together

Lin Tian changes countenance, towering sound that broadcasts from ancient grave deep place, was too familiar. 林天动容,突兀自古墓深处传来的声音,太熟悉了。 Almost has the flash of this grade of feeling in him, grey-robed Old Man runs out from the ancient grave deep place, in an instant arrives at the near, stares at Lin Tian and the others to shout to clear the way: Your this crowds......” just put out four characters, this grey-robed Old Man following words have then stopped, stares to look at Lin Tian one line of: Is you!” 几乎在他生出这等感觉的一瞬间,一个灰袍老者从古墓深处冲出,转眼间来到近前,盯着林天等人喝道:“你们这群……”刚吐出四个字,这个灰袍老者后面的话便是止住了,瞪着眼看着林天一行人:“是你们!” Meanwhile, Lin Tian also changes countenance, White Tiger and Little Taichu, if the immortal also stares, moves slightly including the Wu Yi look. 与此同时,林天也是动容,白虎小太初、若仙也瞪眼,连无衣都眼神微动。 You how......” “你怎么……” Lin Tian looks at present this person, this person, is not that old bludger. 林天看着眼前这人,这人,可不就是那个老混混吗。 Is here grave, old bludger? Isn't this old fogy living well? 这里的墓,属于老混混?这老家伙不是好好活着吗? The old bludger is pointing at Lin Tian, foams with rage, air/Qi straight trembles: My old person previous quarter is still jumping over to help you oppose the enemy, although has not gotten rid, but my old person after all went? You mix the boy actually, posterior crus dug the grave of my old person to come on the group, did not lead you such to play!” 老混混指着林天,吹胡子瞪眼,气的直哆嗦:“我老人家前一刻还在跳过去帮你对敌,虽然没有出手,但我老人家终归还是去了的吧?你混小子倒是可以,后脚就组团来挖我老人家的墓来了,不带你这么玩儿的!” He in the yellow and black universe, had resulted . the chance several days ago, the strength a section, suddenly has the induction to here exceptionally, therefore the tearing universe gateway, hurries back to here from the yellow and black universe, actually does not think that this exceptionally unexpectedly is Lin Tian and the others 他在玄黄宇宙,于数日前得了宗机缘,实力强了一截,突然感应到这里有异常,于是撕裂宇宙门户,从玄黄宇宙赶回这里,却不想,这异常居然是林天等人。 Lin Tian: „......” 林天:“……” He at this time was suitable being in a jam, how regardless of not to have thought that here can be the grave of old bludger unexpectedly. 他这个时候是相当的发窘,无论如何也没有想到,这里竟然会是老混混的墓。 In front of the old bludger truly was helps him, the grave that finally, they continuously unearthed always mixed Hu unexpectedly. 老混混前面确实是去帮他了,结果,他们一直在挖掘的墓居然是老混胡的。 This lets him now incomparable awkwardness. 这让他现在无比的尴尬。 Your this is not live well, why in good condition constructs a grave to oneself? Also doesn't dislike unluckily?” “你这不是活的好好的吗,干嘛好端端的给自己建一座墓?也不嫌晦气?” His awkward [say / way]. 他尴尬道。 My old person likes, my old person is glad, can manage you!” An old bludger indignant appearance angrily, paused has as if thought of anything, looks at Lin Tian, cannot help but sighed, in the eye has given birth to some special light, said to Lin Tian: Considers as finished, the old person I am an elder, does not haggle over with you, in this grave, has a liking for anything, you select casually, how like fiddling with how fiddle with, corpse who so long as most deep place touches my old person on line.” “我老人家喜欢,我老人家乐意,管得着吗你!”老混混一副愤愤然的模样,顿了顿似乎又想到了些什么,看着林天,不由得叹息了下,眼中生出了些特殊的光,对林天道:“算了算了,老人家我是长辈,不和你计较,这墓里,看上什么,你随便挑,爱怎么捣鼓怎么捣鼓,只要不去最深处碰我老人家的尸身就行。” Lin Tian regarding the old bludger looked at this time his look thinks somewhat strangely, but, quick by the old bludger following words of directing attention: Corpse?” A strangeness of his face, high and low takes a look at the old bludger, even could not bear put out a hand to pinch under the old bludger: Your this obviously well is living, Mortal Body also has, actually still exists to have the corpse?” 林天对于老混混这个时候看他的眼神觉得有些奇怪,不过,很快就又被老混混后面的话给引去了注意力:“尸身?”他一脸的古怪,上下打量老混混,甚至忍不住伸手捏了下老混混:“你这明明好好的活着,肉身也有,却还存在有尸身?” Eyah?” 咿呀?” Old man, what do you do?” “老头,你搞什么?” Little Taichu and White Tiger also open the mouth, regarding the words of old bludger, is completely incomprehensible, each and everyone was ignorant. 小太初白虎也开口,对于老混混的话,完全是不能理解,一个个都懵了。 Leave alone, do not go to most deep place on the line, has remembered, do not go to most deep place! Who goes, the old person I am anxious with whom! Then, the old person I dodged! Other matters!” “别管,别去最深处就行,记住了,别去最深处!谁去,老人家我跟谁急!就这样,老人家我闪了!还有其它事呢!” The old bludger said that an appearance hurriedly, goes toward most deep place, in a flash then vanished. 老混混道,一副风风火火的模样,朝着最深处而去,一晃眼便是消失了。 Lin Tian looks at the old bludger, gawked completely. 林天怔怔的看着老混混,完全愣了。 Old bludger obviously live, the big graves here, the corpse here, this makes him not think well completely clearly. 老混混明明活的好好的,却是有一座大墓在这里,还有尸身在这里,这让他完全是想不明白。 This......” “这……” White Tiger and Little Taichu also stare, even/including Ruoxian is no exception. 白虎小太初也是微愣,连若仙也不例外。 God key amicably lives book this and other super universes to the powerhouse, is bringing some accidents. 就连神钥和穆生书这等超级宇宙至强者,也是带着些许意外。 Lin Tian, that person is......” 林天,那人是……” Ji Yu has drawn the Lin Tian sleeves, asked that Lin Tian said. 纪雨拉了拉林天的衣袖,问林天道。 They inquired about that this big grave was very long, has obtained many advantage, when the small space has met three, these years, because this big grave, cultivated to progress, actually does not think that on this day unexpectedly met the tomb owner, was precisely living tomb owner, this made them feel unthinkable, but what was main, the opposite party and Lin Tian knew unexpectedly. 她们探寻这座大墓已经很久了,得了不少好处,小型的时空间遇到了三处,这些年,因为这座大墓,修为进步了很多,却不想,这一天居然遇上墓主了,且是活着的墓主,这让她们觉得匪夷所思,而最主要的是,对方和林天居然认识。 „An acquaintance.” Lin Tian said that paused opens the mouth: Ok, no matter he. Then, do not go to the deep place.” “一个熟人。”林天道,顿了顿又开口:“算了,不管他。然后,别去深处了。” Regarding the big situation of grave and old bludger in this place , he although thought that doubts being puzzled very much, but did not go to think at this time temporarily that simply they spoke the matter and Ji Yu of yellow and black universe, making Ji Yu and the others all shock. 对于这个地方的这座大墓与老混混的情况,他虽然觉得很疑『惑』,不过这个时候暂时不去多想,简单将玄黄宇宙的事与纪雨她们讲了下,使得纪雨等人皆震撼。 Ya'er, under your deduction Pig Head Bai and ice obscene very their trails, later, I go to retrieve them, goes to the yellow and black universe together.” 雅儿,你推演下白猪头和凌『淫』贼他们的踪迹,之后,我去将他们寻回,一起前往玄黄宇宙。” He said to Yan Ya'er. 他对颜雅儿道。 Um, good!” “嗯,好!” Yan Ya'er nods, receives hastily regarding matter surprised of Lin Tian mentioned about yellow and black universe, started by the technique of secret uncanny prediction, deduced Bai Ziqi and Ling Yun and the others the trails. 颜雅儿点头,连忙收起对于林天所提到的关于玄黄宇宙的事的惊讶,开始以天机神算之术,推演白子祁凌云等人的踪迹。 Because of here ancient grave, in has harvested, her present cultivating for at Ruler Level, in addition is Immortal Spirit Body, uses the technique of secret uncanny prediction, quick was the accurate deduction Bai Ziqi and Ling Yun and the others the trails is then. 因为这里的古墓,于这其中收获了很多,她如今的修为已经处在主宰层次,加之为仙灵体,施展天机神算之术,很快便是精准的推演出了白子祁凌云等人的踪迹所在。 Good!” Lin Tian said: You go to Immortal Territory Immortal Courtyard , etc. I, I and Little Taichu and stupid tiger look for them, after receiving, goes to the yellow and black universe together.” “好!”林天道:“你们去仙域仙庭等我,我与小太初和蠢虎去找他们,接到之后,一起去玄黄宇宙。” Father, the daughter also goes!” “爹爹,女儿也去!” If Immortal Dao. 仙道 Ok, walks.” “行,走吧。” Lin Tian said with a smile. 林天笑道。 On this day, Wu Yi leads Ji Yu and the others to return to Immortal Courtyard in Immortal Territory, Lin Tian is bringing, if the immortal, White Tiger and Little Taichu, calculated according to Yan Ya'er about Bai Ziqi and the others the accurate trails, each and everyone seeks. 这一天,无衣带着纪雨等人回仙域内的仙庭,林天带着若仙、白虎小太初,照着颜雅儿推算出的关于白子祁等人的精准踪迹,一个个寻下去。 So, in a flash, three days in the past. 如此,一晃眼,三日过去。 The three days time, takes his present strong overhaul as, in addition has Bai Ziqi that and the others Yan Ya'er provides the accurate trails, he found Bai Ziqi, Ling Yun, Fan Yingxiong, Yang Qí, Five Elements Alligator and Black Dragon and other old friends in the three days time completely, discovers Ye Tong and small fox these two disciple(s), connected Immortal Territory Immortal Courtyard yellow and black and alligator ancestor and other senior, one and retrieves the protection combat general snow wolf that he establishes personally. 三日的时间,以他如今的强大修为,加上有颜雅儿提供的白子祁等人的精准踪迹,他在三日时间里将白子祁凌云范英雄杨奇五行鳄和黑龙等故人全部找到,将叶童和小狐狸这两个弟子找出,将玄黄和鳄祖等前辈接入仙域仙庭,将他亲自立下的守护战将雪狼也一并寻回。 Boy, you this cultivates now is, simply, is...... says goodbye after many years simply, learned that Lin Tian present cultivating is, the Five Elements Alligator eyeball has almost not stared, the supercilious look does not live upward turns: Uncle Alligator my these years nearly in the hell -type practice, cultivated to few days ago achieve Ruler Level, but also were pleased with oneself, have not thought that your boy stepped forward in Traverse Heaven very far......” “小子,你现在这修为,简直,简直是……”时隔多年再见,得悉林天如今的修为,五行鳄眼珠子差点没瞪出来,白眼不住的往上翻:“鳄大爷我这些年近乎是在地狱式的修炼,修为前些日子达到了主宰层次,还沾沾自喜来着,没想到,你小子都在通天境内跨出很远了……” Bai Ziqi and Fan Yingxiong and the others, had known Lin Tian present cultivating is, is similar to Five Elements Alligator everywhere shocks. 白子祁范英雄等人,也得知了林天如今的修为,如同五行鳄般满目震惊。 You actually really good.” “你倒是真的不错。” Bai Ziqi said. 白子祁道。 He is Divine Lightning Body, is honored as talent, on cultivation is also very assiduous, but now actually is also Ruler Level, compares present Lin Tian, solid difference was too far. 他是雷神体,一直被誉为天才,修行上也很刻苦,可如今却也是才主宰层次,相比现在的林天,实在差的太远了。 Still remembers in the past saw Lin Tian at first time, his cultivating to have been higher than much compared with Lin Tian, actually does not think that now has actually missed Lin Tian to be too many are too many. 还记得当年最初见到林天的时候,他的修为比林天高出了不少,却不想,如今却已经是差了林天太多太多。 Lin Tian smiled, has hammered under the chest of Bai Ziqi, looked to Five Elements Alligator and Yang Qí and the others: You can pursue quickly.” 林天一笑,锤了下白子祁的胸,同时也看向五行鳄杨奇等人:“你们很快就能追上来。” Side, yellow and black start to talk, feeling everywhere: These years, immediately have exceeded merely only me and others, seriously are......” 旁边,玄黄开口,满目的感慨:“仅仅只这么些年,便就超越了我等,当真是……” When wants initially, first time to see Lin Tian, Lin Tian has not achieved the God Emperor boundary, but now, cultivated to actually surmount it. 想当初,第一次见林天时,林天还未达到神帝境,可如今,修为却已经超越它了。 It stands side Lin Tian, can feel clearly Lin Tian present vigor fearful, can suppress it absolutely easily. 它站在林天身旁,能清晰感觉到林天如今的精气神有多可怕,绝对能轻易压制它。 Goes against heaven's will very much!” “很逆天!” The alligator ancestor also opens the mouth, the simple three characters, are mixing with shock that is hard to cover up. 鳄祖也开口,简单的三个字,夹杂着难以遮掩的震撼。 The quickest renewal read, 最快更新阅读, Please collect the home station to read the latest novel! 请收藏本站阅读最新小说!
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