DF :: Volume #7

#623: Chapter wedding

Squadron Chief Han.” 韩组长。” Bin.” 彬子。” Han Bin passing through the gate received the warm welcome. 韩彬一进门就受到了热情欢迎。 Is busy.” Han Bin greeted one. “都忙着呢。”韩彬招呼了一声。 In those present, the Zeng Ping duty is highest, if placed in the past, Han Bin definitely first with speech. 在场的人里面,曾平的职务最高,若是放在往常,韩彬肯定先跟对说话。 But by the importance, this place scenery no one can compare the bridegroom at this time. 但论重要性,此时此地此景谁都比不上新郎官。 The Han Bin vision swept to Li Hui, sized up carefully, was thin, this was the first impression of Han Bin, was not excellent is actually very energetic. 韩彬目光扫向了李辉,仔细打量了一番,瘦了,这是韩彬的第一印象,不过人倒是挺精神。 Yo, this small western-style clothes put on, the charming degree caught up with me quickly.” “呦,这小西服一穿,帅气程度都快赶上我了。” Li Hui touches the hair, show off said, corrects, this bridegroom does not put on the western-style clothes same graceful, moreover cannot use to catch up, but surpasses.” 李辉摸了摸头发,嘚瑟道,“纠正一下,本新郎官不穿西服一样帅,而且不能用赶上,而是超过。” Looks in him is in the share of bridegroom, Han Bin was also disinclined to argue, swept a living room, new home entire was very attractive, arrangement similar.” 看在他是新郎官的份上,韩彬也懒得争辩,扫了一眼客厅,“新房整的挺漂亮呀,布置的差不多了吧。” Was lucky big fellow, otherwise I also grasp blindly.” Li Hui reveals wipes the forced smile, he is not the Qindao native, properly speaking should be returns to one's old home the marriage, has the friends and relatives help to arrange, he can also be free from worry. “多亏了大家伙,要不然我还抓瞎呢。”李辉露出一抹苦笑,他不是琴岛本地人,按理说应该是回老家结婚,有亲戚朋友帮忙布置,他也能省心一些。 However, her wife week Vina wants to hold the wedding in Qindao, the relative in that native place is impossible to catch up with the help ahead of time, can only depend on the Qindao colleague and friend. 但是,她老婆周维娜想在琴岛办婚礼,那老家的亲戚不可能都提前赶过来帮忙,就只能靠琴岛的同事和朋友了。 Han Bin rubbed rubbing hands, needs me to do anything not.” 韩彬搓了搓手,“需要我干点啥不。” Bridegroom.” In the meantime, some people came. “新郎官。”就在此时,又有人来了。 Li Hui urgently is greeting the opposite party, says a few words, you comes my family for the first time, first stroll, familiar.” 李辉急着去招呼对方,撂下一句话,“你第一次来我家,先转转,熟悉一下。” Han Bin is glad with ease, sat on Zeng Ping nearby sofa, Chief Zeng, when did you come?” 韩彬乐得轻松,坐到了曾平旁边的沙发上,“曾队,您啥时候过来的?” I also just came shortly.” Zeng Ping carries the teapot, to Han Bin but actually one cup of tea. “我也刚来没多久。”曾平端起茶壶,给韩彬倒了一杯茶水。 Han Bin empty held with the hand, asked low voice, how Li Hui this boy married quickly, did you have what straight tip, made that I was somewhat caught off guard.” 韩彬用手虚扶了一下,小声问道,“李辉这小子怎么这么快就结婚了,您有没有什么内幕消息,弄得我都有些措手不及了。” Zeng Ping ridicules saying that others marry to close your boy trifling thing, you have anything to be good to be caught off guard.” 曾平笑骂道,“人家结婚关你小子屁事,你有啥好措手不及的。” Words cannot say, we are the people of unmarried team, the announcement marriage of this boy no indication, will result in a potential pressure on our these contemporaries.” “话不能这么说,我们本来都是未婚队伍的人,这小子毫无征兆的宣布结婚,会给我们这些同龄人造成一种潜在的压力。” Zeng Ping as if remembered anything, asked back, „, I remember Li Hui has proposed one, you also made the girlfriend probably.” 曾平仿佛想起了什么,反问,“诶,我记得李辉提过一句,你好像也交女朋友了。” Right, the previous time when the resort, they have met.” “对,上次在度假村的时候,他们见过一面。” Your this speed is not slow, strives to ask me to drink celebration drink at the end of the year again, member money remains to you.” “你这速度也不慢呀,争取年底再请我喝一顿喜酒,份子钱给你留着。” Han Bin does not know whether to laugh or cry, „our did not say Li Hui, how also to mention me.” 韩彬哭笑不得,“咱们这不是说李辉嘛,咋又提到我了。” „Wasn't your city bureau Criminal Investigation brigade busy recently?” “你们市局刑侦大队最近不忙?” Possibly is not how busy, couple of days ago just finished, must to rest slowly the vigor.” “怎么可能不忙,前两天刚忙完,总得让人休息休息缓缓劲。” Zeng Ping asked that vermilion Weichao that case what situation? From the beginning the sound is very big, how not to have the sound now on the contrary.” 曾平问道,“朱为超那个案子到底啥情况?一开始动静挺大,怎么现在反倒没动静了。” This case is quite complex.” Han Bin thought that picks approximately a introduced that can say, vermilion Weichao escaped from prison is killed a few days, afterward the warrant for arrest also removed, we have been tracing the murderer who killed vermilion Weichao, more investigated child is more complex, on that murderer had three homicide cases.” “这个案子比较复杂。”韩彬思索了一下,捡着能说的大致介绍道,“朱为超越狱没几天就被人杀了,后来通缉令也撤了,我们一直在追查杀死朱为超的凶手,越查案子越复杂,那个凶手身上有三条命案。” Threw?” “撂了吗?” The Han Bin small sound said, murderer was very clear own crime to incur also died, is not willing to coordinate the police.” 韩彬小声道,“凶手很清楚自己的罪行招了也是死,一直不肯配合警方。” Snort, dead pig is not afraid of boiling water.” Zeng Ping curls the lip, obviously has also encountered this situation. “哼,死猪不怕开水烫。”曾平撇撇嘴,显然也遇到过这种情况。 About case, Han Bin does not want to chat too, changed a topic, „does Chief Zeng, tomorrow's several : 00 fetch the bride?” 关于施达的案子,韩彬不想聊太多,换了一话题,“曾队,明天几点去接亲?” Seven auto teams, the bride lives is welcoming the hotel, gone time walks Yan Xinda Street, comes back Jing'an avenue.” Zeng Ping stroked the train of thought that continues saying that 7.4 about ten arrive at the hotel, fetches the bride will definitely make, reserved for 40 minutes, 8.2 ten return trips.” “七点整车队出发,新娘住在喜迎酒店,去的时候走闫新大街,回来的时候静安大街。”曾平捋了捋思绪,继续说道,“七点四十左右到酒店,去接亲肯定会闹,预留了四十分钟,八点二十返程。” „In it is expected that nine points to the family/home, making the relatives of bride's side family/home come home have a look, the groom's family changed a statement at home, ten points about went to the banquet hall, 12 : 00 pm hold the wedding, around 1 : 00 almost finished.” “预计九点到家里,让女方家的亲戚来家里看看,男方这边就在家里改口,十点左右就去宴会厅,中午12点正是举行婚礼,一点多差不多就结束了。” Han Bin asked that where was banquet hall at?” 韩彬问道,“宴会厅在哪呢?” Yellow Ting hotel, second floor, “黄廷酒店,二楼, Gold and jade predestined match hall. ” Han Bin ascertained, has several at heart, he is early morning must certainly come tomorrow, went to the yellow Ting hotel as for Wang Ting at noon directly on the line. 金玉良缘大厅。”韩彬问清楚了,心里也有数了,他明天肯定是一早要来的,至于王婷中午直接去黄廷酒店就行了。 The Li Hui main family and relatives are outside areas, come are not many, the person was short was unattractive, Han Bin must keep the sufficient integer. 李辉的本家和亲戚都是外地的,来的不多,人少了不好看,韩彬得留下来充个数。 Han Bin chatted with the old colleagues taking this opportunity meets the day, was looking in the house, but also saw the Li Hui parents. 韩彬借着这个机会跟老同事们聊会天,在房子里着看了看,还见到了李辉的父母。 Although he is very ripe with Li Hui, but this is the first time sees the Li Hui parents. 虽然他跟李辉很熟,但这还是头一次见李辉父母。 The Li Hui parents were old, looks at 60 upward, his father hair was white, is not tall, the skin is very black, looks at a very honest person. 李辉父母年纪不小了,看着都六十往上了,他父亲头发都白了,个子不高,皮肤很黑,看着挺老实的一个人。 Li Hui on the contrary is long looks like his mother. 李辉反倒长得更像他母亲。 Han Bin has treated to around 9 : 00 pm goes home, actually hasn't done, sat in that drinks tea to chat, having was Zhao Ming, Tian Li and Sun Xiaopeng they are also busy at work exactly, Han Bin and Zeng Ping also talked. 韩彬一直待到晚上 9 点多才回家,其实也没干啥,就是坐在那喝茶聊天了,有活也是赵明田丽孙晓鹏他们忙活,韩彬曾平也就是动动嘴。 ...... …… Next morning 6 o'clock, Han Bin rushed to the Li Hui home, happen to catches up has the breakfast. 第二天早上六点钟,韩彬就赶到了李辉家,正好赶上吃早餐。 The breakfast is scheduled ahead of time, the cruller, tea-flavored boiled egg, soft bean curd and soybean milk, the brined vegetable, the restaurant completes directly to deliver. 早餐是提前就预定好的,油条、茶叶蛋、豆腐脑、豆浆,咸菜,餐厅做好直接送过来的。 Finished eating the food, tidied up, 7 : 00 am embarked to meet the bride on time. 吃完饭,收拾了一下,早上 7 点准时出发接新娘。 Han Bin wants to wait at home, but Li Hui mentioned by name made him also go, Han Bin was not good to sweep brothers' face, fetched the bride with the car(riage) together. 韩彬原本是想在家里等着,不过李辉点名了让他也去,韩彬也不好扫了兄弟的面子,也就跟车一起去接亲了。 After hotel, Li Hui gets out, first hit two bunches of color flower barrels. 到了酒店后,李辉一下车,先打了两束彩花桶。 Then leads the person to go upstairs to meet the bride. 接着就带人上楼接新娘。 To take the bride is not easy, first is knocks at the door, the stopper red package, to look for the shoes, to sing the love song...... 想接新娘可没那么容易,先是叫门、塞红包、找鞋、唱情歌…… Li Hui put in order is very embarrassed. 李辉被整的挺囧。 Haha......” “哈哈……” Han Bin watches the fun in the one side, creates a disturbance a lot. 韩彬在一旁看热闹,没少起哄。 The marriage is a lively matter, so long as is not excessive, this/should noisy noisily, too lonely was not good. 结婚是个热闹事,只要不过分,该闹也得闹,太冷清了也不好。 ding ling ling......” 叮铃铃……” A cell phone bell sound, Han Bin routine touches the cell phone, but, what sound is not his cell phone. 一阵手机铃声响了,韩彬习惯性的去摸手机,不过,响的并非他的手机。 Zeng Ping puts out the cell phone, outside arrives quickly answers the telephone. 曾平拿出手机,快步走到外面去接听电话。 In this room was too noisy, amplifies cannot hear clearly. 这屋里太闹了,扩音也听不清。 After a while, the Zeng Ping complexion walked seriously, Bin, has the duty, I must first walk.” 过了一会,曾平面色严肃的走了进来,“彬子,有任务,我得先走了。” Such anxiously?” Han Bin frowns slightly, has no accident/surprise actually. “这么急?”韩彬微微蹙眉,倒是没什么意外。 Did their line to be used to it, sees Zeng Ping answered the telephone time, Han Bin has the premonition. 干他们这一行早就习惯了,看到曾平接电话的时候,韩彬已经有了预感。 Zeng Ping nods, „the people of three squadrons must follow me.” 曾平点点头,“三中队的人也得跟我走。” Han Bin reveals wipes the forced smile, the humanities of groom's family are not many, Chief Zeng, you leave carry off, leaves behind two help.” 韩彬露出一抹苦笑,男方的人本就不多,“曾队,您别都带走,好歹留下两个帮忙呀。” „It is not good, must have the scene immediately.” Zeng Ping patted the shoulder of Han Bin, your boy laboriously.” “不行,得立刻出现场。”曾平拍了拍韩彬的肩膀,“你小子辛苦点吧。” Han Bin asked back, Li Hui asked that how I did say?” 韩彬反问,“李辉问起来,我咋说?” You do not need to tell him on own initiative, if he asked that said truthfully. Let him get married steadfastly, the matter of case does not need to manage, first solved the matter of lifetime importance.” “你不用主动告诉他,如果他问起来就如实说。让他踏踏实实的结婚,案子的事不用管,先把终身大事解决了。” Knew. This has me to stare, you go.” “知道了。这有我盯着,您去吧。” Zeng Ping asked the 3rd Corps person to leave hurriedly. 曾平叫上三队的人急匆匆的离开了。 The person who the groom's families fetch the bride was short of the larger part, before Han Bin, has been watching the fun, at this time must gathering front ; first, sufficient population ; second, escorts to Li Hui. 男方接亲的人少了一大半,韩彬之前一直在看热闹,这时候也得凑到前面,一是充人数,二是给李辉保驾护航。 Before, had Zhao Ming they to protect, Han Bin can also watch the fun and create a disturbance, now Zhao Ming they walked, Han Bin must force up. 之前,有赵明他们护着,韩彬还能看个热闹、起起哄,现在赵明他们走了,韩彬得顶上去。 Always some rash fellows, do not divide the weight and non- sub-field to gather, at this time went on stage on this/should Han Bin, cannot really suffer a loss by own brothers. 总有一些二愣子,不分轻重、不分场合,这时候就该韩彬上场了,总不能真让自己的兄弟吃亏了。 Although some small interludes, but has not affected the entire wedding. 虽然有些小插曲,不过并没有影响到整个婚礼。 Meeting that Li Hui achieved wishes returns to the bride, serves tea to change a statement to the Li Hui parents. 李辉如愿以偿的接回新娘,给李辉的父母敬茶改口。 Under surrounding of people, the Li Hui parents are somewhat tense, after all is also first time, shakes to the time hand of red package somewhat trembles. 在众人的围观下,李辉的父母有些紧张,毕竟也是头一次,给红包的时候手抖有些颤。 However waited for the bride to shout parents, the old couples smiled grin with ear to ear, was only left over liking of being filled with. 但是等新媳妇喊了一声爸妈,老两口笑得合不拢嘴,只剩下满心的欢喜。 11 points about, the motorcade rushed to the banquet hall, the guest who attended the wedding banquet also rushes over. 十一点左右,车队赶到了宴会厅,参加婚宴的宾客也陆续赶到。 Han Bin runs up to the hotel entrance to wait for Wang Ting. 韩彬跑到酒店门口等着王婷。 Wang Ting wears a short sleeve one-piece dress, specifically any color Han Bin cannot say, situated in the white, silver and grey, looks in any case very fashionable, before Wang Ting , after being raised, body that curls upwards showed perfectly. 王婷穿着一件短袖连衣裙,具体啥颜色韩彬也说不上来,介于白色、银色、灰色之间,反正看着挺时尚,将王婷前凸后翘的身型完美的展现了出来。 Han Bin gathered round Wang Ting to transfer, sized up one to say with a smile carefully, Tingting, you put on such attractively, did not fear that the bride caught up with you.” 韩彬围着王婷转了一圈,仔细打量了一番笑道,“婷婷,你穿这么漂亮,不怕新娘把你赶出来。” Wang Ting holds in the arms the shoulder of Han Bin, looked at you saying that where was so exaggerating.” 王婷搂住韩彬的肩膀,“瞧你说的,哪有那么夸张。” Han Bin face earnest saying, not exaggerating, as soon as you enter the banquet hall, will definitely become the focus of audience.” 韩彬一脸认真的说道,“一点都没夸张,你一进宴会厅,肯定会成为全场的焦点。” I had not feared that loses face to you.” “我还不是怕给你丢人。” I think that now has the face, wishes one could to introduce you to everyone.” Han Bin draws Wang Ting's small hand to walk toward, banquet was about to start, we went.” “我现在觉得倍有面子,恨不得把你介绍给所有人。”韩彬拉着王婷的小手往里走,“宴会快开始了,咱们进去吧。” Li Hui and week Vina is standing in the banquet hall entrance receives a guest, week Vina or the first time see Wang Ting, today so many guests, does not have the time to exchange greetings, each other said that Han Bin led Wang Ting to take a seat. 李辉和周维娜正站在宴会厅门口迎客,周维娜还是头一次见王婷,今天这么多宾客,也没时间寒暄,彼此介绍了一番,韩彬就带着王婷入席了。 Li Hui and week Vina stands in the entrance as before greets others. 李辉和周维娜则是依旧站在门口迎接其他人。 After Wang Ting takes a seat, puts the one side the bag, swept around one, some intent outlets, nearby guest was filled, how our table no one.” 王婷入席之后,将手包放到一旁,扫了一眼四周,有些意外道,“旁边的客人都坐满了,怎么咱们这一桌没人。” Han Bin shrugged, this table is the Yuhua Branch Station colleague, they also fetched the bride this morning together, the result has the case temporarily, removed.” 韩彬摊了摊手,“这一桌都是玉华分局的同事,他们今天早上还一起接亲了,结果临时有案子,都撤了。” „Couldn't they have come?” “那他们还来不来?” I call to ask.” Han Bin put out the cell phone to dial the Zeng Ping mobile number, the cell phone to make a sound one however no one to answer. “我打个电话问问。”韩彬拿出手机拨打了曾平的手机号,手机响了一会但是没人接听。 Ok, perhaps they, are busy leave alone.” “算了,别管他们了,没准正忙着呢。” Han Bin knows that Wang Ting loves cleanly, ripped open the dinner plate plastic, helped her flush with the tea. 韩彬知道王婷爱干净,撕开了餐盘塑料,用茶水帮她冲洗了一下。 Wang Ting gathers the Han Bin side whisper saying that you know why they were so about to get married?” 王婷凑到韩彬身边耳语道,“你知道他们为什么这么快结婚了吗?” Does not know.” Han Bin shakes the head, most women are some small Eight Trigrams (gossip), it can be said that instinct. “不知道。”韩彬摇了摇头,大部分女人都是有些小八卦,也可以说是天性。 Wang Ting does intentionally the mysterious say/way, I should guess correctly.” 王婷故作神秘道,“我应该猜到了。” Han Bin some do not believe that you, real false?” 韩彬有些不相信,“你,真的假的?” Do not look down upon the person, although I am not police, but I am a woman. Some things, your men do not understand.” “别瞧不起人,我虽然不是警察,但我是女人。有些事情,你们男人可不懂。” For example?” “比如说?” Said you can understand?” “说了你能懂吗?” You did not say how to know I don't understand?” “你不说怎么知道我不懂?” Wang Ting looked at all around, said in the Han Bin ear in a soft voice, I suspected the bride was possibly pregnant.” 王婷看了看四周,在韩彬耳边轻声道,“我怀疑新娘可能怀孕了。” Coughed......” Han Bin to cough lightly, this saying cannot speak irresponsibly.” “咳……”韩彬轻咳了一声,“这话可不能乱说。” I have not spoken irresponsibly, I am well-founded.” “我可没乱说,我是有根据的。” What according to?” “什么根据?” You had not noticed that the bridal belly is somewhat big?” “你没看到新娘肚子有些大吗?” Perhaps ate recently fat.” “没准是最近吃胖了。” How possibly.” Wang Ting curls the lip, reveals the appearance that you do not understand, „before most women marry, will have losing weight of consciousness, even if cannot reduce, should still make an effort to check the tight waist. The wedding for a lifetime, who does not think satisfactory .” “怎么可能。”王婷撇撇嘴,露出一副你不懂的模样,“大部分女人结婚前都会有意识的减肥,就算减不下去,也会用力刹紧腰。婚礼就这么一辈子,谁不想美美哒。” The Han Bin power of observation is extremely strong, such a indicated after Wang Ting, he also looked, thought that also really had this possibility. 韩彬的观察力极强,经王婷这么一点拨,他也看出来了一些,觉得还真有这种可能。 However, this matter did not say, two people did not have to discuss again. 不过,这种事不好说,两人也没再多谈。 12 : 00 pm, the wedding officially is held, Han Bin this table as before only then he and Wang Ting. 中午12点,婚礼正式举行,韩彬这一桌依旧只有他和王婷。 The music of wedding resounds, immediately has that atmosphere, the dazzling light gets, the projecting apparatus also broadcast two people from the meet dear friend to the slide of proposing, the bride stepped on the red blanket to walk slowly...... 婚礼的音乐响起,立刻就有了那个氛围,炫目的灯光打上,投影仪还播放了两人从相遇相知到求婚的幻灯片,新娘缓缓的踩着红毯走了出来…… Sees this, Wang Ting somewhat is also excited, a juicy big eye looks at steadily looks. 看到这一幕,王婷也有些激动,一双水灵灵的大眼睛目不转睛的看着。 The procedure/program of wedding is quite simple, Li Hui met the bride, the master of ceremonies spoke the prologue, the chief witness at a wedding ceremony spoke, two people exchanged the ring, drank the nuptial cups...... 婚礼的程序还是比较简单的,李辉接了新娘,司仪讲了开场白,证婚人讲话,两人交换戒指,喝了交杯酒…… Holds the wedding, the banquet formally starts. 举行完婚礼,宴席正式开始。 Facing the vegetable/dish of this big table, Han Bin and Wang Ting could not finish eating. 面对这一大桌子的菜,韩彬和王婷也吃不完。 On vegetable/dish to half of times, the Zeng Ping belt/bring person caught up, the people of three squadrons arrived at the table to be filled immediately taking this opportunity, Han Bin Wang Ting introduced that to the colleagues of three squadrons, the atmosphere on table lived it up immediately. 菜上到一半的时候,曾平带人赶了过来,三中队的人一到桌子立刻坐满了借着这个机会,韩彬将王婷介绍给了三中队的同事,桌子上的氛围立时热闹了起来。 Zeng Ping sits near the right hand of Han Bin, Han Bin gave him to pour one glass of liquor, Chief Zeng, I respected your one cup.” 曾平就坐在韩彬的右手边,韩彬给他倒了一杯酒,“曾队,我敬您一杯。” Liquor does not drink, in the afternoon must be then busy.” “酒就不喝了,下午还得接着忙。” Han Bin has not urged, carried nearby teacup, that on by tea generation of liquor.” 韩彬也没有劝,端起了一旁的茶杯,“那就以茶代酒。” Come, we have not sat for a long time, thought to drink with you today, who knew and met the case.” Zeng Ping carried the teacup to bump with Han Bin, drank up. “来,咱俩也好长时间没坐坐了,本想今天跟你喝点,谁知道又遇到了案子。”曾平端起茶杯跟韩彬碰了一下,一口气喝干了。 Han Bin puts down the teacup, Chief Zeng, what case?” 韩彬放下茶杯,“曾队,到底啥案子?” Zeng Ping swept around one, said in a soft voice, homicide case, if not exactly in the , also just prospected the scene, can this food eat is really uncertain.” 曾平扫了一眼四周,轻声道,“命案,如果不是恰好在附近,又刚勘察完现场,这顿饭能不能吃还真不一定。” Your some were busy. „ Han Bin knows the custom, had not asked. “那您有的忙了。“韩彬知道规矩,也没有多问。 Who did not say that Li Hui this boy must be on one's honeymoon, I have promised him, the person this for a lifetime, I do not want to affect him.” Zeng Ping ate a vegetable/dish , to continue saying that „said that perhaps this case must ask you to help.” “谁说不是呀,李辉这小子还要去度蜜月,我已经答应他了,人就这一辈子,我也不想影响他。”曾平吃了一口菜,继续说道,“说起来,这案子没准还得请你帮忙。” Han Bin puts down the chopsticks, smiles, even Li Hui no longer, you and Sister Zhao, used I?” 韩彬放下筷子,笑了笑,“就算李辉不再,还有您和赵姐,用的着我?” Zhao Ying because was good.” Zeng Ping snort/hum, helpless said, Zhao Ying participated to train, now has no way to hurry back, I am a person have two groups now.” 赵英在就好了。”曾平哼了一声,无奈道,“赵英去参加培训了,现在也没法赶回来,我现在是一个人带俩组。” Han Bin asked back, Sister Zhao this was must rise high?” 韩彬反问,“赵姐这是要高升了?” Should be, she was not worse than my qualifications, previous time I pressed her head, this time has the opportunity, this/should is promoting her.” Zeng Ping complied with one, responded, your boy do not shift the topic, this case is a little truly strange, but also really belongs to you.” “应该是,她本来就不比我资历差,上次我压了她一头,这次有机会,也该着提拔她了。”曾平应了一声,反应了过来,“你小子别转移话题,这案子确实有点怪,还真非你不可。” Han Bin came wondering, even if Zhao Ying is not, Zeng Ping can still lead to investigate, the curious say/way, how did this saying say?” 韩彬来了纳闷,就算赵英不在,曾平也能自己带队调查,好奇道,“这话怎么说?”
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