DF :: Volume #7

#617: The chapter exerts pressure

The police had abolished to vermilion Weichao warrant for arrest, but has not announced vermilion Weichao death news. 警方已经撤销了对朱为超的通缉令,但是并没有公布朱为超的死讯。 Does not know beforehand the police have discovered vermilion Weichao body. 施达事先并不知道警方已经发现了朱为超的尸体。 He thinks the murder buries the corpse the means to be very secret, simply has not thought that the police can discover quickly. 他自以为杀人埋尸的办法十分隐秘,根本没想到警方这么快就能发现。 „, I had told you before, we investigate forest Qiuyun the case , because we discovered forest Qiuyun also had secret instigation the murder case. That instigates the person secretly is you, vermilion Weichao is that killer who you hire.” “施达,我之前跟你说过,我们之所以重新调查林秋云的案子,是因为我们发现了林秋云被杀案还有幕后主使。那个幕后主使人就是你,朱为超就是你雇佣的那个杀手。” vermilion Weichao was grasped, but has not supplied you. But this matter does not calculate, he wants you to help him escape from prison, otherwise supplies you. You do not want to bring ruin and shame upon oneself, does not want to be imprisoned, therefore you promised him, had a series of cases.” “朱为超被抓了,但是并没有将你供出来。但这件事情不算完,他要你帮他越狱,否则就将你供出来。你不希望身败名裂,更不想坐牢,所以你就答应了他,才有了一系列的案件。” Just like the past years, you hired young people named ox Xin, hired vermilion Weichao like the past years, making him aid vermilion Weichao to escape from prison, even if such police checked some clues, still first will only check him is.” “跟当年一样,你雇佣了一个叫牛鑫的年轻人,就像当年雇佣朱为超一样,让他接应朱为超越狱,这样警方即便查到了一些线索,也只会先查到他的是身上。” You arranged Sun vermilion Weichao, on June 7 that night killed him. I said is right.” “你将朱为超安排到了孙家,六月 7 号那天晚上将他杀害。我说的对不对。” Is staring at Han Bin stubbornly, made a deep breath, gradually calm, Officer Han, this is only your guess, although is very splendid, but I will not acknowledge.” 施达死死的盯着韩彬,做了个深呼吸,渐渐的镇定了下来,“韩警官,这只是你的猜测,虽然很精彩,但我不会承认的。” This is not the guess, we will not make an arrest depending on the guess, we have enough evidence to determine guilt to you, I say these to you now, but gives you an opportunity of initiative confession. You yourself have committed what crime, you should be very clear, if positive coordinate police, perhaps a slim chance of survival, otherwise, waits for your only has the death penalty.” “这不是猜测,我们也不会凭猜测抓人,我们有足够的证据给你定罪,我现在跟你说这些,只是给你一个主动交代的机会。你自己犯过什么罪,你应该很清楚,如果积极的配合警方,或许还有一线生机,否则,等待你的只有死刑。” Pressed the graciousness temples with two thumbs, Officer Han, I think that here possibly has anything to misunderstand, I really did not know that what is vermilion Weichao. Did not know that what is ox Xin, is that named ox Xin is falsely accusing me.” 施达用两个大拇指摁了恩太阳穴,“韩警官,我想这里可能有什么误会,我真的不认识什么叫朱为超的。更不认识什么叫牛鑫的,是不是那个叫牛鑫的在诬陷我。” river Yangheng, asked that you said that did not know vermilion Weichao, you saw what his corpse picture does tremble?” 江扬哼了一声,质问道,“你说不认识朱为超,那你看到了他的尸体照片哆嗦什么?” This comrade, you are police, you are big hero, you have seen many such scenes. But I am ordinary common people, let alone was the head/number of people, pig I also saw only excessively ripe. Sees a dead head/number of people suddenly, if I am not afraid that to have the issue.” “这位同志,您是警察,您是的大英雄,您见过不少这样的场面。但我就是个普通的老百姓,别说是是人头了,猪头我也只见过熟的。猛然间看到一个死人头,我要是不害怕那才有问题。” No wonder executes Boss business good of such doing, the only this calmness, this psychological quality, most people cannot achieve.” Han Bin smiles, arrives by the interrogation table, took a picture, put front, revives two recycling, you look at one again.” “难怪施老板生意的做的这么好,单凭这份镇定,这种心理素质,大部分人都做不到。”韩彬笑了笑,走到审讯桌旁,又拿了一张照片,放到了施达的面前,“一回生二回收,您再看一张。” Picture that Han Bin takes, is a corpse, but this time is ox Xin the body, similarly was just from underground dug, similarly was the black plastic bag, stated differently these dug the corpse place to turn into the sewer time. 韩彬拿的照片,也就是一具尸体,不过这一次是牛鑫的尸体,同样是刚从地下挖出来,同样是黑色的塑料袋,不同的是这一次挖尸地点变成了臭水沟。 Saw this picture, stares some little time, sighed one immediately secretly, lowered the head, without speech. 看到这张照片,施达愣了好一会,随即暗叹了一声,低着头,没说话。 dá dá.” “哒哒哒。” Han Bin knocked the table, „, raised the head. Do not act smart again the probe police. The evidence that we have imagines compared with you many, do not hug again luckily at heart. You currently the only life opportunity cooperates with the police.” 韩彬敲了敲桌子,“施达,抬起头来。不要再耍小聪明试探警方了。我们掌握的证据远比你想象中的多,不要再抱着侥幸的心里。你现在唯一的活命机会就是跟警方合作。” Raised the head, looked at Han Bin, looked around horse Jing Bo, you had what evidence, even if these two people died, cannot show that had the relations with me. You want to make me say anything, I do not know that can tell you anything.” 施达抬起头,看了看韩彬,又望了望一旁的马景波,“你们掌握了什么证据,就算这两个人都死了,也不能证明跟我有关系。你们又想让我说什么,我也不知道能告诉你们什么。” You also really refuse to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality.” The Han Bin face sinks, points at saying that still remembers yesterday we passed away Angola Food Company to look for you.” “你还真是不见棺材不掉泪。”韩彬脸一沉,指着施达说道,“还记得昨天我们去世安食品公司找你嘛。” I made one collect your DNA, kept DNA completely match up of scene with the murderer.” “我让人采集了你的DNA,跟凶手留在现场的DNA完全吻合。” Officer Han, what you said is which scene?” 韩警官,您说的是哪个现场?” Which scene have you gone to?” “你去过哪个现场?” My which scene has not gone.” “我哪个现场都没去过。” You explained why the crime scene will have your DNA.” “那你解释一下犯罪现场为什么会有你的DNA。” Nips the right hand thumb, perhaps also I go to nearby that to handle matters, was not careful left behind some DNA, this likely was a coincidence.” 施达咬了咬右手大拇指,“也没准我去过那附近办事,不小心就留下了一些DNA呗,这很可能就是个巧合。” Management, “办事, Handles matters? Murder, buries the corpse? ” Do not frighten me, this matter I am impossible to do, perhaps some people frame me. After all, I made so many years sounds, has many enemies every large or small, these people are jealous of me to make money, anything can do.” 办什么事?杀人,还是埋尸?”“您别吓唬我,这种事我不可能做的,没准是有人陷害我。毕竟,我做了这么多年的声音,大大小小也有不少的仇家,那些人眼红我挣钱,什么事都做得出来。” Bang.” horse Jingbo drank tea, makes an effort to put toward the table on the drinking glass, „, I have managed many cases, is really rarely seen like you such obstinate argumentative person. You were also a talent.” “砰。”马景波喝了一口茶水,把水杯用力往桌子上一放,“施达,我办过不少案子,像你这么嘴硬的人还真不多见。你也算是个人才了。” I am not obstinate argumentative, I have not really done.” “我不是嘴硬,我是真没做过。” Had the matter witness, you had not acknowledged.” horse Jing Burton, continued, that we are saying the personal testimony, Li did Dongzhi know?” “有了物证,你还不承认。”马景波顿了顿,继续说,“那我们在说说人证,李冬至认识吗?” Did not know.” “不认识。” You do not know him, but he may know you, he escapes from prison was wounded by the electrical network, has treated in the hospital, yesterday I also went to the hospital to meet with him. He said much about your matter, knows that you and vermilion Weichao relations, have his identifying, in addition DNA, can determine guilt to you directly.” “你不认识他,但他可认识你,他越狱的时候被电网击伤了,一直在医院治疗,昨天我还去医院跟他见面。他说了不少关于你的事,也知道你和朱为超的关系,有他的指证,再加上DNA,直接就可以给你定罪。” Listens, gawked long time, on the forehead covered entirely the sweat, remains following the temple. 施达听完,愣了很长时间,额头上布满了汗水,顺着鬓角留下来。 horse Jingbo the tone is severe, „, the opportunity of commuting a sentence gave you, should not be besotted!” 马景波语气严厉,“施达,减刑的机会给你了,你可别执迷不悟!” Police comrade, my body some are uncomfortable, I am uncomfortable.” “警察同志,我身体有些不舒服,我难受。” river Yang curls the lip, asked that which talked clearly uncomfortably?” 江扬撇了撇嘴,质问道,“哪难受说清楚?” Is puffing, is covering the chest, I suppress, cannot gasp for breath, I am dizzy, I am not good, I must rest.” 施达喘着粗气,捂着胸口,“我憋得慌,喘不上气来,我头晕,我不行了,我要休息一下。” Han Bin took a look at horse Jing Bo, latter slight nod. 韩彬瞅了一眼马景波,后者微微点头。 Although two people clear is very possible is an attire, but the stipulations of some police station also police station, encounter this situation, they also can only suspend interrogating. 虽然两人清楚施达很可能是装的,但警局也有警局的规定,遇到这种情况,他们也只能暂停审讯。 Otherwise, body really must have problems, their skins must dig up. 否则,施达的身体真要出了问题,两人这身皮都得扒下来。 horse Jingbo cares saying that uncomfortable fierce? Needs to call the doctor?” 马景波关心道,“难受的厉害吗?需不需要叫医生?” The worn out say/way, „ temporarily does not use, I want to rest, the body somewhat feel weak. „ 施达有气无力道,“暂时不用,我就是想休息一下,身体有些发虚。“ river Yang leads him to get down the rest, lets police officer limelight that is responsible for detaining. Once the situation serious is called the doctor immediately.” “江扬带他下去休息,让负责看押的警员多注意点。一旦情况严重了立刻叫医生。” Knew.” river Yang replied somewhat reluctantly, he also thought that obviously the opposite party is feigning illness. “知道了。”江扬回答的有些勉强,显然他也觉得对方是在装病。 Han Bin had/left Interrogation Room, feels somewhat depressed, looked like a fist to pound on the cotton feeling. 韩彬出了审讯室,还是觉得有些郁闷,就像是一拳砸在了棉花上的感觉。 The personal testimony and matter witness suspended, Han Bin can feel, could not have shouldered, the innermost feelings started to vacillate. This thinks that in in addition the fire, the opposite party will incur. 人证和物证都摆出来了,韩彬可以感觉到,施达已经扛不住了,内心开始动摇了。本以为在加把火,对方就会招了。 Who once thinks that the opposite party came such a. 谁曾想对方来了这么一出。 horse Jingbo gave Han Bin cigarette, tidies up, goes a place with me.” 马景波递给了韩彬一支烟,“收拾一下,跟我去个地方。” Han Bin puts out the cigarette lighter, first lights on the cigarette to horse Jingbo, goes?” 韩彬拿出打火机,先给马景波点上烟,“去哪?” Goes to the hospital.” “去医院。” Went to that to do......” words not saying that Han Bin responded, asked that looked for Li Dongzhi.” “去那干……”话没说完,韩彬就反应了过来,问道,“去找李冬至。” Right, boarded said again.” “对,上车再说。” Can call others?” “要不要叫上其他人?” Does not use, the hospital ward has the stipulation, does not let too many people, they went also to stand outside.” “不用,病房有规定,不让进太多人,他们去了也是在外面站着。” Han Bin returned to an office, with the equipment of going out, drove to rush to the hospital with horse Jing Bo later together. 韩彬回了一趟办公室,拿上了外出的装备,随后开车跟马景波一起赶赴医院。 On the vehicle, can't Han Bin bear ask Section Chief, what situation Li Dongzhi now? ” 在车上,韩彬忍不住问道队长,李冬至现在什么情况?” Condition has controlled, but the risk of infection, makes the record unable each time over a half hour, cannot speak some extreme words, to put it bluntly...... we only active by principle.” “病情已经控制住了,但是还有感染的风险,每次做笔录不能超过半小时,不能说一些过激的话,说白了……咱们只能动之以理。” Han Bin remembered, said with a smile, „, another Sir.” 韩彬想起了施达,笑道,“得,又一个大爷。” Who did not say that you have not found, I with big Section Chief sees Li Dongzhi the time, his entrains the vigor, we said for quite a while, the eyelid has not lifted. Afterward pulled a long time, looked cold and indifferent, asked he person who aided about outside, started to play the fool.” “谁说不是呢,你是没瞧见,我跟大队长见李冬至的时候,他那个拽劲,我们说了半天,眼皮都没抬一下。后来扯了老半天,还是爱答不理,一问他关于外面接应的人,就开始装傻。” So long as plays the fool and imitate for a half hour, we must interrupt the interrogation, does not have idea with the families obstinately.” “只要装傻、充楞半小时,我们就得中断审讯,愣是拿人家没辙。” Han Bin tasted, gathered you to flicker a moment ago.” 韩彬回过味来了,“合着您刚才是在忽悠施达。” Therefore gets sick very time, we can take Li Dongzhi while this opportunity, when the time comes had Li Dongzhi identifying, how long could not shoulder.” “所以说施达‘病的’很是时候,咱们可以趁着这个机会将李冬至拿下,到时候有了李冬至的指证,施达扛不了多久。” Han Bin asked back, you do want to exert pressure on Li Dongzhi with?” 韩彬反问,“您想用施达给李冬至施压?” horse Jingbo nods, replies, I have talked to Li Dongzhi, according to my analysis, he is not sincere does against with the police. He is not willing to incur to have two possibilities, first he and relate very intimately, therefore wish of his instinct protects the opposite party.” 马景波点点头,答道,“我跟李冬至谈过,据我分析,他并不是诚心跟警方对着干。他之所以不肯招出施达应该是有两种可能,第一他和施达关系很亲密,所以他本能的想要保护对方。” But from the current evidence, between two people no happening together, knew even, is impossible to have that deep relations.” “但是从目前的证据来看,两个人之间没有什么交集,就算是认识,也不可能有那么深厚的关系。” „Another possibility is, promised Li Dongzhi advantage, therefore, Li Dongzhi is willing to help him shoulder.” “另外一种可能就是,施达许诺了李冬至好处,所以,李冬至才愿意帮他扛下来。” Now was caught by the police, again good that he promises with Li Dongzhi even, is unable to cash. 现在施达被警方抓了,他即便跟李冬至许诺的再好,也无法兑现了。 Li Dongzhi have no reason to shoulder again. 李冬至也就没有理由再扛下去。 Han Bin nods, he also approves horse Jingbo the analysis, Li Dongzhi and are grasshopper on a string, so long as a person threw, another person cannot escape. 韩彬点点头,他也认同马景波的分析,李冬至和施达是一条绳子上的蚂蚱,只要其中一个人撂了,另外一个人也跑不了。
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