DF :: Volume #7

#614: The chapter moves it by the principle

Li Dongzhi, now what situation, you are not clear. Still calm looks to whom in that attire.” horse Jingbo the complexion sank, Li Dongzhi had not responded as before, cannot consume, must some people sing the black face. “李冬至,现在什么情况,你心里不清楚呀。还在那装淡定给谁看呢。”马景波脸色沉了下来,李冬至依旧没有反应,也不能一直这么耗着,总得有人唱黑脸。 „When you and vermilion Weichao flee from the production workshop was discovered by on -duty prison guard, you rash knocking down prison guard, does know unexpectedly this is the rebellion to escape from prison, if serious must sentence the death penalty.” “你和朱为超逃离生产车间时被一名执勤的狱警发现,你们居然胆大妄为的打晕狱警,知不知道这属于暴动越狱,严重的话是要判死刑的。” Your father's age was also big, heard, for your matter got sick, our Criminal Investigation Division looked that he feels not to have the heart, when your son makes his elderly senior deliver the junior on being cruel enough?” “你爹的年纪也不小了,听说为了你的事都病了,我们刑侦队员去看他都觉得于心不忍,你这个当儿子的就忍心让他白发人送黑发人?” Naturally, perhaps also he hears you to sentence the death penalty, oneself could not shoulder first to walk.” “当然,也没准他听到你要判死刑,自己扛不住先走了。” Li Dongzhi eyes were red, entangles on the face of bandage unable to start out the expression, said with the hoarse sound, „, let alone, that prison guard is not I injures, is vermilion Weichao hits. I escape with him together, other anything have not done.” 李冬至的眼睛红了,缠着绷带的脸上开不出表情,用沙哑的声音说道,“别说了,那个狱警不是我打伤的,是朱为超打的。我只是跟他一起逃跑,其他的什么都没干。” You, if anything has not done, vermilion Weichao leads you to do, is difficult to be inadequate he does the charity, wants to deliver you to go out with your father to reunite earlier.” “你要是什么都没干,朱为超带着你干嘛,难不成他是搞慈善的,想早点送你出去跟你爹团聚。” Li Dongzhi is staring horse Jingbo the angry say/way, your can TM not to mention my father, what escape is I, has what relations with my father.” 李冬至瞪着马景波恼怒道,“你TM能不能别提我爹,越狱的是我,跟我爹有什么关系。” Yo, the self-respect is very strong, now knows that cared about your father, did you do early. Since you make him help give the message that moment, he escapes not to be inseparable from.” horse Jingbo the tone is severe, “呦,自尊心还挺强,现在知道关心你爹了,你早干什么去了。从你让他帮忙传递消息的那一刻,他就逃脱不了干系。”马景波语气严厉, I correct, now this aspect is you creates, is not I do not respect your father, but is you lets the matter that he did was not worth respecting.” “我纠正一下,现在这种局面都是你造成的,不是我不尊重你爹,而是你让他做了不值得尊重的事。” My father anything does not know, he to help me, do not feel embarrassed him. His is so old, could not withstand to toss about.” “我爹什么都不知道,他只是为了帮我,你们不要为难他。他年纪已经那么大了,经不起折腾了。” This saying you cannot tell me, I handle a case according to law. Must blame also only to blame your stature Zikeng father.” “这话你跟我说不着,我只是依法办案。要怪也只能怪你这个儿子坑爹。” Pit father.” Speaking of this word, Li Dongzhi reveals wipes the forced smile, you think me to want, my TM must close for more than ten years in the firmness, going out was an old man. I do not want to cross for a lifetime, wait me to suppress again insanely, as long as I a little means that will also not make him do this matter.” “坑爹。”说到这个词,李冬至露出一抹苦笑,“你以为我愿意,我TM还得在牢里关十几年,出去就是一个老头子了。我不想这么过一辈子,再待下去我会憋疯的,我但凡有一点办法,也不会让他做这种事。” Ding Xifeng takes advantage of opportunity saying that you, since has the compunction, compensates your father well, at least do not let his elderly senior deliver the junior, at heart expectation.” 丁锡锋顺势说道,“你既然心存内疚,就好好补偿你父亲,至少别让他白发人送黑发人,心里还有个盼头。” Li Dongzhi lowered the head silent the moment, later raised the head, I have not really hit that prison guard, was vermilion Weichao does.” 李冬至低头沉默了片刻,随后抬起头,“我真的没打那个狱警,是朱为超干的。” Ding Xifeng closely examines, participates in escape who?” 丁锡锋追问,“参与到越狱事件的都有谁?” On me and vermilion Weichao.” “就我和朱为超。” Who aids outside.” “谁在外面接应。” No one aids.” “没人接应。” Ding Xifeng will depend in the future, sighs, „ I think that you are willing to assist the police, now looks like you to be impenetrably thickheaded. „ 丁锡锋往后靠了靠,叹了一口气,“我本以为你愿意协助警方,现在看来你还是冥顽不灵。“ You full mouth are the lie, added that you have not hit the prison guard, how making us believe.” “你满口都是谎话,还说你没有打狱警,让我们怎么相信。” Our police investigation spoke the evidence, but the evidence had the relatedness, the sole certificate is unable to prove anything, the evidence chain was most effective force. You lie, we will not only suspect content that you said immediately, will also suspect that your attitude towards admission of guilt, the front testimony same will be denied.” “我们警方查案是讲证据的,而证据是有关联性的,单一的证明无法证明什么,证据链才是最有效力的。你撒谎,我们不仅会怀疑你当下说的内容,还会怀疑你的认罪态度,前面的证词一样会被否定。” I believe that you should understand my meaning.” “我相信你应该明白我的意思。” I really do not know the person who outside aids who is, I am only an accessory culprit, is runs about, all with escaping from prison the related matter is vermilion Weichao plans, he has been using me, otherwise I will not be completed now this, the person is not cleverer than the person and ghost, how many did I live can compared with dying?” “我真的不知道外面接应的人是谁,我只是个从犯,是个跑腿的,所有跟越狱有关的事都是朱为超策划的,他一直在利用我,要不然我也不会落成现在这样,人比人、鬼不鬼,我活着能比死了强多少?” horse Jingbo referred to the opposite party, I had said a moment ago, vermilion Weichao will not lead a useless person to escape from prison, this will only increase a risk. Your function is anything, why he chooses and you escapes from prison together.” 马景波指了指对方,“我刚才说过,朱为超不会带一个没用的人越狱,这只会增加一份风险。你的作用是什么,他为什么选择和你一起越狱。” Possibly is to make me work as the pad back, helping him cross the electrical network.” “可能就是让我当个垫背的,帮他翻过电网吧。” According to our investigations, your function this point, I am reminding your absolutely incessantly, your father while the opportunity of visiting prisoners, gave you to give the message of escape in secret, this point he has also acknowledged.” “根据我们的调查,你的作用绝对不止这一点,我在提醒你一下,你父亲趁着探监的机会,暗中给你传递过越狱的消息,这一点他也承认了。” If you want to render meritorious service commuting a sentence, the person who outside will aid said.” “如果你想立功减刑,就将外面接应的人说出来。” Li Dongzhi gawked, 李冬至愣了一下, I in the firmness, how have possibly seen outside transmission news person, since you checked my father, why didn't ask him?” horse Jingbo language, does not know for a while should say truthfully. “我一直在牢里,怎么可能见过外面传递消息的人,你们既然查到了我爹,为什么不去问他?”马景波一时语顿,不知道该不该如实说。 Nearby Ding Xifeng said that was very simple, your father not agrees said.” 一旁的丁锡锋接话道,“很简单,你父亲不肯说。” Hehe......” Li Dongzhi smiles, as if pulled the wound, revealed wipes the color of pain, my father not agrees said, you thought I will say?” “呵呵……”李冬至笑了笑,似乎扯动了伤口,露出一抹痛苦之色,“我爹不肯说,你们觉得我会说?” Ding Xifeng asked back, knows why your father doesn't incur?” 丁锡锋反问,“知道你父亲为什么不招吗?” My father person is seemingly honest, is actually has the temperament, stubborn. He did not say that cannot have a liking for you.” “我爹这个人看起来老实,其实是个有脾气的,犟的很。他不说就是看不上你们呗。” You made a mistake, person who your father is one has the conscience, he knows that oneself did the wrong thing, and acknowledged the charge on own initiative, he has expressed more than once guilty with my police officer hand/subordinate.” “你错了,你父亲是一个有良知的人,他知道自己做了错事,并且主动承认了罪名,他不止一次跟我手下的警员表示过愧疚。” He wants saying that but he cannot say, he wants to leave you this opportunity, he hopes that you are living, well living.” “他很想说,但他不能说,他想把这个机会留给你,他希望你活着,好好活着。” He has also told our police officers, he biggest desire can see one side you now, hears your sound, he was content.” “他还跟我们的警员说过,他现在最大的愿望就是能见你一面,听听你的声音,他就知足了。” Li Dongzhi revealed the color of pain, sobbed, saw me, seeing me was also useful, I, he has also been able to recognize like this, I do not want to frighten him, I hope that he remembers son, was beforehand that had nothing to see.” 李冬至露出了痛苦之色,哽咽道,“见我,见我又有什么用,我都已经这样了,他还能认得出来嘛,我不想吓到他,我希望他记忆中的儿子,还是之前的那个,没什么好见的。” Ding Xifeng urged, saw with does not see, was your own choice, but do not forget me to say a moment ago. Opportunity that this renders meritorious service commuting a sentence, is your father leaves your, if you act willfully again, is not willing to coordinate the police to investigate, is equal to disappointing his painstaking efforts.” 丁锡锋劝道,“见与不见,是你自己的选择,但是别忘了我刚才说的。这个立功减刑的机会,是你父亲留给你的,如果你再一意孤行,不肯配合警方调查,等于是辜负了他的一番良苦用心。” Li Dongzhi was also silent some little time, I said that I do not know that aiding person.” 李冬至又沉默了好一会,“我都说了,我不认识那个接应的人。” How your father relates his, this you ought to know.” “那你父亲是如何联系他的,这你总该知道吧。” I am unclear.” “我记不清了。” Ding Xifeng bears the temper to ask, that we trade an issue, how do you and vermilion Weichao establish the relations?” 丁锡锋耐着性子问,“那我们换一个问题,你和朱为超是怎么搭上关系的?” Li Dongzhi thinks, we, when lets in fresh air with the workshop works can always meet, occasionally will also chat several, the time grew, who is, is what idea, as we all know. Contacted for a long time, the probe were many, naturally knows that each other had the idea of escape.” 李冬至想了想,“我们在放风和车间工作的时候总能遇到,偶尔也会闲扯几句,时间长了,谁是什么人,是什么想法,大家都知道。接触久了,试探多了,自然知道彼此有越狱的想法。” To be honest, my boiling water also has the idea, complained several. I have not really thought that vermilion Weichao really can escape from prison successfully.” “说实话,我一开水也只是有想法,抱怨几句。我真没想到朱为超真的可以越狱成功。” I watch the show to escape from prison, has felt develops is too false, finally, reality compared with soap opera play.” “我看过美剧越狱,一直觉得演的太假,结果,现实比电视剧更戏剧。” Li Dongzhi, you recalls, vermilion Weichao does have with you have raised the person who aids outside the prison?” “李冬至,你回想一下,朱为超有没有跟你提过在监狱外面接应的人?” You want to know why did not ask vermilion Weichao, he is the chief instigator of escape, he is clearer than me, why to waste the time in my.” “你们想知道为什么不去问朱为超,他才是越狱的主谋,他比我要清楚,何必在我这浪费时间。” Ding Xifeng and horse Jingbo have not replied. 丁锡锋和马景波都没有答话。 After a while, Li Dongzhi said with a smile, made me go ahead and guess, you will not have caught him. If really must, I be possible really to envy the envy to hate like this. This fellow ran so many days, his wish should be also completed.” 过了一会,李冬至笑道,“让我猜猜看,你们不会还没抓到他吧。如果真要这样的话,那我可真是羡慕嫉妒恨了。这家伙跑了这么多天,他的心愿应该也已经完成了。” horse Jingbo asked back, wish? vermilion Weichao has what wish.” 马景波反问,“心愿?朱为超有什么心愿。” His wish are many, I think that...... adds, must have 56.” “他的心愿还不少呢,我想想……加起来,怎么也得有五六个。” horse Jingbo puts out a notebook, you said to look, which wishes he has.” 马景波拿出一个笔记本,“你说说看,他都有哪些心愿。” Family member who first, he wants to see family/home, particularly parents and daughter. Second, he wants to eat the quick-boiled mutton. Third, he wants to drink Maotai, to pull out China. Fourth, he wants to ask a woman to hit the artillery. Fifth...... is anything is coming, I also record am unclear.” “第一个,他想见见家里的亲人,尤其是父母和女儿。第二,他想吃顿涮羊肉。第三,他想喝茅台、抽中华。第四,他想找个女人打炮。第五……是什么来着,我也记不清了。” horse Jingbo knits the brows, what at sixes and sevens, more said that more does not make sense, I asked again your, vermilion Weichao has raised, after escaping from prison, who will aid you outside?” 马景波皱了皱眉,都什么乱七八糟的,越说越不像话,“我再问你一遍,朱为超有没有提过,越狱之后谁会在外面接应你们?” You caught vermilion Weichao, all were clear, why to waste the time in my. vermilion Weichao escaped from prison for many days, since he knows that I was grasped, what even if he had really said to me before, what significance also had?” “等你们抓到了朱为超,一切都清楚了,何必在我这浪费时间。朱为超都越狱好些天了,他既然知道我被抓了,即便他之前真跟我说过些什么,又还有什么意义?” Said again, you can guarantee I said real, did not fear that I give vermilion Weichao to cover, disrupt the direction that you investigated, instead let escape vermilion Weichao.” “再说,你们能保证我说的就是真的,就不怕我给朱为超打掩护,扰乱了你们侦查的方向,反而放跑了朱为超。” horse Jingbo snort/hum, was disinclined to talk nonsense with him again, you felt relieved that vermilion Weichao could not be inescapable, he now honest is lying down, waits to be roughly the teacher.” 马景波哼了一声,懒得再跟他扯淡,“你放心吧,朱为超跑不了了,他现在老老实实的躺着,就等着当大体老师呢。” Li Dongzhi scoffs to say with a smile, what thing, his such is also the teacher, his nonsense large character does not know several, if he can be the teacher, I can be the principal.” 李冬至嗤笑道,“什么玩意,就他那样还当老师,他狗屁大字不识几个,他要是能当老师,我都能当校长了。” horse Jingbo a face is speechless, this is not whistle jig to a milestone. 马景波一脸无语,这不就是对牛弹琴嘛。 Said the birds of a feather flock together, isn't this passer-by has the difficulty the communication? 都说物以类聚,这不是一路人连沟通都有难度? Ding Xifeng shot a look at horse Jingbo one eyes, your is not the cultural worker, the critical moment pulls any noun. 丁锡锋瞥了马景波一眼,你丫的又不是啥文化人,关键时刻扯啥名词。 vermilion Weichao has died.” “朱为超已经死了。” What? vermilion Weichao died!” Li Dongzhi shows the surprised look, later the chuckle, „, where it seems like hadn't he to gone compared with me? Right, how he dies, will not be killed by you. Suffices ruthlessly, old iron.” “啥?朱为超死了!”李冬至露出惊讶的神色,随后轻笑了一声,“得,看来他也没比我强到哪去?对了,他是怎么死的,不会被你们击毙了吧。够狠的呀,老铁。” Ding Xifeng somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry, he is the first time is called the old iron. 丁锡锋有些哭笑不得,他还是头一次被人称呼老铁。 The leadership of police station, the grade was big, mature steady, there is a dignity, will not definitely use this word, even possibly does not know this network terminology. 警局的领导,年级大了,成熟稳重,又有威严,肯定不会用这个词,甚至可能都不知道这网络术语。 His subordinate, no one dares to crack a joke. 他的下属,也没人敢这么开玩笑。 Ding Xifeng cannot think, will be called the old iron by a criminal. 丁锡锋更想不到,会被一个犯人叫老铁。 Saw that Ding Xifeng has not spoken, horse Jingbo continues saying that vermilion Weichao wants to be killed by us actually, what a pity he does not have that good life. He was buried alive. My person digs personally from earth him.” 看到丁锡锋没说话,马景波继续说道,“朱为超倒是想被我们击毙呢,可惜他没那么好的命。他是被活埋的。我的人亲手把他从土里挖出来。” Buries alive!” He who in Li Dongzhi tone some surprise and shock, what buries alive?” “活埋!”李冬至的语气中有些诧异和震惊,“什么活埋的他?” horse Jingbo did not answer asked back, can catch up with before the police the person who he buried alive, I believe, you should be clearer than the police.” 马景波不答反问,“能够赶在警方之前将他活埋的人,我相信,你应该比警方更清楚。” Li Dongzhi closes the eye, crossed said some little time, I was not clear.” 李冬至闭上眼睛,过了好一会才说道,“我不清楚。” The Ding Xifeng sincere say/way, matter arrived this step, why you must harbor the opposite party. Do you know, your present condition is very dangerous, you escape from prison not only, but also injured the prison guard. If you coordinate the police to investigate, perhaps opportunity of commuting a sentence.” 丁锡锋语重心长道,“事情都到了这一步,你为何还要包庇对方。你知不知道,你现在的状况很危险,你不光是越狱,还打伤了狱警。如果你配合警方调查,或许还有减刑的机会。” If you refused to coordinate, no one can help you, likely waited for your is the death penalty.” “如果你拒不配合,没人能帮得了你,等待你的很可能是死刑。” Li Dongzhi shouts, I said that I have not hit the prison guard, is vermilion Weichao hand.” 李冬至喊道,“我说了,我没有打狱警,是朱为超动的手。” I said that what our police investigation regards as important is the evidence chain, only these words, we do not have the means to believe you. You want to show what you said is the truth, oneself have not lain, produces plentier evidence to the police.” “我说了,我们警方查案看重的是证据链,单凭这一句话,我们没办法相信你。你想证明自己说的是真话,自己没有撒谎,就向警方拿出更多的证据。” Li Dongzhi lowers the head, starts silent. 李冬至低下头,又开始沉默不语。 The fist that horse Jingbo grips creak makes noise, Li Dongzhi, that person who aided outside the prison killed vermilion Weichao, might kill you. Why you help him hide the identity. Also has what advantage to you.” 马景波攥的拳头咯吱作响,“李冬至,那个在监狱外面接应的人杀了朱为超,就有可能杀你。你又何必帮他隐瞒身份。对你又有什么好处。” Li Dongzhi shrugged, is no good, because I do not know that the situation of this person, you walk, on me do not waste the time again.” 李冬至摊了摊手,“没有任何好处,因为我根本不知道这个人的情况,你们走吧,别再我身上浪费时间了。” How don't you possibly know?” “你怎么可能不知道?” I am unclear the general headquarters.” “我记不清了总行吧。” Ding Xifeng complexion is serious, standing up, you really records is unclear, is lying, my eyes can look. When I tread this gate, you may lose render meritorious service only the opportunity of commuting a sentence.” 丁锡锋面色严肃,站起身,“你是真的记不清了,还是在撒谎,我一眼就看得出来。等我踏出这个门,你可能会失去唯一立功减刑的机会。” Li Dongzhi looked that has not looked at one, lying down slowly on the bed, turned another side the head, clarified does not want to speak with two people again. 李冬至看都没看一眼,缓缓的躺在床上,将头扭到了另一侧,摆明了不想再跟二人说话。 Cannot catch point that the opposite party cares about, said that many idle talk are also useless, Ding Xifeng left the hospital ward directly. 抓不到对方在意的点,说再多的废话也没用,丁锡锋直接离开了病房。 Notifies outside Dr. Chen, the police officer who is also responsible for guarding urged several, then Ding Xifeng stride left. 跟外面的陈医师打了个招呼,又对着负责看守的警员叮嘱了几句,而后丁锡锋大步离开了。 Entered the elevator, only then Ding Xifeng and horse Jingbo. 进了电梯,只有丁锡锋和马景波两人。 horse Jingbo pinched the forehead, big Section Chief, or I stay behind, searches the bottom of this fellow again.” 马景波掐了掐额头,“大队长,要不我留下,再探探这个家伙的底。” „Do you have confidence?” Ding Xifeng puts out one packet of cigarettes from the package, gave horse Jingbo one. “你有把握吗?”丁锡锋从包里拿出一盒烟,递给了马景波一根。 horse Jingbo received the smoke, but has not ignited in the elevator, said, Li Dongzhi harbors the suspect, in my opinion nothing but is two possibilities.” 马景波接过烟,不过并没有在电梯里点着,说道,“李冬至包庇嫌犯,在我看来无非是两种可能。” First, he cares about the person who this help escapes from prison very much, this person is very likely deep with his sentiment, therefore he must protect the opposite party, not agrees said the real status of opposite party.” “第一,他很在乎这个帮忙越狱的人,这个人很可能跟他感情很深,所以他才要保护对方,不肯说出对方的真实身份。” The person who second, that help escapes from prison, had promised the advantage ahead of time. So long as Li Dongzhi does not incur him, will compensate to give him or his family member some advantage.” “第二,那个帮忙越狱的人,已经提前许诺了好处。只要李冬至不招出他,就会补偿给他或者他家人一些好处。” Ding Xifeng listens, approves of horse Jingbo the idea, two people got down the elevator, Ding Xifeng ignited the smoke, pulled out one, said that how you want to make him incur.” 丁锡锋听完,也赞同马景波的想法,两人下了电梯,丁锡锋点着了烟,抽了一口,“说吧,你想怎么让他招。” First checks his relationship network, if the first situation, then Li Dongzhi and that person's relations are very intimate, should not difficult obtain.” “首先查一下他的关系网,如果是第一种情况,那么李冬至和那个人的关系很亲近,应该不难查得到。” „If the second situation, then moved it by managing Ding Xifeng on the dawn by the sentiment shot the cigarette ash, he does not think that what sentiment horse Jingbo and Li Dongzhi can have, „ how did move it by the logo?” “如果是第二种情况,那就晓之以情动之以理丁锡锋弹了弹烟灰,他不认为马景波和李冬至能有什么情,“怎么个动之以理法?” I thought that vermilion Weichao death can use, proved this assists to escape from prison the person who outside to be very dangerous, and does not keep one's word. Is assists vermilion Weichao to escape from prison obviously, the backhand killed the opposite party.” “我觉得朱为超的死可以加以利用一下,证明这个在外面协助越狱的人很危险,而且不讲信用。明明是协助朱为超越狱,反手就将对方杀了。” Li Dongzhi and vermilion Weichao situation is the same, he must become doubtful, said that the sentence is not of pleasant to hear, if he ran away with vermilion Weichao initially, perhaps also by the opposite party burying alive.” “李冬至和朱为超情况相同,他心里不可能不犯嘀咕,说句不好听的,如果他当初和朱为超一起逃走了,没准也会被对方给活埋了。” In other words, like the person who such does not defend the integrity, even gave others to promise, how can also take seriously?” “换句话说,像这么一个不守诚信的人,即便给了别人许诺,又如何能当真?” Ding Xifeng thinks, he thought horse Jingbo the successful possibility is not big, even if guessed correctly reason that Li Dongzhi lies. But not necessarily represents him to have solution. 丁锡锋想了想,他还是觉得马景波成功的可能性不大,即便猜到了李冬至撒谎的原因。但并不一定代表他有解决的办法。 However, this is a very important clue, if Li Dongzhi opened the mouth. Provides status information that instigates secretly, perhaps the police can follow up a clue to catch the person. 不过,这是一条很重要的线索,如果李冬至开口了。提供出那个幕后主使的身份信息,没准警方就能顺藤摸瓜抓到人。 Ding Xifeng hesitant, does not give up this line eventually, line, you remain. No matter you use what method, so long as can make Li Dongzhi confess, I to you first in merit.” 丁锡锋犹豫了一番,终究舍不得这条线,“行,你就留下来吧。不管你用什么方法,只要能让李冬至招供,我给你记首功。” horse Jingbo sticks out chest, the bright sound said, is.” 马景波挺起胸膛,朗声道,“是。” This is a shortcut, is more credible than other investigation directions, he is confident, so long as gives him several days of time, certainly can pry open Li Dongzhi mouth. 这是一条捷径,比其他调查方向都要靠谱,他有信心,只要给他几天时间,一定能撬开李冬至的嘴。 As if saw the idea of opposite party, Li Dongzhi supplemented, is certainly quick, leaves our time is not many.” 似乎看出了对方的想法,李冬至补充了一句,“一定要快,留给咱们的时间不多了。” This case has a great influence, entire Qindao City is staring from top to bottom, several leader pressures of city bureau are very big, the pressure of city Criminal Investigation brigade is bigger. We have posed as the Qindao City Criminal Investigation Division elite, do not let the following branch station Criminal Investigation Division person look at the joke.” “这个案子影响很大,整个琴岛市从上到下都盯着,市局的几位领导压力很大,市刑侦大队的压力更大。咱们一直以琴岛市刑侦队的精英自居,可别让下面分局刑侦队的人看笑话。” horse Jingbo the sincere say/way, you could rest assured that I will certainly pry open the mouth of this boy as soon as possible.” 马景波正色道,“您放心,我一定会尽快撬开这小子的嘴。”
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