DF :: Volume #6

#529: Was shocked

Husband! Husband!” “老公!老公!” Brother, Brother, where are you at?” In the shorts female hand is raising the bag, stamps the feet, complained, „was really, telephoned not to meet, sends WeChat not to return, is tired.” “杰哥,杰哥,你在哪?”短裤女子手里提着袋子,跺了跺脚,抱怨道,“真是的,打电话不接,发微信不回,烦死了。” The shorts female looked in the surroundings, had not found the burr man as before. 短裤女子在周围找了一番,依旧没有找到毛刺男子。 Is thinking the burr man possibly went to bathroom, blocked a man who comes out from the bathroom, „, I asked that in the restroom had a handsome fellow who keeps the burr head?” 想着毛刺男子可能上厕所了,就拦住了一个从卫生间出来的男子,“诶,我问一下,厕所里有没有一个留着毛刺头的帅哥?” The men smile, is long very strongly, a bullet hangs to fall.” 男子笑了笑,“是不是长得挺壮,还有一个子弹吊坠。” Right, he in inside?” “对对,他在里面吗?” In.” “在。” The shorts female relaxes, you help, called him.” 短裤女子松了一口气,“你帮个忙,把他叫出来。” I?” The men referred to themselves, said with a smile, you went, buddy already side.” “我?”男子指了指自己,笑道,“还是你自己去吧,那哥们已经方了。” What side, did you say what?” “什么方了,你说什么呢?” You had a look to know.” “你自己去看看就知道了。” The shorts female turned hostile, scolded, your fool, making me go to the men's room.” 短裤女子变脸了,骂道,“你傻逼吧,让我去男厕所。” The men scoff to say with a smile, whose fool, who knows.” 男子嗤笑道,“谁傻逼,谁知道。” The shorts female is inserting the waist, a country scolded, my amp ;...... Has to plant you to halt, looked that my boyfriend does not truncate you.” 短裤女子插着腰,一阵国骂,“我amp;……有种你站住,看我男朋友不削死你。” Also waited for a meeting, does not see the burr man to come out as before, shouted several also no one responded, the shorts female steeled one's heart, entered the men's room directly. 又等了一会,依旧不见毛刺男子出来,喊了几声也没人回应,短裤女子心一横,直接走进了男厕所。 Having anything is good to fear that thing old lady also has to see. 有啥好怕的,那玩意老娘又不是没见过。 Gets to the men's room entrance, the shorts female was ignorant, rubbed own eye, on the face revealed the incredible appearance. 走到男厕所门口,短裤女子懵了,揉了揉自己的眼睛,脸上露出不可置信的模样。 Big strong man in his mind kneels on the ground unexpectedly, but also to urinal. 他心目中的大猛男居然跪在地上,还正对着小便池。 What situation is this? 这是什么情况? Brother, you? Why kneels on the ground.” The shorts female rushed to run in the men's room. “杰哥,你怎么了?为什么跪在地上。”短裤女子赶忙跑进了男厕所。 The burr man won't look up, did not reply, on straight is kneeling, the eye looked at hanging in urinal to fall. 毛刺男子不抬头,不答话,就直挺挺的跪着,眼睛望着小便池里的吊坠。 Brother, why you pays no attention to me, said that words, do not frighten me.” “杰哥,你为什么不理我呀,说句话呀,别吓我。” Husband, you how, why this?” “老公,你怎么了,为什么这样?” The burr man asked low voice, „did you see that man in parking lot?” 毛刺男子小声问道,“你看到停车场的那个男人了吗?” „The man in what parking lot!” Shorts female astonished said. “什么停车场的男人呀!”短裤女子诧异道 The burr man scolded in a low voice, dot sound, was snatched the berth by us.” 毛刺男子低声呵斥,“小点声,就是被咱们抢了车位的。” No, that fool how?” “没有呀,那个傻逼怎么了?” „Do you determine him not in the restroom entrance?” “你确定他没在厕所门口?” The shorts female has doubts saying that does not have, I simply have not seen him, how?” 短裤女子疑惑道,“没有,我根本没看到他,怎么了?” The burr man sits on the ground, breathing heavily of big mouth, scared to death the father.” 毛刺男子一屁股坐在地上,大口的喘着粗气,“吓死老子了。” Brother, you? Why was kneeling a moment ago, you before were not this.” The shorts female is shaking the shoulder of boyfriend. “杰哥,你怎么了?刚才为什么跪着,你以前不是这样的。”短裤女子晃着男友的肩膀。 The burr man reveals wipes the ruthless color, shoves open the shorts female, I go to your hot next door, your father can put in order.” 毛刺男子露出一抹狠色,一把推开短裤女子,“我去你麻辣隔壁,要不是你老子能被整嘛。” Thinks oneself are forced to kneel by the urinal, the burr man does not hit one on the air/Qi, felt that own dignity was trampled. 一想到自己被迫跪在便池旁,毛刺男子就气不打一处来,感觉自己的尊严被践踏了。 Hanging that oneself most like fell is thrown into the urinal, oneself with kneeling of final word in side, this will be his humiliation for a lifetime. 自己最喜欢的吊坠被丢进了便池,自己跟个煞笔似的跪在旁边,这将是他一辈子的屈辱。 Bang!” “砰!” The shorts female was pushed, sits on the ground, the ground is somewhat wet, does not know that is the water or urination. 短裤女子被推了一把,一屁股坐在地上,地上有些湿,也不知是水还是尿。 „!” Shorts female hurrying stood, shows the angry look, you were insane, pushes me to do!” “啊!”短裤女子赶忙站了起来,露出恼怒的神色,“你疯了,推我干什么!” The burr man shouts loudly, because your smelly NM, the father can go against with the spear/gun, serves a need to kneel near the urinal.” 毛刺男子大声喊道,“要不是因为你这个臭NM,老子能被人用枪顶着,用得着跪在便池边上。” The shorts female cries to scold, is you are useless, you complained about me to do, white Chang one silly big, you are a straw bag.” 短裤女子哭着骂道,“是你自己没用,你怨我干啥,白长了一个傻大个,你就是个草包。” You scolded me is a straw bag!” The burr man was angry, the hair of this shorts female, is one fiercely attacks. “你骂我是草包!”毛刺男子恼了,就这短裤女子的头发,就是一顿猛打。 Immediately, in the restroom broadcasts a shrieking and howling wildly sound. 顿时,厕所里传来一阵鬼哭狼嚎的声音。 The restroom gate peristome one group of watching the fun people, mostly watched critically, male wants to go forward to stop, retreated in fear by the shank meat of burr man. 厕所门口围了一群看热闹的人,大多都是冷眼旁观,有一个男的想上前阻拦,被毛刺男子的一身腱子肉吓退了。 Until the staff in market came, pulled away two people. 直到商场的工作人员来了,才将两人拉开了。 Wū wū......” shorts female was hit miserably, in the face, arm, leg was collected leaves and grass. “呜呜……”短裤女子被打惨了,脸上、胳膊上、腿上都被打青了。 Female staff asked that young lady, you were all right, wanted me to help report to the police.” 一个女工作人员问道,“小姐,你没事吧,要不要我帮忙报警。” The shorts female shakes the head, do not report to the police, he is my boyfriend, I am all right.” 短裤女子摇了摇头,“不要报警,他是我男朋友,我没事的。” The burr man scolded, „, inexpensive goods!” 毛刺男子骂道,“呸,贱货!” The female staff knit the brows, put out the cell phone, young lady, I helps you report to the police.” 女工作人员皱了皱眉,拿出手机,“小姐,我还是帮你报警吧。” Wants you to mind others' business, go away!” The shorts female is also suppressing a lot of fires, cell phones that wiped out the female staff. “要你多管闲事,滚开!”短裤女子也憋着一肚子火,一把打掉了女工作人员的手机。 The female staff are staring, criticize one to violate inexpensively, anyone, kills to get what one deserves! 女工作人员瞪着眼,暗骂一声犯贱,什么人呀,打死活该! The burr man shouts, warning, hurries to report to the police.” 毛刺男子喊道,“报警,赶紧报警。” The shorts female walked, grabs the arm of burr man, Brother, I did not report to the police, was I annoys to trouble to you, I like you.” 短裤女子走了过来,抓着毛刺男子的胳膊,“杰哥,我不报警,是我给你惹麻烦了,我就是喜欢你。” The burr man scolded, your fool, I made you call to report to the police, stress that man who takes the spear/gun.” 毛刺男子骂道,“你傻逼吧,我让你打电话报警,抓那个拿着枪的男子。” The shorts female is busy at nodding, right, making the police catch him, was he harmed us.” 短裤女子忙点头,“对对,让警察抓他,都是他害了咱们。” The surrounded people cannot bear talk in whispers. 围观的人都忍不住窃窃私语。 Always some people lack the calcium inborn. 总有一些人天生就缺钙。 ...... …… Brother Liao bought some daily necessities in the market, to the car of supermarket to the parking lot, was just loading into the trunk the thing, sees not far away to walk one group of people, wears the police uniform. 廖哥在商场买了一些日用品,对着超市的小车到了停车场,刚将东西装进后备箱,就看到不远处走来一群人,其中还有一些穿警服的。 Is he, is he takes the spear/gun to threaten me!” The burr man points at Brother Liao's direction to shout. “是他,就是他拿着枪恐吓我!”毛刺男子指着廖哥的方向喊道。 Two old police officers of lead, have pulled out the pistol, points at Brother Liao to shout, „the police, cannot move!” 领头的两个年纪较大的警员,已经掏出了手枪,指着廖哥喊道,“警察,不许动!” If Han Bin can certainly recognize in this, taking the lead civil police Sergeant Kanehiko army. 如果韩彬在这一定能认出来,其中一个领头的民警正是警长周彦军。 Brother Liao stands in same place, light asking, police comrade, what matter do you have?” 廖哥站在原地,淡淡的问道,“警察同志,你们有什么事吗?” The Kanehiko army scolded, raised hand, cannot move!” 周彦军呵斥道,“举起手来,不许动!” Very much Brother Liao coordinates raised both hands, I am motionless, my body does not have the weapon.” 廖哥很配合的举起了双手,“我不动,我身上没有武器。” The Kanehiko army beckon with the hand, two civil police walked to go forward, searched for Brother Liao's body. 周彦军摆了摆手,有两名民警走上前,搜了搜廖哥的身。 And civil police said, Sergeant, has not discovered the weapon.” 其中一名民警说道,“警长,没有发现武器。” Police comrade, what's your name ? “警察同志,您怎么称呼?” My name was Kanehiko the army, was Sergeant of Zhongshan Road Police Station.” “我叫周彦军,是中山路派出所的警长。” Brother Liao shrugged, week Sergeant, your what is this?” 廖哥摊了摊手,“周警长,你们这是什么意思?” Some people consider you to hold a gun to threaten, I first come luckily the examination, if 1 : 00 pm, Criminal Investigation Division came again, they may not have me is so good to speak.” “有人告你持枪恐吓,幸好我先过来查看,如果再晚 1 点,刑侦队就过来了,他们可没我这么好说话。” Week Sergeant, illuminates your meaning, I should also thank you.” “周警长,照你的意思,我还应该谢谢你了。” The Kanehiko army beckon, takes your ID card, we must search for your car(riage).” 周彦军招了招手,“把你身份证拿出来,我们要搜一下你的车。” Week Sergeant, you search for my body, I have not revolted, you search for my car(riage), I do not have the opinion. But if anything has not obtained by search, is to give me a view.” “周警长,你搜我的身,我没有反抗,你搜我的车,我也没有意见。但是如果什么都没搜到,是不是要给我一个说法。” He has the spear/gun, clarity that I look, is a black pistol!” The burr man shouts. “他有枪,我看的清清楚楚,是一把黑色的手枪!”毛刺男子喊道。 Week Sergeant referred to the burr man, you heard, some people reported that you carry the dangerous goods, we have the right search.” 警长指了指毛刺男子,“你听到了,有人举报你携带危险物品,我们就有权利搜查。” Brother Liao asked back, „, if your what has not obtained by search, he is falsely accusing?” 廖哥反问,“如果你们什么都没搜到,那他算不算是诬告?” The Kanehiko army hesitated, said that „, if anything has not obtained by search, he is suspected to report falsely, frames the crime on suspicion of falsely accusing, we will use judgment to punish to him.” 周彦军迟疑了一下,说道,“如果什么都没搜到,他就涉嫌虚假举报,涉嫌诬告陷害罪,我们会酌情对他处罚。” Brother Liao shrugged, OK, you can search for the car(riage).” 廖哥摊了摊手,“OK,你们可以搜车了。” The Kanehiko army beckon, gives me your ID card.” 周彦军招了招手,“把你的身份证给我。” Brother Liao hesitant, puts out the document from the package, gave nearby Kanehiko army. 廖哥犹豫了一下,从包里拿出证件,递给了一旁的周彦军。 The Kanehiko army took a look at an ID card, said that desolate Jianhong, native.” 周彦军瞅了一眼身份证,道,“萧剑鸿,本地人。” Brother Liao nods, right.” 廖哥点点头,“对。” After the Kanehiko army examine, gave back to Brother Liao the document. 周彦军查看之后,又将证件还给了廖哥。 After a while, four civil police searched for the automobile, said as if by prior agreement, has not discovered the firearms and cutting tool.” 过了一会,四名民警搜完了汽车,不约而同道,“没有发现枪械和刀具。” The Kanehiko army turn head, are staring nearby burr man, pistol that Ma Jie, you said?” 周彦军扭头,瞪着一旁的毛刺男子,“马杰,你说的手枪呢?” This...... this......” burr man hesitated, is pointing at Brother Liao, the indignant say/way, he definitely hid the pistol in some place, I dare to pledge, he indeed had the pistol, in the restroom, he used the pistol to withstand/top my head, making me kneel down......” “这……这……”毛刺男子迟疑了一下,又指着廖哥,气愤道,“他肯定是将手枪藏在了某个地方,我敢发誓,他的确有手枪,就在厕所里,他用手枪顶着我的头,让我下跪……” The burr man recalled humiliation one, clenched jaws saying that police comrade, you must investigate carefully, this person absolutely was dangerous elements.” 毛刺男子回忆起了屈辱的一幕,咬牙切齿道,“警察同志,你们一定要仔细调查,这个人绝对是个危险分子。” In the meantime, not far away civil police runs over, Sergeant, we obtained by search a pistol.” 就在此时,不远处一个民警跑了过来,“警长,我们搜到了一把手枪。” Does Kanehiko army subconscious asking, where in obtain by search?” 周彦军下意识的问道,“在哪搜到的?” In the waste paper drum of market second floor men's room.” “商场二楼男厕所的废纸筒里。” Burr man Ma Jie jumps old tall, shouts, I said that he has the spear/gun, catches a bit faster him!” 毛刺男子马杰一跳老高,喊道,“我就说吧,他是有枪的,快点把他抓起来!” The black pistol was hit in the plastic bag, the Kanehiko army point at the pistol in bag to ask, desolate Jianhong, is this your?” 黑色的手枪被撞进了塑料袋里,周彦军指着袋子里的手枪问道,“萧剑鸿,这是不是你的?” Brother Liao shakes the head, is not.” 廖哥摇了摇头,“不是。” Ma Jie shows the self-satisfied look, „, you are dead the duck to be obstinate argumentative, clearly is your, I visit you to grasp the pistol with own eyes, above definitely has your fingerprint.” 马杰露出得意的神色,“呸,你还死鸭子嘴硬,分明就是你的,我亲眼看着你握着手枪,上面肯定有你的指纹。” The Kanehiko army will discover civil police of spear/gun draws one side, has the fingerprint?” 周彦军将发现枪的民警拉到一旁,“有指纹吗?” That civil police whisper said, has not discovered the fingerprint, the spear/gun may be very cleaned.” 那名民警耳语道,“没发现指纹,枪很可能被擦拭过。” The Kanehiko army nod, the pistol is different from other things, even without the fingerprint, same can trace to purchase the channel, this is very fine the pistol manufacture, looks not self-made. 周彦军点点头,手枪跟其他东西不同,就算没有指纹,一样可以追查购买渠道,这把手枪制作十分精美,一看就不是自制的。 desolate Jianhong, do you have the second floor bathroom?” “萧剑鸿,你有没有去过二楼卫生间?” The Brother Liao confident say/way, I have gone.” 廖哥坦然道,“我去过。” The Kanehiko army are pointing at the burr man, „have you seen Ma Jie?” 周彦军指着毛刺男子,“你有没有见过马杰?” Has seen.” “见过。” The Kanehiko army pursue ask, he said that this spear/gun is your, how did you explain?” 周彦军追问道,“他说这把枪是你的,你怎解释?” Does Brother Liao smile the investigation not to speak the evidence? Having what evidence said that this spear/gun is my. ” 廖哥笑了笑查案不都讲证据吗?有什么证据说这个枪是我的。” The Kanehiko army beckon, gives me the spear/gun.” 周彦军招了招手,“把枪给我。” Nearby civil police handed over the pistol. 一旁的民警将手枪递了过来。 The Kanehiko army examined a pistol, is preparing to say anything time, felt but some are not right, how this spear/gun feels somewhat lightly. 周彦军查看了一下手枪,正准备说些什么的时候,又感觉而有些不对劲,这枪怎么感觉有些轻。 The Kanehiko army with studied in the hand, more looks more does not feel right. 周彦军拿在手里研究了一番,越看越觉得不对劲。 He pressed all of a sudden the cartridge clip, does not have any response, later, he touched off the trigger of pistol. 他按了一下子弹夹,没有任何的反应,随后,他扣动了手枪的扳机。 The surrounding person frightened in the future will draw back several steps. 周围的人都吓得往后退了几步。 However, the sound of gunfire in imagination has not appeared, the muzzle instead emitted the flame, burnt out outside plastic bag, sends out a plastic the burnt taste. 然而,想象中的枪声没有出现,枪口反而冒出了火焰,将外面的塑料袋烧坏了,散发出一股塑料的焦糊味。 Sees this, the little friends on the scene were shocked. 看到这一幕,在场的小伙伴都惊呆了。 Cigarette lighter! 打火机!
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