DF :: Volume #4

#395: Responsibility

City Criminal Investigation crew, big Section Chief office. 刑侦支队,大队长办公室。 Ding Xifeng is looking down the material, the look in surface is somewhat serious. 丁锡锋正在低头看资料,面上的神色有些严肃。 Thump thump......” outside resounds knock. “咚咚……”外面响起一阵敲门声。 Enters.” “进。” The gate shoves open from outside, a man walked from outside, is two squadron Section Chief horse Jingbo. 门从外面推开,一个男子从外面走了进来,是二中队队长马景波。 Big Section Chief.” horse Jing the porter greeted. “大队长。”马景波打招呼道。 Ding Xifeng beckons with the hand: First sits the meeting.” 丁锡锋摆了摆手:“先坐会。” Yes.” “是。” horse Jingbo complied with one, sat on nearby sofa. 马景波应了一声,坐在了一旁的沙发上。 „After thump thump......” moment, gate loud. “咚咚……”片刻后,门又响了。 Enters.” “进。” First lochus Section Chief Tao Bo also walked. 一中队队长陶博也走了进来。 Tao Bo observed the situation an office: Big Section Chief, you look for me.” 陶博环视了一下办公室:“大队长,您找我。” Ding Xifeng puts down the document in hand, stands to stretch oneself: Sits, I bought a new tea, you taste.” 丁锡锋放下手里的文件,站起来伸了个懒腰:“坐,我买了点新茶,你们尝尝。” Straight that one hear of this saying, in two Section Chief sits immediately, this big Section Chief tea is not easy to drink. 一听这话,两位中队长立刻坐的笔直,这大队长的茶可不是那么容易喝的。 Ding Xifeng made pot hot water, took the tea set to walk, manipulated the tea set, while said: On the end of the year, you was also immediately laborious in this year.” 丁锡锋做了一壶热水,拿着茶具走了过来,一边摆弄茶具,一边说:“马上就年底了,你们这一年也辛苦了。” Truly what takes the trouble is big Section Chief, we also run about.” horse Jingbo said with a smile. “真正费心的是大队长,我们也就是跑跑腿。”马景波笑道。 Tao Bo curls the lip, without speech. 陶博撇了撇嘴,没说话。 Today calls you, mainly says two points, the first point was the issue of duty, this year's situation is quite complex, considering the stability of Qindao City, on -duty population wanted more, with the aim of handling the thunderbolt.” Ding Xifeng said. “今天把你们叫过来,主要是说两点,第一点就是值班的问题,今年的情况比较复杂,考虑到琴岛市的稳定,值班人数要多一些,以便应付突发事件。”丁锡锋说道。 „In big Section Chief, we have a mind to prepare, our first lochus is in shifts to be on leave, at least leaves behind a person duty of group.” Tao Bo sincere say/way. “大队长,我们有心里准备,我们一中队轮班休假,至少留下一个组的人值班。”陶博正色道。 Explodes cheats the case, but must continue to investigate, cannot relax, but cannot be too high-profile, so as to avoid punctures ji to the suspect, must help the common people pass a calm and steady year.” Ding Xifeng exhorts said. “爆诈案,还得继续调查,不能放松,但是也不能太高调,免得刺ji到嫌疑人,要让老百姓过一个安稳年。”丁锡锋嘱咐道。 Yes.” “是。” Another, the news you should look last night, must pay attention to the police officer to have the condition of giving off heat, once there are exceptionally reports immediately.” Ding Xifeng reveals wipes the dignified color: “再一个,昨晚新闻你们应该都看了,一定要注意警员有没有发热的状况,一旦有异常立刻上报。”丁锡锋露出一抹凝重之色: City bureau leaders meet in the morning, issued a new instruction, the cafeteria provides the meals as usual, but, these days do not eat in the cafeteria, everyone fires off the food to attain the office to eat, moreover best to bring something from the kitchen to the table in turn, do not go to too many people all of a sudden.” “市局领导早上开会,发布了一道新的指示,食堂照常提供伙食,但是,这段时间就不要在食堂吃饭了,大家打完饭可以拿到办公室吃,而且最好是分批打饭,不要一下子去太多人。” Yes.” “是。” Also, one will make one go to the logistics to get the mask, everyone provides ten masks, leave alone in office, goes out to carry out the task, puts on as far as possible.” “还有,一会让人去后勤领口罩,每个人发放十个口罩,别管是在办公室,还是外出执行任务,都尽量戴上。” Yes.” “是。” In view of this aspect, Propaganda Branch has the detailed document, you carefully look, do not regard a matter.” “针对这方面,宣传科有详细的文件,你们仔细看一下,别不当成一回事。” Got it.” “明白了。” Ding Xifeng referred to nearby horse Jing Bo: You two teams of working arrangements how?” 丁锡锋指了指一旁的马景波:“你们二队的工作安排的怎么样了?” horse Jingbo hesitated: On hand on case processes was similar.” 马景波迟疑了一下:“手头上的案子都处理的差不多了。” I remember that the snowman case does seem like Yuhua Branch Station to investigate, has the progress? Needs the dispatch personnel guide to investigate?” “我记得雪人案好像是玉华分局在侦办,有进展吗?需不需要派遣人员指导查案?” horse Jingbo is somewhat awkward: I asked Yuhua Branch Station yesterday, the murderer of snowman case have caught.” 马景波有些尴尬:“我昨天才问过玉华分局,雪人案的凶手已经抓到了。” Caught.” Some Ding Xifeng surprise: „The efficiency of investigation is very high.” “抓到了。”丁锡锋有些诧异:“破案的效率挺高嘛。” Compares Leppin Criminal Investigation Division, Yuhua Branch Station Criminal Investigation Division wants elite, evidence collects are also more, two cases conducted the overlapping comparison, the probability of investigation also high many.” horse Jingbo answered. “相比莱平市刑侦队,玉华分局刑侦队要精锐一些,证据方面收集的也更多,两个案子进行交叉比对,破案的几率也高了不少。”马景波解释道。 I remember, is responsible for Han Bin of probably case.” “我记得,负责案件的好像是韩彬。” Right, the young fellow ability is good.” horse Jingbo praised, regarding can so quick investigation snowman case, he somewhat be also accidental. “对,小伙子能力不错。”马景波赞道,对于能如此快的侦破雪人案,他也有些意外。 Ding Xifeng nods, has not said anything. 丁锡锋点点头,没说什么。 Explodes cheats the case not broken, the snowman case broke, he can say anything. 爆诈案没破,雪人案破了,他能说啥。 The appreciation turns over to the appreciation, Han Bin after all is not the city Criminal Investigation Division person. 欣赏归欣赏,韩彬毕竟不是市刑侦队的人。 ...... …… Lushui River. 露水河。 The Qindao anti-pollution effort is very big, although the Lushui River is not wide, but very limpid. 琴岛的治污力度很大,露水河虽然不宽,不过十分的清澈。 Near the river course, two about 60 -year-old men, are sitting horse Zha to fish. 河道边上,两个六十岁左右的老头,正坐着马札钓鱼。 Two old men put on is very thick, a wear black down clothing, wears the thick cotton cap. 两老头穿的很厚,一个穿着黑色羽绒服,一个戴着厚厚的棉帽。 Put on the old man of black down clothing to rub rubbing hands: This fellow, came nearly for one hour, I fished little Ding head.” 穿黑色羽绒服的老头搓了搓手:“这家伙,来了快一个小时了,我就钓了个小丁头。” You are content, my did not have.” Wears the old man of hat snort/hum to say. “你知足吧,我这一条还没有呢。”戴着帽子的老头哼道。 This winter fish in the deep water, does not like biting the hook, is good to fish in the summer.” The old man of black down clothing said. “这冬天鱼都在深水,不爱咬钩,还是夏天好钓。”黑色羽绒服的老头道。 Matter that this does not have no way? Also noisy chuan caught an illness, the children do not let the person many places, we consider to relax.” Wears the old man of hat to say “这不没法的事吗?又闹chuan染病了,孩子们不让去人多的地方,咱就当是散个心。”戴帽子的老头说道 Yes, is catching up with the Spring Festival, the fluidity is big, upset.” “是呀,正赶上春节,流动性大,闹心呀。” „, That is the matter of leadership, we managed well ourselves on the line.” Wears the old man of hat to think little saying: Your family new year's goods preparation how?” “得,那是领导的事,咱们管好自己就行了。”戴帽子的老头不以为意道:“你家年货准备的咋样了?” Matter that son daughter-in-law lane, saves us this year. 20 jin (0.5 kg) pig thick earthen mounds and two pig elbows, ten jin (0.5 kg) beef, five jin (0.5 kg) mutton, but also bought two chickens, a box of hairtail.” The black down clothing old man is familiar with. “儿子儿媳弄的,今年省了我们的事了。二十斤猪厚丘、两个猪肘、十斤牛肉,五斤羊肉,还买了两只鸡,一箱带鱼。”黑色羽绒服老头如数家珍。 My goodness, your family the goods are rich this year.” Wore the old man of hat to pound pounded the mouth. “好家伙,你家这年货丰富。”戴帽子的老头砸吧了砸吧嘴。 The black down clothing old man smiles, the feeling bamboo pole sinks suddenly, the fish line tightens: Bit the hook.” 黑色羽绒服老头嘿嘿一笑,突然感觉竹竿一沉,鱼线绷紧:“咬钩了。” Ok, my does not have, you fish one.” Wears the old man of hat somewhat to envy. “行呀,我这一条没有,你又钓一条。”戴帽子的老头有些羡慕。 „The matter that looks for a good time the child, yo, this fish is also very strong.” Puts on the old man arm of black down clothing somewhat to tremble. “图个乐子的事,呦,这鱼还挺有劲。”穿黑色羽绒服的老头胳膊有些颤。 Quick, I gives you to capture.” Wears the old man of hat to take up nearby net bag. “快拉,我给你兜起来。”戴帽子的老头拿起一旁的网兜。 Yo, this fish big.” “呦,这鱼个头不小。” „, Did not see the shadow, my goodness, little said that was also half meter.” Wears the old man of hat somewhat to envy, some surprise, had not heard that this Lushui River has such big fish. “可不嘛,见影了,好家伙,少说也有半米长。”戴帽子的老头有些羡慕,也有些诧异,没听说这露水河有这么大个的鱼呀。 Came up, wraps up quickly, I feared that the fish line broke.” Puts on the old man of black down clothing to be somewhat strenuous. “上来了,快兜住,我怕鱼线断了。”穿黑色羽绒服的老头有些吃力。 Leads the old man of hat careful to take a look toward the river, is preparing to catch fish with the net bag, actually had a scare, in the future one supine, sat on the ground: I drop mother, this is any thing.” 带着帽子的老头往河里仔细一瞅,正准备用网兜捞鱼,却是被吓了一大跳,往后一仰,一屁股坐在了地上:“我滴娘诶,这是个啥玩意。” Put on the old man of down clothing also to be scared: Person...... head/number of people!” 穿羽绒服的老头也被吓坏了:“人……人头!” Although two old men an age, actually were also frightened heavily, discards the fishing pole, hurried to run toward the river bank on. 俩老头虽然一把年纪了,却也被吓得不轻,扔掉鱼竿,赶紧往河岸上跑了。 Looking from the back, but also thinks that is two young young fellows. 从背影看,还以为是俩个年轻的小伙子。 ...... …… Yuhua Branch Station, 3rd Criminal Investigation Corps, 2nd Squad office. 玉华分局,刑侦三队,二组办公室。 In the room is very peaceful, everyone sits by the table, what was different from the past, everyone wore the mask. 屋子里很安静,大家都坐在桌子旁,与往日不同的是,每个人都戴了口罩。 Han Bin sits in that looks at the cell phone, probably is chatting. 韩彬坐在那看手机,好像在跟人聊天。 After a while, Li Hui somewhat could not hold in: Younger sister, this called anything, our several, having anything were good to wear.” 过了一会,李辉有些憋不住了:“妹的,这叫啥事,就咱几个,有啥好戴的。” Yes, was fortunately good yesterday, the news broadcasts, everyone frightened the urine.” Zhao Ming said with a smile. “是呀,昨天还好好的,新闻一播,大家都吓尿了。”赵明笑道。 I very admire these medical workers, braving the danger to clash toward one.” Tian Li says with emotion. “我挺佩服那些医务工作者的,冒着危险往一线冲。”田丽感慨道。 Han Bin reveals wipes bitterly and astringently: We are the police is also the same, has an accident must on.” 韩彬露出一抹苦涩:“咱们当警察的也一样,出了事就得上。” At least we can also go home to celebrate the new year this year.” Li Hui smiles. “至少今年咱还能回家过个年。”李辉嘿嘿一笑。 Who doesn't want to go home to celebrate the new year? 谁不想回家过年? The police are also a person, was busy for a year , wants to reunite with the family member, has a family reunion dinner. 警察也是人,忙了一年了,也想跟家人团聚,吃一顿团圆饭。 Said early.” A words exit|to speak of Han Bin. “说早了。”韩彬的话一出口。 „.” “啪。” Everyone as if by prior agreement is salute to him. 所有人不约而同的向他行注目礼。 Han Bin sets out, is resolute: Prepares, has the scene.” 韩彬起身,语气坚定:“准备一下,出现场。” () ()
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