DF :: Volume #4

#394: Evil people

Arrival of eastern Marseilles, it can be said that in reason, unexpected. 马塞东的到来,可以说是情理之中、意料之外。 Because explodes the reason that cheats the case, entire Qindao City some police officer feelings. 因为爆诈案的原因,整个琴岛市的警员都有些感。 A beating gongs and drums sound, attracted the entire police station attention. 一阵敲锣打鼓声,吸引了整个警局的注意力。 In the crowd is holding high several banners. 人群里举着几个横幅。 Sinking injustice results in the snow, the police cutting edge “沉冤得雪,警界先锋” Yuhua Branch Station, rids the people of an evil 玉华分局,为民除害” Thunder attacks, the investigation is amazingly quick “雷霆出击,破案神速” This matter, Han Bin the first time is not met. 这种事,韩彬已经不是第一次遇到了。 He not artificial, leading the 2nd Squad person to go downstairs. 他也没有矫情,带着二组的人下了楼。 The sound in courtyard, has alarmed branch station others, some people open the window to look around outward, some people are go down the building to watch the fun. 院子里的动静,已经惊动了分局的其他人,有的人打开窗户向外张望,有的人则是走下楼看热闹。 Han Bin wants to call Zeng Ping, but, in his office no one, Han Bin sent a WeChat to him. 韩彬本想去叫曾平,不过,他的办公室里没人,韩彬就给他发了一个微信。 The 2nd Squad person goes downstairs, eastern Marseilles has arrived at the middle of courtyard. 二组的人下了楼,马塞东已经走到了院子的中间。 After seeing Han Bin, eastern Marseilles half step walked, knelt directly, sobbed: Officer Han, thank you, thank you caught murderer who kills my wife.” 看到韩彬之后,马塞东快步走了过来,直接跪了下来,哽咽道:“韩警官,谢谢你们,谢谢你们抓到了杀害我老婆的凶手。” Sees this, Han Bin was somewhat accidental, rushes to entrain him: Mr. horse, hurries, this is we should do.” 看到这一幕,韩彬有些意外,赶忙将他拽了起来:“马先生,赶紧起来,这是我们应该做的。” I have not really thought, my wife's case can also solve, knew after this news, my exciting has not rested, wū wū.” Eastern Marseilles cried loudly. “我真的没想到,我老婆的案子还能侦破,得知这个消息后,我激动的一宿没睡,呜呜。”马塞东放声大哭了起来。 Han Bin patted his shoulder, knows that he constrained was too long, needs to release. 韩彬拍了拍他的肩膀,知道他压抑了太久,需要释放一下。 Sometimes, crying is not a misdemeanor. 有时候,哭并不是一种坏事。 After eastern Marseilles thanked one, the team member photograph with 2nd Squad accepts as a memento, thanked to the 2nd Squad personnel one by one. 马塞东感谢了一番后,跟二组的队员拍照留念,对二组的人员挨个感谢。 Especially Han Bin, Li Hui and Zhao Ming three people. 尤其是韩彬李辉赵明三人。 Initially, these three people of the times of going to Leppin, eastern Marseilles has not reported the too high hope, does not think that three small can solve a case young, will only remind him once again of the wife killed matter, felt that type again sadly desperate. 当初,这三人去莱平市的时候,马塞东没有报太大的希望,也不认为三个小年轻能破案,只会让他又一次想起妻子被杀害的事,再次感受到那种悲伤绝望。 When receives the Yuhua Branch Station call, was informed catches murderer who kills his wife, his first feeling is a swindler, even wants to hang up the telephone directly. 当接到玉华分局的电话,被告知已经抓到了杀害他老婆的凶手,他第一感觉是骗子,甚至想直接挂断电话。 Afterward also inquired carefully, knows that this is real, at this moment eastern Marseilles was wild with joy, to gratitude that Han Bin and the others were filled with. 后来又仔细询问了一番,才知道这是真的,这一刻马塞东欣喜若狂,对韩彬等人满心的感激。 Eastern Marseilles must express own gratitude, not only for he himself, for his wife. 马塞东必须要表达自己的谢意,不光是替他自己,也是为了他的妻子。 Did not say exaggeratingly, was Han Bin and the others helped him obtain the new life. 毫不夸张的说,是韩彬等人让他获得了新生。 Thank continues for one hour, Han Bin led the 2nd Squad team member to deliver to the institute entrance eastern Marseilles. 感谢足足持续了一个小时,韩彬带着二组的队员将马塞东送到院门口。 Eastern Marseilles 90 degrees is bowing to Han Bin and the others, then boarded to leave. 马塞东对着韩彬等人九十度鞠躬,而后才上车离开了。 Han Bin and the others have not left immediately, but gazes after the automobile to go far away. 韩彬等人没有立刻离开,而是目送汽车远去。 Now caught the murderer, he should be able to put down, starts to live newly.” The Li Hui words are somewhat towering, has one is not indefinite. “现在抓到了凶手,他应该可以放下,开始新的生活了吧。”李辉的话有些突兀,又带着一丝不确定。 Han Bin can understand his meaning: Hope.” 韩彬能明白他的意思:“希望吧。” Although is big cold season, but feels at heart hot.” Tian Li said with a smile. “虽然是大冷天,但是感觉心里热乎乎的。”田丽笑道。 Yes, the investigation much is leave alone laborious, can be thanked wholeheartedly, I felt the value.” Zhao Ming smiled. “是呀,别管破案多辛苦,能被人真心实意的感谢,我觉得值了。”赵明笑了起来。 We work as the goal of police, to not protect these common people.” If Du Qi said. “咱们当警察的目的,不就是为了守护这些老百姓嘛。”杜奇若道。 „The good person who is full of gratitude are many.” Sun Xiaopeng looked at the multicolored silk banner in hand, cracks into a smile. “还是知恩图报的好人多。”孙晓鹏看了看手里的锦旗,咧嘴一笑。 „......” Han Bin clapped the palm of the hand: Everyone goes back, handles the settling a lawsuit procedure as soon as possible.” “啪啪……”韩彬拍了拍巴掌:“大家回去吧,尽快把结案手续办好。” Yes, this was about to celebrate new year, do not delay the leave.” Zhao Ming said with a smile. “是呀,这快过年了,可别耽误了休假。”赵明笑道。 Han Bin shot a look at Zhao Ming one: Speaking of being on leave I thought that branch station just gave an instruction, to guarantee the native place can go home to celebrate the new year outside civil police, requesting each brigade to come up in the personnel list report of this city the family/home, was shared the new year's celebration during them the standby mission of each unit.” 韩彬瞥了赵明一眼:“说到休假我想起来了,分局刚下了一道指示,为了保证老家在外地的民警能够回家过年,要求各个大队将家在本市的人员名单报上去,由他们来分担过年期间各个单位的值班任务。” „, Not.” Zhao Ming reveals wipes bitterly and astringently, does not have this to bully the person. “啊,不是吧。”赵明露出一抹苦涩,不带这名欺负人的。 Li Hui was actually happy, this year can go home ahead of time! 李辉却是乐了,今年可以提前回家了! ...... …… Line 1 subway. 1号线地铁。 A big and fat form crushed into the subway, No. 1 subway way Qindao lively region, was very difficult to find the vacancy this time. 一个胖大的身影挤进了地铁里,一号地铁途径琴岛的繁华地带,这个时间点很难找到空位。 The big and fat man wears a black down clothing, can only grab the arm rest to stand before the seat. 胖大的男子穿着一个黑色羽绒服,只能抓着扶手站在座位前。 On his physique, wears the thick cotton-padded jacket, a vacancy may not sit down. 就他这块头,穿上厚厚的棉衣,一个空位可坐不下。 -and-a-half start. 怎么也得一个半起步。 This ghost weather, blew wind.” The big and fat man rubs the ear that blushed. “这鬼天气,又刮风了。”胖大的男子搓了搓发红的耳朵。 This man is not others, is Han Bin uncle Wang Qingsheng. 这个男子不是别人,正是韩彬的舅舅王庆升。 Wang Qingsheng leads the nephew for the bluetooth earphone that oneself buy, is listening to the novel. 王庆升带着外甥给自己买的蓝牙耳机,正在听小说。 Such a journey of person will not be lonely. 这样一个人的旅途也不会孤单。 Found a itself, like opening a new world, making one forget to return. 找到一本,就像打开了一个新的世界,让人流连忘返。 Opposite of Wang Qingsheng sits a young younger sister, seems like over 20 years old, is much longer, is combing a long hair, brings the black frame eyeglasses, fashionable of very appearance, is lowering the head chats. 王庆升对面坐着一个年轻的妹子,看起来有二十多岁,长得不错,梳着一头长发,带着黑框眼镜,打扮的挺时尚,正低着头跟人聊天。 How today does not know, the person in subway were less than the past. 今天不知咋的,地铁里的人比往日少一些。 By the black frame eyeglasses younger sister sits a man, is not tall, is somewhat thin, wears a mask, cannot see clearly the appearance, is slanting is seeing nearby black frame eyeglasses younger sister. 黑框眼镜妹子旁边坐着一个男子,个子不高,有些瘦,戴着一个口罩,看不清模样,斜着眼看一旁的黑框眼镜妹子。 After a while, Wang Qingsheng also looks to the black frame eyeglasses younger sister, kicked her shoes with the foot. 过了一会,王庆升也望向黑框眼镜妹子,用脚踢了踢她的鞋。 The black frame eyeglasses younger sister shrank the foot. 黑框眼镜妹子缩了缩脚。 Wang Qingsheng's foot proceeded to kick kicking. 王庆升的脚又往前踢了踢。 The black frame eyeglasses younger sister raised the head, stares his one eyes, on the face had one to wipe cold intent. 黑框眼镜妹子抬起头,瞪了他一眼,脸上有一抹冷意。 Meaning that Wang Qingsheng has not stopped, stepped on the black frame eyeglasses younger sister's shoes. 王庆升没有停脚的意思,踩了黑框眼镜妹子的鞋。 The black frame eyeglasses younger sister raised the head, on the face reveals wipes the angry look, shouts: Your mental illness, such big place, steps on anything toward my foot on, hoodlum.” 黑框眼镜妹子抬起头,脸上露出一抹怒色,喊道:“你神经病呀,这么大的地,往我脚上踩什么,臭流氓。” Side wore the man of mask also to stare Wang Qingsheng one eyes wickedly. 旁边戴口罩的男子也恶狠狠的瞪了王庆升一眼。 Wang Qingsheng ridiculed one, was somewhat awkward, turns around to leave, went to nearby compartment across the crowd. 王庆升讪笑了一声,有些尴尬,转身离开了,穿过人群去了旁边的车厢。 Elder Brother cannot stir up, hiding is not good. 哥惹不起,躲还不行嘛。 The black frame eyeglasses younger sister snort/hum, continued to look down the cell phone. 黑框眼镜妹子哼了一声,继续低头看手机。 Also after a while, resounded subway notification sound. 又过了一会,响起了一阵地铁提示音 Ding-dong, the front is Zhongshan Road Station, has passenger who gets out in Zhongshan Road Station, please be ready ahead of time.” After reminder, the vehicle door opens, has the passenger to get out one after another. “叮咚,前方是中山路站,有在中山路站下车的乘客,请您提前做好准备。”提醒过后,车门打开,陆续有乘客下车。 The vehicle door closure, the subway started again. 车门关闭,地铁再一次开了起来。 Also several minutes later, the black frame eyeglasses younger sister raised the head, took a look at an indicating lamp, next one stood she also to get out. 又过了几分钟,黑框眼镜妹子抬头,瞅了一眼指示灯,下一站她也要下车了。 Originally today's mood is good, what a pity ran into that smelly fatty. 本来今天的心情还挺好,可惜遇到了那个臭胖子。 Unlucky. 晦气。 The black frame eyeglasses younger sister received the cell phone, routine touched to capture: „It is not right, my wallet.” 黑框眼镜妹子收起了手机,习惯性的摸了一下兜:“不对呀,我的钱包呢。” I remember obviously placed the coat pocket. In the pants does not have.” “我明明记得放在上衣口袋了。裤子里也没有。” My money, ID card and bankcard in inside.” “我的钱,身份证、银行卡都在里面。” The black frame eyeglasses younger sister was somewhat anxious, observed the situation the ground not to find as before, is asking to the surrounding person: „Did uncle aunt, big brother eldest sister, you see my wallet?” 黑框眼镜妹子有些急了,环视地面依旧没找到,对着周围的人问道:“叔叔阿姨,大哥大姐,你们看到我的钱包了吗?” Sat in opposite Sir proceeds to refer to: Sat by you a moment ago that young fellow, wears mask that touched.” 一个坐在对面的大爷往前指了指:“刚才坐你旁边那个小伙子,戴着口罩那个,摸走了。” „, My wallet was stolen!” The black frame eyeglasses younger sister brings the weeping voice, complained: You saw, why did not remind me.” “啊,我的钱包被偷了!”黑框眼镜妹子带着哭腔,抱怨道:“你都看到了,为什么不提醒我。” Sir is somewhat awkward: „ I said is too straightforward, the thief was anxious, what to do holds 大爷有些尴尬:“我说的太直白,小偷急了,捅我一刀咋办,我这么大年纪了,出了事,谁照顾我。” You can tactful remind me.” The younger sister of black frame eyeglasses is discontented to say. “那你可以委婉一点提醒我呀。”黑框眼镜的妹子不满道。 Sir shrugged: I also feared that was scolded!” 大爷摊了摊手:“我也怕被骂呀!” () ()
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