DF :: Volume #4

#393: Revealing the truth

Answers the telephone, Han Bin returns to Interrogation Room again. 接完电话,韩彬再次返回审讯室 „Did you also conceal other crimes to the police?” “你是不是还向警方隐瞒了其他罪行?” „Did you check the toxicant in red wine?” Zhu Jianhui asked. “你们查到红酒里的毒药了?”朱建辉问道。 The Han Bin probe said: „Do you want to prescribe medicine to kill by poison her to Xinxue?” 韩彬试探道:“你想给吕欣雪下药毒死她?” Right.” “对。” Han Bin knits the brows: „It is not right, this does not conform to your committing a crime style, why does not kill Xinxue like the first two dead.” 韩彬皱了皱眉:“不对,这不符合你的作案风格,为什么不像前两个死者那样杀死吕欣雪。” You think that I don't think? I also hope, she can not have the flaw to the snowman equally pure white, but I cannot achieve.” “你以为我不想?我也希望,她可以向雪人一样洁白无瑕,但我做不到。” Li Hui closely examines: What meaning is being able to achieve?” 李辉追问:“做不到是什么意思?” I have the innumerable opportunities to kill her, I cannot fall asleep in the evening, she is lying down in side, I have attempted......, but, I cannot start, I can kill her substitute commodity, but I cannot start to her, I do not want to see her pain the look, I...... really love her very much.” “我有无数个机会杀死她,我晚上睡不着,她就在旁边躺着,我尝试过……但,我下不了手,我可以杀死她的代替品,但我对她下不了手,我不想看到她痛苦的神色,我……真的很爱她。” You also are really......” words speak of general, Li Hui does not know how should say. “你还真是……”话说到一般,李辉也不知该如何说了。 Therefore, you want to kill by poison her with the toxicant.” Han Bin said. “所以,你就想用毒药毒死她。”韩彬道。 Right, she likes with the red wine, I help her pour the liquor each time, will add some medicines in inside.” “对,她喜欢和红酒,每次我帮她倒酒,都会在里面加一些药。” You have intoxicated to her!” Some Han Bin surprise, but also thinks that Zhu Jianhui just intoxicated, Xinxue escapes exactly. “你已经给她下过毒了!”韩彬有些诧异,还以为朱建辉是刚刚下毒,吕欣雪恰好逃过了一劫。 Zhu Jianhui said with a smile: Yes, I do not give up her, does not hope that she is too painful, is lets her death slowly side me, my bosom.” 朱建辉笑道:“是,我舍不得她,也不希望她太痛苦,就是让她慢慢的死在我身边,我的怀里。” Han Bin snort/hum said: You also really love her.” 韩彬哼道:“你还真是爱她。” Zhu Jianhui restrains the smiling face, sincere say/way: Good, in the world's second person so will not have loved her like me.” 朱建辉收敛笑容,正色道:“不错,天底下没有第二个人会像我这般爱她了。” What you give under her is what poison?” “你给她下的是什么毒?” Mix.” “混合的。” What has?” “都有什么?” Mouse medicine and nitrite.” “鼠药和亚硝酸盐。” You are really ruthless enough.” “你还真够狠的。” Han Bin snort/hum, referred to nearby Zhao Ming: To a Tian Li round of information, making Xinxue go to the hospital to make an inspection, she chronic has possibly been poisoned.” 韩彬哼了一声,指了指一旁的赵明:“给田丽发信息,让吕欣雪去医院做个检查,她很可能已经慢性中毒了。” When Han Bin remembers Xinxue makes the record, chatted few, the opposite party has the sweating, exhausted looking and even also almost to faint, Han Bin only thinks that she was frightened, now thinks that very possible was the body had the problem. 韩彬想起给吕欣雪做笔录时,才聊了没几句,对方就出虚汗、神色疲惫、甚至还差点晕倒,韩彬只以为她是被吓得,现在想想很可能是身体出现了问题。 Zhu Jianhui, you kept on proclaiming loves your wife, why did not divorce her directly, like this everyone extricated, must select this extreme method to injure mutually.” Li Hui is really incomprehensible. “朱建辉,你口口声声说爱你老婆,为什么不直接跟她离婚,这样大家都解脱了,非要采用这种极端的方式相互伤害。”李辉实在是不能理解。 Because I loved her, could not find compared with her well, I cannot do without her. My rather she died, does not think her with other man in the same place.” “因为我太爱她了,找不到比她更好的了,我不能没有她。我宁愿她死了,也不想她跟别的男人在一起。” Li Hui shakes the head: Your this is not the love, but holds yu.” 李辉摇了摇头:“你这不是爱,只是占有yu。” Loves originally so.” “爱本就如此。” Zhu Jianhui is looking at opposite Li Hui, he chats today very happily, suppresses for two years in words at heart, altogether said: Gives you an advice, wants to listen.” 朱建辉望着对面的李辉,他今天聊得很痛快,将两年来憋在心里的话,一股脑的都说了出来:“给你个忠告,想不想听。” You said.” Li Hui is very curious, the opposite party can say what words. “你说。”李辉很好奇,对方能说出什么话。 Zhu Jianhui's saying every single word or phrase: Wife, must ask itself to like. However, absolutely do not look for that most likes. Tired, is tired!” 朱建辉一字一句的说道:“老婆,一定要找自己喜欢的。但是,绝对不要找最喜欢的那个。累,非常累!” Can with the person who oneself most like in the same place, is a luck.” Li Hui said. “能跟自己最喜欢的人在一起,也是一种运气。”李辉道。 Perhaps.” Zhu Jianhui look is complex. “也许吧。”朱建辉神色复杂。 Why do you reconsider Xinxue to betray you?” Li Hui closely examines. “你有没有反思过吕欣雪为什么要背叛你?”李辉追问。 Has thought that daily is thinking, can only say is I am useless, to life that she wanted, she was my entirety, but obviously, I was not her entirety.” “想过,天天都在想,只能说是我没用,给不了她想要的生活,她是我的全部,但显然,我不是她的全部。” Coughs......” “咳……” Han Bin coughed lightly, preventing two people from continuing more to chat in the sentimental topic is deeper, so as to avoid Li Hui was brought crookedly: 韩彬轻咳了一声,阻止了两人继续在感情的话题上越聊越深,免得李辉被带歪了: Why you want the body of goner to place in the snowman, moreover do both hands at the back, kneel to sit on the ground?” “你为什么要将死者的尸体放在雪人里,而且双手背着、跪坐在地上?” Zhu Jianhui shows the serious look: Kneeling, is hopes that they can confess and reform, the snow is representing chastely, hopes that they can the bath snow rebirth, not have the flaw pure white.” 朱建辉露出郑重的神色:“跪着,是希望她们可以忏悔、改过,雪代表着纯洁,希望他们可以浴雪重生,洁白无瑕。” You have thought that what true making the mistake is your wife, Gu Yuwen and Xue Mengjiao is innocent?” Zhao Ming asked. “那你有没有想过,真正做错的是你的妻子,顾玉文和薛梦娇是无辜的?”赵明问道。 Gu Yuwen is my wife's substitute commodity, she looked like with my wife. My wife betrayed me, eastern Marseilles actually loves for one another with Gu Yuwen, I acknowledged that I am jealous them, sees them the show love before me, my heart looks like by the needle is gripped same hurting, is strange, blames her to have the husband who a love shows off.” “顾玉文是我妻子的代替品,她跟我妻子长得太像了。我妻子背叛了我,马塞东和顾玉文却相亲相爱,我承认我妒忌他们,看到他们两个在我面前秀恩爱,我的心就像是被针扎一样的疼,要怪,就怪她有一个爱显摆的丈夫。” Xue Mengjiao? Is she this year only 19 years old? Let her suffer such pain, don't you have the heart?” Zhao Ming thought that was a pity very much. “那薛梦娇的?她今年才十九岁?让她遭受那样的痛苦,你于心何忍?”赵明觉得很可惜。 I tracked Xue Mengjiao some time, to be honest, I also somewhat was at that time tenderhearted, wants to let off Xue Mengjiao, retaliates Xue Lipeng with other methods, but one time the time of tracking Xue Mengjiao, I discovered that he leads a man to shake in Audi.” Zhu Jianhui reveals wipes to sneer: “我跟踪了薛梦娇一段时间,说实话,我当时也有些心软,想放过薛梦娇,用其他的方法报复薛立鹏,但有一次跟踪薛梦娇的时候,我发现他带着一个男人在奥迪震。”朱建辉露出一抹冷笑: Saw such a, I remembered her father, remembers Xue Lipeng and my wife...... has his father to have his female in the car(riage), since she is also good this, I help her!” “看到了那么一幕,我就想起了她的父亲,就想起薛立鹏和我老婆在车里……有其父必有其女,既然她也好这一口,我就成全她!” Han Bin drank tea, the probe said: Said Xia Bin hai.” 韩彬喝了一口茶水,试探道:“说说夏斌海吧。” What?” “什么?” Xia Bin hai.” “夏斌海。” Who is Xia Bin hai?” Zhu Jianhui asked back. “谁是夏斌海?”朱建辉反问。 His also name was Natsuhiko to become.” “他还有一个名字叫夏彦成。” Zhu Jianhui shrugs the arm: I do not know this person.” 朱建辉耸了耸肩膀:“我不认识这个人。” Really?” “真的?” „Do I need to deceive you?” Zhu Jianhui said. “我有必要骗你们吗?”朱建辉道。 Other must confess?” Han Bin is holding the attitude of trying, really failed. “还有其他要交代的吗?”韩彬只是抱着试一试的态度,果然还是落空了。 Did not have, I want to say said.” Zhu Jianhui complied with one, asked back: Police comrade, my coordination you investigates positively, can not sentence the death penalty.” “没了,我想说的都说完了。”朱建辉应了一声,反问:“警察同志,我这么积极的配合你们查案,能不能不判死刑。” „Aren't you do not fear death?” Li Hui snort/hum said. “你不是不怕死吗?”李辉哼道。 I do not fear death, but hopes that my wife can predecease, sent off her, I was steadfast.” Zhu Jianhui sighs: Keeps this complex society her, I really did not feel relieved.” “我是不怕死,只是希望我老婆能先死,把她送走了,我心里就踏实了。”朱建辉叹了一口气:“把她一个人留在这个复杂的社会,我真的不放心。” You lose heart, we had caught you, killing your wife who no one will deliberately plan again.” Li Hui said. “那你就死了心吧,我们已经把你抓了,没人会再处心积虑的杀你老婆。”李辉道。 This did not need you to worry, you have not replied me, can sentence the death penalty?” “这就不用你操心了,你们还没回答我,会不会判死刑?” These words, you remain are asking the judge.” Han Bin says a few words, set out to leave Interrogation Room. “这句话,你还是留着问法官吧。”韩彬撂下一句话,起身离开了审讯室 ...... …… Qindao City People's Hospital. 琴岛市人民医院。 Xue Lipeng lies down on the hospital bed, as before is glassy-eyed. 薛立鹏躺在病床上,依旧是目光呆滞。 He closes one's eyes, will remember daughter killed one. 他一闭上眼,就会想起女儿被杀的一幕。 This killing him was more painful. 这比杀了他还痛苦。 He rather dies, does not hope that the daughter suffers that type to suffer. 他宁愿死,也不希望女儿遭受那种折磨。 Why? 为什么? The God, why can you like this? 老天爷,你为什么要这样? Xue Lipeng is the atheism. 薛立鹏是无神论。 However he could not bear over the two days, interrogation heaven repeatedly. 但是他这两天还是忍不住,一遍又一遍的质问上天。 He hopes that this is a dream, hopes oneself hurry to wake up. 他多么希望这是一场梦,希望自己赶紧醒来。 Bang!” “砰!” , The gate was shoved open, Xue Lipeng had a scare, hits one to tremble. 的一声,门被推开了,薛立鹏被吓了一大跳,打了一个哆嗦。 His present body and is very at heart weak, cannot withstand storm. 他现在身体和心里都很弱,经不起一点风浪。 forest moon/month was tenderly cold a face to enter the hospital ward, let originally the warm hospital ward, instantaneously several points of chill in the air. 林月娇冷着一张脸走进了病房,让原本温暖的病房,瞬间多了几分寒意。 Moon/Month is tender, do you do?” “月娇,你这是干嘛?” I come to inform your one, I must report you.” forest moon/month tender cold sound said. “我来是要通知你一声,我要举报你。”林月娇冷声道。 What insanity you send, I, reported that what meaning like this I also do have?” Xue Lipeng is very clear, even if own recovered, wound at heart is unable to restore, is unable in the competent past work. “你发什么疯,我都这样了,举报我还有什么意思?”薛立鹏很清楚,自己的身体就算恢复了,心里的创伤也无法恢复,无法在胜任之前的工作。 I must report you not only, I must report that several bad woman, I must make them remove from office.” forest Yuejiao clenches jaws to say. “我不光要举报你,我还要举报那几个坏女人,我要让她们都免职。”林月娇咬牙切齿道。 Xue Lipeng said worn out: Daughters had died, do you struggle these to be interesting?” 薛立鹏有气无力道:“女儿都已经死了,你争这些还有意思吗?” You know how the daughter dies? Was killed by Zhu Jianhui!” “你知道女儿是怎么死的吗?是被朱建辉杀死的!” Who is Zhu Jianhui?” Xue Lipeng is bewildered. “朱建辉是谁?”薛立鹏一脸茫然。 forest Yuejiao shouts: Was too laughable, unexpectedly husband who you do not know Xinxue!” 林月娇喊道:“太可笑了,你居然不认识吕欣雪的老公!” No, is impossible, such possibly!” Xue Lipeng shows the painful look. “不,不可能,这么可能!”薛立鹏露出痛苦的神色。 He does not like to believe that this result, does not mean the sentiment to Xinxue deeply, but is he is unable to accept the daughter to be killed by oneself. 他不愿意相信这个结果,并不是说对吕欣雪的感情有多深,而是他无法接受女儿是被自己害死的。 „Aren't you clear? The person who Zhu Jianhui must retaliate is you, this is he to the reason that you send the video!” forest Yuejiao is also demented of face: Was you killed the daughter, was you!” “你还不明白吗?朱建辉要报复的人是你,这就是他给你发视频的原因!”林月娇也是一脸的癫狂:“是你害死了女儿,是你!” Video, the video...... is not I, in the video is false, the dream has not died tenderly, I am having a dream, this is a dream...... the God asks you, made me awake quickly!” Xue Lipeng both hands are holding the head, in the sound passes voices a despair. “视频,视频……不是我,视频里都是假的,梦娇没有死,我是在做梦,这是一场梦……老天爷求求你,快让我醒了吧!”薛立鹏双手抱着头,声音中透发出一种绝望。 Xue Lipeng, I really regretted, regretted this whole life runs into you.” forest Yuejiao said, turned around to leave the hospital ward. “薛立鹏,我真后悔,后悔这辈子遇到你。”林月娇说完,转身离开了病房。 „!” Xue Lipeng pain yelled, holds to tumble from the bed, straight falling on the ground. “啊!”薛立鹏痛苦的大叫了一声,抱着头从床上滚落,直挺挺的摔在了地上。 Hears the nurse of sound, quickly ran in the hospital ward, examined the Xue Lipeng situation, shouts with the anxious tone: Called the doctor quickly, the patient brain extravasated blood recrudescence of No. 14 bed!” 听到动静的护士,急忙跑进了病房,查看了一下薛立鹏的情况,用焦急的语气喊道:“快叫医生,14号床的病人脑淤血复发了!” ...... …… Next morning. 翌日上午。 Yuhua Branch Station, 3rd Criminal Investigation Corps, 2nd Squad office. 玉华分局,刑侦三队,二组办公室。 Han Bin stands by the window, enjoyed the rare peace, police station about half of people are going to the grassroots ranks the rotational exercise. 韩彬站在窗户旁,享受着难得的安静,警局将近一半的人都下基层轮岗锻炼了。 Crossed again on the 2nd, when exploded cheats the influence of case to eliminate, it is estimated that they can return. 再过两日,等爆诈案的影响消除了,估计他们就能返回了。 At this time, under the sky falls gently the fragmentary raindrop. 此时,天空中飘落下零星的雨滴。 These, the Qindao temperature has restored in zero on the 2nd, this year should not snow again. 这两日,琴岛的气温已经恢复到了零上,今年应该不会再下雪了。 Clip clop......” footsteps sound, Tian Li and Zhao Ming walked from outside. “哒哒……”一阵脚步声响起,田丽赵明从外面走了进来。 Li Hui finishes up work on hand, said curiously: 李辉放下手头的工作,好奇道: Xinxue situation how?” “吕欣雪的情况怎么样了?” Tian Li took off the scarf, takes off outside coat: „It is not optimistic, her symptom of poisoning is very serious, the body many organs had the failures in varying degrees, the special details also need the expert consultation.” 田丽摘下了围巾,脱掉外面的大衣:“不乐观,她的中毒症状已经很严重了,身体多个器官出现了不同程度的衰竭,具体情况还需要专家会诊。” Li Hui sighs with emotion: This Zhu Jianhui is really a ruthless person.” 李辉感慨道:“这个朱建辉真是个狠人。” Sun Xiaopeng is somewhat puzzled: Zhu Jianhui did not have the criminal record before, otherwise, we catch him.” 孙晓鹏有些不解:“朱建辉以前也没有犯罪记录呀,否则,咱们早就抓到他了。” Zhu Jianhui this person is satisfied just to get by, has only thought happy easy life, this happiness is fetters, once his happiness were destroyed, without the fetter of fetters, will turn into a biting hungry wolf.” The Han Bin analysis said. “朱建辉这个人小富即安,只想过自己幸福的小日子,这种幸福是一种羁绊,一旦他的幸福被人破坏,没有了羁绊的束缚,就会变成一只咬人的饿狼。”韩彬分析道。 His criminal intent and technique, before us suspect somewhat.” Li Hui said looking pensive. “他的犯罪目的和手法,跟咱们以前遇到的嫌疑人有些不同。”李辉若有所思道。 That was certainly different, what before we checked was the ordinary homicide ; These is actually series murder case time, but the series killer mostly has the psychological disease, itself cannot regard by the average man.” Tian Li said. “那当然不一样了,以前咱们查的是普通凶杀案;这一次却是查的连环杀人案,而连环杀手大多都是有心理疾病的,本身就不能以常人去看待。”田丽说道。 Han Bin then said: Strict sense, Zhu Jianhui is not the series killer, he should situated in the ordinary murderers and series killers, he has one to wrap/sets of oneself murder method, but is mainly primarily taking revenge.” 韩彬接着说道:“严格意义上来说,朱建辉算不上连环杀手,他应该是介于普通凶手和连环杀手之间,他有一套自己的杀人方法,但主要还是以复仇为主。” If we have not caught him, Zhu Jianhui later can turn into the series killer?” Zhao Ming pursues asks. “那如果咱们没抓到他,朱建辉以后会不会变成连环杀手?”赵明追问道。 Han Bin thought deeply about the moment: We stress his time to be very essential, homicide Xue Mengjiao and intoxicate to Xinxue to revenge, after he retaliated Xinxue and Xue Lipeng . If he can put down, should not kill people again.” 韩彬思索了片刻:“咱们抓他的时机很关键,他杀薛梦娇和给吕欣雪下毒都是为了报仇,他报复了吕欣雪和薛立鹏之后。如果他能放下,应该就不会再杀人。” But if he kills people again, he will turn into a true series killer, later is very difficult to call a halt again.” “但如果他再杀人,他就会变成一个真正的连环杀手,以后很难再停手。” Thump thump......” “咚咚……” „......” “咣咣……” In the meantime, outside resounds loud noise. 就在此时,外面响起一阵喧闹声。 Zhao Ming hit to tremble: My day, I also thought and explode cheat.” 赵明打了个哆嗦:“我日,我还以为又爆诈了呢。” Your hyperaesthesia, obviously is the beating gongs and drums sound.” Tian Li shows the whites of the eyes. “你神经过敏吧,明明是敲锣打鼓声。”田丽翻了个白眼。 Sister Tian, you, if the short distance feels has exploded cheats, perhaps also feels compared with me.” Zhao Ming reveals wipes the forced smile. 田姐,你要是近距离感受过爆诈,没准比我还感。”赵明露出一抹苦笑。 Du Qi stands by the window shouts: Looked, one group of people entered the branch station yard.” 杜奇站在窗户旁喊道:“过来看,有一群人进了分局大院。” Han Bin arrives by the window, looks toward downstairs yard, really saw that one group of people took the banner, beating gongs and drums were walking. 韩彬走到窗户旁,往楼下大院望去,果然看到一群人拿着横幅,敲锣打鼓的走了进来。 Han Bin discovered a familiar person's shadow from the crowd. 韩彬从人群中发现了一个熟悉的人影。 Nearby Li Hui shouts: „, Isn't that snowman case husband eastern Marseilles of first victim?” 一旁的李辉喊道:“诶,那不是雪人案的第一个受害者的丈夫马塞东吗?” () ()
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