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#391: true culprit

Manager , which person are you?” “吕经理,你是哪的人?” Qindao person.” 琴岛人。” Han Bin probe say/way hears your sound, does not seem like Area Qindao City.” 韩彬试探道“听你的声音,不像是琴岛市的呀。” I am Leppin.” “我是莱平市的。” When do you adjust Area Qindao City?” “你什么时候调到琴岛市的?” „More than one year, I was the normal change of station.” “有一年多了吧,我是正常的工作调动。” What person in your family has?” “你家里都有什么人?” My husband, my parents.” “我丈夫,还有我父母。” Where are they at?” “他们在哪?” My parents in Leppin, my husband also in Area Qindao City.” “我父母在莱平市,我丈夫也在琴岛市。” „Does your husband name?” “你丈夫叫什么名字?” Zhu Jianhui.” “朱建辉。” When does your husband come Area Qindao City?” “你丈夫什么时候来琴岛市的?” Last year came.” “去年来的。” „Is your husband also the Leppin people?” “你丈夫也是莱平市人吗?” Right.” Xinxue puts out the paper goods, wiped head sweat. “对。”吕欣雪拿出纸巾,擦了擦头上的汗水。 You do know named Gu Yuwen?” “你认不认识一个叫顾玉文的?” Did not know.” “不认识。” Eastern Marseilles?” “马塞东?” This name, I good to want a little impression.” “这个名,我好想有点印象。” Han Bin does not worry, static is waiting. 韩彬也不着急,静静的等着。 After a while, Xinxue says „thought that he seemed like my husband's schoolmate, listening to my husband to raise.” 过了一会,吕欣雪开口说道“想起来了,他好像是我丈夫的同学,听我丈夫提过。” Hears this, Han Bin is at heart bright, the victims of two cases related. 听到这,韩彬心里已经明朗了,两个案件的受害人联系起来了。 Naturally, this is only Xinxue statement of only one of the parties, Han Bin does not have complete trust. 当然,这只是吕欣雪的一面之词,韩彬也没有完全的相信。 A Han Bin thread of conversation revolution, returned to the beforehand issue Xinxue, what you and Xue are Lipeng relates?” 韩彬话锋一转,又回到了之前的问题“吕欣雪,你和薛立鹏是什么关系?” Xinxue had a yawn, appears me not to mean somewhat exhaustedly, is the ordinary colleague relations.” 吕欣雪打了个哈欠,显得有些疲惫“我不是说了嘛,就是普通的同事关系。” Xue Lipeng did not say.” “薛立鹏可不是这么说的。” How did he say?” Xinxue asked back. “那他是怎么说的?”吕欣雪反问。 He said, you are her sentiment ren.” “他说,你是她的情ren。” Is impossible, you do not need to deceive me.” Xinxue does intentionally the relaxed say/way. “不可能,你不用骗我。”吕欣雪故作轻松道。 She does not believe that Xue Lipeng will crack a joke with oneself qian way. 她不相信薛立鹏会拿自己的qian途开玩笑。 Generally, he will indeed not acknowledge this matter, but the present situation is different, you know why he does return to Qindao ahead of time?” “一般情况下,他的确不会承认这种事,但现在的情况不同,你知道他为什么提前返回琴岛吗?” Probably said that in the family/home has the matter.” “好像说家里有事。” Good, her daughter was killed, this matter is very big to his attack, murderer who to find to kill his daughter, his anything agrees said that relations among you.” “不错,她的女儿被人杀了,这件事对他的打击很大,为了找到杀他女儿的凶手,他什么都肯说,包括你们之间的关系。” Xinxue is biting the lip, appears his daughter to be killed somewhat anxiously, what relations has with me?” 吕欣雪咬着嘴唇,显得有些紧张“他的女儿被杀,跟我有什么关系?” I asked again your, what are you two relate?” “我再问你一遍,你们两个是什么关系?” You asked that several are also the same, we are the ordinary colleague relations.” Xinxue tone is assured. “你问几遍也一样,我们就是普通的同事关系。”吕欣雪语气笃定。 Xue Lipeng can give up all for the daughter, does not represent her also to want. 薛立鹏可以为了女儿放弃一切,不代表她也愿意。 She will not acknowledge. 她不会承认的。 Han Bin turns head, looks calls Xue Lipeng to nearby Tian Li, tells him, Xinxue does not coordinate the police to investigate.” 韩彬扭头,望向一旁的田丽“给薛立鹏打电话,告诉他,吕欣雪不配合警方调查。” Got it.” Tian Li puts out the cell phone. “明白了。”田丽拿出手机。 Wait.” Xinxue rushes to prevent, leave alone after Xue Lipeng how, the opposite party is the line rises now as before( non- wrong character), a few words can decide her staying or going. “等等。”吕欣雪赶忙阻止,别管薛立鹏以后如何,对方现在依旧是行涨(非错字),一句话就可以决定她的去留。 Her these years efforts, in vain waste. 那她这些年的努力,岂不是白白浪费了。 If I said that can be influential to my future?” “如果我说了,会不会对我的前途有影响?” Han Bin transferred the pen, deprecating say/way we are the police, so long as your non- criminal case , there is nothing to do with us.” 韩彬转了转笔,不以为意道“我们是警察,只要你不违法犯罪,跟我们无关。” „Can the words that I speak today, be known by others?” “我今天说的话,会不会被其他人知道?” Content of record, only then police's internal personnel can see.” “笔录的内容,只有警方内部的办案人员可以看到。” After Xinxue hesitated, saying slowly I acknowledged, I am Xue Lipeng sentiment ren 吕欣雪迟疑了一番后,缓缓的说道“我承认,我是薛立鹏的情ren” When do you from start?” “你们从什么时候开始的?” Two years ago, I came Qindao training to know, afterward...... we, me depended on his relations to adjust the city together, I hoped a better future, live was better, I have not thought harmed anyone, the death that with Xue Lipeng daughter, was relations does not have.” “两年前吧,我来琴岛培训就认识了,后来……我们在一起了,我靠着他的关系调到了市里,我只是希望有个更好的前途,活的更好,我没有想过伤害谁,跟薛立鹏女儿的死,更是一点关系都没有。” „Does your husband know you two relations?” “你丈夫知道你们两个的关系吗?” Xinxue lowers the head does not know how I possibly told him.” 吕欣雪低下了头“不知道,我怎么可能告诉他。” „Do you have with your husband have mentioned the matter in bank?” “你有没有跟你丈夫提过银行里的事?” Rarely, I feared that said inadvertently.” “很少,我怕说漏嘴。” „Do you know a person named Xia Bin hai?” “你认不认识一个叫夏斌海的人?” Did not know.” “不认识。” „Does Natsuhiko become?” “夏彦成呢?” Has not listened.” “没听过。” Where is your husband at?” “你丈夫在哪?” At home, he has a vacation, added that makes me go back in the evening earlier, must make feast to me.” Xinxue as if felt that the meaning in Han Bin words police comrade, what relations my husband and this case did have?” “在家,他已经放假了,还说让我晚上早点回去,要给我做一顿大餐。”吕欣雪似乎感觉到了韩彬话里的意思“警察同志,我丈夫和这个案子有什么关系吗?” „Have you heard the snowman case?” “你听说过雪人案吗?” Does not know.” “不知道。” The when first dead of snowman case was killed, Xinxue has adjusted the city. But Xue Mengjiao was killed, she just went to Quanzhou to meet. 雪人案的第一个死者被杀时,吕欣雪就已经调到了市里。而薛梦娇被杀害的时候,她刚好去泉州开会了。 We suspected, was your husband killed Xue Lipeng daughter.” Han Bin speech time, is staring at the expression of opposite party. “我们怀疑,是你丈夫杀死了薛立鹏的女儿。”韩彬说话的时候,盯着对方的表情。 This is how possible!” Xinxue shows the surprised look, then fierce standing up, body one crooked, as if must faint. “这怎么可能!”吕欣雪露出惊讶的神色,而后猛的站起身来,身子一歪,似乎要晕倒了。 Did Han Bin rush to assist her you? The body is all right.” 韩彬赶忙扶助了她“你怎么了?身体没事吧。” No, possibly worked recently is too busy, is quite tired, the new year's celebration rested for several days to be good.” Xinxue complexion was somewhat pale, made a deep breath, got strength back. “没什么,可能是最近工作太忙,身体比较疲惫,过年休息几天就好了。”吕欣雪脸色有些苍白,做了个深呼吸,才缓过劲来。 A moment ago police comrade, you said matter about my husband, real?” “警察同志,你们刚才说的关于我丈夫的事,都是真的吗?” Your husband now is only the suspicion object, as for is really false, but also after needs to interrogate, knows.” Han Bin said truthfully. “你丈夫现在只是嫌疑对象,至于是真是假,还需要审讯之后才知道。”韩彬如实说道。 How like this, my husband is a very honest person, according to me to his understanding, he is impossible to kill people.” Xinxue is biting the lip, some do not believe as before. “怎么会这样,我丈夫是一个很老实的人,依照我对他的了解,他是不可能杀人的。”吕欣雪咬着嘴唇,依旧有些不相信。 Saw that the opposite party had/left the sweating, Han Bin hands over a paper goods „to lead us to go to your family, we want to make a record to your husband.” 看到对方又出虚汗,韩彬递了一张纸巾“能不能带我们去你家,我们想给你丈夫做个笔录。” If Zhu Jianhui is really the murderer of snowman case, then this person is very dangerous, bringing under control seizing must achieve absolutely safe, the best way, is to make assist to seize joyfully. 如果朱建辉真是雪人案的凶手,那么这个人很危险,布控抓捕也要做到万无一失,最好的办法,就是让吕欣然协助抓捕。 I......” “我……” Xinxue has the suspicion to hesitate, after all is couple, her husband has not done has been unfair to her matter, leading the police to come to catch him, Xinxue some ridge at heart. 吕欣雪有嫌疑犹豫,毕竟是夫妻一场,她丈夫也没做过对不起她的事,带着警察上门抓他,吕欣雪有些过不了心里的坎。 Han Bin has not compelled her, but showed several pictures, points at Gu Yuwen a clear photo you to have a look at this woman to look familiar?” 韩彬没有逼她,而是拿出了几张照片,指着一张顾玉文的清晰照“你看看这个女人眼熟吗?” Xinxue has carefully watched the picture, knits the brows felt that her makings is a bit like me.” 吕欣雪仔细看过照片,皱了皱眉“感觉她的气质有点像我。” Her name was Gu Yuwen, was the first victim of snowman case. The method of murderer is very cruel, kills her in the car(riage) strongly, then, hid her corpse in the snowman, melted after the snowman, the police found her body.” “她叫顾玉文,是雪人案的第一个被害人。凶手的手段十分残忍,在车里将她强健杀害,然后,将她的尸体藏在了雪人里,直到雪人融化之后,警方才找到了她的尸体。” Xinxue hand grabs the clothes, seems somewhat anxious. 吕欣雪的手抓着衣服,显得有些紧张。 Han Bin showed the picture of several Gu Yuwen crime scene, looked to Xinxue. 韩彬又拿出了几张顾玉文案发现场的照片,给吕欣雪看了看。 What relations does this have with me?” “这跟我有什么关系?” Han Bin shows several pictures „the person on picture is Xue Mengjiao, is Xue Lipeng daughter, he was also killed with the similar technique by the murderer, although she does not look like you, but, is actually your sentiment ren daughter.” 韩彬又拿出几张照片“照片上的人是薛梦娇,也就是薛立鹏的女儿,他也被凶手用同样的手法杀死,她虽然长得不像你,但是,却是你情ren的女儿。” Just started to handle the snowman case time, Han Bin has wanted to determine two common grounds of dead, afterward thought through, among the victims is completely not necessarily same, they possibly with real target had the partial similarity, or had certain relations. 刚开始办理雪人案的时候,韩彬一直想要确定两个死者的共同点,后来才想通了,受害人之间未必完全相同,她们可能只是跟真正作案目标的有部分相似,或者说存在某些联系。 When Han Bin sees Xinxue, determined that she is the suspect real target. 韩彬看到吕欣雪的时候,就确定她才是嫌疑人真正的作案目标。 Xinxue looks like with the dead appearance, build, age and makings first snowman case very much. 吕欣雪跟第一个雪人案的死者容貌、体型、年龄、气质都很像。 In other words, Gu Yuwen is very possible is Xinxue substitute commodity. 换句话说,顾玉文很可能是吕欣雪的代替品。 As for Xue Mengjiao, although the age and makings are different from Xinxue, but, his truly Xinxue sentiment ren daughter. 至于薛梦娇,虽然年纪和气质都和吕欣雪不同,但是,他确实吕欣雪情ren的女儿。 To put it bluntly, two victim look like Xinran very much, has the close relation with joyfully, represented Xinran some aspect. 说白了,两个受害者一个很像吕欣然,一个跟吕欣然有密切关系,都是代表了吕欣然的某一方面。 Xinxue does reveal wipes the color of fear this...... this is really my husband does?” 吕欣雪露出一抹恐惧之色“这……这真是我丈夫做的?” Asking that the Han Bin intent has referred to supposition, is your husband does, you felt, who his next goal can be?” 韩彬意有所指的问道“假设,是你丈夫做的,你觉得,他的下一个目标会是谁?” I do not believe, my husband has not killed the chicken, how possibly to kill people?” “我不相信,我丈夫连鸡都没杀过,怎么可能杀人?” Xinxue recalled that husband's point point Didi, in his mind, his husband is a steadfast person, sometimes no temperament, no desire to do better, he even feels the opposite party a little mother. 吕欣雪回想起丈夫的点点滴滴,在他印象里,他的丈夫是个踏踏实实的人,没什么脾气、也没什么上进心,有时候他甚至觉得对方有点娘。 Not likely man. 不像个男人。 We obtained the committing a crime video of murderer, but the murderer is wears a mask, the police are unable to distinguish him are the status, if very familiar person, should be able to recognize, are you willing to identify?” “我们获得了凶手的作案视频,只不过凶手是蒙面的,警方无法识别他是身份,不过如果是十分熟悉的人,应该可以认出来,你愿意辨认吗?” Xinxue thinks, was the agreement. 吕欣雪想了想,还是同意了。 If really oneself husband, Xinxue thinks to feel afraid, even is it can be said that absolutely terrified. 如果真是自己的丈夫,吕欣雪想想就觉得害怕,甚至可以说是毛骨悚然。 If not own husband, the couples in that also province have no consideration for face. 如果不是自己的丈夫,那也省的夫妻撕破脸。 Video somewhat will be ill, you must have a preparation.” Han Bin warned. “视频可能会有些不适,你要有个准备。”韩彬告诫。 I knew.” “我知道了。” Han Bin signals with the eyes to nearby Tian Li, Tian Li put out the tablet PC, broadcasts video that Xue Mengjiao was killed. 韩彬给一旁的田丽使了个眼色,田丽拿出了平板电脑,播放了薛梦娇被害的视频。 Xinxue just looked at the video time, both hands closely grab the pants, the complexion is somewhat intense. 吕欣雪刚看视频的时候,双手紧紧抓着裤子,脸色有些紧张。 Looks, the intense look turned into the fear. 看着看着,紧张的神色变成了恐惧。 Xinxue extends the right hand that shivers, pointing at tablet PC is being, is...... he is I......” 吕欣雪伸出颤抖的右手,指着平板电脑“是,是……他是我……” Did Tian Li suspend video who he is?” 田丽暂停了视频“他是谁?” Xinxue is opening mouth, crosses said for a long time Zhu Jianhui, he is Zhu Jianhui!” 吕欣雪张着嘴,过了好久才说出声“朱建辉,他是朱建辉!” Heard these words, Han Bin stone at heart falls to the ground finally. 听到这句话,韩彬心里的石头总算是落地了。 ...... …… In the afternoon, Qin Yue neighborhood. 下午,秦悦小区 Number building unit Room 0. 号楼单元0室。 A man wears the blue apron, is busy at work in the kitchen, his movement is very adept. 一个男子戴着蓝色的围裙,正在厨房里忙活,他的动作很娴熟。 Puts on the beef steak the cutting board, struck on the beef steak with the back of the blade, then puts the red wine, black pepper and sea salt souse. 将牛排放到案板上,用刀背在牛排上敲打了一番,而后放上红酒、黑胡椒、海盐腌制。 Also burnt some broccolis, washed several small tomato. 又烫了一些西蓝花,洗了几个小西红柿。 After the men the beef steak souse is good, fried meat sauce, heated pot hot water, the intent surface put into the pot can eat. 男子将牛排腌制好后,又炒了一个肉酱,烧了一锅热水,意面下锅就能吃了。 The men had/left the kitchen, starts to set the table, exchanged a brand-new meal tablecloth, the middle of table put a rose, placed and wine glass the knife and fork places. 男子出了厨房,开始布置餐桌,换上了一个崭新的餐桌布,桌子的中间放上一枝玫瑰花,将刀叉摆放好和酒杯摆放好。 The men put out one bottle of red wines, opened the wooden cork. 男子又拿出了一瓶红酒,起开了木塞。 After waiting for to place, the man takes a stool, arrived by the closet of threshold to buddhism, stands on the stool, opens the uppermost cabinet, takes out a white small jar from inside. 等一切摆放好之后,男子拿着一个凳子,走到了玄关的壁橱旁,站在凳子上,打开最上面的橱柜,从里面取出一个白色的小瓶子。 The men take the small jar to arrive by the table, takes up by window that one side wine glass, poured into one drop cautiously. 男子拿着小瓶子走到餐桌旁,拿起靠窗户那一侧的酒杯,小心翼翼的倒进了一滴。 Then, got up the red wine in the cup again but actually. 而后,再在杯子里倒上了红酒。 Shook shaking. 晃了晃。 Thump thump......” “咚咚……” In the meantime, outside hears knock. 就在此时,外面传来一阵敲门声。 Wonderful reading room 妙书屋 iziweiideshentan0 iziweiideshentan0 .
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