DF :: Volume #4

#390: Lü Xinxue

Qindao City People's Hospital. 琴岛市人民医院。 Hospitalized building 16. 住院楼16层。 Han Bin, Tian Li and Lu Wen three people got down the elevator, just turned in the corridor, saw that forest Yuejiao stands in the hospital ward entrance. 韩彬田丽鲁文三人下了电梯,刚拐进了楼道里,就看到林月娇站在病房门口。 forest Yuejiao squeezes out wipes the smiling face, greeted: Officer Han, Officer Tian.” 林月娇挤出一抹笑容,打招呼:“韩警官,田警官。” Han Bin signals by nodding: Ms. forest, was Xue Lipeng situation good to select?” 韩彬点头示意:“林女士,薛立鹏的情况好点了吗?” How can I say, the person awoke, the words can also say, but compared...... forest moon/month to let arrive at the one side with before tenderly: You look.” “怎么说呢,人是醒了,话也能说,但跟以前相比……”林月娇让到一旁:“还是你们自己去看吧。” The Han Bin three people entered the hospital ward, on the hospital bed were lying down one about 40 -year-old man, some vision delay, static looks at the front. 韩彬三人走进了病房,病床上躺着一个四十岁左右的男子,目光有些呆滞,静静的看着前方。 old Xue, police comrade came to see you.” “老薛,警察同志来看你了。” The middle-aged man has turned head, took a look at one Han Bin three people, the vision fell on Han Bin: Caught? Caught that chu to live?” 中年男子扭过头来,瞅了一眼韩彬三人,目光落在了韩彬身上:“抓到了吗?抓到那个chu生了吗?” We are tracing diligently, today comes to visit Mr. Xue, another, wants to know a situation with you.” “我们正在努力追查,今天过来是想探望一下薛先生,再一个,想跟你了解点情况。” Knows the situation with me.” Xue Lipeng seems somewhat excited, shouts with the hoarse sound: “跟我了解情况。”薛立鹏显得有些激动,用沙哑的声音喊道: You do not catch the murderer, knows what situation with me, I have travelled on official business in Quancheng, the dream dies tenderly I am not, you asked that I am useful.” “你们不去抓凶手,跟我了解什么情况,我一直在泉城出差,梦娇死的时候我都不在,你们问我有什么用。” old Xue, police comrade is helps us investigate, you shouted anything, even if there is a temperament unable to issue, this was not in your line.” forest Yuejiao said that also apologized with Han Bin: “老薛,警察同志是帮助咱们查案的,你喊什么,就算有脾气也不能乱发,这不是你们行里。”林月娇说完,又跟韩彬道歉: Squadron Chief Han, my husband is sad excessively, is not calm, do not lower oneself to the same level with him.” 韩组长,我丈夫是伤心过度,情绪不稳定,您别跟他一般见识。” Since the situation of Mr. Xue is unstable, that first rests.” Han Bin said, turns around to lead the person to leave. “既然薛先生的情况不稳定,那就先休息吧。”韩彬说完,转身就要带人离开。 Seeing the police must walk, Xue Lipeng also somewhat regretted: Waits for, my body, you checked what clue.” 看到警察要走,薛立鹏也有些后悔:“等一下,我的身体还可以,你们都查到什么线索了。” Han Bin has not managed him, was saying to nearby forest Yuejiao: Finds physician-in-charge.” 韩彬没理他,对着一旁的林月娇说:“把主治医生找过来。” You wait a bit, I look.” “您稍等一下,我去找找。” Shortly, forest Yuejiao had one to wear the white coat, to wear the man of eyeglasses to walk. 没多久,林月娇就带着一个穿白大褂、戴着眼镜的男子走了进来。 Han Bin sized up opposite party: „Are you physician-in-charge Xue Lipeng?” 韩彬打量了对方一番:“您是薛立鹏的主治医生?” Yes.” “是。” What's your name ? “您怎么称呼?” „my name is Chen, call my Dr. Chen on the line.” “我姓陈,叫我陈医生就行。” Dr. Chen, my name is Han, is Yuhua Branch Station Criminal Investigation Division, Xue Lipeng situation do you understand?” “陈医生,我姓韩,是玉华分局刑侦队的,薛立鹏的情况您了解吗?” Knows.” “知道一些。” We want to inquire that the situations of some cases, you looked that his body does permit?” “我们想询问一些案件的情况,您看他的身体允许吗?” After yesterday's treatment, his situation has been more or less stable, so long as he agreed, the mood is not specially excited, can question.” “经过昨天的治疗,他的情况已经基本稳定下来,只要他同意,情绪不是特别激动,可以问话。” Like this, I want to ask you to stay in the room, we questioned, if Xue Lipeng body had exceptionally, hopes that you can break promptly.” Han Bin said. “这样,我想请你留在屋子里,我们问话的时候,如果薛立鹏的身体有异常,希望您能及时打断。”韩彬说道。 Dr. Chen knits the brows, as if somewhat hesitates. 陈医生皱了皱眉,似乎有些犹豫。 Dr. Chen, hopes that you can help, this case is very important to us, this is also old Xue's worry, if can solve the case smoothly, I believe that to old Xue's condition also helpful.” forest Yuejiao urged. “陈医生,希望您能帮帮忙,这个案子对我们真的很重要,这也是老薛的心病,如果能够顺利侦破案件,我相信,对老薛的病情也有帮助。”林月娇劝道。 Dr. Chen scratched the eyeglasses, after putting on, nods: Ok.” 陈医生擦了擦眼镜,重新戴上之后,点点头:“行吧。” Thanks.” Han Bin question time, Xue Lipeng really must have an accident, he also has certain responsibility, has Dr. Chen here, was equal to being many a insurance. “谢谢。”韩彬问话的时候,薛立鹏真要出了事,他也有一定的责任,有陈医生在这里,等于是多了一道保险。 Xue Lipeng, I asked again your, can your present body make the record?” Han Bin sincere say/way. “薛立鹏,我再问你一遍,你现在的身体能做笔录吗?”韩彬正色道。 Ok.” “可以。” If records in the process, your body feeling is ill, you must say directly, can stop recording momentarily, yes?” “如果笔录过程中,你的身体感觉不适,你要直接说出来,随时可以中止笔录,明白吗?” Xue Lipeng nods. 薛立鹏点点头。 Explicit reply.” “明确回答。” I understood.” Xue Lipeng replied. “我明白了。”薛立鹏答道。 Han Bin put out the notebook: Xue Lipeng, some time before happening, Xue Mengjiao does have exceptionally?” 韩彬拿出了笔记本:“薛立鹏,案发前的一段时间,薛梦娇有没有异常?” No.” “没有。” Does not want the opens the mouth to come, wants to be clear that said again.” “不要张口就来,想清楚再说。” As far as you know, Xue Mengjiao does have the personal enemy?” “据你所知,薛梦娇有没有仇人?” My daughter is so clever, from infancy to maturity without has fought against the schoolmate, how possibly having a grudge person. Moreover she does not have a school gate now, has not stepped into the society, even if there is contradiction, is still insufficient is so cruel.” “我女儿那么乖,从小到大没跟同学打过架,怎么可能有仇人。而且她现在还没出校门,没有踏入社会,就算是跟人有矛盾,也不至于这么残忍。” You, do you have the personal enemy?” “那你呢,你有没有仇人?” What do you mean, you felt I killed the daughter?” Xue Lipeng stared in a big way the eye. “什么意思,你觉得,是我害死了女儿?”薛立鹏瞪大了眼睛。 I in routine inquired.” “我是在例行询问。” No, I cannot think, has anyone to do this matter to my daughter.” “没有,我想不到,有什么人会对我女儿做这种事。” According to Xue Mengjiao boyfriend reflected, Xue Mengjiao said you feel emotion ren, moreover is unfriendly to her attitude, each other likely has the conflict, I want to know, who that person is?” “据薛梦娇的男朋友反映,薛梦娇说你有情ren,而且对她的态度并不友好,彼此很可能有冲突,我想知道,那个人是谁?” Any sentiment ren, nonsense.” Xue Lipeng denied without hesitation: Also, when my daughter had the boyfriend, how don't I know?” “什么情ren,胡说八道。”薛立鹏不假思索的否认了:“还有,我女儿什么时候有男朋友了,我怎么不知道?” „Does Ms. forest, you know?” “林女士,你知道吗?” forest Yuejiao sighs: Yes, I know, she has raised.” 林月娇叹了一口气:“是,我知道,她提过。” Mr. Xue, does the present key point, is not Xue Mengjiao have the boyfriend, but is you have the sweetheart?” Han Bin asked back. “薛先生,现在的重点,不是薛梦娇有没有男朋友,而是你有没有情人?”韩彬反问。 Xue Lipeng patted the head: What now dies is my daughter, why can press for an answer my personal life?” 薛立鹏拍了拍头:“现在死的是我女儿,为什么要逼问我的私人生活?” Mr. Xue, you , if not healthy, I suggested you first rest meeting.” Dr. Chen reminded. “薛先生,您要是身体不舒服,我建议你先休息会。”陈医生提醒。 Dr. Chen, you first go out, I am all right, I want to chat with the police alone.” “陈医生,您先出去吧,我没事,我想跟警察单独谈谈。” Dr. Chen does not want to be dull, left the hospital ward directly. 陈医生本就不想多呆,直接离开了病房。 Xue Lipeng looks to Han Bin: „Is this matter, really related with my daughter?” 薛立鹏望向韩彬:“这件事,真的跟我女儿有关吗?” Han Bin irrelevantly replied: „Was that white Audi car(riage), before you in?” 韩彬答非所问:“那辆白色的奥迪车,之前是你在开?” Right.” Xue Lipeng complied with one, there is nothing to conceal. “对。”薛立鹏应了一声,这没什么好隐瞒的。 „Do you have with the sentiment ren Audi have shaken?” “你有没有跟情ren奥迪震过?” Xue Lipeng closes the eye, shows the puzzled look. 薛立鹏闭上眼睛,露出纠结的神色。 Said that so long as can catch to kill the dream tender murderer, other is unimportant.” forest Yuejiao sighed. “说吧,只要能抓到杀死梦娇的凶手,其他的都不重要了。”林月娇叹道。 Xue Lipeng nods: Has.” 薛立鹏点点头:“有。” What your sentiment did ren call?” “你情ren叫什么?” Guo Wenjing, Jiang Yu xi, manage writing Hui, Xinxue, Li Tianqi.” “郭文静、姜瑜夕、管文慧、吕欣雪、李天琪。” Han Bin is somewhat surprised: These five are your sentiment ren?” 韩彬有些意外:“这五个都是你的情ren?” Is.” “算是吧。” Han Bin somewhat wonders, so many sentiment ren, why the communication record does not have the obvious sign: How do you contact them?” 韩彬有些纳闷,这么多的情ren,为何通信记录没有明显迹象:“你跟她们怎么联系?” They are my colleague, works many of quite above contact, I have told them, little telephones as far as possible.” Xue Lipeng lowers the head, seems tender in evasion nearby forest moon/month. “她们都是我的同事,工作上面接触的比较多,我告诉过她们,尽量少打电话。”薛立鹏低着头,似乎在回避一旁的林月娇。 Clam, you may be really good!” forest Yuejiao turned around the room. “蛤,你可真行!”林月娇转身出了房间。 In your colleagues, there are with the Leppin concerned person?” The Han Bin probe said. “你这几个同事里,有没有跟莱平市有关的人?”韩彬试探道。 Xue Lipeng thought deeply about the moment: Xinxue, she is the Leppin person, because afterward the working ability was outstanding, I promoted the Qindao branch him.” 薛立鹏思索了片刻:“吕欣雪,她就是莱平市人,后来因为工作能力突出,我就把他提拔到了琴岛分行。” Now where Xinxue is at?” “吕欣雪现在在哪?” I return to Qindao time, she still in Quancheng , she should be as scheduled yesterday afternoon returns to Qindao City.” “我回琴岛的时候,她还在泉城市,按照原计划,她应该是昨天下午返回琴岛市。” „Did she also go Quancheng with you?” “她也跟你去泉城了?” Yes, I lead her to go to Quancheng to meet.” “是,我带她去泉城开会。” Xinxue did marry?” “吕欣雪结婚了吗?” Knot.” “结了。” What did her husband call?” “她丈夫叫什么?” Does not know.” “不知道。” „Have you seen?” “你见过吗?” No.” Xue Lipeng complied with one, asked back: You thought that the dream tender death is related with Xinxue?” “没有。”薛立鹏应了一声,反问:“你觉得梦娇的死跟吕欣雪有关?” In the survey phase, is not good easily to draw a conclusion, you contact the bank, determines the Xinxue whereabouts, remembers do not alarm her.” Han Bin urging. “还在调查阶段,不好轻易下结论,你联系一下银行,确定一下吕欣雪的行踪,记住不要惊动她。”韩彬叮嘱。 Xue Lipeng deeply inspires: My daughter's death will be how related with Xinxue, they do not know.” 薛立鹏深吸了一口气:“我女儿的死怎么会跟吕欣雪有关,她们根本就不认识呀。” Now I am also unasnwerable, when the matter investigated thoroughly, naturally can reveal the truth.” “现在我也无法回答,等事情查清楚了,自然会真相大白。” Xue Lipeng shakes the head secretly: Cannot.” 薛立鹏暗自摇头:“不会的。” ...... …… Yingbin Road, Kaifeng Bank. 迎宾路,凯丰银行。 Compared with previous years, the atmosphere of Kaifeng Bank is somewhat lonely. 与往年相比,凯丰银行的氛围有些冷清。 The old times to this time, the bank started to send the year-end bonus and Spring Festival big gift parcel, but does not have the sound this year. 往年到了这个时候,银行开始发年终奖和春节大礼包了,但是今年却迟迟没有动静。 The common staff, only considers President Xue not to come back from Quancheng, the well-informed person, is actually knows that President Xue had an accident. 一般的员工,只当是薛行长还没有从泉城回来,消息灵通的人,却是知道薛行长出事了。 Xinxue as accompanying President Xue goes to one of the Quancheng, in returns, received everyone's attention. 吕欣雪作为陪同薛行长去泉城的一员,一回行里,就受到了大家的关注。 „Did little , you come back from Quancheng?” “小吕,你从泉城回来了?” Yes.” Xinxue slight nod. “是。”吕欣雪微微点头。 Flurry, President Xue? He came back not.” “小雪,薛行长呢?他回来了不。” Should come back, we do not come back together.” Xinxue was perfunctory one. “应该回来了吧,我们不是一起回来的。”吕欣雪敷衍了一句。 Flurry, really envies you, can follow President Xue to go to Quancheng to meet, no wonder progresses is so quick.” An old female colleague said with a smile. “小雪,真羡慕你,能跟着薛行长去泉城开会,难怪进步这么快。”一个年长的女同事笑道。 Xinxue has not spoken, but reveals wipes the professionalism smiling face. 吕欣雪没说话,只是露出一抹职业化的笑容。 little , you come.” In the meantime, resounded a voice of man. “小吕,你过来一下。”就在此时,响起了一个男子的声音。 The people look, is vice president Zhang Lin shu of bank. 众人望去,是银行的副行长张林书。 Xinxue relaxes: „Does President stretch/open, what matter you ask me to have?” 吕欣雪松了一口气:“张行长,您找我有什么事?” Reception room has an honored guest, you received in the past.” Zhang Lin shu said. “接待室有个贵客,你过去接待一下。”张林书说道。 What honored guest?” “什么贵客呀?” You passed knew.” Zhang Lin shu was perfunctory one. “你过去了就知道了。”张林书敷衍了一句。 „.” Xinxue complied with one, was spitting one to that group of people: Bah, one crowd chews the root of the tongue, oneself do not have the skill, knows that arranges others.” “诶。”吕欣雪应了一声,对着刚才的那群人啐了一口:“呸,一群嚼舌根的,自己没本事,就知道编排别人。” Xinxue exchanged a smiling face of professionalism, arrived at the reception room, polite knocking on a door , after waiting for two seconds, opened the door, inside sits a man and a woman, the male physique was tall and straight, a female short hair, the heroic spirit was full. 吕欣雪又换上了一副职业化的笑容,走到了接待室,礼貌性的敲了敲门,等了两秒钟之后才开门走了进去,里面坐着一男一女,男的身姿挺拔,女的一头短发,英气十足。 These two Han Bin and Tian Li. 这两人正是韩彬田丽 Woman is good, the mister is good, my name was Xinxue, was the banking department manager in bank.” “女士好,先生好,我叫吕欣雪,是银行的业务部经理。” Han Bin sized up Xinxue, the stature selected, appearance to be elegant high, makings were gentle. 韩彬打量了吕欣雪一番,身材高挑、容貌秀美、气质温婉。 Appearance, stature, age or makings, with snowman case first dead Gu Yuwen very similar, this makes Han Bin believe firmly own judgment. 无论是容貌、身材、年龄还是气质,都和雪人案的第一个死者顾玉文十分的相似,这让韩彬更加确信自己的判断。 Manager please sit down.” Han Bin gave a hand signal of invitation. “吕经理请坐。”韩彬做了一个请的手势。 Mister, what business do you handle?” “先生,你办理什么业务?” Han Bin revealed the police officer proves: I do not manage the business, I want to ask your several questions.” 韩彬亮出了警官证:“我不办业务,我想问你几个问题。” Police!” Some Xinxue surprise: What do you ask me to make?” “警察!”吕欣雪有些诧异:“你们找我做什么?” What are you relate with Xue Lipeng?” Han Bin comes straight to the point to say. “你跟薛立鹏是什么关系?”韩彬开门见山道。 He is my colleague and leader, I followed he to study the lots, he was my example.” Xinxue opens the mouth comes. “他是我的同事、领导,我跟着他学了很多东西,他一直是我的榜样。”吕欣雪张口就来。 Xue Lipeng colleague were many, outside person is, why we do not look for them, looks for you?” Han Bin said with a smile. “薛立鹏的同事多了,外面的人都是,为什么我们不找她们,偏偏找你?”韩彬笑道。 Xinxue winked the big eye, shows the innocent look: „Does police comrade, what have to misunderstand?” 吕欣雪眨了眨大眼睛,露出无辜的神色:“警察同志,是不是有什么误会?”
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