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#1091: Chapter traveling

The previous chapter has a slip of the pen, the demon ultra has not killed people. 上章有一处笔误,魔超没有杀人。 Changing to case is he does. 改为‘案子是他做的’。 ...... …… The following some time, the case was in the settling a lawsuit stage, because the occurrence time is long, is the cross-city case, indication and settling a lawsuit procedure is quite tedious. 接下来的一段时间,案件进入了结案阶段,因为案发时间较长,又属于跨市案件,指认现场、结案手续都比较繁琐。 Han Bin just arrived at the office to the situation of each department is not very familiar, when yellow Kuang raises a lot selects him, does not have what wrong actually. 韩彬刚到省厅对各个部门的情况不是很熟悉,黄匡时没少提点他,倒是没出什么错。 Was busily excessive for several days, in the team idle many. 忙过了头几天,队里清闲了不少。 Friday in the morning, when yellow Kuang came to the first lochus office. 周五上午,黄匡时来到了一中队办公室。 Han Bin just gave the team members to hold an early morning meeting, sets out saying that yellow Dui, you came.” 韩彬刚给队员们开了一个晨会,起身道,“黄队,您来了。” yellow Dui.” “黄队。” Big Section Chief.” Other team members also greeted. “大队长。”其余的队员也招呼道。 When yellow Kuang nods, says with a smile, just right, everyone, me announced a matter.” 黄匡时点点头,笑道,“正好,大家都在,我宣布一件事。” hold/container Xingdao, big did Section Chief, have the new case?” 包星道,“大队长,有新案子了?” When yellow Kuang snort/hum said, are many on your words, that side two squadrons has the case, if you want to participate, I deliver now you.” 黄匡时哼道,“就你话多,二中队那边有案子,你要是想参与,我现在就把你送过去。” hold/container Xingpai patted the mouth, ridicules, don't, don't, I ban the sound.” 包星拍了拍嘴,讪笑,“别别,我禁声。” When yellow Kuang continued, „ this time forced wei to profane good that the case managed, within three days were successfully solved, fall lowly the negative impact that the case brought. 黄匡时继续说,“这次的强制wei亵案办的不错,三天之内成功告破,将案件带来的负面影响降到了最低。 Tonight I ask everyone to eat meal ; first, to reward with food and drink everyone ; second, to give your South Korea team reception gives a welcoming dinner. ” 今天晚上我请大家吃饭,一是犒劳犒劳大家,二是给你们韩队接风洗尘。” Yellow team atmosphere.” “黄队大气。” This writes a note summoning a female entertainer to serve at a party the air/Qi.” “这叫局气。” yellow does Dui, where we go to eat in the evening?” As soon as the team members listen to the leader to treat, where can not be glad. “黄队,晚上咱们去哪吃?”队员们一听领导请客,哪能不乐意。 yellow Kuang Shidao, goes to eat to bake along the shore road that side, is good?” 黄匡时道,“去沿滨路那边吃烧烤,行不行?” 2nd Squad Squadron Chief Nie Pengxiang said with a smile, Taihang, has thought this.” 二组组长聂鹏翔笑道,“太行了,早就想这一口了。” That okay, works during the daytime well, living in whose hand has not done, in the evening automatic duty.” When yellow Kuang said, left the office. “那就这么着吧,白天好好干活,谁手里的活没干完,晚上自动值班。”黄匡时说完,离开了办公室。 Han Bin delivered to out of the door, the small sound said, yellow Dui, I just came in the team, is just thinking asked everyone to gather together, or I invite tonight.” 韩彬送到了门外,小声道,“黄队,我刚来队里,正想着请大家一块聚聚,要不今晚我请吧。” When yellow Kuang said with a smile, „ previous time was not you invites in Qindao. You just came to Quancheng, makes you treat, my big does Section Chief also attach great importance to face-saving. 黄匡时笑道,“上次在琴岛不就是你请的嘛。你刚来泉城,又让你请客,我这个大队长还要不要面子。 Next time, some are the opportunities. ” 下次吧,有的是机会。” ...... …… Along shore road night market. 沿滨路夜市。 Becoming to the evening very lively, is a Quancheng famous snack street. 一到晚上就变得十分热闹,是泉城有名的小吃一条街。 Before went to college, here Han Bin also came to eat frequently, in a flash past several years. 以前上大学时,韩彬也经常来这边吃,一晃过去好几年了。 It is not big along the change of shore road, the advertisements of many old-established shop still, making Han Bin have a closeness. 沿滨路的变化不大,很多老店的招牌还在,让韩彬生出了一丝亲近感。 Vast Ding roast meat shop. 茫丁烤肉店。 This roast meat shop is very famous, can see in the trill frequently, is a net red shop. 这家烤肉店很有名气,经常能在抖音上看到,算是一家网红店。 The characteristics of this shop are the roast lamb. 这家店的特点就是烤全羊。 When yellow Kuang ahead of time ordered a roast lamb, 20 people, made little insufficiently ate radically. 黄匡时提前订了一只烤全羊,二十来号人,弄少了根本不够吃。 Also wanted several garnishing, peanuts and young soy beans, to mix the shredded pork, the racket cucumber, the roasted chicken frame and grilled fish, two barrels of beer. 又要了几个配菜、花生、毛豆、拌三丝、拍黄瓜、烤鸡架、烤鱼,还有两桶扎啤。 The roast lamb in one, the small beer drinks, the atmosphere came. 烤全羊一上,小扎啤一喝,气氛就来了。 king Chang said with a smile, big Section Chief, you spoke two to us.” 王畅笑道,“大队长,您跟我们讲两句呗。” yellow Kuang Shidao, spoke anything, said that you disliked me to be wordy, say little, could not manifest my level.” 黄匡时道,“讲啥,讲多了,你们嫌我啰嗦,讲少了,体现不出我的水平。” Haha......” “哈哈……” The people provoked laughter. 众人都被逗笑了。 The joke turns over to the joke, when yellow Kuang stands up, is carrying the wine glass say/way, „ tonight does not have other matter, is eats, drinks. 玩笑归玩笑,黄匡时还是站起身,端着酒杯道,“今晚没别的事,就是吃好,喝好。 Come, we walk one. ” 来,咱们走一个。” The team members also carry the wine glass, drank air/Qi. 队员们也都端起酒杯,喝了一气。 When yellow Kuang waves, be not gawking, opens eats.” 黄匡时一挥手,“都别愣着了,开吃。” Two tables, each table first half fan roasts the sheep, outside in cake tender, that called fragrance. 两个桌子,每个桌子上半扇烤羊,外酥里嫩,那叫一个香。 Cannot eat thin-skinned, at this time should not be impolite. 脸皮薄吃不着,这时候就别客气了。 Han Bin ripped bulk mutton, ate in gulps, the mutton that just roasted somewhat is hot, the flavor was really certainly. 韩彬撕了一大块羊肉,大口大口的吃了起来,刚烤出来的羊肉还有些烫手,味道真是绝了。 Finished eating bulk mutton, Han Bin carries the beer mug, yellow Dui, I respected your one cup.” 吃完一大块羊肉,韩彬端起啤酒杯,“黄队,我敬您一杯。” When yellow Kuang carries the wine glass, bumped bumping with Han Bin, did.” 黄匡时端起酒杯,跟韩彬碰了碰,“干了。” When pouring beer the most cup is the beer froth, the beer less than half cup, did were not many. 倒扎啤时大半杯子都是啤酒沫,啤酒只有小半杯,一口干了也不算多。 Just got through the case, everyone compared to be relaxed, chatted, while 刚办完案子,大家心情都比较放松,一边聊天,一边 Drinking, the atmosphere is very lively. 喝酒,氛围很热闹。 At the session, many team members propose a toast to Han Bin. 席间,不少队员都向韩彬敬酒。 Han Bin to pull closer with members' relations, all comes are welcome. 韩彬为了拉近和队员们的关系,也是来者不拒。 The Han Bin alcohol capacity is good, does not fear to get drunk, runs the matters of two restrooms. 韩彬的酒量不错,也不怕喝醉,就是多跑两趟厕所的事。 Dining together starting from 7 : 00 pm, ended to around 9 : 00, Han Bin takes taxi to return to the Wang Ting home. 聚餐从晚上 7 点开始,一直到九点多才结束,韩彬打车返回王婷家。 On the road, Han Bin is looking at the scenery outside glass, somewhat fondly remembers the Qindao colleague faintly. 路上,韩彬望着车窗外的景色,隐隐有些怀念琴岛的同事。 Today's dining together is also very lively, but besides the package star, he is not familiar with other colleagues. 今天的聚餐也很热闹,但除了包星之外,他和其余的同事并不熟悉。 Strange environment and person, but also needs a familiar process...... 陌生的环境和人,还需要一个熟悉的过程…… ...... …… Time in a flash, in the past two months. 时间一晃,过去了两个多月。 In mid September. 九月中旬。 The Qindao weather transfers coolly, the tourist gradually reduces, the train station did not have past crowded. 琴岛的天气转凉,游客逐渐减少,火车站也没了往日的拥挤。 A taxi stops in the train station entrance, Han Weidong and Wang Huifang gets out, puts out two suitcases from the trunk. 一辆出租车停在火车站门口,韩卫东王慧芳下了车,从后备箱里拿出两个行李箱。 Two people towed the suitcase to enter the train station. 两人拖着行李箱进了火车站。 Just entered the waiting hall, Wang Huifang patted the forehead, „, I forgot, hasn't my natural gas valve closed/pass?” 刚进了候车大厅,王慧芳一拍脑门,“诶呀,我忘了,咱家天然气关没关呀?” Closed, I have looked.” Han Weidong said. “关了关了,我看过了。”韩卫东道。 What tone are you?” “你这是啥语气呀?” „A neighborhood gate, you take on the ostium not to lock. On the taxi you worried that has not turned off the faucet. Before coming out, we have inspected, you steadfast puts in the heart the belly.” “一出小区门,你担心门没锁好。出租车上你又担心没关水龙头。出来前咱们都检查过了,你就踏踏实实的把心放肚子里。” Wang Huifang nods, „is also, celebrate Sheng has the key in any case, really must have anything, dozen minutes on the past.” 王慧芳点点头,“也是,反正庆升有钥匙,真要有什么事,十几分钟就过去了。” Right, we go to Quancheng, does not go overseas, some days have come back. My with great difficulty please long vacation, we steadfast plays for several days, do not put in order some not to have.” “对呀,咱们就是去泉城,又不是去国外,过些日子就回来了。我好不容易请个长假,咱们就踏踏实实的玩几天,别整那些有的没的。” Plays, plays, you knew to play, forgot our time duties.” “玩,玩,你就知道玩,忘了咱们这次的任务了。” Han Weidong curls the lip, remembers, this did call the duty? Also feared richly cannot spend.” 韩卫东撇撇嘴,“记得记得,这叫任务吗?有钱还怕花不出去。” Wang Huifang is pointing at the large screen, looked, went to the High Speed Rail of Quancheng to check.” 王慧芳指着大屏幕,“看,去泉城的高铁检票了。” Han Weidong stands up, is entraining the baggage, lines up to check. 韩卫东站起身,拽着行李,排队检票。 Examined the ticket, two people smooth mounting High Speed Rail. 检了票,两人顺利的登上高铁。 Wang Huifang was at heart steadfast, put out from the package washed the good fruit, had the peach, plum and blueberry. 王慧芳心里踏实了,从包里拿出了洗好的水果,有桃子、李子、蓝莓。 Eats, when we travelled.” “吃吧,咱就当旅游了。” This was right, does things has a good mentality.” Han Weidong took up the plum to nip one. “这就对了,干什么事都有个良好的心态。”韩卫东拿起李子咬了一口。 Wang Huifang ate two blueberries, sighed, son always reports the good news and not the bad, does not know that he is familiar in Quancheng.” 王慧芳吃了两口蓝莓,叹道,“儿子一向是报喜不报忧,也不知道他在泉城习不习惯。” Life has Wang Ting to look, work...... by son's ability, the issue is not big.” “生活方面有王婷照顾,工作方面……以儿子的能力,问题不大。” Wang Huifang somewhat worried, Quancheng is not Qindao, the office is not the place police station can compare after all.” 王慧芳还是有些担忧,“泉城毕竟不是琴岛,省厅也不是地方公安局能比的。” Coughs......” Han Weidong to curl the lip, „ this saying I did not like listening, the place police station how, the police station how, did not serve the people. “咳……”韩卫东撇了撇嘴,“这话我就不爱听了,地方公安局咋了,派出所咋了,不都是为人民服务嘛。 Is the office so fragrant? I told you, the office invites me now, I do not want to go. ” 省厅就那么香?我告诉你,省厅现在邀请我,我都不想去。” Wang Huifang shows the whites of the eyes, „, if young ten -year-old, you can't go?” 王慧芳翻了个白眼,“如果年轻十岁,你去不去?” Han Weidong gawked staring, that...... where has...... where to have anything, if, we say the present matter.” 韩卫东愣了愣,“那个……哪有……哪有什么如果,咱们就说眼前的事。” Mouth not to heart. If young ten years old, let alone office. The municipal public security bureau wants you, you must smile to awake daily.” “口不对心。要是年轻十岁,别说省厅了。市公安局要你,你也得天天笑醒。” This saying speaking of the Han Weidong heart, was good because of his facial skin has practiced, cannot see what unusuality, the small sound said, speech low voice, affecting much is not good to the adjacent seat.” 这话说到韩卫东心坎里了,好在他脸皮已经练出来了,看不出什么异常,小声道,“说话小声点,影响到邻座多不好。” Wang Huifang has not clutched is not putting, shifting to a new subject, you said that the son can meet us today.” 王慧芳也没揪着不放,话锋一转,“你说儿子今天会不会来接咱们。” Han Weidong said, he is going to work, takes you to do. That office is the place that plays, going in many are not easy, this has not worked well. 韩卫东道,他上着班呢,接你干嘛。那省厅是玩的地方嘛,进去多不容易,这还不好好工作。 If he comes to dare to come, I must educate him well. ” 他要是来敢来,我非得好好教育教育他。” Wang Huifang beckons with the hand, good was good, you come to understand high, my such saying, do not raise to the plane of political principle.” 王慧芳摆了摆手,“行了行了,就你觉悟高,我也就那么一说,别上纲上线了。” In the morning 11 o'clock, High Speed Rail drove into Quancheng Train Station, Han Weidong and Wang Huifang two people drags the baggage to get out. 上午十一点钟,高铁驶入了泉城火车站,韩卫东王慧芳两人拖着行李下了车。 Quancheng Station is a major stop, the person of landing are many, two people following stream of people walks out. 泉城站是个大站,下车的人不少,两人跟着人流往外走。 Just went out of the exit, saw the beautiful woman who a stature selected high is waving to two people, uncle aunt.” 刚走出出站口,就看到一个身材高挑的美女对着两人挥手,“叔叔阿姨。” Wang Huifang waves with a smile, was saying to nearby Han Weidong, walks a bit faster, Wang Ting met us.” 王慧芳笑着挥了挥手,对着一旁的韩卫东道,“快点走,王婷来接咱们了。” Han Weidong said, I said the son has not come, this came to understand that he has.” 韩卫东道,“我说儿子没来吧,这点觉悟他还是有的。” Wang Huifang thinks little saying that Wang Ting met us. Can't the son come importantly?” 王慧芳不以为意道,“王婷都来接咱们了。儿子来不来重要吗?”
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